Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on December 5, 1935 · Page 5
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 5

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 5, 1935
Page 5
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RSDAY, DECEMBER 5, 1935 lOCMS VAN HOUTEN and Mrs. Alfred Pantry .City came Friday even- 8 \ g until Sunday after, his parents, Mr. and Bother, Mrs. A. H. Capps. Fred Pa ntr y and her L Maude Wells, who has f m the hospital in Creston lial days for treatment, 1 a home Friday. and Mrs. John Gray went k Urines Friday to visit luber, Homer Laird, who I Hie veterans' hospital in a. Harley A. Por- Iowa City visited from evening until Sunday af- with his parents, Mr. J. A. Porter. and Mrs. G. L. Langdale mwa spent Sunday with Mrs. Fred Holben. The are cousins. ies Hughes of Iowa 'City over the week end with ts, Mr. and Mrs. Jay Mrs. D. L. Bare and visited from Thurs- Saturday with his J, H. GASSON, M. D. an old picture) |l. H. Gasson has opened a . at Bedford which he calls Bedford Hospital ^treatment of acute and chronic diseases [Telephone 169,. Bedford father at Pleasantville. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Frehse and son Bobbie of Salina, Kansas, visited from Wednesday evening until Friday afternoon With Mrs. Frehse's mother and sister, Mrs. Archie Turner and Miss Anna Turner. They also visited with her brother, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Turner. Mr. and Mrs. Gail Richard and Virginia Lee of Omaha spent Thanksgiving here with relatives. Mrs. K. R. Huff, Mrs. H. C. Killion, Virginia Huff and Ann Reimer were Des Moines visitors Friday. Laverne Dunlap and family, formerly of Lenox, came from California to spend Thanksgiving with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Fayrl (Jimmie) Pierce are the proud parents of a 10 Ir4 Ib. baby son, named Jerry Fayrl, who made his arrival Sunday, December 1, 1935. Msr. Budd Moore is helping care for her wee grandson. Mrs. Mary Wilson returned to her home last Friday. She has been visiting in Red Oak, Grinnell and Corning. Mrs. Wilson makes her home with her daughter and family, Mrs. Ed Nelson. Mr. and Mrs. Roy C. Railing and daughter Joyce of Minneapolis, Minn., came Saturday and are visiting at the homes of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Boltinghouse, Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Reynolds; the ladies are sisters. They are also visiting with a sister-in-law, Mrs. T h e 1 m a Bethke. Mr. Railing is in Des Moines on business this week, while the family is visiting here. Mrs. Joe Strand spent the weekend in the Ed Nelson home last week. Miss Vivienne Hetz of Des Moines came last week to attend the Beach-Bender wedding and spent the week end at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Hetz. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Duncan, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Duncan and daughter Jacqueline, spent Friday night with Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Tedford. Guests in the June Blrokaw home Thanksgiving day fh r ,i d r "?•• Eari Br ° kaw children ot Corning, Mr. and Mrs. Tom cross and children, THE LENOX TIME TABLE. LENOX: TOW A r Cax and Mr. and Mrs W K Brokaw, all of Des Moines sale Estcl 1>6 P° rt D rt! V - 8 cars to Beckwith of Des Moines George Ferguson of Clearfieid and Harry Teateworth of Len- RED & WHITE HOME OWNED 15c 25c 19c lOc lOc 14c 27c [ANILLA WAFERS, per Ib. NG BAR COOKIES, 21bs. _ _ _.-.-i.