Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 18, 1959 · Page 7
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 7

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 18, 1959
Page 7
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TUB PAMPA 0A1LV WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY i* 1951 .7 On Tin- Itcrord MOMLAKtt Adrnls^lons SU6 J&nfe thornton, Me- I Hex Ctldwell, Panhandle fitricia Ann Tolbftft, Miami J*«s« James Wright, 506 Okla- ma A. B. Evftns, Allison Mr*. Ruth Hedgecoke, Stinnett Mrs. Hazel Robertson, 1S24 Wll- iton Mrs. Eulft Killian, 622 N. Stark- veather r«. Johnnie Moore, (510 N. West Mrs. Lois Henry, 453 Hughes Rebecca Proctor, Pampa Susan Wagley, 129 S. Wells Mrs. Willo Dean Summers, fi. Scott Beauty Sheps t@;SO Building Supplie* SO 803 V10L13T8 BEAUT? Shop wn«f% hair atylln* In an nrf. Far those WHO _9*£?-_!2L 7 jJ. Fo8i6r. M.o_4'7j9i.__ SAVK TIME with A lovely soft t>ft*y to do Permanent tipeclftl. $3.30. City . Bjenit^y Shop. MO 4-2248. . EVA'"S BKAUTY UoX. Cold wave* Jii.oo and tip. ghnmpoo, .«ct and cut Inclndpd. Operators Kva f.lll, teblan Hernandez and Audry Utxori. 600 Venger. MO r,-2f!3L VOGUE BEAUTY SHOP 720 K. Campbell MO .l-filSt »^~*--».JK» »l... +*+..*.* ^:*>*~~**t J*~»>* •• > -. • PANHANpUE LUMfP.rt CO. .. AULlfiO PAINT 4M X. rosier ____ ?i f -Lr- CdlluR. F1XIT p ol(W onh.a*lbftlth Ubc. fit. 84 Office, StoM tquipm^Hl 14 103 Real Irtate For Sal* 103 103 Red Estate Far Sal* 103 rtKN'f lfltc-mod*l .-.•pi-writer, adding .. _. tnftchltiA or calculator by day, week nri<i X. Faulkner or month. Tri-Clty Office .Machine* Company. Phnn* MC 6-5140. '. S. JAMESON, RwlJEstot^ ^* tu *SJr#*y^ *$£•*%* .,„,, ,,„ lot, 50X140 ft. NMcei i'ln.N^l ItcK MU5-M51. ^ I ^nation. »8oo. oood buy. [_. V. GRACE Real 'For .Sdle: Nice lot, 7.<-fl. front, nOO St. *" w 120 Aufofflobilet FOR SAL.B "* l"dabl«, Bulek4-do''.f runs *oorl. ton 57 Good thing* to Eat 1064 Prairie Drive LADY To do telephone survey work Rli-lrllis 704 'Lowrv' from own home. Mall qualifications «,, t. »7 ! lo '• ;illth filllhnnk, 50.S K. Inwood, 934 E. MUT-1 \\'ichita Kixlla. Tex;i. M . BoiiuUcTan guarantee. N. Miss Priscilla Moss, Skellytown Guy Orlpp, Panhandle Baby Kristy Jones, 2230 Chris- Lenf, Season If Penance, ianclificalion (This li another In ft series •f l«titen messages written by leading American clergymen). \VANTKD: MO 4-(ii:il. 23 Mole & Femole Help 23 Jim Pepper, Mrs. Melbn Mrs. Helen Prater, phy Bennett Brown, 537 Kim Mrs. Lena Cain, Lefors Ml 1 *. Mary McCloskey, 1800 Faulkner Mrs. Evle Eaves, Pampa Mrs. Elnita Atkins, Mobeelie Sylvia Orider, 925 E. Twiford H. L. Kay, 214.1 N. Sumner Wayne Williams. 1005 N. Somer ville Mrs. Billle Lane, Skellytown Linda Crawford, Skellytown Giles, 513 N. Hazel ^'£ KI -? 2 .->''' ;AT Appear! 11 * m™. 1 "»?<'•" FltKSlI Uresned Pheasants located nt Welding Shop White Deer. TU ' 5761. ... plp.s nnd cukes. MO 4-7S49. Mrs, Bob ___ ______ .............. 19;lfl MODKJ.. A Ford Coups. MO 4-8J34 _ SAl-Tor trndVlor ikHr cat i *S Old* ner 4-door, loaded. $I.M>i. fc*« »l WANTKO: District mnnnRnr (mnle or Pnmpa nnd virlnily for Inrge If-gul reserve Life Insurancn i Co. ARC 25 to 1.-i. Life Insurance | r><pprimice not necessary, hut selling experience ilenlrahle \Vrit« Kiv- i inir nice und iiuxllflentous In: ,1. V, j Prince, Slate MRT. 3916 Linden Ave. i Kt. Worth 7, Texan. | STEAM LAUNfoRY JNC. j bundles Individually washed. I Wet wash. Rough dry. J-'amlly flr.- j5!'