Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 10, 1930 · Page 18
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 18

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 10, 1930
Page 18
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18 DECATUR HERALD FRIDAY EVENING, OCTObfcH 10, 1930. DECATUR HERALD ARCOLA FARMER IS PAINFULLY INJURED ARCOLA-- Ervln Layman who ha* bftn working on one of George Pf*tt«r'i farmi ·ulftred a vtry painful Moid«nt · Uw day* «go whll* Mint a tractor. AI b« wn« making a turn h» lo»t hi* bel*nc« and f«ll In front ot th» nharp plow, rec«lv- tn| a d«*p cut «n hla right arm. Ha wea taktn to a doctor and love ·Utohta W»M required to clot* th« ·wound. Th* m«mt«ri of th« Welt Bide drcl* of th* M»th«ll»t auxiliary held a mMtlnft at the home of Mr, And Mr*. William Seaman Tuwrtay ·VMilng. During this »»galon th« eloo. UOB of offlcwn won hold and Mrs 8«eman wa made provident and MM, Urn«*t Uradbury, seorotaiy tMMurer. On Saturday a chicken ity will b« aorvcd at the homo ol Mr. and Mr I, Dala Wntvon, threw mile* west of Accoln «nd Iho hu»- band* und children o( tho nmmtxirs will bo the « u cits. Frank F. Colltnn, editor oC tha Ar- eoltt RitOorJ-Haiuld la u jmllont In Union hoapltal. tarn Hnuto, whcro h« rocontly submitted to a *ur(t1ottl opo rntl on. Mr a. 0, W. Flwpalrlck who htis tmun In Chicago th« ln*t two weoku reuelvlnn inidlckl truntmuntit returned to her homo iHuturddy. Her condition IB slightly Irnpiovod LOV1NGTON GROCERY STORE CHANGES HANDS Vice President VV LOVINOTON -- Ttirmish ft nutdfl rot-tint!/, J K D«y itml Alvn, b*CRmc ownrB of tlio N TlflKga' ooi'tior itrorory They takon poaaotutlon of thti »toi«. Mr. |iiy will continue to resklu on hi*) fnrm, imct hM «on, Atvu. will he Iti thiirp! of 111 ti vtoru. Mr. HOKI;U took l-i It |ait riniHll»uU1ntV a II- »cr« trftct (if (unil north of Atnold hi Idk'c, tin i o [a 11 on (njiithwf-al of Mr. itottpi l'i itiildntr from tho grocery bii'ilnci* nod tin not un* Ho u ncti (I hi* gilnni. (le In otiu of the il(1cnt firocfin In the tountiy, und him boon mf;nf{i'd In thlii bualncsa In I, nving i on ut Intervals (ttt tlio lual 30 'I' til a IK Mr Ouy's thm vtinltin In btmlnoHS In liuv Install. FORMER ARCOLA * RESIDENTS RETURNS AKCOl.A" ChnHw I, Kagoy, whoi ha* boon living In C'hliiwo for ili« Itvit 'JS f i t i K ii morn, linn on HID buck to Am'l.i tuid will fnaku his homo In till)" elty foi ti Unit). He IN now fllnyitiK at ttu* .Iitrk Juncii lesldeni'* on Notth T/KUHt Mlnmt Mr, Kii£y bioltc lilH h i p In a full no me llmo iijto noil will tukn Ik ^ntU'i of trtut- nt»nt« wlill'' in th» city Mi'i. MUs HeUn Prut or Midi) Helen F wiser of England Is vice president of the newly formed International Fgkridion of Business and Profeseional Women, of which Miis Lena Mntteain rhilhps ot New York is president. The organization plant) to be an aid to business and pro- frtislonal w»m«n all over the world. Vienna Merchant Owner Of 400,000th Radio Set (Hv { nltiit 'rtt i VtK.MNA -in Auattla tltu numlici ol r(ftl»tejed ladlo rectlvlnK-sot own era hit 1 ) tui'jiid tho 400.000-imnit, Thi owner of tlio 400,000th set, I nitre hunt, EmU Vol Inner, will re cclve ftoiu thu N'ttlotKtl \rj; conipn.n.y of Austria ( t h o It, 1C Mr. uncl Mi'i. WllllPini P. Trullt of F.iint K n U ' t i i t l M i * , Intl. ;in M tho homo of Mi n ml Mi (Jl I U, Snott AIurd«( k, n fnwf n( Arcolu, but who for tU; punt tiov- ornl yrti-t 1m 1 " liei-n lli-lnj: lit Cltvo- 1«ni1, O, whc^i (i hu WUH onipluviMl In n nitilii'f fnctuiv, was ti visitor )n Ar- eolft » ftw liiyn tho (nut week ll» , i uiiiii- in TVxim whrio he t'K- jfCUi to K" on t* tnrm. ] ~ MM. I'ni'UI flhoru (intcrod the Uti-,0! Ion liotmllnl «t Tevro Ifimlr, 1ml Mnndny nmt on Tmwddj mofnlni to U, «Uf)(l(!Al n j;gld wtitoh tind chi»ln m R iouv« nlf WINS UIVORCK UUN'I'ON - Ada J fiien-er hu bTMn awftrdf'J u (liciii o( tllvorc from Wilbur Htcwor by Judg WmiiBley In circuit uouit huie. Sttil utury ti'rviinil'i wcio H'talfrmcl aa th ri'tiHon for divorce Injured Nokomis Miner Taken (o Pana Hospital PAWA -- Pi tid tli'il nwflil ubnut 38, miner, wit' 1 xnlouiitv Itijurcil In Pfrtboily cnul «nnip(iflv'» Nokonilt* mine lilxutt ntion Wwlnnwltiy ttntt wn» brotifcht to the llutirr Memorial tionpltftl by Di. VnURhn (if Nolwmli, who ntrilHiml bv Hr, HiiltlnKton, ilorweni n inrKlcul oiwi'itUon for Ihn removnl iif lil'i rlRht IBK HH n rfmtt «f the ncoUUml : 1h«l WIIH rniiKlit unili-c a heavy fall ot ma) 'mil MM Hcitii ftom Irintunt (Iniitn win mlim'iilouH Hlti condition WIIM rrporlud to Hutlsfnrtory Thumlny uflernwon. The TiBVflrit Pruurtivt niotoclu- tlon "Will miiut In M'nnlur munthly HoKDlon In tho I'HrtoiK t( the Franeui hotel Until I'd ny fivvnlntc nt 7;30 o'clock. lnna ttxlire ot Klkn hvlil nn Intor- «»tlnK thotiKh brlvf Hctnl(n In tholr hnin* On KuKt Hm'omt utrnct VVtd nvitdtty nvanlni**, Murvln Ponton, the fiMttfemed leading kul«tit ir«nlded In Ititi ftb»rnr«i o! KxiilUul Hoy A. Me- Xe*. The uuUttl tontine hutdncsd was tnkon up ftiuT (Itaptnm'd with, atter which «ommltt(i«(i wri'i: u||"lntol to for olmcf_vjii); the blrttnlnf tli« loilyu willed oixurjt on Nov A couirnltteo ivua also nutnod t in rungimirntii fur the charity ball to be iflvcn Thanksuflvlti); JVB ARCOLA MAN MARKS HIS 81ST BIRTHDAY ARCOLA--George M. Pfelfer was 1 years old Tuesday, and th* event celebrated with a family dinner, following child run being present: Irs, Emma Bob' -taon, Mr. and Mm. Jan P. Wescli * 1 son Harry, Mr, nd Mra, ChaiuJ Ffelftr and »on :harlea and Mr, and Mi*. George I* Pfelfer and son Bobby. Mr. Pfelfer has been a resident of Arcola for the last U yeari, having otne to this country from Germany t the ftfto of IT .landing In New fork with but 25 cents. He secured mploymont In that city und after a ow months came on to Arcola to aeo brother Louis, who had come ver to thla country a faw years ear- or. Ho worked on a farm and a umber of years later bought some and which he still owns. Moat of lie country here on hla arrival woa i art) by and cove rod with resin roods find no buildings were eaitt of lio Illinois Central railroad. Mt. Pfelfer was married to Mlse 'uu 11 no Raser soon after coming to ircota. Mm, Pfelfer died a few vcoktt tign aftei a week's Illness. Mr, Ptelfer husi five children, all of whom aiu living and nil were at hla ome on his blrthdny except the son Edward of Kansas City, Mo Altamont Church Club Will Conduct Bazaar ALTAMONT7-^l'h~ St, Paul Lu- Lhemn lartlcs' aid society will hold a Mimi and uuivc Hupper In tho basement ot the church next Wednesday evening licglniilnR nt R'30 o'clock A dltil Invitation la