The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 4, 1914 · Page 7
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 7

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 4, 1914
Page 7
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-Saturday Evening, July 4,1914. T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Page Seyen PI TO MONDAY AS People You Know Business House* Open Today; Will Close Monday. Pan*. Jub 4 -- Honda % will be the ·lay f*r ihe eltlien« f Pan* and especially the business men to ol~s r\ p the Fmirth of July The u n i t s w i l l not lose on Saturday bul "111 clntL at Monday noon Instead Pana business men contend that Sat irdav In a bad .ia:. In which to close their places of buii noas Hntl t h e y h a v e ttKr* eri tn c losi M ndnv so i« to p h * t h p l r clerk 1 * n liolltldv The b a n k r l o w « - \ e r , closed fiatimliy a« i n u n ] MISS C H A 1 F A N T h M L R T A i y Miss Marie L h a i f a n e n t e r t a i n e d the Your* L«JI»s ron'ftn Mis'loneri eo t r t v of the F !ri Methodist church at her f m t r y home v ' « t f r d n v Mlsu C h a t ' n t opened tin p r u R r n m w i t h u readlt g e n t i t l e d ^ i r k fm 'he W o r l d Mrs Roj Punk ilso h id s reading: · u ! ' r * i "^t r r e ^ f n t e t l to th* florle-tv "Ml"* ' n n e Slmpeon wls In rmrKP of the m v a t ^ r v box Refreshments wen n e r v e d Thf ann ial p i c n i c of the soc- le w'll be held at K l t c h e l l park aome time In A u g u s t Rev Harmon I Her e home east of Pana u at the scene of a g a t h e r i n g of dnlrgati-s of the Foreisrn Mt»»lonary ·society of the First BaptlM church yesterdav \n e l a b o r a t e d i n n e r was i"»r\cl Mr* Ta'r Mr« W i l l s Mr 1 ? I ' r i ' f l r t Mrs Clements and Ml«« Susie Coe f ' s i r M in the program rendered ^ E Bouillon wlte and da ighters motored to Pars from Lincoln 111 , Jrlflay and arc (uesti or Mrs Charles K.mdo.1 Mr and Mri J A Carpenter « l l l de- jmrt Friday n l r h t for Ch cage where they will take a lake steamer for a seven d a j i \acllon on the Ikog, leaving Chlcgo Saturdav VESPER CERVICES SLXDAI The first veeper aerMcei S-indy even Ins at Kltchull park will be presided o v i r ' v Riv P P Carson of tin 1 Ir Mcthn 1st c h u r r h Rev H B I c - t c r o f l the Presbyterian church w i l l pri-afh the le'tnon Special music hai been arranged for Mrs Frea Tlerman of Pullman, 111, left for her home today after a visit of ten days with her brother and his w i l e Mr and Mrs John D Schwartz, 143 'U cst Washington street Miss Lelah Fahay left Thursday night for a two montha 1 vlalt with Mrs Joseph Miracle In Oahkosh, Wls Ellz-ibeth and Casey Jehle daughters of Mr and Mrs Henrv Jehle of pana, a:e ^pending the Fourth with Mr and ·\ r-. A r t h u r Daniel* of West View i t r e c t They w i l l make an extended v M t w i t h their friends In Decatur be- f io r e ' u r n l n r to Pana Mr ind Mrs J Latosky. who were ri i r r l J last Wednesday at St Johan ·us c h u r c h l e f t Frlda night for hochester X Tt , where they will m u k e their home T J Barrett and familv of Effingham are guests of hi* slater, Mrs W \ D c o l c j 0*0 West Eldorado street Local Notices. TDM* NcttDM An Paid Advertising. I wisii to thank my friends and neighbors fiom the depths of nay heart for the kindness shown m« a the death of our beloved son and brother ORVILJjEJ TATBS Mrs Ijillie Yatee and famllj Collection*--We collect all classes o claims, rot s store accounts, board bills, wholesalers and lobbers accounts, miscellaneous claims We guarantee satisfaction We are responalbli reliable claims Is successful A collector o public benefactor whether they like him or not Same people don t like us A T