-^?J_J5l^!:~L- on '——~— 3 ——- WArfTTtNU !)c It). Ironing $1.26 dozen nilted plec»». OurUIn* a specialty. _7!it! N. Bank*. Mt> 4.6180. J'UIONINU done! in my home, $1.00 dozed, mixed pieces. Alao hy hour or day 842 13. Locust. MO- filONINli Wanted $f.!l5 u dozen bring B 'I'll 1 " 1 £_°IJ: a 11 ";- .< .4. Q3 • j ? n _j< •_} v l lt . r lL. \VA~NTKi): tronii'icf to d<i In my home $1.25 per mixed do/.t-n, or H.M) picked up and delivered. Phona ' """ 1205 K. Kimtcr. *. ^* u^» .»..».« WANTKD: Le)?al "r letter-Biz* fireproof cnhlnet. Call MO 4-3442. Sleeping (Urns $2 _IH In prlvHln home. Went. Inquire 608 \V. Francis.. MO 4-8123. ^ ^ 95 furnished Apartments 95 FIJRNIBHKU »pii> c/nenti it and up we«kiv. BUI* paid. S*« Mr* Mustek BUY A HOMt FIRST VKTBttANS; Look at the new home* i now under construction in the Alont- errev Addition. Ho oast on Brown-1 Ing St. and south on Lefors .St. to ; nite. Thpie nre nice ,'( btsdroom i S-iTlomtUOM house, fully furnished, wool run on living room, fenced hack yard and garage. $flOOQ. Phon* MO 5-4RV1. - CtVTUE JONAS MOTOR CO. -Authorized Rftftblef D**!*. r 119 JN. Ward _._.^_ ~Mode7n house'to b* moved, j "° Only $~»uo. Call 4-6RS1. <Ur iieatiiiK »nd plenty of for only $|i,4.V). Tout! rnov;; In co. only 42SO. Jiil a month. 25 Salesmen Wonted 25 63A Rug Cleaning 63Aj L. B. Sublett, Mrs. Bertio Hutchens, Amarillo CNOHATULATIONS To Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Thornton, McLean, on the birth of a daughter at 9:81 a.m. weighing 8 Ibs. Hi oz. 9 a.m. [By Most Rev. A. L. FLETCHBR . Roman Catholic. Bishop, LHtlft Rock, Ark. Wrllton for UPI Lent Is a season of penance I «et asldi by the church, as a means of sanctlflcatlon of its members, in memory of the 40 | days fast of Our Lord in the desert. Lent extends from Ash Wednes- j day to Holy Saturday, inclusive. During; this time, the ceremonies I of the church focus our .attention [on Our Lord who, for love of us. suffered and died to redeem us. Tha contemplation of his suffer- Inp and death (1) shows us I mttlic« of sin*andwouses in us 4 'sorrow for toT^eSJJieclaHy o u r ;t own; (2) te«cK e »"ffiC now to . bear J LujsilU the sufferings, difficulties and crosses of life In' atonement for sin and out of love for God; (3) challenges our generosity In suffering as a return for God's love. Practically speaking, penance consists in living our daily lives In union with Our Lord on the cross, Fasting Is only one of the ways of doing penance It consists basically In eating only one full meal a day. All Catholics, between their twenty-first and fifty- ninth birthdays, are required by the law of the church to faM during lent, except cm Sundays, unless excused by gome valid rea- ion. Pasting has slways been considered an Important manner of doing penance. It Is a very effective method of making the body a servant of the higher faculties of the soul In working for salvation. Penance is necessary for the salvation of those who have sinned. "Unless you do penance, you shall all likewise perish." There are only two ways to heaven: The way of innocence and the way of penance. Is the Dally Deadllnn for Classified Ada. Saturday for 8un day edition, 12 noon. This li also th« 11 a.m. dally and 4 p.m. Saturday for About People Ada will be taken up to Sunday's edition. 