Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on January 30, 1888 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, January 30, 1888
Page 3
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THE BARGAINS! Evening Gazette. DAY JAHUABT 30, 1 THH OAZKTTH c.«i be had »t all the Price rw a ~»?rrH. MONDAY, JAN. 30. 1888. Cloaks, Shawls, A»I> AMCKIKMEXT* TO-?TI«HT. Social orchestra. Two Old Pals, by the High Old Time Co., at the Academy. Regular drill of the Sons of Veterans. - BBKTITIF.S. —Mr. Z. T. Oalt's condition remains unchanged. —Chronological: fcTo-day is the anniversary of the birth of General N. P Banks. —We guess the cost of that condensed milk factory at Dixon must be a trifie high. •Born to Mr. and Mrs. John Conlon lastrnight a boy; another Democrat, as John insists upon saj Ing. —Florence, daughter, of Mrs. Gennie Elliott who has been ill for several weeks, does not get any better. Dress Goods, Blankets, Bed. Comfortables, Knit Underwear, —Jack Hafner has a speclaYaeposTE in the First National Bank, which he. can explain, if you'll ask him about it. —Mrs. Annlng has recblved a great box of beautiful southern mews from Miss Kate Osmer, who is now in Georgia. —A son of Mr. Dlgby of Como while coasting Saturday injured himself bodly. Dr. Keefer was- sent for this afternoon to attend him. The street commissioner complains about people damping ashes out apon the streets, which act, Is a violation of an ordinancce of the city. —Mr. Louis Beitzel, of Mtlledgeville, so badly injured at the mill last Monday, la getting along as wall as could be expected. A number of his friends from Sterling were up there to see him yesterday. —The|regular meeting of |the publishers and Editors Association of Whiteslde county will take place next Monday afternoon, at 3 o'clock, at Morrison. We hope all will be present. The organization is an Important one,all can profit by it. —The boom has certainly struck our city; judging from the fact that within one week a piece of acre property can be bought subdivided and one-half of the lots disposed of to parties, who, in a large majority, mean to build on Toboggan Caps, | —Mabel, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Holtslamler, celebrated her seventh birthday on .Saturday by entertaining a few of her friends. They all brought her some little remembrance of the day. —The meeting of fanners find business men of Sterling last Saturday afternoon was one that was most gratifying to all. The farmers owning lands subject to overflow in the event of the building of the upper dam, impressed with, the sense o£ fairness evinced by our business people, met them in equal spirit of fairness, and the result was that most of the farmers came to terms that were satisfactory. This Is highly creditable to the public spirit of the said owners of land, and the GAZKTTE takes great pleasure in recording the fact. They will lose nothing by it; for the dam built, the population of the city will be added to, and added population means increase of the values of their lands. The GAZETTE returns thanks to the farmers . for their liberal spirit and begs to assure them that it is appreciated fully by our people generally. —Said one of the men prominent In the upper dam movement and one who haBTubscribed most liberally to lt.-to the editor on Saturday evening: "Do you just say in the GAZETTE Monday (today) that that.dam ;is all right and that it will be built; no if and buts about it; but put it rieht down in black andjwhite—the dam will be built. We've got all the farmers owning overflow lands except two or three to agree with us as to amount of damage, and on Monday morning the committee starts out, refreshed and reinvigorated to raise the rest of that money. Of course we'll raise it; we've got to raise it. No such thing as fail." And three or four other gentlemen, alao active workers in the movement said, "That's so," and directed that we publish what we have written. We do so cheerfully and the GAZETTE and its editor will rejoice infinitely and .beyond measure when theyjiave the pleasure of chronicling the first work done upon the dam. —"Why do-you continue, to have faith In your'clty of Sterling V" asked a friend a day or two ago. That answer is easy. Does any one suppose for a moment