The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 4, 1923 · Page 6
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 6

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 4, 1923
Page 6
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1 PAGF. SIX. Publicity Committee of C. of C. Wants People to Know of Hutchinson Industry. Tho publicity committee of _ tho Chamher of Commerce han many iiftw Idwt? which, it w ishes to HCO carried out iluriiiK Hit; turning year. One which will !)0 put into effect at once IK that of "selling Hutehluoon to Hutchinson." Hutchinson h;is many linn* of manufacture which nt the present time aro names only to tin* most of the rltl- FOIIH . It the purpose, of the nub- comjiijttofi mmk» n p of Wank Cost, cli.'; Ituy Stricter, Billy Hamilton find Arthur Schhuult to hrlriR thr» tii'oiUp'ts from the i' i.i t<ts to the people tin they do not com-' to the ulants. Show Made In Hutchinson Products. The committee pioposcs* to arrange In tho north nmin of the Chamher of Commerce a (lisplay of tho articled made in Hutchinson. Tentative plans call !">..!• the bulldiiiK of a shelf two few v.-hie aluMit window sill depth, iiiniiih! the silica of the room. will V .e disnla\ed tlu' variouH articles In an ;;tt nn'tive manner. A ni'" 1 !'!^ of tlu- suIt committee will ho h< !•! if'norrow JO,I | the manner of arr.jtia- .:n v.\ ami Hie -;!ylc of Rutting tin- ii;:-i'!ay remlv ^ .il bo all worked out. It is hoped that, the manufnci ur- .-n. will lie ready !•< cis*perut.o with i -i ' he cum mit' > e. Col in day Next Speaker. id. o v i s i i i i! sday, .lime 1 1th, tho the membership laio-Ie on nrmer llntchinsen man, Kd- iday of Washington. I). C, fi-i of lie 1 Chamber of i.f hi--- homo city. The want to :•••!! so Mr. Coluv i •via iii. e m the town ho. is ,<\ to t :i :t r ,-:u\ are working , t display ail arranged. STARS OF THE FILM ploted tho plcturi;s*tk>a of hornov^V "Mlohnol O'HAllornri," wlihtti' tiT'noW ready for (listrlrjutkm through tho "\V. \V. HodkinnotB Coropratlon for oarly July release, Churlotlv Stfven .H. lad}' wit'i the ciulii ol|.'htvon years uid deal Oi e\p'TU-lit r Jiot. had to Hc -ve. •tUa -bhip. <}ir wa; actors with K:^am when x bar K 't.udio ca -f.'o, hur naii'. ••• * it tueh Htarst an Hry. 1 T .mcis Busluear.. child part wiw ii.!uby.'* •When tho K'< MIHS Charlotte ft wards picture:* "Willi the I thrift! i ii .> ib-miire young here, is only •it has had a K'">od i ;>>t tires iuid lias he usual appp'n- mie of thv child in tho uhl dayt* eld forth in Chi- She played with :t Waahhurn and Her most notable "The Millionaire sai.ay studio closod ill had yeaxninjjH to- iiul i ',ot a contract ' t' via the feeuuty content route. Coins to Cos AiiKcl-s she wan liio'ii leading role.4 tn such jiic'urtiM aw "A Hickory Hick,' "Choose Your Weap.m." "in Hutch'' mid "Taku Your i.:hoict;." Her chief hobb> i> diimin^ and she is an accom)dhdied fancy and toe dancer. While iliuv. ini; for a charity .