The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 4, 1914 · Page 6
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 6

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 4, 1914
Page 6
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Page Six Cost of Want Ads in The Daily Review Re per line for first Insertion 2Hc per line for each subsequent consecutive insertion. Minimum chnr(!« V!0 cents. 2 lines 3 times 20c g lines It tlm.-s |n 4 lines 3 times * ul 2 linn 7 t l m e i *"' .1 linen 7 limes TM · · lines 7 times Buc 2 l i n e s 30 rimes H 20 8 lines 3I times ' J" 4 lints 30 times * *" No advertisement accepted for les^ t h a n t » o lln-*. Count six ordlnar) f h n t d f l to edch line Discontinuance of anrertlfllng: m""! ho In u r i l l t i K It M i l l not lie m pi.pi.-1 »y p h n n e T h i n protects y o u i I n t e r i m as tcll as our». 11' You Can't Bring or Your Want Ad Phone Roll Auto r n u r t o n i i n operators thoronchly fa- m i l l e r » n h I I M I . . rul.-. »nl claMl- f l o t m n * . w i l l « i e you complete In- f . - r n i i l i n n Ami, I f oll with. I h c y w i l l BB.-I-I you in ^ o n l i n e your want mA. to maUa It most e f f e c t K e . A d « a r*pted hy telephone to acc o m m i ' d R t e yon If y o u r nJin« Is In the te *|)lionH directory, Every Home Has Use for Keview Want Ads T H E D E C A T U R R E V I F . W Saturday Evening, July 4,1914.' FOR RENT, HOUSES--(Com.) FOR SALE--(--room modern houBft, corner Ijeafland and Illinois. Auto 1504. "Mo FOR RENT--Modern S-room house, good, condition. -152 Orchard. Bell 121. 75W FOR KENT--Modern cottage, 6 rooms and hath. 1-7:. N, Church St. · »* FOR KCNT--5-rooiq modern cottage. 1721 N. Edward St. Apply 1729 N. Etlward. 7407 FOR KENT--Strictly modern 6-room house, *£S E. rantretl. Auto phone 5079. .4jfl FOR RENT--FIVE-ROOM STRICTLY MO- F R N r OTTAOE, 347 EAST DIVISION. POCK-ROOM COTTAGE, 350 SOUTH JACK- POX PT PEORAM COMPANY BELU »T,2 HOME, 1026. "414 IC-n "W. P e r a t u r St., 5 rooms and barn...$15 7!8 E. Center Pt , 6 roome m o d p r n . . . . $20 1117 N CMnton ^t , 8 rooms, modern. .$22 50 12M» N. Clinton St , 8 rooms, modern. .?18 00 31W W. Cottage Hill, 8 roomfl. modern. .$20 00 _1 S. Broadway, 6 room,*, modern. ...$22.00 HJ3 N Main St., S rooms and garage. .$35.00 170^ N Collfge PI.. 9 rooms, modern.. .$2000 761 X. Morgan, 6 rooms, n e w l y papered. $15.00 1057 U' ( , i p « . n 6 rooms. Elcr l i g h t ...$3,"00 j \V" Main rit,, 10 rms modorn. new.$4500 I'i'.'i W D e c a l u r Pt., S rooms, m o d e r n . .$22 30 7 st Ixmta Av , rooms barn, mod $2^00 1 \\ P i a l r l e Av , rooms, city Ht.-S4OiO 7 \V Macon St , S roqms 1^0 00 6 Isi-w St , S rooms J25 00 M R n y others at J?00 to ?7o 00. Sizes from 3 rooms to 17, Meridith Eeut Co. LOST AND FOUND. r*OST--nlo '"·-, S f *". n o r ' t i * « s t part of oltr. !"·» KITl 7 " 41 ' LOST-- T I n i A l iy. »ni Ml Mivlt purte ron- t a l n l n « i h H i i r f Bti.l ,hTl on StowoHs K e - t u r n 713 W. VnoVard ·_-_'_ irMa7T7 «~^?h chain vvlth locket ; I n ' i l K ' , V K. » U - t u r n SI!. E, FOH ItF.NT--Nice 6-room m o d e r n house. 121 U Marietta, lust off of. Main. W. J. Moe!' i»r. Wi9 N. Main. 751 FOR KENT OR SAT.K--New modern 5 roon r o t r n q o , 851 E. I^awrence; one block t'rom rar l i n e 6610 FOR RENT-FLATS. FOR KENT--Flats on N ' o t l h Main St , on -nl ami 3rd f l o o i p . Bullard Bldg. Inquire TJ \ \ . liullarct, Citizens National Bank. FOH BALE--t rooms of houi«hol« goods at a bargain, If .old right away. Auto phone 123T. " 5Z Bargains. FOR SA1.--Some thoroughbred beagle pups, sired by the great beagle, "Uncle Ben.*' Apply to Llnxweiler Prlhtlng Co., 253 N. Main. Folding beds, U up; eent.r tables. 23c up, gasoline ranges, »2 50 and up: bedsteads. 30o and uo; bed springs, OOc and up; 12 Inch electric fan cheap. Other bargains too numerous to mention. Eldorado and depot cars stop at store. Albert C. Bllckel. 