Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 10, 1930 · Page 20
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 20

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 10, 1930
Page 20
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20 DECATUR H E R A L D FRIDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 10, (930. DECATUR HERALD BIG TEN TITLE CONTENDERS GET FIRST TEST FAVOR WILDCATS TO NIP OHIO IN CRUCIAL CONTEST Purdue, Defending Champ- ioni, Expected To Win Over Michigan MAROONS VS, BADGERS My O1\ON STBttAKT (United I'reds Staff CorritHponilnnlt CHICAGO, Oct. 10.--With the formal opening of Bi^ Ten conference footbnl] competition Saturday, championship hopce of four ncknowtedf(el fisptrmits for t*)30 honors will bft put to th« test, Twf tctiniM f'Ulilui', the (Infvllil" Ing champion, iinil Wliuon^ln. ilitrlt- fst of "dark horned* ^oKidhllJtl'' 9 ' meet rivals which entertain few rhamptoatihljj HUixlMin, rx the thltd e on f ore no ft [rara\ Ohio SUute VH. Norlhwddlnrn, hrlnita topi'lher tU' Decatur Ranked Underdog to Big Mattoon Eleven . 'fUmtar, 1fr ..... ....... . rr, llerm iiminn, Ii .............. it, Miillinn Hpililhit, IK ........... rt, JnhinoH l.ilullvn, r . . . . . . , . , 4*, M**r l I » Mill, , rl ...... ...... It, \\ai\r A I iNr, re ....... to, NrhnVrr r. lh rd rli, ill. fK Illinois Faces Butler Eleven In Second Game M I.I.OYl) SmtUFFKK Down at Muttoon a football tetm that appears to be the best ever to represent the school and one of the fin««t of this season's Bi({ Twelve crop is primed for a buttle tonight with the only team thought oapnble of stopping it-Decatur High. Two weeks ago even Docauir wouldn't have bairn Riven a oh a tic P. but wince tho "Rods' 4M) triumph uwr Danville Satuiday, tfo*sip II.IB pointed to to- combal ds the title game, the 21-0 sot hack they hand- Champaign lust week, a feat tha'. of e Decntur oontest . hi* Injury Jinx promliei to be one nt the nation'* outHtatiiltntr Iramft. WIMrntft [y IM i;i n,"i\v*i In prc-s»a(fon ((iretftiJitu, gained ft ' apfct by Itti Inijifwttlvn jK'rformaiiof; In game* with Aft, Union And Indiana; anil (s MnK hallrjd M th« trndliie "dark home" contemlor, Coach WU1-| man ban developed ft wedllh of Cii(i-| ablo pophomoiw material and It 1x tin fort nnrite that ached Hi* vaparlei pit the 1nix[)cr1nnccd Rudteyoi j ftltalnitt North west mi'a votarun aggregation MO cttrly In the reason. Cur thin tutu t'tiainplftnHhip i dfiHplt4 th* IUPW »f HN Ml- W'lh «i»l find H HOtWMltllf Which for »l' contfrcnci- Jtunn-i. vlotory nvfr Michigan jivovld- nl tbi» l»n|ilrtt|t"ti for thr " drlvfi Mitrt this NriMon. Iinut wdek'w triumph ovei Ttnyliif lnd(TMt"'l Hint Pun! tic h«j« (mini) cafMtbte reptaoduiirila for «hirv und on "form" thn tpflin. which wiui unubln to ficore on Iti ^Irtle rival, Michigan Slalf 1 , ii[t- VIUII'H defeat been urn through with a snap and Hunt that bode no good tor the In- vartlng tnain. With tho second team uslnft Dewutur plays, th« varsity luut constantly had the hut of the HCrimmaKeli. ttll«l Of StUfK Conceded the position nt under dog Deuatur eleven Is Just as ready and aaxtouu for the start of the FoHtmntu )n pulling tlii'ouph tlrst three KIINICS with no Injuries