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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 29, 1859
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IpllfiSiKS^^ fjllllliii^ MAY 29, 1859. • : 'iiDigtBodi *> :iI cn | «n': from «p extra|ofi the '"' : " '"'' " : ''' 1 7 "' ;: '''^' iJ /Present—Aid. IfonBrhRu, tbe conclusion Js arrival at that the work rmore Wrly rpsarded »3 a vehiole for ur one year, do. "8da">» r.I,W». do. 5 davi .C.I 8,00 do. do. . i,00 Swlu.... 6,00 1 «qnai«, lmooU)...-t«,Oe * ' do. do. Smooths.. !*,«> ^ 1 do. 4nontti«,^ *h«*ki»r^*rth*« ,the rladmff or ; tl^ ; mi n ut« of ;tbe hu &f*M.s^^*^ 1$^**:**?^*^. ^^^•Mi^^^-.^^mMiu^ and- '•• W' P ^ p ? pivsenteda memorial from ' which thUB far he leaves much .in the same condiUbn'as he' Jbunrl H." f he most important ind best worked out pspar is that on Bun- 1 do. StDODthl... tOflO 1- do. 1 jrear..... 80,00 Rounrtx t fiS MtutdoIpU Klrecl, ore mtOUMftftd to re- cetce A4vt*#ttmmt* /of iUtamd aM titt liadtng raptrs fifth* XoiVhvieit, and art tfajnca and xx- irfiori^fd Jigente in <*« KorQmutfor a ' majorify o/ttem. mart IN TOWN AND OUT OP IT. M. V, POVEBOT, EDITOR. ttccord, for May, il,'» keplhyC. n. GARDINER * CO., Dragglits, W Spring itreet. 70 = TBEXIIOIIKTEB. f'r.-U. 75° a 5>. *. 74<> a • CITT AND CODKTT OKDEBS WABTXD — Messrs. Wells & Brigham want a lot of City and County Orders, at their office on Wisconsin street, -for which they will pay the highest market price. d2l BAB ASSOCIATION —The meeting of tbe Association advertised fur Saturday, ia adjourned until to-morrow (Monday)'at 1:30 ». M., at the Court Room, By order, , JOHN B. D. COGSWELL, Secretary — -——"• -•+*-, , RAILBOAD BOARD —We intend to run for President or D ; rector of • railroad soon, as that appears to be all the go, now. ACCIDENT.—A man named Becker has his finger taken off tbe other day in the ahingle machine at M&nitowoc, at the steam mill of Adam* & Co. KSWHALL Houss.—Str»wberrle&, cocnm- bers, &c., are on tbe dining bill of fare at tbe Newhall House to-day The dinner hour bj , 1.30. Reserved seats can be bad upon application at the office. We adrise all to go. UKJVB«SALIST STATI CosrBBTioB.—The Wisconsin State Convention of Unirerulists u Announced to hold its annual session for 1859, at Stoughton, In Dane County, on Saturday and Sunday, the 4th and 6th of June jyA movement U on foot to. locate tbe ne» U. 8. Pair at Chicago. The necessary guarantees hare been made, and $10,000 subscribed for fitting up the grounds, &o> An agent Las «one to Washington to meet the Board. aen'gEirypt and the Cbropology of the Bible 1n which tbecooolnsionsflf that eminent wrl- ti* are submitted to the ordeal of the strictest canons of Listorieal -orit-uism, and -he ia con- olutlvely shown to hare admitted in many instances as historical fact's statements resting solely on traditionary sources. We are not; however, prepared to affirm that the general accuracy of *o:»oct»mpl abed a scholar as Ban. Sen issncoeMfolly- impeached; and it is uo dispi agemeat to hia critical acumen to be found occasionally a»tray in paths where h'gUte are so uncertain and dim. The remaining articles, the Minstrelsy «f Scotland, National Gallery, George HI, and Charles James Po«, and. STIAMBB LAUHOH -The new steamer Milwaukee, now building at Bnffiilo for the Detroit and Milwaukee Railway, will be launched on Thursday next. Harry Bingham, with his "Young America" and Capt. W. 8. Cross,who is to bare the command of her, will be present on the occasion. Brougham and Law Reform, though not marked by any peculiar wOoome Variety ,to.,.the nnmher. The pap* r on Devorahirrvln particular, add* a valuable chapter to those local histories which bare formed so pleasing a feature in some of the recent quarterly publications Be-published by Leonard- Sootl & Co., 54 Gold street, Ne» York, who also reprint the North British, Westminster, and Edinburgh Reviews, and Blackwood's Magazine; at $8 a year single, or $10 a year for the whole five Periodicals. - - « .-•-. V HEPLT TO No. 6—CHABLEKOE ACCSPTKB.