extended to *t*ei yboily. Ml und Mis K A Young passed Sundny in Sprln^rieUl with Miss Ida ulltu'i* V H Eppaid titul funilty arilved on Frltluy of Itist week from Ilouhes- cr, Minn, for a vlalt with Edwin Shi oder and family Mr. and Mis Albert Zacha are on visit to DalluB. TPX,, with Martin nt,htt and Inmlly anl John Herbert and family, William KOSB und family have re- urn ed to tlielr homo at Wood Blver aftur having passed hla two weoka vncation with theli teladves. the Hunry Elhuns and Albert Ktus'. Mrs Walter C. KUUlng, worthy matrun of the Eastern Star went to Chicago on Monday to attend the ticl chapter of this organliatlon. OILCLOTH"HAS" ~~ VARIOUS USES Movie Fa*hion» Oilcloth conllnueH to dellslit ue with tho new and InKenioun ways In which It 19 being usfit, Bccuuae It In o good loohing and an cany to cloan It h.iH long since won an us tub- llshcd ])1«R« In hoth the kitchen and bathroom, Now ita popularity has extended Into the Intel lor of ttie wardrobe Oilcloth In solid colors and striking now prlnta, In both dull and glossy If you nre Hie cld-fnaWonud type of girl, capitalize your charm and wear ft quaint frock Mo the one pictured made of embroidered organdie and black velvet and worn by Frances Dee, one of screen- land'a playera finish, In used to line closets ami to cover closet accessories such a hat boxes, hut stands, dress boxus and ahoe cablneta. It also niaites at- tracttva coverings for shelves and ruffles to decorate the edges of the ahelvea. Recently this versatile fabric has begun to appear on floor pillows In playrooms and men's studies When muddy boots and sticky finders leave unwelcome lmpiinti on llwlr surface, Ihe soil can easily he re moved with a damp soapy cloth A baptismal certificate la glvun b] the church In which tho Infant Is baptized, a mllgiout rttc, whllo birth ee111(1 elite Is a public rccoi J re qulted by local governments in the keeping of vital statistics A birth certificate can be obtained by muk Ing application to the city clfrlf o the ilty In which the Infant was born. Sequent Shampoos Keep Hair Healthy Once upon a time balr was Judged in terms of quantity. Today quality, rather than tbtokneai or length, 1« standard by which w# determine whether or not » woman'a hair la ter crowning glory, A close clipped bob eon be juat as ovely as heavy mawea of hair--It oean't matter whether It !· curly ot tralght or whether the color Is ilonde, black, auburn or brown, Jreylng or white hair can'be beau- Jful, too, If It Is well cared for and ocomlngly arranged. General H«ulth As a general rule the condition of the hulr Is largely dependent upon lie health of the body, but there are icrtaln local measure! which hair .poelallsts agree are essential to keep nalr full of life and shining vitality rrequo'nt motwwge with the finger Ipa Is advocated as well aa oceoston- nl applications of heated oil, especial y before washing, Brushing 1s con ildried bnneflclal as a stimulant to he half and as u meant) of removing he surface dirt, although ttpeclall in not recommend It for peimanent waves. W»*h It Uft«n Them Is no better means of ke ng the hair healthy and beautiful han frequent shampoos, For »ome women, once in three or four weeka s enough, but tho average woman the avetage head of hair finds t noccssury to wash her hair every ,en days or two weeks, unless, of conrHO, she lives In an extremely dtr- y or dusty environment. In that cauo more frequent shampoos are advisable, All You Nued All that is needed for a- good shampoo IB a mild soap and plenty of ukowium wator Specialists tell ua to start by weltfcifr the hair thoroughly with Juke-warm water, If the soap to be u»ott Is In cake form It should be shaved or cut Into small pieces and mixed w|th h«t wator un .1] It becomes jelly-like In aub- atance. vyhcni cool, this mixture should be worked Into tho hair and scalp until a generous lather Is · ·'·'· · ·'· I? .Decatur Fruit Produce Co. I 111 l^utl Mttlu Street Open All Day Suitdfty I'liimtti: Wo DHIvor tl Ordera or More CRAB"APPLES ITALIAN PRUNE PLUMS--Box $1 .OO COTTON DRESSES ARE PRACTICAL FOR SCHOOL WEAR The blue wrga middy »ult that inrved th« Mhool girl ot formtr yeari for practically «very day-tlmt oecailon ha* given wtty to · waM- rob« M v«i«d uid «mart a that of h«r debutante *l»t«r. PltaU and flare*, oapelel*, belted wolatllntH, and llngari* louche* reflect the ityl« worn by grown-up tncrnbera of th* fsmlly. Cotton again Uk«i the lead u the most favored material for the ichool glrl'j wardrobe. Many of tbe movt charming frocks are mad* ot checked gtnghomi, candy atrlp«d broad- ctotha and cheerfully pHntcd novelty weaveo. Among the newer fabrlci appropriate for school wear are cotton tweed and a uheer cotton epong' printed'to look like tweed. Hoalth authorltlM, moth or* and tcuchcre advocate the uan of cotton fabrke for the school girl's wardrobe. As moHt schooln an we!) an homeu lire kept warm nowadays, heavier fab- rfesuce auperftuous for Indoor* while a warm wool cont and an extra awealor for frigid days ar« Huffklent protection agalntft winter's chill winds. Then too, cottons are tuak-r to launder than heavier fabrics. Although soup and water remove the KOll from wool quite ae readily ** from cotlona, tn cold weather 11 In often more difficult to dry the heavier fiibtles. Ironing the bulky garments Sa also likely to be a real teak. (ormud, then rinsed away with clear warm water. Two or thice lather* und ucvernl rinsings may be neces- aary to loosen all the dirt and wftnte mutter antt curry It away. Potatoes Red Onions Cabbage A Flour Eggs Vroh DOMO 260 I |. Cnn Salmon, * if. C«n» Milk, a I* CWw Twk * B*an«, 8 Onuken, » Lb. Box ........ffa Wonder Grocery I. MiiUK'L, rrii)). 815 H. Van Dyke 1'on ml , Little Yellow Tuinutuva Pre»erv«»; 3 Ibtt. ,, QV1NCBS. Fur Dozen - und Fi'euli, Fotmcl ,,. CELIQUV^CAUBAGE, round' BBOtXJOLL Pound Saturday Specials SUliAlt, CA* ID it.» buc Potatoes OUR AIM B TO PLEASE AND SAVE YOU MONEY BUTTER BEEF ROAST BOILING BEEF PORK ROAST BEEF STEAK HAMBURGER SMOKED PICNICS Royal Palm 2 lbs.266 Junedale, 2 Ibs, 29c MARGARINE On Lincoln Squtr* G R E E N L A N T E R N Spring Chickens Full Country DreM«d Pound Alive, Young, Pot. Pound · 40e 26c Sweet Cider TtyF f(x( · * * ^ * ,..*. 6Sc Vinegar JUK 3Qc Marhma11ow» I Pium1 llux . t . . . . 