Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 2, 1971 · Page 15
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 15

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 2, 1971
Page 15
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Alton Evening Telegraph Saturday, Jan. 2, 1971 B-3 Ali is babbling off at the mouth again NEW YOI!K (UPI.) — Somebody far hack in the crowd was the first, to spot. him Wednesady. "He's here, he's here!" A shout went up. E v e r b o d y immediately knew who "he" was. It had to be Muhammad Aii, or Cassius Clay if you like, and it was. He had come downstairs at Toots Shor's restaurant now ostensibly to sign the contra c t s for a world heavyweight title light with Joe Frazier at Madison Square Garden March 8, contracts guaranteeing each 12.5-millioTi, but what, he had really come for was to put on another one of his inimitable shows. This might have been his best ever. He was all revved up. lie gave a magnificent .performance. "Now I'm back io prove I'm best, Ali began in what started out as a monologue. "It's time to straighten the whole mess out ... we're gonna settle this right now ... we're gonna shut you all up . the press .. the critics ... everybody." Ali, all dandied up in a moderately mod brown ensemble complete with gold- colored met al buttons, was ushered to a chair behind a six foot table and sat to the left of benevolent-looking Edwin Dooley, commissioner of the New York State Athletic Commission Ali kept talking and both TV and still cameras clicking away. "You sound a little nervous""' A guy said to him. "Nervous of what?" Iw frowned. "Nervous people don't talk like this." "Can you beat him?" someone else asked. "Can I whip him?" Ali's eyes went way up. "He'll be easier than Bonavena. He comes right to you all the time. He'll be easy to whip." "There's Joe Frazier!" said John Condon of the Garden's publicity staff. "Where's Frazier?" Ali said standing up. "Where is he? I wanna see him." "Aw shuddup!" Joe Frazier said sitting down to the r'ght of Dooley. Ali shot a jab out across poor Dooley sitting there in between both men and Frazier said: "Donf tear my coat." "I ain't tearin' your coat," Ali replied keeping his hand extended. Frazier then got up and put his right fist inches from Ali's face. They grabbed each other momentarily. 11 Yo u ain't whipped nobody," Ali said. i "Let's have some attention," he went on, "the real champ is speaking." "Siddown," said Frazier. "Siddown." Ali pretended he didn't even hear. "I want Joe Frazier ... I want Joe Frazier ... I want Joe Frazier," he kept booming "You got me," Frazier said quietly. "I'm gonna jab you to UCLA, Carolina in action tonight By KEN RAPPOPORT Associated Press Sports Writer UCLA and South Carolina bring their smash road hits home tonight and that's news. Good news for UCLA and South Carolina ... and bad news for Dayton and Clemson. Top-ranked UCLA, the Steel Bowl tourney winner, hosts Dayton and second-rated South Carolina, the Holiday Festival champ, entertains Clemson in a big night of post-holiday basketball games. While UCLA and South Carolina are doing the entertaining, it's doubtful that Dayton and Clemson will enjoy their visits. Both the Brains and Gamecocks are tough at home. UCLA has lost a total of lour games overall in five ' years and Coach John Wooden isn't used to losing anywhere—home or away. In 24 years, he's won over 500 games for a 77.4 winning percentage. Forwards Sidney Wicks and Curtis Rowe are the reasons for UCLA's success of late. "Sidney is doing