The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 28, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 28, 1859
Page 4
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twoeffi. tlOB. ADVERTISEMENTS ADVERTISEMENTS onn 1T,«« bos wheat; 2V2«» d° MoieiChatoberl ' i '-T8..; in the t?. B. DUtrf r/t; pptatoet; ^ Ml^eggi; ,T68 di) •an'drUi; ' out of mndianUerth«»ealof theDjitrict, flouft o< forthe Dhtrlct of WUconriniln. the ter, :2*bbliVggii do sundries. ^ .. ,-., •-«;, -- ger. ( .Qtpi. . .';A-\ +• : •^^ and for. way to Placen»4atr«i pt. lepriving t>f liberty. »nd ^ -- , -„._.—„ f one Columbus Jonet.— that the depredations ; Tije defendants waived examination, and 5y\Ai«W« la ?««d |non ^*!.£'^ I i® I «*'» hall m t^jOOO each to appear for trial, fitting " proTinoa of Uy, grata, provwont ng that they, can carry off, and mo' , Jonrnal^i, tl»*y do thto that rear admiral Jan- tien De Lagraviere had left Genoa in the Al- ceriras for the Adriatic, to give notice to #a illitary anthorities that Jhe ports of the Ans- trian coast are in a state^f blootade Tie Minister owhip had«ent» ana bishops of the empire, directing that public prayers be offer- •dnplnfcHthe chttrches for the snccess and protection of France. '' ~' l .' It U stated that the emperor has decided that no correspondent of a newspaper or journalist ahal! be parmittM to follow the French army In Italy. On^he other hand it is said that MmejdQrnalists had been selecttd to aocom- tjanT the emperor, and among them M Pier Jon ofUie Monitenr, and M. DeCali, of the May 2*ih. i{K«'<«y-patsj ! Wt do corn; 1 »Wi *tK Wi »* b»tt«rs ' . Cincinnati Snfulrtr layi that not s'kiiibeiar t^nhas-paotdoterth* Wellapd EaD» road, Mtsrwn Port Oalborne aid Port Dalhoasle, built •ipre-sly for th» grain carrjlnf. bt»- B Mi, and fiDlsbcd •bm«tl«B« : *»ce."-'- ^ ru,;. si' -••'/.;.. i > ; ;- [BjTeH.Taph.Ji . . .... I :'• ' : '^e»jrT«>rk; : :»latke«» r ": ', • . • - .y A -.v^mw *o««, May «- Hoanr-itate and wertern btary and 10aZO« lower; &2OI Mill at 6,SOa«,2B for f aperflne itate ; 6,76®; ,15 for'ertra:6,60ia8^5 foriuperfln. wotera, €,754JI,«5 for common to good extra western; 4,90®'^ (or round hoop Ohio. Market closing heavy. B Ib6 oUD'tCQ swm»s™t» *ua; S>UD *f *•"•••"• — 1 " - „ i ','m.j.u abbve entitled; ckaieV'teeted on .the»f*td»rof 'e?™*^; IK*, to me dire«|t«*, eommaodlng m* 'of the go? J« and ehaueta, landi tod tenement* of the above PM ted Ue- fendanl to caOM) to be made • certain «um of mo*ey Uiereln specified,! have levied upon and sh»l sell at Publlo Auction, to the highest blddtr t| on Weduaday, the Mth^dajj of April, 18&9, at » o dock fj"., at the United Wit4» Marshal's Office, tn Ihe Cltypilll waukee,tosaldplstrlc^all the right, tiue and nteres which Ihe aho+e named Ebeneier, Dakin hadjon the Uilrteenthdaj of July,itSO,or U»ii«loee »cqo}reii, v and to thefolloilng aescribed real fatate, situate, Iyin fe County of Marqut-tte and Btatejof Wts- "Lofone (1 J, in block Jt, In the! TlU .ge and being In the! comn, to wit:' of Neinaora,! ••LOt ODE (1 I* 1Q DlW«i«sa ft *** -a**.; ,a..- D w thlheuSll thereon situated, *l± all It. „. «^-^...,, . . maehlnery add the water power connected therewi ith. AUo, U dl ae mUl tot So. four(.>Tanj the "bole of block C, er official spatches "to Paris every day The army of Lyons had received orders to ked to Italy. They would increase the lnItaly to nearly 200.00U men. A decree postpones sine die the expected legislation on the corn laws. The monthly returns of the Bank of Franc* show a decrease of the cash on hand of 25,000,000 francs. The Paris Bourse on the llth and 12th was quite Buoyant, and thethree per een s advanced to 61f. 80e ; on the 13th, however, under the influence of rumors from Berlin that a change of ministry inimical to France had taken place which pro»ed to be false, there was a reaction, and the 3's declined to 61f So for money. Closing flat. At an extraordinary sitting of the federal diet of Germany at Frankfort, on the 13th inst., the proposition of the military commis- Korth-WestemTheologlo«l SeinlDBry ed in Chicago by two hundred and forty to seventy, one. ,;':-• HABEAS COBFU8—OHIO DEMOCRATIC iNOMINATIONS. :- Colnmbna, May 26. v fb« decision its the babaaa oorpna <»Be is U) be given on Saturday morning. • _ The demoontio convention nominatack B. P. Ranney for Governor, by acclamation. The other nominations ana: For Supreme Judge—H. 0. Whitman. I Auditor of State—A. Volney Dorsey. Secretary of State—Wm. Bushnelf. Treasurer of State—Wm. Beinhardt. Lieut. Qov.-^W. H. Safford. . Board Public Works—James Tomliuson. •' School Com.—Ch«s. Allen. A State Central Committee was formed. The convention adjourned, at 8 p. m., to Capital Square, when addresses were delivered by Pngh, VisUandinghsUU. Paine and others. SUSPENSION OF THE EE1E R. E. New YOB*, May 26. A report has obtained some currency that the Erie road has suspended, but it emu be traced to no other source than the well kn»wn fact that it has been unable to obtain money to meet its passing payments. A meeting of the stoekhold-rs is to be held soon. PIKE'S PEAK A HIJMBDG. Si Louis, May 36 Jas. Maginnis, of Lockport, N. Y., Just returned from the plains, publishes a statement in the Democrat, pronouncing the Kansas gold mines the most stupendous" humbug ever perpetrated upon the American people. He says it was gotten up by land speculator* and sustained by parties Interested in the frontier towne, and merchants with heavy stock* . - , Wneat— Ueavyand «omlnaUy and t&Se lower; sales until at 1,4* tor uaaouBia-ctteni; 1,»0 (Br choice white oekai-dull. tJ 8 1>'» of 'T4 104; Ao reni.tefed 105; TsSSX; Ohio Viot'St VltX; P M7B; B Srf; O * U ; C * K I 62; M 0 6X; I 0 B?X- BUrVALO MAEKBT. 64\; i, Hay 27. flour—Inactive and lower. Bales, (mostly lartJMren- Ing) 1,100 bbls at«ee,00 for State from Spring Wheat; •.TottT^B for extra llich., lnd.,and(X Wheat—dull and heavy. Said 1,200 bush on private Oats—quiet. Barley—Qaiet. Aye—quiet and no sales. Whiskey—Nominally 2Tc. Canal Freights to New Ybrkv—Oorn9c, wheat 10,flour 860. MAT 27th. 8 a.x Wind Welt ;"»qoa ly with ihowera. Barometer 28, !».' Thermometer 48. !»».