SUMMERS, Collecting Agency OAKLAND THEATRE Today "LUCILLE LOVE" held Past Pocahontas Melv: ^ Redding assisted by Deputy Eliza M's It Fields ol the Charlotte cloak ] Gesaman conducted the ceremonies nnd £ J l t house, left Friday morning, i he officers riopheteBs--Mrs Pocahontas--Mrs for R i c h m o n d I n d , where «h« w i l l Join nnd Mi i Henry Goldftnger They Ml m o t o r from Richmond to Toledo O i n d Mr Goldflnger will return to R i c h m o n d and Mrs Fields and Mrs Go d f i n s e r will go to New York City u bu summer and early fall merchandise Mlse Marie Trlerweller, 630 East Oe- catur street, l e f t Friday for Carlisle, 111 to spend a vacation Miss Lena Hagen 606 East Decatur street li spending- the Fourth In At- l a n t a III Mr and Mr" Tom Seip have gone to Moweaqua to spend the Fourth Mr and Mrs H H Lanham and sone King h a \ e gone to Palisades Park Mich for a month s stay Mrs Hattle Chenoneth and Miss Frances Chenoweth left Tuesday for C h l i a g o T J O Mara, Associated Press opr i t n r at The Re\leTv leaves this e v e n i n g for St Joseph M o , where he will t n k e a similar position His place here w i l l be taken bj E L. Mandlgo, w h o now holds the place at St Joseph Mr O Mara haa been In Decatur about tu o jears Mri Owen Simon and daughter Helen 4:o East Leafland, are spending t h o Foi rth In Pana Many Leave City for Pifer's Park and Shelbyville. ^ i f in I 4 -- W i t h no c - ti t* 1 « an i r , t i it I f i r a ftn 1 a: ana b j \ i J e toUti il IP ?it\ i» expet-te i to ^ a f] rt p n a \| u ( B *Aturla mo5 t »f t*i* florin win ramaln opan n oit of th «i* bit not much b u u n m \vit be d' ne .h* } L. Tod i dry soot»a store Is the on y tu t i l i n g tn t h e c ty wh ch ha* boen dero- »at a to any fir mi **tent In honor of th« cay and It · hea u fii y decorated acroie tti« «ntlre 'runt of t n « hullrtinj.: IthT WHH.AT Y I F L . D ThQmu! Jol i ion eajt of ihla c 'y and of Jonathan Cre«-k township h»» reported tho f * n t wViif \ (i (tn f»r rhi» «i»ion Mr J hn«on np jut; tLroa ^id. Ill* sliest aM iritj t w e n t y two nrrp* mcaai rM o t a !ltf * *· 'er than forty b s h e a to th» acre T h i s I« l u l t e a go f deal hotter than i^e a\crage * per »«*re HAS SEINE LICENSE T f v * HP f *e« fiir t h ** who w i n i *"i Jn t l o p««t Mr C.rpt.n h u t n t ir n » k f f c naes anJ he h i s r-a 1 a i ' i i* for them M ** I i Co Una w e n t to Dacatur Frl- «' f a st ort vli \ narrack and d i u j r h t - r P»ir' **n 1 i Frl1a\ morn ng ' r i f u i ] j % f *i h -eltuireK Mr Borrn k u e r u j ONLY TWO SCHOOLS WITHOUT TEACHERS IM riirlNtlnn County--firms from Tav. lorvllle. Taslonille Julj 4--Miss Agnes \ t u g h a n has been employed to teach *he c a'em s ^ool at a salary of $60 a m o n t h Ml« s Vaughan taught last r £ i c a r at Fai-vlew All the country schoo a now 5ia\ e teachers for the next term excepting Brookslde and Re^Ier WEDDIVG Anna Smith, Leona Fortner Wenona--Mrs. Dora Kunihe Powhattan--George Virden Trustee for 18 moons--Mary S derlln Collector at Wampum--Ullto Qrcen- nood Ths following are flhe apipolnt»4 oble'e First Scout--Dorothy Goodsell Second Scout--Mettle Kurr First Runner--Mrs Ethel Martin Second Runner--Mrs Pearl Fleming First Councillor--Carrie Carver Second Councillor--Barba White First Warrior--John Carver Second Warrior--S A Klrlcendal! Third Warrior--J W Fortner Fourth Warrior--James Knotts Guard of the Wigwam--Fred Krauss. Guard of tlie Foi eat--Albert Ge»a man First Bravo--Emma Virflen Second Brave--Emma Smith Lawrence H Hultt of Springfield and Bertha Hutehine of St Francis Mo \ \ f e married In the county court hnu«ie FrjdTy by Count\ Jjdga C A I ratt*r Tho couple t v i l l reside In M r l n g f i e l d , where the groom Is a car- renter Rev R H Claxon of the Bapt church spoke at Bement today whare there la a blar celebration of the na- t i o n s birthday - Vi*rr!a i F« «e icenca were iMtiett herf T r M t v h «! rev aie Ii of th a c t in 1 Tri-nrh n£e .1 nf Fsi«' " t M iinrt Cermxlp M / n M i r r I «!