it all," says Wooden, "and Rowe has never played a bad basketball game in his three years here." The Uclans have been averaging a little under 100 points a game this year and have held-opponents to about 25 points less. Along with Adolph Rupp of Kentucky and Wooden, Coach Frank McGuire is the only active major college coach winning more than 70 per cent of his career games. In 20 seasons, McGuire has a 71.1 percentage, including a 25-3 mark last year and 8-0 this season. McGuire doesn't think about records, though. "They told me the other day I won my 100th game at South Carolina in the Holiday Festival," said McGuire. "I didn't know— because I don't think about milestones, just winning." Third-ranked Marquette, winner of the Milwaukee Classic, travels fourth-ranked California, the vitational winner, hosts No. 18 Louisiana State and No. 5 Western Kentucky plays at East Tennessee. Eighth-ranked Kentucky takes on Mississippi and Johnny Neumann, college basketball's top scorer; ninth- rated Jacksonville plays at the Virgin Islands; No. 10 Tennessee is at Mississippi State and Minnesota is at Notre Dame, the No. 15- ranked club. Virginia Tech, a two-point loser to mighty South Carolina, plays at Wake Forest, which upset Jacksonville for the Gold Coast Classic, in another top game. to Detroit; Southern Trojan In- death." Clay said, working himself up good now. "All you got is that hook and you'll never catch me. Your jab is too slow. Your feet are too slow. Frazier. you don't even look like no world champion. Too short. You think Ellis and Foster got you in the first coupla' rounds? Wait'll I get through with you. I'm gonna whip you. You are in trouble. You are in trouble. You are in trouble." Now Frazier started getting up again and at this point there was a horrible agonized cry from a TV camerman in the back of the room. "Howard, Howard!" he hollered like a drowning man going down for the last time. "We're not getting any of this on film .... the juice, Howard, the juice ... we're not getting any juice No power!" The guy he called Howard looked as if he was going down with him. Ali merely shrugged. Dooley couldn't take much more. ''Unless this pre-fight bickering stops," he announced, "they're each going to be fined $5,000 today. So they better cut out this ... this ... horse manure. That's the proper word but let's change it to 'bickering'" Absolute silence followed. For 10 seconds. Then Ali, response to a question, got up again and said: "All I have to say is this: I am the two-time United States gold medal Olympic champion; the two-time United States National AAU champion and the Golden Gloves champion. When Joe Frazier first came into'the light I already had defended my world championship against Zora Folley for the 10th time. They ask me if I'm ready for Joe Frazier. I'm not calling the round. This will be a good amateur meeting a professional. This will be no contest." Frazier said the fight wouldn't go the distance when they asked him for his prediction. Later both fighters and the crowd of media people, augmented somewhat by "friends" of the principals and just plain hangers-on, moved into the dining room. There Harry Markson, the Garden's boxing chief, said he expected the fight to be the biggest in history, Jerry Perenchio, the money man, said he thought the f'ght overall, counting the ancillary revenues and everything else, would gross between $30-and $40-million. "Forty millyun dollars," Ali hollered when he got up to speak again. . "Frazier — we've been taken!" 