—Wiod N. W.; Wc«,n t a gale with freqeent light ihower! of rain. stands, all la trie tillage uf UrshkoTa. Also, mill low t and 8, in saldlvulage ol Neshkora. Also, lotj one m and two «j, it block A; lots nine (») and teij (10), In block B; churcli lots one (I) and two (2j! m"l lot N0 IWCtVC, tun KCM BUU IWU1 .gv.'l •— --T ' i . half of lot one,!all of lotjaeven, add a certain j-li-ce o land lying between lots 1 and' S, lorty feet front on Main street and extending writ to the pond in block K lou tour, flreJ six, seven, eight, nine, ten, |eleven ; twelve, thirteen)and fourteen, in block G; lota due, two (onr, five, sevet.elghi, nine, ten, eleven, tw-=l<e thlr teen, fourteen, (ifteen and sixUen, In block H; low o« two, three, fbuf and Bve, In block C; the north half o lot one In blocK F. Also, lot nine, in block f; Ij>" four flve,ali, seveniand the east half of lots tWee and eight, •» In Ulock E, and mill l<* No. 5. Ai of th above village IOU belnf In the village of H stkora also, all ihat £»rt of the »e.t half of the narth ea» quarter and IK* east half of the north west quarter o section nnn.ber! eight ^8^, In township No. »<>ent«|e; III), north of range No. tlevrn (11) east, not Include in the village |Jat of U,e village of Neshkora. Also, Ih east half ol thd south w«t quoterpf section .numbe eight (6), m toinahlp number teveateen (.17) qorth, o raige No. eleven ill) east. All of the abov, propert being situated In thv CountJ of U irquette and State o Wisconsin." t Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, March 4, 1S.9. mar3-law«wT SL J. HHOJJA8, Marshal. or The abbvesale Is hereby adjourned to Monday Jn^ll, lb»7it the same huur slud plactMSJ above. atarsbai's OtSce, UUwaukee, April 2i, 1859. a Pi 2»-la.2tT ' li. J-TdOMAd. U. a. »Ur>ha neter 64. iod aqaally; *ky olecrtng •ion to pnt the garrison of the federal fortress on a war fooling was agreed to. The Hanorarian representative proposed that a corps of observation should be placed on the upper Rhine, bat Prussia protested against •nch a measure. Advices from Constantinople to the 4th report increasing agitation in the Turkish provinces, especially Bosnia, and an increased number of troops had been placed on the watch. Tbe Austrian government had stopped the transmission ol political news to Constantinople b; telegraph, and a European inhabitant bad requested that the telegraph at JaftVmight •be joined to the Russian lines. Xbe neutrality of the Papal government had ben formally announced to the Austrian and French governments, and formally accepted. A dispatch from Borne saya that Orders bad been sent to the Pope's Nuncio to stay at Florence. . ; _ According to orders received from Vienna, th« state of siege had been raised at Anoona, and the light Was again displayed in the light- Barometer 88,91. Therm 4».«.-WlodS. W^ hXh off. Barometer M, 10. Thenn-uiete* ST. S r. «.—Wind N. W.; rabi •; og; «ky clear and bright Barometer 29, S. Therm tuMer W. houses. BERLIN, May IB. In to-day's sitting of the upper house, the money supplies demanded by government were unanimously voted, with many expressions of confidence. All the speakers were •nti-Napoleonio. and in favor of German nationality. The official bolleuin published Friday, 13th, states that 60 Austrians on their way to Placenta liave occupied Raveirgara, on the riwr Trebbia. Liverpool, Saturday, p. m. Breadstufis firm. Provisions steady, and rather more doiug. London, Saturday, p. m. llonday market easier. Console closed at 81 Wia917-8 for money, 91 1-2»91 o-l for account. The Commercial London Correspondent •ays the Illinois -Centra] company have issued proposals for raising $500,000 on 7 per cent. debentures at 85, repayable in July, 1861, at par. They will thus pay nearly 16 per cent. The ahares have since been quoted at 60 per cent, discount, and have actually been sold at 48 1>2. It is understood that the amount will be subscribed, and the closing price this evening was 45. The Times city article of to-day enters into the question of the effect that would be produced as regards the carrying trade, by a war against England, It show* that this trade would, in a great degree pass to the United .States, but that happily for both countries, the general commerce of Great Britain wou' 1 remain unchanged. , A Paris writer to the same paper says the French will most probably make the attack, and the onward movement is anticipated for Saturday or Monday at the latest. FROM WASHINGTON. WASHINOTOS, May 26. Win. IL Parrish has been appointed District Attorney for the Southern district of Illinois, Tiee VI. J. A. Allen, resigned. The order for the removal of the land office from Buchanan to Portland, Minn., will be carried into efiect on the 7th of June. ' ' The Postmaster General has declined to adopt for the Stamped envelopes -the new style with ruled backs. The Secretary of the Treasury has prepared • circular addressed to collectors of customs, Which says the immunity of onr merchant vesaelsat saa, from seizure, March, detention, or visit, in time of peace, by the vessels of war of any foreign nations being now admitted by all the maratine powers of the world, it is very deeirable that the nationality of onr vessels should always he promptly displayed in the presence of a ship of war. The Secretary oT the Treasury is directed by the President to instruct the collectors of customs to request the captains in the merchant service, at their nspeeUve .ports, always to disptay- their .colors ai promptly as possible whenever they meet upon the ocean an armed cruiser of any nation. The Postmaster General, on the 18tb, asked the opinion «f the Attorney General as to his 30wer ; to .reduce the great Overland mail from s> semi-weekly to a weekly service, thus designing to save $800,000 annually. The Attorney General cannot, •pdartheiaw, reduce the present rate of service. . \ Capt. Buchanan has been ordered to the command of the Washington navy yard. r COTaCH 60N,VENTION. : ,;',;.' WILHIHOTOB, DeL, May 2*. In the general assembly of the Presbyterian Church to-day, the debate on Vaa report on foreign missions was concluded. The committee accepted the amendments of Dr. Steams, sad the report was adopted. The management ofthe church erection fond was approredfaad propotaU to change the plan thereof registered. The report condemning the policy of the A. B-M. 8. in Illinois, and enlarging the powers ofthe church extension committee, will proba- ~ 'tt/b* adopted to-morrow. \ ' BrjRusaios, N. J., May 86. In the Episcopal Convention there were six ballots for bishop this r. K. On the last bal lot of ihe clergy, Bev.Mr. Mahan had 22,Rsv, Mr.JUWeJotai.aa, Bov.Mr. Odenhelmer S.Ber. Mr. Hoffman 2. Adjooraed till 9 A., m. to- of goods. FBOM MEXICO. NBW OU.BANS, May 36. The steamer Tennessee, with Vera Cru« dates to the 27th, and Mexico to the 19th, is below. A movement was initiated in the capital in favor of Santa Anna's return to power. Gen. Woll, with 1,000 men, was marching upon rampico. A conduct*, of several million dollar* was to leave Mexico on the 4th for Vera Cruz. The English residents had remonstrated against the conduct of their minister Ottray in the Tacubaya auair. CHICAGO, Hay 27. The Jacksonville correspondent of the State Register says that a most terrific tornado occurred twelve miles south of that city yesterday. The violence of the tornado is described as exceeding any thing of the kind ever witnessed except in the East Indies. Sixteen persons were killed and very many seriously wounded—some fatally. Houses were demolished and blown to atoms. There is an incalculable amount of damage done to property of every description. We have not been able to learn the names oMbe killed and wounded. R. E. ACCIDENT. Springfield. 