«£ fASHO, large pkg. iOCOLATE Candy MAS CANDY, Dound USTARD, ^ qt. jar 3MATOES, No; 2 can, 3 for _ 0. L. DAVIS M^wwww^smmmmm&^wWMvt'S 1 **'**'***' 1 '"'' pills Style Shop CHRISTMAS SPECIAL ON WINTER COATS AND DRESSES P. have some winter coats dresses on which we making some special s. X £°ats are dress coats pric es are new styles in \ , velvet and knitted. ' Before Christmas Cleanup on / NJ) VELVET BATS scarf, 'te and f ets in brushed wool i nnel > f ° r children. TeLi ° have the Shirley collar ette sets in a of colors. ox. Mr. and Mrs. Wade Menoher and baby Lloyd Michael, spent the week end here with Wade's parents, Mr. and Mrs. c. B Menoher. Mr. and Mrs. June Brokaw and Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Brokaw were dinner guests Sunday at the Uhas. Riley home. Oscar S. Heizer of Washington, D. c., brother of Mrs. Wm. *]• Hayes of Lenox, spent Thanksgiving day in the Hayes home. On Friday morning Mrs. Hayes and Irene drove to Creston with him where he took a train to Kansas City, where ne will visit his sister, Irene Weed and nephew, Mahlon Weed. From there he will go to Florida, where he will spend the winter. Morton's Smoked Salt at Anderson Produce. Mr. and Mrs. Claude Dixon and Mr. and Mrs. Donald Tyler drove to Des Moines Monday evening and attended the opera, Kigoletto. It was given by the San Carlo Opera Company. Ora Wilson, who has been in the hospital at Iowa City lor the past few weeks, returned home Sunday. He had two operations while there, and is returning home much improved in health. C. E. Dixon and C. C. Mills made a business trip to Des Moines Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hurley ot Winterset, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Andrews and Marjorie Shoenhair and children, Marcell and Karl of Clearfield, spent Thanksgiving afternoon at the home of Mr. and llllllllllimimilUimmnnmiimmilll | The pupils are making "jolnt- L C L -I ed Santa Claus" in art class. CI1OX C^CnOOl Rolan d Leonard left his grade nv .» . „ Friday, when he moved to Cres- By Margaret Carruthers iiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiimiiiiimii Girls to Wiota The girls' basketball teom will ^eet Wiota's team at Wiota Friday night. It promises to be good game, as Wiota is unde- eated so far this year, in four ames played. First Grade Tne bulletin board is full of 'hristmas pictures. Mrs. J. L. Rev. and Mrs. E. S. Menoher ol Marengo, ia., came last Wednesday for a visit with their brother and sister, Mr. and Mrs C. B. Menoher. On 'j.nursday morning tne two brothers and their wives, who are sisters drove to Corning where, with a number of other relatives, they spent a very happy Thanksgiving day in the home of another sister, Mrs. Sarah E. West. Rev and Mrs. Menoher returned home -iiday. Mrs. Ella Cowan, Mrs. Effie Curphy and sons, Thurman and Kenneth, were Thanksgiving day guests at the home o Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Hetz. Vern Adair and family moved into the Mrs. Bessie Benson property the last of last week Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Jones o Sharpsburg were trading in Lenox aSturday evening. Dorothy. Bivens returned home Sunday from a few day visit witn Lessie Reynolds a viinsca. The Miller Chevrolet company reports the sale of a new stand ard sport coupe to Chas. Welle of Conway Mi and Mrs. Charley Mile of corydon spent Wednesda with their uncle, J. M. Tedford elatives at various places in he southern part of the state nd Mrs. RobBen Davis is visit- tig with her parents at Cheynne. Mineral that is guaranteed, at Anderson Produce. Joe Boltinghouse, his sister, ta. A. T. Murry of Edgerly, N.[ ., Floyd Boltinghouse and Mrs.' 3-eo. Boltinghouse were in Des koines Tuesday to see J5m ioltinghouse. Mr. and Mrs. Grover Bolte nd daughter Jo Ann of Corn- ng, spent the week end with iis parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. lolte. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Caskey f Omaha spent Thanksgiving .ay with her parents, Mr. and •Irs. Chas. Boltinghouse. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Nelson pent Sunday in Greenfield at he home of Mr. and Mrs. A. W. tonnell. Glenn McEniry, who is at- ending Creighton University at Omaha, spent his Thanksgiving acation with his grandmother, Mrs. M. F. McErniry. Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Cassill have received word of the arrival of a son at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Pixley of Beaumont, Calif. The young man arrived Thanksgiving day, Nov. 28, and he and his mother are doing nicely. Mrs. Pixley was formerly Miss Alice Cassill. B. F. Wurster was a Bedford jusiness visitor Tuesday. Mrs. Will Osmond and Elizabeth Ann of Conway spent Tuesday at the Harry Bruington home visiting with Mrs. Dale Morris and daughters Marjorie Jean and Margaret Blanche of Clarinda. T. E. Cassill of St. Paul came Wednesday for a short visit at teh home of his brother, C. B Cassill. He is on his way to California. The brothers had not seen each other for 20 years. ton. Second Grade For number work these pupils have been learning to measure. Kach pupil is making an eignt inch square and then is learning to divide it up into different measurements. Twelve gold stars went on the chart when there were twelve A's in spelling last week. These pupils are fixing up their sandtable with branches of evergreen and Christmas decorations. They colored Santa in his sleigh driving his reindeers in art class. These pupils have drawn names to exchasnge Christmas gifts. me "A" division have finished .heir old readers and are starting work in the Laidlow readers. Third Grade These new officers were elected: Health Inspector, Lulu Mae Eller; Librarian, Rimel Day; Desk Inspector, Delmar Harrison; Floor Inspector, Mary Lou iong; Pencil Sharpener, Kenneth Probasco. Several new library books have been added to this grade. in language class last Wednesday Mr. Van Houten talked to the second, third and fourth grades on Indians. He showed them numerous things to illustrate his talk. There were fifteen A's in spelling last week. Kenneth Probasco and Ruth Prairie Gem Mrs. Geo. Ferguson, Sr., Flora and Tom were dinner guests Geo. Ferguson Sunday at the holne. Mr. and Mrs. Orville Nelson and Horace were Sunday even-- ing visitors with the Ed Baker famny. Flora Ferguson was visiting over the week end with friends in Clarinda and St. Joe. Mr. and Mrs. John Krahmer and family visited Sunday at the Christ Schaffer home near Clearfieid. Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Leach entertained Mi-, and Mrs. Elmer Eberle and sons at dinner Sunday. Roy Jackson returned to his home at La Porte, Mo., after a few days visit with his aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Baker. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Smith entertained the following guests at a Thanksgiving dinner: Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Prlchard and daughter and Mr. and Mrs. Geerald Gustin and son. Paul Owens was a guest Sunday at the Robert Harvey home. JP.T.A. meeting was to have been held Wednesday evening, Nov. 27, but was postponed on account of bad roads and weather. The following people from this vicinity were Bedford visitors Monday: Mr. and Mrs. Herman Wurster, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Ferguson and Georgia Lee, Mrs. Geo. Ferguson, Sr., Tom Ferguson, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Beggs and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Beggs. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Nelson and family were Shenandoah shoppers Saturday. basis. Prices fell sharply in October; all classes and grades averaged 87 cents per bushel at five main markets in the second week ot October and dropped to 58 cents for the week ended Nov. 9. The Nov. 1 estimate of corn production was slightly over 2.1 billion bushels, about the same as tne Oct. 1 estimate. The crop is about 14 percent below the 5-year average, but taking into consideration the decline In livestock numbers, is about normal. in view of past experience the United states Bureau of Agrl-, cultural Economists expects the farm price of corn to average around 55 cents per bushel between November 1935 and May 1936. Because of the short supply ot marketable corn the, price ot the better grades ot the grain may average considerably farther above the lower grades than they ordinarily do. Corn prices are expected to rise more than the carrying charge between now and next summer. Supplies of hay and rough- ages are considerably above normal in relation to livestock numbers. Kennedy were absent Monday. • i.h« h,,,.