'Thumbs down'put on violent westerns Mismatch oi the century Sammy Davis Jr. (L), adding yet another laurel to his wreath of talent, squares off playfully against towering eager Will Chamberlain in the batde of guest stars on forthcoming segment of the Rowan and Martin television series. Watching the action is show host Dan Rowan (extreme L) and Arte Johnson (partially hidden by Chamberlain). Show will be lelevised Monday. (UPI TELEPHOTO). Packers on prowl for another coach By CLARKE WILLIAMSON TOP VIKW voting again endorses the networks' decision to drop the violent westerns a year ago in favor of doctor-hospital programs. Today, "Medical Center" is again out in front of r "superb" shows such as "My Three Sons." And several weeks ago we saw how AIH"s "Wclby" was even farther ahead. Veteran western "Gunsinokc," however, is still almost in the "superb" category, downgraded to "good" only by the younger vote. Even the latter go along with their ciders to clobber the mud; trumpeted "Laugh- In": Medical superb. My 3 superb. Gunsinokc, CBS, 76.9, good. The Brady Bunch, ABC, 74.7, good. Center, CBS, 85.3, Sons, CBS, 7!>.<), Jeopardy, NBC, 73.4, good. Face the Nation, CBS, 57.2, poor. Dick Cavett Show, ABC, 5:i 9, poor. Lamp Unto My Feet, CBS, 4fi.2, awful. Bookbeat, PBS, 42.9. awful. Laugh-In, NBC, 39.5,' awful. READERS SPEAK MEDICAL (ENTER has got to be the most stupendous, greatest, fabulous and most exciting show on network television. My whole family of 5 just loves it and has not missed one yet.—Anita Metzler, Hollywood, Fla. MY 3 SONS: As Christians we are grateful for such clean pictures and wish there were more of such that children and adults alike can sec without being repelled by wrong things. — Mrs. Wallace Adams, Angola, Intl. . . . Where did they find that Doly-Dumb-Dumb? She makes a funny "son." — M. Walski, Ganvood, N. J. (Clip this portion and mail promptly to: TOP VIEW BALLOT 374. Alton Evening Telegraph, 111 E. Broadway, Alton, Illinois 62002.) HOW DO YOU RATE THESE TV PROGRAMS? Circe only one opinion on eaclT line: TOM JONES Awful-Poor-Fair-Good-Supcrb-Not seen GREEN ACRES Awful-Poor-Fair-Good-Superb-Not seen TO ROME WITH LOVE Awful-Poor-Fair-Good-Suporb-Nol seen MeCLOUD—4 IN ONE Awful-Poor-Fair-Good-Superb-Nol seen SAN FRANCISCO INTERNATIONAl,—4 IN ONE Awful-Poor-Fair-Good-Supcrb-Not seen SEARCH FOR TOMORROW Awful-Poor-Fair-Good-Supcrb-Not seen LET'S MAGE A DEAL Awful-Poor- Fair-Good-Snperb-Nol seen THE ADVOCATES—PRS Awful-Poor-Fair-Goort-Supcrb-Nol seen THE NADER REPORTS—PBS Awful-Poor-Fair-Good-Supcrb-Not seen WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS Awful-Poor-Fair-Good-Superb-Not seen Circle your ago bracket: Under 21; 21-49; 50 or over. TV LOG KTVI (ABC) 2, KMOX (CBS) 4, KSD (NBC) ft, KETC t, KPLR U, KDNL M Toledo now owns longest streak B y THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Toledo became the major college football team with the longest consecutive victory string Friday after Notre Dame snapped Texas' skein of 30 triumphs in the Cotton Bowl. Toledo, a 40-12 victor over William & Mary in last Monday's Tangerine Bowl, has won 23 straight, including 12 this year. GREEN BAY, WIS. (UPI) — One man or two? From the college ranks or from the pros? An established name or someone who has spent his entire career out of the limelight? Those are the questions bothering the Green Bay Packers' executive committee this week and all could have been answered Wednesday with the announcement in Los Angeles that George Allen would not be back to coach the Rams in 1971. That