The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 4, 1923 · Page 4
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 4

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 4, 1923
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR. THE HUTCHINSON PTCW5, \ JTHE HUTCHINSON NEWS PubliflliPd I>aJ|y bv The Ne#» Oompany. W. Y. MORGAN, EDITOR. ESTABLISHED 1872. * Entered nt thr I'm-itorflci* in TluieMn- •tan, ICnnnKH, fur 11 it riMiil .v 'Rfou th rough the malLi as secimd ••> In s» matter. 'TfiLFJ'UONC. NO. 3.„ Prlvuto tn-.x-K .1 Imp;;"* v-ft^n uprr- Mni;', ^I'l.-.i .n <>: (l»*|iurtm**rit TERMS OK' SUBSCRIPTION: I3y mat], on* v-.u J ,W liy mail, M\ IIKIHIIIK a.0<) iiy mall, thvri* ni"ti l IIH 125 Hy nuiil, unc month 00 We v.-lily Ni -WH, ono 60 MEMDER AUDIT BUREAU OF CIRCULATIONS. MIiMDER AMERICAN NfcWC PATCH PUCLIS HEMS' ASSOCIATION. MEMDER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS titled To l>\r- US'* fur i»•ptililU-atlftn nf all JUrd In tht* pap.*!, atui nhio ihe lueiil new* lUibllfllirl lierptit. All rlRlit.** <"». n-TMiMi.-at \»n of npoclal'M li'.'i (Mil ui t- iil.-o r<•••"- rvcrt. The SMIinger Drug Co. PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS. Ttle&"°"e 91. NO. 17 Norlh Main SVect. Hutchinson. COMFOUT IN AGE. I n-t IH-TP atli :<iy ti 11-"'. whn> ii'.n.'-i lii.- i ,o ;:ii>, ui" liif rla.N . t i'.r.-.-'s i-. -iifurt in t' 1 ...- •llhuivi:! Jfi' J!!-- 1 " my i >> RK<' ("It M 'A"'.) . \\ !" ••' >-•.! -'iljj!-. S ' KUlWy II.A.-.' . .IJ r--..r. ! ...v. ..... ' HHKI.-M iiiil.* piP', ;UN1 tlii 'T-.. I ' jtmnifv twi-'c ;i > and «'.ip ' fi-.nji o fun pirns with a sir. i If, I ' )iav*- ( luniLli lo p;i> thf price (<!' ' all Hi in-, it »' )ul"' I;, (•> ' jiiip 'haHo Iiai.-- aiid bo >k:-. ami. rico 1 ami ^a^ aiul i .iMU -s im* nr. v.'aiu. ' Tht* kindl;. p-n..." I o'.tr-n tinnk, ' now Dial 1 in old and hall and ' Kray, that I iia . i<;i'<>:< .• ;n ibi> ' lunik, a in.'u' t ;..(!'• <•} i u: nw .iy, ' Yiiii 1 h i<»i\:\, il v, hk- ' \M''ri' y<air.:.'. I'M ' '»',•• rOuiI i*a * loil^ tilne <i>-';ul ". v. L l!> • } t ' ml," * Wf (i("j-.- f.H IK! I'll.ji: V. i' ;] j"iaint, ' tli(« vJKaM.- m • p 1. ' A :,1 it ' is w.di tti !i;ivt' \irtti fun • * arc ::i'iiiid In "< MIH 1 and Hnip. IO ' blow ii jMiriiuii t>i >•:»•;:• ini'ii. and * M;I)I ?, i l : jiiii>:!i lili* Uiili p.']* ami ' vim. hu: a!v.a;. "it .liuuld ri *-'.«l* lcc{ that youth ;.- t r. j !t' -i.-nt ilc " ilnvvn; ;-'H]j"> (lav a L -ra;. iia -r \"H 'il ' d v u\-[. ami yt-u v.- 11 : ti ii: i A - " ilia; ¥ youth is ^'Diic. ,\nd il' j (.:i :-alt''(l * (li .)Wti a dune 1" ;.<"! \)\>-A jn " l(iur or fiv<-, yr.u'Ji iJjink >(.».n- pnp * dfjuro was : u!di!:;(\ iVi -u life 's * dark wintry iia;-.- a;ri\. I r.-.t * 'bf-HJdo my L 'ardi-ti ."a ;.f. a".d I'rncn * llie^o \% ord:-. 1 !",-• r". en'.PK : * "I'm pTHi'-i 'ui that j ,,;"n: a .-rale * or i\.U\ V.II.-M ! -.v., and THE WATER WAY TO MONTREAL. i i-aiitoria! * "or :i ^JK *n TI . t>.) Montreal, V Q... .lime Tin* Auto K\;i«-(liiP.»n ai'i 'ivi il in Montr--al by boai fnnv. Tor.Tlii- \vas iwd ]>L "'»u;e i!n> adio a i ! h .-d become lifcsninc. but b <ieau ;f it was to easy to load our ;-;cK 'i s; an<I" i;ir on a ship, RO to siiM-p, and tho n^xt day l)p a couide. of Imndr. d milf* furtln r away from lionn 1 . Al^* ihr- clianro from car to boat v .a.