The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 3, 1916 · Page 9
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 9

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Friday, November 3, 1916
Page 9
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\ KA CVPTt RED PARKA J I "VUTTJ5E i B Pnltid PTCMI* ") ^ Ne^ \ork \o\ 3 --A * message from Carran/a d e n \ m g that Villa had captured Parral was received b} An ,, dre Garcia instructor general of th* 1 Mexican consulate toda\ Carran/:a troops are in control of the citj the message «aid ana ·i th-ere is absolutel^no truth in tb. v report of itb^eapture ·* Try a Constit on "Want A* FRIDAY, NOV 3,1916 COM C43JP4IG TO O\t/K $2 OOO.OOO i ^ I l l v United rre»»1 ^ | \\ashmgton No-\ 3 -- C o n t n b j t onb to the funds ot the National Re publican committee for the presiden tial r-a-mpaign reported up to tpdi I Walter. JBrockman + r*t~ ) 1 r,-. C- O mo _. O C O O Tlt-n-i VXTo-f idivi-ai *?_ _ * PERSONAL AND LOCAL £:,!· 4sfsytvv f '3' Mr and Mrs Barclaj will return from KTicon today in their car Mr and "VIis John Parkhuist l e turned to their home in Cliula jestei day aftei a visit with Mr and "VIrs totale-v ?2 012 o35 22 The jp committee toda\ jfiled with/ the oj: the House t^asu^ppVenifintal m»nt toAhat flfcd^laslv?^ Sei. shoftmg addition il i eceipts of f " 4 i "77 DC " 4 in Whilno ^Irs Lawrence Saali of In^epend ence M,o and Mrs Jewett; C%rnes ^nd son, Robert of Tienton are gues 1 " otjjhen swterr Mfjr.i L R Meinok vlr= J T Braashaw retuined to her home ik ITahsas City yesterday aEtei attenduig-a'jTffeetmg of. the boar 1 o( control o£ the State Industiiil Home ****** 8. P. S. Interior Floor Paint For v,ood and cement is manufactured especially to withstand hard wear CJAs boot nails are harder than paint materials, it will not stand indefinitely, but it will outwear ordinary floor paints. 1 It is quick-drying, with a tough and elastic gloss that is extremely slow-wearing. BHXO 1 S S DKTjG STORE "W est Side Squfl-re G B Sherman, Pi-»scnptiionist Henrv Q, Jlock and C 1 g \e ^ 2 o fT0 each John Grihbel reported ^ 2 0 - 0 0 0 f r o i i the Tjnion League club of Phila c'e phia T h^ biipplemeatal jeport o£ the Demociatic Na-tional Committee filed todii sho\ved add tion xl contribut on^ up to jSiovember 1st o£ $301 416 oO n the total to elite SI 310 "26 oO Disbursements since the fust lepoit a m o u n t e l to 'pOlS 51o Cleveland Dodge x d xsb mate o f | p a l o n t s Ml and Mrg j Pie-ident Wilson at Princeton « a s j s o n W est Calho'un street \g m the laige=t individual cont ibu j Lor with S3 1 ) 000 bunging the totil| i p to ?107 000 Ld\ a i d Ij Dell tnc 3i No^ \ or! O ave ^2i 00 Rog-fi Sulli%an ot Chi c = o " 000 Ambassxdor Penfeld \1\ n Inter noyer ind T 1 S Peabod^ $10 000 each Thorn is D and David B Jones Chicago "12 o O O each W A E^lenburg and "VI E AlcotL departed last night foi Detroit and will leturn \\ith a Cadalas roadstei ^hicll Mr Ei lenburg recently pui tlixs d Mr and Mrs Harrv Patterson ha\e returned to the r borne in Kansxs Cilv aftei a visit TV ith Mi Patterson = T Patter Miss Edith nanklm and Miss Nel lie Harker daughters oC Enginoej Al Haiker and V\ ill Franklin of Ot tum-na Io-i\a are visiting Miss Grace Mai tin of Polk St for a fev, dajs THEATRICAL. · * * S « . S S i « 4 ) s ^ ^ ^yj, J. ^, ^ lime Petro^ i x,t Empire 1 Tonight Ihe beautiful Alme Petio-(a known for her natuialness ot acting as well as fo- her beaufrv of face and figuie will he seen at the Empire Theatre tonight m an eiUaoiffli^rj- photoplaj m fl\e acts Blajmg \\ith Fire The plaj was produced bj the Metro Companv gnd the management gu ir ' antees this attraction^. ^ Thero^^vil]" also be a reel of thos.e funu com edj cartoons 'col Hee/ea Liar H or\s \\ onders The second n i g h t s pei foi nance of C o u i l m g m C o u i t g ven at the Majestic Thextre