leaves Allen without a job and the Packers without a coach and general manager. Phil Bengtson resigned both jobs last week and the talks for months had linked Allen, the 48-year-old former Chicago Bears coach who lifted the Rams from losers t o winners, with the Packers. The executive committee met Tuesday and went over some of the ground rules — and candidates — for the Green Bay job, and afterwards club president Dominic Olejniczak issued a cryptic statement saying only the club was processing applications in order "to proceed immediately to contact individuals we feel arc best suited for the job." "We offer one of the great, opportunities in pro football," he said. He indicated the committee would like to follow the pattern of the past decade in which first Vince Lombard! and then Bengston acted as both coach and general manager. W h o e v e r is selected, Olejniczak said, would have c o m p 1 e t e authority over Game gone to the dog The Tennessee football team takes time out in the Sugar Bowl game in New Orleans Friday to wait for a dog to run off the playing field. Tennessee defensive back David Allen (13) tried to get the pup's attention but the game was delayed for several minutes as tin- dog ran loose. (AP Wirephoto). football operations. Olejniczak admitted there had been several applications for the job, but would reveal none of them. Packers assistant Bob Schnelker, however, has admitted he has applied. Several other names have been mentioned — the most often heard being Allen's. Allen had been fired by Rams owner Dan Reeves once before, but was rehired to fill out his contract when players and fans protested loudly about the move. His name was linked with the Packers job last summer, some time before it even opened up. Allen, a native of Detroit and former assistant with the Chicago Bears, reportedly has expressed some interest in returning to the Midwest. He once played football at Marquette University in Milwaukee where the Packers play some of their home games. Other names have also come up — or been mentioned — by observers and in some cases it would take a heavy inducement to lure them to the Packers. Mentioned from college ranks are Ara Parseghian of Notre Dame, Joe Paterno of Pcnn State, Bo Schembechler of Michigan and Bob Devaney of Nebraska. Pros or former pros mentioned include Allen, Bill Austin of the Washington Redskins, Sid Gillman and even Bud Grant. Schnelker, Dave Hanner and Forrest Gregg of Bengtson's staff have also been talked about. Coin flip is d(>c i ding in -Easl-Wesl OAKLAND (AP) — A toss of a coin is becoming standard procedure in deciding which players start in the 4filh annual Shrine East-West Classic here Saturday. East defensive coach Carmen Co/y.a of Yale made a flip Friday determining that Tom Neville of Yale will bu in the lineup as left side linebacker ahead of Wilt Martin of Michigan. Barry Brink of Dartmouth will start ahead of Randy Hustik of Virginia at defensive left tackle because of a Co//a coin toss. Earlier, head East coach John Pont had flipped a coin to decide; on Don Moorhoad of Michigan as his starting quarterback. National Hockey League Id'sulU I ricliiy Nliihl Hohlon II. liulfulo 4 Only ctii'ic M-liiMlulcd. Smui clay's f;iim« !