-^ r« .dful and af;"r ton day : ; of dci> and sU -ln SI M '-J,^ It waii vrry inviting to f;o out onto Laku Ontario, uiirre th*'ie -\va,^ no liuat, a (Oid bre 'V .o ai^l an oni ur> cliaiu-'t' of Hrf -nery, V . • A IU1H."efi^er .'diip b-jic; to(;erh *:r nil kind:-; ami rondition:; o[ people. Tiio environment mal -;i then; elium- iny, not waniiiL-; fo: im i o.lii'-t i ;ms, ainl Koon after .Ktaiiin-; it IK o-.tty io db-tin ^itiKli the Californians n :i the;. b'(>v; about tludr c'ima!'.', Hie l';tnadian:; as thfv bo, id' lijeir hydraulic pow .T, •tlio N'I.'VV Yorkers as Hoy bra;* of their own K''» at no^'i, ami o.-r.mutually din- tini;uisii a modest voi= ed K.ansan a:i 3io t;i^.o-a(.; the real Uod'., cuKiit cy to Which they all n Then- -were tie Vera! bridal parties <m tbo lH>at, a facL v added to tht' JiU•.•:•«.•.•;! of iho trip. Tho rt \-d of IIH wtrro com iiuially nmiylmx earli other and callinu attention !<• "wha: they wi-ro doinj;". Jim tUo pri /o was unconsudtrusly won by a yo\iu.; chap who had tmo arm around t!i<- y.'v.l ai ( d her head on bis idombbd- -while be am ok (Ml a cJKai-.dti.' ami read the i>a -i Ijall dop'i in a imw r-paper. A : t*-i\va:d I asked 3iim where th- y wi-re from and ho. admitted to t.oni:-. Aat yet--wo hear tit. IjouiHans called ^ "Blow". This -boat brouj'bt im arri'^ I.ako Ontario tlio lou^ way und ih.-n wo elmiHi'.vd to another boat lor more limn a hundred milm- down tho Ht. liinvji'iifi' river. In tins uay v.,- aavv tho Thousand IsHtium. Rh .;t th- ri-pbh 1 .. Und wateiied a mo3t mteiav; im; ccim- try-nidti no by. On..' of tho now al^ht^ of a boat trip to watch tho loading of an aittornobilo, moro o.vci'.ii!^ if H liup- to bo your own. When our car crossed tho Kan;? piank oi:to (hi; rivor ^Joat twolvu inon citing to Uio oar thUH forcing down tlio stirintM and lotting tho lop go in by a scratch. And when wo roach oil Montreal tht; boat had to ba pullod rlgbt tip to thft do^k BO the car cotiM coruo across without a «a»ff plank, tho iiwdi "board niakina: all tiio diCforoaco noc©flsary to v block tho oxit. This / Wa» iarfi , work tor tho blip's men -but fun for pasHt'riKora, most of whom ovi- drntly liopH'l the car would stit'k and Hfvnral mado Hinail li"t- tho top would havo to be removed. It doc> not rotjulro mmii to eritcrl.atn puiwri Kcrs on a b<vat. Any it hid of an argument, from tho HP/O of tho lunokc Ktnoli to the relationship of man and woman who HTO K pooninK on tli^ upfior dock, i« nufficiont to furn l;di diversion und ontorLainnieni for a !ar(:e crowd. • • M(tntreal anothor IHn and K rowing city. It is an far as oioan-goinit Bhlpfi run como up tho tit, Lawnmi.' river. A half (h *'/eii big liner;-- are at tho docks and will mart for Kuropean port.'* within fortyxd^ht hour:>. Mo;e pooph; yx> to tXiropo by the v. ay oi Mont coal than by any Anicrfc^u port except Now York. And Montreal is confidently counting, tho "dry law" application lt> hhips eliterinf; Amoric-i.n ports vill vanao a large stream of tho wet ones to flow this way who wou-d ordinarily Bail from Now York or Hoboken. Motitroitl iri in the Province of Quebec. Wo aro away from tin* conservative KngHah of Toronto. M<mlre;il is mostly French ami retains tTif; O.iihc (dntractor, oven though i!s Commercial Importanco has brought a htr^c I'i\j.:!ish addition to its population. In Ce both Kn^ludi aud V 'ieo «-h .o e oflicial l(''s. .