· t i ! U i C rl i i r U e l Iii f r o m Ch cngo Fr lav e\*»ni'ig \vher* t h ' - v h*\t I **-n a t ^ n r t i n t f a hoi «e pnrtv nt t hoi - rf Mr 1 1 1 1 M « CMrlr* « t r a nr^ M srrt Mr* Jot-i Workman **f C h l f i R n t ·· F r r t a y f - v ^ n l n f f r r n \ l - r u l ' h t h t f* E as \ \ o r k m n n TI i o f u r n . L R f H 8hRVlCi.S r r * « b v » f » r i n n -- T h a n u n ! iwr\Jcw w i l l be n I *unrfft) m n r n i n r «"'h the paitor Jn t h e Ij ul' I t no t^enilic * n cti t nriat an r j i r * h - T h « u t u a l »*r\lc«a Bun- «ftmy n rninff b u t In tha evening the union ··rvlcfli nf a l thr*e ch irche* u i 1 be h*ld In t*il» rh rrh M h n*v T F ttohirarth pastor *r t h - e M f i h o r i i c i ^ - h u r i h In the p u l p i t Tha younff n» op « · ·..cirtiti of th« three churchet u l a i hold u n l i n aer\*ces at the UIUHI imur t the rh hulan c h u r r h Thesa ·\flnina- union MrM^t M i l be continued f n n c-hrt t th« n ^ n t h i of J u l y and A u f u a t »i th d t i t C 1 ! r _TI vva^ exreotc-1 t i n t th hi r r h n rt he r*'*' 1 f r eeritf-ea agi n P u n d a y but rr-» rh irr-h n not n ita readj ·o t l t a t nest N u n d n y R l h^ t h o f r l u t Sundas ·» *cr c n « t l h* h*!rt In t h e ch ireh · f t » r ih*- deenrst nir hap he n f i n i s h e d Thin liaa horn p c m p l f t f l 1 t th* w n m o n h n \ e not ^·^^ not h id in ·* down «nrt !-!« svlil b* fin Tha rh r h thr tarns P * e in r*p ins Ofa ha*« dona in »-xr"lfnt 1 F T t i e c a r n o f f t h"l hy ne _ of fie their etfor'a i d h » r d v he nk*n for nh nnd tho»fl in are well pleMed wl'h FIXDLAY. ace e n t a r ' a l n M a few h c f t h f a a t V, e-lntHdav came t y automohll. \fr an« Mri X t\ft Hiritt at an « a h n r n c in r-lnt 1 Th« gje»t» r t r c n sholhyviit* A party of young p f i p * . chaperoned by Txiter Calxert and w i f e »n Finrliay Monday mnrnln* for a w t t h o»« ng a» Plf*r n pnrk n«ar Sullivan Thr o t h e r rn*mh«r5 of In* rnrnpany ura "Mtaffea N* in P u r m m flub J»m-i \V1? aM Snapp and M « r M n lia\ » \f*tdame Frmnlt Spire- anrl \ m n * I a t t r _ ·en ar« entorlalnlnt their atstT Mri Rob- «rr HoMv of f t i i l l l v a n Mrs Ed Wrtjrht *nd a«n Jamec ^ent to A H n m o n t Monday to vlait her mo h e r Mra II* rlct C mba Mri J «t«mpf want to Sprm»*l*M V *f1nrs tfay tf \ l a t t hor dai flhtvr Mrt G r U l pon M-f Ir n ^\ MOLI v and c h i 'l-on nrn vl-itlna: her 411 lighter Mr* Jn« H n i n m o n l en *n n l l In Dement t h l » w«k M r l m Phitnks and « '8 M 9+ N i l ! R n j r h r m i l l in t)»«r TrB H^tinke re urned il n iv from S tlbyvll f Mlaaea Laura end Jennnet i n *\i «*n fcave hren D i a l l i n g r»1atl\e)t In I n 1 1 Mr ns and ao-i O-ncr ir in I M *o ki-t. » ; *o j. dn\ riovrt JCirriora of rh* Kansannn Fl*r»r r CQ 5prln*flrlcL apent hla \ a r a t l o n w i t h hla jrranomo her V"t v n rimorc MlH l i n e - B a n d tl belplnir to nurae M!»a Carrie Karp Meadamea Harry Fcetfr Thomm *" em'nar T 9U. DeBru «r inrt MJw 7entth S r h » a r t i were the ttieofa of the r a m p i n g party at Pl|*re park near P u l l i v s n \ \ f d n f e r l J i j Mra. Harrv Barken to and chlMren went %» tf**Mitn Tueadey f M. Twamm Ia entert«lnin» hla mother ·fra F^B. TV**.*, and hrr - r i nd Mr? Kate VrMulttfi ** CtH»palfn thlt week "'irr' n«r'rv *r*w ^ t n v Turnay nave * ^^ %?