last night w as equal 1 as good il not bottci thin the fust n i g h t s pioduction Quite a ciowc attended the second evening and the responsiveness of the audience wis gieatlj appreciated bj the xmateur actors Courting in Coiut nas a com plete success m eveiy p u t i c u l a r as is alwaj= the c ise "n ith v Dainabv ihow and those ^ h o attended are high in their piaise of the fine talent exhibited Wenzel's for Corsets Wenzel's for Millinery, Cut Prices. PIG STRAYED -- Pig straj ed from S23 Woodward St Finder please Ihone 1 5 9 2 J ^ 2 6 FOR SALE -- Overland Touring car good as ne~\\ only 4 months old Phone 21 2 t£ «· SOCIETY AND CLUBS « * - § - S ' S ' ' § S 6 J ^ § ® § ^ $ ( 3 ' t S » Mrs Fred Hirris has issued i.nvita tions today for two a f t e i n o o n at home next T\eek Mondvy and Tuesday No i ember 13.1 1 1 lie Club will meet next "\\eek w i t h Mis Fiatt for the study ot the Opei i Manon* by Puccini Stewart will he leider Mrs Cldc FOR RENT--Strictly modern front room 2 blocks from square in small family -with no other roomers Gentlemen preferred Phone No 494 2 tf Mrs Wm Lightner and Mis Geo Macdonald will invite Jnnds- Co luncheon followed by Biidge at the h o m e of the latter Thursday Nov 9 at f o clock "Romance ot Bjlh Goit H i l l ' A photopla / that has attracted much attention the countri over is ·V Romance of Billj Goat H 11 le cently produced by the Red Feathe- Co This play was pictunzed f rom the book whose author is Alice He gan Rice authoi ot Mrs 'Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch The photopla% contains manj tiue to life situations that bungs out the pathetic as well is the h u m o r o u s bide This nne pho toplay which is in five acts will be it the E m p ic Theatre Saturday af Iternoon and night in addition to the ' seventh episode ot Peg O the Ring One way to relieve habitual constipation is to take regularly a mild laxative Doan's Regulets are reco-m- nended for this purpose ·t all drug stores 25c a bo-? The ihrnng Matrons met with Mrs lurt Gill yesteiday Miss Hitt anil Crawford playing with, the club Mia Brady was presented with the club prize a lemon servei and Miss Hitt the guest piize a handkerchief Mrs Gill served a buffet luncheon Suit Sale! i- 11. Just received 100 elegant ladies SUITS. All newest styles in Broadcloth, Serges, Gaberdines arid Poplins. All sizes, these are wonderful suits worth up to $40.00, take your choice beginning / Saturda Mornin The Culture Club met with Mrs Elmore Wednesday afternoon Mrs Toe Batta -was leader and directad th» following program lousiana undei Trench Dominion in Earlier^ iDajs given, by Mrs Skidmore French Do minion in the Mississippi Valley by Mrs Frank Eastman Mrs John Burch told of the L i f e and Customs of the People in these Pioneer Days A general discussion followed Mrs Clyde Stewart spoke of the Louisiana Purchase and Mrs S W igley of the Exploring Expeditions of Lewis and Clark and of Gen Pike *'-\. Pei ilons I o^ e ' The title of the third number of the series of Glorias Romance with the star supreme Miss Billie- Burke iv ill be si own at the Majestic Iheatie tonight at 7 15 and 8 30 The pn tine storj tonight concerns college life and college pranks with the little star Miss Burke the leader of her s a t in school and her con slant breaking of the blue stocking rules of the institution with many amusing happenings told in a pleas ing raann 3 r Miss B irke w i l l appear in a num ber of b e a u t i f u l and expensive dress es Attending the opera she -nill wear an i nusual opera coat The com bineo. attractions beautiful clothes I renowned stais and a pleas-ing pictuiei storj constitutes an enjovable even , No charge f»r Alterations. These are the greatest values we have ever offered. HARTMAN'S CHILLICOTHE 400 COATS JUST ARRIVED Wenzel's Millinery Sale WIATOR C-MUjCSTROM L\\DS OV GOVERNOR'h * re** New York Noy 3 --Victor Carl stronii sw ooped down from the sky to day landing on Governor s Island closing a lightening like nournej from | Chicago He had hung up a new American non stop record yesterday and had made the journej at an av erage speed of 110 miles per hour Little more thin a speck he soar en neai the Island just before 9 a m after leaving Hamport N Y over 300 miles away at 6 25 o clock this morning Wenzel's for Coats t.l VSJL GVS URb IS RAG. **Fau ami \\armei " Avery Hopwood master of fire 0 ran his own record up with Tair ind \\ armer the bubbling hilariou c farce ^vhich. Selwjn. Com.pT.nj -will present at the Majestic Theatre on Wednesda} Nov Sth Mr Hop ·wood s admirers dating from Seven Days and Nobody s Widow two great successes of former seasons found m his latest work the same ^paiMe of hue and cleverness of characterization -\vnicli had graced the others w i t h an added ludicrous ness of situation. The scene built around the inexpert making of a cock tail puts its audiences practically into hyseric"3 The long New York run of the piecv. with its thousands of out of-town visitors spread the fame of Fair and ~tt armer all over the country and created a vigorous demand for it Til c mo^t uproarous of farcen had its wcl come waiting for it in every city town and v llage of the whole coun tn before it c%ci left New York Solwj n and Company send it here with an excellent company of far VKK \ \ S \ S A i k i n s a C t j \.i k Nov " -- I h e Lig oil and t,as licld sou hwest ol thi citi is as lighted up U t night ioi miles aiound fioni the binning ot p onstei gaser on the Cjpsj lea^o \\hich, caught tiom a shoit wire en I cuit la t night \\hile the ciew "1 I changing No one 1 estimated thit a Announcement Dr. Hallaway's Sanitarium "V (Cor. Elm and Ann Sts.) Will be opened to the public November 15th for the treatment of all chronic diseases. Satisfaction Guaranteed EMPIRE Steam Heated TO-NIGHT SCIEA ill ICAJjliX VEMILAIFD II METRO PICTURES CORPORATION --presents--· MME. PETROVA In an E^eraordmary Photoplay PLAYING WITH PIKE" FIVE ACTS --ALSO-A reel of those funny cartoons COL HECZA LIAR WORKS WONDERS · S T O C K T y O N ' S O R C H E S T R A Shows at 7 15 8 30 p. m PRICES 5 and 1O Cental COMING TOMORROW--Afternoon and Night · "A ROMANCE OF BILLY GOAT HILL"--Big Red Feather Play and SEVENTH EPISODE of " "Peg 0' The Ring" Majestic Theater Wednesday, November 8th Selwyn Company e (Pioduceis of "AVitLm Tlie Law", "Undei Cover,'/ ' T \\in Beds" and Mai a;eiet Illunsrton m "The Lie", etc ) Presents THEIR ANNUAL LAUGH FESTIVAL jTair and Warmer" By Avery Hop-wood. The Faice - t hich lun for One Year |at the Eltmge Theatte, New York, and broke all iccords for bis; business Prices--$1.50, $100, 75c and 50c. Advance Sale of Tickets at the Music Shop Sale Starts Mondaj Morning, ISTov 6th. mjuied It I B estimated thit a o\j of 2 5 0 0 0 0 0 0 feet of gas is burning and today the fire is so hot that it is almost im possible to get -within working dis tance of it ^Seveial boilers are be ing mo-f ed up to the scene in an ef fort to put out the fire with steam Wenzels for Suits Wilson or Hushes' The «triw vote will tell you Clark's Pharmacy Retail See it 30 3 Wenzel's fit Corsets For earache toothache, paing, Hums scalds sore throat, try Dr Thomas* Eclectic Oil a splendid remedy for eme^ MISS BILLIE BURKE THE STAH SUPREME W|LL BE PRESENTED IN THE THIRD OF THE SERIES OP GLORIA'S ROMAN E entitled -THE: PERILOUS LOVE" Miss Burke will be seen in the part of a college girl with m my a college prank, breaking blue stocking inles, and latei m her beautiful opera coat, at t ic Metropolitan Opera House A beautiful picture production with a pleasing =toiv told MUSICAL SELECTIONS BY THE LADIES EIGHT PIECE ORCHESTRA Shows 7 15 8 30 ADULTS 1O^; CHTT.D 5*

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