7M t Eldorado St., Auto 1591. U00l) The Exchange. OR SALE--BOO spring chickens; call ani3 take your choice for 50c each C A. Ha- zelrlgg, 3 miles north on "Water street rnart. Automatic phone, 1 on 7 »45G OR SALE--Brown ^ a t e r spaniel puppies, S weeks old. Call a,t 102fl W. Howard St. or Auto phone B177. M8 Furniture Will pay molt for illrhtlT ««d Piano* Fur- vltur«, Carp«t» Rugs. Stove* Uld Refrlg- eratora; or will ·scbang* n»w for old. Meridith Furniture Co. Bell phones: 406-tlS. Auto: 1648. 820-350 Cerro Qorflo 6t 1758 FOR SALE--Underwood typewriter No. 4, new, reasonable. Call 347 Stewart Av . to 11 a. m '^ G MONET TO LOAN--51,000 on I m p r o v e d real estate, R or S years: 6 per cent. O k. Moeller, o f f i c e C o f f i n Co. "«« YOU have a lot. J. A. Adams will f u r - nish money to build you a house. 911 N Water. Bell 49GO. " 5S Furniture I buy. veil or ·xohange Dew or illghtly ueed furniture, itovefc rug«, «to. M. A. Peabody !»!-· B. North St. «41 FARM LANDS. FOR PALE--Best grain and stock proposi- t i o n on the m n i k P t . In A r k a n s a s , 140 arr"* on R\ . 210 In rice, large new Irrigating p l a n t ''00 litres p r a i r i e pasture, 200 w o o d l a n d , open prarle country, $47 50 per acre O n e - h a l f CaSh ' J, P. CADY. Pine B l u f f , Ark p i » K HKNT--6-ruom m o d p r n a p a r t m e n t 44(1 \V Alacon H e a t and J a n i t o r servirp. Poe K U QuInlHB. 415, Millikm Bids. Bell 2ir,l- IH;:^ Auto 4 2 n 7411 KOR R E N T -- X e w six room modern f l a t s , ground floor · large sleeping porch; «*los*- In. C McDonald, 3M S. Water. 7SMJ SITUATIONS WANTED. WAXTFT-- WnrU, at o . KJ-. Call A n l o 417!' Work by is-7.iur-old boy VI 7M WAVTF.n-- Work by is-7.i rir». O B4C, oare ReUew. FOR RENT--Thoroughly modern 5 room flat to parties w i t h o u t children. IJpll phone 047. rln* 1 T353 FOR RENT--Se.-pn room f l a t ; modern, with city hent and *le-trfc l i p h t ; \ a r u u m cleaner and J a n i t o r RTvlcc. A p p l y Dre Brown .lark. ]3)-13'! W. T r a l r l " . 6520 FOR RENT-ROOMS. Fine Illinois Farm For Sale 3504--1 hla farm of 74 acres is located In uKlas County, Illinois, three--fourths m i l e from Murdock, three-fourths » mile fro school and church This is good, rich blar loam w i t h clay sub-Boil, level surface, thor- o u R h l y tiled w i t h 30-Inch tile Four-room house painted blue; barn for holding G head of horses, 2 cows, 300 bu. feed, G tons hay; 2 double cribs w i t h capacity of 150o bu each ^moke'iousf, coalhouse. weU. telephone, R F D w i r e and hedge fences, ^ acre orchard This f a r m has the b«t showing c i o p of an ,,irm in the countv. Splendid black dirt f a r m f a i r w e l l i m p r o v e d . Price $200 per acre Call me up if you want a good f a r m C. A. BURKS. 323-324-325 CltlrenB Bank Building. 7JBS WANTED-Bullion as hm!i»Vf(per for wH- o»»r no obi. ' tlcms to one or t o o oblldrin ra"'r'«adr%. U V.. W. K EMorndo ,4!«. wTvrElJ-T.^1'"^" "" s .keer«r In f m n i l family. Coll or nil.lresn, 1- Si. C , Eldora-lo. -r^.r,,, ,\-., v M ·· " '·'OR R N E T -- A nicely f u r n i b h e d f r o n t sleep- i n g r o o m , thomng-h'y modern. 746 N. Main 7B53 FOR RENT--2 rooms f u r n i s h e d or unfur- i k h f d , niodt-rn n26 N C h u r c h . 7552 FUH HENT--Furnished, m o d e r n rooms, for r n t l t m f n only fi2tj X Franklin 7557 FOR R E N T -- O n e I n r ^ e u n f u r n i s h e d up- inalrn room, rent reason a b l e , close to M w d l e r ' B AW -V E d n n r l 7544 R C N T -- R o n n i e f o r sleeping a n d l i c h t ti*ekeppms. modorn Vt5 W, Wood. 75UO POULTRY. BIRDS AMD PETS. |3flO to $400 down buys a nlc« B cottag* on car line; newly painted: full ba*e- ment: corner lot: electricity: good well. Prtcr S1250 Corns and K» tbli. Bentl for $12.00 per month. o* 8 * 1 E. F. Drohiseh Son., TYPEWRITERS MONEY TO LOAN. Farm Loans. 1100.000 to loan on Illinois l a n d : loana made slthout delay Call or write. «T95 J. E. Patterson, 401 M l l l i k l n B l d g . Decatur, 111 F A R M AND CITY LOANS--Any amount. 5 and 6Tr Interest D D. Hill. A t t o r n e y . 