^n the hom*i Into hla prop- ke h l* ea Hott nnrt faml v nre ITH» of hi» parents i nr Th« barn en th* Ktllat Sptcer farm tn- ·ludinn · mare U§FV hnrnea* ee pa rat or W*J roiMuned bv fere 5 nda nXht Birn (4 T*w Urtirp and v l f e a ton on §unday Junn 21 .lira C P Dlldine returned from Dwatur tke drat of the week where ahr had been eaHen to $*+ her aiater, Mri Dolly Ootti o' -Koknmli ""ho «ea operated on for appendl- ·iila. Rav C W Estes returned home on Friday from Leonard, Mo where he w e n t w i t h the Rev Jamea Valler f u n - eral p a r t j and Thursday afternoon at o o-.lock conducted the funeral serving c%er the body BRIDGE LOSERS ENTERTAIN FrlrtRv aftet noon In the home of Mrs B E Bulpltt the six losing members of a Bridge party which had been progresalns all winter entertained thf w i n n i n g members at a i o clock H n c h c o n The Bulpltt home was b e a u t i f u l l y decorated In Fourth of July decorations of flags and bunting and the color scheme \\as red white and blue VISITORS FROM BOSTON Chilmer Fainter and hie bride Miss H e l e n BeTro* of Bi o o k H n n Mass ar- tn thU olty T h u r s d a y evening to v ' M t the grooms parents Mr and Mre J C Painter of \\est Franklin street Thr will be hero ten das and return to Boston. Mass where Mr Painter haa a l u c r a t i v e cltv position The marriage it will be remembered was the c u l m l n u t of a romant c courtship and w n e n Mr Painter desired hla discharge f rom the L S coast artillery, he found H a l l t t l p d i f f i c u l t to get out of the SPT\ ice in the usual ^ a y on acc u n t of the trouble with Mexico and the major of Boston, ^sho had offer- td him a- place and who la a friend of camp to hU revue infl Induced the n " \ n ] a u t h o r i t i e s to ehe him an hon enable discharge Mr Painter and Miaa Bearco were married at Brook- In Mass at 7 30 o clock June 10 Mrs Retta DaUdson, nee Mlsa Helen \ \ i l k i n B o n rf this city IB to b« operat- on in f 1 Icago Saturday fo r oppendl rltis Her mother, Mrs James \Mlktn son left Friday for Chicago to be at her bedside BtTS FARM John B Colegrove Thursday bought he Joe Mink farm near Owaneco, at n hlic auction for $188 an acre lolm C Richardson, representative f i n m this district in th« state legis- uture was in this city Friday en loute to VandaUtL, where he will deliver an addresg at a Fourth of July n'cetlnr Mr and Mrs Carlton have return-d from Bij? Rnplds Mich where thev CAMEO RING FOR MRS. WILMETH Thirty-Eight Women at Kings Daughters Meeting The mee+ing of the King s Daughters of the First Baptist church F i i d a j afternoon, at the home of Mrs Marv Freeman 328 N o r t h College street, "v\a=; in part a farewell for Mrs Gus \\ il meth w h o l e a v e s J u ] j 34 for California Mrs \ \ i l m e t h wis presented w i t h a cameo ring from the societ, the presentation being made bs Mrs E B Jenison T h i r U eight women attended the meeting 1 De^.otions were led b j the president Mrs E H Che^el ro and praj er was offered by Mrs Frank Baker Mrs Ira Smith wag appointed secretary to succeed Mrs "Wilmtth The society accepted the invitation of the Foreign Mission circle to meet with it in a picnic at Talr\ew park J u l y 31 Hostesses wll be Mrs Lottie Rs der Mrs John Seeforth and Mrs Harry Stroh Tw o new members w era received The lesson subject was ' T h e Japanese in Our Country Mrs J T O w e n s told of the Baptist w o r k among the Japanese in the west, and Mrs Mattle Cade told of occupations taken up by the Japanese w h e n they come to this country A. aolo was given by Mrs Combs Other program n u m b e r s were a story of a Japanese who lUed In this country by Mrs W P Ftatr and a few echoes of the recent convention at Boston by the pastor, Bev J F Mills Mrs W .u Krigbaurn closed the meeting w i t h prajer