The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 4, 1914 · Page 8
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 8

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 4, 1914
Page 8
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Eifhfc T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Saturday Evening, July 4,1914 Many Beautiful Flowers , Sent by Friendi. MARCH IN PROCESSION Dr. George P. Hosier Officiates at Services. u) f , , l i n ·! K,il«roiml r h u n h M t , , I t * .il'.'.-'tv S n i i i n l n v m o r n l n c u l t l i lh.- h - i n r t r e d H of f r i e n d s of VIrg I I -Snriii- *r Til,, s - n l r . rom! bv Pr catnr tomorrow, and he Is deserving- of a final tribute from every baseball lover In that commnnlty. He stuck to the. Ilnlsh whert others wavered." ~FUNERALS7~ ONA FRY. The f u n e r a l of Ona Fry will be held at 10 o'clock Sunday morning at Dawson's chapel. The Interment will be In the Brush College cemetery. MR? RICHARD F. M'EVOY. The, f u n e r a l of Mrs. Richard F. Mc- K i o v w i l l be held at 9 o'clock Monday m o r n i n s at St. Patrick's Catholic church. The services will be c o n d u c t e d by Rev. Father J. Murphy. The i n t e r m e n t will he In Calvary. In ,n ,,,,. t h e m « r l.ld t solid lorn, pl*T( the (mitreiM vnl\ · l r n l I n . l e p i n.l, t i · · i l i v voKn was , . , . . , l.v t h o s e I" the \ U - l n l t v of I ,.hti'. ii a n.l no n o n n i l e n t e r e d to l|,,. t, n l i t of the s e r \ l f O . P K K T T Y FIX1WKR3. i.i. t . i l l . i h a n c . i l and a l t a r w e r e ] r,.rf w i t h flornl o f f e r l n C " w h i c h b« ,-h.olr -mil pr. s u i t e d an a l m o s t , h u n k lo I h . ' p p In the . h u r r h I of the most l i e . i u t l f u l floral , ,.v r sein In I V ' - n t U ' - we, n among . f f i T l n K S n o t l f - n h l p n m o n K t h e m N.ANY FLAGS SHOW IN DECATUR. Passenger and Time Freight Trains Run. More t h a n 410 Decatur railroad men l irned Peru-wards Fridav night and S n t u r d a y m o r n i n g to help the eagle ... l e n m and to cheer the Railroaders ' u t - e b a l l team in their death grapple v , i t h t h e Peru Grays this afternoon. The greater part of the exodus was moml t n w h i t e r a r n M l o r m set In t h e ·int«r This was t h e o f f e r l r . K nf t h e n*catur hR«er,a!l players who were ·wona: t h e warmest of V l r K s f r i e n d s ONE FR"M I . F A W E PVom -V! T e a r t i . ' V t n d the dlrartor" nf th* T h r e e I l»1»,-'ll' '-Line a (iplen- illil onsket M i ' i l u t i'f p u r p l e sweet P»,,. l-ni xn.1 w h i l e . a r n n t l o n s A r.lnk ros« ple.'e . i t r e 'mm the St John « M e n » r l u l , o- w M - h v ' r e w n » n n a . r t U f r p » m ' » . r i i i h . - r o f l o r l n f r s u*ro n «pr»v of p i n k , - i i r i m t l o n s f r o m t h » L A. to H of K T. H -prav of Pink c a r n a t i o n s f t " m '" I 1 ! m i . l » o n . a HT.IT of i l B h r rni ro«ej f r o m Mr. n n . l j Mrs. .lohti H o w a r d , ros. ,, f r o m th. , l*ewt« and F l r l n k h i ' m f e - n i : l e s . Q h n s - ; K e t of l a v e n d e r »we. t pels from Mrs I J R. Monro. Mrs L. W K l r n c e a n d I Sr» r. E O p h e l l r , ,- j ROHF.P F R ' i M EI.KS ] A set plee*. of P i n k and rn*w . n n d f«irns wns s.'tit bv I ' m n k S h ' n u o - ! rt «n. red c n r n i t ' . i n i f ' o i n m mh"r* o f , I).* f a r n l l v » i p r ' i v of r. 1 « \ i r n n i l » n » erd f-rns f r o m t h e Frl'liA \ f t e r n o o n · 'ar.l c l u b i f it pi", e or w h i t e c a r n a - t i o n s n n d f e r n s f i r . m M' a n . ) M r s W I, Fi'^'Wi-lI. p l n K r'.f-e* i« lid f. rns ( i , In*]!!"'" M n t . i r - « n t h u n « ~ h o f V i n e r t - n n 1',-Tin n.-. * f r n m l i e n t ' i r '..·'«.· N* f ° l I'lk*. a p i n k sprav f r o m M - .in.I M r « W A 1" ires, n spray of j \ \ h l t i r.'s."* f i o m V r a O a m b v and son. 1 u t t [.Ink T'""-« f - o m N H l and K i i t e i \ l i . - . r .! low.. M p r . i ^ f i o n i Mr and \ ! r n .1 tt I'.ni'i'. n . u n a t i ' . n plecr "nin M" ·' Tl !.'H|.f!.i a n . I son, red i n»* « t r f l v f r o m Mr nn.l Mr*. L E c . i K » r " n .'T i i t i » n [.If i from HT A i n - m c n - i r ' ! T i t i " t - s p r i y f r o m Ed an-1 · f i - v I - x n i n . re.I i»se spray from . j r n o * u - i ' t .,nd A n n a Pinidennurg, r e d · »e n p r ' i v f n - n , Mr nn.1 Mrs Ed Me. 