313314 M l l l i k l n Bids, Decatur. C34T REAL ESTATE. A 12% Investment. Bell 4612. Auto 107T. 159 E Main North Water St. Seven room house ind store building: house all modern, but bath; located at 941 and (143 N o r t h Water street. It you are looking for a lioufe and to go !n,to business see Will rent for 150 per month. Price T - , r T . - n ' J. M. Pickle 427 CltlzenB Bank Bldg Auto 1077. · Bel1 I6SS - 21-YEAR-OLD TWINS. Cheap for Spot Cash. 40 acres level, black, well tiled Macon Co. land, or will trade on SO and pay dlf- ^ifoTa'nd will f u r n i s h money to tralld home 640 acres, Saskatchewan, Canada, or w i l l 30 acres ready to plat In lots. Frank Godwin, 116 Merchant St. '307 For Sale. ( * i t s $ $ f f * $ t $ f * $ $ * i * s s $ Moiiey to Loan J $ On bent pois'lb.e plan. First the $ lowest cost, second the paymentn S S are arranged to suit the borrower I $ and can bo made either weekly or $ $ monthly. And last, but not least, $ ( everything confidential. When you S $ come *- us for a loan, you can $ $ have the money w i t h i n an hour or S S two Any amount from $1000 up. 5 $ 1'ou pay only for the actual time S J you keep the money. Call and $ S «ee UB -when needing a loan. Room* S ? T and 8. Conklln Bldg. Half biock S % n o r t h of Transfer House, 144 North J | Main street. Bell phone 2041- Auto, f s $ i 1595. 3 * * Illinois Mortgage Loan Co. Xfw 5 room modern bungalow. *ast tide, $ n 400' frnod 6 room house, full lot, west Flae, £100 cash, balanre bv m o n t h ; 6 rnom modern n o r t h part. 12550; f acres well improved to trade for ecatur residence property. *-G- s ( i ; 1 ttttstttt 0. L .Millburn, Phones 14flS 401 Walt Bldg $300 Cash, Balance m o n t h l y payments, buy* a G i£ o ? in modern houFe on E Leafland, near Water $!300*taWs'a large lot on N Edward St. It' Is a bargain. * W. F. Pickle, 187 E. Main. Bell phone 2376. Auto. 1735 PBOFESSIONA1 FOR SALE--2T^ ac... ,,,,.,, ...,,. i m p r o \ e c l , 6 miles o u t , ?120 per acre. E. Orand Av good level land un- 1221 7462 --YOU CAN BORnOW ANY AMOUNT-Nona too large. None too small, We lend money on Furniture. Pianos, Horses, I Carriages. Goods In Storage. Cattle. Grain, Growing Crops, etc. Easier terms than other brokers Also we buy NOTES Telephone No. 134 OLDEST LOAN OFFICE IN CITY, established 18S2. T SUMMERS SON, 110 "Torth Water St Next to Mllllkin National Bank. - »*R SALE--Farmer saved J12.000, bought farm ." davs helore the bank f a i i e d . bargains in f a r m s that are farms, will ralsp good rrops nf rnrn, oats, a l f a l f a , potatoef, clover, etc Bargains In Nebraska, Minnesota, Wisconsin and M o n t a n a f a r m s end ranches M*-el m« face to face. I will help you p l a n t dimes uhere y o u ' w l l l harvest dollars. "Write w h e n ^ou can come, I will arrange to meet yo i. State where you wish to Invest or !o- Ute, 1 will make you money. W. E. Patton, alrmont, Neb. '201 KOR 11FNT- F*iirniched room m o d e r n , prl- f i t p f a m i l y . li-4f, F, Main Bell 2405 75SS RFN'T-- N i r e modern roomfl, fl 25 and up M.'k 14:l ? M.mi 7WO "OR SALK--Central Wisconsin farm, 170 acre f a r m w i t h pood house, nearly new; wo barns; 75 acres under plow, p r i c e $5u per ere: w i l l consider small stock of hardware n trade. For further particulars write A J. leson. Montfort, WlB. 6W r oR H K . S T -- N l L n v f u r n i s h e d room. In modern home 811 X. Co'Iepe 7507 R V K N T -- 3 roome 437 E King; ?9 Ap- nU 7,Vi I J m n i n 3/\ 74SO FOK K K N T -- F n r n i s h » d suite, utrlctly mod- *r;i, for ^ p n l l r m r n . In j i r h a t e home. Bell j;:tl7 f.f'l Cor M a r o n and College 7"41 thprt room: modern; prl- , W, M a i n . 7474 FOR ' R K N T -- F u r n i ^ f r t rnoms at 123 E, Main. .'!r.1 f l ' i n r now !\ pipe red and painted 7470 FOR K C N T -- f o o l e s t f.irnluhed room in city, prh.iip. m o r t t r n , clnsi* Bell 1129 74fiO FOR SALE---Barsain In ne^ 7-room modern housp, If sold q u i c k , cash or terms. K.V! T Green. Eell S057 7%M FOR R H N T -- T*nfurn(»hed rooms, 3rd f l o o r ; M e r c h a n t St T T Springer, 124 Merchat , r . , ,*., ,, i t ' 11 'IT. P* r m n ., , . r ,. K S - n n 1 r'-'l i l - ' n , , , , . . ,, , ,, . , . rr, K-k.-t HELP WANTED-FEMALE OHM? FOR RENT-- In n**wly furnished f l a t : kltchpri p r h i l f K A B Bpll 4R6-". 