— To the challenge of Fillmotg Engine Co. No. 6, published in the city papers on the 25th and 38th inst., Engine Co No.2 submit the following proposition!!, to wit : we will take up the challenge, and play against No. 6 for $200 a <Hde, as follows : to play streams borrizontal, three several trials; pUy a single stream twice, and double streams onre 'The single streams from the end of 260 or "300 teet of hose, aach trial, and the doable streams from 100 to 150 feet of hose. Tbe company throwing water to the greatest distance at least twite out of three times to be the winner In case o f bursting hose, such company to have another trial. Each company to furnish its own hose.elc., and no alterations or additions to tie. made in either machine from what they were originally. Each company to choose its own sires of streams—no company to admit more than sixty men in all. Each company to choose two judges, and the four so chosen to choose a fifth. Tbe money to be deposited within one week from date of this, io the State Bank of Wisconsin ; and also each company to deposit fifty dollars with the city treasurer, to keep the city harmless in case of breaking hose or engines j each company to breaking to pay its own repairs. The trial to come off within 2 weeks Irom date. J. H. BUEBIKQ, Foreman No 2 Milwaukee, May 28, 1859. helm Bernhsrdt and otliets residents Of >lb north part of the,- Ninth Ward, suggesting thai the said Ward be divided into a north ruu south district, that a lot be purchased in eacl district and a public school boose f recta therein. Referred io the committee on'schools y;, ; -A,ld. Phelps called from the =table a recom inendation of the street commissioners of the &1 • Ward tor the construction of .a lewe Ifcrpujjli Tamarack itreet between (jth and 6th Btreets, atiii a resolution adopted by the Board <if Councilors approving of the same. "I Whu'U':wai concurred in. i Aid Dousman, from the harbor committee presented the following : . : The harbor committee from the Board o ,^W<?Vineij, to ttbou. w . • i. 1*1rvd the leport o the iiBrb»r committee from the board of conn' CiloiH, on allowing the claim of Messrs. Has- >toio«tand. Conro, wonld feport ihat they TO-SIOHT.—Mr. Richmond will give "American shams " particular fit", at St Panl's, or we are mistaken. As his sermon will be rather long, and somewhat personal, persons with weak nerves had better not attend. The eminent divine has a way of handling '' codfish " without gloves, particularly amusing to outsiders. GBKAT Success.—Tbe prise concert given Friday evening by the Cadets, was a splendid success, and one of the best attended parties of tbe season. Albany Hall waa crowded, the Band" played excellently, and the drawing passed" off to tbe satisfaction of every one— especially tne lucljj one*. V««T "CAUTIOUS.—The Chicago Presi it 1rHnmtl\&a ceased publishing reports of the Milwaukee market. Contrasted wilh oars, the Chicago wheat market don't amount to much, especially ibe more eo, when Illinois men send their wheat here to hare it go east as-Milwaukee. Very cautious are some people. The New York Tribune is very anxious that the democratic party shall be defeated in 1860, but adds:> We must admit that to assume and proclaim that only an original republican, identified with onr party from the wry start, could by any possibility be enp- ported as a candidate,' has not seemed to us likely to conduce lo fust end. Oca MABKCT REPORTS.—We call tbe attention of those wishing the fullest and most reliable reports of market, shipping and commercial matters generally, to our daily report. Having an expvriunivd ami well posted commercial editor in the person of Mr. Godfrey,: the Fact will be hereafter, as it has ibeen of late, the .most reliable paper for country deal- em to depend on for prices current NOTE.—Now, Calkins, just step one side here, till we pat a flea into your ear.— Maditon Patriot. Excuse our meddling with yon Madison chape, but we protest, most solemnly, against -this last proposed plan to get a "lively idea" ia the head of Ellas. A flea in one's earl— Pump, don't you do it, or if yon do, oil the nea well, and introduce him into Calking' auricular orifice backward, that he' may hastily escape I It would he inconvenient to Calking and death to the flea, unless the little Joker could hasten out of "durance yila," audsUp home to his quiet retreat in Pump's drawer 1 If it's a 'pet flea, Pump had better not try it, for fcar ft would kill him, ao matter -what car* was exercised- r, and fiiia the BccWafit correct, and would report in favor of concurring with the board of councilors in adopting the r«-port Sign«i, ij B D008MAN. S. C. WE8T, ' Harbor Com Board of Aldermen. Tb« Chair said that be had called tbe present meeting at the requeM of six aldermen, who were desirous that the report of the Harbor OoromiUee sbonld be received »nd considered The Chair read the lesoltition, which was before Hi- Board at Uielr last meeting, autbori- •ing lue issue of warrants on tue city treasury to Messrs Ha.'bronvk & Ccniro lor 820264,08 in payment of their claim for dredging the Mil- wank** Rlver.and the 4th .