111., May 37. An accident occurred on the G. W. R. H., to-day, 19 miles west of this city. The axel of the tender broke and eight cars were thrown from the;track. Thos. Moore, brakeman, wae wounded. No others eerlnuily injured. FIKE. Baltimom May 27. The U. S. surveying steamer Howell Cobl>, which arrived to-day, in 8 days from Key West, brings intelligence of the destruction by Ore of that town. NEW VORK, May 27. The steamship Granada from Aspinwall via. Havana has arrived. No news of interest. THE NEW INDIANA STATE PRISON. Indianapolis, May 26 The committee appointed to locate the new Penitentiary, have designated Fort Wayne.— Tbcir report has not beeu signed by the Governor. FIRE AT D0BUQOE. Dubnqne, May 27. The Odd Fellow's block in this city was entirely destroyed by fire last night. The first floor was occupied by the post office ;. S. W. Green, grocer ; Monsel, druggist; A. Grand- gear, confectioner, and W Robinson, grocer; the majority of whom saved their stock; every thing in the post office was saved. The 2nd floor was occupied by Clark & Beach, lawyers; all papers lost. Loss about 150,000. Insured for $10,000 LEXIBOTOS, Ky., May 27. B. C. Blanco, jailer of Fayette County, was called up after retiring last night, by a man who ripped open hlrabdomen, probably fatally wounded. The assistant has been arrested.— Jreat excitement prevails. Tbe Board ot Trade, t their leulon je«terdaj f iptnt tome time dlaooulog 'he subject of reporting railroad receipt!. Tne repoi t , a> «t present glren, not being aatlafactory Witt refar.1 to their trutfefalnca or regularity. It «i tbougat itrat »ome plan might be adopted to hare «ll the roaJ< reported from 12 n to 12 M. each day. Messrs. H< o :er, Nlehols S Holland, were appointed a committee t.. consider the subject. It Ijtobe hoped that aome plan will beadopied which will operate to the;«atlsl»ctioi and edification of all. We want more system, not c. ly in this ntuer, buUn reporting generally. Let o< have It flied rljht, and then, like Uavy Crockett, wr c in go ahead. 525) OlrcuttCourt.atllwaukeeOoun The Globe Bank,! 1 lanlel H. Rlchirds, \ lamrt Vliet, i I SALE. , I .ty. f LEGAL ADVERTISEMENTS. LEGAL ADVERTISEMENTS NOTICE i i hrrtb, that a petition tig' ed by twelve free- LholOera resldenuof the N nth Ward of the Oil of lllwsnkee, having been presented to the 0 mmoc 3oiidl, stttlnafortn ihe necrsj ty of taking certain andi In laid petition mentioned an 1 described for the urpose of laving out and extend ng Sixteenth street Ofcet wide In said Ward, that an ap,l caitnn wUI be nsde to the,Jnlj(e of the Circo t 0«u-t of Milwaukte. odnly, on Wtdnesday. th- 22J day of June ntxt, lor leappjintra nl of twelve jurors to view said preml- t! and determine as to ih- o-ce-«ityof taking the ame for the purposes In said petition s-t forth. The description of lands proposed 10 be latten for the aforesaid Improvement are as follow i, to wit: A piece of land from a 1 acre tract supposed to be- on « to A. BiUen beginning at «tone In ibi center of Ctin street and al th- noith easL corner of Planklnton's hdillti n; ibenc. borih on the X • ctiou line running north and south throu h the N k X of section 19, town ', range K east. SMfeei to ih- north east corner of said , acre tratf, t ence west 80 lett; thence south on u Ine parallel to theX sectlonl t.e 694 feet to torth line of Pla iklnton's Addition; thenci ea«t on said line 30 eet lo the place ot beginning, contalmn 17^20 qu»re !e«t of land. A piece of Isnd from a 1 acre tract supposed to belong to It. Chapman. Ueg ublng • t > polii on the X Section line running north through N K X of t ec. 19, 894 feet nort ' of a ston- In of loih street, al the > K corner of Plan Inlon's Ad.ntiou; iheuc north on ihe X section line 446 8S 1. U (t-et to a point where >aid lln - .ntersects the south »e*t-r.- ho'ud*ry line of food du avenue; th nc« north 41 decree* • rsl 41 fee.t;- thence south on a lite p rtdkl v the H &ecu«u Una *T4 50-11,0 feet; thence east. 80 leet to th« p.aoe of legin- nlg, containing 18»10 square leet of land A piece of land Irom a tract supposed to belong to J. HUlalle. Beginnh.K at a stune in the cet-ier of loth street ot Horth east corner of P ankmi»o's Addtt on, theace north on tl.e S nt-ctli.n line 5i» feet, tneace east 80fe t; thence south DO feet to the north line of Knee land * Plankmtot.'s Additions; thence west on said line 80 feet to pla e of e s lunln)!, containing loot) square fe-t of laud. A plt-ce of and from a tr-act suppoa d V" ttlong to 1 8. jkwtdel Betlnninu a' a point OD the X lecUou line running north ,hrough N K X of .ectio . iV, 5u fret north of a ston-In centre of I6in i.r.e', it N t> corner of Pianklnton's Addition; ihen. e north M leet on H seclio line; thence ea«t '0 fert; iii uce south 00 e--i, Uiencu «-tst 30 feel t., i.Uce of b'g num... -unl i ,.n^ l£it)0 *quare feet ..f land A piece of land from a l-a-l luppo- J ^<j belong tj For Materials for the Navy. Bur Construction, equipment Ac., > * May 19, 1369. } , VAIkD PROPOSALS to furnish mater.als liir the S navy for .he fls-al year e"dlng 30th June, 1SOO. w II hi received atthls bureau until i o'alock, p. m , of the 9ftih of Jnne next. These proposals must be endorsed -Proposals for Materials for the Navy. Bureau of Co,,( tructlon,*c," that they may be distinguished Jrom articles embraced In ihe classis C * IT K It ST AT K N 'I \ 1C s a J H Tho l.ii I'ros-n. * >'il- j f N pursuance *ml hy virti 1 isiuril oul if lit- ll-.alrn ! for the District of Wincnn..: jomb Clt-vel.intl, Hlalnitif I waukee IUil Rua.l Cumin,.,-, I tied sans*-. rft«ne.l f«T th.. I twelve Llt.iillllll.l twi. 'inn. mil (fvi-ntj «>» •-"'-, ' I »imin»t Ihe iiltl 1,-li.ii.liiri l D. IttT. hv -.if u.U'ii.-'-' 1 l,«*., tli^ .*-i... 4.-.-..M., i me .lire, let! ,1 .. \ni-tl-. mil l>nv-li. la.-lii-linx i •li- lo make application for then.. I'fferj must be made for lh- whol* i" the f the v-nnted »chnlules. Mam pel- Benl nlnu at « p..l-i on ruD' 1' S nonh tJ.roukii N t J» of "^ north ol a stone in ccr.t.