> Calitni rila at Monti i;al Detroit at Toronto New York a» i'ltuliui till St. l.'juls u! Vancouver Chirugo at Philadelphia, afternoon Minnesota at Los Anueloti (July games scheduled SATURDAY EVENING 6:00—2 Death Valley 4 5 News 11 WMburn Brothers 30 Movie (5:30—2 Let's; Make a Deal 4 Mission Impossible 5 Andy Williams 11 Porter Wagner 7:00—2 Ngwlywed Game 11 SPECIAL: St. Louis Blues Hockey 7::!0—2 Lawrence Welk 4 My Three Sons 5 Adam-12 8:00—4 Arnie 5 Movie (C) 30 Movie 30 Kathryn Kuhlman 3:00-30 Movie' 3:30—2 St. Louis Zoo 4 Newsmakers 11 Wagon Train 3:55--} SPECIAL: Your Taxes 4:00—2 Movie (C) 4 Eye on St. Louis 4:30—4 Animal World 5 Film 5:00-4 News 11 1 Spy 30 Man from UNCLE 8:30—2 Most Deadly Game 4 Mary Tyler Moore 9:00—4 Mannix 9:30—2 Movie (C) 11 Bill Fields 10:00—4 5 News 30 Mevie 10:30—4 Movie (C) 5 SPECIAL: Basketball 11:00—5 Movie (C) 11 Wrestling 11:45—2 News 12:00—2 Movie 11 News 12:30—5 Film 12:50—4 Dick Keefe 1:55—2 News/Sports/Religion 1:30—5 Weather 2:20—4 .News/Religion Sumlay January 3 Suniluy's Montreal at New York Uobton at Philadelphia California at Dull oil Chicago ut Buffalo St. l.oulb al I. os Anodes Only game. 1 , tchuduled 6:45—4 Religion/News 7:00—4 P.S. 4 5 Gospel Jubilee 11 HI Happening With Oak Ridge Boys 7:20—2 Thought for Today 7:25—2 Ncwsbreak 7:30—2 Pattern for Living 4 Camera Three 5 Lester Family 11 Songs of Faith 8:00-2 Message of Rabbi 4 Sunday Morning 5 America Sings 11 Cartoons 30 Womleruma 8:15—2 The Answer 5 This is the Life 8:30—4 Faith of Our Fathers 8:45—2 Sacred Heart 9:00—2 Catholic Mass 4 SPECIAL: Religious News 5 Inter Church Association of Metropolitan SI. Louis 11 Samson 9:30—4 Look Up and Live 5 Hot Dog 11 Skippy 9:45—2 Davy & Goliath 10:09—2 Builwinkle 4 Church is You 5 Jumbo 11 Roller Derby 10:30—2 Discovery 4 Way of Life 5 Corlcy's Colorarna 11:00—2 Smokey Bear 4 Face the Nation 11 Wnstling 30 Astroboy 11:30—2 Jni.ny Quest 4 Town Sf Country 5 M-et The Press 30 SPECIAL: NFL Game of the Week 12:00—2 Chatanooga Cats 4 SPECIAL: Pro Football 5 Black Experience 11 John Wayne Theater 30 Cartoons 12:30—2 Lone Ranger 5 SPECIAL: Pro Football 1:00-2 Movie (C) 30 Oral Roberts 1:30—30 Revival Fires 2:00-;U Charlie Chan Theater '30 Days of Discovery 2:30-2 Movie (C) 5:30-4 5 News it Pathfinders SUNDAY EVENING fi;l(fl—2 Young Rebels 4 Lassie 5 Perspective i) Cultures and Continents It The Saint 30 Movie (C) 6:30—4 Hogan's Heroes 5 Wall Disney 9 Making Things Grow 7:00-2 F.B.I. 4 Ed Sullivan 9 Kukla, Fran and Ollie 11 Daktari 7:30-5 Bill Cosby !) The World We Live In 8:00-2 Movie (C) 4 Glen Campbell 5 Bonanza 9 Civilization 11 Movie 30 Movie (C) 8:30—11 SPECIAL: A Very Special Occasion 9:00—4 PREMIER: Honeymooners 5 Bud Ones 9 Fanfare 9:30—11 Perry Mason 10:00-2 Movie (C) 4 5 News 9 Flick Out 10:30—4 Movie 5 Johnny Carson 9 Thais Life II Movie 30 David Susskind 11:30-9 Rltcnour High Choir 12:00—2 News 12:15—2 Dircclions 12:15-5 Insight 12:30—11 News 12:35-1) Weather 12:45—2 Issues & Answers 4 Movie 1:15—2 News/Sporls/Ucligion 1:55-4 News/Religion dored Thing 5 Days of Our Lives 11 Movie 1:30—3 Dating Game 4 Guiding Light 5 The Doctors 2:(M>—2 General Hospital 4 Secret Storm 5 Another World — Bay City 2:30—2 One Life To Live 4 Edge of Night 5 Bright Promises 30 Cartoons 3:00-2 Movie (C) 4 Corner Pyle 5 Another World—Somerset 30 Little Castle 3:30—4 Mike Douglas 5 Movie (lame 9 TV Typing 11 Flintstones 4:00—5 Virginia Graham 9 Sesame Street 11 Gilligan's Island 30 Ultiaman 4:30—11 Flipper 30 Lost in Space 5:00—2 Daniel Boone 4 5 News 9 Mister Rogers' Neighborhood 11 Leave it to Beaver 5:30—4 5 News 9 What's New 11 1 Love Lucy 30 Batman MONDAY EVENING 6:00—2 4 5 News 9 Campus Showcase 11 Dick Van Dyke 30 Ministers 0:30—2 Young Lawyers 4 Gunsmoke 5 Red Skelton 9 Auto Mechanics 11 Truth or Consequer ccs 30 Flying Nun 7:00—5 Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In 