-er-uon of the straight out harbor Alderman Premiss said that if Hasb ouck & Conro were paid in the way proposed,it would take one-tbird of the amount assessed for oily purposes, for the present year (which was $00,000,} the consequence wonld be that there would not lie a sufficient amount left in the oily treasury to meet tbe payments of salaries, printing accounts, and other matters which ought to be paid. Alderman Prentiss made some observations on the contracts of Messrs. Hasbrouok & Co and expressed himself not satisfied that the full amount claimed by them was due, or that the matter had been thoroughly investigated. Aid. West said he had taken pains lo arrive at a just conclusion in the matter, he found that these claims had been examined by com mlttes of both Board? of the Common Council last year; aud by committee* of the Board of Councilors this y,-:,r, all of whlrh reported in favor of paying tli* amount ot tbe -atimates in question l«,d he Mi satisfied tb^v ought tu IM> piid in some war After some olnervalions from Aid. Itous man and Pr«miss, aa i* whether a more elisi- ble mode of payment could be adopted, ligi4UK:EE NEWS. M'MP.KK 207 NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. CITY ADVERTISEMENTS. qji pjTHmJJoRTHiowA Twt^, t iy 2.6, 1856. J . ., ^ .,,•-- . . —.—-/Ding,adrehiroke In tliefin jcllng lha EvanalBloek «H;Maln;8tr£&,and before <mr forces of men and wooden ails (alt onr defence!) coilld i* organised, :|tUe block, together wilh (J. II FUndwV liitii store room and the hdnseifonn wljr known ak th«»8haw storj, were burned to the ground;. Tne loas to oWnera and Ucn Ssi'Shl* m dlD8? and goods Is not far! from $12.000 Tto flre is thought! by some tij have originated inofendiarily, but lt[ Is more fik'ely that some liutfket of ashes had be*u •' J or Blore pi^e . apeotive losses onolpaned, and that the 'biaine! able person; slirinks from owning whatfrjow would be ofj do benefit more than to satisfy pnblio carosi y. ; • have jnfit bren aide to ascertain the r of parties with accuracy] but it is probable khat H B. Haz«lton and Flitter merchants, Jogs $5,000 in goods and borise- bold furnltttn). Mr. Hawkins 1 goods Swere ,« . ogs g^ prank HiB . Mhg •nosn j BI*-.» M.— tvoa yww. f i ULJK iiHUH was moving his slock Into the buildiut that day, but fortunately had got so litt£in, that it was ,ta;ken out without much damage! Lntber Packard's loss in goods, household furniture, aut tog to two or in yesterday. and Flandfra wearing apparl, is 8l r OOO?-Au a/V, the mercies element barely allowing himself, wife, otic ohlld, to make their escapejwith life. He had ntcnded to open his eatiot sa- loou to-day, ahd goods and fixtures ampnnt- hre* hundred dollars, were! put C. For owned one room, R. Thompson two, wo — they were worth 660., to $8,pOj). Fiteders was Insured for ~ ' ~ Crr« COMPISOU XB'H Oiriaf, i Co*TBAOr B«Piam»lT, May 19, '39. [ . ruposnls «lll be recelrml at this ulllce, un- I U til Mo Jay, May 30th, ln»l , »1 a o'clock r. «., i for ranking 5Di*h Alteration* nml repairs In th^ rnti^J Station anil Ui.nic pal Cou.t liu mn as r^qolrt; ' in ir )f! plans sn«l ftpt>i:lflctt!ons, which may be seen and Ined at the office uf Uijr^tt A ehtrt-ltnpr, trher*- iu.-h , Franklin Bul'dina, AV 4"8 Wulnvl street i Information a, ,;,• Irt-d may he obtained n... ..... maj2D-Jint K. L'B. GABDIN'It, Coinpcr.,ll. r. Quaker City Insurance- <to. «§• I'lIH.AIlKt PJ1IA. iCT-OHIZED CAlMTAL ............. |500,iOO.- PXID DP CAPITAL AS D ASSET TS, CITY ADVERTISEMENTS CITT C'lWPT.m.i l.rf«'- tJvrr. ^ C-tntr t.-t UciiitrtinctiL, H:| M . f 1\. I <,•> T HE full.HClntf «lrri«Tthi.,( ..t, „ -1,^ r-'iftf, W . r I of Utf ,:ity »f MUw.,,,.,. ^ ,, v ,...,,|,, llljn l{ u,..,-, ,,, ( June'!, ii.loj.t^l M ; , V ;,Jl, !^,V.» vr- l-r' ir-l . public nuittnnu** »>y ri»t*,in .1: U-K ,.n( W ;.t.-r in-l -1. n in within I'l Inj* rr>»m r»i.. ,hhi- fi.'.'i T HB anbjcrlber hn been apiolt,te<> »?ent for thla rompany for MMwauk^ and vicinity Bisk tak-n CITT CosiPTB(ii.i.*a'-t OF^MJIB, i Coatra« e Dppartmt-Dt, May -4, 18A1> ( f«»liowic»{ dwcrlbed lota In the 5fh W»r«l .,; iht- >' of Milwanhpr>, t>y rtftnluiinn "f 'he L'nmnmn ««,«>.„ E«, Water „,««.. upittln . .„,„,. ^X'^ Pl .^cr k ;V.a'/on^' ^^^r mayzs an j g|,h thtreon. 711 - Lot 4, blo<-k 1» ; l,,i s, hlo.k onai f»vora-le Marine Rank. responitble Companies, HPi JAVtESS. WHITE, Alfent. ' ' *• ' D VP^XJLT hsvlnc fr«n made In the cnnrttilon of certain promissory note, bearlni date December lltj, A D. 1857, executed by W B. Hlbharrl and John 8. ffarrls.and alst tn the condition of a certain ress<tl mortgage nf the nrae date ex*cnted by laid Hlbhard and Harris to secqre tl e payment of said note. N mice Is herebr given to all partlei inttreste-l that wr shal fxt,o»e for sale and sell on Tuesday, the 80 day of JtJK', A. n , IBM. at 10 o'c'ock m the forenoon of thit dar v at the 8pr:nr street brfdgv, Io the city of ^lllw)1u freff, the ijchoonej- Wllll«m H. g ei.hens, her m»su, bnTiprlts, sails, boat, anchor, cables, «nd all other Oecrssarlei therennto appertaining nnd be'ongln<, lo ntbfy the nmnnnt remjlnlf-g due on said nuts snd mortgagd together with tbe costs and evpenites of sile MOSE 1 * A. JAMKS. and JOSEPH JAMES. By W. W BROWS, Agenl Bun.Ka. BDTTRICK A L'ttrraiLL, Aitorneis mayi»-dti CITT CoxpT>»LLii>*0 Orrica, i Contract Dcpartmer l. Mllcankee. May 29. 