The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 3, 1916 · Page 10
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 10

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Friday, November 3, 1916
Page 10
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FRIDAY, NOV. 3, 1916 iren/\ci lor \\ar has foi gotten th it I he took Corn\\alljs S\\QL! ·we lia\e a treat} \\itl Mexico b\ fie terms of v. fcucli it is pi o » i d e d tha bet ore lesorting to hostility of am Democrat Owned and published by kllia to se ttle dirierenoes that m w ine Consntution including tiie Cliillieo'-to Const tunon Tile Mail and Star and Ciulhcothe A M E S E AV A T K I A S at the Postofflce at C h U U c o t b e o u r i as SLCOnd-cla^s matter TEBMS OF by Carrier in the City of Chiilicothe per year 9 l*u . Per week lOc DATLTi by Mail Postage paid In Li\ tngrston C o u n t y p ^ r year $3 00 DAILY by Mail Postage paid outside of L i v i n g s t o n Counts per year $5 00 WEEKLY postage paid per year *100 CTRCljLiAriO"% A detailed st\orn s t a t e m e n t of circulation -will be f u r n i s h e d at any -time when requested bj an advertiser pusf between the t\\o c o u n t r i e s to consider an the spirit 01 peace ana ;ood neighborship it it ^ ould not bs fbetter to «ettle such differences to arbitiation of commissioners appoint ed on either side oi b\ that of i fnendK nation President TA ilsoc and Carranza ac f mg w i t h i n the letter and spirit of this prowsion h a \ e ap po nrcd such a Boaid ot V i b i t i a t i o n and it is now tr\ ing to settle the trouble bet\\ een the t~tt o countries Ho\\evei if Roose\elt had b^en Pies laent he doubtle-s ^ ould ha\ e con -iderea this treaty as a mere scrap of paper It is almost, unth nkablc that aii"v man ambitious though lu ma be to be President ot a greit country like this -\vould doff the 311 aieial ermine oL the tmited State toiMi (*nd he crossed the DP \ ^j Said the other That s nothing L.aos,8\elt \\as Pi evident loo h e LL ? ccneied the m er ot Doubt j u s t b ZEHQB OVFICLJU "NTS VI SP ^PER or urvivGSTOx COUNTY OrirlCIAJL MTW SPAPEIi OF Supreme Couit the highest and gieatest tribunal in the i \ o i l d to be come the candidate of an political r a r t j and then sufter himseU to be dominated by and dictated to by i man of the stripe of the Temble Ted d\ and compelled all thiougli the campaign to pose in his shadow and become his mere echo Does an sine man or "woman in this counti} believe that had \\Q gone to ~w ar "\vito lo\\ the iron bridge he climbed Sai juaii hi'l and he double crossed the The real issue in this e ection in its concrete form is this Elect Mr Hughes and \\ e will have Roosevelt as Secretary of Stale--and Wai l e elect Mr Wilson, and \\ e "Will ha~\ e pease and the country continue I rospei it"\ Jso\v "Mr Voter -which d o - ^ o u prefer P \ \[ AiTN FrETj D H P D , TOO ^ hile much is said about tn ed \\omen. it must be i em cm bored thil men also pi/v the penxlty of Q\QI ·work "When the kidneys are "\\eak inactive or sluggish -\\hen one teelb tu ed out and miserable has the blues lacks eriei g~v and ambiI ion Foley Kidney Pills are tonic strengthening Tbev So-ld e\ er-where 1 i act Cjutckl/ i Proposed Amendments to the Constitution of Missouri CONSTITT TfOXAI* ME N T THE CITS" OF CHJCLLICOTHE , Mexico ^ ith nothing more to justilj an act than "what lias occuired DBMOCH\riC NATIONAL TICKET. f o r President -- ·WOOORCXVv "WILSON JTor \ ice Preside*!