4 p.m. to fi p.m. MO lo '•"' f insurance Company, (or local «ren. ilinry pn.iy «A\' M ll our nli ; jo yollr „„„ MOVBY )t . M CLASSIFIED RATE* 1 Day -• Ilu per Urn 2 Days — 21c per lln« per day 3 Days — 2Zo per Una per day 4 0ay» — Zlo per Una p«r day t Days — 19c per line p*/ day t Days — 17o per ltn« p«l day Monthly r»U> IJ.7& ner iln« per month, (no copy change. Minimum ad: thr»e 8-polnt lines. •i'h» News accepts responsibility for irrora on th» first Insertion only Jeadllne for ad ranceilnllons. Mainly le Insliraiii-R t'ninpnny Mihsl- nf Hears Uoehtn-k nnd t'11111- has opening for mnrriod man en HICOH ;K> and :;.'>. .smrtine salary 1:150 (not a draw), plus commission. Tralnlne at our i-x- prnse. Muny benefits, IncltnllnK .Star's J'roflt SlmrtiiK i'lnn. (irmtp Life mid Jloxiiltall/.allon liiHUiani-c, paid Vacations and Discount on .Soars Purchases. This Is a real Opportunity for a successful salesman. Insurance pxperlcnce not nec- CSMHry. For Appointment call 4-".'!'!l at Sears A.- Roebuck or write nistrict Sal^s AlanHgor, Martin Jones llox H-.'i, c/o I'ampa News RlvlnB full piirtlctilars on tnisincss and family background. Inforinalitm conf idHMtin I, HOD MacDOXALD FURNITUHB CO. I ,._0!L a .11! 513 K. Cuyler MO 4-6i2l | THIIKK .1-ltUOM. private bath. TV nntenrtn, washer and drver, bills paid. 41S N. _^'± B .L_^'lL:iii'ui t-tibOM "'modern garage apartment, -•>-«r i _" f '_PJ> > *-y L-^j'i 5 - 4-2'Sn. , a j!"|.;r)fto<)M moTii-rn. furni'.«"hed.~btlljr paid, Apply at. Toms Place. 842 K. l-'rede rlc. 5-nnOM furnished apartment. Call MO n-:iOI2. 8j.'i Huth. 1 :1-IIUOM modern efficiency apartment, bills paid. IIS N. rm'vjaricc._______ 3 Iton.M Modern furnished apartment, paid, 145 H month, ln<|ii!re Meis (.'nfi?, V\'hit«i ie and id you rental 111, liumlre M l'»er Texr.x. M 66 Upholstery, Repair 66 Brummett's Upholstery 19IS_Ak'ork M_U_4-75»j KUliNfTTrni-: "Repaired — tfpholstui ed". Joneay'a New and Used Furniture, »M ti Cuyler. MO 4-6S9X. ' Uo'oM furnished apartment Semi -iiioderii._"> 1 "_N. Uoberln. 2~iTriOM" nicely "TnriTlfhod. ftnlenna, soft wHtir, hlls paid, adnll.i. 412 N. Somervllle. 68 I - Houiehold Goods 68 96 Unfurnished Apartments 96 llKDlCt'Or.ATI'.D I room duplex apartment. 2 hill* paid. Adllt.i only. No nota._ Coffee Ht. MO 4^74tKi. unfurnished TEXAS FURNITURE CO. 210 North Cuyler MO 4-_4fii; AND 2-BKDHOOM apartmenis, water " Annnme 4% loan, payments only $47 month. $7,201,1. LAUGH 3 lifdroom in gnixl loc-ation (.•lonein. Hlff HvliiR: room, tttlllly room carpet, illnlnR room, utility room. KarHR'/, top ccmdilion. JlU.uOO. 2 BICDHUQM on N. Stunner, newly re- finl«li"d Inside nnd outside, natural woodwork, garairf. S7.50y. . j .1 BKDUOOAf on Hamilton l' a Imlh*, year round air romllllonltift. S140UO. 41H..100 loan (.'cmimlttnent. J H'.il'SFJS mi N. Hanks, (iood in! fiine property.' >S.I»)i>. iLAUOl 1 " It hedrootn on l>lc c:ni-|ier lot I on Hamilton, his carpeted living I room with mahoRitliy pHnellnjr, «t- I tractive lotalion. JlS.'JOtl. '2 HKtUlOOM hri'-k In Col? Addition on Clarendon Hiirhwnv. 1/lvinp room mid dinliur room carpeted, utility room, double sarage, 100 ft. fenced lot. NK\\' 3 bedroom on N. Well?, birch woodwork, large kitchen, with washer and dryer connectl'mf. air i'Oti- dltloner iiintallod on ro"f, his K«r- ng", $l,4tm down and assume loan, ! Immediate pOMfjinlon. I ,12(1 Ai'KK.S lit notithwvKt Missouri, | Hourly all bottom land, runnliift' water, good Improvenie nit. *SO.OOO. We Sell, Trade Or Buy loselK iKQl'ITV in li-iieuroom home, attached 'stl i,-ttrapp,_nice la\yn. 1881 _N.J5umner._ 3~BEDItC)()M Tirk-k "on Beech Lane, Low down payment. MO_f>-5439. —CONSTRUCTION STARTED— Select Your Home Today $8250—FHA $250 .DOWN—$60 MONTH 3-Bedroom Homes with fUlR'.