The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 4, 1923 · Page 5
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 5

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 4, 1923
Page 5
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I ICDNESDAY, JULY 4.. 1923 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS, PAGE FTV John Solomon, Incognito copyright ty II. BodioVd-vJon* SYN0P3IS, XAPTISK I. -Aline Uiverunti owns rcmort, a Binull pUntutlun In tiio hiltum bayoiiH. She loftvoa tho man- moiit to John T'hllbrlck, nn old ro- cr and ffiillifnh but not a Rood IUPKS man, no Ah Leo. tho Manchu, 1H trying to holp Aline, explains to myslprious John Holnnmn. Aline" a !*N .p:ivid Maoarty and his son, Folix, ;i*r nrrtenset of looking after hor In- iBta. plot to got control of the plan ta­ ll A PTEIl IT.—Ono of their nclwmoa la flam thu Imyou and thus dry up hor ; fleldn. Then they try to K«H rid of ;i>rh-Ji. All no aiihjKH 'ln th« Mccartys ron.MUliB Jack Voi-tler, a young law- who titkr-H linr cas* 1 . MAl'TKK 111.—Ho finrtu a big fiBht on \ Imnthi. for tho M nearly a aro ftU f.rful, Tln-y try in hrlfiff him off. 'TA PTKK IV.—Then they h :«.v» him en up, but he Is rescued by John rijon. '"APTLK V.—Tho Maenrtys drop open llltles and lnvlU- Fortler and Aline to n ih'dr yacht, the Walcrsprlte, to Hit th« plantHllon. Solrmtun ban nod the Job of atewavd uti iho yarht. ' b'foio they anil A.llm; E<*(H a tuln- i by J'hllbrlr.k Baying ho In go- away for awhllci and ban lafl tho '* atlon In chai'tso of Cnpialn Wrex- •f^rTKll VI.—Bolomon folia an at- H to ateal ]'*ortIer'a papnrn. An out- named Or<m Michel is kllleO on the • I and ThompKon, (ho mate, la hold liutder, chiefly through the evidence oioninn, who latar CIHIOMOB to For- Ihal he killed tho man L and filvefl ler the Ijtivcrgno papers, which nji-^on had .itden from tho lawyer. rAl'TlOU VII.—Captain Wrexham a ch;uf;e, of the plantation. Italhtir y of eha rantr, ha Is prompted to . stralRht by tho effect upon him | (ihotoRrnph of Aline. I Al'TKlt VIII,-••Wrexham examines •nfitt-nts of Hie aaf*- and finds u puek- | which InterrwiH lilin and which ho ut.s. Mainly and the tdmrlff arrive 1 n« for I'hilliit.-k whom Macurty «rw with murder of a in-«n>. Vhullns jcn'k Maearty attempts to 'i Wi i:\hftru to betray the hit fronta iii't* i,nverKm\ Wrexham trmptiriztrH. I Yl'TliK IX.-AVrexh;iin, whosa Rhlp '•horcd near the plitntut ion. Kin's out \i',h i on a mysterioua <-rniml of his Cpon hla return he finely AW 1-ee | iij; for him. CHAPTER X. |l>tain Wroxhiim ml tlowu. H)x- I I'.T iho paa?iiiK pallor i/f his'fuco, [pltoarifO unite vnlm. way enhn enough, goodness ! ('aim, with the deadly ccr- Unit ho was trapped, He had \:i wci'imn within reach. Ho ex- I d not tho least nmroy. Ho wna oil a wit re huw such mon aa Ah I'hcrlHli ancient enondos and Imig-def erred veniroancoa. Maneim was -HniilhiK-- another lif.iflo. Despite hia years, hia vva.H talj and l>urley; hin black j 't and tnmserrt wtivo o-f fine silk, |iand>i hidden in the «!-M»vt\a. His fool showed thruuf.h the strapa nil a!s. |d tills man was Chuon Vlng! schooner had been lying here |i wouk or more, i;o tl*rS yellow miiaL have known zi\\ tilniut |long since. Captain "Wrexhatn trace of cold prcsporatUon. How in those days had ho been BIOP- I close to death. IMU- once all his •froid was atrleken, liis garrulous K: fimtnehed, reached for a eii;iir, li^httHl it, aliened <li 1H protruding eyes upon lanchu. ell?" ho aaked quietly. )U know, of eourae, that 1 have 'im for wanting to se,e you." said in a conversational tone. "I had these reasons fur a long |exham nodded. "I always pay myself," he said. Wt eouryo." The other smiled' genl- 1 have tried soveral times to reileli Wb\il failed. Why did you hunt my 1 back (hern at PulombanK?" ' iexham crossed his lega, puffed ••lively, and Htared at the fire, loll," ho answered, "that fioea I to trouble I had •with her ftklpper. tho loot wan atill