* -THOMAS K MARSHALL n F M O C H V l i r S1AIK I l C K E " n For fat na tor -- · J VilXIS For G o v e r n o r --RICK JJ G A R D N E R t G o v e r n o r -- .Joint a mlttmff to O f M l S K O l l B t i t u t t n n the dc-er^ Be if ms the q» i l l d i 1 Repn i r co between. the two countiles to tlir d itc even though \\e lay iV oui so called grie\ances at the dooi of Mex ico e vvould ha-ve been justified bi the f i c t s ^ No and all the civili/ed tbV f u i k ^ U i ' "\oiiilT Ireoples of the -\\orld \\ould have con j rtiut n a b i t tit tbe f "IK on J it*. 1 j f n l l i In Nu-v i I r 1 )1 tlie n i ii i i H 1 i o t e C l u t o M |e r l i li i l l n l e i n l i i i i l i t 1 t n L " I K t t t O COD c $e irti tht. House of r ng tit *i il elo Lion to be lifld n,, tl L ttrst Mond i \ L L ^.t 11 he ^i 1 nit ed f Ml*, o u r ] foi i l u p e f u l l v U i £ c b i i t u : T, It i i l le n of tl e ( on b ( 1 1 _ Ui to L ( i i I 1 i t l i c n th L nst t It ! yor Secret \r\ of riete -JOHN Li SUL-LINAN For State V u i U t o r -- 7OHN P GORDON 3TO" Stttc T r ^ a b u r e r -- GEOKO-C I t MJDD-LGK VM For A t t o r n e v General -- · FR \J, K M Me \I I3ISTER n oTM Judg-e Supreme Court Division p i o p e i f o r this coui N ° 1- k M WOODSON b o l d e r Ime b e t w e e n for Judge Sup eme Court D i v i s i o n No 2-FRED L WILLIAMS For Judge Kansas City Court of Appeal EWING C BLAND For C o n g r e s s m i n -W V? RUCKER 5 or Judge ol o 6 t h J u d i c i a l Circuit-JOHN C LEOPARD DEMOCR\11C COtfXTY TICKET. For Representative-H W KISSICK. Jfor SherifC-- JAMES J BROWN For Treasure!-G A Me BRIDE For Frosecutir- Attorney-FRANK W ASHBY_ | demncd such an act on oui part is it likelj that the Cuitnl and Soutli A.mencan states "\\ould h i\*- ^tood silent!v In while the United States invaded Mexico and m ide \\ ar on hei people \\ hile it is right and uiiti\ to guaicl the bolder line between the t\\ o countries and -with armed soldiers pievent a* far as possible lawlessness and pro test the lives of our c ti/ens who live on or near the line yet no act of the Mexican government de facto or otherwise has so far been sucli an outrage on this couiitrj or the lights of our citi/ens as -\vould be sufficient cause for going to \\ ar with that people While it is true thai some of our citizens have been killed ei il in,r i r l l/ i L le u! d and Proposed by In tiative Petition JTor Judge County Court Eastern Dlst-- by the outlaws "who tollow Villa and JOHN W ALEXANDER For Judg-e C o u n t j Court TVestern Dist WILLIAM MCCARTHY yor Public Administrator-JAMES G LITTRELL For Coroner-DR "W M GIRDNER For Sur-vevor-- JO BROADDUS aiIDIY TERRIBLE take into cpnsideiation the condition that now and has toi the past foui jeais existed in Mexico and for the Teddy Roosevelt has finally at the cake of peace between the t\\ o COUT near close oi the campaign confessed tues use all pacific means to avoij that had he been president of the ^ a . Unitea States ^ e would have had war U Q silou i d remember tint Mexico vnth Mexico 1S a weak nation as compaied to thi c Hcie is \\hat he said in a speech | country Ihat there are in Mexico at Phoenix Vn/ Octobei J2 191b I good people who deplore their coun ihit nad he been President of the t i j ' s condition theic can be no doub T_nit«d States he \\ould ha\e gon= These people ire torn and districted into Iviexico up t o the, hilt and cle in I 03 cnil stule and \\ ai j e t such aic d up Mexico in nmetj dajs In | tl e people thit Rooso^elt w o u l d have the bame speech he is reported tc j made wai on had he been Pie^ident have said "V^ hen I ^as P i e s i d e n i | O t the United States M I N I 1O TH1-, C O N S r i T L T l O N r r p | scrt In ]cp a ote -, h [ i i l t i n H r e Petitlun J i mler t h e l u l t i it \ e mil Mcrfer GJJ inn J i ri-ionv ol tin, I oji^CJnitJ ~n *iu[owcrli ,, ilip l o i i t t u l A s ^ c i n l i l j to t 1 1 CJ tl ^ p t t l l i l l a w O l C R t l u i f U rijr[ O l H t l O D tO bt, k n u n u i-i l e M i s s o u r i State L u n d Bunk v, Ith i c ^ p f ? to mohl]i/e u.rl*] l t i \ i i f l l * p e Cartn crciiits to i p p r o p r l u a h t u U in i LJ s as l I mi 1 i n l U tl ( t-er t find PM,mptIt f» f 1 " 011 !; MUile c o u n t \ ui id uiuiilc. 