-rnl ioih tre Der of Plank.nti.r.'s A ..ln£..i , r in section line t,u fen, »'• •'" e «a.-i ii f. Ie«l; thence west 3o fret u fhd plac.- tam'mz l&W ?qu\r. e^t of a--1 of lanii frum :tion ly, li/) le • , «t th« N K co :~ n rlh i.i. Ihe •I. U.clici- lOuth . I.I is for any class, If deemed axorbitant All artu-lesmust beofih- rrry br.t nua. L. '" »--l'- tr»tred in good order, and In suit vbl« r«.«:l» in.l ac« a<es, »s Ihr case may be, at Ihe elptour ,i... 'i»n "I U?, contractor, aod lu all respecu «^ci L.I ill* m- spccuon. measurement, count, welxti', ±c . of ih» ,»nl »h^re rsi-eived, and to ihe rntir« .»nsf ,.M i.,.i of U.e .-ooiinandani Ihertof. Bid<i»rs arr r,fen t'l 'o the couitnan'la,ma ..F Lrits rn* nectivo vanis for samnlc-, malrucllnn., j. |.arn ular descilpllon of theartiolM; and, ill .)iher thluif.'i bun/ tqual, preference will be «iveo lo «.rucl« >i( Am«ric»n tuanufaclurti. KTery oiler, as required by Ihe law ol lu'.li 41411,1, 1X46. niu-t be accompanied by t wrltt n K.I .ninte.-. ll.e fnrm 01 which li h«re«ilh given. Tlioie ar.'y whose niters may be accepi^J »ill n« m>- : n^.l U-J the i-oiitract will be forwar-le.1 as o ntli'.-r.- »,'l^r .1 pr»ct.cable, whu h tliey »lll be required to-l- tcnij w ihm ten Jays «ft^r lu. ri-celpt at 'he p.m .iM.-e ir nivy agency named-toy them. •u ei.e- in the ful amount . ill l>e r*.|ulr,-,l i.. JIKII ii.e conirnct «n,l their responsibility r,,i i., ay .» I n t^.l Stales Jlitnct Ju Ige, Cnlteu «.lle. aistn.-t I. l.,rt,.-y .• llec-t.-r "r navy a»eni. An aj.lltl.,n»l ... eenlum will be »ithn-l I from '.If H.lilr .>.!. m 1'J. M. 'I. •-• 1 'I HII' i l»-ory per ' ( Di 1.111 l Ih .1, l" .',.!' lebty ,:entum of A p nt a po j S *. ol 10 b upponed lo nl u n t h '• i -.1. .1 .S t c i rlh DO the S see MARINE RECORD. 18.11). I'ort ol jTlllwankee- 87. AKHlTI.D. Prop Wisconsin, lllckey, Og-lf uburg—60 tool mdl, 4 horses, S wagon*. Bchr James ohrlitie. Joy, PJerc- Irtlle—100 coras wood. Bchr Dane, Becker, Oswego-4t>' ton« R H- Iro- SdirUt Paul. Mosher, Fresque lile-870 tonsco.l. Stmr Oazrlle, Butlln, TwoJKiVrr,—6 half bbli baric)', S3 rtill" leather, II bui I'c-i ra»i, 4 pkgi (undnei, gt.-nr Crty ol Oleieland,, Grand Harxn. Pi op Ogoi ti, Flood, Cmcago-i trunk. Bchr gandoakr, Bjmoas, Bhetioygaa—46 cords wood. Brig Bam Hale, BeciJey, OCODL >—170 m mm. Srh" Ef public, Uwis, Buffalo—110 o lumber, ItO too coal. ULE.aB CD. Prop Wliconsin, Blckry, Chicago. Prop Oroi.U, F.ood, fireen B»/—S loni mdl, flour, It "bis sundries, 4» pk« sundries. 17 bbli 8chr Bantlnsky, •ymons. 8chr Fishhawk, Thompson nsJb, 9 doi palls. -2U btli tobacco, 80 kegs Jasper Vlletadd | John B. Smith.. J B Y virtue of, an execut on ssued from Stttu the abovetntitled action, to me illrectid and dellv er«d against ihe personal and real property ol il above nainell ilefe,.d*nts, I have seiltd and levle.l o the following rfeal es;at«, b ing and being lu the 0 tj Milwaukee, Oolioty of Mllwa.k.e and State of'Wlscon "Situate ba the north es*t quarter of pectioh 17. low-i I, rahge 22, beginning al the scutri east corner of iahl quarter section; rur.mog slung tno caitllpt of said quarier »ectioti nortl.;to « point Ii4» Chains soutli uf the north east corner o| (alii quarter secuun, beluR t'.e south easl corner Of (and conrcyed t.f si id :.l L -harli« to one Christopher 8'loepf, thence with doulh line of said land couvryed to Schioep[ wcsl to a point SU) ; fi-et easl of mMule of (ire, n B»j road; thericc sontk IW leet, ih. nee *.atB60 feet lo middle uf UrerU Bay road; theacr t!,e middlduf said ruad soulh to the souih line of said Qakirtcr section, thence west amniJSAid •oath li elof salii q larter section to beirudiiug. coaialnlng about 64 a res, beinf on th« easL Al.o th« followine real estate aiuite II. ih_e said norttt easl quarter of section IT, l .wn 7, raiice 3^« beginning at uortu easi currier <-f said quarter section; thence West with north line or S«J(1 quarter section 'JS.24 chains lo'tniil- dlc of Green Hay roao, thence south ali^ng in il- dle of said road «UHl cnaiui u/ north wrs' corner of land conve/cd bj Uan.ei U Licnard. lo ChrisvophiScliioe.liI'; vlience west aloau uL.rU, llneof sa.U laud to e».i tin* i.f sai . ie ct on ZiW chains, Uieuce n..rdi 4 30 u, tn-glnnlbi!. I.e.nn abuul li n. , s, right, ion-ie«t of Hie said or eitner of Ulcm in and U) Ule said prrtn.Ses anil appuitenances on Hie icnth daj »( Oct',Be/, lci>;,or sluce acquirid Uier-to " Which said propertr as afor c ^.ld, 1 »bul'. i-»p->5e (• i tale and sell al Public Auc.l^u, al xne 1-,.,1-ollce, . U.e Our of Udwaukce.on S« urdnj. ttle I4lll d«» of HUy, ISM, »t n-e o( 2 r St., ol that day, to satisfy said elecutloi., t..,eU,er witli <=.XVru»rs u l IJalj-d Bherlff's Office, UiUiukee, March -•,.1VS8. Pl'ffs AV'js. f S-'lf •'" ' "•' W "-' J (J. Mrd^rer He/ n inn line running nortu ihio.^1 nortd ol a sto.-e i . cen re of Hlaniinion s A.idUIun, ihe... line W> 'eel, he:u:e east 3 . f thence wesi SU feel Hi lti« p'»-'e "I IJeiiNt.i., Ins tt<X> «quare Ire. of land A pl.ce of Iv.d. (IOM » t »;l .uppoi^'l t G. Turn. Beginning al a poa.t un the v, s. .-i. Ding north lhroi.g' N t » .'! I' ' "a "J. - " of a alone I i cenl e of 10 h s'. ei-l, t - 1 * PlanKIr ton's Add tlon. t.en. .; hoo il« Of 10(1 fee . IheLC M" Ihtnceioulii IK-i, L p:ace ol beginnlf K. .-onlaln fifc A piece "i ' n from a t 8 if^el e».-t of s si'.ti t'.» 'd at N K corner of I'la. n on a line 80 feet e»,i un. rnni'in^ n '''i thr.ju.h thence -ouJi ..1 : i- ^ •' ,ou h 47 = decrees - (t ginn ng, couuln O|i 26'J I A V'e^e of laucl '• CjI " J " j by L' Wai -.' Br S I... t pror ,rc v • jtiid r.y 1.1- ,i ih "i irilrt/ ln> vy genl tnade tiy Uie i.^rtiv any i>f if.^ ar . c id ttie of U) cuntrl.-t i.'iat. • • first p/iri :n l.*i' tc>i .(l *. / !•»• Uia s . pa. a-! . • H ••< 47 d-ifr-re, >-1 ii • u»re 1" l i forn.'-r'y .* 11 1m) '. . t n :e ii. r ti . ..; .MI. l -I.- lo h- >» * ^' -. U. J- 1 3 6-1-loO l^cl, ft I I III*. p »<• .1 al and. pj, ie 1 I "5 , ,. p... ,.,l«.l, then, and In that usse, : 'm .\;rel e» will forfeit unf ni*,' .r, i .urn ,1 mu'iej u"t ex.-. - 'In j twl ,. h -las- whl<-h in'V he r-i-.i»eril a. .-Til ni: t- the aol ol Ooinr.8 n 1, « pr-v.l M.r.-h I. I « 13 inn^ v-^ , n^ f -, May, *m- luuiUi thy • h -i itli . 4 ».pt n.l N K c a hnt runn' liJO le uieoc i,or'h l. t o, » f Flal. , " felt o- Ler 80 lee' eml iiB noitn il.r. e , U.ri , r • aoui', 47 - r.J j'.i i.l, ''r . h 4-' ' f tinmen , uavjr )t id all ihe def«od»Ll 1 A pied- of lar.d .: C. I'rs hkt B. t ti l unnii K i. .It i.r IOU ' L iii r.n i.l :t *•-E corner *.: V a IOU leel 00 .% s. 1,6 ' ea>L 4t feel, il.etic; : I lion lin- Jl -'i 1"" fe ' frrl 1 the t. , ' . I ! I of al.J. A l by rrn,..