aboard the Nautilus, In chests. Captain Tom Wrexhatn had bean in some tight places in tho course of hin life,' hut In tinno 'which pinched so. tightly aa this ono, llclng conversant with the world, he knew that he waa standing cho^k by Jowel "With death; tho only question wan just what for in, that death would take. j "I had a lonfc talk will* Mr. Phil-' brick today," aald tho NXanchu's level voice. Wrexham'H head Jerked, Something in the tone of those worda sharpened his glunce. "Alii Then you know what's going 'on hero?" Ah Loo flmllod. It was a sinflo of genuino amupnment; a Hiuile that ond- otl In a richly musical laugh. "Yos, Poor PhilbriekJ Ho learned Something this* rtay. When 1 leTt him he was like a man dumfoundod." "Oh ho!" said Wrexham. "You mean, you told him things about me, eh?" All I..oe gavo him* a glanco of as- tunlRhment. "Of course . not. About nxyuolf! You BCQ , ho has always considered mo something as you or I would regard n lazy, worthiness coolie. Ho know or guessed that I was engaged in the traffic or liquor, and he had threatened to Bhoot mo. What ho never knew until today was that Miss Lavergne is a very dear friend of mlno." It was Wrexhiim'ti turn to ha startled, lie stiffened In his chair. But Ah Lee continued meditatively. "Wo are friends, yos, hut not openly. I am not, you understand, a very good person to he considered as the friend of a young girl—in this oounlry. Often we have met and talked. Small fn- vors hayo passed. During a year and more, we have progressed in our own. form of friendship. You should really know her, captain. A-sla 16 supposed to produce wonderful women, yet 1 have never encountered any with the peculiar charm of Miss I-aver^m*. The protruding eyes -of Wrexham were Tilled with a quo-stlhmiug and perplexed light. This Oriental was speaking in a hushed and revoranr voice, ay one speaks of Home high and sacred thing. \V re?; ha m gradually comprehended that ho was being furnished with certain vital information—that the Man chu had a deliberate pui-peae in what he was saying. Ah Lee looked up and-smiled, but now Uttf smile was thin and dry, very sardonic. "J will concede," he said, hia words smuuihly acrid, "that you are a very LVI ! man. You, undoubtedly, will concede that I am also a very evil pers-.m, a nu'iuieo to tho community. Yot, from my talk with IMiilbriek, I learned something about yon. "For example that you wero impelled to take this plantation in charge, because of a singular influence exerted upon you by Miss Lavergne 's photograph. In other words, some residuum of basic good in your soul was awakened into life." "H m!" grunted Wrexham, with a wry grimace. He was uue-asy and disturbed. At this instant there penetrated to thern a muffled tjisturbaneo of the atmosphere—a dull, thudding vibration' that was felt, rather than heard. Almost at once, It was followed by a second reverberating shock. Ah Lee started, lifting his eyes that were a sudden blaze of light. His hands moved slightly in his wide sleeves. !Jut Wrexham waved hia cigar and chuckled calmly. "Don't worry," he said. That was my irrigation machinery at work.""perhaps you don't know all-the Ins and outs of this—" "I know," said the Manchu. "But this—" ' "Well," put In the seaman, "young Maearty was here last night and serv- cd notice on me, vice John Philbrick, to irrigate thov.rlce fields. Tho water went down this morning. Tonight 1 ain irrigating—that's all!" ; Admiration gleamed in tho o-hliquo • Oriental eyas. ! "So that was why you were out in ' a canoe this evening, when I arrived!" "Oh! You knew that, did you?" "Of course. You nave been watched. And you were—" "Using up somb.