«nv, * nn ^ fc. mil „* MJKN What Sdience Do Animals Die Of? finds that most birds Mrs _ Dale Morris and little giris ~tff i Claririd'a cariie Satur-r day for a visit with the home folks. Mr. and Mrs. George Beach jr. were Bedford visitors Monday af ternoonl ... Mr' and Mrs. Glenn Albee and son Glen Howard of Grinnell called at the C. D. Het Z/ home Sunday'morning;. ' -• ' Mrs mottle Lust and daughter Dorothy of Tarkio, Mo., visited in the home ot their cousin^ Mr. and. Mrs. C. B. Menohei last Friday. | [ '."' ';' • H Lbckhart of -Hancock is spending several weeks here at the home of his son, Tom Lock- nart. He is helping with the corn picking. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Donaldson came from Omaha Sunday and spent the day with his er Mrs. Dave Donaldson. ..andMrs.R.K.McGeeand Bob of Osceola spent Sun- *^ . -m »•„„ UO1 die ol apoplexy. Read about this and other curious discoveries in The American Weekly, the magazine distributed with next Sunday's Chicago Hreald and Examiner. Mrs. W. C. Lewis was a business visitor in Bedford Tuesday. Rev. and Mrs. I. G. Randels, Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Bryant and Mrs. Viola Day were in Red Oak Tuesday attending another of the Centennial programs. Mrs. Dale Morris and two children of Clarinda came Saturday and are spending this week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bruington. Mrs. S. Cox of Hastings, Iowa came Tuesday and is visiting at the home of her daughter,. Mr. nd Mrs. R. E. Poindexter. George, ''Gail' and .Chas., Bol- righbuse and "Rev. Randels and rtrs. Glen Bryant of Red Oak ere in Des Moines Wednesday j see Jim Boltinghouse. X)R SALE—Edison Playing Machine. Mrs. C. C. Mills. VANTED—About a ten pound The bulletin board is lull of Christmas pictures in thfs grade. Fourth Grade The ".Virginia Colonies" are being studied in history. There wer* thirteen 100's in spelling last week, which finished the turqey spell. A new spelling chart has been made. It is a Santa Claus with a large bag over, his shoulder. Ea'ch time a pupil receives a perfect paper, he gets to put a cellophane bag of candy in Santa's pack. Mrs. Terry and Mrs. Shum were visitors last Wednesday. Fifth Grade This grade has six new library books. They are studying fractions in arithmetic. New sides in spelling have been chosen. This time is it tne "Reindeers vs. the Santa Claus'". At this time the Rein- u€ers are ahead. •me sixth grade pupils wrote letters to Charles Brown, their classmate, who is in Iowa City. The enrollment decreased cwo wiien Evelyn Karstensen and Velda Phillips moved to Creston. TO HOLD STEADY L. K. soth, Iowa State College Economist, announced today that corn prices have now been adjusted to a new crop ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE Notice is hereby given to all persons interested that on the 3rd day of December 1935 the undersigned was'appointed by the District Court of Taylor County, Iowa, Administratrix with the Will annexed of the Estate of L. B. Barnes, deceased, late of said county. All persons indebted to said estate will make payment to the undersigned, and those having claims against it will present them, legally authenticated, to said court for allowance. Mabel Jenkins, Administratrix W. C. Van Houten, Attorney. Published in Lenox Time Table Dec. 5, 12 and 19, 1935. MADDEN'S son Ben da y with Mr. and Mrs. W S er and Mrs. O. L. Copeland we ^'in Omaha last Wednesday mpanied home by Gretchen Mrs. Ivan Moore anU hS'd'aTghter of Cre^ton spen Sunday with her parents, Mr and Mrs. Fred Pantry. ana wia. Q ^ ^^ an , Mrs. las Mrs. RobBen Davis left Thursday for O^f 0 ^ fo about te«. days visit. Mr ,;. Davis are visiW" I