-hed garage, 60x531-ft. Lots. In the new Keister Addition Dunham Const. Co. (!o out S. I3«rnes to McCullough to Mite J£O 5-S3T.2 Day, Alt.) S-SS93 Nlte» K. .^_ MACK „ ri-j'UtlTT XKW 3 "jjedToom, Brick, KHi-age, carpeted, fenced hack yard, $11,nun. 615 Powell St. MC „.._ Car* >ve iiuy, <i».i and service all -—..-.j Trailers and U n hars for r«nt »1I 13. Brown. MO 4-4761. •\\-IT T 4>pii oniillv In 19, r >9 Chevrolet ' V m/ala"convertfble" Cali MO 5-4248 before 5 p.m. If no answer cull MO ""CASHTPAiD^FOiTCARS MO fi-5743 _Bob_Ewlnr 120" AlCeCk MOTOR CO. Sell and Trade Phone MO 4-g93| Station Waeou. 118 8. We Buy. 1200_W .JU'llks 1VV7 KD11D " Faulkner. ATri'^Mo'HlfiK 'VOn Hale; Sell or trade .(julty In 1»S» Vauxhall 8t*t- Idii \VaB<>iK__40S _Baff. KjfE\V AT MOTORS Home of the Ed««l Automobile 716 W. Vqster MOJj sale: Etiuity in 1953 Condition. MO B^2?p. __ white- tires, new paint _wlll Kt')U Ut HuirU. 104 Farmi *°!'^ n JL_^?^ I HAVE hnypfs for fnrm land In Car- .ion, Armstrong, Donley, and Gray (Viiintiei? List rllh me for quick S K. ROACH, Realtors. tlroom. Texas, P.O. Box 148, Phone 3721 30 Sewing 30 and nreB«mnklii£, i 7:.r"f. Ar/rKHATIO.VH _l'hoMe_.\K_i J-274i;._s:'| I.»..jiiie_[)riv.:. H /•: i .T'S is i ;"TT T r i N s." i j u t tVi n luVip s" Alterations. Scott Hew .Shop, 1120 Market, MO 4-722H. \VIU< |)(.) altcralion* 1 , drcHH miikinjj I'fpd Kreezem, guaranteed. Ilawklli.«-Sliafer Appllanuei, 81S W. Foster. MO-l-iiji-ll. Newton l-urniture Store Ii03_>y. Foster MO_4-.3731 DONTS USED FURNITURE We Buy &. Hell Used Furniture I'lioii'' MO -I-4(^M Mot lies dry erTj"! 9 3 5. Pn u 1 108 N. IlUKHell. MO 4-fi8:tl. duplex, ''. rooms and bath. I'M- S. Knulkner afU-r/i. 4-729ti :J~|T< )( : i~\l" unfurnished apartment. TV antenna, wired 2-'>. extra large OM unfurnlslied _.,._.,_......., . , A i.p p, i. and gus paid. 117 QUENTIN WILLIAMS, Realtor .ll^' ___________ i31« Hughe™ Bldp. MO 4-2J23 Vcinm Le.-ier—MO 3-!iSfiS Helen Kelley MO 4-7IC6 Oloria Ulnnlon—MO 9-9373 Boh Smith Ken. Phone MO 4-1*80 MOt-»294 wall Hike oldr r_r-nr_on_tra_de ; _MU_j!-_»ai» ""CULBERSON CHEVROLET 81ii_W.__Koster P525«__ili£5*, KX'rPTLLl'fNTlaniTly" car: inSO.B 1 -i-donr Siiefial. or swatt for MO -1 -5,174. 1 21 A Trucks, 105 Lot! 105 KOK SALK: Two f>o-foot. loin. 710 X. Roberts. J1HO". Call MO 5-32t<i, ^ | 107A Sole or Trude 107A! SALK or Trade: 1950 model lj- Pickup. Very good condition. il MI> 5-5^fin after 4: SO. .. '" v VUoTJEf""pTckup for /!*!9. 124 Tires, Accessories 124 >2 HKDHOOAI Apartment <fc —li'I!! 1 P»ld. Call M(.i 4-7QOJ. ) TTriTiMS and hath, newly decorated, ' to couple. 509 K. l-'oKter. MO 4-SM5. I KHrage, FOll SALK: 2-bcdroom house, nmull j 97 Furnished Houses 97|~7 i- U .SALK: 1100*1 equity In 2-liedroom | house. I02H Huff fid.'MO 4-2712 or i • 1 -' J i 2 ' N.K. Amarillo. pavement fenced i ---•"'•-"' liacl; yard, for comparable in Pampa. Guaranteed Used Tires. All SUES TVxa*. \Vrlte Box B-0 c/o Pampa | prlcrs over 200« in »'°f' ! -.5 r 7.?l' V..WH. ! election of truck tires. Hall HM __' TIKI W. Foster. MO 4-3o21. 112 Co. MO 6-J«22. Special Noticei will repair, rent or pell Automatic washers. 1121 Xeel Hoad. MO 4-1170. Whittingron's Furn. Mart "Low Prices .hist Don't Happen— They Are .Made" 105 S._Cuyler Ph. MO 5-3121 Cbl-;AltA~NCr: HAI^K on Rood" used TV" ncH.s, Some suts have new picture tube. All net. 'i HK.DUOOM furnished hou.