Daint refreshments w e i e s e i \ c d by Mrs Freem«n The next metting will be held with Mrs J E Saxton on West Main Arthur and Irma Calvin. OF I TO ACRE tlonal work also will b* undertaken tn territory outside of experimental artti Ivesdale Farmer Has Banner Crop Yield. IveidaJe July 4--William Rogers a prominent farmer residing north of Ivesdale reports what la believed to be the largest yield of wheat in tha history of Champaign county Eight acres on his farm yielded at ths recent t h i e s h i n g fifty-two busheli an acre w h i l e f i f t y - f i v e acres In the same fieM a\e-aged forty-five bushels an acre The wheat was of gplendld qual ity and w a s immediately delivered to the Morgan Camp elevator In Ivss- lale The threshing was witnessed by several f a r m e r s w r o vouch for the rorre"tne's of the big ield tlalm OTHER BIO YIELDS Frank Bell resldlnr near Sadorus on one of tho f a r n s of Captain J R Tre%ett of Champaign al=o reports a phenomenal sleld of w h e a t five acres there yielding an average of 514 bushels per acre William DeLong a prominent grain dealer pf Eadorus estimates the wheat lie'd In that section of the county ·nill be at least thirty bushels per acre Others t h i n k it will be even greater OVTS YIELD GOOD Oats in the northern part of the county Is Improving and the yield will be f i o m t h i r t j - f i v e to forty bushels per acre Feet With Six Toes Each. MEMORIAL SERVICE NIK TWELVE 15 A r t h u r and Irma Calvin children of Mr and Mrs John Calvin of Pana, not nly have the usual allotment of toes, but h a \ e t n o each to spare Both the c h i l d r e n have six toes on each f o o t O t h e r w i s e they are normal children in every way A r t h u r is ten pears of are w h i l e his =ister is si\ Simplest and Cheapest Way AT M'CLELLAND'S to Maintain Good condition. rr \ l s l t l n g Governor and Mrs Ferris parents of Mr. Ferris \\ Mra C Shumway, Mils Anna. Rcthchlld and Mr and Mrn C B Keller will leave Tuesday for Minneapolis. M i n n , to \lilt Mri John Van Dyne, sister of Mrs Shumway and Mlsa Roth- cnlld On account of heavy ralni recently near Minneapolis the party ·ttintlonf 1 t h i i r original Idea of BO- Ing by automobile Onciit Council CeremoBlei. Oncta Council No 56, degree of. Po- In Honor of Mrs. Scurlock, Mr«. Ueadlea and lire. Murpfo. A memorial service for three mem- ber» of tha society which have died recentij, Mrs Scurlock Mra Beadlea and Mrs M u r p h j , was a part of the ] veranda meeting of the Woman B Mis- "ionary society of the First Presbyterian church Friday a f t e r n o o n at the home of Mrs S E McClelland 804 ^ ebt William street ^ esterday B meeting was one for which Mrs Beadles had been scheduled to lead the de\ o t l o n s The memot la! sen ice took the place of the usual devotions A f t e r the memorial Mrs A H Mills reviewed the book ' T h i n k i n g Black This is a story of twenty years travel in the wilds of Africa, and is written from the standpoint of the African TT\ enty-flve women attended the meeting The next regular meeting will be held in Fain iew park at 4 o clock in the afternoon A picnic supper ,to which the husbands will be in\ited w i l l be served Washington July 4 --The road drag Is the simplest and least ezpenaUe contrhance j e t d e m i s e d for maintaining earth roada according to the experts in the United States department of agriculture who are co-operating w i t h state and county authorities In w crk for better roads NOT EXPENSIVE terlal The cost of operation depends of course upon local c o n d i t i o n s and the thoroughness i \ i t h \ v h i - h the *\crk Is done It is safe to *! h o w ever, that it is ILSS e\ne i i \ c I r a n any other e f