Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 10, 1930 · Page 17
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 17

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 10, 1930
Page 17
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.- *:·. 'W^g, |£ITE OF .LOUISVILLE j ^RATIONS FORMiS l, m IINTHE WORLO-HB TARTI we A ftEvou/noi! HEVLeEAOtCTATOP IfOLL/ftON IN ·^p? t W ^T ~fo ^/LIMB BY om' OFF yiHd li reported tif ng.'\V. C. Armilrong. Mc» i. and Harry T(inl«»i*'l" '« rain halted boon thri«» fow dayi, Man Gathers trawberries In Oct. -L*e B»g»d«lr, livlnlj ^,canft hntt b(»*n d^vthcrlRK a* fiom hi* .vtr-bMrinf 1 HP gnlht-red .nculth *° irRt 1 sihortcnkf A. Payn*. Mr*. J. G. OUi- re L I. Klrby. Mi*» I" 10 " m Chnrlca B»bock, »n* 1 Jrepltmor were In ChlcW on the Pinlrt* Vnrnin tout UBES8E8 HOTAHY vtA,--"City Siipcrlril^oilfD^ l^rnnk E Crawford wW pal ipeiikor nt lh« mMt' 1 "" n(i«ll» notniy club T«#«IW Ickinano hol.l Mr. Cr»* e an Int«ri*t1nt! '* )k *? clivltks" At MdUt* o( _·*· ittt B*nnfc Kal^fn *' ^''jf c out tf town vl»llon "i DECATUR HERALD FRIDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 10, 1930. DECATUP HERALD 17 ALL WEEK SPECIALS! CLOVER FARM r COFFEE BI ("rid *i[ anil ronnted for aroma. Vacuum pucN*(] to Insure freshness A rw.1 mit- utundlnfc coftee value, ILkTiRttc CAHM Grape Jam S rr ' tiriiTY '-i^'^-^irif-'o JELLT .'.I lU-^r, ,, tumble A GLOVER FARM PEAS Hi I- I* lit. in p.' Jar Per ,Ml«d In tin Petit Pol*NO, 3 5! 19c Clover Farm SOUPS Mnif frnm fancy s«looted m*ats ami vegetables. More confnn(rated, richer flavor* Tomato V«8.-V«f.-Becf 3 Cans 25c 3 Cans 27c CLOVER FARM OATS Milkrt tn clovor Pavm Qitallty 5(1 nt. ft-- (HI ot. rkit. . . S7C Pkr. . .... CHINA OATS ^ II.DM-H I \IOI s»« RAISIHS PEflCHES V '' ; - ipirrWbATES," HIO FOtUt VV1I1TI', S.\1'IITII\ SOAP KlttfT, Ill-It IT, WllllHf 10 bars 33c VOB Ulti l''OI)ll SOAP FLAKES A pure Whlt« Huko fur otery home »i". A ftrcttt Mvlnf In . CORN MEAL H(!r;iH Hurt I. PEACHES CI.OIKH runi FLOUR 5 Ib. Bag 21c ^·f t *|.h rl "V ill I '.*» ^Bh dh ^fc r I I h * l« |ll ' r * * I'U'lTf ^^» ^j ^^B ^^K jfc ;ii 24 «' 75c SATt HI) AY Fig,Bars A JtilH.ltPiiE! buttpr »n(t pg(t urunl Mind *-l*h tlnenl Sniyrnn /IK ( 8 n t P r « . SATURDAY ONLY 2Lbs.26e CABBAGE Foncy Wl.conaln Holland S**d fnr Kraut MaXIntt 100 Lb», $1.50 Lb,2c 2 * nt 15c 4 o^l/* Boiket 4M9w M I I ' M K . A S CELERY Msrv MICHM fiRAPES MAPE FRUIT SwMi'oialoM ^ SWAGE ; WiH I')whurt Itech l-b. Lh, OALUEHAMS Lb. isy 2 c HOHN CHEESE 'BACON ME? full Orcum Lh, 27c )·, r.sin, LlfM Lb. 37c I'lWl) I'lHIttlril I'rT'nnit^ .* 45c I HERE ARE FEW SIMPLE FACTS ABOUT FOODS Every woman who prepares meala for her family, should know u few simple facts about food. It la important for her to under stand the health giving qualities of vitamins. ctirbohydrates, fats, proteins, and mineral salts HO that she can servo them in the correct proportions, If sho can make the rood attractive as well an wholesome, so much tho better. Moat women like to experiment with new food preparations and to lesi'n new ways of preparing and serving everyday foods. But the food she servos must be sfinitary na well as stivoiy or else sho Is risking her funifty'ti health. garni In Sliltuifilt Sand in the spinach is unpleutmnt to bo ame, but a gltuw of milk from ·which a fly hns been temoved miiy .have really serious consequences. Any wholesome food IH likely to contain the (forms that en use sickness if the cook prepares It with dirty hands or contaminates U with the spray of a cough or snows. For the person who cooks tlio food as well as lor those who eat 11, thei'o Is no more important hcnlili mcas ur« than thorough ftnd trcqueni hand cleansing with soap, warm water and a nail brush. The woman who Is suffering from a cold or any olliw* communicable dlspiisc is doing herself an well tis hfr fumllv t\n in justice by pott«iln£ n i o u n j the kltcbon when she should be In l;ed If there Is somp freort reiiHon why II Is necessary for her to bo up and about, she muit bo on|ecially cnro- ful to use plenty otvclenn handher- chiefs and to keep Iwir hnnJs clean + -^ -- FLIBS QUICKLY (Hjl t'irltcif I'riMt 1 OORTLAND, N, Y.