7442 'OR SATjE~12-room rooming house, nn street rar l i n e , reason for selllnz Addrest- 4S1, R e v i e w . 74S1 FOK H F ; N T »I"nrntPlird rooms; modern con- v f T t l P i r " " 411 C h u r c h 7440 , V ; M , . ..,." "· : »- V-rT^anr.r Vo ," Ut... i f . i t it"'«1" ' u l Mr! *. " l n T l i a y - '';, - H i l l WAVnT-- rin*titir Tt-nrk to rto anosr Mro; , n t ' r , r i n r fi J I T , HoMr-w. ' v7«VT! !» Ml f . i r n v r n « I now Ilicy on. . , ,, .' ,.,t I'- k i - . n - n - . r t "'· of nhnrg ·· , ' · / \\ i ' .t" l i ' -- '·'"' -"· Wnrns. T' ""^ *j"p *·': i* r ' i s rif r* p A i - i r i i : -'-t'OTuihle iw; 1 i r ii ' ,. *.;rl L* _ Ml lonrtw of f - n r p f n t n r w n r k , r^HPB »i..l odd Jot" ·" "'1 k " 1 ' 1 "- r ^ a '" A v T l F A l k l n f n o ""'TV* Orliuion »rii-r 6 r in F.' II 4O41. '.i ' tlli(i; »l"t r-io-n wnrK |rimr»B Drui, B , l l ::.fl. ** K C n n f l l t WANTED TO BU7 \V:ni1c'l to Hny. \ ·! pav t h o Mi;l»-ii' «-n«h rrlri'B for n n »to^». r n . n «n.l r . - f r l f . n l ·" "r w i l l tali In o''l r t i r n l n i r . ni. f i r - t nMn.'nt on n^w l I l l l l l C O l l t l l t t c T P , A u t o phone 1MI ^ ~ BOAKDEES WANTED. V V V N l l H " n ' l T r t r m ni-1 r , n T i i " r n t .Wl p BOARD WANTED."2_~_ U \ -, I I I ' Ho ml f"l I '" '-' tr."n In p r i n t . r,,,,m .,.,*.· Hi '1 ·'· n r n !:· i ir» 71*-. FOR RENT-HOUSES. U K K E N T -- F u r n i s h e d and unfurnished rr,nniF, upper f l n r . 1S2 "VV. Prairie 74^ri ··OR SALE--S-roora modern hou«e end barn. 7,14 W Decatur, $2,700. lot w o r t h fl.SUH, 200 cash, balance m o n t h l y W, C Fearn ol*^ V. Church Bell 659 7454 R RKN'T--Largo f r o n t room on second Hnor. "-tnrtly moilern. 4-15 N Church 7397 "OK HUNT -- ^urnish , 442 N rimr- h r o o m , modern, closp Enll 12M) 7400 nn R K N T -- XKeH f u r n l s h f d modern rooms pri\.ite f n m l l v . .VU W. Wood Bell phnnn i 736-1 \ ' K R E N T -- Mr* room in modern home and i-nal! f n m i l v , g*»nt'' nnn preferred. Old h"n* 347^ '34 · l T f Rr.NT-Fi3rnl6h»*1 roomp Modern, prl- v«itf e n t r a n t . «40 TV. Main. Bell 2417 LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING. ·OR HlSl-Tr--Furnished light househeepinp room-*. R47 N Water St 7S5 ·OR KKVT--3 f u r n i s h e d rooms for light h a u i p k e e p t n g p r K a t e . modern home, reas- nahln prim. WIT W Wood Fell 3Kol. 7r.2L R RET^T--Two ( u r n i p h e d rooms, ligh oufi^keeyinE; front and h a r k entrance no children. 1431 N Morgan »484 TOR REN'T--2 f u r n i s h e d roomt for ou'ifk^eplnp. modern cnri\* i nlence.i ' d T P n 70S W. Wood n R n ENT--2 rooms f u r n i s h e d for H ho-usrkeppini;. gR3 and t o i l e t ; no children 4bS !- Water bt ' [TOR Ing Blp«rinjt Rnd liptht ho«s*"k"p- BJ1 E PraiTle. 74T FOR PENT--Large room for light house keeping. IS12 N -Water 71, FOR REXT-- Rooms for light housekeeping: u J f t . modern. Bell 4450 820 N. Mon 1-OR KENT--2 nicelv J u r n l F h e d rooms fo Heht liousekeeplng, S10 per month 43i N I'OR RBNT--Two room for light e e p l n p M5 E O r c h a r d -- 73T OR SALE--IOWA LANDS. 35 GOOD IMPROVED FARMS AND TOWN LOTS AT N D AROl'ND FEJCTON, TOWA, AND BAN- ROFT IOA\A PHILIP WEISBROD, FE 1 --"ON, IOWA ' OK" 'OR SALE--120 acres Improved land, 3 milee northeatst of Windsor, bargain if taken oon T. R. Thompson, 301 South Buckeye, ola Kan. 6 9 - 1 CITY PROPERTY. 'OR SALE--Good, 7-room. modern hou . f u l l lot, J2.500 Bell WO? - 74115 MONET TO LOAN on the easy payment plan. $10 »nd up. All bmlneis private. Decatur Loan Office 202 Cltlzeni Bank Bldg. Phoni: Auto. HIS; Bell. 3271) 818 M O N E T TO LOAN--ON FARM AND CITY property, loweit r»te of Interest; no commission. 198e Burtschi Bros. Schoenle Cltlzeni National Bank. No Drugs No Osteopath* No Knife. Office hours 9 to 12. 1 to fl. 7 to i Sundays. 10 I. m. to 12 m. Landgraff Williams Chiropractors LADY ATTENDANT. Auto phone, 1250; Bell phone. 530. Rooms, 214-15 Moran-Corbett building. Cor N. Water »nd E. North, Decatur. III. 0301 720 N. Mem rex St Poundmaster and Scavenger Will rtmovs de«d stock anywhere In OR COUNTT. FIIBE OP CHAROE. 