to anj of the rfKtilurs, the Rods arp In xhape, physically and mentally. The gatnu beyond a doubt will be a. duel between two of the greutent lull (bucks la thc conference, with strong supporting cast* on each side. Opt, Kay Itox, ontatanditift offonalve star of tha Decatur a^cvKatlon. who tut fur tills stason has sul. oft touchtluwn runi of inorc than JO yurdu In dach gam*, will matuh talents fiffalnbt Duuilf Pun,-16. all BlR Twelv^^ack [nst year and nntl bSntr this yenr. Favor ll*tls \VI»«'nn*ln. r^putpd to have Ihii hi'tt matcrldl of recent yoais. fated thf 1 )fttiKir of an (tpmt In KJI opcti- InB (tannt. with Chlcw. The t-'hl- cu)fo team rates far belov? "Wlscoa- fin, but Couch Stajttt biiM thrown oantloa to tho wlniU nod will Rarntild htn hop** for itupcdiid (n n dijccptlve and ntionhoUJt tiasiinK altrtck Un- lend Wlneonsln I* well virncil In fnti* thc ttamc tuay rti-volnp Into 1 lviet and In iuch n contest tnay lutppon j The four wniMnliiK o[ifernncc meet outnldi* fwco, with the I «mmlln« ntlrnctlon. M h«cl lienllnK (nmi V»i«1*rMlt and, »ppc(ipn cleBtlhwl for »»°t hi " r d£ " f»M. but itcout* roporl U Kfe *tr ( .iwv thnn tlili «'or# IndtrMM null Cof -ofi«t team limy l'tu« Kama would be a blood battle without the title Implications that go with It. Rivalry between the two nuhoulB hus reached a high pttcti In recent yimru, anil at present the only thing more desirable than a win over 41 nt toon IK tt wltt ovor Spiliigfletd. In eight meatJngg since 1017 Decatur hut) wun (our «unies, Mat toon Oireu, and otic wau a tie, Muttoon ha^ thd etlne In total points with 78 to Deca- tur'H 09. Tlie Muttoun eleven Is on« Of such size and balance a« Is found In such a school only about onue In a de- uadu, Lung bulort the season started thin writer picked It as the btst titln bet ufUr having »('*« H In thc tQconit day ul practice. Linemen Hit NEW MEN FIGHT FOR BERTHS ON ILLINI VARSITY Zuppke Adds Weight To Line For "Warmup" Tilt With Hoosiert STILL SEEKS CENTER Bruder Seeks To Out-Jinx Jinx IM.tNOIH S, llmlliiaii. It · ftM^K^I, If Hmitr, c , · iiiiyTM" 1 .!*.; O^rH. rw - , It'rnl. 1,1, ., lt(J1 l.Klt i |», Kre ^ tol , , lne A1| ^ tha m u n *rw six footers or belter, well- built, fast and a« B rei«ilve. Best of the forwards, If ftny one IB outstand- M , K , | W H(11 , O |j Jt) hn«on. guard, rated ()nu 0 , the bwt In the conferonce. . a 1M po^d all-aroun,! aih- I^lke Mlnni«c(ii. Tmllnnn N belief than It* 23 ti) 0 defeat by Ohio Stain Indicated, and th« I [(lonloro expert 10 ftt bark la the victory column by (UfoatlnR Oklahoma A, ft M. Indiana held Ohio Stale to thru* points v«- (11 the final q«nrt*r nnd wiat down only wider the pmsnure of mperlor l promtn«j In lof*(illn(t Town 9tnte «rnl r»Knnl»i ltd ftantd with Dutler «olfly "·" «' '·warm up" for ltn cnnfpreneo debut HKnlnut Northwedtei'ii next woek, Towa m*«t» n »wond utronit lnwr- Motional foe In Cuntoimry hill In(fw*mon a|ip«rfiritly hn,' nn Imptovdd tmi-kflMd r snd thjf Hnwkeywi are fnvort-d in iln- feat Wi Htiiilhornovn, CITY TITLE^GAMES WILL BE WOUND UP SUNDAY AFTERNOON Four «Miwti, rtohrftultH) fuf this Siindny. It N hoped will wind up th* much- tt Ml cily ntmdeur title bnnplmll »*rl(W. The Mlnern' Sonii, who lend the