9 San Francisco Mix 11 Big Valley 30 Wild Wild West 7:30—2 Silent Force 4 Here's Lucy 8:00—2 Movie (C) 4 Mayberry 5 Movie (C) 9 National Drug Test 30 Movie 8:30—4 Doris Day Carol Burnett Book Beat Bridge with Jean Cox 4 5 News Pathfinders Alfred Hitchcock 9:00—4 9 9:30-9 10:00-2 9 U 30 Movie 10:30-2 Movie 4 Merv Griffin 5 Johnny Carson 9 Now See This 11 Movie 10:45-2 News 11:00-9 Parkway Girls Choir 12:00-2 Dick Cavett 4 Movie (C) 5 News 12:15-11 Sea Hunt 12:30—5 Black Experience 12:45—11 News/Devotional 1:00-5 Weather 1:30—2 News/Sports/Religion 1:40—4 News/Religion The.Telegraph cannot always publish last-minute changes made by the television stations. Monday January 4 5:45—4 Religion/News 6:«0—4 Sunrise Semester (1:30—2 Thought for Today 4 P.S 4 5 Focus Your World 0:35—2 Farm Report (1:40—2 Ncwsbreak (1:45—2 Lone Ranger 7:00—4 CBS News A Today 7:15-2 Fury 8:00—4 Capl. Kangaroo K:ir>—2 Romper Room 9:00-2 Movie (C) 4 Lucy Show 5 Dinah's Place 9-15—30 Financial Observer !)•?!)—5 NBC News 9:30—4 Beverly Hillbillies 5 Concentration 10:00—4 Family Affair 5 Sale of Ccnlury 11 Bewitched 10:30—4 Love of Life 5 lloljyw'd Squares II The Game Game 10:50--2 Fashions in Sewing 11:00-2 Bewitched 4 Whiri! the Heart Is 5 Jeopardy 11 To Tell the Truth 11:25—4 CBS News 11-30-2 A Work! Apart 4 Search for Tomorrow 5 Who What Where Game 12:00-2 All My Children 4 My Favorite Martian 12:30-2 Let's Make a Deal 4 As the World Turns 5 Talk—Danforlh 11 Galloping Gourmet 1:00—2 Newlywed Game 4 Love is a Many Spleii- MOV1ES SATURDAY (5:30—30 — '"Ghost Driver" (1957) Audrey Totter, James Craig 8:00—5 — "An American In Paris" (1951) (C) Leslie; Carol), Gene Kelloy 30 — "God/ilia" (195(1) Raymond Burr 9:30-2 — "Call Me Madam" (1053) Etho! Merman, Donald O'Connor 10:00—30 — "The Vampires Ghost" (1945) Peggy Stewart, John i Abbott 10:30—4 — "Marjorle Mornings!ar" (1957) (C) Natalie Wood Gene Kelley 12:00-2 — "Rider in the Night" (19(14) (C) Annette DeVilliors, Johan Vanlieerden 12:30—5 — "Beneath the 12 Mile Reef" (1953) (C) Robert Wagner, Terry Moore SUNDAY 1:00—2 — "The Three Sluoges Meet Ilei'cii- les" (19(12) (C) Vicki Tricked, Three Stooges 2:30—2 — "Fort Yuina" (1955) Joan Volis, Peter Graves 3:00-30 — "Ghost Driver" (1957) Audrey Toller, James Craig 4:00-2 - "Call Me Madam" (1953) (C) F.lliel Merman, Donald O'Connor 0:00—311 — "Apache Territory" (1958) (C) Barbara Bates, Rory ('al- hoiin 8:00—2 — "Thi' Champagne Murders" (19CK) (C) Yvonner Furneau/, Anthony Perkins 11 — "You Can't Cheat an Honest Man" (1939) W. C. Fields, Edgar Bergen 30 — "Song to Remember" (1945) (C) Paul Muni, Cornel Wilde 10:00—2 — "Spartacus" Kirk Doug';as, Laurence Olivier 10:30—4 — "Slaughter on Tenth Avenue" (1958) Jan Sterling, Richard Egan 11 — "The Magician" (1959) Max Von Sydow, Bibi Andersson 12:45—4 — "That Tennessee Beat" (I960) (C) Minnie Pearl, Merle Travis MONDAY DAY 9:00-2 — "The Hanged Man" (1905) (C) Vera Miles, Edmomi O'Brien 1 :00-11 - "The Fallen Idol" (194!)) Michele Morgan, Ralph Richardson (19(17) "Privilege" (C) Jean jll—2 — "Spartacus" (Part 2) (19(12) (C) Kirk Douglas, Laur- iMii't; Olivit-r 5 - "Eye- da!" (19(12) of the 30 — "Impulse" (195S) Constance Smith, Arthur Kennedy 10:00—30 — "Shock Corridor" (19(13) Constance Towers, Peter Bn-ck 10:30--2 — "Mystery Submarine" (196S) Jnmwi Robertson Justice, Edward Judd 11 — "Beyond Glory" (1948) Donna Reed, Alan Ladd 12:00-4 _ "Cattle Queen of Montana" (1954) (C) Barbara Stan- wyck, Ronald Reggan I

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