«e, close In, Cull MO 4-3iiiiU. Inquire 427 Hill at rear, afl_er iV.ln wBck ilay?. ^ 4 HoTr.U Moilern furnished house, Inquire 521.8. JJomervlUe. mod'ern " m " art " r 12 I100 " Sun<u - v - J. E. Rice Real Estate 712 N. Somerville Phone MO 4-2301 GOOD 2 bedroom, close In on Lincoln All! .Street. J1750 down. t'los^ to town. Potun'K.slor: now. | 1'ricfd, $22,SOU, .$8.500 down will han-j din tlic deal, i!ood terms on bal. i Pho. Shamrock. Mr.. Tex. or write' 4-ill);.!.",. 125 RKPATRINO. Marine Supples, • Boat Shop. S. E. of City MO 34 Radio Lab 34 MO 5-r,3lQ or Mp.»-»ij7. s Bath clime Tur'kuh . , C&M TELEVISION Pompo Lodge No. 966 420 West KlnitsmlU Wed., Kcli. is. 7:.10 p.m. Study & Kxams Thurs,. Keb. IH, 7:,1U p.m. Visitors welcome. Members ur»td to Attend. Oscar abearftr. W.M. Alcohollci Anonymoui Ph. MO 4-7600 STAUKKliJl. Home HeduclnK Plan. Kor free demonstration, call Vlckl Williams. MO 5-5664. and ' _ _ _ - ~ H«-| ' "UNITED TELEVISION, Convenient H':t terms. B, F. Goodrich Store 108 S._t:uyJ*r_ MOJ-JtSl Mc'LAUGHLfN FURNITURE' 40ii S. I'liylor Phone .MO 4-lilnl SH ELBYT RUFF" Kt:nNiTtn:K HOUGHT &• POLD 112 S. Cuyler MO :.-:..IIS , bud- { , Cfouple iN. Nelson: _ J,1i « .-_-._ W. Fouler. •pinral hpat. ,150 down. At -;113 Property to oe Moved 113 |N. Bonks: C> HKDKHOM brli-k. attached garase SALK: 4-Uooin ni'.«Icrn of i.-lfisct and ciibinct MM Bit I'owrl P. Sanford. 71t K. l. JUS Fred- ! 1 l''or i'eiiHlik* TV Service Call I OKNE & DON'S TV SKKVICK I 644 W. Foster Ph^JilO Jj^JSl Antennii Service. New and U.seil An-i tentiaM fur Mile. 111.7 Varnon Drivs. MO 4-4070. (i^.i'Ke Wing. j Hawkins Radio & TV Lab tn 8. Barnea MO A-2251 j HAD10 ,t f r Kf.H\"ls"[ON repair serviro 1 cm any mak'; or nmdel. 10 to '','>''', \ KHvliiKM on tubes and partn. Anti u-i UK.S initftllt'tt. t'KHt and rellAlile. • Time puyinsnts. MonlKomery Ward & Company. Phone Mo 4-32,*il. i HOOD l.'scd automatic wuclier*. OUP Klresdon* and nim Pliiko. Jlia.'j.i CMr'b. jruai';Lnti*ecJ, 117 S. t'liylfr. ii" TillANIi I!K» ranfce. «X' elii'iit con- dltlon reiiNiuialile. MO 4-!tl(iS nfter ', Several used refrigerators. Rich Plan. vljfht ALWAVS brlitht . . . . Irn (Hrp'-t and upholstery l-ampa Hardwnr».. _ fTiYl S~U7K; ~Hide-nliec|, iiJilp •I cliniis, utlllly cabinet. All ii cpllcnt comliti'in, mp at 11 98 Unfurnl$hed_Hou»es_98 iNU . 1 . ., B ,, UKIWM ,„,,, .,, ,. arppt , rl , attached gar»g«. X. Rus.-ell $14,400. n-icMo t-::i'^1. 3 BKDUUO.M, IsiKfc .t.tatlied *nr»ge. X"K\V ICXTliA "large""'iinfurnlfhViPs I <.-iitral h';at, tarpctcd living room room litjus'". Ha* tile kitchen and' Jl.'!,- 1 )". i JTJ bath floor, medicine and linen clo««t [ Chestnut ll-olf KlVwrtoii*''store] __ 1 J!. f l^I?_J5^.._ s _Ji? I . rl ^l. v . i Ll* ,.. _ | Nice .'! bedroom, l''t baths, nf'-e car- i PiTit KKNT: 2 bedroom unfiiriiinliBcl | pctin/,', central heat, fenced yard. hoiixe. N'ci Karairc-. One umall child. ' j;o,50f». —H 110 !! 1 "—^! 0 li:l!. 2! ' v - - iFOP. .SALK or Trade: Will taka 3 or 3-Bi-;iTHOM""u"nfufnTshed"houiie, utility i 4-room on new 2 or 3-bedroom. lm->!« dowels. H21 N. Hobart. i room home Henry St iniiuir> nr.2 N. Nuison. ] fsj. Starkweather .Foil HKN'T: I'nfiirnlsbed hinall mod- | Lart;e 2-bedroom and saraje. f«nc- "cVlorsi pr " <-ro«m house, small garden fpot. ! e,j yard. {15GO down LUH- i Ul'l J'-. FrfMlcrh'. ! Close In: Two 2-bedronm houses and c-lPaner. FofTTiT-rNT 7 4Too'in"iinfurnish«d hou'se' two 2-rno» .-OHrtments on 100-ft, in d 2-Hoom porch. 2-Room hon*c. One 12x14 room ami i"nie l^.v-1: ruum, Inrg.