'in., nn.1 I ' h i l l i " Printer, pink roie · l i . i i f i o - v M' nnd Mrs J. K. Strcf- ·..rrt. wMl.' rose s p r n v , from Mr. nnd Mrs J o h n (Irsv. P ' o n m l n f i c t o n : pink ,r.»e* and r n r n l t i o n n f r . i m "a t i t t l e i i s e i M l t 'rl-n-l. M l « ^ Fny Shield'"; a w r e n t h "t re^ rrt«i* and l e n \ e s , from t h « .TTiplifll C r l n d l e a n i l D u n n l g n n f n m l ' l e s p i n k rose h u d n n d l.-Tf w r e a t h f r o m tlie I j v f ' e r t v :u-'l K n . - - l e r f a l n l l - leii. rert ro«e« f r o m Mr and M r s Hurry Robh and r » l | v i n l f t n r . u n i t e c n r n n il"ns ni',| the h u h Vn »i. a t i t l ' i i l red - n r n n M " n * WJIB sent b\ "Merphanf -.treet f r l i n d s . ' a lovelv » t a n r l l n wr*Mith of r*.d roses, l e f t ^ o n find bow i,' w h j t e l u l l e f r n m A l T c n r n n v , pres- Id'-nt of t h e l e l f l t e . fln«1 a l l F h t yellow ,mt n l e i e f i r m M r n n d Mr- R o b e r t IM.KS MAWll In ft-e f u n e r a l cortege t « e n t v - f o t i r i n , . » i h - r s nf the local [Tks lodpe mB , r i,,,j v r f o r o the h"ar«e The pall | » n - , r n w e r e W i l s o n Herlnir, I l n n a r t l II i n t l - i . - - ! ! ileoi Kf Keller. r-Inren'-e T r w l n .1 A I ' . i i l . i t t M n . l I/i!ll« Shade . , |M C.e.i't'.. r l l o B t p r . · . TT VI i K F.tni'U ' ^ 11 1 t i . f l r lni*i of i.n» of rh*- )*fvt nn"i 1 r v r r k n f w " imlrt Tr T l f - p t f - r n f t ' T t h f nf rv \Cf, f'r U n i T i t am** f r o m V r i n k H n . Trim , to ^.f'l I i t * *t t h f i n f t n t ^ s ov*»r hi* nlfl · r|i*n'I ' \\f wi« n nnn n f t * r my own ) » » n r t . ' r n n l 'n i« il i h f r l . T K v m n n ·mrt t r a i n m e n d u r i n g the morning. ALL TRAINS CROWDED. 4 real holiday existed for railroad men i n D e c a t u r today All division offices which could he closed were locked be- f o r e noon and the clerks given a chance i n m i g r a t e to parks and neighboring i itles. Onlv pnssenger trains and time f r e i g h t s w.'ie r u r on a n v of the roads n d f p i*ht houses were closed. The p i e d l c t e d he.iv t r a \ e l on railroads, mor c . t h n n f u l f i l l e d t h e expectations of r a i l r o a d men. ever\ passenger train leaving t h e r i t y being crowded and extra e q u i p m e n t needed. I n t e r u r b a n s were s:l\en t r a i l e r s d u r i n g the morning, n n d a u t o m o b i l e s t h r o n g e d every mad l e a d i n g out of the city. City Streets Quiet as on Sunday. LITTLE DISTURBANCE Patrol Wagon Called Out, but No Arrests. j. L. Deck Says There is Difference in Laws. RAID ON MILLSTEAD Police See Men Leave-Beer is Found. "Old Glory." Hundred* of flags were displayed on residences In Deeatur today. One ot th" Polar ice company wagons was decked w,th flass The flags were also displayed at nil public build Inprs . OUR FLAfr. -Praise the Power that hath nndf. and preserved u s a nation' Then ronquer we must when our cause It is ia«t. ind this be our motto, "In Gon is our t r u s t ' ' A.nd the star-spangled banner In t r i u m p h shali wave . O'er the land of the free and tht home of the hra\p." --F S Key--"The Star-Spangled Banner. ORIGIN OF THE FLAG, Dennle Hercer to Montana. O e n n l e Mei'cer, the p o p u l a r foreman nf the WabTh rnumlhouse In Decatur, will ] e a \ e Monday for a two months' ^ t n v In Helena. Mont., where he expects to c a p t u r e all the rest there Is and 10 r e e a t n ome of the h e a l t h lost In tt-e i n t e r e s t s of the Banner R o u t e . Mr Mercer w i l l KO u n d » r the care of a i p e ' l i l l " ! I n t h e M o n t a n a M t y a n d flsht the F t o m ^ f h t r o u b l e w h l r h has been r.i i s l n u r Ws frlenrlis a n x i e t y for the past ^ »-ar. Both his f a t h e r a n d mother are r e s i d e n t * of Helena, tl'e f o r m e r Is a \ . t e r a n e n g i n e e r on the S. P. and has a run I n t o the city