that Gladstone, or Bismarck, or D'laraeli, or Talleyrand, or Webster was unconscious of his strength when he was young? We once heard a learned logician declare that no man possessed qualities of greatness without being conscious of the fact. Now, just as a great man realizes his ability, DEPARTURES. Mr. Michael Loftus, for Hartford, Conn. Mrs, Jacob M. Martin, for Rockford. James M. Fitzgarald's Restaurant Meals at all hours; oysters in every style. Prices very reasonable. Under Keefer's drug store, corner 3rd and Locust streets. " Old the In at 95 A superb company of artists Pals or Light of a Great City Academy of Music to-night. You need not go one step farther than the Boston Store for {anything iu the world that is to be found in a dry goods store anywhere. Yon not only fiod a good assortment but -you get goods at prices lower than the lowest anywhere else. •f' Any one who ia affected . with Tetter, Salt Rheum or any Itching or smarting skin disease should try Chamberlain's Eye and Skin Ointment. They will certainly never regret it. It is guaranteed to give satisfaction if sold by Strlckler & Boorae. tf .The Boston Store sells goods at reas- 6nablepfices~and~lt^keeps-ln-Btock goods that are seasonable. People will always find bar gains there, every day in the year. ^ If your overshoes or rubbers wear thin at the heel, get a pair of plates put on at P. J. Unkel's. tf A conflict for possession. When your system becomes disordered do not let disease take possession. Take St. Patrick's Pills at once. They act promptly, cure coatlveness und bilious disorders. They ward off disease and tone up tlie whole system. Strickler & Boorae. tf Old Pals at Academy of Music tonight. ^ »« Sterling Boomlnjr. Call on P. T. Vanllorne for plans and specitications for all kinds of buildings and cut of same. " tf Dr. I. Rader, of Fulton, Kan., says: "I have been practicing medicine for 47 years. Many times I have prescribed Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and do not believe it has an equal in the market.', It Is a certain cure for coughs, colds and hoarseness. It is a splendid expectorant. It contains no opium, chloroform or any Injurious substance. CO cents per bottle. Bold by Strlckler & Boorse. . tf the new tf ad of N. Carpenter & Bee Co. A metropolintan company in Pal* Academy of Music tonight. Old. DO PEOPLE'S COLUMN, WWe will Insert three line* In this col-"W| umn one time for 10 eenta, or for 40 cents a week. Eacb additional line will be B cents & single Insertion, or 15 cents a week. FOR KENT. T7UHNISHED rooms, with conyenlences tor Jc heating, and board, at Mrs Krelder's, on 2d avenue, between 4th and 8th streets. tf «) K8IDENCE of E. W. Edson and the stor» JV room under Farwell Hall. Apply to J. A. McCune. , . " D ONT sleep out of doors when yon can get comfortable house for from six to serf dollars per month, of F. B. Hubbard. seren a O FFICES for rent In Bell block, being desirable, and finished In elegftnt shape. Apply to J. B. Bell S Hon. tf THE WIL.B WAITES ARE MUSIO Constantly on ha.n-4-. Cntfsna prla* Wwrats s a*fp. Stationery, (Bocks, School Supplies, Chalk Crity- ent. Inks, all Kinds. Fuller's Book Store, r>. j. OfBee l» B«ek Vmtlf, «ver Uu> F<wt Office. The hackman, Bnziard, will take parties t» and from Sterling to Dr. Pollock's office jreeot charge. SATING, AND FOB MALE. *** Leg-gins, Hosiery, Gloves, Mitten _•_*. Corsets, Bustles, Handkerchiefs, Mufflers, *•• »v And many other Goods to be sold very CHMP FOR GISH To reduce stock before Invoicing. tbe same in the near future. —James Soanlan passed an examination in three States one day recently and received 99-25, out of a possible hundred. It ia customary to paas on but one State at a time, but he took the three with the result named, and a most creditable showing it is, toi>. —Geo. W. Chamberlin is not only assisting in the dam movement, but appears to be having remarkably good success in selling property at the same time, he having already disposed of nearly one-half of the new subdivision on Second avenue, this city. —Oood people, all of you, remember this: The dam means the street railroad right away. No nonsense about this, but honest truth. The dam mehns the railroad, and it will be built and runnidg by the time the dam is bu'lt. This