1859 | 8 BALED proposals will be rei-el»eJ at this nfllre until Prldny, June 8, 1S59, it H) » u , nr r-twir:" 8 Jra'llrg the following tlrftt 'n the "?n<l Ward nf the City of Milwaukee, .vlj T*ra»rack -treet. from Foorth to SeventrenLh street, and Cejir «trc,t, fronj ' Third strret to frUth str>et. ' E. L'H. ^ARDtNKR. Oomptroll»r ot S- _ nu» ...... ...Lfiruii. ¥li Lol j. Q|o ( .2 ly. l,,i ^ hlO' W ! y I lot C, l.loclt 19; lot 10 hlo-lc 2T; lots 1 'i \1 11 H M " I 1ft, 11 «nd 10, bl- ck -ft- |ot< «, 7. S », ,| a- M ock :).•, \ I H i; 8 ,S 2. 10. II, 12, U. 14 mod, 1H ! ,„„, 4 ,V ,[ block 84; Ion I -I, .S, 4, 5 0. r, - ., n .l 9- block 'i:' •••^ 10,11 ami IS, nlurli us-, N % i. N -u .; lot ^ ^ , nd t bloct 109; W '^ of \ rf n of E s 8 and 9, lots 4 and 5, block -/9; lot ^, Work '.V lot ]-J lot 'J, b ock II I,.i 1, ul ck 7. Viriwaukef* fe-opor •Loin '2, bli.^k :, lota 1 4 an ' 1, t.lo. k •; lu 5; lot* (1 i ,ip,| 14, blo« H Walkjrs Poiui. Lota 4, d an.l *i t, UC |( ^4 ) (>l ; ;) - lo ..^ f - llt 20 of W l*n »t N , ,.f II " an ,l f Vii ,1 W ,-<n .2; lot 11, brck 11 !,,- ;u bi,, ri ;i ;„, H: lo'. s. bio-k II hereby notiU^.I t. »i. nt - ..,1,1 t.uii.n.-r .,ihi',! ,>c*j days from t l . r ( ,-jtj[; t at ,>n f if. t r,,-ti. . W*r-l tb« r^» I II c4.» <;.| -, OK ft I N I , I tn.l »-niy lh^ same to be Jo according to law. m &j 24-il6t K L'll ii..4 lcl<l\'T!il. maiiD-dSi The lute ris<j in the river gave oar buijfcet- Ine n short rnVi, and the absencn of wlnddnr- ng the fire, Bajred a loss of half th« town. By 'xclusivp labor, on the part of hundreds *wbo »orked like heroes, the Empire Block' was cept wet enough to repel tbe hissing^flames as .hey darted tlireau-mngly against its frorit.— !<s appearance] to-day, blistered and blackened, tells the terrible danger to which it was expos- npH« tied Had this 3arg» block caught fire there is *- 18 -" 9 ' no estimating the extent to whii-h tlie eoiitia- gration wonlf) hare extended. There irere >robably 1.000 persons on ihe ground, ; but 'uokily there »raB no confusion; evsry one at- ••nded to his %nlar doty, or kept out of ih^ way of the wor)c«rs. Better buildings will go up immediaUly nd we all fn«.| r that howev-r serious ihe;lo9H o individnalri, the rity has got off extremely •hsap. Whether ib's sufficirUl to ronso tin- | 'itizens to the jiiiiporlaucv of organizing; lire i ompanles, remain tn be seen. Wehav,- pr.-ftcb- j ed for 2 years alboul it and only last w^k you j Qrnra n rttnA t n j*r> *^ ~.__1, »1T: li .. j_ •. ' Hay 1:1 th^ M InatlUc The Cbmann Ci lu fallow* » Hay m.irkri «ntl r r^t anil f*^\ riitti ^ ClfT COTUrrHOLIOJiV OfTTC». 1 i or<l»la lu faUow* Contract Depftrttoent, Maf 29,-f»W. f i' ^JEOTIOS i. bt T.p«.b win l , w . 1Trt ., thl . „»„, „„- ' F* *•?i'f ' " '" * j FALRD prr.p til Wedre«day, June 1, Ia69, at 11 i M n(J Van Bar«*Q atre? I ftn<1 mdpwalhs, 'rom ts termlnailor, in the Sri Ward of th* Ci' kee. numtjor« k ,n. DW owned hy tb.' nd such purl- i.l the foil , IT 11 ,- finir K I.'H OABDINRV, C U IT CITT CnMrT»uu.£»'4 Orrics, Uontran l.-epaftm'nt. May ? d of Counrllori by regolutto . . 1W.9, concurred 'n by the Board of <Mi*rnian M 26. 18?9, haTlnir «dop'e.l he rt^ommeirlat Street Commissioners, with aia^ssmentj of b- d-tmspes, it is ordered That a *ewer be conatruc'ed tbr-.u^h Tan from 5th to 6th stree', In ihe 2nd v ,rd, of hereby notified to .-o-§'ri;.:t «n<l »,»- r wit 1 days from this il»le. or th,- =tr-et Commmin Sod Ward will caaie the Btmr lu h^ done m to Ihe r^spertiva lots »ccoril*n& m \*P: ^ i/n GARDINER, com NOTICI-; CITT I 1 ,,,!.™,,,, I.,., n irpartroent. Ml! . M«v 2-, 1 were urged to io to work. Will yon dnt Block 165 185 106 iow, or is ia lite light of a burning block as it | War,: u ( u, e c llnminates our grand old blufls so bandsomo a : IgL-t that yon fl^sire fts repetition! i A COMVE.MEST SYSTEM up DUNNINO —3'Ue oronto Colonist has adopted s system of mail- W; Its pap^r lo subjcril^rs. liy which >-aoli i- ept posted aa lo the state of bin account — he direction in printed thus " Thomas ones, July, 7..50," whic-h rn^ana tbat on the rst of July, 18R9, Thomas Jonea will nwdthe, 'olonitl $7.50 ! Amounts >lu« are charged to annary and July In ailmnre, a».l ih^ moctb amed always Uas te'er«nc.' to tb<- futurs — 'here payments have been in adranCt- a milar method^ is pursued. Thus "Joseph rowa, Feb. 0,'' means that Joa-ph has paid n advance to February, 186U. By this plao oh subscriber knows the state of hid account nd ifin d*bt. i^ regularly duugjji ever? Jay 160 160 160 12 14 1.1 166 167 167 1 fi" W 167 • 14 %n • y uf M '•7S.4-4 -"""i 7711 17 31 449 ,0* 119, IK •U \W 449.IMI 410 r. 410 U 41 u l.' 4ln r *90.