^igtc:, biils of iaro, railroai! tlekets. ovorytiiii: : thai I 'wtybody should road, are prlrwod in both lanpuuje,-. (in many siro^ oi Mo!ii:ea.l all the si olo n lanum'^o \od hoar is French. The hrj-ic \-- fremh, tlie t-nvirohmt-nt is i-'ja-nch, and for the first tim» since wo left, Amei>'.. wn get iho fooling of beinf; in a ;oi- oisn hind. \Y. Y. "MOIU'.AN. i ON DOCTORS AejID NURSES, r By lttiU) Cameron. Why Is tlu-ro such a shortage . women entering the mi; tdiu. profo si on? I hoard a doctor complaining b teriy of that the other day. "There was a time," ho raid, "when we coukl pick and choose an•' insist on jfoe..d mat*.rial, bu; no-s w-. lia-.e to take about v^'hal we ran Instead or liaving more f.ppiicants (ban we have inuiii for we haven't .'nough to nil up I be traiains' M .-boop: j don"t lujow what'b the maiter wit P. the wtunen." I didn't attempt io enlicbton him although I have a ^agvest.ion to o u-r. I s-as.peei thai ib" m:iiu-r ;:-n'i -.''1111 the women at ad. it.':, with the tiao.-o plu.j tho men in c;hvr word^ tlie doctors. While talcing my recent courre m bo.-pital iife about which 1 have written you previously, I frequently wont through oil" oxjiericnco w%ich always made my Itiood boii. 1 had a \ cry fine nurse, ir.o salt of tho earth, deft, officiant, otmiicion- t ions. Wimnever tho doct i -r hi'U- seif m<»re of the salt of tun earth — would come m to do a dressing she would have everything ready and •would wait upon him with the, utmost expediency. And jet his wholo manner to her Avouid be as bric-quo, and disagreeable, and impatient as if she were oiunmy and Inattentive, ii made my blood boil just to witness it. If I had bad to endure it i think my blood would nut only have boiled, hut boiled over. Hut when I commented W> her on it and nuked her if he had some special grudge, against her she said: "Oh, no. that's the way they always are. They bavo to bo that way to keep discipline." Another nurse, a well horn, well ud- u cat wl woman, the typo of whom there is a crying need in (.710 nursing pi'olrssiou has ihn to say in u. letter retarding her experience-;;; "There seems to be one .place whore a doctor forgets -that he Is a gentb:- I man ami that is in the om>ratimr room. Just why it. N neyo;sary to curso and whom like n ma<iman when, everyone is pelting' as fast as they can has always been a .puzzle- to inc. Rut thin:'..-! never do go fapf. onouf.'h to suit tho surgw>n and ho will swear at anyonr' I have- only seen one doctor operate who did not find it nec- eje:ary to swear. And while It was not easy In the operaiing room with him it was *o imi'di pleasant or to bo ; with him that we all heaved a great j sigh of relief when he came in." Now perhaps I undor - estimate the Abe Martin ^ JedKin' by ther newspaper pictures, we'd gue:;s that chanvpion girl awtm- UH 'tis break more records than hearts. Ntithin* as --funny t' ns aw t' see a fol- lor leadin' a poor, ole bony horse along t.h' rc>ad an" tryiu' t' act like he wtizir with it. WORK URGED TO SAVE DYING HAWAIIAN RACE Honolulu. Tho Hawnllans lm\'e a TlRht to (.hn gnofl tliintrn ot their 1 H- lunils ami "I -ho'po yen will not lot pnsunHy -ion of thiMn Blip from your namls," 'Rnprpspntatlvc .lohn B. Raker of California, tolil the Hawaiian Civic Club lu -rp rf^cently. "After t\TO weeks ot Ktiwlylng yoiir tpi'fitnry 1 am wondering what Is to become of tho