Sixth Grade Tese pupils voted to have "Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue at Aunt Luscity Home" read for opening exercises. This week the bulletin board is devoted to pictures on winter sports. A tournament has been started in arithmetic class. The "Columbia Basin" is being studied in geography. In connee.tion . with their lesson, Miss Uunbat'read an article on "Salmon" to them, which they greatly enjoyed. •rnese pupils have oirawn names tor Christnvis. - 'i'nis .grade also, lost two mem-, oers, Klna and Howard Karscen- GROCERY DEPARTMENT 10c to 25c 19c 19c 15c 19c 15c 18c CANDY,, fresh stock, Ib. WALNUTS, Calif, pound CRANBERRIES, nound BAKING POWDER, G.W.C., pound SALT, Table, 10 Ib. bag TOMATO JUICE, large can COFFEE, Tall Corn, fresh roasted Tuesday, Dec. 3. High grade Santos, Ib. Turkey, able: Inquire at the Time sen. books have been added Mrs.-Clara Kennedy, -who has >een visiting at the home of her on Everett Kennedy, returned her home at Goldf^eld, last veek. The play, "Fine'-Gold'Y a two- act play presented by the young people was given at the .Church of Christ last Sunday evening. The play was well given, and a good sized audience'was pres- to the, library: Lyle' Hayes was 1 absent -Monday. . These officers were appointed to serve, from. Dec. 2-20: ent. or and Mrs. E. R. Pennebaker and family attended a family dinner on Thanksgiving day at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. S. Pennebaker, at jharpsburg. Miss Ruth Lown spent Thanksgiving at the home of her sister, Mr. and Mrs Bert Archibald, and with her lather, LOU Lawn, who makes his home with his daughter. , . Inspect fceslss., Roland j Pennebaker, Richard Preston. " Water plants, Ruth Catuska, Marian Wurster. • •'•'•'•• Er£§e blackboard,,. , Bobby Wynn' t ,'p!arl Richards, ; ; . Pass out books, Charles Barteau, Dy lores Mae Marshall. Take up books, Wendell Randels, Betty Mae Monroe. Take up papers, Robert Kuby, Oene Hoiben. Check library file, Betty Reynolds, Roger Kelly. Keep library neat, Lyle Hayes, Louise Kimball. inspect aisles, Gene Reimer, Billy O'Deil. pass out papers, Luella Oeav- CARD OF THANKS I wish to thank my friends for the flowers, letters and cards which I received while I was in er. kindness the hospital. Their will long be remembered. Mrs. Joe Boltinghouse in Seventh Grade mathematics they are studying watts and kilowatts. Transportation system of the body is being studied in physiology. Bead the Ads WHY NOT TRY IT FIRST? Many people who are troubled with ill health make the rounds of the healing profession ]bef ore trying'Chiropractic. Every Chiropractor receives many such cases in a year, people who tell him that they tried everything else and that they are now going to see what Chiropractic can do for them. The Chiropractor isn't afraid of a test of that kind. In fact he welcomes it, but it is hard on the patient. When some little thing becomes wrong with your body, when you begin feel- 'irig slightly under the weather, when you tire easily, when you have headaches or backaches there is a reason for it. These things are symptoms. _They point out that something is wrong and that something must be corrected before you will feel right. Don't delay about seeing the Chiropractor. Don't put it off. In time you become used to a slight discomfort or to feeling somewhat low and you begin to think of that as your natural state ,of health. At the first indication of anything wrong see the Chiropractor. -That is good advice but here is better advice: To STAY healthy, to AVOID becoming ill, to WARD OFF ill health, take Chiropractic adjustments. When your body organs are doing their work perfectly the body is entirely able to take care of diseases. -It is only when the body organs are inefficient that disease gets a hold on you. X^ray and Neurocalometer Service Dr E, R. Pennebaker CHIBOPR40TOB Office 2 Blocks West & Tetophtme Of«c*-FlMMW U4

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