The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 25, 1971 · Page 11
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 11

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 25, 1971
Page 11
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Tl!» BltAZOCT'onT PACTS, Pre*port,Tm*,Thutt<U)', November 25, »9f 1,1 TEXANS IN POLITICS '' ^ Whaf happened to thai 'open door policy? FARMER BROWN SLICED BACON OR LUCY LINDA ROYAL BANQUET PORK CHOPS SLICED QUARTERLOIN U.S. CHOICE TENDER AGED Biff 4HF 9 Hm fl^B W wk My AfWOCIATKIl PlttUg There'* no blackout on official news in Austin but it gets dim now and then. The "open door" policies promUcd by high stale officials generally begin (o weaken the longer they arc in office—particularly if they do not plan lo seek reelection. It was a bright day for Capitol news reporter* back on Jan. 24, 1969, when newly- elected Gov. Preaton Smith told his first news conference that, "We are going to be available to you whenever we are In this office. I know your responsibility is to kwp the people informed, and f know you cannot do thi* unless you have acce&t to (he governor and On- people ott hi* staff who have the information you need." There were a large number of scheduled press conferences during .Smith's first term. In addition there were several semi-social gatherings at the mansion of Texas businessmen, including newspaper publishers and editors, at which Smith's program was explained in detail and the visitors were a&fced for their comments. Smith said he wanted businessmen and the press lo share with his problems of financing slate projects. Back in van. and maybe into 1970. a telephone call lu the governor's office rnighl lxanswered: "I'reston Smith tatting " However, only three or four scheduled press conferences Here called by the governor this year, Aug. V) Smith spent about 20 mmulcn talking about his fuvs uith President Nixon over the wage price Irwze No other questions were answered And a Ictepbunc call no-* to Smith usually is answered b> his press aide, Jerry Ha!! who jus* resigned to join the Ben Barnes-lor-governor campaign Smith did call a strictly- potiltcat news conference Nov. 19 to announce he will seek a third term No other questions weft; answered However, it must be &aid in defense of Smith's "open door" policy that reporters who are fast on their feet can as.k him a question or two when he appears once or (w ice weekly in his reception room to sign proclamations. The usual procedures is for reporters to line up against the east door of the reception room, blocking the governor's path back lo his private office. Then white Smith threads his way through the roadblock he in bombarcd with questions. The so-called "impromptu" conferences generally are jovial with considerable good- natured banter both by the governor and the reporters. Sometime* the exchange produces a story, other limes just conversation. At times on out of lown trips Smith has news conferences for the local newspapers and radio-TV' reporters, but not always. On a June visit to Dallas, a crowd of reporters tried to corner Smith after a downtown speech and ask questions, particularly about the stock fraud scandal. Smith ignored all questions ami ran down a stairway lo get away. The governor's companion, Larry Teavcr, who recently was named State Insurance Board member, grabbed a pursuing television reporter's microphone ami broke the cord. But Smith's record on press conferences is no belter or worse than other top officials In the Capitol, U, Gov, Ben Barnes has adopted a "low profile campaign" since announcing for governor In the midst of the stock scandal in* vestigalion. He conducts Interviews and makes frequent public appearances almost daily throughout the state, bill only for local ncwspapermep and radio-TV, His office docs not even distribute for statewide use a (ravel itinerary, which is usually furnished by politicians. And there is nothing but silence at the House end of the Capitol Occasionally Speaker Gus Mutscher's office distributes a short press handout, usually the appointment of a study committee. There was a lime, during the \Vfi legislature, when Mutscher held news conferences weekly, Now the main way to determine if Ihc speaker is in lown is to sec if a car with the "So 3" license plate is parked at the back of the house. Tionksgivng Values CITRUS TREES REG. 8.95 NOW POT MUMS t."££T I WAX LEAF .^ EVERGREEN ARBORVITAES lircm AZALEAS UKG. I1JO JJ $389 HKC,. JI.W 25%DISCOUNT ON ALL OTHER PLANTS... FRI-SAT&SUN ANGLETON DISCOUNT GARDEN CENTER S. 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