-old dynamite I had , aboard the Bchooi>er. A.. Umo tuse and a float. Now lot's get back to: first causes. Yott say that you and Miss Lavergno aro friends? But young Maearty intimated that you and he were friends likewise?" | "Wo have had dealings," returned j the Manchu importurbably. "He does* not know that Mhts Lavorgne is my friend, however, Now, I should like to ask you a tew questions." Ah Lee regarded, him. For a mo-' ment the black, oyes were chill and terrible. • ! "Until this morning, I fully intended to kill you, -captain. Especially, sine*' I have not longlo live, and the dlsoase grows on me. But now I havo laid, aside such thoughts." j "Reason boin* what?" inquired the' seaman cheerfully, yot suspicilously. 1 "That friendship in { tho scale of ethics, comos above revenge, M1ss I.avergno is in deep trouble; sho must have friends to aid hor. Tho gods havo sent you to that end." I Wrexham'was instantly astonished; "lilh? Come, now—what about yourself?" ' "Miss Lavorgne is ray friend, captain," he said. "You love her as I do, I pereolve—with the love/that is permitted any man toward an object of rare beauty, whether It he a woman, a delicate porcelain, or a picture on the wall." In this tone^was a fine irony, which Wrexham could not at all understand. For a moment the skipper was templ­ ed to think that thero was something odd and queer about this picture of Aline Lavorgne—then he forgot the notion instantly. "What abount them questions?" he demanded. Ah Lee nodded. "Do you know anyone by the namo of John Solomon7" "Wrexham frowned over bis cigar, stared hard Into tho fire embers. "No, can't say that I do—yet tho name—hold on! I got it. There was a ship chandler o' that name in Port Said, years an' years ago. 1 mind tho place, now. Lord, I ain't even thought o' Port Said in years!" "You don't kn^w tho man, then?" "Not, personal, no." Ah Lee romovod his hands from his sleeves, produced his cigarette case, and lighted a tube. "Did you ever hear mention of tho Queen of Sheba? Or the Oemini? Or tlio Sea-moon?" Wroxham turned and staired. "Lord love me! This hero is a rum go. And tho farther you goes the rum­ mer it geasl - Here Maearty comes along and asks some such question, and now you. No, I never hoard of tions. At length a sigh came from him. "Lord, but "IhU is a rum go 1 ." he breathed. "A rum go, and no mistake!- First 1 get that letter about the other party, then I run head-on tn*to this chap," His eyes wandered to the photograph on the mantel, and dwelt upon It in curious wonder. He addressed himself to tho picture. "And what happens? Why, Miss, you turn u?p to save my rotten life, that's what! If I hadn't taken on this job, the yellow lad would, ha* dono IH>r me. If It hadn't been for your picture,, I'd not ha' taken It on. if it hadn't been—oh, Lord 1 . I'm done up wi* thinking about it, and that's the truth." He sighed again' and lowered himself ,'nto his chair. As he himself might* havo expressed it, Wrexham oould have been knocked down with a feather at. the unexpected issues of his meeting with Ah Lee. It. had not been a long conversation, but it had. been frightfully tense for Wrexham, who had, during a good half of it, expected to be killed at each instant- Now he found himself weak and shaken. "Ho meant it, about dyin* and so-) forth," ho ruminated, end looked up again at the picture. "Yes, ma'am, he loves you, and «"> mistak'et That turmeric-dyed limb*of the devil is in love with you! Just the same as I am, and ivo harm intended by sayin* sor It'a your eyes lnokln 'right down into a man! I'm beginning u> believe that you do exist, just like your picture. If yon do, Lord help me when we meet! I'll turn missionary or something. "And you saved my life. Instead of kiillin' me, the yellow beggar wishes me good luck! The rummtost thing I over he.