xundlnfta. n«mt ptft)' two (rnmc*. meeting th* r*nnl« tdftin at John* Hill nt I o'cloclt mtrt Jtunpinp ttt fHlrvlew for « Ram* with thn Cub« at 3 o'clock javelin record, dominates the fluid lie Is about us sweet m trtpl«- thruut man aa any coach could want, H hooting H bullet-Ilka pasu, punting SO to ttO yardH. nnd gaining equally well through the line or around the omla. He works with Gano, a nhlfty runner, and Kpll»rn. n tiard-pluntttng fullback. UM Have Ki«ld Kltitnur will »tlck to hla rettular Htartlnx llntmp, with Luallcn ns the choice at cantor. Dabner and M t)ctiro*tlnr are bnlti possibilities for oti« ond, and Doolen or Wayne Hchroetlet may Hlart Wlllanl Chrltlendon may aupplant either lleaton ur Miguattne at tackle. The gamp will tie playeil on Mat- loon's u«w nlfrh! Hold, located at 21st street and the t, C. tracks, startiiiR at 1:30 o'clock. Tho Decatur High croUH country U-nm will tnMit the Mat toon harriers. In ^ ]rc)lnilnaty r accklrtg to (irotcet on tin- record this . . . . r. Vortt rl, r ,«!·.'· r'fii.r , , rr t ^Illtl'r lllli. Kllbrr .Iflinllj, (I, . ,V, ".'.'".'.'"nt, Hliivlimnii Ki!(irc--M, P. Ghee (Dortniouth) Umpire--A, 0. Held (Michleun). Field Oudtfo--R, C. Hunton (Parsons). Head Linesman--LyIe Clarno (Bradltty-llllola). Klc'koff at 2:30 ). m. No reserved scats. WILL, University station, will broadcast. CHAMPAIGN. Oct 10,--Eagei to win u chunce to fiici* Northwestern In thc big homecoming game next week. Bob Zuppke'e green but aggressive youngsters will be on their tots a wiien they encounter Buttar Saturday here. On ihu laue of Its excellent showing agulnsl Ohio university (Athena), itullcr may prove a sturdier adversary than Iowa State. Ohio coached by Don Pedeu, erstwhile llllnl tutlfback, had a bang-up team tout year, winning the Buckeye confer- oncae championship, A 12-7 losu to thlc tuutii v,'ns no dlBgiac«, J5* Pound: Center Zuppke wns obliged to bring new blood Into the line In an effort to strengthen tha middle. Big John Bauer, who Is surprisingly spry considering his 250 pounds, wilt get ft chance at center and John Ovelman ot Ottawa, last year an unknown reserve, at guard. This Is an example of the great O]»rnitunity for players at [JlincJH this) year. Hnuitr inttyTint do Imt to going to try hint. ScJiunuii-hcr l» reverve. Then thnre I* IliiddlfMUm, whn reduced to Zlt pointda this year after imrryliiK S44 pouraU around. Tbiy ht« the itplTlt antl U nwy he venter la bis host bet. Anothej 1 worry to thc coach In (|uvrtoi'buck and Porrlno, Chattin, tlttot and Useman aro all studying tactics, Conover »t Full Whan John Snook was called home to Aurora by the death of his tathui this week. Zuppke turned Bob Couo vcr, guard, into a fullback as Captain Robinson cannot hope to play until the Northwestern game. Coiiover (s likely to fiK h t bis wfl ^ onto t h e team somewhere. The return o( Red Owen Is cnp«et- od to give Ku] a chance to see the South Bend aopuomore In action for the flrul time. Owen Is presumed to bo a tttar pana-snatcher und he may help the aerial gant«- BERG FAVORED TO WIN OVER PETROLLE NEW XORK, Oct. 10 --Jackie Kld) Hoig, English fighter, ruled a slight (nvorlto today to defeat Billy Pslrollc, the "Fargo Exprestt", In tho lr, ten-round bout at Madison Square Garden tonight. The two fighters have mot twice bpforc, the flrxt bout ending In n going to Fo- draw. «nd tlm trollu by a knockout. , Illll I p. tn, -Dennl* v* Miner*' Son*. I p, m -- Chevrolet* v«. Dennis. 