-t • AdS-l '' M »y rehy airree lo urnish an t l«i .y yard*. * 1 *J>- *rt..:.ei n»;n lo iQUex-'l. *rfTeeat>iy L .I.r i^.lu vi iherrfor, aud N uu' f norDi of the BureHJ ..' ml." rihoul.l rti ^ • I-r -.e t 1.1 L'. A J .'.t... f-l l>t filler * acl«>»»-9 U. ^ ninn e**\ 44 It l.-ct «D -e-t 44 . f n »t. oe :L ii. rrii heg n t AauiED ii BtriTiLO, MiT2ira.—Prop. Fret Slate, Round!, Cblcaffft from Mllwaotee, 5S bdn hides. 81 dc .klns,8b« (Jidrles, 1,1S« bbls flour, 6 pkgi lundrtet, 8 »cti ashes, S i hi. rags; Prop. Globe, Pratt, l h cato, froT M.lwauiec, .'*0 bbli flour, MX) do, 3no do. CLB*£U> M*v ZAra.—Schr. Fred Hill, FLUgerald. M.l- waakre; I'ro,.. Heaona, Huff, Chicago, frop Pitts burr.t>, h.'V»ltb, Chlc»Ko.— Buff. Com. Adv. L:sr '» V.o «i.P.,»ui TH«ODOH TBJ WIU-»SB Ci aai^—PurnishcU to ttc B>ard o( Lake Underwriters.— The folloirtng Teasels passed through the Port Colbourne bock Trom 4 o'clock P. M. on the 23th till 4 o'clock P. M. ou the ll»t of May Uonnd West—May S8d,{b> '- F. Park, Khoonen Lewjs Wells, Arabian; on 24th, ichoonin Marquette, oleralue. Bound Bast—May 28<l, brlv Tbree belli, on iuh, pn - [>ellers Free Sta^e, Ogdensburirii, barque Superior, brtg ceau, stfhr Wild Rover. lB> Telegraph ] OSwioo, »l»j 27. Schooner En« gy. Dill, Master, cleared from this port i»day, lor Prince Island, lo oad with oau for Ser ork. . d.7^lue'«th J.J of M.y, ISM. .t 1. me ,-l Jay. uaied Sheriff's UOice, J p..»tp lied to Satut i,e pl».x -u I thai, {ml v. ikm-, M^J It. J L*> . •>" sh'fJ. Mil omcE or THE DAU.T s EWS, i Milwaukee.May 26, HM. ( Mom MATTXSB.—The general feeling amori the banks to-day was that Exchange was • shade eulct, -thnugb still firm at » per cent. Gold the «»m«. Currency li «U11 scarce, bat owing to the limited demand thai bu prevailed for the laat fow d lys the scarcity Is not felt. Freight*—We learn of no new engagements to-day OoMxnoiAL.—In tb e absence of news from the eas- tem markets this morning, onr markets were barren o! trauaetlani to-day, Only "a few very tmall lalei be Ing reported. They are ai follows, we give them for what they are worth. Floor. 60 bbli spring extra, rather Inferior country brand" at 6,60; 49 bui w*lte winter wheat at 1,60; 800 bus .extra So. 1delivered In bag* atl^S; 400 bni oats at 60; 400 do at 48; 800 do po taton at CO-, 1C bbls higawlnes at 26; DO sales of Ho. 1 a rery doll day, and dealer! waiting for advice*. Batter li in large onpply and lower. We hear of a «!• of 2,000 Ibi of rery choice, brought from Keeosha, at 14o. It retalU at IBs. Quotations are a* follow! : ' Tb«la*rjlsad Episcopal Convention, after wanndsbata, roted on tne proposition this waning toivide the dlooeee. The majority , but the wereinthe It plaoet04BOrr«w, when the question will be «wrtod,»*n»ay«r th. MV trianuly to the mssmri ww» temporarily sbsent ,T»v,May26. i «>7Uowii«-iit»jorlttea in dOMMERClAl.. OBO. OODFEBT, ED I TOP.. Wheat—No. 2. Spring Wheat ; Ho. 1 Wheat ——; Ho. 1 Extra Spring Wheat IJto; Club Milling Wheat 1,80^1,60, extra; Winter MUllng Ked 1,80®1,«0; Winter Milling White Whea 1,8D®1,60, extra. Eye—1,00, nominal. Barley—no sales... Oate—48, doll and lower. Corn—SO.DomlaalJwith no demand ana no uies. Bat er—Ifla". md«f—green «; tailed T; dry 12®!*; fall trimmed 10. Toot—Toe new clip has not yet o*me to market In tnfflolent quantities to give Indications of the prices at which either buyers or sellers are disposed to oj« at*. The quotations ID New Tork and. Boston to Ma; 35th, In Providence to the Slit; and from ollser etften markets to th« same dates may b* fairly lummtd op li ths words of the ProvltUno Eeport. "Wool dallaw In small demand." From ail we can, gaUser tram Oui exchanges, »»u fro u prlvau letlets wh.oh we bin been permitted to read, we infer that the general ftel Ing among manufiotnreni and dealer*, U that of 41* trait and lacs: of confidence to pptraU to any eitenl Tit freraUinf opinion, however, wem* to M, Utat Ou pre»en> oilp wfll not W.sold atprleei moeh,lf an; aber* IhoM obtained last y ear. Wears) notable a§ ye to gll» flgnres which we should consider ai r«Uah)» ai ^rioet. , t Bblpmenti by. Lake. I.n* '"»"«« utaatm rutxmtn-tam aoma.— (0 tons n»d«; -Iborfei; 9 wagons; US a'ords wood; 4IX tBBlBElroil, *Wdoooal; « hf bbls barter}S3 rolli lestther, 11 Mil r«t«S 1 tavtoj 380 M lumber. * iiasrst Xzro*n waMa tn MaftwsarTT.fpin •oo»».— ttanimdi; STbK»«oar; « do sundries; 40 pkgt do ajbhUtobaeeo; W kep naUj; 8dc«paflj. - ' time <of day* t/M* taa wssMt; •,«» no oaU; S^» do jwtatoti; * a«i ' Lvnue 1 JefetlJa.MJ •( J LEGAL ADVERTISEMENTS 811 SHEKIFf'S SALE- (New* STATE OF WISCONSIN, I llrcult Court, Milwaukee County, l Uoel B. Camp, against Daniel II. Richards, Garret Tllet, esper Vllet and ohn B. Smith. B Y virtue of an execution lasned from said Court In the above entitled action, to me directed and delivered against the personal and real property of the above named defendants, I hare seised and levied on he fallowing real estate, to wit : Beginning at a point In the Hoe between section IS, and 20, 1287 feet north of the quarter section corner, running thence west 8S9X tffl ' to the eni! line of Fourteenth street; thence with sail' -asi line of fourteenth street, north T64 (eet to jieaublan street, or the extension of that street as represented In the plot of Vllet'a Addition to the city of Mllwaakee; thence with the south Due of said street, e**t MX feet; thence with < ie aoutberly line of said street northeasterly iu>oul 210 fret to an angle In said street; thence with the south line of said street east about BO feet to the point where the south westerly line r.' the land . conveyed to Abram Tliet by deed recorded In Milwaukee County in vol 61 of deeds at page 810, crosses satd south line of said street; thenea with said southwesterly line of Abram filet's land sooth 47 degrees, east about SO* feet to a point on Eleventh ttreet, where said line Is intersected by the west line of Abram Vllet's land, according to deed recorded In vol 61, of deeds at page MS; thence south with said west line of Abram Vllet's land ISJtS chains to a corner: thence west with houn- ary of said Abram YUet's land 8 chains; thence south with said boundary 615 K feet to north line of Sherman street; thence with said north Une, west B.8S chain* to section line; thence with section line nonh 959 feet to the place of beginning, containing about 80.10 acres, and being situated tn the east half ofthe north east quarter of section 10, and In the west half of the north west quarter of section 20, town 7, range ZS. Also lots », lu, 11, 12, block S. Lots 2, 8, 4, 6, 6 and 7, block 8. Loto, block 4. Lot 6, block 8. Lot 8, block 18. All In