{\rd in my life. And why did he do it? Because you were his friend. Well, the wholo thing's beyond me, that's all." This was a mere figure of speech. The whole thing was not beyond Tom Wrexham, not in tho least. As Ah Lee had sahl, he was i:o fool. And he expected trouble when Ma­ earty discovered that the dam was blown up. (To be Continued Tomorrow.) FIGURES SHOW SCHOOL GROWTH Enrollment Last Year Shown to Be Nearly 6,000 in Superintendent's Report. , AH recognfeo tho prnwth of thn schols of tlu> city, and know that more room la neprtod your by year because tlio «[ Education has ti way of bringing our iitltintlon to It In tho way of asking for netnlnd t.uilWIiiKn ever HO often, but a persual of the animal report of StiporinK'ndeivt J. \V. (rowans lirinpfi tho mattor down to figures, and figure don't lie. Tlere'a fiome. of tho intorestlng bits of information of 1 IntrhitiHon's biggest Industrial plnnt. thin year, a pliant which turns out well developed men and women: Enrollment Nearly 0,000. In (he elementary schools thrao wero; 4.G74 children enrolled, 2,^1)11 boys and 2,38:; girls. While hi tho high school tho number amounted to 1,046, divided between 4»5 boys and 651 girls, a total of B.720 and yet during the entire year, there wore only 1,817 casus of tardlnpss. Them are 17T, jeneherH employed as •the? faculty of elementary uiul high (schools. Of tbewe thtrty-ono are. gruduntes of colleges or universities, thirty-5rcven of uornvu] OOIIOKOS . fifteen are graduates of a high school or academy and twuiity-flvo havo completed ono or mare yoars or a collcgo course. One hundred and twenty-five bold state .certHiratcs. Teacher to 45 (^upHs. Thoro is an average enrollment in tho (trades of 45 pupils to the teacher and in tho hlirh Hc .hool of 24 to a Let Bi)eezes Bio w! Is your office a place of drudgery or of happy efficiency? Electric fans will work wonders with ycur office force or in the home during these hot months. Electric fan equipm2nt can be had at very reasonable prices. Gsm&iX 4 North Main Phone 621 teacher. Three hundred pupils com-; pleted the grammar course, an aver- ; age of fit) to 65 of thoso who entered j the school with thesw cisssmalos. A better percent than t-hajUof thn high! school as only 40 to 45 ponont. of i thoso who enter high school finishes | the course. \ There are twelve school buildings! plus the twelve kindergartens with a total' of 170 rooms. Truancy Work. During the past year A. B. Lolg'h. who acts as truancy officer for tho j schools placed in the school 25 pupils , who wero affected by the truancy ;tct. Four hundred and thirty-four cases wero brought to his attention ami fifteen oases were sent before the juveu-j ilo court but of these only threo needed to be sent to tin 1 industrial schools. One new department, it has only been a part of the school system for a few years, is the kindergarten. Last year there wero 6Sf> pupils under the eight, teachors ami sevon assistants. The kindergarten in the ivhool system means bringing tho children into the setooohi at a more uniform ago. Work on Stadium. Hmporla.—Work on tin 1 stadium at the Kansas Ktato Teachers' College, hero will bo started next fall, school nuthoritios announce. H will , cost about $75,000 and will form a part of the $235,000 memorial to the students who lost their lives In the World War, to he erected by students, alumni and frltUKls of the institution. Heavy stcol covered by concrete will be used in tho construction work. A Rndlo Kit. Great Bend- The latest in radio kity here is a smali outfit in a catni especially arranged for camping trips. Nothing dtegusU a farmer moro than to see a town man going fishing during tho hurvent Hoasou.- Atchiaou Cilobo. PREMIER PRAISED FOR CLASSIC STUDY Ah Lee Extended His Hand. court, but certainly the implied forco of "om—-whether it's a lunar rainbow or stars that ain't been chartod! What's it mean?" Across the* wrinkled yellow faco slipped a mask of Impassivity. "lleforo ho died, Mr. Lavergnc— Miss Mine's father—montlonod thoso words. Thore was no explanation. Philbrick knowR something of It, but has not told mo. Never mind!" Ah Loo rose to his foot. "You aro not a fool, Captain Wroxham. Tho rest lies with you. Now I must go, for I have overstayed my Umo and I must go and drink aomo Ng Ka l'y. Ootid night, and good luck!" So saying, Ah Leo extended his hand; Wroxham