Physicians here p r e d i c t t h a t two month's rest and care will p l i t the f o r e m a n on his feet again X. R Hughes in his hook on f a m - ous flags of Ameiica, savs: "The c r e d i t of m a k i n g the f i r s t flag t o m b l n l n g the stars and stripes is giv- tn to Betsv Ross, while the design IF u n q u e s t i o n a b l y the work of George Washington Congress appointed G e n - eral Washington. Colonel George Ross a n d Robert Morris a committee to design "a flag suitable for the nation." A f t e r completing the design a r o u g h drawing of it was shown to Mrs Ross. an upholsterer, l i v i n g at 233 Arch street, Philadelphia, and explained to her by General -Washington. She objected to the six-pointed stars shown in the design, and suggested t h n t thcv ought to have but five points as they POSTAL RECEIPTS SHOW INCREASE FlBnre" for Fl«r«l Year »B,X87 More Than Lnut Year. The poital receipts for the month of J u n e 19H wero JI2.357 as compared w i t h S1IM24 last year. The total receipts for the fiscal year ending- with .lune 30 show a (rood Increase over the fiscal year ending June 30. 1913, the total being H4MS9.47. The In- creasa Is JR.1ST.77. The total at the close of the previous fiscal year was J l 18.512 70. Postmaster Bering recently received notice t h a t his salary had been railed *100 a year by virtue of the fact t h a t the receipts for the year ending March SI. 1914, had reached · ijjjr $1 -.0.000. w o u l d be eTMer made and demonstrated the ease of making a flve- pomUd star by folding a piece of pa- I . e i and producing- one by a single clip of the scissors Toe general had scat- t r i e d the stars irregularly over the Hue field, bu't Mrs. Koss thought thev would look better In a n»at cir- r l e and so arranged them. Thus did woman's will and woman's skill make history." SIGIFICACB OP COLORS. ' W h i t e Is for p u r i t y ; red, for valor. H u e . for j u s t i c e , and all together, b u n t i n g , stars, stripes and colors blazing in the skv, make the flag of our country to be chetlshed by all our h e a r t s , to he u p h e l d by all our h a n d s " A greater extent of sanity was dls played In celebrating the Fourth o J u l y in Decatur this y e a r than was ev er known before. The police had prac tically n o t h i n g to do S a t u r d a y in th way of answering complaints of viola :ions of. the f u e u o r k s ordinance. WAGON CALLED OUT. Friday night the patrol wagon was called out several times on account o" men and boys s h o o t i n g off f i r e w o r k n the streets, but t h e y had skipped ou aefore the o f f i c e r s a r r i v e d and ther were no arrests. The^e was less nois and c o n f u s i o n S a t u r d a y t h a n on urn other Fourth in Decatur. People gen erally oberved the conditions of th ordinance a n d c o n f i n e d t h e i r f i r e w o r k to their own yards. FEW ON STRI:KVS Comparatively few peonle were o the streets. The stores were nearly a closed and the city and county offices were closed all day But for the occasional explosion of a fire cracker the day would have been q u i e t as a Sunday. CROWDS AT PARKS. All the Decatur paike were exceedingly popular Saturday Several thousand people spent the day at Faries park. All the cottages at the Fishing club were also f i l l e d . M a n y people also T \ e n t out to the Homewood club. Nelson was one of the most popular of I he citv parks. Many attended' the ' \ V o o d m e n c a r n i v a l at Dreamland park. Veteran Driver of WabasK .Ambulance Expires. SITTING ON PORCH When He Lost Consciousness--Inquest Held. Winners in Golf at Country Club. Family Reunion at Home on West William. 2ND PRESBYTERIAN VESPER SERVICES The fit at of the vesper services at I h t Second Presbyterian ohurch will he held Sunday evening from 7 to 8 0 clock. The Christian Endeavor society Is arranging these services but thev are open for the public and will t a k e the place of the evening preaching service For Sundav e v e n i n g the young poo- r.le have arranged a debate, the s«b- j i c t b e i n g "Resolved, That the church - h o u l d do more i n s t i t u t i o n a l work and not c o n f i n e itself to iniplrlng agen- 1 K-S to do t h i s work." The debaters w i l l he- A f f i r m a t i v e -- E s t h e r Ixu Bergen, f o ' l n Dlxon. Lois Engleman. Negative--Paul Hudson, Ralph Mahon, Beulah Pelton. C, W. Dyer will M'Je. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ford are celebrating their f i f t y - s e v e n t h wedding a n n i - versary today at their home, 901 West W I M i a m street, w i t h a f a m i l y reunion. Their sons, Charles Ford of Washington, D. C., Will Ford of Birmingham, Ala'., anfl Frank Ford of St. Louis, and the latter's wife, are here for the occasion. Their g r a n d d a u K h t e r , Miss Frieda Fold, of Arcola. also is here They will remain over Sunday. « -MARRIED. COL.EMAX-G-A.RVER. Mrs J M. Allen, and Mrk. Charles G Powers were the winners In the women's golf matches Fridav afternoon at the Country club Mrs. Allen won both the nine-hole hajidlca.p bogey match and the d r i v i n g contest, while Mrs. Powers ^on the medal match Cups were put up by J. Tohe, Dr. Will Barnes and J A. CorbeU There nas i an Interested crowd to watch the plaverp and a feww went around the course "»lth them. Follow ing Is the medal score for Frl- day: Scora. H'dicap Mrs C O powers .W-S down Scratch "The good people who heard Mayor Batcheler's address the other night," =aid State's Attorney J. Ix Deck, "should bear In mind that Indiana has a search-and-seizure law, something we haven't got In Illinois. Therefore the police in Indiana can do a great many things the police officers cannot do in this state. SOME DIFFERENCE. ''This fact should have been explained to the people who attended t h a t banouet, for many people are of the opinion t h a t if the officers in Indiana can do a thing there is nothing to prevent o f f i c e r s of Illinois cities doing the same thing. Under our local option law there is nothing to prevent people from storing beer or whisky or from hauling it through the streets There Is no provision In our law for confiscating liquors found In local option territory. "If our police should attempt to do things po=tible for the police of Indiana towns to do they would get Into serious trouble Immediately. I think the police have been doing very well The trouble IF not with the police, it is with the legislature in not giving us the kind of a law the-- have in Indiana." RAID ON MILLSTEAD. Selling liquor in anti-saloon territory, assaulting an officer and refusing to admit an officer are three charges against James Millstead of 10S North Franklin street as a result of a raid by Chief Allen and his men late Friday afternoon. The police have suspected Millstead of bootlegging for some time. He has a sort of restaurant next door to the room in which his saloon was located before the town went dry, and there Is a door in the partition between the two looms, m a k i n g it very convenient for the illegal sale of liquor. SEE MEN LEAVE. About 4.30 Fiiday afternoon Chief Allen got a tip that there was a crowd of men in the saloon room. As soon as he could gather a bunch of officers together, Chief Allen hastened over there. As usual, the men In the room got a tip that the officers were cornins, but not in time to prevent their being seen. The officers were In sight of the building- when they saw a b o u t eighteen men leave the place, some by the front door and some by the rear. Peter Anderson, for several years driver of the Wabaah hospltl! wnbu- lance, died suddenly of apoplexy at 3 o'clock Saturday mornins in the Wa. bash hospital. He was about fifty years old and was a member of Tonio lodge No. 312, A. F. A. M. He came, here in 1907 from Slbley, 111., and until a short time ago worked at the Wabash hospital, driving the ambulance.. SAT ON PORCH. Of late he had been employed at the) round house. Fridav evening about 7, o'clock he went to the hospital to deliver some knives he had B h?rpened. and he sat on the porch an! talked with friends there until about 9 o'clock. Suddenlv his head fell forward and ha lost consciousness. Physicians worked with him till 2 o'clock, when he died, ATBTACK WHILE BATING. About two weeks