should be added incentive to subscribe for the dam. —William J. Furlong has been confirmed as postmaster of Bochelle. We are glad of it; Furlong is a capital good fellow; as proof of it, he had nine pounds of charges preferred against him. and disproved all of them. We never understood What any one could find against him. He is competent, reliable, companionable and honest. -Rochelle is to be congratulated on the settlement of the fight and in having BO worthy an official as Mr. Furlong. —With a southerly wind, the morn- ng'B light revealed fog, and frost on iree and house and fence. Every wind- reath was laden with moisture which oming in contact with the objects named but Increased the tinjtcrystals. )uring the morning the sun made one or two abortive attempts to creep out rom the clouds. Yesterday there was mrceptible sogginess in the snow, and »here It was thin, It showed a tendency to melt. -—It IB rumored around town that Ralph Seely, aged 20, and Mrs. Clark 1 aged 45, were married at Chicago, on Christmas day. Ralph was clerk of the Revere house and Mrs. Clark was wife of the proprietor who died last fall. Her son died a short time ago The GAZETTE does not give this mar riage as by authority, but It Is so reported about town, and we obtained our Information from relatives of the young man. —The case of the people vs. Timothy Haley and John Egan came up before Justice Alexander this morning. The case was finally dismissed; Mr. Timothy Haley taking _the note. It will be remembered that Stitzell bought a horse from Haley giving bis note for the same; that .later Haley forcibly took the horse from Stitzell, being dissatisfied with the note. The note however, was good and Haley Un the dwellers in-a town of_promiseL realize by unmistakeable evidences that it is a town to which they can pin their faith. Look at these evidences. Here we find Sterling and Rock Falls, containing factories, stores, residences, —witnesses of prosperity are all around. And what is in sight was not brought here from a distance, but has been made by their respective owners within thirty years. The sources of wealth are not gone, but are here to- The books of Mrs. S. A. Harden have been left at the old business place. In charge of Miss'Mary Milnes. All per- sonp indebted will please call and settle immediately. Mrs. S. A. Hardsn dwtf A great company in a great drama, Old Pals or Lights of a Great City, Academy of Music tonight. 05 Pay Your Taxed. . Tax books Jor Sterling township are now open at Sterling National Bank. Parties are requested to pay their personal taxes on or before Feb. 20th. WM. A. CONNELLY, dwtf Collector. Mrs. Harden retained a large quantity of gloves, hosiery, corsets, cloaks and jerseys, when she sold her stock to Frye,& Davii. This goods must be s Id within 20 days and will be offered regardless'of cOflt. wrsnd-DO-daysgiven on these goods. dwtf H OUBB and five acres of land for sale,'or ex"--'—" •• change, on reasonable terms. Bush. W WILL sell atauctlbn on mv farm, Wednesday February 1; horses, cattle, hogs, farm •' • J ~ " (J. Keefer. machYneryTcorn' oats and liiy. G.' A. offeraoneorbotE'of'hiVbfuiard parlors for sole at a bargain. tf G~ P OOD light bob-sled *nd a democrat wagon. Enquire at this office tf A LE Brewcrv and fixtures for sale. George E. Bogem, Sterling, Ills. Address, tt •WASTED. PASTE: IT IN T O trade, a three year-old Oapoal gelding, sound, and a good driver, for a young u,are SO- In foal. W. M. liillon. 97 YOUR HAT, SISTER, X am Fw>p»ur«« t» Farms, City Property ,_, \ Personal Property an ••"• s\ StockBof'goods For •the? Property . W. BOOK 9, ACADEMY OF MUSIC, Pb **! Office open evenings. -, /Come Dow* After »i_, ««-« /per *»* sit bytfce f»p«i t-i / «r»t« and let n» TsUI B s B B B B A COMPETENT Kirl for general housework. Apply to Mrs. M. H. Krelder, 2d are ; ._ bet. ilyto sih nti 4th and 6tn ntreets, d07w5» A YOUNG Jersey bull. Address, Riving age and price, Joshua Anthony, Colela, Ills. Seats now on sale store for Old Pals, and DO cts. at Fuller's book Admission 25,35 05 What? . ; For the next thirty days I will sell Heating Stoves very cheap, for spot cash. <H. E. Reynolds. No. 87, 1st av •nue, Sterling, Ills. mwf-tf A COMPETENT girl for general housework. Apply at 10 East Third street. *f