3ell phon. 26S8. Auto 4381 Arthur, July 4 --These are Robin and Pabbon, a team of twin horses owned by Robert Stevens, a well known Arthur stock buver. The animals are 21 years old and Mr Stevens has owned them ever since they were born. The* are handsome bay and black and hav« always worked together. They wslgh 1100 each. One Is a Morgan, the other Hambletonlan, mare and horse. BRIEF NEWS ITEMS FROM BETHANY Bethany, July 4.--Mrs. Ansll Livesay and two daughters of Decatur came Friday to spend the Fourth with Millard Livesay and family. Mr?. Herman wont to Decatur Friday for a few days' visit. Marjorie Wilkinson spent Friday in Decatur . Mrs .Nora Vadakln went to Waverly Saturday to visit her mother. Luella Kennedy and Blanche Younger, who are attending school at Charleston, will spend the Fourth at home. LITTLE BY LITTLE you can repay a loan--or all at once. Care- f u l l y explained before you take the nioney Fay only for the time you uae It We lend tlO and up on tho squares! term« imaginable --private, too ~ Fidelity Loan Company 315 Citizens Bank Bldg. Bell 370: Auto 5863 REAL ESTATE. 'OK SALE--$2 500 for 6 room, modern house, n o r t h part Bell 2P03. ^2 $17,000 Residence for ?9,000. 14g$_Thl5 one of the best b u i l t houses In on* of the heFt blor-hF, on one of the be«t s t i e e l « i In Decatur; loc.ited nn wirle lot and ost o r f c i i m M v J17.000 New stetm h e a l i n g p l a n t R e f l n i f c h e d In cans.^ and oil t h r o u g h o u t ; city and soft w a t e r t h r o u g h o u t Gar- ^gp PreFent rental, $HO per mo . cr ran g"t possfS"!on soon. I can eel! It to you for $9vxi and carrj 54000 back on the p r o p e r t y if desired If you w a n t a first-class residencp at p r a c t i c a l l y 50c on the dollar for w h a t It could he b u i l t t n d a y , her* It IP Drop in t h e o f f i c e nnfl we w i l l tallt it orer C. A. BURKS. 328-324-325 Citizens Bank Building 74W VACANT IOTS. For Sale. FOR SALE--By-owner, excellent lot. pa\ e rccts; street car l i n e shade tree*, concr*r k; convenient to \Vabash shops $4^0 (K If taken at onre A u t o 30fi7 '"··'· S-room house, well, c l s l p r n , on car l i n e , lot 40T1V1, J700 7-room modern, close $2,600 0-room modern, W Decatur $S,100 =1 acres, $1.5X; 20 acres, $4200, 2 lots E -ulp, MOO, S lot? N. W Bldp.Sl.P* 7450 ?"OR BALE--50-ft lot, TV Wood. H l g h l a w r . a d d ; l e s e l ; J8y. A u t o 543S 747S SUBITRBAN FOR SALE--The most b t a u t l t u l site In Macon county for a s u b u r b a n borne, located a mile and a half north of D f r M n r , on IntT- urban line. Artistically studded b\ nature with fine, old elm trees, c r p r k g r a c e f u l l y encircles the T r e n t , a f f o r d i n g o p p o r t u n i t y to build artistic bridge, summer cottage no\ on It Will sell w i t h the I m p r o v e m e n t ! on thl» one acre, for sl.OOOOO. J. E. Tohe. Ufi East Prarle a\enue. 7 *21 TO EXCHANGE. For Trade. Could »»e pood house and lot In eTchang* for on? of th« beat restaurants in Decatur. running full blaat and doing f i n e business ran show you bookg for past si* months It's a money maker; owner grotng axrav Whai havft von to trade Could use v a c a n t s S*c me for further Information Brueck. !27 B. Prairie A. 0. Allen. 119 S W a t T SPECIAL NOTICES. P \RTIES deslrlns tubular r. ells or reojlr Vork, call on Otto H. Tletre. Macon, ,IH. Travelers' Cheques, Letters of Credit. Foreign Money Exchange. 508 North Water. THE EXCHANGE BAJSTK .i4oo To Net 1% First Mortgage Farm Loans Vetting 7% In amotmti frcm 1250 to »2,000 Security our times the amount of lomn Principal and Interest payable nere. HENRY D. SPENCER, 220 E. Main. Decatur. IlHnoli 2 * )7 "WANTED--To trade for a small store or business. Address F-776. Re^]«w. LIVE STOCK. FOR SALE--Team of mules, spring wagon and harnes*. 263 E Ome. 7.'.50 FOR SALE--Nice, black d r i v i n g horse, coming 5 vears old "Will will cheap If tsfc^n at once 8'M S Col fax. 7.1«? rnp. RKKT--rnc l a r g e furnished room (or l l B h t housekeeping; modern. 844 N. Water J1 " FOB SALE--Cheap, Shetland brood mares. oafa for children, Clyde Johnston, Forr^t, roll R E N T -- N i c e l y f u r n i s h e d modern rooms for l i g h t nmiw keepInK 1W! W. Macon. 