ago he had a slight attack while at the supner table. H« lost all control over his limbs, but got all right again in a few minutes. Ha had since been in apparently g-ood, health. Fridav evening he ate a hearty supper and seemed to be feeltnS well. He is survived by one sister, Mrs Anna Munson, at Sibley. The body- was removed to the Dawson undertaking establishment and prepared fop burial and was taken to Gibson City at 4 o'clock Saturday afternoon. INQUEST HELD. Coroner Elmer Brlntllnger he'.d the) inquest at 10:30 Saturdav mornins. Tha verdict was that death was caused by; apoplexy. M O ' f T r - n of the P l - e n p o r t Times, .irirt h c t t . r V t o w n n « "~M F'nVo." w:is ,i £,,o1 f r - i ^ n . l of V I - S T ^.inl»-rs. h f t v l n g 1 . -ome n e q t l n l l t e l r ) i r ' » J l - ' t ' t h e i r b f l S " '.nil c o n n e c t i o n - He h i ' t h e f o l l o w i n g to »aT In reo-nrd to V I r c "The n e w s t h n t V l r i c S u n d e r s preicl- riorit of t h e I 1 " i t ' i r hn ' 'nll club, hap pii»«e,l arrnv In M l . i i i !· r u u n . * M . h n n e a u « i , ^ u n H e r s n ' K.I i ou In T h i e e - 1 i Jrclen j i r r n t u r p i l ' i l l ' f l H v w i l l feel hU to"* VVrjf wns a P e n n i n e « p o r t « - m'n. "e w n o .V.-ril» I n t e r e s t e d In t-nsebn.1! »o,I w i « l i r l nn o p p o r t u n i t y to kwp Deostur on the b i s e h n l l m n p KF.fT TOWV TV KR'-VXT "He was I n M r ' i t n r - n t 11 In b r i n g i n g th» name hack to tint -,n nft.T t h e hiifg hnfl t a k e n a vacation from the pastlm*. »nrt one* he Kot the club established he labored v n l l n n t l v to keep lt« financial n f f n l r s «p to the moment SanoVrn took great plcncure out of the slnKl'-hnnded campaign he wncrere,- two vears ago when h»i fll«posert o over 10» »M*on tickets at III per The mm* never brought htm any r e m u n oration prrronally. but still he w . , r k f .n ana kept Decatur to the f r o n t AN ART1ENT FAN . ·!T« Mtcndfd Three-I meetings a hi, owi. «pcn.e and last season -nad t»o trips lo tmvenport Ho see his team In «ctloi. He was an ardent fan; P cox! f«J4ow; and fine company at ai SSL. HI. «·»««! .»iU »· »«« ln De Admlalirtrat"ni Named. .!nmo? P. MoRoherts. Sarah M. Bragg and Rebecca. A. Bradfleld have been appointed administrators of the estate of =nmue.l McRolierts and filed their bond n t h e sum of 124.000. 1-rfinra Carver has been appointed ad- m i n i s t r a t r i x of the estate of Joseph T.irier and filed her bond in the sum of lfi.e-00. ...1-iB Haze] Garver and Ova Coleman were united in marriage Saturday j morning at 9 o'clock by Rev. J. F. Mills, pastor of the First B a p t i s t ] church The bride has been In the employ of the Decatur C o f f i n company for" a short time and Is the oldest daughter of Mr. an5 Mrs. E. D. G a r - ver, 1224 North Morgan street. Mr. Coleman Is the son of Isaac Colemfin. a retired farmer, and he works for the Decatur Lumber company. He t" a graduate of the Argenta high school and the -bride attended the Decatur Hsh school. The couple, a-re visiting with relatives and for a while they will live with the bride's parents. Animals Scared--Boy is Run Over. Russell Landrus, si\- year old son of C R. Landrus of 1275 North Edward street, wa« run o\er by a team of horses b e l o n g i n g to Barbey and Cooper, about 10 o'clock this morning. He suffered, a dislocated elbow and was badly bruised about the hips The accident was the result of one of a h u n c h of boy-! throwing a firecracker u n d e r the horses which were standing- at the corner ot Edward and Grand. All of the hoys disclaimed throwing the cracker. The horses scared when the cracker went off under one of them and the hov was knocked down and trampled ni they starter! to run. They were stepped without f u r - ther Incident. BUSY DAY FOR BARBER SHOPS neh w i l l be concrete tile. .ury t_ "J f u i v c i o *TM ** _ ,, . . - - _ _ - - Miss AdelJ Blacksone . 60-4 up 10 dys Mrs. ,1 M. Allen ...60-jfup JO dys Miss Emma Ewlng . . . . Oi-l down Scratch M i = s M a r g a r e t Blackponto i-2 up l- Mr" W J riradv .. ..6"-4 flown Scratch Miss ValiMte I^Fnrgee . .