Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 27, 1977 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 27, 1977
Page 5
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Tuesday. December 2". 1977 HOPF < AHK > SI AH Page Five Rotary Club hears church sinners "SELAH," A GROUP from the First Baptist Church (above) set the stage for the Christmas weekend when it sang at the Hope Rotary Club Thursday in the Sheraton Inn. Ray Lawrence, program chairman, introduced Jan Rowe, Ann Thrash, Cyndi Garrett, Holly Cofield, Alan Moore, Barry Bates, Stan Harris and Rufus Herndon, IV. They sang "And This is Love," "Reach Out and Touch," "Didn't He Shine," "I Lost It All to Find Everything," "Go Tell It on the Mountain," ac- companied by tape recorded music, and concluded with "Silent Night," sung a capella. Vernon Wicklii'fe asked the blessing for the meal and on those present, and all pledged allegiance to the flag. President John Robert Graves welcomed these guests: Mrs. Ray Lawrence, Jim Taylor of Strong, formerly of Hope, Frank Swift of Macon, Ga., Jack Torbett of Brunswick, Ga., Rufus Herndon, III, Mrs. Mark Harris, Sydney McMath of Boston, Mass., and Jack McCabe of Lafayette, La. Truck mechanic convicted in Klan incident escapes from Georgia jail AMERICUS, Ga. (AP) Buddy Cochran, the truck mechanic convicted of ramming a car into a Ku Klux Klan rally in President Carter's hometown of Plains last July, escaped from the Surater County jail early today, Sheriff Randy Howard said. Cochran, 30, and another prisoner escaped about 7:45 a.m., the sheriff said. A police radio broadcast had identified the other man as Michael Proctor. Howard said the search was being concentrated in the area around Americas, about 20 miles east of Plains. Police broadcast an alert that the two were driving an automobile with Mississippi license plates. Cochran, from Americus, was convicted Oct. 25 of eight counts of aggravated assault in the July 2 incident which injured 32 persons, many of them reporters covering the KKK rally. The trial was highlighted by testimony from Carter's mother, Lillian, who said she was watching part of the rally from a distance but left when trouble broke out. Cochran was sentenced on Nov. 17 to 12 years in prison and 8 additional years on probation. His attorney argued during the trial that Cochran suffered from temporary insanity and he was given a psychiatric examination. However, the test results said that Cochran suffered no mental disorders and that he was "functioning in a normal range of intelligence functioning." District Attorney Claude A. Morris argued that Cochran was not insane but drunk. esearchers want to replace poison warning with 'Mr. Yuk' CHICAGO (AP) - A child who sees a skull and crossbones on a container of poison may think pirate food is inside, say researchers who want to replace the traditional warning symbol with "Mr. Yuk." Mr. Yuk has a scowling green face, with his eyes scrunched closed and his tongue sticking out. He was born in 1971 in Pittsburgh, where pirate symbols are associated with the city's professional baseball team. "In the last five years, there have been no deaths in Allegheny County (Pittsburgh) from accidental ingestions," said a spokesman for the National Poison Center Network, which is based at Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh. The network estimates that between 1,000 and 5,000 children under 5 years of age die each year of accidental poisonings nationwide Many of these deaths could be prevented by the use of new warning symbols like Mr. Yuk, according to a study by Kenneth C. Schneider, an assistant professor of marketing at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota. Schneider's research was published in the University of Illinois' Journal of Consumer Research. Schneider concluded that the skull and crossbones symbol has lost much of its signifi- cance and reported that some children believe the once-frightening symbol designates "pirate food." He also found that children seem to be more attracted to white containers than black or red ones, to square containers and to those with an odor — even those with unpleasant or antiseptic odors. Mr. Yuk is used in about 20 Eastern cities now, the poison center said. In Illinois, the state is experimenting with a different symbol to replace the skull and crossbones. It is a green snake with fangs bared and was chosen after interviews indicated the character was the one with which children would be most afraid to play. Missouri's top story: the flood KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) Last fall's tragic flooding in the Kansas City area is given the nod as the top Missouri story of 1977 by editors