f i c i e n t \ stem ot upkcen BULLETI\ C^ D R \ G Farme s Bulletin No 5 ~ of th« de l a i t m e n * of agrrculture dis^us^es un 'The Poad Drig infl ' the be*=t incthodb if i der the title of How It la Used, maintaining earth raid's in good condition D\ this simple a e \ i w o In this l u l l e t i n \vhifji ha^ ju t been published the d e p a r t m e n t points out that of more than I tlOQ QOO miles of public roads in the L n i t L d static onH about 200 000 mil^s 1 a\ e been g \ i n a hard surfice It is tr i of L ir«=c that a large pa~t of tii rui a m t mileage consists o£ roads thU aro en tirely unimproved and that on roads of this class the drag is practk ulv useless The^o is a much larger mileage, however that has bet,n pacUi improved, ani it is on roads of this character--roads that ha\ e been crowned or drained but have not hid hard surface--that the u=e of tue drag is advocated U. S. TO FIGHT HOG CHOLERA Cooperation Bctnecn Federal and State AntliOritiei Washington, D C July --Under the recently passed act of congress which grants $600,000 to combat hog cholera the U S department of agricultures agents w i l l cooperate closely with the nate a u t h o r i t i e s to prevent and eradi- ate the disease by the use of antl hoe cholera FPJ um and q u a r a n t i n e method^ Approximately |"0 000 w i l l be soent during the coming- j e a r In eacji ex perlmental area selected Thirteen of the counties where the work Is to be carried on h a \ o been picked out and in 12 of these the w o r k has a!read\ hetn started Two other i-ounties a i e to h e selected w i t l i n a. short time In IlUno!" Kankakee countv has been ·^ele'-ted for the preliminary w o r k Appropriations win be spent in making ·lurvev'* using serum on hogg on I i n f e c t e d and exposed farms In s a n i t a - j tion and q u a r a n t i n e w o t k and in organ I r i n g farm»rs to cooperite w i t h the stite and federal authorities In addl tlon f u n d s w i l l be used foi the pro d ictlon by the Department of art! hog cholera serum and for the Insoec- t i n n ind proper control of serum prepared by prhate and other aKenile^ P x t o n * i \ e r l c m n n M r a T i o n in1 educa OPTIMISTIC VIEW OF THE FUM Financial Writer Sees Many Hopeful Signs. Henry Cleus the New York financier w r i t i n g under date of July 3 Ba}« At last the stock market s«ems on the \erge of awaking from Us lethargic sleep and this In suite of the many unfavorable factois which still remain Evidentli these ha\ e been liberally discounted Such shocks as tha Claflin failure, the assassination of Archduk« Francis Ferdinand and f ( e*h railroad receivership* are almost ignored For some t i m e past H haa been »elf- evident that this maiket was thorough- 1 sold out a f t e r nearly twenty months 01 *tead-\ liquidator Its technical position as has been frequently pointed out Is steadily improving and onl* some developments of a con\lnc!ng" and promising nature are needed to Infuse fresh life and hope Into the local market The splendid outlook for nearly all crops throjghout the w«st and on the Pacific coast Is by far th* most encouraging element in the whole situation Here is genuine wealth newly created Our · w h e a t crop is simply phenomenal and promises with Its yteld of o\er 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 bushels to sdd fully $700 0 0 ) 000 of new wealth within the next fe^ weeks the har\est belnp nell a d v a n c e d Our railroads are already bringing out idle cars for the purpose of market this \ a s t c-op Bankers and merchants in the grain belt are exceedlngl\ opttml*t!e k n o w i n g full well that the farmers w i t h well filled coffers will be free spenders The big