720« TOR HENT. FOR SALB OR TRADE--7 head of good horses, 3 «etB of harness. 3 wagons, 1 surrey will trade for propcrtv. Call 412 S Franklin. Bell 2840 ' 7517 FOR K F N T -- M o r e room, 735 N TVater, V»r m n n t h . A p p l y Mar Atlnw. 7 BTPIVFIS PTinPOSTTION FOR RENT ir.D'i--! have o five-room residence and · tr t r.' h u l l S l i i c In wrst end, clnse In--suitable f . i r milk d e p o t or « m a l l grocery and loe . r o n m . Flrio l o c j l l n n belt nelfrhhorhonrt Also barn All b u i l d i n g s on one lot. This Place ha* al"ny hnrl a good trade R""" 1 n r l c e «Cr. per m o n t l i If you desire this kind ,.f pln.-e. oil before It Is gone. C. A. BURKS. 323-321-^2% Ciflznns Bank Building. 7500 TOR SALE--4 milch cows, two to five years old, with oalf at side 740 W. Decetur St B*1J 1903. 740R FOR SALE--Shell an fl Outfit; pony T yearn yearn old: forty Inches high; rubber tire 2- _*ated runabout. T M Hutchison, Clarencn, HI ' 7885 K i » K It K N'T- ?niilh h a i r h'»iB.- at M; \v \Vitiiit I n q u i r e f*nr" i*» l'tmiT PhoT' -Hi S I'oMwf 7 'FOR ItKVT--«-motn m^'l'-rn hnti^-. IT. in v, r*njlff.r St I n t i t i i r " ft m i k T i r n t n . r n m i TM "ill. POT* R K N T iVrMt.m hou«' p n r i ' v m n d T n r n mn .1 f n m H x I n n n l r i 71^ N C h u r r h FOR TJFN'T - P u r n l P h n d f'tr minim^r, 4 room r o t t t i K O . UK', Vi Wootl,. US per m o n t h . P H M - V mn.1"rn A r n U M r K . n n n - l y . r^ U77. --ftr*i M u t n i i l r r n t f i - t i v l.onsuf 7 '.* r*Oll ft 1C N'T - VoflTn fl-room um, «ai- stove, bt.»'i'-r- % f r j d MT ». OBkton«. Auto53l3. r ' K J i K X T 340 N Wat*r, ntore room, 18x 'in c r n u n f l f i n e r , hie «how window^ Also h I P r n n m , 4n\f,o, ground floor. S12 N. Water J - i n p n r * o r 34!» N W n l * r T413 BUSINESS OPPORTTTNITIES. r m SALE--J3WIOO note, seven months to run. Rp-vpn per rpnt int*rest; Ilbpral dls- roujit. gno.i p ^ m r l r y AnsT-r»r G 52S, earn F \TjI3 HR T R A D E -- D n i f f stock and \iTff, f-orta f n i i n t s l n . G 4S5 RPV!PW 7485 TOR SAljE F Main room ana furniture. 35') HOTJSEHOU) GOOBS. S T O R A G E FURNIT11HB FOR SAl^E. ·RI-.1*'1's. r n r p ^ t sweepers IXic each fi Kl.THP fruit Jars I-on led« bprl ppr'ngs, .. ..t HR rnn; ilresacra 2c each .. $1 00 each 50c each ...$1 (X each ...$400 each 3 0 each each ::::::::::::::::::i5oo Moridith Storage Co., S2Q-S30 E. Cerro Ourdo St. R SALE--TSKtra good p p n t ' c pony and rig; would consider trade. 1348 N. Church. 753T BICYCLES AND AUTOS. FOB SALE--Bruih runabout in good working condition; also single X mo'oroycla. Bargain for quick »sl«. 323 E. Main. Bell 826 Auto 8641. IS« FOR SALE--Stoddard-Dayton tar; quiet, smooth running;; fine condition; ft bargain of the seaeon. F-140, Review. POE SAIE--MISCELLANEOUS. FOR PAT..E--CHEAP--One large fire-proof Bate. MrCl«l!»nd, Ward Co. 7656 FOR SALE--Let necond-hand lumber, good condition; rery cheap. Call 1535 N. College St. FOR SALE--4 nates. In good hap» cheap, at 148 3 Main St Bell phone 225L G. O Rupert 7446 FOR SALE--Several thousand second hand brick 749 W. Decatur St. Bell 1903. T405 BOOK BINDING -- PRACTICAL BOOK binding and blank book manofacturlns 127 South Water street, Decatur, 111. Herman Spies. Magazines bound, names stamped In gold en books, pocketbooks s,nd memorandum books, toilet cues. etc. MUSICAL GOODS. FOH SALE--KlmbaU ma.fce piano, cheap fo gulck tale Good condition Good reason for cellinc. 716 B. Whltmcr. Bell phone 2053. 7891 GET IT AT BELL'S. We buy only the VERY BEST QUALITY of rubber goods made.' There are a few folks who want a poor quality, but most folks are looking for THE BEST. We have it at CUT PRICES. Call and examine the best linn of rubber goods in the city. WEAREVER, combination hot water bottle and syringe. Regular $2.50, 2 qt., cut price $2.00 Regular $2.75, 3 qt., cut price $2.25 CHALLENGE, combination hot water bottle and syringe. Regular $2.00, 2 qt., cut price $1.50 Regular $2.25, 3 qt., cut price $1.60 CHALLENGE Fountain Syringe. Regular $1.00, 2 qt., cut price 90c Regular $1.25, 3 qt., cut price $1.00 WEAREVER Hot Water