1[ il tutt s nil of the ii8=cN of tili] hi nit ill so debenture bonds issued M it sml pi U l i n f ? for tjie validating of n\ I a n e n n c t f i b; the Gen cral ABSLUihl j in it coi rl nice lit_rt.\* ith Be u PH. c ea ti tht. peoplt of the Staff of Musourt if at the Corisrttuttn be so omtndtd as to fro \de as follo-yat Section 1 Th f Lii^rnl Asseinl 1^ 18 her* bi eni)o«crctl to cnuLt a u p c U n l l»w to _ . ^ , cie ire n toi poi i r l o n to be 1 i . \\ » na the it as a great and powerful nation to i \jusuuri stuct r^und Bunk %\HJ po^er to mtikr I C H t n s r u n o r t u s e c u i w l \\ c'cetlB of trn-- or (iiurt D '-i f CLi »pnn nrl ult ml Innfls Biul to Ki e rlcbentiii e bond-- nj, linst the *-UH e w I tli n i l s u i t a b l e mid In dental pr \\ nr^. \.id to LU ict otlier sp inl laws (il tliL B i n j t S f H s l n or ut otliLi sessions of the O (.1 a l -is^pmbU to iiioiiil untl 1m p i o \ e t i t s u i d in t or to h t i p p h omission* or c i n c c t u r j i s or tRfe ts therein Set tio i 2 T h p ( c: mil \i^eiwl ]\ la liere Lh i I/e 1 niul e m p n \ L i e 1 to p u n t t n that sonie propert\ owned by oui cit uens in Ie\ico has been destroyed this does not in the circumstances justify our going to war It is the duty of this government and became* »p » r « i r 000 COO j a«t] iulJ ena (t. 1 I IRTM U l L K! n u l l i i r U ( f t) ie M I N I J» I ut! i r a (SI t of Die b t i U li-ns^urv f u i . niul to c x e n t n t t h e tiipStal of H I l l»nk I com taxation nt, i n l ^ l h l n t l o n h*_r«tofor« In i i n L l i i I/e 1 niul e m p n \ L i e 1 to o n n t t a 1 ]·« oi i n \ \ s iippropi f i t f n g » i In n out of t i e mo]ii,s of the ^tiiu 1 r( i s u r v the ·juin of one m t l l i n i c u p l t a l for sii i J c ^eetion 1 I K h e i e l j a thorl/ed act » 1 ITI or lav. l o l l i s us i w o r k i n g r tl n i nc t a l VsHCnibly In id ». mpo\\ PI td to en _ n j ptkif, fi om stnte I spoke soltl\ and stick President c u ried a big \\ ilson speaks bonibasticalK and carries a dish lag Heie \ ou have him in his true color= this man \\ho is the accredited agent and spokesman for the Repub lican partv, and its candidate Mr Hughes, has taken off his mask and ·*ve see him in all hi 13 politcal naked ness declaring boldlj \\ ith a great flourish that had he been President ·we -would have had wa.i up to the hilt The Wilson men and women re gardles-s of part and the Democratic There ma come a time perh ips in the near tuturo when, this goveiu merit will be justified iri u^ing th^ arm and navy as we did m Cuba to put a stop to the internecine \%a- i Mexico and restore peace to hei peo pie and enable them to establish Eoi Ihe7ii=;elves a stable govei nment of law and order But it becomes us better to \\ait until \ve are justified m taking such action, bv the tacts and circumstnces That there is an understanding be tween Roosevelt and Mr Hughe 1 goes ·without saving and that Mi con ti i t n d niiHilt 1 !; i l t IXLS the usncts of s n i f l M i s s o u r i bUte T j t n O B i n k and all de b»t L n r u b o n d s issued b j It Sr L i o n 4 \ n \ 1 i\v I t c t c t o f o i e enacted h \ the C t n e u i l A s ^ e i n b H lu nccordnnLe w l r l the pi 01 Isloni of ^t ctl « ] 2 and 1 )i» i t f t *,ti i l ] be dttnied \ ilkl fioin urid after the a(U ] tlon hereof Proposed by Initiative Petition P r o h i b i t i n g nft*r July «r«t 1917, thm m a n u f i u t u r e of tht I n t r o d u l!m Into wo«l tlie ffhius, exLlnutirinK Uurtering, ·elll*il ,.r ,liMosintt of I n t o x i c a t i n g l i q u o r M In til* btate of M l h M o i t r l i xi ci*t u tne (or eacra- mLiitnl purpose p r e w c r l h l n n a penalty for the violation thereof and repeullnjr^ *H part* of the Constitution Statutes und Mu- press thruout the countn, have charg lldugheb will endeavor, if elected to ed time and again dui ing the cam carr out the policies of the formei p ugn that if Roosevelt had been \\heie Mi Wilson is this country ·\\ oui 1 hi-\ e had war regardless of the consequence* and nn\ he wa 1 ! es h s big st ck and pioclaims that had he is the belief of hundreds of thousands of people and voters in the Unite) B Mw. Sect Ian 1 From and after July first, 11117 no Intoxtc itinff liquor or l l q u o r n except w i n e for s n c r t u n e n t r i l pnrprst 1 * shah be wiiuuf if tine 3 in t r intindn etl Into tb ^t te of Missouri u n d e r « n pretense bnrterb or dispc "cs ot i u t o v j t iting llfiuof of i n r k i n d to it y p L i s e n in tlie State of Miss u i i or n h m i uf i t re^ or Intro d u e i s i to or i r f t m p t s to l i trod uce into the s t i t e of " \ J s s o n r l i n t o x i c n t i r i i f Hquor of nn k l r d e\i.L|it -nine tib afoiesald for tht purposes afyie'-nld --liJill be g-uilty of a m i s d c m t K c i o r am] u p o i t o m i c t f o n shall be p n n N h t d hi » fine of not less th in three h u i i d r t 1 dollar 1 - nor m re tb n one thou an i 1 dc 11 u *· or b\ i m p r i s o n m e n t in th« c o u n t j J i l l not less t h a n six m o n t h s nor , more t h n n t w p h e m o u t h s or by both euch lib and peeps about to discov i Knight ^i-rantr\ lie "\\oiild hi~\ c fine and impi snnment 1 All p u r l s of the St ite C o n s t i t u t i o n end I n n s oC the State mfl m t i D i c i p n l i t l e H there- State^, Ihat tho Republican leadeis are al°imecl at the v, ar talk ot lloosevel'" been President the United State* l a n d ^ O uld stap it il the\ could \\o would h a \ e had -« ir \v th Mexico jii'x-ve no doubt but it is too late no\\ a^ he sa\s In order to maintain the the mischief is afoot and \ \ o i k m g hono^ and dignity of this nation | yedaj the lerrible is living m the It is amusing to see Mr Hughes as wr ong era o£ the w o r l d s histor He h^ walks under the huge legs of tin* t hould ha\e lived m the da~\ s ol cipal Xjww» In co-iiftli-t therewith. Proposed amendment to the Constitution of Mlsauurl to be submitted to the legal Votcra of the Stnte of M-issourl for their approval or rejc tl u at the reRular jfen «ral election to lie held on the 8e\ei th day of Noipmber A L 1016 prohibiting the irmiiufaLtuj.8 of the I n t r o d u c t i o n i n t o and the giving exch m t l n t f hnrterluR ae llnsr or disposlny of i n t o x i n t i n g liquors In th» Sliite of Missouri except n i n e for srtcra men tnl purpoees p r e s c r i b i n g a penalty for the \ i o ] iUon thereof a n d rtpenliog all part* of the State Constitution S t i t e and Munic- THE GLOBE-DEMOC1 Al AG_UM»T IJTSU/P (Abuse and P ise of AVUson ) DighL dT\s ago on October -t ike trlobe.Uemoorat dehveiecl Hselt editoiiallj as lollop b A;e -ne a nation ot polcioons' Oa the 7th ot \o\ember \\e are to an a ,ved this question \siiL a jes DI a no Ihe Globe Deniociat beliCTeb it wul be a no