TUet's Addition lo 'the city of Milwaukee, being In the east half of the north east quarter affection U and the west half of N W H of. lection 20, town I, range 29 -east,— Also the following real estate beginning at a point In section line between sections 19 and 20 M north side of Sherman street and 823 feet north of the quarter section corner; thence Vcth section line north 959 feet; thence west 699X f*et *<> «*•' side of Fourteenth street; thence with east side of t«ld s treet, ioulh 5SS feet lo north side of an alley, thence with north side of said alley south eMterly 546 feet to north side of Sherman street; thence with «ald north line of Bbennan street 201 feetu place of 'beginning, containing ll)f acres more or les*, being situated In the east half of the north east quarter of section It, town 7, range gSeast. Also Lot 4, block 89, Second Ward. North X lot B, block 88) Second Ward. Abo the following real -estate being In the north east quarter of section IT, town 7, range li, beginning at a point In the wast line of said quarter section 10.06 chains earth of the Math west corner of said quarter section at the north, Welt corner of lands conveyed, by Dantel H. Rlchaidi to one John P. Bhoemachcr, thence with, said west line of sain quarter faction north to a point 8.16 chains south of tbe north west • corner :of said quarter jwotlon; thence eaat 14.70 chains to middle of Green Bay road; thence aloof middle of said road south to point 10 0« chain* north of the south line of said quarter section; thence west 11.70 chains to ' rtaee of btglnninc, containing about 83 acres £nd on the west tide of the Green Ba/ Which said property, as .aforesaid, 1 shall expose for sale and seU at Public Auction at Uie Court House In the Oity'of MUwaokee. onm«*Brd:ir,«ie 19tt Day ol *M*rcU»18».»» the hoar 01 S r.jtvo! that day to satisfy «al* «ec«U«n ( lotether with expeosei of ttenfftOfflee,'llU«aaltW,»ab.i,iao^ j *T*m * JB«». |.A. J.LABa*OBTHT,i ITjUtt'w*. J BhV.HU.Oo-sirti. ••• ' lan24-dlaw«w :..-.-..-. .-; •-•..•--. i" ^Hr*BieaboTr«ai» to be ebr IpMtponed UU Butor- dayTtsw SMh day of JUich, 18M, at tb* JPost-O«ce, at Ike boUsf of it 9* if* BberUf'i One*, UU.aukee, March 19, 185«. _,_ , i A. J. LAN6WOBTHT, O Bheriff Milwaukee Co. The above sale ti further postponed to Wed* ClKCClI (.'ill RT, i Milwaukee Coliiuv. ( Simou Johnsott, 1 against l Ho)Jei M Tliomps. o, | Albert McPadJ :.. r ^-' ; James » Caw . I and Lauia Cadn^o, tils | »ife ' I Tb^ Mai*- of Wi CA.nsin, vo the and each ofMliem : v OC are hereby samm-'-ned and rt«i- re-t t.. M. the complallnt In .h.s actl'.Q, ol w- .hi. herewitti nerved upon jo-i. ai.d to ser e A . .;py amwr to tbe Slid c<.m:iamt on the r i>i h.s office In theC^ly "f Milwmltee, w llii-i i. n-i) lln,. »'ter tfteserrlce h.reof.iiclasive r.f tli d»y f -ujt. in . ii'-. . and if TJU f"l I" am«er th, s id C'.mp » ni • h'n t:.e lime aiorcsaiij. vhe plaravill "i.l apply l.. tl.e l.. u.t !. r the relief demanded In the Complaint. _»— l «1» .ess the Hon. M. A 11 'iur, J u J.e i »»*L> of the C r^ull Court f..r F .id t'oanty f -f \ _^_ ( Milwaukee, at M.lwoukd.'ii s 18 h lay j' May, 1659. J.LiDUS. Mamuff'i •.it-jrn-j The above Jueatiooed complaint «a« fl rtl MAT lo. 1859, In theotpce of the Ulerk of said f. urt, al »lii- waukie, VTisconsln. Dated May 16, l&« mayl>-la«^w J. UtPCE, PlalntlfTs • ttorney 689] SMKHII'f'Si WAl.i:. [.\ewa aTATiK Of WISCONSIN, I Circuit Conrt»'Milwaultej! County. ) Robert MenxUs and 1 Kobert W. aldJlellan. I Burvi Ing of | Judgment ai.^ Cale Ut- the &/a of Menii.i.ljt changes Ller Due* Co., : Clemens Kamachulie. j I N virtue of and pursuant to ajudgment rendered in I said Oourti in the enlli.eJ aclion, d.ited Ceb ruary A, ISM,'1 shall cipose f->, «kU and sr I at Pub- ' lie Auction atithe Po»l-Omce, on tpe corner of »l»coo- I sin and Milwaukee streets, in Ilia Ciiy of M Iwatisee. ' un .sainrdnj', the Kill da> of .uny. I 1S58, at the iiour of « r. M. of dayy pursuant to Unapter 1«^ Revised Siaiutes, eaillli;.! "f M"' "•'• '•' i -Mechanics and o heia,' alltherl^.i, tiue ae I lot^.r.' j of the above named defendant in nn ! to tin! I .iloain/ | property on tbe 6th day of Pebraai , , I iM, 10 « li : -A cert»ln|bulldlng situate on i .1 Ni,. twui.ij • ; ooimc t '.S., N t >T1CK Bv M f M i app- ,:, .n, nt .' t*. ao,i I'lcLrn.i ^ *•' Vo me |.u-p"»e in «nul Tl.e .u-«rnvti. n .if if..r said imj.rovenjrut ar- ad ! i A part of IOL n-JTib<T twelve I 1-. tre<! an,! rnnrlr-u-x [l»-' Ko^e Klr.l IVar.l, "! the Cr> ^' >lil» It-w't.-! ,. f. . '*«. * I U .' t:j c ,»,.l n- ,.f ftaid OL lw-: v- - 2- « ,.n ^i« r-i . I t • t - i • "... ..r.- f-. t -u I' C v*l ne .if S.i-l lJ: twrlvr. U -D - • - square feet of land as jaow. bv f d anueied put. j By onler t.f t'.e (Vtmirinn C inn :H I 11 Iwauitci-. M ij. 1' < M. nxvll KUUlRT B LYNCH, C'.'.j ''I.- It p.- 13 No 3T t t \>< i3 t nu.ry. N.i U FT- CUARLEsTON, ! 'lass So. il. .r->n No L-al, N, Harlwar- f No in. I N il Ir CIRCUIT CO CRT, I l»»uk" Coui.ty. I N*. George Qiar'.- PlaiDtltl. N' iwo [121, In block one hun ir«,l.a d il.iriy eigl'i 1188], in (t. W. Wees'ssuWi.iKiin i" Hie norn- west quarter of section flvei' i -i hi., »..r ' nl the City of Jlllwaokee. AH'' Ihi-ii.ii the said defendant In and • n e ,\ • • ' 13S, onlhkethday ofFebru n !«*'' Dated Snertfc's Office, Mil »»"< AI-II •'••' Puioass, Ltsa* 4 Miixaa, i ' ' A -. i PI'Bs AJtt'ys. I , . OF* Th« attove sale Is hereby postponed to Saturday Ihellth day Jf June, 18S9, at the same placje and time UateJ SherilTs Office, Milwaukee, May 1*, 1S?9. A J.l.ANOnoRTHY, m .vl6 Sh'ff. Mil. Co., »is. Al. I COURT, l Milwaukee County. I William P. Lynde, , against , John Cummlnn, Sally Ann Cumminga, OreKbr Mentel, Henrietta Meoiei, John 0. Ooodrich, Caroline Good rich, Abraham B. Warner, Peter Kemble, William Smith, Henry ttenftleben, Abi aham Btelnhart, Lewis J Claude, Qeorge W. Peckham, Lewis S. Mack, Herman 8. Madk, Leauder M. Hubby, Arthur Hughes, Samuel F. liester, Badger State Bank, Robert B. Bell, James Longworth, Ohar'.es Knap, John IV. Butler, Henry Carter, Jervls Lungdon, Bamoel W. Barnard and David M- Mliner. Assignee. , i State of Wisconsin, to all the defendants above named: Y OD are hereby summoned and required to answer tbe complaint In this action, which was Bled In the office of the Olerk of the Circuit Court, County of Milwaukee; on the 2Ist day of April, 1869, and to serve a copy of your answer to tbe said complaint on the subscriber!, it their office, Nos. 6 and 8 Aloany Building, Milwaukee, within ninety days after the service of this summons on you, exclusive of the day of such service 1 and if you fall to answer the said complaint