Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 22, 1941 · Page 11
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 11

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 22, 1941
Page 11
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Wednesday. OeioW 22. 1941 STERLING DAILY GAZETTE, STERLING, ILLINOIS Stcrlin«-'R<x-k F*:> »rH r*n' Trndir.c T<--r: ••->* PMT> CIHCl 1 ATION Kvrry Ari^M-T- I, _'f-,.'.r<; in!.-) T: •.<• *trrlmt. Rock Falls City and Community News Central Section Industrial. Business and Agricultural Interests of \Vhiteside County nFMVF.fEF.n FVF.RY WEF.K HAY F.VKMNCi— r>!f<R, LftnarV.. P > »i«. I>»*T C^rer*. W»!»trt, H fwppo^. >"«••» f*<Mf*r*. Ml»nli««, Twtlttwm, N»rwwMy, T»wp*c«. PrnpheUtowti, F.rJe. Futlon. M«rrf««r«. f.j-w**", O»H, f"«*»*>, F.ti^rwn. fcmmfl FALLS y-r.r r.\m 2,853 !nr;:;ri;;iR rariirr. 1T131:. and ^If !r. ?-\iri 'rvind: !3C<\<; <=o:i'h of Rrv-fc JvvTy Ad*. TM^f-r -t.^re" - C,r>r<; Jnir, R '?»-' NH«m longwood Gardens Are Described by Mrs. H. F. Daggett Beautiful Estate Of Du Fonts Visited By Many Thousands Married Tuesday TliP beauly r,'. Iw.f 1.200 acre estate <•' Du Print's at \Vi!nr.:.£' described by Mr? H visitor thPre thp r* t: fore the garden drpar Rock Falls Woman's afternoon. Membra w cd in the homo of Mr* on LeRoy nvpnue. Longwood Garden* IV'. -.1 a<; •• a bp- •• iir.mrr '.-nn-.r of 'fiej .M'O T.if v ^" v ' • rf r n'. f r * a l n H ?. Sliarts rp ifH'.UPd bf- tween Kennrtt Sq-.iare Pa. and Wilmington. D?T.'fl:;d \< prar; i^a'.lv the only estate in that Mvtio:; of the country open to the ;r.:b^:c at the present time. Tl-.e r^-tav has been in existence since ITOj; wl-.en a grant of land wa« irr.en George Pierce by William Peru:. T!«e mansion was completed in l"3r» b\ liis son. Brick was bio-.i.:ht 1:1 sailing vessels from England for the structure. In 1800 twin boy in The Pierce family started the arboretum and imported many trees nnd Mnub«. In the Abolition days a '.arc*- number of notables held mrr:::-.t;s at Longwood. The estate Maied in the Pierce family until 1906. and some branch of the family lived in it Continually. Eventual:-.- the estate found Its way to Mr. and Mrs Pierre 8. Du Pont. , The Du Fonts have built a twin mansion, joined to the original one hy a glass conservatory. As much «8 possible they have kept the old plan of the gardens, but have added a water garden copied from one In France and built an open air theater in 1913. Tlie barns stood where the theater Is now located. A stage 62 feet wide and 34 feet d«ep was erected, the curtains of Which are jets of water six inches •part spouting up six feet in the •»ir behind glass, making a perfect setting for tlie performances held there. A 25.000 gallon reservoir provides the water at 2.000 gallons per I" minute. The fountains on the stage •re covered with larze aluminum 7oovers during" the performances. Th*re are many .veals and a large parking place for autos. Outside organizations present plays and operas at the theater in addition to the ones the Du Fonts sponsor. No guides are employed at the estate. the thousands of visitors being permitted to roam about the grounds and buildings at their own free will ^lost beautiful are the holly trees •pd clumps of boxwood. Immense Conservatory s " The principal attraction of the estate is the conservatory, the main "building of which measures 650 feet te length. There are five aisles running the length of the building, and I , posts and pillars are covered with varieties of ivy. Tlie flowers in the conservatory are all varieties, rare orchids and lilies and tlie gorgeous golden trumpet vine. Mrs. Daggett marveled at the beauty of this vine %ith its yellow trumpet shaped flowers blooming profusely. Another vine •with b^ue. flowers Is also .at tract lye, the flowers