Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on January 30, 2000 · Page 14
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 14

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 30, 2000
Page 14
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- SUNDAY, JAN. 30,2000 Health THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL Ultrasound detects anemia in fetuses SCIENCE^MATTERS" By BOB GARDNER, M.D. Damage from addictions Addictions negatively affect individuals, families and our society in many ways. The eco. homic impact is staggering, from the cost of alcohol, tobacco ; and other chemicals to the waste of our health and law enforce! ment dollars. 1 The health costs include the 1 obvious expenses such as over"doses from drugs, liver failure from alcohol abuse, and breath; ing problems, heart disease and cancer from cigarettes. ! • Other health costs are not so pbvious, and include alcohol and drug-related home and auto accidents, hepatitis, and psychiatric illness and hospitalization. We only have to read our local papers to see the effects of alcohol and drugs on crime and Imagine the high percentage of people in jails and prisons - because of addictions. * • The dollar impact is not as damaging as the human suffering caused by addictions. There are thousands of families who v are currently suffering because • > of drug and alcohol problems. t Children are taken away from > v - parents on a regular basis V because the parents cannot stay < N clean. People are abused physically, ; sexually, emotionally and eco• nomically often because of the effects of alcohol and drugs on judgment. People have to resort to lying, stealing, cheating and doing things they later regret to obtain their drugs. Many of our society will point fingers at these people, while they themselves may depend on a doctor's prescription for pain or stress. Many of us without drug or alcohol problems may take the position that it is too bad for the addicted and think it does not affect us. Unfortunately, if we are the victim of a drunk driver, or an addicted person carts off our television and stereo, we are affected. Addiction is not an attractive issue and communities do not want to advertise the fact that there are problems, but these problems do not disappear when they are ignored. If we want tourists and high quality new neighbors, we need to provide a safe environment. This is done by education and treatment of all social and health problems, including the unattractive ones. The majority of our society uses some mood or mind altering chemical, including tobacco, caffeine, alcohol or marijuana. If the chemical you use is starting to run your life, it is time for some damage control. Make a call or spend a few minutes with a health professional.and see if you have a problem, and then check out what can be done .about it. • '. •' "Dr. Bob" Gardner specializes in • addiction medicine, and works in the '. • Mendocino Community Health Clinic's " f drug and alcohol treatment program, • JJ68-9I11. Question may be sent to him ' iy: Mendocino Community Health Clin- *u. Inc., Drug and A^oholTfrtatment **—"*, 333 Lawi A '"' ' - lates sound into a display on a television- like monitor KRT Infographtea Community blood drives for February The Ukiah Valley Blood Center is holding blood drives at the following locations during February: Wednesday, Feb. 2, Glenn Miller Conference Center, 275 Hospital Drive, from 2 to 6 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 9, Mendocino College Board Room 1060 from 10 a.m. to 2pm , Wednesday, Feby 16, Willits Fitness World, from 2 to 6 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 23, Ukiah High School Faculty and Staff, in the Leadership Classroom, from 1:30 to 4 p.m. First-time d picture ID, and all donors should have a meal two to four hours prior to donating and be in good health. The Ukiah Valley Blood Center is Mendocino County's only community-based blood bank. The Blood Center provides blood for Ukiah Valley Medical Center and Howard Memorial Hospital. Those who can't make it to a blood drive may call for an appointment at 463-744 1 . Cases of bean dip shigellosis rise to 30 SACRAMENTO (AP) — The number of confirmed cases of shigellosis linked to three varieties of bean dip has risen to 30 in California, and State Health Director Diana Bonta on Friday reiterated her warning against eating the dips. Bonta said a "remove from sale" order has been issued for Senor Felix's Five Layered Party Dip, Delieioso 5 Layer Dip and Trader Joe's Five Layered Fiesta directed to make sure the products are no longer being offered for sale. Consumers may call the dip manufacturer at 1-800-807-7335. Associated Press Ultrasound can detect virtually all cases of life-threatening anemia in fetuses, sparing many pregnant women the need for a riskier surgical test, according to a study in the New England Journal of Medicine. Serious anemia occurs in a small percentage of fetuses who inherit certain types of red blood cells from their fathers. If the mother doesn't have the same type, her immune system may form antibodies that attack the fetus's red blood cells, causing serious complications and even death in the fetus. The study found that ultrasound was 100 percent effective at detecting moderate or severe fetal