-tX;-l «P 'Mrs A l b e r t a Barnes Heal! n7 c%cn 20 Mr- J A Corbet 70 2 flown in Mrs! H D Sptncer T.V4 down 1- A U V B Rrxrf rs ·» · · i · -M--'·» clown li Mr/ KoSS-vir::.::::.... 7 6 even » Mr« E B Tvler M-* down J.j Mrs8 c' e r^i ler .:::::::i^d^ ARTHUR BIRT IS AWARDED CONTRACT For Storm Sewer System In CHr of I A r t h u r Birt has been awarded a big contract for a storm sewer system for the city of Champaign. The total amount of the contract is $13.700. To complete this contract H will require V70 feet of 41-Inch tile, 9S5 feet of 38-Inch tile, 6S5 feet of 31-inch tile, 1,900 feet of 24-'nch tile and BOO feet of 10-inch tile. All larger than the 24- STRUCK AT CHIEF. Chief Allen went in and placing his hand on Millstead's shoulder, told him he was u n d e r arrest. "Not without a warrant," said Millstead, and he struck at the chief. Just then other officers grabbed Millstead and no one was hurt. When asked to unlock the door leading to the saloon room from the restaurant Millstead at first re- j fused, but later complied. In that room the police found an Ice chest with a lot of bottled" beer In it, several cases of empty bottles and some not empty, and in one case was found one full bottle that was cold, as though It had Just been taken from the ice box. RELEASED ON BOND. Millstead was taken to headquarters and locked up for awhile, but was later released on $1,150 bond furnished bv TV. H. Snyder for his appearance at 1 o'clock Friday afternoon, July 10. BIG ICE FULTON Charles Barlow is Seriously Injured. Charles Barlow, residing with C. E. Weston. 749 West Decatur. was serlout- ly Injured Saturday morning whlla assisting in unloading a. three ton 1c« box at the grocery of C. D. Gray. 533 West Division street. Barlow, with two other men was un,loa.Une the box, when It slipped »nd |»H on his b»ck, pinning him down. His back was badly Injured and h» was hurt Internally. He was taken to St. Mary's hospital. It Is thought that he will recover unless complication* develop. The Dethroned Nickel. Jiill»n Street. In Collier's---A curious and c h n r a c t - r l p l l r t h i n g »hlch we encountered In 10 other r l t y Is the 8-Cent Cult--a legacy »-ft to the rlty by the late Tom Johnson. mnvelaniVii slreftt car system Is controlled hv the c l t v and the fare Is not five cents, hut threw But that l« not all A municipal I p h i l n p p l i n t l c , or noon will he In operation, w i t h r h n r u n of from one to throe cents a k l l n u a t t hour. Also the city has gone into th" ilnnce hall business. There, too. the nl n t n tl c u t , f i f t e e n cents will buv five .lan.ei !n the m u n i c i p a l clanre hnllB, Instead if thre... Nn ine w i l l dispute thnt dancing ,o.l i v t.ikea precetlpnrp ovpr the mere m a t ter of entinp? vet It li worth mentioning that the VCent Cult hni found Itfi way Into the l n n r h room. Sandwiches may be purchased In Clexeland for threp cents which are not my tsorce t h a n 5-cent sandwiches In other T'erhapa thp finest thlnff about the. S-Cent r u l t 1« the fact that It runn counter to one of the most pronounced and pitiable traltB of our race--wastefulness Sometimes It seems that, as a people, we take le^B pride In u h a t wo save than In what we throw CUV We hftM* a "there's more where that me frnm" attitude of mlhrl. A man with a .oiis-intl n %ear sajs. "Heir what's a hun- ...·o,l ··· and' a man with hundreds Imitates h i m nn a smaller si-nlr The humble frr.c- tlon of n nickel Is de-plsed. All honor, then. 10 rii.vnlintl--the city which teaches It- pi H i n t two cents Is worth eivlns, ana I h r n helps them to sivvo It. Two point In t h i s nonnp'-tlon are Interesting One. thnt Cleveland, has heen trying to In- luc' t h e t i c a s u r v department to resume the rolnnjrc ef the three-cent piece; another, that the percentage of depositors In savings banks In r u v . l - i n i ! In proportion to population, la iUgUor tiuta iu mM oUwr " : " LATOSKT-KILIAN Miss Anna Klllan of Deratur and .lohn Latosky of Rochesler. N Y., were married Wednesday e v e n i n g at 7:30 o'clock at St. Johannes' church. Rev. William Heyne, officiating. The at- t e n d a n