H.walians," ho oon- tlmiotl. "A f.liort time ago near tho luimlirratitin station 1 saw 250 men and women from the Philippines ami I am -woiulering whether they uro to take your plaeea here, for 1 don't see HawaiianB UHinK and owniup the soil. "There, in no need of one closing hi* or her eyes to the conditions about us. Unless Hie lliiwalians retail, possession of the lands, own aud control them and work them, they are not BolnR to run this territory." The effort that Is bnlnc made, to re- haliilllate th.' Hawaiian race, on the island of Mo'.okai drew praise from Representative llaker. "If you Hawallans could develop Moloiiai it would renew your energy aspiration and now hope to your yoifUR men," ho said. "You have the ri^ht to some tilings which wero tho heritage of your falhers. We American!', and you llawaiiana arc Ameri cans, are getting farther away from work and labor. Yet, unless education leads youth back to tho land, it is vain." r Safe Milk '••WMalt Craln Ext. i .Tt* Faod-DrhA /K-All Age* 'NT* Avoid Imitations—SobttitatM Machine Scored Ice Means Full Weight need of fM^cipilne. ] know that you must have discipline in tho hospital and that this means firmness and even HI emu ess. Hut it would take a ^reat deal to convince me that to ke<>p discipline you have to juuvp on people when they are riom& things as well a.-! thoy can be done. It seems, to me that that unreasonable wa.y of aeU?u; would create a nervous tension which would result in slackening tbo service, instead of speeding it up. When I said that the shortage oT nurses •was duo to the times, I meant thi^. In the old days there -were very few professions into which women could pro. Now there are innumerable ran 1 ! rs for the woman with breans. Nurrtinu 1? hard work at best. Tho training is lonp and arduous, the pood nurse can have little personal life outside her work, and if in addition to that she has to bo sworn at-when she is dtdnjr all that a human being can do, small wonder she discourages other women from entering on such a eareer. 1 think doctors are wonderful men. Hut like tho^rest of us, not quite perfect. And it does scuu to me that they niiKht consider a slight modification of Hits discipline tradition If they want to got the best kind of women as nurses. MILLION IS GIVEN TO CRIPPLED TOTS BY EX-BLACKSMITH LOOKING BACKWARD Ta.Kf.ri Prom the Files ot The Newt. FORTY YEARS AGO IN 1883. A "Jesse James'' show was in town. The Vincent -Brothers and J. Kex- read were ereoting new 'business build* ins?. A big crop of cane was being grown for the sugar refinery. There was a fair crop of "peaches. "W, H. 1'enninqton was drawn on a district court jury. A "Joint stock company" was building an elevator in Hutehin-son. TWENTY YEARS AGO IN 1903. The Old Soldiers had a picnic at the Caldwell grove. The Country club members had a nicn-ic at the Cnderwood ^rove. The Socialists had a-picnic at the Rathbun grove in -the southwest part of town. There was a heavy snow in Colo, rado. ! A. W. S.mith made a business trip j to Hoisington. j Miss Ixindieoa Cham her hum was ; visiting In Newton. William Henry Eustis. William Henry Eustrs, oigliiy-four cx-biaeksmUh, ex-mayor and real estate baron of Minneaiwlis. has donated MX, 000,000 and forty-four acres of p^rffne land for a hospital and con valescent home for crippled children Etistic, eiuppled, says