1 p. m.--Wftlnrd vn. Chevrolet*. ) p, m.--Miners' Son« v*. Cutu, SCHWAKE TO FIGHT FRIEDMAN OCT. 23 8PRINaFIELa" r Oc":' l^John Sohwnhc, St. t^uls, Mo., lieavy- weltrht, «nt regarded by middle wost- urn boxing authorities at one of th* mott proml»lnft yo«ng»tors In th« fight »Ttm#. will meet Al Friedman. Detroit, M»ch.. her* Oct, 23- Sehwkke reosntly vron a technical Itnockout over Chuch "ff*TM"' } n ~ JJanapcll*. Ind., In the «xth of a KMdultd 10-rotinl bout. The bout «ru HI* 3Ht M · proftwlonM, IS or ^ThS St nSl**n f^rterty held the (LA. U. heavyweight championship. OTTO VON PORAT STARTS COMEBACK CAMPAIGN TONIGHT i HI/ t nihil l',.i, i CHICAffO, Oct. 10 - Otto Voii Porat, Norwegian clusfRcr, will opni 111* comebaok cuni|ai(;n Friday nitrh 1 In an Ground bout with Angus Snyder, Oodpe City. Kan,, tt«ai-y- wckht nf Chlcacf) titidt'im The bout Iw Von Pornt's /Ir^t since his hnookaul ,hv Yonne Strlb- tuitr The nupjortln^ rani inch round botn« 01 follow , ,.,,,... Normnn. Norway, vn. Chick nnlh^M, Wlchitn. Kan., U7S pounds) j Kdrtlo Ran, Poland. VN. johnny Hay is, Philadelphia, (146 pounds); Homen- clo Hornaaconl. Italy, vs. yld Torres, Phillpfilnei, (130 pound*}; Colognato Oresle, Italy, vit, Bni" Unran. Clilcago, (175 pounds). tOYOlA SIBETS DliQUKStfE _,,, i"V t.'»tt(t PMM.I CHICAOO, Oot 10--Loyola university of Chicago and Duquesna . utnot Friday night In the second ' night Intersection at gam* of the yoar at Loyola stadium. Your Coal.. Try Mie.lcwd of ERIE SOOT. LESS Furnace Lump «t $4.75 p«r ton delivered and yon will never burn anything elw. ERIE SOOTLESS n mined only in the Moweaqua mine and it *old only at the mine. W« have no dealers. Order from your truck driv«r or from the mine, direct. No dirt, rio rock, no toot; all heat. Moweaqua Goal Miilng Co. Phone 193 III. When A jtnx picks you out an a victim go after the Jinx, That seems to be the motto at Henry {Hank) Cruder, Northwest- era's star halfback and captain. Laet season Han It loomed a« one of the outstanding Big Ten But an Injury In an early gnma put him on the sidelines anil Mr. Jinx won the first round In hin battle with Mr. Bruder. This acasqn, fit and sound in limb again, Bruder decided to go after Jilt Jinx. He picked out jersey No. OKLAHOMAMEETS GORNHUSKERSIN BIG SIX FEATURE Sooner* To Send Light But Fait Eleven On Field In Big Contest MISSOURI AT ST. LOUIS : tftjf UHrttrt ptcttt) ' KANSAS CITY, Oct 10--Nebraska , and Oklahoma, football elevenn will i open the Big Six clmmplonttliip race 1 Saturday white the of her four teams' either continue their campaign agalnut n on-conference foot or re-' main idle. The Kansan Jayhawlcert, beltevcij | the itfongeHt team In the conference, will meet tha Hague)! tnuUtute Indian u at Lawicnce Friday nlglit In the first game tho elevens have played ilnce 1903. Thirty-four Ncbraukn Cornhuukers, enrout* to Norman, where they open tha season against Oklahoma, pusstd through here Friday night. Th« light, fant Oklahoma team, fresh