- BaraKP Hx~ ft. 2 Lartf' chicken "hmif-fs or stor»ffe, located on .1. P/. Bowers leant-, '.> miles south of town, to tio moved. Can he *cen nfti-'i' li::0ii noon anytime. Priced at SALK: Apartnieiit house to l>"» moved. 2 bedrnonif, llvinif room, iiltchm and l>atli 4H.' 1 "'. Loi;»ti;d Ht KuiiavlHiii. :' niiles west of T.orBT. So- \S". 11. Lawrenoo. riionn riU 1- its« Hor»er or Tltemont S-'J07o Stlnii"lt. fN)7l SAlJ'I: 3-bedroom hou»« lo he keeps :hat's famous Blttf ,\. WilkK. 8. I 10 Lost fc Found 10 36 4 month* old mule Hhep- j Black and Urown. Keward ntrd pup . lor return 51" Hed Ix-r-r. MO R-ri4tn. ;30S TW Appliances &" 36 i " **** i *~~~ 69 SMAlj". Cuyler Mu 4-4. 4J 13A Business Services 13A 36A Heating,Air Cond. 36A TRY A CLASSIFIED AD? Expert floor waxlne and window cleaning; In your home of business lNtJOMK~TAX~Iie'furn8.' Accurate and fsnt service. J. O. Watson. 10.12 Drive. MO 5-303,'f, DE8 MOORE TIN SHOP Air Conditioning—Payne Heat 320 W. Klntfsmlll Phone -MO 4-2721 38 Paper Hanging 38 Miscellaneous For Sole 69i MO "Room i "Tinfurnlnhfd IX Plumlied for washer, front. Income. JSjl'O. UOOM Frame building to be moved, i;:i S. llussell or call MO 3-3039 or MO 4-<S(i!4. Troiler Houses BKST HT'Y In" town. lars?e .1 bedroom double Rarnge on 100 ft. corner lot, H. Hobart. 112.000. .VICE 3 room modern and gnrwce N. Hanks. 100 ft. coruer lot. J4f.0u. KOI: ItKNT rr H.ile: mobile Irail-rs. Post Off|.-« Trailer _\?3 S. Knllard. MO 4-nir>t. ~NE\V""A'NI. " " " Thompson's United Rent-Alls 15 Instruction 15 .PAINTING and Taper work truarnnteed. l'hon« MO 5- F, K. l)y*r. COO X. Uwlght. HIOU SCHOOU at home Ir. spare rr /or. time. New text* furnish«d. Dip- 40 Transfer & Storage loma awarded. Ix>w monthly pay- -*.~*r~- •**-**•*,*• ,~~-~~- ments. American School, D*pt.! n \A/nrahr>iieo fL P N. Box .'i?< Amiiriiir. T'i»»- i rurnpo wurcnouso ot <Ti VMP'LKtT: M7irTi-:i:x "bVip7~VoiI nrrdft lo iinprns> IIIK Hrluni Cuntaci Kliiirr SilniHiin, I'M u Oouiirplor. MO 1-1127. Ail 204. 40 "We rent most anything" 120 N. 8am«rvill« MO 4-2331 103 Real Eitare For Sale 103 BOOTH-PATRICK Real Estate MO 4-3503 F(i|{ SAIjE by owner: 2 bedroom, carport, carpets, pltimlied for waaher, fantad yard, monthly payment* 163, MO !l-n.132. C. H, MUNDY, Realtor MO 4-S781 105 N. "' LOVKLV 1 bedroom and d(n, i,n living room and tiall Fi-ncfU AilTcONDTTTONINa Covers made to I ''a-'l* yard and cjarag*. $2,000 will J!^&W?£ M^4^r!!! ! Ng£\^D« <M w,,h M taMm^nt THE AUCTION SALES ! tu'k,- hi'mi'll Vimixe trailer oiVlfeal. HOMES BY DUROHOMES Col. Dick Dayless, MO 4-S848 'W, M. LAN t" REALTY 715 \V. Koster Ph. 4-3641 or (-3504 A. L, Patrick, Asaoclau, MO H-4030 MO 1'llilil work. 18 Beauty Shops 18 *t Jtovlng wltli Cars FOnvrywiiere 417 K. 'i'ying _ I'll. MO 4-4221 7u • c ii' ,s T i; A x s i-'V"; if A- STI 11 ( A i; i:" r.ln S. ii'iii.->pii: - MO' l-',":'.'2 i '''"'"t ~SAI.I':': „„,„ ., w ,.^ DCHIIC l>r, . ,,, ,^ R -j, +~;^., • ^ .Jinnr* l-Vfd Stoiv r tt .,d TV MO 4-7^74. 4-640» rvm'- :,:'•.' S. I'nylcr. ilruiiin iiii<l lien. i ilviiiK room ami ctfti, KHI* I back Jiird, fluff in. tliini J HI'IDKOO.M S. NVIson t'i IpAN'liV .1 l.t-ilruoiii i IIIKH .1 luwn. ' down HI-FASHIQN MAUTY SALON Operator lino neon Owent Vork, M^ .- _ __ Nici-L'S ""BeatViy Shop. Cold wave* {6.50 and up. Nell Kven<tt, manager. 1U15 S. Siimncr. MO .i-1403. 