The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on January 6, 1945 · Page 4
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 6, 1945
Page 4
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I'PAGE FOrK ' lola Wins By One Point Free Toss After Final Whistle Gives Home Team 20 to 19 Victory Over Independence Bobby Leavitt, Tola Mustang guard, made only one point in last night's basketball game and that was scoi-ed after the final -vyhistle blew but it gave the Mustangs a 20-19 victory over Independence. " ft^^llRi The game was a nip and tuck battle through all four periods. At the' end of the third quarter the score was tied 18 to 18. Durlng^e fourth quarter neither team made a basket although Vic Lind made a charity toss good early in the period. Ida held this one point lead until the last minute of play when Revel- lette, Independence forward, also earned a free toss which he made, knotting the score at 19 all. Just as the time-keeper was taking a deep brenth with which to blow his whistle and end the ball game Leavitt was fouled. In spite of the uproar in the bleachers Leavitt cooly made his point good and put the game on Ice. Take Early Lead Ba.skets by Henry Specht and Clyde Pra/.ell in the opening minutes gave lola a lead of four points which was the largest margin either team held during the game. The lirst quarter ended with the score 8-8. At the half Independence led 16 to 13. The Independence second team walloped the lola colts 32 to 10. . lola's next game will be with Chanute at lola next Friday night. The game's statistics: • lola—20 FG FT P Pts Specht. f 3 4 1 !0 Lind. f 0 2 12 : Hoyt. f 10 0 2 Cross, c 0 0 10 Lacy, c 0 0 0 0 . Leavitt, g 0 1 0 1 Prazell, g 2 10 5 On the Alleys Conunercial Leacne Standing W. L. Pet. SchUte Beer —.28 17 J82a Americsn Service 28 19 578 Elks Club „...-.25 20 .556 Hart's Lunch -•.24 21 .533 Ckjpening Jewelry 22 23 .489 Whitehead Cabins 21 24 .467 Highland Nursery 18 27 .400 Coca-Cola 16 29 .356 Individual high 10, Upton 245. Individual high 30, Upton ^6. Team high 10, Schlitz Beer 965. Team high 30, Schhtz Beer 2695. TOE lOLS: BEQISTER, SATty)AY EVENING. JANUARY 6^ lfli45. 'Glass Mines* Are (aeffflaay's Newest Whitehead Cabins Yoho 164 164 164 Cochran 132 169 161 Smith ; 183 191 157 Harding 149 152 159 Peterson 120 167 145 Total 748 843 786 Hart's Lunch Barley 148 159 128 Oswald 155 137 153 Jenner 168 178 182 Dreher 120 154 132 Hart _ 147 204 170 Sub Total .738 832 765 Handicap 18 18 18 Total 756 850 783 Totals 6 8 20 Independ.— 19 FG FT F Pts Todd, f. • 0 0 0 0 Turner, f 0 0 0 0 Revellette, f 0 10 1 Ray, f 0 0 3 0 Post, c 4 2 2 10 • Cirr«nter, c 0 0 2 0 Renner, g 1 0 0 2 -, g 3 0 2 6 Totals 8 3 9 19 Olficials—Palmer and Wolgast. Number 1 tContlnned From Page One) front reports said, and especially so In the eastern section—Pest—where the Red army is believed very close to the Danube at several points. .Sword Over Soldiers Germans taken prisoners said the garrison haa been informed that the family of any soldier abandoning his would be killed. A Red Star dispatch tol4 of repeated German counterattacks from within the city. It said they were contained with a high loss to the enemy. FOOTBALL SCORES (By the Associated Press) High School Chanute 34. Parsons 25. Neodesha 31, Cherryvale 13. Predonia 51, Garnett 17. Burlington 33, Humboldt 31. Joplin, Mo., 18, Pittsburg 17. JIOD RECIPES . Kansas City, Jan. 6. (AP)—A Kan. sas City school teacher took a vacation trip to New York City last summer and enjoyed some delicious cake and. icing at a widely known 'Manhattan