lie is giving the money for that purpose because he "went t h rough life that way when proper facilities at tho right tiiuo would have saved him." DR. HUNTER AND ASSOCIATES SPECIALISTS in th" nnn-surgical office treatmmt ot Chinnie, IVlvit- and KeO-ial Diseases. indigestion. Constipation, Dyapepsla, Oat! Oladdoi- Troubles. Rheuma^litm, Neurit ti. Weak Back Catarrh, Kidney and Bladder Com plaints, Nervousness, Falling Strength, Bloating, Pain In Side. Goitre, Epilepsy, Asthma, Bronchitis, Chronic Dlood Poison, Recta t Disorders, Diseases of Women and Dlsteasea of Men. |%|| pn cured without knife, hos- rll ri pital, chloroform or de.ten- l ILIIJU lfon f roni W orlc or business. Our Atrophic method cures in a few treatments or wo will refund every dollar paid. ELECTRO -THERAPEUTICS Our equipment Includes all filectric methods—X-Ray, Violet Hay, Galvanism. Sinusoid;'! Faradisra, Auto-Con- densatbm, Piathermy,, Vibration, laght. Heat and Ray Therapy. BIOLOGICAL LABORATORY We are equipped for the scientific administration of "606," "914," Antl- IlheumuUe. Blood Building Scruma, BuoJerlns. V'hylaccogens, Autogenous Vacclnea, etc. A Most -Modern Equipped Clinic. Our treatment methods have won thousands of testimonials from Kansas and surrounding states. Hutchinson, Ka. I improved rapid'y under the fxpert airf. vf IV, UiHitrv & A ^siiwiates fer my tiUwach Jr« uUle. 1 ivv\ nph >ndid. O. V.. DAiiGKTT. Consultation snd Examination Free 14 So. Main St., entire second floor, Hutchinson, Kan- RED GROSS BALL BLUE Makes old clothes look like new. YOUR CHOCER HAS IT. | TEN YEARS AGO IN 1913. j Tomatoes, l fl cents a pound. j The new Ilorahan^h-Wlb y iniil j was almost completed. | 1!uichim 1 on was having irs i "safe and sane" (Fourth. ; There were -many Kour:h of j piciiJ'iS. j tboernor Gwtrgo liodgcsi for a Solvay eornia.ny banquet. Green corn, 1S cents a dozen. first July here How to build tip yam T O be under -weight often proves low fighting-power in the body. Lt-ofteu means you are minus nerve-power, minus red- cells in your blood, minus health, minus vitality. It ia serious to bo minus, but the moment you increase the number of your red- blood -crMs, you begin to btcoma plus. That 's why S. S. since* 1E2G, has meant to thousands oi: underweight men and women, a plus in their strength. Your body iills to the point o£ pov/er, your flech becomes firmer, the a^c lineii that come from thinness disappear. You look younger, firmer, happier, and you feci it, too, all over your body. More red-blood- cells t B. S. S. will build them, t «t B. a S. Ia Eoltl at all i-oo<l (Irug atoics in two sir e.g. Tbo larger aire Is mare economical. loodMcvildna For Henry Ford. Perroit --Senator Royal S- Co pel and or -New York declared that Hetiry Ford is th*--. ehoice %»t the people lor president of tho t'niied States but said there was little chance that he would he nf minated by tho Democrats, Republicans or a third party. * Jones, a candidate for Senator, said: "My great-grandfather was an Episcopalian (stoney silence), but my pent-grandmother belonged to the IT'-sbyterian ChurcVt (continued «il- c-nco'. My grandfather was a Baptist (more silence), and my grandmother w.i *» a Cougrogationaiii-t (frigid sll- uo'ei. Hut 1 had a great-aunt W!K > was a Methodist tloud applause), find I have .always followed my great-aunt." Jones was elected.