being shaped like phlox. There were many begonias and chrysanthemums. ., The area covered by glass is 120.000 square feet, or the equivalent of 2',a acres. Inside the conservatory if an organ with 10.000 pipes and PIO stops, nearly five tunes as many ••the average organ. The organ IB 62 feet long, 40 feet high and 90 feet deep and has a set of chimes •even tones lower than any other •et-Jn the world. Tlie largest pipe |* 14 feet long. An organist is em- pl<fcy«d regularly by the Du Ponts •nd gives concerts at stated times during the day. Daggett said she could not r to tell of the beauty of the gardens, which are approximately 1.000 feet in length. There kinds of seasonal flowers also many lovely arid shrubs. A row of hard jtuple tree'* are trimmed like a ', hedge, "giving an unusual effect, to•ether witlv. the boxwood hedge vhich is nefttly trimmed. Hundreds 1 I fountains are located in the gar- i lens and at night colored lights are ur||ed. on, Tlie fountain display ra*' opened in 1931. - The Italian rden is of exceptional beauty, laid against a retaining wall. Statu- , arches, fountains and urns make most beautiful. At one side is \ Irees am HELEN VEST MLss Helen Vest of Rock Falls and Lor is B. Cox of Wyoming, 111., j were married on Tuesday. The details of the wedding, which took place in a nearby community, have not been learned as yet. The couple expected to leave afterward on a honeymoon trip to Niagara Falls. MLSS VeM was employed for five years in Daniels of Rock Falls, and had gained a wide circle of friends while here. a stone house where the carrillan Ir, located arid is played each Sunday by the organist. Words cannot express the loveliness of the trees growing at Longwood. Mrs. Daggett told the ladies. There are a great many hemlocks over 100 years old. cucumber magnolias, copper beeches and cy press trees in and around a small lake and thousands of evergreens. In all. Mrs. Daggett found Longwood one of the most beautiful and interesting spots she has ever visited. IS Only Freshman on The T Honor Roll Miss Barbara Cruse * .. the only student of the Rorfc Fa!!^ Tovrnshlp high *chool who '.« on :hr "A" honor roii for the six»wfk«' ixriod just ending She »on :he American Legion award at the Merrill junior high school for 1941 Shr i', not only outstanding scholastif- .illy. but also physically, for she is he tallest girl in her class. The freshman class also led In the rimnber of students on the B' roll, with 18 members. The sophomores were next with 12. Tlie juniors and .temors are tied for third plare with 10 members each Those on the "B" roll are as follows: Seniors: Chester Carlson. Eai! Carter. Beriha Castle. Viola Hum- meil. Patricia Kniss. Webster McMurry. Jeanett* Reed. June Schwab, Shirley Smith, and Alice Yiirde. Juniors: Frances Andrews. Marjorie Conley. Lawrence Deeis. Carroll Eldrenkamp. Fernlta Hadley. Robert Hendricks. Bill Marr. Ralph Maxey, Jean Miner and Dorothy Nance. Sophomores t Jeane Cameron. Glen Ftord. Marjorie Howard. Man- June Howe. William Kunde. Ila Lee, Renie Lindsley. Mary Lou New burn. Gordon Penhollow. Betty Relsener. Raymond White, and Joy Yinger. Freshmen: Kenneth Albert. Charles Burger. Dorothy Cain. Barbara Compton. Maxtne Conklen. Donald Harrington. Pauline Howe. Thelma Imler. Robert King. Charles Knapp. George. Logan. Eddie Mc- Danlels. Joyce Montgomery. Glen Palmer. Lois Powell. Shirley Scheidler. Viola Skaggs, and Juanita Whetstone. School Bands Will Play for Three Events Twenty-five members of the Merrill school band of Rock Falls will play at the Methodist Men's club banquet, honoring the soldiers who are home on furlough. The banquet will be held at the Methodist church. On Friday evening the Rock Falls school*: band will play at the Rock Falls-Polo game, and again go through some