Dixon Evening Telegraph from Dixon, Illinois on May 23, 1955 · Page 9
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Dixon Evening Telegraph from Dixon, Illinois · Page 9

Dixon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, May 23, 1955
Page 9
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I They'll Do It Every Time ~ By Jimmy Hatlo | I fMATES-I DONT WANT TO BE A YW I DONT YXOhT""''"* TSINCE HE BOUGUT THAT ROW804T ^ I TOU6H SKIPPER-BUT WCVe GOT M WHY BUT I'M *V S WITH THE O0TBO4RD AVOTOR HE <^ J lb GO FULL STEAM AUE4D IP Y|f 6ETTI141 SEASICK-] VpoNY T4LK ENGLISH ANyMORE^/ f ■ I THIS A104TM-WEVE eOTTO M MEETING Of? A /T'Wn UE R4D TW;1T~\][/|F ME T»NY PUT ) R4TTEN DOWN THE HATCHES- BON V0V4SE / ) ICE-W4GON HORSE ft) OUT 4 DECENT ( MAKE. CVCf<yTHlN© 5KUO"4HD, I V PARTY? ( W5 UNoO WAS ALL V PRODUCTK7KUS OH .YES-TDX3U NEW SALESMEN ■ ^<T~ «TYl\ *SADOLE UP, TK5HT M T&SELL.THEOL' JB MAy I S4/ WE'RE GLAD TO . \ I V RElHSAN1 WMOA?*!] SKIPPER IS GOIN* ■ Bear Trees Man; Nips His Foot GRAND MARAIS, Minn.- (#> — Truman Engersol, a newcomer to this North Woods country, today nursed a foot injui-y inflicted by an smgered bear that pursued him hi£h into a lofty tree. The 22-year-old flying service employe was on his way to a trout stream Sunday when he came upon the animal and sought refuge in a poplar he estimated was from 40 to 60 feet high. The beast, after traaina; her three cube some distance awty, four times climbed fcngersol's tree. ■ First she grabbed Engersol's right boot with her teeth, leaving a foot cut that required six stitches. On the second ascent, the black bear got Engersol's other boot. On the third trip, she got a smack across the nose when Engersol wielded a branch. After her fourth Climb, the animal simply gave Engersol a wary lookover, then climbed down, gathered her cubs together and ambled away. • Without taking time to retrieve hia fishing tackle, Engersol dashed a quarter mile to his car drove to Grand Marais to have his foot treated. .Engersol, who moved here from Minneapolis only a week ago. said he would return to the woods for his fishing equipment. But he emphasized he could carry a rifle. Engersol said he was in the tree about an hour. ROUND TRIP FLIER REUNITED WITH FAMILY — First Lt. John M. Conroy, his goal of flying roundtrip from coast to coast in one day completed, heads for a restaurant with his family to have dinner in Los Angeles. Conroy had breakfast in Los Angeles, flew an Air National Guard Sabre jet to New York for lunch, and got back in time for dinner. With him are his wife. Jeane, his daughter, Barbara, four; and sons, Billy, one, and Timothy, three. (AP wire-photo.) Guaranteed ' Cold Fur Storage 6RACEY FUR SHOP F. X. Newcomer & Co. INSURANCE BONDS REAL ESTATE LOANS Phone 4-1621 Dixon, Dl. Eden Party Victory Predicted LONDON W— Predictions of Con servative Victory counted in Brit- s press today as the quietest election campaign the country has .en since World War II went into s last three days. Newspapers gave the election Thursday of a new Parliament secondary attention. Fudlic interest centered on the running of the Epsom Derby Wednesday and the threat of port and rail strikes. The 17,000 member Amalgamated Stevedore and Workers Un called its men off the job to day in four major Briti3h ports — Loudon, Liverpool, Manchester and Hull. Schedule Walkout Of grover import was the threat ened strike of the Associated So ciety of Locomotive Engineers and Firemen. Next Saturday 70,000 emebrs of the society are sched uled to stage a walkout which vould tie up Britain's state-■ailroad system. Some Labor party campaigners seized on the strike issue to pre dict that continuance of a Tory nment would result in walkouts. But party officials expressed private misgivings since [he Socialists are closely identified tfth the unions and paralyzing 'alkouts at this time are no pected to sit well with strike-w Britons. Admits Gains At least one pro-Labor newspa per joined Conservative publica tions and public opinion poll; predicting that Prime Minister Eden would return for a five-yea to head the government he inherited on Winston Churchill' etirement last month. The Sunday Times, which sup ports the Conservati ves, concluded the basis of public opinion polls that the Conservatives should get a 34-seat majority in the House of Commons. The Tories held a lT-seat edge in the last 625-member House. PAINT SPRAYERS SPRAY GUNS COMPRESSORS PAINT CONTAINERS HOSE and FITTINGS $ir ^ w MASSEYS Ace Hardware 88 Galena Ph.2-0511 Open Saturday Till t p. m. ^ j NewseaperHRCHIVE® - fish, fi«sh. Fowl | mmm fefew acboss 1 Hibtraating S Wild hoc 3* Ran together W 37 E 31 Vend 30 Cicatrix 41 Stitch 42 Lair 44 Landed 4« Tales 40 Australian wild dog 53 Anger 54 Standard SO Paving substance $7 Astringent gum 