t s of the couple were Miss Anna Kamlnskl, John Gomalla and William Jeechawltz. Little Bmilv Johnson of Decatur and Helen Struti, niece of the groom, of Rochester, were flower flo*er girls. JARRETT-VINCENT. Lorenzo Jarrett and Miss Mary Helen Vincent of A Louis, Mo., were married Saturday morning by Rev. C. F. Jenney In the First Presbyterian church study. READ OF ACCIDENT IN THE REVIEW E. W. Carter IM»CD«TS Principal I» His Uncle. E. W. Carter, 525 West Macon street read an item in The Review F r i d a j evening about an automobile acciden near Hoopeston In which two were kill ad and four Beverly injured by a C. am E. I. train. Mr. Carter discovered tha Ben Williams of Bismark, who ownei and drove the car, was his uncle and h was intimately acquainted with all^th other people In the party. Williams was badly Injured. As he approached the crossing In his car a barn.kept_hlm Irom- seeing the approaching train. IvnlKh«» of (he R n / o r Mow Hnlr and * Make Voney. Tonsorlal pntilotl-ii'i Rave Joy to owners of harher shops Saturday morning. Until noon all up town shops were packed with h n i r y I n d i v i d u a l s waiting to be made b e a u t i f u l Grocery stores nd pool halls together with tobacco hops also made money from holiday Arties d u r i n g the morning. The business street^ resembled a Pleepv Hollow Sunday however and were almost whollv deserted by noon. FeV offices were open d u r i n g the dav and tie old custom which had t" do with sleepless nights for doctor* a n d overtime for ambulances * o un t f e l f annihilate by the c l t v f i t h f r i an the safety ordinance? ON AUTO TRIP OF 300 MILES Mrileo, Mo., People Come ThronBh on Wnj- to Gnle«rHle. Mr. and Vrr. A. a Okey and son Frank, were in D e c a t u r Friday afternoon on t h e i r way from Mexico, Mo., to Galeavtlle. Ill . In an automobile. Mr Okey formerly lived tn Galesvllle. He has two sons there now They left Mexico T h u r s d a y morning and arrived at Sprlnefleld at 6:30 Frl day morning They would have been In Decatur by ! o'clock hsd thev not had some tire trouble on the way. It 1 a b o u t 300 miles from Vexlco to Deca iur. BORN. To Mr ii,d Mr«~Pr7l rnuroh uro = r n o t a t u r a * _ , Tn Mr »nrt Mr, Dinlel T, Dunn. r.e K n l B h t B K u t i n n . S a l i t r l a ' . .Tnly 4 tw eliters DEEDS~RECORDED. Suran C rink,,. to H r Pavis. lot « eU hall lot a, block 3. Elion Heis"* RED HAIR IN SPITE OF THEORIES hlcaso Profe»«or Ot\e» Brnncttw Some ThlnB* to Ponder. Pilots of the eugenics movement were given their first chart of the hitherto unmapped seas of evolution iy W. L.'Tower. associate professor at the University of Chicago. At the same time those ravenous ad- ,-ocates of the doctrine that the blonde s doomed to extinction were given something to ponder over. Here are a. few guideposts as outlined by the teacher: If both parents have llffht hair their children will also have llsht hair. If both parents hnve dark hair of the Klossy variety about one child out of four will have red hair, thus proving; that the red-haired person cannot be kent down. If both parents have fair skins ninetv-one times out of a" hundred the child will be a blonde, once out of f i f teen times It will be of an Intermediate type, and once out fifty-five times a brunette. If both parents are tall, or short, their children will follow their example, while if one parent Is tall and the other short the children will he either tall or medium, but never "shorties." Professor Tower uttered a fearsome warning In regard to attempts to make h u m a n k i n d too good. 'If we develop a race made up whollv of Sir Isaac Newton? and Charles Darwins." he admonished, "who will haul the garbage" We must have an immense diversity of people. The biggest problem will bo In determining which way It shall go TTho can tell us in what direction human evolution should go?" He traced the pedigrees of several families to prove the recurrence of mental deficiency and urged marriage restrictions for defectives. Scraps of News. AT EIXXJMINGTON. Rev. D. R. Taylor of the Free Methodist church Is in charge of a dev o t i o n a l service and picnic being held all day Saturday on a vacant lot in Bicomington. Mr. Taylor was pastor of the Free Methodist church in that city last jear. AT TVARRENSBURG. Hev. J. TV". Crane will preach at Warrensburg Sunday morning and evening IN WHEATON LIBRARY. Miss Clara LeFever. 