•jnterudiimt'iu :-die met i(r>ant. Wa^h Vara, and ronewod lor IrK-ndshlp with him. Ho offered her a part in a new Xdeturu in which lie is heln^ featured. Mltss Stevens in a tiny thlny -only v /oi^hing iilnety-oiKht jiounds--but 1 M fuli of ambition, In i' ( x't Jior press ugont haa invented a bra U 'd JAWV worii to dcHcribe lior. It is "am-bitTviioua." Khe is tho most 'ambitioaoua'* fclrl. lloiw't that? COMPLETED PlCYURES •Norma TalniadK' 1 ban completed "Purple Prido," formerly called "Afihea of Yeni;eani:e-" Hor next film will bo "Duot of Desire," an African story from the novel by Margaret Peterson. Constance T. has complotei! "Daley." Hor next picturo will ho *"Tho DariKoruUH Maid," bilied tin "a HOVCU- toenth century comedy romance/' Buster Koaton has (Completed "The Threo Agea," hia new feature length comedy, Alary Pickford 3m H finiKhe.d her work in "Tho Street SliuKcr," a Hpau- Uh fttory. i3ho will In^gin work on "]>oroliiy Vernon of 1-iaddou Ilall" tiliortly. DOPE FILM BEGINS RUN. Mrt'. Wallace Held 'tt nenv film production, "Human Wreckage," in which tho ae.tronK b«Klris a campaign ngalnHt the narcotic traffic, will open In New York in .Inly. In -making tho picture- Mm. Held had -the uflnlHtancc of many oxport» in conilwittlng the drug ovil. KANSAN WILL AID IN COAL STORAGE SURVEY Dean Walker of K. U. Engineering School Member of Committee Just Named, "MICHAEL O'HALLORAN" READY Uuno Stratum - I'ortor Jiao com- B ILIOUSNESS •iofa Uiendnolio, sour nlomach, uonalipnLniii, uayt'.j- MVOUlutl, An mct'tv* liver without calomti CHAMBERLAIN* TABLETS Wow uUkm or grhp»- mt\U 2&» 1-awrence, Kan., Jtrly 4.' —Storage- of coal is to be Investigated thoroupJiiy this mimmor 'by a commltteo of the American Mngincorlng Couucdl, of which P. V. Wtalker, dean of the Hchool of enKioeoring of tho University of Kansas, Ifl a niomhor, it was announced here "today. Dean Walker has been named a Kpeolal field worker, and will visit nearly all tho larger eitle;i in tho United StaLes to asslrft tho 7-5 committena that are taking up local p-hafios of tho Investigation. A very comprehensive survoy is planned, covering methods of Htorafio, cost or storing, transporUttlon problems, the last of whleJi will IKJ Dean Walker's special field. Dean Walker will help eonKolidnfe the data gathered by the local <:oimnlttao3, and will help draft the final report. One <>T the major uffe.cts of coat storage on a largo scale, would be the equalizing of bituminous* coal pnaluo- tion during the year. It i ft with lu- dustrifti and power companies that the survey will chiefly deal. Notice to Property Ov/nera Twelfth Street West and Fourteenth Street West. Notice Is hereby given that the Hoard of Com mips ion erw of the City of Hutchinson, by Onilna-nces No. 1G2U and HV27 pastel on the 26tli. day of June, 1I123, luivp ordere*i water service Jfipes to bo laid on Twelfth Street and Monroe Htreot from ^VU'Jn Street to Monroe Street, from the Water Main in the afreet to the back of tho. street curb, In the following manner, to wit ; s^iid wrvlce pitn-.s to be ot lead, le-.ul-llr .ci), or copper pipe, not lews iban one iiuh in diameter, one service pipe for every two lots or fraclifuinl parts thereof, Said fiervloe pipes shall be laid within thirty days of the last publication of tJils not-ice.; and If not yo laid, thoy will be laid by the city and the cost of saane W'il! he assessed against the h^ts a-* u special as .^Hamant ED MKTZ, 2-3L City Clerk. A Model Road. Lawrence - - Count and highway officials from various parts of tho state are showing considerabhi interest, in tho model road demonstration beiiiK put. on daily near here. A section of thi' highway, raeh differing In metiiods of construction and material, is completed >ach day. Of especiaj interest wa-s tlie operation of tho grading machinery making deep cuts. In a sand steho embankment. THfE H-UTCHINSON NEWS: VI..