Bottles. Regular $2.00, 2 qt., cut price $1.50 Regular $2.25, 3 qt., cut price $1.60 WEAREVER Fountain Syringes. Regular $2.00, 2 qt., cut price $1.50 Regular $2.25, 3 qt., cut price $1.60 RUBBER GLOVES. A fresh stock of the CHALLENGE line. Regular 75c quality cut to 50c All the popular Laundry Soaps, 4c per bar. Quick Free Delivery. Both Phones. e e e . Use your phone or your neighbor s phone.. Cor. N, Main and North. Opposite The Review. You can always do better at Bell's. 7283 SHELBY CASES Moweaqua Verdict Sustained, Two Remanded. Mr. and Mrs. Law«on, Lilly and T. Ray and family of Allenville visited Tuesday with Robert Warren and family and attended the revival. Jacob Sanner, who has Just returned from several months' visit in Colorado, visited with Bethany friends Monday. Berney McDavId of Sullivan is here visiting his sister, Mrs. O. Hoskins, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Crowder were In Decatur Tuesday to attend the Judge Johns funeral. Edward Evans of Lamar, Mo., who has spent several months here with s grandparents. Jlr. and Mrs. Sattley, iturned home Wednesday. Lester Bushart Is the new engineer : the Bethany Grain company ele- ator He movi-d his family here the rst of the week. J. R. Bone visited friends in Decatur le f i r s t of the week Harry Cnleman. who was overcome ith heat the first of the week, is ill in a bad condition. Mr. and Mrs Roe Hogs and daugh- ·r, Helen, have r e t u r n e d home after two weeks' visit in Tennessee, Mrs. J. Lansdrn has returned after visit with her daughter. Mrs Will olby. and f a m i l y at Maroa. 5!rs. Dora Foster of Sullivan is here siting her daughters, Mrs A Armtrong and Mrs. Charles Harned. J. Laneden has moved into the prop- rtv recentlv purchased by George Hill. Mrs. Herman and children returned o Decatur Friday after several days' istt here with relatives. A number ot people from Bethanv 111 attend the celebration the Fourth t Pelffers' at Sullivan. The hand will lay at Woodbine. There will be no elehratlon here on account of the re- ival now going on at the tabernacle. R a j m o n d Kitch of Litchfield will each at the. American. Mr. Kltch omes highb recommended. He comes rom a family of teachers. REVIVAL DRAWING CROWDS. The revival is still drawing large rowds. Sunday i« expected to be a great day. In the moining the re- ·Ivalist will deliver his message. Awake." "Arise." In the afternoon le will speak to men only at the tab- rnacle on the subject, "Hotter Shot," or "The Devil a. Crap Shooter." Sunday night the Concert band will give a concert from 7:15 to 7:«5. It -will be all sacred music. The subject foi veiling is. "What Is Hell?" Mrs. Forsythe will speak to women and girls at one of the chun-hes Sun- It will be a day afternoon at 2.3C. continuation of last Sunday's discourse I ^ The booster choir of little folk« will have charge of the singing Saturday night. Sh«lbyvill«, July 4 --Several cases In which Shelby county attorneys and litigants are vltftllv Interested have Just rerelved attention from the acrellato court of the Third district of Illinois, to which they were taken after thelf hearing and decisions by Juries In the) Shelby countv circuit »ourt. and opinions of the higher tribunal have Just been rendered. In one of the caeem the findings of the lower court wera sustained, while in two the judgment* were reversed and the cases were remanded with directions. JOHNSON VERDICT SUSTAINED. ' Among these cases Is that of tha people of the village of Moweaqua for use of I H. Johnson v«. W. A. Morsan, C. F. Gaskill and J. H. Housam. a case growing out of personal Injuries leceived by Johnson while being ar- lested several years ago by Morgan, who was at that time village marshal.