A COMPETENT girl. West Third street. Mrs.L-E. Brookfleld, < iv. from 8 to 12 years old to live with family In the country until he Is 21. A good home with school privileges. Apply at this omce. tl THAT FINANCIAL. SELLS THE BEST CIGARS —FOR THIS— LEAST MONEY r HAVE $2000 to loan on city or farm property. Edward 0. Underwood. " AXD SEE. ally became persuaded it was andao-' copied It, as stated. —Here is a letter which we publish verbatim, et literatim, et spellatim, et itwctuatlm, leaving out the name of ,he writer. It came by this morning's mall, "sterling the Jan. twenty 9. mr edytur Mebby you no moer nur 1 but 1 woald bee aahatm If i node no moer Lhen to say » president i» Not vo«ted tqr if Peepli doant voat fur president wy Dose they barter hav Lexions thata Wat* Tha mater. A edytur that Noes no moer nui that had beter Shet upp And go toe scfeole. i doant no met by you do*nt no howter voat youres .resp- •ekfal." [All of which i» «s edifying KB. day, stronger, even, lhan in the past. If our citizens coming here without any capital can .show such abundant, evidences of wealth, by how much more can this be added to now 'thiit they have wealth to add to wealth. Give one young man of 21 the sum of ten thousand dollars and another nothing and let them start out to make wealth; any one know that if both possess equal talents, that the one with the 810,000 would increase his by ten fold before the other could accumulate S50.000. Several men of means have assured ua that their hardest fight was for ten thousand dollars; after that, money came in easily and they were rich before they knew it. Now, we have numbers and numbers of men worth ten thousand and upwards; some worth twenty, some fifty, some an .hundred and some several hundred thousand dollars. The wealth of the community will add unto Itself faster than when the people were all poor. Besides what is made in business, there, is Interest that comes of outside investments. But, more, one of the most gratifying signs of the times is that fact that our business meu are uniting wealth to the. common good; thus not only purposing to make pro- It In business and profit upon invest-' ment, but also to contribute to the general good by attracting people from the outside and so adding to population and wealth. Anyone will admit that the larger the city, the larger one's fortune will grow, because one can make more in a large city than in a small one—can carry his business farther and find mare opportunities for investment and •r iquent turning over of money.' New York has hundreds offmHlionalres; a city of ten thousand scarcely contains one. As we have said, the agencies and potencies which gave our people the wealth they possess, are all'now here; but farm lands now increase in value because they Increase iu profits; it is proposed to more than double the capacity ot the dam by putting in another; growth in capacity of factories gives out more money In the community as well aa increases the population. Increase of population advances real estate values, by increasing demands for it One thing more: we don't get discouraged because the certain-to-be growth don't come all at once 1 Our people are conservative: ;hey made their money honestly and by hard work. They don't want to lose it, and so they carefully investi- Fair Warning. The new dam will be built and all property in this city will advance at least 20 per cent with the coming of Spring, therefore parties who have been thinking of investing at Summit Place on Second avenue, are hereby notified that after Saturday, February 4,1888, the price of lots will be advanced to 8125 and all lots already subscribed for must be secured by getting contracts and making first payments this week. 40 lots sold. . 100 GEO. W. CHAMBEKLIN, _,• - Agent. Broadway H. B. Church. Meetings are full .of interest. One grand feature, everybody is welcomed to come. Miss Moreland will conduct the services. Afternoon session at 2:30. Evening at 7. Come everybody. 