within the lin>e aforesaid, the plaintiff lo this action will apply to {the court for the relief demanded In the complaint. ! Dated April 21,1859. I FINOOES, LTNDE 4 MILLKR, apr28-law4w Plalntlffa Attorneys. umcuni COURT, t Milwaukee County. f I William P., Lynde, against , , John OumifaliffS, Sally Ann Cummlng*. Oretor Meniel Abraham fl. Warner, Peter Kemble, The Globe Bank Wltllam Srdith, Henry BenftUben, Abrabain Stelnhart iTjewli J. Olimde, George W r Pecfcham, Lewis 8. Mack, Herman 8. Hack, Leander Hohbyj Arthnr Hnrhes, Samuel >. Lester, Badger «ate Bank, Robert B. Bell, Janes Loogworth, Chfjries Knap, John w. Butler, Henry Carter, Jervls Langdon, Bamael W- Barnard and David M. Ulsner, Assignee. Ihe State o Wlsooniin, to all the defendants above nasnad, ez< ept John Gumming* and Balljl Ann Oum- mlngs i i Y OO are htortby summoned add required to answer the complaint in this actloa, which Was filed In the oSce of the Olerk of the Circuit Court! Coonty of Milwaukee, on the twenty-first . ay of April, 1859, and to servel a copy of-yo.r answer to the; said complaint on.thfe (libcrlbera, at tholr tffice, iNos. t «nd 8; Albany •:Binding, Milwaukee, within qinety days after the sen -Ice of this summons on yen, exclusive of the day of inch service; and If y6o fall to answer the isld CurapUlot within the time af rcsaid, th« plaintiff in this actlonwil apply to thetjoart for the relief demanded In Ufa complaint. : ' Dated Aerllill, 1869. ' • / nSCHB, LYNDE JsiMILLKR. apr»»-law(w PlissntUTi A Attorneys. OLirlesJ. Kersh»», Jesse H. Lraramorth, M-rr"« Murphy, >»h , T. I'erkma. Ji.'.u P »nlc:i.lon, J n I'jilen. Lindsay Ward, Ljtain P. ."«•.«, Jumc' II. ({..j e r,, K^. ^i»er o' the O-r-n.n a B-i.ilt >f O.o f'»i o.,.nit i C-i . i h»r:es ti. Curti, John it Me.vr. w l.aiii Jot.u, Char.e* Kuehn, Oeori- b M::.r-r. Cyrus D. Dav *. Janierf liar-thaw. Defendant*. The .-"late of W'l.consm, t.i lh. ali.iye njrae I def-r. Un-.j V 'OC ar-hereby summoned and r^^u re i t . an, *• r the c.'mplal-il in ttv s act.ou, wriich .3 file-l in tn.. omre ol Lhec erk of sal.l Court, »nJ lo »erv- a c.,, y nt vour answer to the-s ild complaint, on tf t subc^i'^rs at ihelr offic.-, No« 3snd 4, Albany Bu-l<llnj, Mnxu- Eee , (VVlscnnsm, wlUiln lWl^otJ daj^ after t v ie T-T^ •• hereof, eiclul ve .f th Jny of such service. »nd f you fail lo answer the said complaint »iihin the lime alorru..i, the plaintiff In th s action will apply ti> th- Or art tor the relief dema.-.ded In the complaint. witness Ui» Honorable ARTHUR McAK. TI1UR. Judpe of the Circuit Cour. lor ,»ld County of Milwaukee, at U.l«aukee. liils thtr'.lfth day of JIarch, in tfie fc jeir one Lhonsaod etjrht hundred aud HOOKER A "PAMiENBKRU. aprtS-dlaw6w Pl'tiff's Att'ys., Wis CIRCUIT COURT, I Milwaukee Coun'f l William P. Lynrta, against jphralm Mar ner and Joh J Ort.m, rie. ul.,rs, ai,d Ida Jane L'wis. executrix of the last w U • nd icsia- roent of Allison Lewis,deceased, Martha Le»U, Sarah Ltwls, Mary Lewl», Mar ha H. i.cwis, Emibeiti Louisa Lewis, Wm. J. Lewis. Bavtd P Hull, Jabes H Foster, Joshua Uathawa-y, Jam s B. Jo L inston, Adan N .in.-, Charles li. rtergman, Isaac H. Ixnox, Uotuon Norr\e, Bobert B Bell, Byron W. Clarke, Charles S ClurSe Harrison Ludmgion, Nelson Ljd.ngton, Dan el WeiU, Jr , Anthony O. Van Schalck, John Duffy. Moses Sinnott, WIHUm Galway, James R«tly. The Farmer*' A Millers' Bank, Henry L. Palmer, Auirustus Grvulich' and Hermann Schwartlng, assignees or Tbe People's Bankof Haertel, Oreenleif t Co., Edwin H. Tjl<r, Horace H Huon, Jasper K. Goolrch, \VllliamBtti ley, William Oreenalade, Lerl J Merrl. k, VVIilUm H. Merrlck, The Marine Bank. Mary Adams, sdmmH tratrix of Frederlct I*. Adam', deceased, Charles W. Wlllard, and John A. Page, executor of the ast will and testament.of UeZ;k,ah H. Reed, deceased. State of Wisconsin, to all the defendants above named Y 'OU are hereby summoned and required to anstj--r the complaint In this action, which was died In the office of the Oler)l of the Circuit Court for Milwaukee, on the lith daj of May, i. D , 1S59, and to serve a copy of your answer 63 the said complaint, on the sub scrlbers at. their office, Nos. 6 and 8 Albany Building, Milwaukee, within ninety days after the service of this summons rn you, exclusive of the day of such service; and If you fall to answer the said complaint within tae time aforesaid, the pLtlntiff In this action 111 apply to th? Court for the relief demanded In the complaint. Dated May 12,1859. FINCHES, LYNDE 1 MiLLER, mayU-law6« Plaintiff's Attorneys. and tin. So 2S flax -anv*s N ,j av*s. Ni i). P'ai lod coltun tw'.nr N Ni S3 Ho^e- N) S». Brusies N-I , «n.l J-;go.-Js. No ft P.u:h,'.ar and StAiloiery No 41 Firewood BROOSLfN, NEW YORK Owi No 6. Yellow plna plan* sto.-i n •i.tepin^. No 11. Ash, cypress, wrilttf 11* li Black Walnut, cherry. AI; " N 14. White-ash oars, tlicjory *)ari .piac.. Ni IS. Llinum»nae N, -,i.-. »n-l Dills >-) W L«.id, i nc i". Uiid*are Na.-7 Paints, tils. 1C c»r,raj N i. -V. cotton canvas. No. 3<l Flax an.l l»lne N' 31., &IM.V N,i. W. Le»tnar Ni a N i 34. Bru.fce, No. 35. Bunting and iry <!>.. >JT PC', tar and roam. N o -is r.n.'». . ,i No .19 Ship -nan.11. ry Ni «il Suit mi" I'HILADELPHU, HENNSTLV t \u Cl»*t N . 3. White oak promiscuous :.mOe N - U. Asn, cypress, white oau t>.n*' uoar-- j Bin.:* w*lnut. cherry Ni U Whitd i..h • •• t TJ t>ars. No. l.S. Li^numvita^. .N.. : N'3 ."2 .^p.kea and nails. No '23_ Leal, i;a^ N ^. HarJ«»re. No '2,'. Paint... uls, i.- r'..x can***. No. .'9. Coiton caa^ai*. No »i:J cotton twine. So 81. Ill ,\o S3. Hose No ^4. Brushes. N.I i3. Buulio Irr ,(riods. No. 87 piwh, tar and rosJn. N-i * 1 w, loup and oil No S9. Ship chandlery S WASHINGTON, m-THICT OF OOLl «B1' '?1*«3 No. 10. Whlie pine. No. ii. Iron ^ ipiH.-s and nal^. No 23. L«a.l, tin.- *n.l t t! ' i Piu iron No. 45. Hardware. No. -T Puini, »c t}l«JS. No. 3a. Leather N^ 3. rnlo» .I No 55. Ship chandlery o 43 r»n« »n-l 'r«n. No. 44. Chain Iron. No. 4i Inifo: • No 47 B«ilows. No.4S P^les. L.i H ••' .|p N i ..ap a.- No S Leather Besdar. the <th day of April, at the same place and T v l in«i«» < '•-.»'• ] j Sheriff Mil. Co. . 1«~ The sAove sale It iurlhsr postponed to Batur- ot M»y, 1358,'at the Posl-Offlce, at .prt " shenffJlilirtnw*, - arih.i*»T««»l* lp hereby (arth« posiponedto fat«r4aT,tl>el8aidayofl»av,atUi« »m»pl»c*and 4la— . U*V.iAM k " *«r»». ; •» l ! ' • [No. oSS.) Notice olj the postpouemeut for a brief period (if the public si»rc» BL ibc laud office atjSupenor City, 1 Wiscopsln, or-- dcred(by proclnmatioulNo. 