-A/ler only six bourn of dual Instruction, Mrs. Harold R. Mull, wlfo of Lieutenant Mull, manager of th* Cortlaud airport, made her first solo flight, Sho Is the first Cortlnnd woman (o learn to fly. MENU HINT Sweet potato-Apple Sausage Casserole Stuffed Tomato Salad Coffee Milk Sliced Peaches or Banana* Oraiigs Cookies Apples are at their beat thU time of yenr. Serve them baked often. In the menu today we use them with sausage and sweet potato In a casuerole dish, And serve them Tor dinner or supper. , Todny'i BecJ]w» Sweet Potulo CnwHirolc--fai e untl quarter one large apple and 1 one medium eweet potato for each person. Place a layer of sweet potato In the casserole, salt, then a layer of apples, sprinkle with brown sugar. Rc-poat nnd place homo made (fausngo pattks on top. Bako about one hour at 300, , " Tonuito Sahul--Scoop out centers of tomatoes and fill with celery, cucumber rthd onion diced and covor all with tmiyMinniee, Baths May Be Either Luxurious or Plain Luxurious living Is [Iiiuged hy the nurnbor und style of » person's hathroms. In some homes a single balh may coat a ptolilbllivc tanount If then; is taken Into ac count both thn wear an| tear on nimble tllon tttld gold fltt-luga, and thep rlcelos salts and soaps, oils, powders, biunhsg, anil tint! towels thnt may be conajdcred nnceswary. Such a bath, however, does no more for tho rich thtin jiluin soap and water does for the teal of u^- )t cleanser, refreshen, relaxes, or stimulates according to the dcslro and need. Happily, no matter what some people may choose to upend on It. the par value of the bath remains the Bftme. Every one of ua can afford its incomparable refreshment as of ton as we like CLEANLINESS AND . ORDER ARE NEEDED IN THE STOREROOM In your home cluttered up wltli objects that have outlasted their use- ai? If you're paying rent In a city apartment, the chances are that you need every available inch for the mere necessities of life, But even where space le limited, some housewives cram every unoccupied shelf and corner with old furniture, clotting, books that are never read, and cracked or chipped dishes "too good to throw away," Some storage space is needed In every household for furnishings and clothing that are used only during certain seasons and for miscellaneous objects Much B9 eai'd tables and extra folding chtths. An a general rule t is advisable to dispose of everything that hw been of no use throughout tlie past yenr--either by sending It to some charitable organization or by throwing It ruthlessly on the Junk heap to b* carted away. Dispose Ot All "Jiinlt" Otherwise, when tbc house Is cleaned, these odd places must be moved aboui, while the space they occupy, even it it Is In the attic or cellar, might often bo used to make closets more convenient or to provide ft spare bedroom or it playroom for the children. Sometimes an old table or a chest cf drawers which has stood In Idleness for years can he converted into useful furnishing by A llttto amateur carpentry, plenty of soap and water and a fresh coat of paint. Ken| Goixl 111 Inert Anything worth keeping at ail IB worth keeping In good condition. Furniture and books whould be dusted and rugs carefully rolled. Clothing, scraps of material, and oilier small pieces should be packed |p boxes and each box ?narked with a list of Its contents. This will make It easier to clean the storage place and to find the stored articles when they are needed. An to OloseU Whether a oloeet or room la used WIFE PRESERVERS To um nurow Mti (wide out, futm a way pin in the icon side and nin Inept* shelves, and woodwork tihould be kept scrupulously clean. Windows, tlieJv«« ,»nd