95 THE PASTOR. A High Old time comedy conJpany in Light of a Great City to-night at the Academy of Music. CO Where, Did Yon H ay t At Reynolds hardware store; if you want to get steel traps,.87 First avenne, south of Davis & Webei's Sterling III. • mwf-tf High 05 All Grades of AT LOWEST RATES. POINTER FOR SKATES! SKATES! SKATES! CUTJL.EB-Y, CUTLERY, CUTL.EK-Y, HARDWARE & STOVES, Notwithstanding Their , » (Rousing Holiday Trade + Have Still A'Fair Assortment or CLOAKS & MUFFS {STAPLE | FANCY (DRY GOOD'S INDEPENDENT GROCER THE BEEJ|IVE GROCERY Is the most Independent Grocery House la Sterling. We make our prices and Mil GOODS 80 LOW That price* astonish every one. AllRoodi •old at the lowestUTiug price*; no orer-charglng. A child can <BUY GOODS At the BEE HIVE M low as a grown person. Tnel»rgf st and finest stock to select from; ererr thing fintrclasi. A large icook ot Vine Out, Fine and At my new store on Third street, opposite Ja-1 - cohKl^sMe^antTa.^^^*^ At their UsUal Academy of Music to night A Old Time comedy company. Lewis D. Wynn ;ate before taking hold of public enterprise; tut in good time the certain advantages <uad agencies will be utilized and all of us will awake some morning to the pleasurable realizing sense that "we're|a growing." The signs are upon us, the clear blue sky and rising aun of ft long day of unusual prosperity. If aome few will close their eyes and re- fuwtosee the signs, we cannot help that We tee them and read them, and we e*n but sjiapatfciis with tboce who look down ta»ta*d of np, boWud In ot The"C. H. S." is the finest 10 cent cigar on the market. The "Velvet" and 97 for a 8 cent smoke can't be beat. First class dealers, C. H. Seloff. manufacturer. ^ _ ' tf A large stock of watches, clocks and silverware at Clark Giddings & Go's. Also they do fine watoh repairing, tf A Bnceeis. The new windmill for rotary motion Is the and most practical for general use. Parties wishing to interest themselves In the manufacturing of a useful machine, can learn of Ita merits, by calling on, or addressing at Kock Falls, 111. JAMES J. ALLISON. 85* . _ _ / Artists, please look at those new studies of children's heads, at Fuller'* book store. _ _ 88 (Social. The Baptist Social and Literary 8oc ety will give a Hook and Eye socla n the Baptist church next Wednesday evening.. Special Invitation la given to all the young people of the churches Oar Stock U too jar*« reduced at once. Warranty with esek IiutrameBt. ever the city-. BY ORDEB COM. 00 ' Have used Dr. Biglow's Positive Cure in my family as a general cough mod iclne. One of my children was quick! relieved of a severe attack of croup b it I cheerfully recommend it H. L COVKLL. Grand Baplds, Mich. Fo gale by O. A. Oliver. Marti I*ta !• Vint Wftfftf. I now offer 8 more lou for sate at •00 *ach if Ukto tttii WM&. Cash.. W. €*ua»«*i.iH, Aft {Reasonable Prices. TOBACCO'S Bought before the recent adnnee*. The BBK raVK customers get the benefit of tbe low 1 prices before the advance. A large •toot otGUtKdg*. Come one, come all. This rock shall flea j5.oo to no.ooper Month. I From its firm base As soon as we. At 48 aa« M Cents per Gallon. Book Candy Drips, pore white, at »« C«»t» per Gallon, EOCENE OIL NOD explosive; the best oil sold la this market, at as low price as Inferior oils are sola elsewhere. Don't be deceiTed and buy low test oils and run 1 the risk ot being burned np.. Remember 70* ' - - bay the , CUT BATES COSTINUEJ*. CO., Gait House Bloek. WBIQHT & .WILLIAMS, PLUMBERS, GiS & SHIM FITTERS Jobbing and BepalriB* Attended to. iptly K^&^aTffi^^ Steam and Water Quages, Valrss, FtUlafi. ovc^u 8ewer ^ ^ I llmotes mads on numbing. Steam ft Qas Jobs. Mr. E. F, WILLIAMS rormsrlywt^Wm. MoCune * Co.. atteaiU to wood ana Iron pump setting ana repairing. Mr, E,M. WEIGHT, ^z^sffi&ssss&sri* gas oooBmcU. OCX LAMP PALACE Is eoinplate wUh th« latest designs hi (Hand and Bracket Lamps, Bonier*, < THE URLY BIRD HATCHES THE WBBM. At UK BEE HIVK. Snow Flake, Finnan, and Kansas Winter Wheat : all Hollar FfcUmts and all Winter wheat; makes better and whiter bread; keeps moist longer than Spring Wheat Flour. A genula* article In Pennsylvania [Buckwheat Hour 1. 1 Ten thousaad pounds sold last- season; Six thousand pound* sold so tar this season. This flour has no equal In this mar- k»t; Is made by the latest process; patent halted; DO Black specks. A fine stock cdt Oann-td and Qri&d i California Fruits of aU kiaai£ The O«nu!n« Down fcast i MAPLE SUGAR! • ¥oa«*Qi»»etea tontt« I btnwarUt it« bar at MM

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