688. N OWOB lafherebr gUrer* that U* pubU6>alei order edoy ptocJamatlon Mo. 428, dated Dtcimber S4, 1888.10 be h*d at the Und office atSoperloi- Oily, Wls. eonsin.on th»2d and Uth days of May next, are here to b« .postponed .until, the ,oto. and 2vtb daytof Jaiejuit. '' " ''". •; ; ; ' ' * \ -. • -. •' Ulvcn ander my hud, at the Geoeral Laid Office, ai ttoOJtjr ofWashlnirton, tbl* »d4»yof President: i;._ . ~ CommlsjloBer i_la»s No. lo. Black sproc^ No. 21 lr-m >. -- jlplke. and nails. No. "JS. L«ad, line »nd un N > i5 Hardware.. No. 47. Paln:s, oils, i.- N-i IS KUioin rim No. 29. Cotton canvas. No 3u Fas »n.l • tt..i twme. No. 31 Gl«s». No. 3-J. L^lther N, S3 H. it N i J4. Brushes. No. 35, Bunting »n.l Jry N i 87 PU.:K. t»r, rosin. No. IJ-S.Tal ow. soap *n.| i: \ S3 Snip Chandlery No 40 Stationery WARR1NOTON, FLORIDA. Clajw No. 10. White pLn*. No I- tilaolt wiluut i-hetry, 1C. No. IS. White oak ,t»ven »n.| ^e.idlnn No Jl Iron. No. -'2. . g pikes and na.U No i3 Lea. line and tin. No. 25. Hardware. No il Pivmti, .11; ac No. '29 C.>ttoo oanvas Nn iu K'l.aJt *n.l T.UI.I twine. No. 31. Glass. No. 4.! Leather No 13 U..«. No. !W. Brushes. No. 33. Bulling and dry <->o4> X. 37 P.tch,, rosin. No. 7.8 Tallow. <oap, ill V 39. 3hlp chandlery. No 40. Stationery may 24-1 *w4w. saormoDi for Relief. (Com am lerrwd NOTICE. U NDER and by virtue of a chattel mortgage be .ring dat« D«cember2T, ISoS, executed to ma bj Lymau Nolton^ to secure the payment of two hundred a nd twenty-seven dollars, and Interest at ihe rate of twelve per cent, per annum, deeming myself Insecure, I shall offer for sale and shall sell at public sale on the premises No. 4T Spring stree-.. In the Fourth Ward, of the City of Milwaukee, on Saturday, the 18th day of June next, at 10 o'clock In tne forenoon, for the pnrposa of paying said sum and Interett, the following property conveyed to me laid by mortgage to wit : A two s'.ory brlos. oulid- Ing nineteen and one half feet front by '"'f^- 11 ".'"' deep, «ltaat=d on parts of lots 2 and 8, U> block II, In fALsua i 8TAW, Attorneys. m«yl»-law4w SHEBIFF'S SALE. STATE Of WISCONSIN, 1 Circuit Court, Milwaukee Co. f William Ixsni, W ilber ». TutUe. I N virtue of and pursuant to a judgment rendered In laid Uoart, in the shore entitled action, dated April eighteen, 1849, I shall eipo«e for sale and sell at Public Auction, at the Host Office, In the Cl-y of Milwaukee, pn B-tnrday, tbc 2Bih day of November, 1859, at the hoar of 2 r. M., of that day, the following described martjaged premises, to wH ; "Th« east thirty feet of lot number ihree [a]. In - block number one hundred and slrty-lhrle ,;.p6»l,.ln We Second Ward, of the m Oity and '-.: C&oonty of Milwaukee and State of WUceMin, : with the build IroTemtnts toereon. ,»M*i Boertff •• • -• «nd ImproTejmtnts toereo -at*.*, *#», 1»». A. J. ULKBWOBTB jj, shir. »». Co., wis. CIRCUIT COCBr, I County of illlwaulcee. f Peter J. Ho«altnn, Plaintiff, against Ellab M. Joslln. Paulina B. Joaltn, Jamea P. Wreves, Oeorge W. Bishop and Wllll»m P Young, Defend'ts. J State of Wisconsin, to the »bov» uamad Jefendanis. E3iab U. Joslln and Paulina B Joslln Y OU are hereby summoned and required to answer th« complaint In thu action, which win t>e Sled In the oSce of the Clerk of the Circuit Court. County of Milwaukee, at Milwaukee, and to serve a copy of your answer to the said complaint on the subscribers, at their office In the City of Milwaukee, wltk- in ninety day* after the service of this summons OQ you, exclusive of tie day of such "rvlc. and if you fall to answer lh« said complaint wllhln the Urn* .fur*»aldtthe plaintiff In. this action will apply to the Court for the r«"«f demanded In the complaint. Dated Anrll 13, lsi9 - uateu Apr" CPHAM * GRAHAM, PlalntllTs Attorney*. Tba shove mentioned complaint was flled Aprtl 13, 1S49, In the office of th« Clark of said Court, at Mllwan kee, Wisconsin. Dated April il, 1859. CPHAM t GRAHAM, apr22-law«w Plaintiff's Attorneys. tu,; . L etr i epll6- U g- vi,.- <alei, of urh are A.l •1, 1J^. « IQ. • , il* ir/ U, i?oi*, *. nary lu, '. -O' plttors lUt-'tlll.' MAnhHi'n u' jaiilJ-.)**i.i.- £0- file iD. Tharitlaj. u,u ». » , »l Hie. U the .ales if *hich are atljo ar> J4tO, l-Ji!». *rv -tith, Idn^. nlaoea aieutloo ' W-dnesvlay, the -13tl lny in tlie :orenOnn, AI '.h.. Kee, ejiuepl tne lines il mhedule U-, *htcb AT- . t uesiiay, Murcli i&, K--' » March -i3, ISSa, »i i -i piaoes'l ,i-". -. Marshal's omoe, \ll.w-, feti'20-litwtt M. Saturday, lie .M Uy u I at the United Statrn M *r. cept the salen of .allrotiti B., which -irv a.ljOurtieii r 3, lft£9, ^t i ,'(-. ock l> 14 . 3 o'clnox ? M , *i '.ho above. Mm ..Ijou (Now mar J4-l..f'.t %f The \l ov Saturday, :he '.'< at the Lnit,-.| ^i cept Iho ialcs if B., nrhich *r« 1.1 7. ISi'J, it l .'-I. » o'clock T « . above. 1630] SHERIFF'S SALF STATE 0? WISO NSIN, I Circuit Court, Mllwau teOounty.) Louisa B. Bright, against Hfnry Shew, William ghew and SUIsabeth Show, his wife, Thomas Carvtlle, James Porter, The Farmers * Millers Bank, Qreenleaf.D. Morris and Christopher ftrlnnhaw. Judgment of foreclosure and sale. I N virtue of and pursuant to a judgment rendered tn said Court, In the above entitled action, dated Sept. •M, 1S88 I shall expose for sale and sell at Public Auction, at the Court House, In the ClU of Milwaukee, on Saturday, tbe 9th day at July, I869_ at the hour of 4 ». «., of that day, the following described im> mortgaged premises or so much thereof as may be i UoQed %bo sufficient to raise the amount of laid Judgment, inter. § ^ est and costs, togetherwlth expenses of sale, to wit: "All that certain tract, piece or parcel of land • known and described at foUowa, to wit: City lot No. two (9), in. block No. ttng-«« (55), Walkers Point, FlfOrWard, City of Milwaukee, (Mint? of Milwaukee, State of Wisconsin." Dated UUwaukee,April 4,1859. Kmoam It Qtatan, \ HERUAN L, PASt, Pl'ffs Att'yi. f >«te ShfT. MIL Co., Wls. aprli-UwSw Mil* l.iy es may: fjff- The ai>"«i- «•!« Monday, Ihe liln Uy n at tne L niteJ St»t^-< Vl cepl the <aie. -I Ita ln B , »h cli ir.< atljourn S, lisa, al i o'clock 1859, at il In Lne «»le if Lhefrun. ii.»es l.i I th perly,Lhe perioil who *ln»ii U 111 legal 'eea *nd -xp^n^-i there-'ii, «i laktf such franchise fnr Llie 4liur'-.-<t .to receive during thai ;lme all HIU I. '".i tlon would hy law be ••untied 1.1 leina lldered the nii:hest huliler. Marahrl's OtBce, Milwaukee. M-v '•• mayS-lawtt M J VUOM-V.-i ill.. -,.1 ,. . Juue •>. c v • ^li»cys men -r in.rporate. pro if -jxt-cutlon, wltn i.l iha.ll agree to rind ,f time, inJ %s laid corpora ml, inail Do oon- JUSTIUK LHX'Kfc/rS. sxprnaaly lea of ttrst quality paper. 'or that purpose, i. rsaav t oo-., 107 Cast Water l

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