69A Vacuum Cleaners 69A Kicby Vacuum i'l^ani'i's mid all other il^J^^i'iJ^^*^-*'^ ^0 Musical Instruments 70 '— 40A Hauling Moving Roy'i Transfer & Moving TO BUY TO HIRE TO SELL TO RENT MO 4 2525 42 Pointing, Paper Hng. 42 t'OR 1'aperini;. p.iliuinu, tul'ming of all^• t>pe c.ill Mu ',-.391. Fiee *s- : _ timaU'»._I.iike K.-nii'-ll. FlfKK'f'Utima'i'-s on il^curatuifc' me. is, paperlns, p.iintinj!. laplnfr. I'xiun- Ins . »K. Mu l-i.iJi; or .Mu I-'JV.'V i 42A CapenteWork New and Used Pianos Tcrmi And Rental Plan Wilson Piano Salon 1221 Willittun MO 4 6571 ) Blki tu»l Ol Highland Hutpilal KEMOflKLINfi lob liilf. MO 4-41 7ii. and asbestos lid- i. . 43A Corpt Servic 43A 36% DUcount on Hup cleaning. 9sl2'c $6. AH carpe's cleaned, work guaranteed. MO 4-S.iSl. Ci. W. Fields. MO Trimming. Free «Mipiatifs. L*»ll S-4301. Unwell Sattenvhiu . MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS PIANOS ORGANS CAMPA. TtXAS !t>itronin iV lien on (itirland, gArnKO. fenced y.'inl. JJ.uiiii down I .a IK i- ::-hi ilroorn wlin garage'. f.V>00. S. Si lineliler. Terin>. Larxc --lirilrooiii. Inii-fnot from, with < Cm,m ulili I r,'Minis i kiff In Il'-Vi'in. LAIi'iK 'i ticdi»'.in home, K. drowning (lnin.1 tb,\vn, oS'. MIT i".4n'>' IOHII. LiU^-i'.tw 2-b*d''f>oirt, HUacb* fii Cuff** Si. ll'ino «-ill !:Hi S-Krdroom. itiiiii'K room. larjj<- Kiti h- ' »a HIM! R.uai;' 1 N. Stai kw«alh«r. j ir,"'i \viill liaiiflle. I Lo\'KI,y 2 bedroom and d»n wilh ' lenixl and - car uar.ii« near Sam llousioii Si-liool. Oood buy. 7-Koom witli 2 renials K. Krancla. ; L'landv 6-bed room home with servants ciiiartti>|. dose ut Priced right. Good, terms. Shown by appointment j Dnn<U 3 bedroom bnck, N. Faulkntr IVj bath, attached garag*. <ood buy. T unit apartment hous* S. BalUrd.'.ii) down. Owner carry loan. Dandy Mottl worth the monay. Nice corn«r bualneta lot 100T140 f««». Close in. on Hi-way 60. 19500 TOUR LlSTlN'jS APPRKCfATKn IXDKr"KN r r)E"NT servlo* ita't'ion for »»!« at a riargaln locaud "ii Hwy. 6H 3 bedroom llvlnit iit». F'1*ntv "f i;asoli-" s'(;r.,K» lanits Po*» t v>'«n n,>«-. JVS01 il.iv. " will hanil'n i''« i!-^) !•"•"»,•• fini) 1 .*.' o',f.M mni ;OM f'n. North Grcst. 3 BEDROOM 2 BATHS BRICK ncout BFST TRAILER SALES W. _HlRhv,-a.v B" Ph. MO yD^I WILL THAI)!-: 37 font'Spartan i^rsllor for 2 bedroom home in north fast or north j.urt rf city. MO 4-313S or L>ii7 F.. lirown. pT{TvAT'lir'SPAC'E~for Trailer bonne. i;r>. per month. All bUls paid. Out \\TlTl7TUAIiif frrtilf'r 1-louse for fu'r^ nilur* 1 or enntty in U-bedroom horn*. MJ) 5-'J497_afltr SiS'^p.m. _ l"iT">S At Id way" Trii'llfr" houst-, 4'i'xlO'. Sell equity' for $511". Sft« W H. Carsun at_Pampj, TruHer Park. h'TVli SALIC 2 Hcilroiun j(ambl«r trul- UT Him*.-. $n;7:.. M'I \-':>!'.<2 __^ Ft lif SA I.K, $1 I''.'' rqi.ily lii I''••>> Twilight Tr:iili-r IMII."-. :'i«'i'x1i'' in 1 will tr.ulM tor p(jim> I" a bornr. ••«*« at Trailer im. <. P;iinp:i Tr:iil«-i I'ourl. 116 Auto Repair Garages 116 Hear v\-. K Gl HOMES $451 lll'KII.L X- SOX Vrimt Kinl and S-'rvii-e I.MH _ i-iioiif MU 4 -'in. 1 ("\''u"u Ca~t slop, Uon't Si art KILLIAN'S, MO 9-9841 Bi'al, * »nd Winch fi*rvlc« ___ _ __ \V "A!" "HMJ". ' j'uNK.S "" Auto Engine Rebuilder Total Move-In Cost Monthly HOMES OPEN DAILY fp yi'Tc 'la'bi baii*rv »>hinwi> vrM.r l'«tt*r». '^ Mo I i' Poii' nadiatni-5, gas lank* * unki repaired I! ' F Bromi ______ F'\MPA Hadlator " Shop »"d hoi 311 E. Hrown. "failu!" Vx r»Ktor« \<'.t to "?"n'or "" ! hot »»<«r MO ^'^jjl Radiators t»nW» rt- MO 5-4VV B. E, FERRELL AGENCY 117 Body Shops 117 FOR FORD'S BODY SHOP C*r Palming—Body Work N Pros* MO 4-46 HIGHLAND HOMES LOOK BETTER 9 BUILT BETTER • IS BETTER 9 MAXIMUM F.H.A. LOANS $400.00 DOWN PLUS CLOSING COST SALES OFFICE & FURNISHED MODEL HOME 2100 N. DWIGHT SALESMAN ON DUTY IN AFTERNOONS & EVENINGS MO 5-5410 COMBS-WORLEY BLDG MO 4-3442 47 Plowing/ Yard Wwk *7" Complete yard esiabMshm*nt. Koto- tilling, sod culling. Seta). Top «oil MO J-9C2J. Leroy Thornbur«. fAKJJ and «arden Ilotary TI|!