hotel. Returning home, she wrote to the hotel and asked for the recipes, concluding: "Naturally, I am willing to pay for them." She received the recipes by re- Turn mail, with a bill for $100 in­ closed. A lawyer advised her to pay. She did. AIRPLANE TBOLfBLE Los Angeles, Jan. 6. (AP)—A German Junkers 88 was hit by a Los Angeles street car. A Jap Zero developed engine trouble. And a German Pocke-Wulfe, being flown here from Wright Field, Dayton, Ohio, was grounded by engine trouble at Vandalia, Ohio. So three enemy planes wont en- page in a mock fight with three crack American fighter craft at the Municipal airport. The affair was to have been a feature of NBC's "Army Hour" prograin Simday. AQUATIC SABOTEURS Gary, Ind., Jan. 6. (AP)—A school of fishes from- Lake Michigan has it all over the three little fishes who swam over the dam. The fishes tried a new route away fi-om the lake and found themselves face to face with a hydraulic machine used for descaling — not lish—but armor for tanks and other war machines. They clogged up production at the Carnegie-Illinois armor plate iiiill for one day. Construction of a cruiser requires about 5,500 tons of ordinary steel, c.xclusive of the steel in the ship's armcjr and guns. L. Some research experts contend that natural gas contains about twice as much heat per cubic foot as does ordinary city gas. Elks Club D. Tobey 171 170 118 Cason 178 175 196 Shannon 190 160 168 Whitaker .220 182 130 Gaede 146 146 167 Total .. 905 833 779 Copening Jewelers Brister _ iso 186 166 Pees 167 174 178 W. Crick 153 131 115 H. Crick 116 150 142 Ayling 158 156 150 Sub Total 774 777 751 Handicap 62 62 62 Total 836 839 813 SchUtz Beer Lasater 177 193 172 Childress v. 170 183 153 Average 160 160 160 Upton _.192 199 245 Average 166 166 166 Total 865 901 896 Highland Nursery BUlbe 160 183 170 Doolittle _...162 179 167 Herr 166 163 127 Fox 190 110 219 Duggan 157 208 140 Sub Total 835 843 823 Handicap 34 34 34 Total 869 877 857 492 462 531 460 432 2377 435 445 528 406 521 2335 64 2399 459 549 518 532 459 2517 512 519 399 408 464 2302 186 2488 542 506 480 636 498 2662 513 508 456 519 505 2501 102 2603 Coca-Cola Thornton 123 123 104 Morrow 134 162 137 McClanahan 109 124 162 Stuteville 130 108 143 Patterson 172 140 148 Sub Total 668 657 694 Handicap 131 131 131 Total 799 788 825 American Service Moore 133 132 173 Cranor 134 143 167 Reuther 143 182 160 Schuster 149 157 125 431 Ferguson 150 166 188 504 Total 709 780 813 2302 350 433 395 381 460 2019 393 2412 438 444 485 Cagy Fritzie Upsets Dope New York, Jan. 6. (AP)—A return bout between youthful Billy Arnold, boxing's latest sensation and the veteran Fritzie Zivic of Pittsburgh seemed assured today on the heels of Zlvlc's upset victory over the previously unbeaten Philadelplila high school student who gained prominence with 28 knockouts in 31 bouts. The 31-year-old Zivic, a 5 to 1 imderdog, gained an upset eight round spilt decision over his 18- year-old opponent last night. Jacobs pondered a wide divergence of ophilon among rlngslders as he started the wlieels to arrange a return go sometime In February. There were many who agreed with the vote of Judge Marty Monroe and Referee Arthur Donovan who named Zivic the winner. There were just as many who thought Arnold ti&A won. Still others believed it was a draw along with Judge Jack Gordon. The Associated Press scorecard showed Zivic on top. Arnold, who at 144 poxmds gave away nine pounds in weight, carried the fight to Zivic throughout the eight rounds. Zivic was at his best counterpunching. He parried most of