1 IJftkil Tnnlar VHHK 20c Honey Now llralnurl Jnr. Hit null MrlHOli Sugar Apple Butter PU» 5 Pounds Cane With Mo Order Of MOW p«und» Uoralno, SMS Butter Apples Cabbage 40c Dog Food 2»n ctin, Unt in Macaroni lie Or N it Grape Fruit 10? lOc mil} n.t J'fc«. . Med, Size--2 for Large Size--2 for is* Green Bean* ling 19 t u n - fit) nlOfl Sul. . , ,,..,,, Pineapple IGd 4.0,11-- KM ui Candy lie C A R L H U G H E S ST. LOUIS MARKET 019 K. WOOD--im N. JASVBK Gold Medal, 24 Lb,, Hard Wheat, 24 Lbi. Oleo | Chickens t.b. 23e Lb Itcmtit, Lb. Bncon, Lb 12 to Hiuitii, Lb, .,,,,,,,,,, 100 IM. natD-SBN SCRATCH. |1,H; SALT, BLOCK We, BAG We; E04 HASH, tLMt BIIAN AND SHORTS. Gold Medal F L O U R 246 N. Main 2006 N, Union 1538 N. Jaiper Fro« Detlvery on M4» OrderK--phono J-IMS Bay Your Groceries Here and Bank the Difference Peaches T^r^nr Bel Mont* suced Til* Harm- P"» Free Camay Soap 19c 3 Bar. 25c 1 Bar Free Potatoes U. S, No. 1 Chios and Carry M l / 2 V Ifeml Luttnvo, fancy wild hendn, end). Buvinas, larfe fancy fruit, 4 poundH Apjio», No. 1 ItliUiD Jonftthant. 4 pounds Me-Lemons, "Sunkbt," down ____ ...- --------Navy Boituii, new vruj), S piHuulH ---,-7-. -------Bulk DuitoH, new crop just arrived, I llm.- ____ « g I O C MW crop, juirt iwunil Wl»h Ilnm roMUum ciui, lOc lOc efk'h Susar, pure cane. HMI bar tn u cuntoincr. (t jiimnd ' ~ Olnicnr Snap*, pnuni) lOc pound BACON, In Our Heal Departments At 2006 N. Union -- 1S38 N. JHper au m . . . . . . BAOON SQUARES ______________ . ____ ,,,,__» POUNn !·« B??? sSffi ---------- :.:"":"/;"".7~TM.voB JK BEEF STEAK _____ ,, ----- ,.,..., ___ .. _______ _,, FOUND Mr BOILING BEEF _________________________ I I p O O N D Ul* POBH CHOPS ___________ I!I~.TM"":~TM~ ---- pomm iv POIWt STEAK ............. S. ----------- ~TM.TMTM5o%H0 (K Wn Have « Full Line of Lunch Mnitn and Chenw HANDY DANDY CAFE 242 N. Main jNrt»rda--rrled Utleken, Cram Gravy, Dinner -SO* .NFWSPAPF.RI for dw kMdlet* conMn't tern a belter dlih than Kellogg** Cora flak** with milk or emu. S« owj todlgcit. ExtmfMdfor children CORN FLAKES MAIN CASH MARKET 233 North Main St, ROY SMITH, Mgr. FIrt* Door South of HtraU Tcltphottt 3.10B1 MEATS OF QUALITY BEEF BOIL 9' 17' BEEF POT 4 3d MEAT ROAST LB. LOAF BEEF STEAK IT BACON SQUARES 16c| PORK ROAST LB. 18 BACON 25* PORK CHOPS 25* Thit Start, on« W many ttom in catur, hag inttatbJ S*nt*l Commercial Rttrigcration btcant* In* VIEWS ELECTRIC REFRIGERATION FROM THE BUSINESS SIDE OF THE COUNTER Evwry tinw K cuitomcr come* in your front «Jo«, one of three thing* w goinit to happen: ( I ) «ht will f» out without buying my thing; (2) th« will buy **KUjr what the came in to g*t; or ( 3 ) »h« will be ittracted ! by the arrangement of your merchandise to buy more thin ·he expected. Happeninit* in tK« ln»t-n»med elaw are Ktponuble for th« growth of good ftoire*, for i screwing profit* ·»« for ipreadtng the kind of reputation which bringt in new cu»tomert. By imtinct and by training women lend lo conceit' trate their trade with ttor** where the mo*t Mnlwry !»"»· odi are in evidence. Nothing contribute* mor* to th* appetizing qualitie* of fine foodi than Servtl eltetne re* frigeration. Day after day Serve! commercial eqmipmmt i* pWj chased, after oil available type* hav* fawn comU«*l unit* give extremely high refrigeration capacity ptr dollar. and compered. One outitanding reuon I* tMt Sitw unit* give extremely high refrigeration capacity per awlw. Call 4 1 2 1 , and we will give you ar quotation. a»d explain our payment plan. Illinoifi i Powerv Cofporattoii 124 Smith Water Strwt 4121 SFWSPAPFR!

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