- Johnson wa= said to have reached Moweaqua from Decatur in an Intoxicated co'ndition, and was arrested by Morgan and committed to the village cala- boose. In the morning Johnson's leg was found to be broken, and he claimed that it was broken by Morgan during the arrest. He charged the policeman with using undue force In making the arrest, and not only caused his indictment by the grand Jury, but: brought suit for damage*. The case) dragged along In the local courts for two or three years, and finally Johnson was given a verdict for 1506 debt and 1250 damages, a total of J750. The) payment of this was resisted by Morgan and his bondsmen. GasklH «ncl Housam, by transfer of the case to the appellate court; but the order of that tribunal Is that the verdict of the lower court be complied with. In the case of Dr. A. W. Asklns of Findlay against Eugene Hott, petition, to sell real estate to pay debtl, the appellate court annulled the findings of the lower court and sent the case) back, with instructions. The second case remanded was that ot E. S. Combs vs. James Pulliam. tried in the November term of the Shelby countv circuit court. WINDSOR BANK ELECTION. S. A .Walker of Windsor ha« been e!e"te! president of the Citizens Stat* bank of Windsor, as one of the features of a general shake-up In thve affairs of t h a t institution. He succeeds J. W Grlssom, who after Increasing his holdings of stock from ninety-one 5hare= to 126 shares by purchase ot the stock of Frank T. Moloney of Mattoon. B F. Goddard. Preston Colson and J. L. Turner of Windsor, nf his interests to W H Ownby of the National Bank of Mattoon. and ie- tired from active connection with th« Windsor bank. Mr Gnsom also In- Miss Vera Livesay, who spent ten days in Decatur with her brother, An- «ll. and family, returned home Wednesday. Kent Williamson and family left for Evansviiie. Ind., to spend the Fourth with his parents. F U N E R A L The funeral of Mm. Fred Wallace was held Sunday m o r n i n g at 10 o'clock from the United Brethren church at Casner, conducted by the Rev Mr. Longrenbaugh. Interment was in Mt- Zion cemetery. The pallbearers were old friends of the deceased from Ivesdale: Elmer Bentley, Charles Ray. Thomas Cane, William Tynan, John Forn and Ben Tucker. The flowers were many and beautiful and were in charge of the D u n n sisters, Myrtle Powell and Rose Bell. HAD EGYPTIAN FEVER ABROAD Arthur. July 4 --Mr. and Mrs B. F Peadro of Sullivan are In Arthur, as guests at the home of Mrs Peadro's brothers. John, Victor and Dr. C. V. McDonald. They have just retu/ned from a tor elgn trip of six month's duration, spent In Egypt, Europe and the holy land. Mr. Peadro reports that while in Cairo he contracted the Egyptian fever. He was confined to his bed In the city for two weeks and did not fully recover until the party reached the Is , land of Sicily. Egyptian fever, ac' cording; to Mr. Peadro. resembles our /| malaria, only gtroui. it Is much more dan- eluded his "Windsor residence in th# but will remain in Windsor tot time At the subsequent meeting of th« board of directors of the Citizen* *tate bank, S. A. Walker was elected president, and M. H. Walker th* cafh- ier, was elected to the directorate is place of Mr Grlssom. TWO CARS OF LIVE STOCK. Two carloads of live stock belonging to John Frevbarger of this city were Included in a ten car load shipment from Wlndsor-'thls week The other ! hippers were F. D. Hcnnigh, three) loads; John Walden, two loads; J. J. Chambers, one load: Hancork Son, two loads. Six loads went to the Chicago market, and the other four to In« dlanapolis. ALLEGED FORGER CAUGHT. In the- arrest of Arthur Qulnn at Mattoon Thursday on a charge of pass, ing a forged check, the police «ot th« young man who was suspected of; stealing the traveling bar of A. S. Davidson of this city, from th« telegraph, office at Mattoon a couple of weeks ago. The bag, containing about |4,0«0 worth of notes and mortgages, wa« recovered by Davidson s. few davg ac% SUIT FILED. A suit filed for trial at the November term of the circuit court Is that of the Kaskaskla Uve Stock Insurance company of this city against W. D. Martin of. Logan county, in conf««« si on. REALTY DEALS. Real estate deeds recorded here arn as follows: Hiram Brown »nd wife to Ann 9. Childress, quit claim deed to twenty acres in section 33. Rlchlsind township: II Bertha Miles to John W. Weather!, I lot* S and » ; block 14, Flndjuy; }iOO. ^ NEWSPAPER I

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