1293 We«t Main street, will leave Monday for "Wneat- on where she will taXe up her work in the Wheaton llbrarv. TAX SALES The total tax sales to date a m o u n t to 16,677 14. or about $1,100 more than the total sales last year. County Treasurer J. I. Letio has two or three pieces of real estate to close out next week and that will end the sales for this year. W. R. C. TO ATTEND. There will he a called meeting of the Woman's Relief Corps Sunday m o r n i n g at the home of H. .r. Yarnell. 947 Wen Wood street, to attend a patriotic sermon at Westminster Chapel at 10:30 o'clock. George Donaldson Nearly Loses Life at Monticello. Monticello. July 4.--What might hive ha4 a serious ending happened Friday afternoon at the State street crossing of the I T. P. George Donaldson »as riding his motorcs- i-lc from the n o i t h and In making the tur-i to the west he did not make It short enouch. and as a consequence collided with the 2 iU l i m i t e d going went He nas thrown from the motorcycle to t h e pavement and pas'en- gers on the car thought he was thrown uri'ler the car and fully expected to see him kill. 1. However, he suffered only from brutMs. 11.* right side of his head, shoulder and arm were skinned and bruised. ATTEND EEMENT FUNERAL. Countv officials and supervisor! attended the funeral of the late SuperMsor Baker at Bcment Friday afternoon Oeoree Peck. Jr., and family went to Man-field Friday to remain until Sunday ».ti» re Mrs V "valter Marquisa. of Man-lion. Ii h?r« to visit J. E Marqui's and family. Walte*. Is now editor of the Whlteside Sentinel. nuth and Rea Wilson have gone to Pon-* tlac to »lstt relatives Misi Luule Marqulss returned Thursday from an extended visit with relative! at A1-. ..Jrs. Roy rha.nce and children left Thurs-. dav for Cnsey to visit her mother lllns Pear! Gregory »ent to SprlBKTIeia Thursday to remain over the Fourth v i t a Mr and' Mrs William McCamlsh Mrs A C. Skinner and children. Vlrf 11 an* Made, left Saturday morning for Sigel t« spend the Fourth. They expect to remain for o two weeks' visit with relative. Mls» Gertrude Maraulss hae returned Iron " Mrs' Clisrl"'*TM.' Wright «nd children. I-Inn and Helen, went to Chicago Friday to ii»ll her brother. I, .T. Under, and "ntly. Little Dollle Slater ha« rone to St Loiiltj to spend the summer with her ulster, Mra. CI Gcorge a'ow went to Omaha, Neb., lart Friday to spend a few fl«r« with hit son. Byron, and family. . Just eighteen marrl»f» llcenies were IM sued during the month of June ROAD ENGINE SCARES HORSES BAND AT FAIRBURY. Thft Mueller band of twenty-two pieces, all bedecked in new uniforms, went to Fairbuiy Saturday to help out the Independence day celebration there. This place is a short distance west ot Forrest The band went up on an earlv morning TVabash train Saturday and will r e t u r n Sunday morning about 4 o'clock. MEETINGS. lonlr l-odfre. 315. A P. * A. M.--Special lueatlug toollht at 7:30. Pesotum. July 4.--"Uncle Matt" Cooper twl his right elbow dislocated anl ThomM Ross sustained Injuries to al« back TbOMdsr morning when the horse th«y were driving became frightened »t the Pesotnm township traction engine The accident occurred at the Frank Nofft* farm, three miles wwt of here When th« noMe scared It ran across the road Into a field of wheat, striking ona of the shocks and overturning the buggy. Both men ar» ««tllng alons nicely at (present. Mr. Cooper hid just brought the tort. home from the southern part ot the state. ROBINS JO RUN FOR SENATOR Chicago. July t--Raymond Robin*, of Ch'- cairo, chairman of the Progressive «s» central committee, will be the CMdldlt" "'. his party in Illinois for United States * · · . - itor His content to the filing of a petitl .n for his nomination wa« wired from Flori'i^ yesterday to MedlH McCormlcfc, - oonunUteejnn j£ llUnolf. EWSPAPER

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