>»K. e«tiuja,te£._'red_Lewla. MO 4-631 U. and garden pluwing, post hol«* Uvelllng, roto - tilling. J. Alvln Reeve*. MO 6-50l'3. BRUCE NURSERY J-arecat anil juoit coinplfcte uur*ury HI..CK in the (iubUn .Sprt-^.l. 2C llillc* •uutheunt of 1'ttiupu uii Kitim K.JU..J . S»l. J'l). 6Ki. AlitnreeJ. Tt-xtf*. ____ ! TRKBB "friiumea! (JomiJlBte ibrub ' caru. Vn.r4* roto-tlll«d, Irvvtcd. vtc. i W. R^ MltchelJ. MO *;- 8 .? 67 ' ' JCv»i 71 »ievcle« T} " VmGiLE'S BIKE SHOP ot pan* "i<» day Pii Mo 4-3)20 impair »er'.".ce :28 S. Cuyler 75 l-'KKK 50 lb». Al!-iii-on« with each booking of 100 Spring Chick«. ; James Feed Store ii»J S. Cu>l.;r MO 5-58S1 THE STUDEBAKER LARK Thif cor U not to be overlooked. A full ti«e cor on the interior, yet con be put in the garage, driven with out got bill werrie* or expeniive up-keep. COME DOWN TAKI A IOOK AND T|$T DRIVf. USED CAR SPECIALS - BUTLER NURSERY E.SKIMi) Mplu:, Toy Fo* T*rrl*ri-. «'<» kvt», Ivklrnftou, OdcJistiuutnl, (•liiliuahu*. Tti« Aquarium. !!3H A.I- 93 Farm 91 Slor*. 58 STUDEBAKER Champion ( cyi.. 4 dr. H*|ttr, O«(ro>ter, OH. (igl», Accetaory kit, A "«« car Guaranty ..... : ................... -•• ONLY 57 STUDEBAKER. « eyl. 4 dr., Heater, Detr.. Accf«»«ry, Seat cov«r|. Claan ft * whip and low miiftafld ..... . ........ .................. 5] NASH, 2 dr., Cujtoi'i ( cyl , Overdrive, Radio, Hc.ttr, N«v> t«»t c«v«ra. Make* * bed, fcn-tl- Your Ad by Phone PLANT NOW, New shipment of bar-jj frut Koji.] MM 1-?4'".C. 10,^1 tv-sea, flwwtriiiM nhrui.». trull 1 •- . -- r c , iie«». .smii» ikwu nud «dt.un »»p- \ Machinery ror iale; plies. *jl \\ Kumcr. i ! - X,> I",I Illi' I-'' (o,.i .on.ljii.i-. 49 C«*i Bnnli Tnnlr. dQ ; 1 1 Ii A \ \ ,lii(v roml'.nf Hi; 'KS'SP'M'if.S an.) .s.pii,. *il «' I. i'»jiffl. n MO 4-|i':;<< ^.^" 1-lni, i niiiional I'liliiv '•""' n^'ior ,. < .~"r~in ' wllh tl i»-''t ton ionll'-l. lv..i> prllilmt "•i.-lJL" 1 I"uci m)i« off. fa»l hitili and i I ____ 49A $1795.00 $1175.00 $350,00 $295.00 $225.00 Gibson Motor Company MtRCUHV 't dr , Automatic Train , Fully luade-d and nn.« ............ ............ ONLY STUDESAKEfll Chzoip. 4 dr.. Overdrive. P'act- ic»lly n«w tir«i. Rad'o and Heater ............ A. J S PKwT CONTROL ,, GOT EM- TERMITES—GET t:_ I 1 fiicn* MO «-»J5J (or Fr«« Estiro»t«a igout» S F< ! • J t-crnnn harrow. 1-1 toot MMi<i*m ;: Li'^d B*rn*tt T**M Pb. MO 4-J04T 200 E BROWN MO 4 S*i» Strvic» See These Better Buy Used Cars At TEX EVANS BUICK 57 HI UK SPEC'IAl. » Door, r»aio, ht»t«r, powtr Uiakj* A Stee tory air cond . white se IUUK $2095 56 m K K Sl'l'KB $1295 ig fac- 2 Door hard top. power 1 braksa. »!*' t"t( 4 Steering. 2 ton* paint, white wall t rei 4 door. riO'C, htattr, w«ll t;ro» air. cond , <iyn» 55 FOKl) $1695 wh.te wall a'iQw- $1145 M Bl ICk tf«OB SPECIAL ijKl7«l radig, heatir. 4 OO ahift. Vic , 2 tiocr, hard top, racl.o. hsdter, V 8. ovtrdnv*. 2 tone paint, white wdll tir«(. A r««l 5S BUCK KOAUMASTtK 4 door, rid.o $595 2 do«f bard l»p. radie, h«at»r , 2 tone piioi- me* car Whiti $245 A Go?a clt*n e%r. TIX IVANS IUICK COMPANY K. CJr»y Phooe: MO i-i61i »**t"

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