+» tht L^ o( ihs o-n-ilt. foll<.»-.n t .„:, !r. UlLlf AC> R. .''tr^e' C-ttnmiss Blo^« Uol l 15; Ju 1«: 14 167 u 1*1 itw IT.; 1.19 IM •t it.. 1.) UllVBd- 'V..^' ' i-f Mav W, an Mnj- Of tiie fits an.l 4«'al ••* , Cliy of 'r-et are tvt'ney » of the :nft.r^t;<i • IliT | f »I>4I - "*" s rfi' B * IW, 1 ti 10,15 i".t:. :^.i^ •ti.T'J -rt '•'• ir'll t ' > i iy /io 1 ,.VJ W 4't "'.-40 Jfl .4^ i,4o r nr: ijo-u, r.iir of 'iv J"'] -; '-••••'•. ' ••>•• l. »r C. Hfiij III* « , ,• '.), / f IM r»r [ sri d hjj. t ck r.U'Ti t>.-r-i] ,'n.- hufj.lrc.l i u .j l>"ii>B afl'l f>»:inf< * !na'-f i n 1/1.- if r»i \l »ll!wauk--^ :a her. hy ni'i-'ir -tn-l !-• « ' stJin-1 for Iff ixlf t lond" >t nv. fee - Th^ .i :r.tu-n ,.i.l L 1 -ni'l •••V'friit. Wir-l.t, ,»r ^ iu i, { i* IIMT o*n-«l *>v *a»J *»nl'». tr ia -ti- »ud Market •( i-i-t-, t r>t<,ult n>i K..-- *r,d f.»r-.y 9-1, ... rn, y.r-t W»r ti,.J t r 'rr»?on f(tr a.-M- in i i/,* *^i I * • »,, * an^t in a !•*, ••. i i y i ! «.v -vn ."*•*(• 4 N r-r»on r • ' L-ertulltetl lo r t[>..ji« fir , ij, i? -, . t. i i , 'he F.r»t or J«vuUi «', r .j4, . ' • -, c| vi'Jrd. jr ^hall at> y , T^on . •• IM-I i -i - •*nvr, -if'" >' Jf> -* ti; , i . ' . ?f.i IH a tin *i*y . 4Ljt[j 1 -t, , t, , t- r«f aril* .••- v :r:th Wirl-*. -nurt- " i , a-.y .."r limt-. oifi.-r than >:i tli- -. .1 r if'i'- t-i-f't t— *,.r ri *; • \ ,n tQ,a Or I u . -,. ra*rkt i ?«r 4 B«fnr*> .iT«nn^ uny l.»*.l r ale w 'hin 'h- him * .>f th»- f i r<« r «uch hajr -riall he -t-ilv *. ^h^l, i . i ^^.'r^^hl^hl'j',""^'!' < b »^ r .' '-', i ••• city 1 rofts. in 1 me .>w ^r ! 4.1 -ri • h.g ti It- n. Ih- pun ha.1 - t>^ I r - '-•• r oeiT-- *ny pa> ther* 1 or -t-,-. .". r>v »tt^r..( tr.: ' 4 p..r. r. ^ • C ' I' ti • xl.t.t 1- ij '.. r^ •- v ^ rfi, t ,, ,-r, . * - t 'hi' «: e»cti io*i| 'jf '• 4 ^ -.r i • r * •fltr p T*'in to whnQl I'l- ,-fr* " ir.- . •**-c 6 .Vuv jj-r-n.n or ; ~ - *- - t ', . t ,n. «••••)« .* ••,( this iir-in,^-. -.-. «| .1 i ---ich .ffrt^ not lea* ..'^iii a«- :. -, ., -•'••<- 7 1: .-i v ir"»by rr..-iif- !"v |-i! f - f . - - an.l h 1 " vsuMiJin'!. *n I ifi" ii'".. "•• 1-, herr 6 .i**t»% hi ij,e-l '-' ;-r ••*- • r •• . . .[.-i. C ur:. *ny i:..| i' v .,,»• -.- • '. •' •• iy .-ojij- ti. ir,,->r i - «-^. PI( ^ r 1 *-.- - S. u:u,- . f -in >• ' '• ". A-!. ''«-r«li./'if- pa '.-ttftl ,3.1 ii mi y in -t ii . -- • ur-i.nn i-^ H t.Tr- r rr-i»-, tl i < outra. t LH-|.&r nprtE loll »:n« i. t I.'H liARIH *. EK o- CUT C..»i- J J< 'i Warl cl the 0 t. ito 1C'-. in-. TCSTIIIOXT OT A REPUBLICAN PAPEB —We (iresnmfi we are not misrepresenting facts when we say, that the people of this State have supposed that the inauguration of the Republican party into power was to establish a new and more honeaU administration of the i public affairs—a more strict adherence to law, and a more conscientious discharge of doty. Without the general prevalence of such a presumption, it is not too much to say that the Republican party might as well not hare The Chair put <h,- of the report, and ie» u iuiion on the adoption Which was carried by the following vote : Aye* —Aid Donsmao, Xiederman, Phillips Smith and West. Noes—Aid. Plielps and Prentis;". Aid. Wogt, chairman of the inittee, said that an account of the late Citv Attorney had been aent lo him, with otbvr bills, for examination, whiob Induced him to offerer the following resolution: Resolved, That the City Clerk be and he Is been. We regret to say tbat thus far the ex- j hereby directed to furnish to fie finance com pectmtionj of the people, relating to that matter hare not yet been fulfilled, and the Republican party stance in the unenviable position of one who, while crying "stop thief," is caught with his hand thrust into his neighbor 1 * pocket. The people hare a right to demand of their servants a strict account, and alto a strict observance of their duty. The people now ask the' Republican party lor an account of their stewardship. Let it respond to the call.— Wftitaeattr Begitttr. BAYARD TATLOB os "Moscow."