took It. For an Instant tho oyes of tho two mon met and gripped, ovon as their flugers.grlpped. In that instant each camo to understand many unguoaaed. things about tlio other. Then Ah Loo bowod •slightly and loft the room. "Wrexham rrema-lned where he was. For a space the skipper stood motionless, watching- tho door that had closed. His faco was a study iu emo- Extremely Timely and Exceptional are the Savings in Cain & Dr. George S. Duncan. t Dr- floorge S. Duncan, president of the Washington, D. C, Classical club, has sent congratulations to Premier Stanley llaldwin for his reported B loudness for study of the classics. In 'I hi. 1 -* letter to Hahlwin Duncan writes: "We see in your appointment to the offiee of prime minister another shining example or the value ol the study of the classics In tho development of leadership." HONOR FOR KANSAN. Dean Walker Heads Society to Promote Engineering Education. Ithaca, K. Y., July 'i.—Perley F. Walker, dean of the University of I Kansas school of engineering, has Just boon elected president of the society for Promotion of lOnglneoring Education.--succeeding (.'harle .3 S. Kcott of Yale- Vice presidents are Doan H. 3. Ferguson of Nebraska university, and Dean H. L. Doardman of Maine. Kour members of tho University of i Kansas engineering faculty attended tho mooting here. They were Professors Shaad, Dent and Nouman. Professor Shaad is n member of tho council of the society. The First Wheat Parson—The first whoat of tills year's harvest that appeared on the locnl market was brought in # by John Hellen, Thursday, Juue 29. It was soft Tod wheat ami tested 61V4 pounds to the bushel, placing it in No. 1 grade. When Is a Sale Not a Sale? Frequently. But never at Cain & Campbell's. Thl3- store's conception of what constitutes a legitimate sale event is best indicated by the enthusiastic response whenever we announce one. Some of the most successful sales we have ever held have been preented by LETTER ALONE, without the aid of a newspaper announcement. This Is because people have learned from experience to expect something extraordinary whenever this store Issues an invitation to a sale. And wo never disappoint them. Campbell's 17th > Semi - Annual This big shoo event starts Thursday morning at 8 o'clock, it includes evory pair of spring and summer slippers in our entire store. Every pair properly fitted and the usual Cain & Campbell guarantee. UNUSUAL OFFERING—Over 40 models of women's spring and summer slippers. Good looking in Patents, Satins black and brown kid—low, military and French heels. Straps, Ties and Oxfords LOVELY DRESS SLIPPERS—Clever straps, oxfords and pumps. They come in Satins, Patents, Suedes and»k":<i. Your choice of Military, Junior Spanish and Louis heols. Best styles for now and Fall wear (|ne Lot of Women's Slippers With Low Heels ^ tjjj All Men's Oxfords and Children's Slippers Reduced. We Close at 5 o'clock. 14 No. Main. Se> Our Win do THE GUMPS —MY COUNTRY, 'TIS OF THEE [new HB Was Cheek by Jowel With Death. j | wo wero laying side by side at Laut; ond tho whole thing tltat way . Just how It was, I remember. One thing lod to an- Flmilly ho drowned ono of my tas at Pftlomhang, and attor that the harbor and latd for hllin." oe," roaponded the Manchu. "AJi va» very unforluuato. It cost ahlp and ». rich cargo—a very , priSO."'' • , i, waa true - aQough. Somt ot Hot*. to4t>*t*i C OME K\X* / CnVTfc.H-5, \m 6&H -KO HOW, Mf ^ER MOU U>OK OU'e'ft SOM.S OV "tut o-mefc. coowmes NOOV. \ Hoo'u. \wtkt-VT To vjcrre Twcfc w TT -^Hfc <&£.r-C><R.e MOW, N NA\N WHO VS \00%"f-Ofc To -me iwiW'Wi? UM^X ov? HEVM O^I^&N SPVTS ^> w TO EWIAIH VWWAT"5. WWCYACJ <jiV<U W^favcfv ttMt> f I UATVA HIM.- J I WOBRM MJOUT NOO cmn wee 2 .t| OUT <EACH T>M "^RM»NC> TO "BE <iOOt> tMOV)6H ^0% ArW%V.VCN- , \ ~VHk.W. NO\l TV vtoTnea feoos To &l>.rjrjtH ^NttN 's wtAat. \F HE OHIH KNOW VNVAO Ht't> UKV|t=. tt>,SOO FOR.

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