woodwork wished »t frequent tnUml. and floor* «vrubbed with w*p and witter. Unlem clMnllncu and order nn nuUnUlntd bora « In the rett of UM hoiiaehold, the ·toraroom will tte come it fir* hturd tnd I mwnco to MnlUtlon «nd good h*iKh. NOW PATHEIt CAN SLBEri (fly Vnttiii Frrin.) SAM DtEQO, Cal. -- Th« "hud" that rocks Die oridle nwy IH «l*c- trlclty, ftccordlpg to V, D. BUndley, Inventor. H. r»c«ntly d«nvoMti*tttl hi* new *1ectrk»l,nur«nn*.id ( which coiMlsts of the ciutomary cr«dlu nwung between two uprlghti mounted on roller*. With rh« «ld of W) efectrlo motor and lever attachment, 1h» cradle Is swung from side to ttldu when, il» current in turned on. Qialily Foods Lowest Prices You Save Money At Home Stores STORES DECATUR Saturday Specials CkllV^«^ 1pur " 1 ft t 1 * %1C 91J.gC» 0«uinlat«1 AV Fnf «*-·*» Chilli Con Carne \ValnutPeas S, Chewing Green Beans BEANS No. 2 Sin Northern 3 Pi'e*. IOC 2 *» Me 3~%""2Sc Apricots Ubby's TJi, 19c Pancake Flour ffiiSs:*. 23c lluokwheat, 9 for J 2 Jello Vinegar Fancy or Snliulo rora Oder Qnnrt IKlttlA I5c ISc SYRUP r,l|-hl tv Dark 1} Lu. CAR 2 F - 25c QUAKER CRACKELS Auk tr* Tn Got A Botl FREE r«r lie CATSUP Bottlo 15c Minute Tapioca f^flgr Uc Pure Fruit Preserve 15 c T a r23c HOMINY COOKIES Ohocolala Fruit Lh. Home Stores Flour ^:;^^ COFFEE "SS?"' " "- 23c Tropic Nut Oleo V^ 2 ^ 35c In Our Heal Departmeits LARD Star Bmnd BACON 3 to 5 LI). Curvd Lbs. 28c FRESH GROUND BEEF, Ib. LONG HORN CHEESE, Ib. . . ........ 28; Fruits and Vegetables CELERY Mlehlpui 3 Stalk* 20C HEAD LETTUCE Cttllfornla BANANAS Wpo YelW Ib*. 19c APPLES or Orim« Golden Lbs, 25c JELKE GOOD LUCK MARGARINE Sold At All Decatur Home Storei Phone for Foods rrompt D*Uv«n p Servk* NOHTMWKStf A W. Tmnlor, FlionB J-M^I unuit (irattty. Ilium 1010 W. W. Damon, Pt».« a-'.ttd'] C. Cloyd A Sun, Phone K, f. P**tj. Phnnt *. j, nioroap, rhmiD I**t«r OlMuai, 4'hnin p**t 4k airiuri n»iM !-JTjt;a J. It, Bliiw, PhllQB J-«ll NORTHEAST Freil Kelly, riion* 3-I3U* K. V. SftliiJ, l«(Hi* J-lDtl WllllRtn II. Wolhpr, llit.nt ;Of*. C MmlitJ, Vtiani it-iMWl MuontI * Komlelnjr. nimii. «-oiJI C, B. Whitney, Phone S-liW Arafricno tlfliirr, PIIIIM i-OlM c. t), liiuTbi. I'hmw 6ffll) W. K. Binlibii, I'hooo 41UM H. Dill, Pflnnp JS-MtS. S-3601 Stoat Dtot.. Plmn« s-Diil Hn. Oirl Cntlfr, rtion* S-IAtU OUo tXHnbnntil. Phone flm L, Ctedl*. Phim* (-11 It SMiMuud Nnrket, Phun* t-MM W. K. Shdl*, Pbntu l-wm a N, I^MltcfilH. rtaan« t-tttl A W. K»Hr, Phent t-Sl» O P. G*D«, ninn* S-CISfi UweVwunil fjfwerr. Ptinnt 1430 vnvn'X AMD (HOTHWB§T Uwi, 1Vrk*H * Cn., n» ·*WBlft Onxxrr, Pwrat KROGER STORES COMMIT! 217 S. MAFF1T 234 N. 22ND MARKITS KROttER STORES WHERE YOUR DOLLAR BUYS MORE--you r*c«iv* tiw full btntfit of mvktt d e c l i n e * iinmediMcly when you buy your food* «l * KROGER STORE. A dollar U · defer, but you get more for it rt ((ROGER'S. Look *t thtw nvingt, ·hop with w, Md BANK THE DIP- FERENCE. 1464 E. W1LUAM 951 N. WATER 1268 N. EDWARD 566 W. SAWYER SOAP 33c · DH Mont* MAPLE SYRUP for Country d»ih 35c 37c and IPkg. of Country Club Pancake Flour FREE «%^Jt^%WP^C Country Clnh * O I - bl O^* CKAvKbnd JM A *M« «ac FIG BARS '«·" 2 '* 25c GLOVES -^ n( lOc SALMON TM* ^ 16c JEWELL COFFEE 19c PRUNES FLOUR NAVY BEANS OLEO Bulk Club 48 Ohte MaM 5 2 $1.35 * 39c - 21c ARTISTIC MANTEL CLOCK With Alarm AtWchmtnt $2.48 Beautifully Detigntd Aik llw MUWRCT How to Ot Out POTATOES RED OHIOS -- NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY 15 U. Peck 33c BSK $2.5o Tokay Grapes fz 20c 234N,22dSI, HE AT OEP ARTMEUT l464E.WHH«iS*, Chuck Roast c £r ' 15c PORK STEAKS, Uan Silcw, Ib. ................ 20e FRESH PIG HEARTS, Ib. ............ ^ ........ H* BREAKFAST RAOOUb. ., ............... ..-..251 Pork Loin Roast [K 20c WIEMERS-FRAHKFURTERS, Ib, SHORT RIR BWUHfi BEEF.Ib. BEEF STEAKS, all eats, Ib L Meat Loaf 15c KROGER /TORE/ ',1, /"'"'

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