Arnold's blows on his gloves and elbows, then cut loose with hard lefts to the stomach and overhand rights to the head. He staggered Arnold in the fifth and eighth and drew blood in the seventh. Number2 (Continued From Page One) back at many points about the perimeter of the bulge. This doesn't mean, though, tliat all danger of a German breakthrough of Uie perimeter is past. Von Rundstedt stiU may have another fling at this ambitious project, or he may develop the new offensive which he has started in the Bitche sector of the Allied southern flank. The Nazi marslial has two other courses. One is to stand and fight within the bulge, which may become a ring of death. The other is to try to withdraw his men and armor back into his lUiineland defenses. Von Rundstedfs position within the bulge is dangerous. Communications in this area are bad, and he must rely mainly on one highway. He is being attacked from many directions, and General Patton's hold on the Bastogne salient is a prime menace to the German. Furthermore, his route of retreat is narrow and is being deluged with AlUed bombs. If Eisenhower smashes Von Rtmd- stedt in the bulge, the Allies wiU have achieved what they hoped to do in their disrupted winter .offensive. If the Nazis retreat they will have gained time, but their chances on the Cologne plain will be worse than before their counter-offensive. The conclusion Js tliat while Von Rundstedt still may do much damage, his success is a passing one that will leave bim in the red. Manhattan, Kas., Jan. 8. (AP)— A dozen oranges may have bad a lot to do with Kansas State's 1-point win Tuesday night over Oklahoma, basketball co-champions of the Big Six. Lanky Dave Weatherby, K-State forward, feared he was coming down with a bad cold the day before the game. A friend prescribed a dozen oranges. Tall Dave ate them at one sitting Monday night. The next evening he notched 12 points, leading his mates to a second half winning drive. P. S. When the Wildcats left last night for Ames to meet the other conference co-champ, Iowa State, Weatherby was carrying a large brown paper sack in which it was rumored there were a dozen more oranges. Birmingham, Ala., Jan. 6. (AP)— Another football bowl game heard from: The New Guinea Coconut Bowl—Bulldogs 18, Crimson Tide 7. This news came to sports editor Zipp Newman of the Birmingham News from St. Sgt. Don Worthington. former radio announcer here. WPrthlngton wrote that "the game was placed before a mixed audience of natives and OX Joes, 3,000 to be exact." Chicago, Jan. 6. (AP)—Ninety- sLx of the country's leading bowling teams start shooting today in the ninth annual Ray Schalk holiday five-man sweepstakes tourney. Awards for the high fomr games across eight aUeys total $4300, with $1,000 to the winner. Last year's winning team. Eppings of Louisville, posted a 3,975. Kimberly, Ida., Jan. 5. (AP)— Jean Parsons, Idaho's only woman basketball coach,, really looks up to her squad members. Players include two six footers, one 6 foot 2 inch boy and the Stronks brothers, Ted and Leiand, 6 feet 6 Inches and 6 feet 7 inches. New telephone equipment permits a toll operator in one city to dial a subscriber's phone In another city without assistance of the operator in the second city. In cookerj- language, a gigot means a leg of veal, lamb or venison that's ready for the table. NOTHING LIKE starting off the New Year right! We greet the many new potential readers of our Listen" column—the result of this week of adding six fine newspapers to a list that now totals more than a dozen. RIGHT OFF