58 Unbleached 89 Measures of type 00 Winter precipitation «1 Watches • Canint animal 4 Path 12 Italian rivar » Wafer 13 Diminutive IS H Number It Boy's nam* l» Choice* 21 Indefinite period* 23 Male child 24 Poem 27 Reduce tail 2» Ointment 3j edit « Indolent 7 Upon • Hires * Explodes 10 Baking chamber 11 Clan 1«R 23 Remove 26 Sinners 2* Untamed 30 Was bom* 20 Architectural 23 Loafer style 3» Ridicule 45 Wearies 48 Place 4 47 British x streetcar 41 Ireland 50 Pleasant SI Blood 22 Requires 40 Gambling hall 52 Burden 24 Mineral roots n venis as naui I K B * I K lb 11 ri h U In 1 — zz zzzz rzz 5±JZ""Z|E""LZZL STRnrpr? rpr~?or ^ZZlZZI _ZZZZ IZ'ZI^ZZI'IZL for— — r ~~ irS p p srf w: — r __J ^ 55 nri V \ 1 1 I MIL Nursing Has Been Her Life; Allowed To Continue at 70 CHICAGO UP) — Mrs. Mathilda Mass is TO and must retire on pension, the state law says. But she'll continue her 30-year nursing career at Chicago State Hospital on an unsalaried basis, with percnis- on of Dr. Otto L. Bettag, state elfare director. Why? "It has been more than a job." said the 93-pound woman. "It has been my life." Now supervising nurse on the •11 p.m. shift, she started work Pogo Champion + In Retirement DEARBORN, Mich, (ffl — Ten-year-old Eddie Kozlowski, Dear born's pogo stick jumping champion, is retiring without defending his title. Eddie bobbed up and down 4.013 times on his pogo stick in setting a local record. But when he stop ped he found his stomach con tinued to go up and down. For two days he couldn't aat anything but ice cream. From now on, ms mouier saia, Eddie will work in. more useful ays — such as household chores. Hauling Costs • Every item in your family budget reflects the truth you see pictured above. Transportation enten into the cost of everything you buy. Intercity truckers get an average of about 6 cents for moving a ton of freight one mile. The Illinois Central averages less than IH cents. Trucks carry mostly freight for which they can charge high rates. Railroads carry everything, including bulk and raw materials- on which rates are low. There are also differences in manpower, fuel and equipment. A freight train rolling on steel Tails remains the most economical way yet devised to move quantities of materials and goods, from one place to another. Only railroads can haul everything for everyone so inexpensively. Last year the Illinois Central again put more than $20 million into improvement of equipment and property. We have done this every year for a long time. It's one of the ways we keep everlastingly at the job of providing you and all the people of Mid-America with economical transportation. Wayni A. Johnston President ILLINOIS CENTRAL RAILROAD The Dixon Evening Telegraph Monday/ May 23, 1955 Page 9 Man Killed As Elephant alls on Him DALLAS i-P) — A four-ton elephant, thrown from a trailer truck, ushed a man to death near here Sunday. The truck jumped a ditch and iverturned. Killed were Norman Joseph, 30, of Newark, N. J., and Queenie. 25-year-old 8,143-pound elephant. Truck driver W. C. Hendricks. of Atlanta, Ga., was treated j ■ an injured nose. Hendricks said the brakes failed i ha tried to turn off an express- Deputy Sheriff H. G. Vavette said Joseph, riding in the cab with Hendrick.s jumped out when he / the truck was going: to turn He landed in the path of the trailer, and the elephant broke through the siding and landed right top of him," Vayette said. Eight of the 166 elevators in Rockefeller Center. New York City, are capable of rising 65 floors in BEIER'S BREAD "BAKED FINE SINCE '69" 10 Bob Hope May ; sign Contract HOLLYWOOD tf) — Bob Hopaf who concludes a five-year TV con tract with NBC Tuesday night, said today he is negotiating with tha network for another deal. They want me to sign for an other five years," he said. "I may do it if I get what I want." He s-aid he wants to do only six shows a season; Thie season he- did 10.- HOTES far lUSINESSMfN: Hew to Profit from JOB PRINTING EFFICIENCY FORMS Every business has set up for itself many types of forms which help nuuee a greater efficiency and a larger savings. Are yon ac- nuainted with all of these? Our men are equipped to give you the latest Novations. Call us today. B.F. SHAW Printing Co. Phone 3-1811 — S-lWSl % %% IT'S LAWTON'S ■ 1 ■ fc-fcaf— ■jajjjjjjsj /"feat* 2 ICE CREAM W 2 HI What a Party! Here's Strawberry Ice Cream Marilyn's our favorite hostess ... she always serves such good Ice Cream ! . . . Strewn with plump, juicy berries, STRAWBERRY'S a flavor we eat "gobs" of! Yum, let's have some more! i 2 Pints 23c Vi Gal. 85c j TANGERINE SHERBET WITH ALL THE RICH FLAVORS OF FRESH FRUITS — IT'S DELICIOUS— 69* hsaal: 19«p,nt AYAILAILE AT ALL JupM DAIRY ISLAND STORES! and DRIVE-INS ^ NewspapkrHRCHIVE8

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