formations. Between halves, the band will form "Polo." after which a march will be played in honor of the Polo high school. After marching to the east end of the field, the band will again march onto the field and form "Millie," in honor of Assistant -Coach Bernard Mitchell. The band will then play "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow." The band will play Saturday for C. E. Brant, as part of the air show program. The band will form at the Rock Falls city hall, parade to Sterling, and then be taken to the airport. Residence Changes Four changes of residences were reported in Rock Falls today. Everett Rank has moved from the Cobb-house in -Shore- Acres;- Alber N. Thompson from 1200 Avenue A to the Null house on West Fourteenth street; Sherman T. Crump to the Pfeiffer house on West Tenth street; and David Hadley from .the Woods home on West Thirteenth street. Leases Parking Space The city of Rock Falls has leased the parking space opposite the Geyer manufacturing plant * on East Third street, Rick Falls, from the C. B. & Q. for use of employe* of the Geyer factor}'- The lease was approved at the meeting of the council Moitday evening, at a price of $1 a year! Meets Mormon Flugum While Edgar Kniss was rambling through Brookfield zoo in Chicago last Sunday he chanced to meet Norman Flugum, who was a sophomore in the Rock Falls Township high school last year. Norman IB going to Hyde Park high school. He, sent his best wishes to the boys on the local foorball team. ANNOUNCEMENT Annual Rock Flails Methodist ba- aaar and cupper on Friday, November 28th. Be sure and save this date. LADIES!! Your dream ha* come truf! We have reduced our ladies' Suede Shoes. hi«h or low heels, pumps, straps or tie*. Contt in and KC values that will amuse you in spite of rising prices —a new attraction of NEW LOW PRICES. tmteat Prfer* In WUtcmlde County Qm ••MNUT Foot- V't SERVICE SHOTSTORE It K. 3f4 STRICT Club Group Begins Series of Meetings The Rock Falls Home Economics club held its first organized meeting after school Monday. Anna Oakland, president of the club, had charge of the meeting, and Joyce Montgomery called roll. The reading of the club constitution was followed by the singing of the Homemaking song. At the business meeting it was decided to have a birthday club, which will have iU first meeting in January. Each member was requested to write her name and the month in which she was born on a slip of paper. During January the birthday of each member will be celebrated by meetings, at which from 10 to 15 members will attend. 'Marjorie Laursen favored the group with the singing of -Man* Alcna." The meeting was closed with the singing of the Homemaking song. L. S. Chamberlain with Vocational School L. S. Chambelain. former Rock Fa Us high school principal, has a position with the Chicago Vocational school in Chicago. He was master of ceremonies at the opening there. The hall alone is more than a city block long and is one of the largest in the world. To be admitted, a student must have completed a year of high school. At the pres*nt Urn*, WO navy-men are enrolled. Marriage License A marriage license has been issued to Earl Forehand. Rock Falls city clerk, and Genevieve Sommers. also of Rock Falls. The ceremony is acheduled to take place this evening. First Photo of Snow on Russo German Front i Father of Grant Unger r jr. Dies r>T 7i;ur> Di On k B-iTfi':, ••i>n rif M'«t ; : M: ?: H Mr. nf ';-"in. Mir KV Ro-k IV. First MIOW to be pictured in any photo from Russo-German front Is this Berlin photo of German pilot brushing snow Jrom the wing of his pursuit ship •'somewhere on the front." Bitter winter is expected to impede nar.i advance. Garden Department Plans for Christmas Decoration Contest I Only Varsity Game with Polo Friday Night