- 111".. <'• i .i M 'i i i roi ..II ' WEDNESDAY,' JULY 4, m LIBERTY It you want a «orlcjS of hftlr-ralBlng thrills, ilon'l miss Tom Milx In his Hit- or.t WIHIMU Fox thTlUor, "SUs >l>lng Flast," -which oponcd (or a two day run at tho l,K>erty Thoutro. Not content -wllli excitement In tbc> fcorxl olil •U. S. A., Tom dashes across the Pacific 'to China, rescues a Sntr damsel knocks out a few .blackguards, and rnccs back across tho Pacific Just In time to save a treasure for the girl he loves, Tom hasn't even any tlmo lri-this picture for a cloRPup, except at tlio end. 'Ills nuiiport east Is unuaually good. Claire Adams, who hae appeared opposite the Mart before, makes an onchHJitlng heroine. There are three lieavlen who have their hands •full with "diU-ty work," Donald MciJon- aid, Hector S.imo and F7dwanl Pr .il. Othorn In tho cast Include Minna r'erry Re<lnian, Kttel Walos, Tom ». Oulse, George Sclgrnian and Edward Jobeon. PROGRAM P .HArJOEn DAILY Don't fall to see Johnny Hlnea tonight at the Iris Evening 10c Matinea So—lOe TOt/ftY JOHNNIE HINES IN "SURE FIRE FLINT" A wholesome and stimulating picture full oT action, «pr>nl and blc diumutle moments. Just thif tJiiug for the glorious Fourth. ALSO A DIG COMEDY TOMORROW "POSSESSION" A Ixaiis fcVnrcanton Prrimietlon from the novel "Phrase" by Sir Anthony Hope. A melodrama that is full of excitement and siLaperTlie. "FAIR ENOUGH" Comedy MEET ME AT THE IRIS Probably Needs a Rest, Without President, Cabinet, Congress or 'Shrlne .TH, Washington will be a mi let. place for the next few weeks. — Omaha l>e*i. L IBERTV THEATKK JL HOLLYWOOD Revealed ! A master story-teller tears aside the veil of secrecy that surrounds the lives of screen celebrities. Goldwyn presents I'-runk Mayo Uiehiml ! d\ Uai'li.ira T..a Mnrr. Ailt'i ii I'rinnl« Mai Hha.ll Neilun Kins VI dor June Malliis Krh- von Strohetm 1 IURO Mn bin Fred Mblo Katldyn WlUlajns I^urene^ Vldor Jean Her-iholt Mabi'l Hallin Idtlian Ixd ^hton liairnmr (lodowsky Wllttimi II. Oraiu> With 35 Famous Stars of Hollywood One of the best pictures I have ever seen.—W. D. Fulton. Starti at the DE LUXE Tomorrow John Sain polls Bessie Love. Alio- U\k t T. Roy Itavnea Johnny Walker Otttud*-* (lilllnj^water Ciit'Hler <\>nklin Anna Q. NI!syon Itcbei't ICd^Kon Mtlton Sll's Hifinehe tfweot Harhara I.U:dford Mllloit I'e.xter Hohitrt Hosworth Raymond Griffith Claire Wlndaor .h-an 1 inMkt -U V&tny Kutii Mllh-r and more TWO DAYS ONLY TO-DAY & THURSDAY— When Love Laughs at Locksmiths Here's what she did:—She fell in love with the world's champion woman-hater—and got him! But how she did it—that's what gives you the laughs of a clowns' convention—the stunts of a circus—the variety of a vaudeville bill—the gowns of a gorgeous fashion show—and our cooling system will keep you nice and comfy cool to boot. AOOLPH ZUKOa AGNES^YRES c Jkjfeart flakier" Tonight and Tomorrow TOM MIX WITH CLAIRE ADAMS In a Picture of Whirlwind Action "STEPPING FAST" A Tempest of Thrills. AIM>— "THE 3-GUN MAN" A Big Snappy Sunshine Comedy. NO SERIAL3 Admission—10c and 20c USED CARS 1919 Buick Touring 1919 Dodge Touring 1920 Dodge Touring 1920 Buick Roadster 1920 Ford 1 -Ton Truck 1920 Ford Coupe 1920 Dodge Touring 1922 Dodge Touring , 1921 Ford Coupe- 1923 Chevrolet Touring These cars have been thoroughly overhauled and refinished. Guaranteed to be in good mechanical condition. Will trade^—terms if necessary. Arnold Auto Co. 25 First East Phone 2707 In Answering Advertisements Please Mention The Nei

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