jobbing" hoi s«~ of the w=st are openly confident The agricultural Implement concerns are looking f o r w a r d t^ a good business and a fre° payment of farmers loan* which had been sc cumulating Low priced automobile concerns are also expecting lirge sales to the farm er« Thp fr it TOP is ^ood in almost all ^ertion^ and the corn crop is progre^ ing satisfactorily under favorable con diilop-- In spi*e of the absence of -warm \veathei C irrent primates are for a crop of 2 900 00 n 000 bushels which w o u l d be th* 1 largest crop on record ex cept t h a t of 3912 w hich amounted to 3 124 000 00 One good a u t h o r i t y estimates that our agiicultural products this year In- cl i d l n g animals w i l l probab reach 11 or l f l billion dollirs, compared with 10 b i l l i o n s last ear Xext to the crops the best supporting influence ia cheap money Funds are abundant for all sound purposes The g'tJation abroad shows an Imp r o \ i n g tendencj, particular^ at Lon don QUEEN ESTHER GIRLS HOSTESSES At Meeting ot Woman'* Homo Minion- ·IT Society. The Queen Esther girls were hoot- esses at the meeting of the Woman s Home Missionary aocle'y of the First Methodist church Friday afternoon Devotions were led by Iva Zimmerman and a duet *as given by Hazel Weaker and Qladja Whltehead The subject for the lesson was 'Home Missionary Work In the South Land, Among the Colored People' and the meeting was In charge of Blanche t)avii Miss Davit had a map review Start- Ins at "itlanta Ga, she traced a trip through tha south, stopping at all the homes and such Institutions of the home mission ^ork At each place she mada a stop one of the girls of the circle arose and gave a historical article about that place Patriotic Bongs were sunB The room was dscorated with American flags Mrs. Smith Munson, secretary of the Mothers Jewels band, reported forty new members In the band Thirty-four people attended the meeting After the lesson, It was reported by the treasurer that all obligations were met and the books closed met In th« R«dmen hall Frl- for the year t Light refreshments w»re or served. Properlj used the drag needed crown to the road, out ruts and other Irregularities spreads out puddles of water thereby accelerating the drying of the road and makea the surface more or less Impervious to wat r by smearing over 20,000 BUSHELS CORN MARKETED Farmers of the Pnnlluo llclnH} Get 07 Onto. St, Joseph, Jlilj i --farmers In the vioinUy of Pauline deli\eied 20,000 bushels of old corn to Uie elevator fliere during the past ^eeJv, at sixty se\en CPIHS a bushel Fanners In this v l c l n t t j are pleased o\ er the the I crop outlook this vear \ \ h l r h Is bct- smoothea lef than for a n u m h o r of j e a r s The threshing season will start next w e e k with an e\cellent piotpect for it'ieat better In fact, than e e- before The other crops are looking good and the oats is expected to "IP Tlmost up to the so-callad pores In the earthly ma- the average for this, U r i n i n Special Sale on Package Goods Regular $1.00 Box Fine Candy for 60c Regular .75 Box Fine Candy far 60c Regular .60 Box Fine Candy for 40c Our special line of fine home-made Candies, Caramel*, Mexican Pinocche, Cream Patties, etc. Freth Made--Special Price Today Only-- lOc, ISc and 2Sc per pound. NICHOL'S 355 North Water St. Both Phones LADIES THINK of the convenience and comfort of an electric iron these hot days--no heat from the stove, no changing irons, You can iron 60 minutes out of each hour with an electric iron, We have General Electric, Westinghouse and Hot Point irons, $3.00 Each Decatur Railway Light Co. 114 East William. Bell Phone 1. Auto 1167.

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