from a 4T to 0 victory over New Uextco lust week .spent the week preparing a deffnun UKalnxt ^** bruka'* aerial atmch. Coach Qwlnn Henry's Missouri Tl* g«TH will journey to St. Louis to meet the St. Louis university team In *. dedicating thc new stadium there. Mlnsourt loitt to Colorado, 0' to 0, lest week, Doth the Kanna» ABB'** and Iowa r have open dates this week. Coach Noel Workman will continue pointing the lowans for their conference game with Nebraska next week, TODAY'S GAMES Oil i I' m, 7 in it ni. MIIIIMn I'lAI'J. Ki HI Mr.1i(j'(H nlttlit IKDIC 1-. HniHJUfH tj, II, K I'I oil Hi MI* '/.itia. ; «!. ( in, ut Hirt\lil1ntr InlfliM "f"j* VMlkr* RtmCff F J r i Ut ftoith A t HMHI1II Hl|h f4,.LIiam hi T C, HiKll lit AKF«I)IIIT''I"" wtitfc.tiii nt riibwn nil!. 1 . 'l. S, l. Ill Wi'Mvllll- M rmiulii *tll Jlf A1-Hlll nt PiH.fiuji diiuii' GEORGIA SEEKS TO REPEAT 1928 ; WIN OVER YALE ·Southerners Innde Bowl U First Important Eutera Struggle , WON LAST YEAR, 154 NBW VOHK. CM. I0-Wlth b«ll luchod nwnj- until on HEAD TEAM OF STARS IK EXHIBITION HERE Charley fluffing. whr won I and lost with the Bos- titd, with two fiiKt dwr, int«mc. Uonit) yum?* tin ihc l»oki. tl IK the Ini^t'fj^ilotia) K«m;», in- volvinjf wo of Hie 8outii'« ni»J w "1"\"0» timj two if the B«wL'# iinm Unit tin- liolrlfnit til" rootball *po(, llifhi nl'injf (ho /*tkn(lc *anoir! thlx wt'h 'I'hc firiii, mid itrubMy ih* bt»i. (if mom' ti- the (j"i)i-gld-Vftle g»ii in ihis bowl »t Ntw itnvim. Th» ton R«d Sox and Ihe New York Yuik«*» during the ln«t iteaiton. will bntlln nt head the lineup of ttio NokomU CoMn' n«conil, und R rlp-Bnmwr in tUtU, Ik the agalnat a leatn of ull-dlnw on Fanx field here Sunday, Anrly B*dnnr, property of Uic PKtiburgh Pfratw and Jim Cameron, who roporlM to w»h !ho' ·V»)p nit ullghi of B w*a!tti »( brillinni backd'M inl«nt headed by All)l Houlh, nnl Cftrnij(t4 fternufi of wf-ll-bnlani'''') i-li'-rtgih in both i(- fcnm* und c|n(«nK( p . PASSINt) WINS iltv Vtttdt I'lrm,) MILWAUKEE. Win., Get, 10- Benny Friedman's accurate passes guvs the New York Gin ills a 6 to 0 victory over the Ml)wauki# Ritdfror In a night prnswwlona! football plnycJ Tlmrmlny night. Totndo next nprlni;! CotU »!NO. Happy Jack Kot-solntclt t« F ^v,,.,», ttjgciliiT the local ttam, «nJ will i" lp n'TM 1 "" 1 '- '» P'lWitiy wiilimi ^*'f^ \\ ft]i fpj Ifn^Kh \Vjl(l pJlCllOu f0-1 i; L ' L i*» i_ the pennant winning Uim|iliiK rltiir lln S*oiiihi'iii»ii IN -llnht Tor tht tu till- Sou net i) u»jj(M,'latiim, h i u d - j Kll'i* lin»wn ""· P'lhch packet t\ \ng his lineup. Other* will inUud* lit""* 1 ( ! fl 'ii«t8»i. hnvlitp; irovdri W Art Kcharetn, produci of Deeatur Athrtt* Iri'i )·"») only to i^cuf" · iiantllots now owned by Wlchlts, Al 1 to 0 ili-fcn'. Raker and "Lefty" LdMnnlpr* nt ilicj H n n y M^hii'. oll Niitiv U*tn* Commka. lilll Miswur. Wusiw Woorl- 1 «1nr will Nctrl n VMcran l»i» woi-th. Charley Ituohlng. fji'iiw, iijtnirn«t Vi»i' · « \mm Oini and AI Jjjipnld ' |y invl^'fitim'lK s bowiliki i'i iriKh foi'inuilon! 