—Judge. "Kvery school teacher aspires to s«c the Grand Canyon, so she can tell her pupila about the color scheme.— Atchiscu Globe. IUYWHISKERS V" FRANCES TREQO MONTOOMERV Aa tho rim oi Ihe rining sun a.;>- pwtri,-.! nl'«vv; the Lop of the hill the lliorlltnt: Etilly and Nlillllie Ptartcl l'oi' tiio expodRlon. two rinrx -wliit,- ^ UUTM with spick and spun, shining I-UMS could bf H(HMI walking toward tit'' Wi 'rit. (lazing af -ttir 'tliom 1 \v»:rt'' cusv^. tiorfits piK;.. d ;inkpys, dogs, cats, aud fowb; of ail kinds, watching and \vrtit.- hlK to Ken t lli'ir IK.IOVIHI frii-udii, Hilly and Niuinio ^^ ^ hisk ^-rrt, disappear aroi:n<l a. 'h(-lld in th" roaft. "And who knovs -H," Kaid an (j]d row, "Inn what it will bo tho las-t limn ^\o. Hhall ov.r E<ee UieTn'''' and a tear roilod clown hrr olteok, for alio waii v-i-ry find of thorn hot!), lmt particularly N'annie, -who, sho dcc.larwl, liad the S\\ve1e#t disposition of a.'ty animal »he had over met, and ulio had. knov^n hundred*. "St<-ii taikinfi and Uiok," £-.aid t'ho old p-rny horyo, "for they aro almoiit to tho bend . When they get there, 1 say wo all uem! a farewell call after them. M'hen 1 say three, everyvmo make tho call peculiar to their species.'' "Hark! What Is that?" oxclaimed N T :Min!e, a3 out ou the titlll morniritr air floated the whinny of the horse, the moo of the cow, tho bray of tho donkey, the prunt and squeal of the •lria, -the bark of tho dofc, the yowl of tho cat, tlio screech of tho peacock, tlie crowing of the rooster, the cackle of tho hen, tho hiss ot tlio goose, the. rjuaek of tho duck, and tlio liuck- wheat of the guinea hen, Such a conglomeration of sounds you never heard! Hilly and Nanle turned and sont back a farewell call of three bljf bajiha, thon turnad <0m corner and wero otit of Bight. IOIIB it would bo before sho would ever seo any of these friends again, and Billy; wondered what would happen to them in tho near future. Ho did not have long to wonder, however, for things begun to happen immediately, for right before them In a clump of ti '003 beside, the road was a gy (i .jy encampment and coming from it wore- tho gypaloy' cross dogs, running for them aa faat as thoy could. "Quick, Nnnuie, gal hack of mo until I fix that biggest dog that la coming »fter us with his red mouth all open for a bite!" commanded Billy. "I'll attend to hlra while you look out for the little &>W> that 'will try to bite you." (The next story tells of tho li^ht NEWS DAILY DOT PUZZLE. 30. 3 J 2 \ • S4 i 35 Z7 T ' 2b S7 .3 0 8 8» • 2 ." X 10 ^ it 25 , u K. , 5 „ //^- • • • • W; «4Z 26. ir ^ « ' 43. 4? 44 • 13. 18 ' * *5S • A. Can You Finl6h Thl» Picture? Complete the drawing by tracing from figure one to two and no on to the end Then use your crayons or water-colora and see how nicely you can color it. Railroad Legislation. "Washington—Sonator Bmoot of Utah, who is to become chairman of ihe senate finance committee, predicted that thero would revision ot tho tax laws at the next session of congress, but that railroad legislation would bo one of tho flrat considerations. Graduates, Attention! Getting graduated generally means that the lob of accumulating some roal wisdom, baa Just begun.—Boston Transcript, v M OSQUITOES Good for the bites—good to keep the Insects off too— /•.