there's- a resolution for the New Year! For those who live out of the immediate vicinity of Kansas City, the next' time you're over this way don't fail to take in the Brush Creek POl- Ues some Saturday night out at It's tlie middle- TED ROSS Ivanhoe Temple. west's top radio stage show. All or the radio stars you liave come to know on KMBC's Early Bird Jasa- boree and the noon hoxu- Dinner Bell Round-up are there in person. Such favorites as Ted Ross, youthful tenor, whose first year on Brush Creek can aheady be labeled a success! PROGRAM (CHANGES have been the order of the day since the first of the year. Several that we have not had space to tell you about include "The Strange Romance of Evelyn Winters," heard Mondays through Fridays over KMBC at 4 p. m.; some Saturday moves placing Mary Lee Taylor at 1:30 p. m., followed by "Report to the Nation" at 2! WELL-KNOWN NAMES around KMBC from little known places include Gertrude Miller, who has a way with a song at 7:30 a. m., getting her schooling at Piney Pork, (Ohio); PhU Evans, K M B C'c Farm Editor who gets up with the chickens at 6-.1S, listing as Ills britbplace the town of Danvers (Massachusetts); Lee Stewart, chief announcer and narrator on KMBC's "Starlight Phapsody" heard Wednesdays at 8 p. m., going to high school in Ringwood (Oklahoma); and Jack ITunigan, genial master of ceremonies, not only for the Brush Creek Follies, but for the Dinnerbell Round-up as well, naming 2ama (Mississippi) as his high school alma mater. LOOKING AHEAD to a week frpm Monday, a program definitely worthy of note is "House Party" I nighttime show at an afternoon time of 3 p. m. Mondays thru Prt- days. If it's good old American; slapstick that you like, the Jack Kirkwood show, new to KMBC, is now heard likewise five times weekly at 10 p. m. It's a scrambled madhouse with Kirkwood as master of chuckles, giggles and lausto. WeU, that appears to be 980 (KMBCs wave length) from here! Metals must be scarce in (jermany, if the German "glass mine," pictured above, is a criterion. The mine, found in Italy, is constructed largely of glass—the only metal pan is the detonator, left All else, including the cap. rirfit. and the bolts, is made of glass. CpL Jesse Van Nice Awarded Merit Badge (BpMial to Tha lUciitor) Humboldt, Jan. 6. (AP)—Mrs. &ma Van Nice has received word that her husband, CpL Jesse A. Van Nice Jr., who is serving with an Infantry division in France, has been awarded the Combat Infantryman's Badge. The award was made following the successful repair of communications lines on the front while under fire from the enemy. He was employed by the Santa Fe prior ta military induction, and was stationed for a time at lola. He also attended the lola junior college- Bats, mice and i-abblts cost an annual damage of $450,000,000 in England. lOI^A, KANSAS Moran Wins 34 to 32 Victory Over Uniontown (Sprrial to The Rejrisler) Moran, Jan. 6.—Moran defeate<)t ^ Uniontown last night, 32 to 34, tak- i ing first place in the Marmaton Valley league. The second team also walked away with a 31 to 20 score. The next home game for Moran will be with Pulton next Tuesday night. <X)LONY, Jan. 3.