so suong, so emphatic, thai it vill lesound £iom sea o sea, and its reveibeiations, -n ill tingle in the eais ot the whole -\\oild But the Question is be lore us The D«mocialic can raitjn is being made upon tne new conception 'ot nationalism that timiditj is the supreme virtue and -vacillation the highest prooi ot directive intelligence The people aie ibked to support a candidate whose course has been one ot M a-veu ng, talterisg and retreat who has at no time taken a fn m delermm a stand lor Amencan lights and American mteiests except in v o i d s that -neie believed bv deeds or bi inaction w h o h-u, i ermitled tne destiuction ot Imeiican Ines and \merican propei tv in other lands without a seriou, attempt at the pioteciioc without an eauiest eftori towaid reparation w h o has e tablished the PHnciple that Americans residing abioad ar.. vagabonds who have no proper claim upon the powei ot their Government who have no lights the admmistiation is bound to respect, who has caused the American Congress to abandon its independence and to legislate undei the compulsion ot I tar ]n no instance has \Vood- low \Vilson displiyod the quality o£ courage under circumstances that requned courage The banner of the Democracy in this year of 1916 should be a \ \ h i t e Hag and upon it should be emblazoned the inspumg watchword, Sunender \\ e aie prepared to prove that these statements are conscious lies W e ate prepared to pioie that they were wntten with a single end in MCK to trade upon the foigetfulurss and the gullibility o£ thp leader for the political and pecuniaij profit ol a consciencelpss machine \W aie prepared to proic that these are the utterances oi Hessianiim--ot an organ with no basic piinciples no fundamental allegiances to men or c?uses no regaid foi journalistic gord laith, n 0 care for the respect ot the public To prove these thing we are content to call a single witness --The Globe-Democrat itselt In its i^siic of Septembei 2 1915.--14 months ago--the place oi honoi on us editorial page was occupied by a double leaded editorial entitled Ce;miu 1 islds "U e Quote thii editorial m tull The oflicial notice grven to Seciutaiy Lansing esteiday by 'imbassadoi BeinstorfE marks it maj be believed the beginning OL the. end of out difficultus ~\ ith Cietmaro We ha\e contended from the [list tor the Kecognj-tion of ceitun principles in_ vohing lights w r hich \\Q held to be inalienable 1 hose punci- ples li ivo no\v been oHcially accepted bj Gei man^ Liners sa^s the Ambassadors note w i l l not be sunk bv our subma- i HIPS without warning and w i t h o u t satetj of the lives ot noncombatants ' I h a t is to sa fiat heteattei no translantic ships will be sunk as was the Lusitania, but due notice of attack will oe given and the sa.fet\ of the passengers and crew pio- vided for It remains but to airive at a satisfactory undeis- tandmg as to the rppaiation toi acts, committed m violation of that principle and that will be a matter of diplomatic negotiation that can now he earned forward in an amicable spirit That this is i \ictorj a ^rcat victory, for the United States, foi the American people and £01 President \\ilson, can. not be disputed W e could very easily have been drawn into a w a r 01 er this matter All the elements ot a conflagration ,vere present and it needed but the touching of a match to set the countries aflame That the match, was not struck is largely due to the calra deliberate course of the President Firmly, cour ageousl) and skilfulU he uphe'd the cause ot the Government, and the cause of humanity and he won as he deseived to win For