on ; The Rock Falls Held Mrs H P. Sharts of 809 LeRo> j avenue ; Rock Falls, opened her home I to the garden department of the! Rock Falls Woman's club Tuesday i afternoon. "During the business scs- ; slon further plans were made per-i taming to the outdoor Christmas' decoration contest to be again sponsored by the garden department. The people of Coloma township are reminded to begin thinking about what their decorations will be. Announcement was made that It is time for members to again contribute to the Needlework Guild, and that displrfy of garments for needy school children will be held in one of the Rock Fall* stores on Nov. 14. 15 and 16. Beautiful dahlias were among thej flowers displayed. At the November meeting in the home of Miss Emma Swanson. 30? Third avenue, further plans for the work during the winter months wiH be completed. Martin Named District Chairman of League Terrence S. Martin of La Salle. who married Laurel Frit* of ROCK Falls, has been named the new 12th congre.vuonal district chairman of the Illinois Republican Servicemen's League. Mr. Martin ha.* been a police magistrate in La Salle for years, and has been active in the Republican party and American Legion. He Ls a former district commander of the Legion, has served as commander of his home post, and is currently serving his 15th term as officer of that prat Rock Polls Briefs Mrs. John Grennan of Chicago Ls spending a couple of weeks at the home of her son. Edward Grennan. on the honie farm near Rock Falls, i City Clerk Ear! Forehand is en- ; joying' a vacation for the remainder j of the week. There will be only the varsity game between Rock Falls and Polo oa the Rock Falls lighted field Fri- tiav evening, the rtserve~~cbriresY having been called off. The game will start at 7:45 o'clock. A second team game had been scheduled, and the change was not learned by Assistant Coach Bernard Mitchell until this morning. This will go on the records as a forfeit to the Rock Falls reserve team, which has not lost a game since September. 1939. The varsity squad has had only one practice so far this week, that on Monday evening. A second team practice game had been arranged to be held with Sterling last eve-: mng. and as a result. Coach George Quire called off practice. However. after the practice had been canceled, 'word was received that the game was canceled. All of the members .of the varsity squad are in good* shape and expect to see action in the game Friday evening. Bicycle Parking Is Discussed by Council The question of parking space for the bicycles of children who atetnd the Rock Falls theater was discussed by the Rock Fills city council Monday evening. A request was made to use some of the space in front of the theater, but this was opposed by some of the councilmen. The matter was left with Alderman E. C. Wolf to work .out with M. B. McDonnell, city marshal. The vacant lot now owned by Joe Sullivan, has been used, but many of-the-bicycles have-been^strippedr The queston is to secure, a proper lighted space. • Picks Raspberries H. W. Somerville of Rock Falls picked red raspberries from bushes at his home Tuesday. The berries are unusual at this season of the year C A L MY ADVICE! IUVCIAL me, I kaww what Fav, talking •kMt, rm »ta* of tW tad bftteatoy tte- •ly fcaraaat I d* a better ja* and d« it far ?•• cheaper. Better •rdrr n*J today! COAL WHAT EVERYBODY WANTS FUMUJI COHTY UMP4Miiai Price. FIMKUI COWTY STOKEI-N Treated. satisfactory stoker c*al — Medium Price. MJliMil IEHUICC OML-Hw V«| lai UJMB, Urgt LMP4M lav MM toL LAV MM, •••W^Bf • • B^B^W ^B^^^BB^B Ice & Coal Co. TEL. 412 Officers Appointed By Executive Board Of Rock Falls WCTU The annual meeting of the executive board of the Rock Falls W. C. T U. was .held Tuesday afternoon at the home of the president. Mrs. EWT Purdue. 