—The Happy Circle ^ub met with Mrs. Lyle Barron Wednesday. The afternoon was spent EociuUy and playing two guessing games. Mrs. Orval Comstock won first prize on both games and Miss Isab^lle Nelson second. An exchange of gV» was enjoyed. Refreshments wer« served to ,14 members. The club'will meet January 31 with Mrs. Henry Sculley. Tlie (3olony basketball teams will go tp Welda Friday evening to play the local teams. The "B" game will start, JBt 7:30 p. m. Mrs. Homer Wynn threw her hip put bi: place and is' confined to her home. Her baby daughter is having mtmijis. Mrs. Joe Endsley is staying .with; them and helping with the work. Pfc. Ralph Berg of (3olorado is hom<f on furlough visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Berg. St^m rot occurs nearly everywhere sweet potatoes are grown. i McSpaden, Byrd Pace-Setters At,Los Angeles Los Angeles, Jan. 6. (AP)—Out in. front by a'single stroke and with a gang of golfing notables treading on their heels defending champion Ear-^ old McSpadeh and Sammy Byrd were the pace setters today as the field teed pff hi the second ^und of the 72-hoIe Los Angeles opei^ McSpaden now registered from Sanford, Maine, and Byrd, tl^ ex- New York Yankee baseball player, now a pro ^at Detroit, Midb., tacked up one und|:r par 70s to deadlpck for the first round lead. The ^,000-yard Riviera course is a par :S5-J$—71 test. Mc^paden toured thf^ layout in 34-36. Byrd reversed his nVal's nine hole figures. Breathing down the leaders' hecks as the seqpnd round firing opened were the two tournament co-favorites, Byron Nelson, of Toledo, Ohio, leading golfer as well as high money winner of 19^, and Beltin' Sam Snead of H^t Springs, Va., the "people's choice." PIC THEATRE STARTING TOMORROWi- MQM't RED.WHIT&AND BLUESiCAl MUSICAL! lOLA COMING ATTRACTIONS WORTH WAITING FOR! I O Ii ilk Tomorrow for 3 Days Thursday, January 11, ON OUR STAGE Russ Long Presents AMATEUR HOUR lOLA THEATRE —Featuring— SONGS AND DANCES By tola's Own Home Talent 3—BIG PRIZES—3 1st Prize $7.50 2nd Prize $5.00 3rd Prize $2.50 YOU PICK THE WINNER . Awftf^ Based on Your * A|>plause! Remember the Night - . . NEXT THURSDAY Remember the Time . . . 8:30 p. m. Remember the Place . . . lOLA THEATRE Regular Admission Prices Coiming Next Sunday, Jan. 14 to the lOLA DAVID 0. SELZNICK prtitnti His first production since "Gone With The Wind" and "Rebecca" riiiiiiiii m\k\ Mil osepfi COHEN Shirley lEMPL: Monfy WOOLIEI Lionel mmmi Robert WAIKER Regular Admission Prices Watch for Farther Information Complete Shows at 1:15, 3:15, 5:15, 7:15 and 9:15 i UPTOWN Tomorrow for 3 Days PLUS SECOND HIT! ^ PAULETTE GODDARD * RAY MILLAND in "A LADY HAS PLANS'' Continuous Shows From 1:20 p. m. lOLA * ENDSTONITE John Wayne, Ella Raines —bi— "TALL IN THE SADDLE" (Shown at 7:45 and 11:20) Plus Freevue * Dennis Morgan in "THE HARD WAY" Shown at 9:10 Only UPTOWN * Ends Tonite I.arry "Bnster" Crsbbe —In— "WILD HOaSE PHANTOM" (Shown at 7:15 and 9:30) • Plus TOM CONWAY In "NIGHT OF ADVENTCBE" (Shown at 8:25 and 10:45) OUT OUR WAY By J. R. WILLIAMS OUR BOARDING HOUSE GERTRUDE MILLER with . . . MAJOR HOOPLE LISTEN, \^/ORMV WHEM MA SEMDS SOME sew/IMG tJOWNl TO ME, DOM'T TRV ID MAKE IT L(X>K LIKE SHE WAS COOklWG AKJO SEtOPlMG OUR.. MEALS TO US.'. VOC) SMART ALECK NOTHIN' OF TH' K.\MD—JF I <5CT IT A LITTLE DIRTY AGIMST MV CLO'ES VOU'P INSULT ME 8v TELLIN; MB I NEED A eOODAEMO- VATIN'--ER AST ME IF I'P CLEANED MV BIKE WITH 'EM.' ^ WHY MdTHERS 6RAV 'j-ff^^uiM^ 6SAO, eoVS/HV GRASPING RIV/AL FOR THe POST OP . BOOVSUO^RD TO MR. P»KE.' CAt^ WOO SUGGEST A METhAOOTO ESTAQLISB \tiWa-S BEST FITTED FOR THE 30B-<^ Xj.OF CObRSE ? r eURE.'VOO BOTK SVMAN-DNE OUT OFA8UN \P OVER. TWE: SOUTrt POLE.- TKE ONiE V014O TAGS MOMe ^1 FIRST. CARRYING A PEMGUlNi, B IT.' TOO EAS.V/ IP v /OO REALLV *^ WAiOrr TO PRDv/e^ mO'S RUGGED, ^ <SEE vvJWic»-\ ONE C^l^ eXo^iA HIS ^ ^ vjA^^ itcao /\ D0VWNTOVMI<3 BLi«S/ COP*. IMS n NU @R GOKAE: UP VM\TU A CAtSTOSi OPr

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