rigTit w r as on his side There was ne\er for a moment a doubt of that in the minds of t i e people of this country \Ve opposed the German method of submarine warfare not from selfish inteiests but because it w B -wrong in principle, a wrong against civili/ation a Molation not nierelj of our lights but of hum in Tights the rights of all people the rights of Geimany heisclf And Germany w i l l ore daj thank us These words of piaise of the calm, 'deliberate course of the Piesi- cont w h o firmlj, courageously wd skillfully upheld the cause of the Government and the cause ot bunuiDitj, and won as he deserved to ivin repiesent the unnersal verdict of the nation The Republican oimpaign now drawing to an end is a campaign of lies pure and simple--of the most shamless and baiefaced falsehood Its leadeis f i o m Chai les E Hughes down, have abandoned the elcmentarj I i m c i p l e s of decency Thoj have intentionally nusi©presented about the taiiff the d i p l o m i t i c serMce the rescue of Ameiicans imperiled n Mexico lied about out national p i o ^ j e i i t i INOW they are lying about IbemseKe" Thej are professing convictions which are the veiy reierse of those they enteitam ind condemning x foieign policj which when its tri imphs occuned thej cordialH ond unreser\ edl piaised And all this thej are doing simplv because in then desperation the} see no other hope for votes enough to bent the President The Republic calls upon the people of the Southwest, regardless of partv to rally to the support of President Wilson m rebuke of an oppo sition which does not scruple to give the lie even to its own deliberate recorded^ judgment, when the forms of falsehood current with self-r* specting scoundrel ism prove insufficient to its needs ipal In couliict therewith L nact*d by tht people of tk* Simtf in conflleting n i t h tbe pro\lbion» of thla ·ection are hcieby lepealetl ei if po^ible ^\hat effect the ^ ar talk | made a topical Don Quixote and when of tin-, man is likeb to have \Mth theii i e passes there should arise anothor ·\otei-s n en and women on election Ceivantes to be his chronicler da\ ! Thi 0 -\\ar mad bloody romded m a n ! BTATE OF MISSOURI ) Bepartment of State j Roose\elt in his r a \ m g s for wa 7 " will be Tvnown. not o n l j for his i i i t n does not stop noi does he consider the consequences w a r at this time micht mean to this countrv he doe= not stop to estimate or considei fo- ? moment the cost of monev and the effect on business and the commerce -f the countv nor the lo = ; of the thousand* of soldior^ that would ha\e i i T e n i 11 battle and d ed of diseas" during the ninetv he estimated it \\ould h ^ e tiken him to reach the Citv of Mexico "with h s arni^ He tike;, no thought for the faU of t^e ^vido\v^ and orphans his march to the Cit\ of Afexico ^ould have left in this countrv This man m hi£ less Sisiegard of the untold surfer ings de°=pan and death that -\\ill na^ urallj follow the adoption of hit reckless policies b~\ the election of IluErhe*. but he ^ ill stand forth in histon ^us au arch triitor to the great aini-v of pituotic men -\-vli 0 \Mth hieh hones lollowed his militant leadei sh p under the banner of gre^sn e partj T~v\ o negroes ^ er? di-c is^mg as to -who -was the grcate man Washington or Roosevelt Said the first '-Washington was to far the greatest man he "u as the Presiden*- of the "United State* he talked bar footed in the sno^ s of TaDe Forgp I C o r n e J l u s K o n c h Secretary of Btat« of the State or Missouri hereby certify t h a t the foiegohifc ib n full true ind com plete cop\ of the one j o i n t nncl