—It is not that the lecturer requires any puffing, for Bayard Taylor and fall houses teem to hare formed a perpetual partnership, hot in order to escape »ny blame wjth part of our leaders, that we did not give them due notice, (hat we again remind them of the treat, noticed in our advertising columns, they hare in reserve for Monday. There is, perhaps, no American who has traveled more, has a plnuanter way of recounting his adventure*, or U disposed to be fairer in his estimates. Tbe association, to aroid the confusion arising from late arrivals, hare adopted the rule which gave ao much satisfaction to all parlies at Mr. T.'fi previous lecture, to close the doors at 8 o'clock precisely. EDITOKIAI. Qoop BKIDUTO ^-For several daje tbe Madison Patriot and -ctry«* hare 'been applying all the personal epithet* to feaoh other, known in ibe Billingsgate dioUonary. Mow tbe figbthas got ioBoch apitob; tbe/ cannot mee one another pass ibeir office without making fines steacb otber. If Pump ^ets a ont of eteak at the botcher's, Calkins dina on fiah. If Calking bas soup, Painp orders moth; and ImU^rmilk. If Pomp buy* green te*4 Calkins goet in for Waok. They wont share ,«t the same barber 1 *, sit io the Mme'obnrch (aor any oilier), drink tbe same beverage, nor , walk the ^trfets^at tbe aanra Uma, Cilkins bone, Pump bad one jeft by * dlBetsed relative, *nd on learning thai It wa« tbe «»lttw,-color M Calkins^ irmsA^ouon fj»e nettiday, JEhey 31 they .dare not print,<ra*aeu other"* doon, rad DBTSCTIOS OF PHOTOGRAPHIC CODMTEE- VKITS.-T-A reliable means of detecting photographic counterfeit bank notes—and most of (he counterfeits in circulation are photograghs —is the application of cyanide of potatritan. If A bill is suspected, wet slightly any printed portion of it, and touch it with a piece of cyanide, if tt should be a photograph, the paper will turn-white, and, in fact, the surface of the whole note can be made white by this process. If the note is not photographed, this operation has no eflect. J9»Hon. Humphrey Marshall has .finally concluded to decline the nomination for Congressman, tendered him a month since by the Opposition in the Louisville district. He says: "HariBgarrivedat the conclusion that I ought now rather *esk retiremeat from politics thanarenB»al of my connection with pnblio affiUrs, the present affords me an opportunltr to'express my cherished purpose to leave the agitation of pnblio questions to o therein whose hands they will be better directed than mine." Judge Larrabee and "his home organ; t e Uoriean Aiyut,bttiag ezpUoitly contra- dieted the statement of the Newt and endorsed tbat of the Sentinel, U is unnecessary to waste any more words on the anbjeefe— Sentinel. ^Neither Judge Larrabee nor the Horlcon jir^iwhas done any snob thing, ^nd tbe Sentinel knows that Its assertion is false. But there is no use of wasting words with inch a 'Ai»inta.—We <aw yesterday •t'tha roosjf or.Brpokes & S^venton, * eplen. did oil painting, ^preaentlnf Eve giving Ad«m tbearyte. . lUrMfflfconted by Mark^Harrison, *ndJ»eald*<>,be the beet flnlBhed picture ever painted in this (oity. If yea wish to «ee something really beautiful, pall and' look at it. f Cinoinnaii J^teitf* (fiep.) sayg 4bat 4b« JatoX)hte Iremooratio Sute Conven^ ,Bu»tey, « Douglas mittee a statement of tbe amount which has been paid to Geo. A. Woodwood, late City Attorney, on account of salary or any other ac count Wfeieh waa adopted. The Chair presented a recommendation o; tbt> Street Commissioners of the Seventh Ward for paving the alley through "block 70, in the Seventh Ward r with a resolution approving of the same. Which was concurred in. Aid PreDtiss offered the following WHIBEAS, Lots 16 and 17, in block 197, in the Second Ward, of the cliy of Milwaukee were purchased on the first day of August' 1*66, of James Kneeland and Allison Lewis' by Order of the Common Council, for tbe gum of four thousand and five hundred dollars, and a deed taken therefor at that date to the" city of Milwaukee, subject to all taxes or assessments for said year, and whereas city, ward, and special tales were levied on said peoperty for 1856 to the amount of 8151 09-iOO dollars, and for county, State, and school taxes to the amount of glO 20-100 dollars, all of which tares were illegal and void, said property being exempt from taxation by law, from and after th» day ot the said converance from Kneeland aud Lewis , but, inasmuch as the said lots were sold for the taxes of 1858 and certificates of sale Issued hy the Treasnrer therefor it is hereby Bttolvcd, Tbe Board of Councilors concurring that the City Treasurer be directed to refund to the bolder of the certificates of sale of lots 16 and 17. in block 197, Second Ward, for city taxes of 1856, the amount, or face of said certificates, with interest thereon at the raw of seven per cent, from date thereof, and when said certificates are delivered, to cancel the said lots for city taxes of 1856 Which was adopted by a unanimous vote. On motion tb» Board adjourned. ROBERT B. LYNCH, City Clerk; SABBATH SCHOOL CoHvcimos.