5rrs:~MatIiTI3a~P6hTy offered prayer. The following appointive officers were announced: Flower mission. Mrs. Je.vue Root, scientific temperance. Mrs. Dorothy Hinrtchs. Mrs, Oiga Wilson and Mrs. Reinhart: vanselistic chairman. Mrs. Pohly; publicity. Mrs. Wilson; temperance and mliMon. Mrs. Ruth Shlffer; and child and mother welfare, Mrs. Loa Pierson. Several projects were dlsciLVied and the mealing was closed with jenediction. Refre-shmenls were served by the hostess. Initiation at 0. E. S. Initiation ceremonies for two con- didates took place at the meeting of Rock Falls chapter of the Eastern Star Tuesday evening. Following the 'meeting a buffet lunch was served. Mrs. Ruth Limerick Johnston of Chicago was among the visitors. K I)H> :'8> th«'iH:i •:..: in!' 1 ; .T.'Mi' -A; CTi,^!rr\ Mi t'ruer •* in Uae'-:.-;c-A r n'. '..(• Otrcnn I ! •» :.; of!:' latr B: h<> in thP P:a::i V:< ia. i«orn N"'. 4 18' Md ihp .^-n C. Sumner Johnson Is 83 Years Today Cl'.atiP.-i fl a:'.d Hannn fr^tri I'r.- Kft H«- WH.=. niarr;rd Ort 17 1S'>!, !o LiiliP Ma\ Fn;lkr Hr wa.^ rn-i K»l!''(i in l\i f ' pnipnl contrnrtin? . bii-; «; Mt Morri« lor 35 vcai.s. j Br.MdP.- liis son in Rork Falb. IIP lp«'.f,s In.-. »ido» fi\p ot!ipr .vi'.v-. OlPim of Brook\;:!r. Llo;. d of Oi' 1 Ron. ChailP.s of Sha.sta Dam. Calif, and Fj»ri and Wilimni of Mt. Mor- n.s. flvp daiiKlitT.-;. Mrs Helrn T;cp of Slipihv. Cahf . Mrs Chariottp Mar.^h of Ixks AtiErlP.'. Mr5. Rut;i KrihPiR of Ro-.kford and Mr.«. Loi. 1 ; BHrbPp and MIJ- K<lith Slimax of Mt Morris. A daugntrr, Mildpd. diod In 1934. Interesting Bird Talk Given at Deer Grove P. T. A. Meeting Thp singing r>f • God B'.PS.' Amrr- it-a" ojwnpd ".he Drrr Grove'P. T. A mwtinit Tursdav pvrning. with President Margarri Kccfp prrsiding. Un- vrllinp of tlip chartpr followed with the vire president. Helen Schaull. in chargp. Tlie a^Mxintlon accepted the resignation of the iiecretary. Mrs. Bessie Callahan. and Mrs Fred Hw- rcn will take over the office in addi- ttqn "to her dujIPS jisjtreasyitr. A message from Uie .state president of the P. T. A. Congress was read br Miss Lillian Bollenbach of Tampico. director of District 3 of th« Illinois Congress. Dr. A. L. Johnson of Tampico gave a fine health talk.. after which the pro- j gram was presented. C i.s o dav. of aiui r>n- nnd n'..'-o ;IL<- h'. He u in liur l-.ea;; fi.shl!iE \riv ir.:i< M plaviiiK hi.s own vioiin He has spent the ci«*j«!rr pnrt of his life moiiiifl Hr» k f'uli. He was ijorn in MUic(iKr\ ilir. nnd d-.iiing his earlier life !ie diove a stace fioin Mll!e;igvilie to Steihnj; hv wav of Colrtfl. and also to Lnnidk. He wns a |>n inter nnd paiiej- iiminer hv trade, and »orke<| nt it until n *e\v yenvs HRO He is the futlier of four children. two of whom me IIMIIR. Mrs. Bertha Spencer iwid Mrs. A. J. Anderson of Rock Pall', A daughter, Mrs Cirnre Sprncer. died in 1034, and a son. A\ery. died in Infancy. He has 17 Kiandclnldirn and 24 great Rranch'.ldren Beware Coughs II Wl V^rv^lWI^^N W^^W That Hang On Creomulsion relieves promptly because it goes right to Uie scat of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw. tender, in- fiamed uiundiiul m"Ucous~"ffi*'m^- branes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulsion with the understanding you must like the way it quickly allays the cough or you are to have your money back. CREOMULSION for Couctis, Chest Colds, Brondiitif ARCADE • Arradr't NEW SrOTTING and Dry Cleaning rrweaa ky EVAPORATION. PRESERVES Life and Newness of Garand Fabrics. verything— Ml'CH EASIER MI Ctolh Dry Cleaned. fiaita and Dreaaea—ARCADE DE LUXE FINISH. PHONE 144 luty woriuvf ka*w that a Miaul* for tar-cold Coca-Cola promote* contentment and efficiency.Why Hot enjoy it at home? 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