concurrent resolution of tl e T o r f v ol^hlh Genernl i.3 semll} of tbe Stnte of Missouri of the pro posed amenrtniynt to tbe Constitution ot the Stnte of V l l s s o t n i also of the two R m e n d m o U 1 * to the Constitution proposed by i n i t l t t K e petition to hp M i n i i t l t e d to tbe qutil fled voteis of the .stite ol! Missouri at the j,eneial election to be liekl ou Tuea d n v the s e v e n t h d i v of JSovember 1116 _ In t e n t i n u n y "hereof T hereunto set ., ,, , my h a n d u rl icrived the C r e n t Seal of tha the -Pio stTte if MISBO u l ]Jo e nt office 'n the Citv of iclTeisou ber A D 1918 this 5th day of Septem- Think of the Telephone Lot A om telephone save you the worrv and jnoonvenience which is often occasioned by shopping durma; these vaim dajs Cnltnatc tho liabit of "shoppms; by pJioue" -- it's quick convenient and satislactoiy in evciy way Tv'hen voti phone us an oidoi 3011 may be suie of the caioiul soivico as if 3 ou visited oui stoie in peison CALL ONE - ONE when you need an^ tluna; m diuc;s 01 othei dius? stoie goods Call -\\l\en ~s ou have an emergency need -- and ask foi "quick delivery " Call when 3011 have a prescription to be compounded RYBURN'S PHARMACY "THE SERVICE STORE'! Try a Consutuuon want Afl CHAPEL FESE--NIGHT PHONE 4-4 301, DAY 307 F. A, M?bershogen Son UNDERTAKERS arvl FUNERAL DIRECTORS H. L KECKE, Licensed Tu balmer CHAS. GIBBS, Asst. --Change ot Day -- J8th Year Here Reliability. Dr. Prettyman j.ct- come LO ever four weeks tor over 16 years and haa done good eonscien tious work FREE CONSULTATION AND EXAMINATION New Leeper Hotel Chiilicothe, Mo. Monday, Nov. 13, 1916 --9:00 a. m. to 3:00 p. m.-- Returns 1 i CM Four \\ceks DR. PRETTYMAN I» a graduate of the College ol Phjsiciang And Surgeons, New York City one ot the best Medical Schools in the United States He has nad years of experience in the great hospitals -and twenty yoars special practice He points with pride to his manj cures In Chiilicothe and ricinlty He Treats Acute ami Chronic Catarrh, Ringing to tbe Ears, Deafnew,,' Diseases of the Eje, Ear, NOM Throat, Lungs, Stomach, Heart, ld»er, Kjilueys, Bowels and Bladder. Nervous Disease* Neuritis, Nervous Prostration, Neuralgia, EpUepsy (Flu), Rheumatism given special attention. THOSE Suffering from Nervousness Di* ilness Confusion of Ideas Aversion to Society, Defective Memory Nervous Debility Sleeo lesaness, Weakness and Exhaustion treatea bj the latest »nd bast methods Blood and Skin Diseases Acne, Eczema, fsor asla Scrofula and all other Blood and Skin Disease* treated Diseases of Women Treated in the most satlsfactorj manner. Our home treatment h Plearant to use and gives gooe results The doctor carries all his portable instruments, and comer prepared to examine the most obscure medical and surgical cases Correspondence solicit ·d. Address, DB. PRETTYMAU ta«Z ELMDAI/E, AVB. CHICAGO. ILL Mr F F uooper, represent- top the Troy Laundry Machinery Co , nl Chicago vliit ID town last week visiting tne S f j I F E R L A U \ D B T said, This Is the most up-to date Laundrv dolug the i 'o 1 nearly perfect work ta t ! have seen In many da ~e Sir Cooper was In ii* laundry business himself n Chicago for a nun) of r ot \ ear« --Adv CHIROPRACTK is the plulosoph}, science inJ art that accounts foi, locates and Tdjusls the cause of d ease \n\ inlormation ^ill be glidH gnen at m\ office ire^ H . H . H A K V V O O D C H I R O P R A C T O R Lady Attendant SEISBR riLDG --Opposite New Po=t Offlro- Fhone J1 " Sei-ei ! I ' CHIIjMCOTHP, "MO. 1EWSP4PERS

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