—There is to baa Sabbath School Convention for Southern Wisconsin, held at Racine, beginning on Thursday, June 16th, at 11 o'clock, A. M.— Thnrsdny forenoon will be dovoted to organi- ation, and listening to reports from this and other States, the afternoon to discussions of ap- propri»te topics. Friday will also be devoted to the dig' ussion of practical questions of importance to every Sunday School superintendent, and teacher.' Public -meetings wfll beheld on Thursday and Friday evenings, te be addressed by some of the most distinguished Sabbath. School laborers in tbe United -States. The Convention will adjourn on Friday evening, to meet at Fond.du Lao on the following Wednesday, June 22d. Saturday will be devoted to the children, more than 4,000 of whom are expected to meet in tbe grove, and listen to sere* ral addresses. The following gentlemen are expojted to be present from other States. Bev. B. Bj-Westbrook of Philadelphia; Rev. 4. Bollard, and Henry Hoyt, Esq., of Boston ;• Bev. b; J?y Dickinson of Chicago j Prof. D Pi , and Eev. Jamea Ayres, of Evaniton, .'""-'-.-^-^.:";-^ '.-.,. .,: - Tba clergymen of ibe various denotnlnv ttonsjtaBaoin*, inbehalfof their people, extend a cordial Invitation to the friends of tba cause, to attend this Convention, and sjiare their hospitalities. ' Persons paying full fare on the Railroads to aeinei will receive a ticket entitling them to pass on their reiurq., . ' ^ ^ in Chicago are prohibited "paperi, hwrafttr, in 'moiniap. * * - ^THMOSP'S W*H LRCTtBIt — La>t ^V -rj D^ Ibany Hall Wa.- quite Wrll tilled to 1,,-ar Mr. ichmond continue hi.« l^tui^ on the Ea-ii ro 'ar, rl«'. All • presfiil wert- doliijlii'd. and an> of th-Tri r^iirt-.i with a letter knonletlsc j ol tli, ea.-U-ru i-ouutri*'<< than Itey l.av^ of Wis- com)in,so plain *TC tbe speaker'^ illintrati.»li-. The storm dooUtl-ss p-evenUd a lau- num. ber of ladies 4 tra<li n« If Richmond had went Inin i printing office, instead of th« ministry, he woald K»"? oiade the best dpscrip- I tire editor extarjt, while a history of hU trails wonld be equally interesting wilh tbos.- of Bayard Taylor, or other distinguishwi travel, v ** f Mil vauk . l ii r-' P^ i •:<! I Ill'l* »l f <. l.'. \e «7 r: H7 87 J7 r 44 44 S' 46 E 7J fl ' E«j29 d3: 1 I n 11 34634 CJ 14 S9 r l H r, An.'r N . n i i c; i . •>l w tr l or V h- i-ft klleyi '.r Bluck 37 87 ST 8! S7 ft 87 3f 87 37 HC.TIBOM>T APT!) IIOOFL.AND. , WHIOU U tbe gre4'e»l r While tbe one his explored tbe a.moit Inacdeuible moantaiQ region* of Solitb Averlca, and added largely to oar geographical knolcl- edge, the other hu given bit attention to tbe mitigation of human soJterliig, and In bta Invention of the lament Genntn Bitten, known In the country ai "IfdcS- lantTt Sitter*," hki {conferred an invaluable boon Up on mankind. Dyipe>iia, Liver Complaint and Ntrr- ooi Debility are *p*dlly and permanently cured by Uili remedy' For Hie by druggliti and dealenjin medlclnei everywheri, at 76 cent* per|bottle. ' ni j * wonirts i woicns i i ; f A great manjj learned treatises hart been wfit- len, explaining the ortglo of, and classifying the wortas tenerated in tbe bun an system. Scarcely any topid of Bedleal science has e leeted more acute observation and profsmledrtsear*; ind jret phyjlclans are rery moch dlrldri la opinion on the liibject. It most be admitted, howcref, that, afjti alt, a mode or expelling these •onus, and parif/loj the bo3y from tiietr preseacej U • ofmer»Talnethan ibe wisest dlsqnlslUona aj to tie origtOf The expelljni; agent baa at length been found— Dr. JTIane'* Vlrmfttge, prepared bjKemiog Br,s. I thsmaeh iooght at ersptctflo, and has already super feded'all other womiaedlolnts, Its efficacy,being unl inaily acknowledge i by medical practitioners. j 'Vf" Purchasers^ i flj be earefol to ask for DR. JI'LANK-S OELEB^TUD VERM1FDQK, manatectar- ed by FLEMiMQ BRCB. «f Pittsburgh, H». All oth-Cr rermlfnveiln compakson are worthleas. j \a, M'Lana's jenUIne Vennlftig^, also his eelrbrated Uvrr Pdls, can now be had at all>rtipect»ble-drag >tora. 87 i: is Si 88 89 9 10 11 li 13 n ii 16 1 i t 4 ti 16 .'II )S 13 6i 13 65 :«!,*.•* SO.*S C0.4S 2n 4i 13 63 12,65 1S.6S 13 65 20.43 20.43 18,65 18 U 40, is 10,43 J li BL'EMM LDI.MS AC'<K, u i." Bio Ris AT TEN Piss.—Phil ti,»r-u.- b»« offered a prize of a silver g.