anemia. Researchers used ultrasound to measure the speed of blood moving through the middle cerebral artery in 112 fetuses at risk for anemia. The lower the level of red blood cells and the life-giving oxygen they carry, the faster the fetus's heart pumps, trying to get oxygen to the brain. The study found that fetuses in which the blood velocity was more than 1 1/2 times normal had either moderate or severe anemia, necessitating a blood transfusion before the 34th week of pregnancy. The diagnosis was confirmed with the current standard test for fetal anemia: cordocentesis, which involves inserting a needle through the mother's uterus and into the umbilical cord to withdraw fetal blood. An estimated 14,000 pregnancies in the United States each year involve a risk of fetal anemia. Currently, all of those mothers must undergo repeated cordo- centesis, even though only about Medicare Continued from Page B-l comes less frequently and at free clinics whose group-style treatments can't approach the highly specialized one-on-one therapy he got at the outreach center. He said he would consider a return to more intensive therapy if the caps were lifted. "I think I was so much better then," says Waltz. "I was working hard at it. Now, I really don't have the speech therapy." Since 1950 EFFERS Imagine... AND POOLS We Do Aaahhs & Ooohhs! 1 *»a-*-B-fc 462-7433 MMDNONONESMS. The feeling! xram. by Onetlrao Saucedo, D.D.S. Stucedo Family Dentiitry SEAL OUT DECAY When we grownups were kids, a trip to the dentist often meant a filling for a cavity. (And who could forget those Intlmldatingly noisy drills that shuddered like the overture to a scary movie!) Today, thanks to fissure sealants applied by dentists to newly erupted teeth, at the end of a dental visit, the 'babies' of baby boomers can smile and jay, "Uxjk, Ma, no cavities!"' Sealants are applied quickly, easily and painlessly, and they can list for many ye^ars. Your dentist Will check the child's sealants during' regular recall visits, repairing the occasional chipped edge In a fast procedure much easier than having a cavity filled. © Htn you litft your NtwYttr't ftnoHittamotrlDvtttorottto Owing imong your rttwyivgoiltl 1977 S. Don SL, Uklih 492-W5 IVs Just Plain Fun Being a member of the Clubs Swimming a Racquet Sports • Aerobics, Shaping, Stretch Sauna, Jacuzzi • Cycle Classes • Chlldcare Activities a Camps No Initiation Fee Special Memberships as low as $29 per month* Call ne Clubs at 468*0441 Wcowowwtf^^taniMralw^.MOT^ Serious anemia occurs in a small percentage of fetuses who inherit certain types of red blood cells from their fathers. If the mother doesnt have the same type, her immune system may form, antibodies that attack the' fetus's red blood cells, causing serious complications and even death in the fetus. 10 percent to 20 percent of the fetuses will actually develop serious anemia, said Dr. Giancarlo Mari, a Yale University researcher who led the study. Cordocentesis carries a risk of infection, bleeding and fetal death, and also increases [the likelihood the mother will develop the antibodies that cause serious fetal anemia in the first place. Ultrasound diagnosis would allow most at-risk mothers to avoid cordocentesis, which would be needed only to confirm the presence of anemia after it is detected by ultrasound, Mari said. "This is the problem — we do invasive procedures in 80 to 90 percent of pregnant women who do not need anything," Mari said. The most common type of fetal anemia occurs when the mother's blood is Rh-negative and the fetus's blood is Rh-positive. Screening for the Rh factor is nearly universal in developed countries and a simple treatment is available to prevent antibody formation. Ask Your Audiologist Glynis Tambornini, MS, CC-A Are digital hearing aids really better, The digital revolution is here, • in computers, watches, telephones- and in hearing . aids. The improvements in hearing aid technology in . recent years include the introduction of microchips, . multiple channels, multiple. • microphones, and digital processing. Today's hearing'aid can sample the sound environment and automatically adjust to the sounds around you. With these new instruments, we program rather than simply adjust the hearing aid. Programming provides much more flexibility and control in the hearing aid fitting. For example, today's hearing aids can be programmed so that softer sounds are amplified more, ' while louder sounds receive less amplification or even no amplification at all. If you have more hearing loss for high- pitched sounds, the hearing aids can be programmed to provide more amplification for those sounds. If there is a change in your hearing, the hearing aids can be reprogrammed to fit your current hearing levels. Results of several clinical studies indicate that these new instruments provide improved speech understanding and are preferred over traditional hearing aids about 80% of the time. What these advances mean to hearing aid users is: • greater ease of use • better hearing for soft sounds • greater comfort for loud sounds • improved speech clarity How much better are these new hearing aids? The best way to find out is to hear for yourself. Please call me at 4632966 for more information or if you would like a demonstration.

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