••r' 25 LBS OS <'<•/•''/'','> ,25 LBS urn %&;:••/. B 0 %>SO LBS •- SCORED... pi;:'50 LBS 25 LBS HP*; T HE process of our ice scoring machine assures correct weight for scored ice breaks true leaving saw-cut edges as evidence of correct weight. Note how perfectly each 50 lb. cake is scored for cutting. Scored ice cuts cleanly and evenly—docs not chip around the edges and consequently is not under weight. Every cake of score ice is full weight for every cake is manufactured over weight to allow for shrinkage through scoring and melting. Carey Ice Co. Phone 900 Used Cars Hudson—7 -Pas8enger, Overhauled. Hudson—7-Passenger, a Bargain. 1922—Hudson Coach; Lot of Extras. 1921—Buick Six Roadster. 1920—Buick Six Touring. 1919—Buick Six Touring. 1919—Buick Six Roadster. 1920—Chevrolet Touring. 1919—Stutz Roadster. 1922—Harley-Davis Motorcycle, Double Side Car, a Lot of Extras, a Bargain. 1919—Oakland Six Touring. TERMS—TRADE Hutchinson Motor Car Co. Distributors Hudson and Essex Cars. Phone 271 TOUGH STUFF | J ^>l ^fer SNYDKTl QUALITY In ASH, HICKORY or OAK Is the 'i BSUK^ S- basis of comparison by first, elaso m«hairics. ^QU -ftljJlX \ Wiere heavy duty ra retmired, SNYDER QUAJUTX XyJ^BEW MATEIllAL carries the load. '>vyv y ' THE SNYDER COMPANY PHONE 184. Memphis Coffin Company MANUFACTURERS EVERLASTING STEEL CASKETS, also CLOTH COVERED COFFINS AND CASKETS BURIAL GARMENTS AND SUPPLIER 65—Local Pan* 4:*0pra 61—Local l'iisa. (ex. Sun.) 67—Pas-ic-iiEcr 8:30 am 43—II. A S. S'm. (South) Eaetbound Trains. Shave. Bathe and Shampoo with one Soap.—- Cuticura CattaDra Soap U the t avoHtoforotfetyraioriJluvtng. RAILROAD TIME TABLES. SANTA FB. We.tbcu.nd Train*. 1-—The B«rot ...rr. I— Calif. Drafted .. B—Colo, Express .. 7—Fargo EMJn-esa . „ 9—The Nnva|e .... fll—Colo.' Past Mall . 4:16 pro 4:46 urn 2 :15 am No. 2— The Navajo ., 4— Calif. ..Limited 6--Chicago, Ex. . . 8—Mania !•% "S" . 10—Tlie. Scout 12—K. C. Flyer ... 66—Local Puss. .. 68---I'aHS'-nEf-r tj—Local Pass. ,. 60— II. & H. Pans. AJTIVB! .. 2:05 pm .. 2:60 pm ..11:30 am . .11:25 pm ^. 8:56 am ..12:35 am ..12:55 pm ..10:10 pm .. 8:40 pm ., 2:2.0 pus ROCK ISLAND. • Eastbound. Arrive 4—Golden Ktato Llm. 11:00 urn S12—Local Puss 8:60 um 2—The Callfornian ..10:55 pm 80—Local Freight .... Westbound. No. Arrive 1—The Callfornian .. 6:15 am a—Coition atato Llm.. 3:40 pm 811—Local I»an.i C:24)pm 81—Local fic-lBht t No. 4tS0 pm -JjioSim »:06 am P«part« 2:35 pm 2:50 pm 11:40 am 11:89 pin 9:35 am 12:40 am 1:05 pm 10:20 pm ex. Sua, I/eaT» 11:00 am 5:65 am 10:55 pm 12:15 pin Leave 0:15 am 5 :40 pm :30 pm 1:40 pm MISSOURI PACIFIC. Westbound. 433—Passenuer 413—Passenger ,, 405—Local freight f, 411—Puaaonticr Eastbound. 412--l'assonger 414— Passenger ... 434—Passenger .,. 4ftG- : -Local Freight Depart* . 9:17 am • 5:84 pm . 1:15 pm .11:50 pm Departs .- 6:41 am • 10:43 am 3:50 pm 10:00 am ARKANSAS VALLEy INTERURQAN. ' Arrive ... 1:35 am ....10:05 am ...11:16 am ,...12:36 pm ... 2:00 pm .... 3:25 pm ... 4:12 pm ... 5:3o pm ... »;12 inn '•••8:15 pm ,...10:85 pm 1:40 am Depart ir. v . *t30 am 9 pm ,..8pm 1:15 pm itle pm i f :15 pm 8:25 pm •,.!.!:« pm I-ocal Local ., Limited laical .. Limited Local ., Limited Local .. Limited Local-,. Local*.. Local .. Bally two ijnuy Tmln .j and" are £!lT°^/? h hetvi-een .ftirtchinSon and tVlohUa, and all train- m«he illrect con. nectlon at .Van ArsdaU tot Newton. Kan.

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