-blet to ihe on,) making the, biggest count on u airing of U-u pins, at his alley, brfnre the 4tli uf July Friday last Alptonso Laromy m»de one han d red and sixty-Six on the string with pdnv I *" estioau of th- balls—a larger run hy three, Iban we aver ! heard of being .made with that sized balls ' ln(r ''"'"'' *'" "' ""'•" '•"- ' <iii>-UK-I • | I i fi »e»l -' the ea,! iio • ai <ij .irr^i The man who beats that, mo«l roll like a small boat in a heavy gale, and thi>n we don't believe he can do it. THE LA CaoaSE R. R. ELECTION —In noticing, yesterday^ the election for Directors:of" the La Crosse aud Milwaukee R. R. Company, we omitted to at»te that Mr. Al-rander Mitchell, ofthUolty, who, without any solicitation on hla part, had been entrusted wilh proxies representing about three million dol. lars of stock, abstained from using them, on tbe ground that Do vote he could cast, would, in the slightest degree, benefit 'tho unfortuDats stockholders . i THE LAST Datvg.—The Madisou At speaking of a li w v*ry stable and its ''rigs" in that place, saya, 'their barouches are gaut, and lh>> big boy3 that they hitch on them are aa good horn«Bash as there is in the country." Hitching big .boys ,up to a baronohe, and making belidve they are horse-Heah, IB a now idea, though! we don't doubt some of the Madison boye ard •'fasl v enough to make very good time, eveu trhen drawing a carriage. QDAK.EB CITT IKSCRASOE Co.—In another place will be found the advertisement of this reliable Philadelphia Company, for which James White has<jusl been appointed agent,— Tho fact that VSf.l White has taken the agency of this company ,|is a sufficient recommend- of its stability, if other than lha great reputation it has acquired.Wr promptly paying all brina fifie losses to establish its good name were. N< >TK I. K ,.i \\ J.i U 65 1 i 65 88 Ki K 10 11 ll U IS -11,4.1 2U 45 S0.4S '-U.43 ill 4J JO 4.1 k.. L'd UAHUINEl, Com|.tr < n\KLI> K. AUNTIE, D E A L K ft IN Domestic Exchange and Spicfr. ri^UE htgheaU rat«9 p»U for all k:udj of Hold in-i HI)A rer Coin Bad tfalhon. Exchanfre constantly for sale at the lovot pricea. AJ I make dealing In Specie and Ezctiaogc my cutirc ainl exelaslTe business f I am aM<* LO gtve my customers ao adrantApe over current Hgurea. Ust of pnr r < will be farnUhed at my office, WO. 52 WISCONSIN NTRFF.T, CD tier the Baptist Church, nearly opposite th* Oust Hon*e. ' II 1 11 ia r ,-i 211 of S 4.1 s » a N 11 front I 31 ,n r, N 20 of S So S in .< r *> to K. \. CLIFFORDS F l« H F AN .CEMTItAL AND FINi: AKT IGA1 LKKY, 171 Eatt Water Street. H AVING iecared the asslstAuce of th^ ol.legl antl most L-zprrtaDce>l oprralor in tha Wesc U. HAV- kens, (whose skill ID his department is urcil bnowo tu many of the cltlxeusof Milwaakee,)! am DOW prepared j to offeljto the public every deslraole style of Pictures l known to the community at lower rate^ and executed j In a better manner than can he done In any other en- I tahllshtnent In the West. ; CLIFFORD'S DAQUERREAN GALLERY, IT) Ealt Water street, formerly known as Seelty'i booms. marl9 i VI, I, i\D MEK j -THE— ! LATEST STYLES —Of— S .S Ml.l.ll.--. N Si E 3« nf J '^1 W 80 of K 60 o f S ». N 5 of 5 !* of K JO N *> of K. S N -JU o i K *l S -'". K of N tu of It S '-'(I >f E 90 d CO N S SILUIe V, K X of K X W * of K S K » Mid lie I 1 I Ij 11 J H 11 t 1'J 11 t 11 11 t 12 1 —AT— BUTTON'S! aprlff W 60 of K 3D of W UO R 30 Qf W 120 K 30 ofW 150 E 30 of W ISO E 80 of W '210 \. H. LOKD & CO'M., MARBLE WORKH, < Corner Spring and Third streets, atlLWAUKIE WISOON3LN. E inbicrlbers execute all klndi of Marblo Work 1. for Buildings, Tiling for Floon tod erery desorlp- tlon of { .U-V«Bl,<: We have In oar warerooma,, MANTL.K.S Ot eyery description constantly on hand, at prices r . *. «<—i ~pyajda* TAIDAB7 of ail kinds executed 00. It )4 of W V W H W H l * '-' l t -i 4 11 * 12 11 t U A » 4 10 ia lo •it 19 Oojfnen, occupants antl agenu of tha above described property are hereby notified to abate slid nulianc. s within thirty days from date, or the Street Commissioners of the said Third Ward will cause said nuisances to bfl abated and charged to the respective lots, **;SS«ST-^« UT ' «.L'U.OA«DIJIEH, Comptroller. LANDS AND WATE^ POWERS, 1«JO tloic .1- Jill r l AMUSEMENT- \\i\\ r L) K. H. K .N A 1' I K -. 'i- cur Jan.-, C...i: Pic L\IC &, li Km i ).MN 11; i I) mm:* » <h J.I M tt<»oi> A\a> la i. IF. r 1. l.A M 111 . U UV»i- l ,:r^.,:,r-.-;:„;. I HAY »t [|,« \ K (,-r.irr , j \\ ,-^l W u, r .mil- t I y l> i,n ! It , -t..0< .If vV ,., I -4 ir ;.. '1. ' .•'plit >r fluent I I UAI.KU IN ii , iL> O.d'Klt i Ouy jl li^ u lllHVl'J PAPER WAR EHOUS^! d, Blackiiaarr A. 4 UATB U.VilftiAON, i HA.N I- ' > UANUPAGTUttKIld, H A p Soot ' opened *ti> .»ii»-*nv »io,-k, t*r>l«»r*<t <mtt £nr.e t, fUlt i'ltpn, ^ L&t\J*r Post, /.rtf"" in</ Which Will be SOUl T--ry UK*. Coustaat [)em»d' t to the <roalt to metft the w»nt-* if t py l'rl"*jrs antl others .IT*- uivjted <•» os ^nU prices. hf irr fc ,ie, '-*" in. I )» *prlti

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