of member newspapers of the Associated Press. Far back in second place in the voting, announced today, is the financial collapse of Progressive Farmers Association. LARGEGROUP OF CHILDREN'S SCHOOL SHOES BO YS& GIRLS CONTINUATION OF OUR SEMI ANNUAL SHOE SALE VI tens mu>l rr<>i*tt r m ,himmr\ \\ 1 This newspaper, in rwperntion with the local District Office of (he lm- migration and Naturalization Service, would like to remind nil aliens that there is only a short time remaining In which to comply with the Federal 'nw which requires all aliens to report their current addresses to the Government during each and every January. Troy A. Adams, Jr., district director of the New Orleans Immigration and Naturalization Service office, advises us that aliens must comply whether they have changed addresses during the past year or not. The penalties for not complying are strict, and to do so is easy and takes just a few seconds. Just obtain the appropriate address report form from any Post Office or Immigration Service office, fill it out, and mail It back. The deadline Is the end of January. Obey the law - get your form and mall It in today. Woman in roma responds to ne\v circulation therapy Broadway actress /// NEW YORK (AP) - A doctor was to examine Liza Minnelli today to determine if she can return to the Broadway production "The Act" after missing seven shows because of bronchial trouble and the flu. Miss Minnelli was resting at home, "eating chicken soup and watching television," according to the star's spokeswoman, Peggy Siegal. A doctor examined Miss Minnelli before last Wednesday's show and found she had a 104- degree fever, the spokeswoman said. The star missed two shows Wednesday, one each Thursday and Friday, two shows Saturday and one performance Monday night. Producers for the show said they lost $184,000 in revenue because Miss Minnelli has no understudy . TOKYO •Al'M Harriot Rosenberg, a .H-yenr-oM mother of two from Fast Motmx , N.Y.. who has been in a coma for almost n ycnr. shows "small, first signs' 1 sho might regain consciousness through a new Wood circulating thetvapy started last week, her husband said today. "Doctors told me then 1 have been small Improvements. First, her finger musck-s softened. Now you can bond her fingers which we couldn't do before," Ted Rosenberg. M. told The Associated Press in n telephone Interview. Doctors also told him his wife now blinks her left mid right eyelids to an equal degree, ami that she can .wallow saliva, although unconsciously, Rosenberg said. She could do neither before the thereapy, he added. "Doctors said the blood-circulating therapy is a step-by-stop procedure, especially to a patient of her age. And 1 don't expect an overnight miracle. But let me say doctors and 1 arc cautiously optimistic," Rosenberg said. Mrs. Rosenberg underwent the first of a series of "auto- genous blood pumping therapy" sessions at the Iwale Medical College In northern Japan on Dec. 22. The treatment calls for pumping 20 cubic centimeters of patient's blood into an aspirator — a partial vacuum chamber — where a chemical is added and the blood then pumped back into the artery. The 20-cc pumping process Is repeated 30 to 40 times in a single treatment and repeated after two-week Intervals. The chemical is added to dilate the constricted arteries suffered by persons in a coma. The resulting dilation of the arteries helps the patient to receive an adequate flow of blood throughout the body, including the brain. The treatment has been effective more than 50 percent of the time, including the case of an 11-year-old girl, Sachiko Iwadate, who regained consciousness after a three-year coma and now is back in school. Or. ttaruyuki Knnaya of the college reported earlier. Mrs. Rosenberg is the 50th patient to undergo the treatment, hospital officials said. Mrs. Rosenberg suffered train damage in an automobile collision in January while she was taking her 5-year-old son, Barry, to nursery school. She has been in a coma ever since. although she started to blink her eyelids in March, Rosenberg said. After about one month of observation, the second series of treatment for Mrs. Rosenberg will start on Jan. 26. MEN'S SUITS REDUCED WERE $ !30°° $ !50°° NOW $g2 5 ° $9750 $1 j 2*0 M65°° M75°° *225°° $ 131 25 *168 75 MEN'S & YOUNG MEN'S DRESS SHIRTS Values to $ 2Q°° NOW $1000 ALL SALES FINAL NO EXCHANGES-NO REFUNDS [lOVERfURPS ] THE STORE THAT HAS TIME FOR YOU Whltewall Size D70-14 F78-14 G78-14 H7B-14 G78-15 H78-15 L7B-1S OUR PRICE 126.95 $29.40 $30.60 $32.50 $30.60 $32.50 $34.30 Plus F.t.T.end old tire $2.09 $2.37 $2.53 $2.73 $2.59 $2.79 $3.09 VALUES •uide'... 25 Choose Vower Guide'... 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