1 , ' Ciijiiatri Ittf- («t Htict VM non "OHiflah" Smltli 13 to wear In North western's Hank thlnka he'll out-jinx hi* Jlnx{ with that number, And we're In cllncd to bellwc he will. WINS WOMAN'K TITLK itiy 1 mini I't-Jii i NEW YOHK, Ocl, 1 0 - M r K . S Iu1rd, Rye, N. V,, I* ihi «»\v tlotial Womcn'n oenioi 1 «olf r h n m plon, The veU'nin incnnpolHtiii HI.. with nn at{({rcifini itcoic of ITU \« · A i t n n i - i A wi fli'W, the ti th# li \Vllh lit Twll If B I'Hlkill SHOTGUN SHELLS 54c To 86c Coven All Siie» »hoo save jim muney, We also carry , fOINTKB and K X T B A K A N G K B( equally | o n SEARS, ROEBUCK CO. SPORTING GOODS DEPT. IS , HUNTING HEADQUARTERS WE W!LL BE ONLY TO GLAD TO ASSIST YOU IN ANY WAY Ranger Repeating Shotgun 12 GAUGE J O Q . 9 8 j£ ^ OAWf ?S Down, IS Monthly Small Carrying Charge All tfa Shooting Ou»trH«f of a $50 Gonl One of the tatitx tod ff ail repeaten . . . hiodles rwt . . . point* oiturally , . . takes down ip ten secoodsl Of genuine BcowDinc design, known and preferred by expert hooters from coast to coast! Hunting Co^ts Homers usually pay $10 for a coat like this. Wuu- proof *tmj dock. Slicker- lined game pocket with jiffy fanener, Rawhide tna p*d« oo sbouleWs. New "Kenmore" Washer Electric Gyrator Cash-Delivered A sofu, quid; and economical way to do your washing u with the Kenmore. The new 1930 model is ti wonder in quality and workmanship. Guaranteed, against all defects for 10 rears. FILL OUT AND MAIL . COUPON FOR. OUR SPECIAL OFFER Kindly oend representative to we me regarding special offer if Kenmore Electric Wnflhlnir Machine. It U understood that Ihiu request tines not obi I- gate mi In any way. NAME ADDRESS .. / STORE BOIFB8 Monday, Wednesday and Friday, »;3» to SsM -- T«*»day. Thvraday and Sfttnr- *W. I:SO to SiM. SEARS, ROEBUCK CO, Retail Store * 141 South Main St, Decatur, PttEU SISKVIUE TIRES MOUNTED BATTERIES INSTALLED ulii'Dil of Mr*. ,Cliarl*)t Itowiwy i! Tech iutfii SpHngfli'Ht, M»»i*., In wrori'l Place , IKI-' oml i« n Drobisch-KeUer Quality Given Lasting Satisfaction Correct for FALL "D-K" SPECIAL HATS $5 Better V«luc - - - Better Quality There «rt new *h*pei to the brim* . , . ^** / touchei to the trimt\ . . and color* thai »fe tmtTt nd uncommon in th* new "D-K" SpecUl rw *tyle». There ii K very elaborate variety with which to Mcure * becoming effect 1 for every type "no taste. Drobisch-Keiser 129N. W.ttrSt. Cont«l»nti War On .· . Salon \ 'SPIRITED ' Frank M Sunny»id*. h r.n in The golf tournar Jiool at by eour»«i in it finl«h«d wtih mark many , ar« *«v rtill in th* tut en hli own co WM « at the of th« irleklet fitment. Inei probably *l» block for me champion. All leorH **re I' Km The Marl«t )ttd eomprtlti Cantrtll coucn and BDI 8m« I* favored to I wag*, Harold won occupy tf u they have and have a chi l*ad*r«. ll el almoti winner amoni oo evenly are Klltlngton an womtn'fl char Club, J r . and p»ar to hold IK becalue tl mwl male tie: good «core». Eleven yem the Bobby Jo inn, HI* ntr enure* attract the flmt day maintained tti Tapitcott. Fab champ wht IF PB played to ahead of htm SATUR CIAMT PI LIG1 nhcl ST. 4xii t nov nnd I in rnv t ranAhle of 01 The li(tht UnlvfrMly C kpecla) ten* t *n M Inch i generate* 21 Th» Itfhl wi ·truetM by company, wi nn rteord* t hiitlt It. Frtach P known ·» tl Mtlum"J at tho Hunclp dt'rri. The work 111 tMl «n ai4 Pcnnrn. Tl ·I NntioliM unlit *'t In int

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