The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 4, 1914 · Page 5
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 5

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 4, 1914
Page 5
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Safnrfty Evening, Jnfr 3, THE D E C £ T U R R E V I E W Page flw ^ LIFE .AS rr OH BOB PEAR. OH BQRS O O O R ' THE COUU THts IMS. br tt* KTCSINO TELBOXAM Ofew Tort: . AH rlrtU marred.! HUE BEATEN ; INJE FIRST Joe Kaiter Pitcfies Fine Ball --Score, 7-1. BROWN HITS THE BALL Two Single*, Stolen Base and Field Work. · Joe Kaiser worked on the Boylers Friday and with the Commies doing their p»rt behind him. he did a Perfectly good job, winning his game. 7 to 1. Even Joe himself partook ot the batting cake, helping himself to a, large Juicy two-bag chunk. ·WHITE SAW 'EM. On the other hand, the Danville crowd couldn't have seen Joe's fast one. if they had had a lantern_hun B on them. That is, except Mr. White, who guards the Danville third corner. Tna he poked out three hit. in our times up Falk was the only other Danville man to get a hit. Eller who started out for the home team went at the same pace as set by j'e»tur Joe until the fourth round. when Reed's agnation almost .toto m, *love from him. Ex-manas« Walfh succeeded Eller and did Just r*ut .. good. De!os Brown «««. ·V\eld-v and Soberer were the heaM. bitters for Decatur. Score: Club- Chicago Indianapolis , Baltimore ... Buffalo . -Kansas City . Brooklyn ... Pittsburgh . St. Louis . ... ·DANVILLE alk. rt ..... AB. R. H P.O. A. E t . C n f f r y n rf £r'o!f. c . Ell", p ·SVa'"h. p 0 0 1 27 A B R. H. P.O. M«nd« !* Bro» n. SB · Blltr. r f · Tlmcan. ID Lynch 3t» ·w-»m»5. it Scherer. rt . Cnannon. c ! s . st Total! By I n n l n u - ,, 6 0 Decatiir " j o 0 0 Danville ' SUMMARY 4 2 1 1 4 3 11 0 1 2 1 2 0 0 5 1 11 12 A E. 3 0 4 0 o t 0 0 1 3 0 1 0--7 0 0 0 -- 1 SUGGESTIONS FOR UMPIRE DAY BILL . . Real manager every day but 3m.P him three consecutu-e or. e nge..^ chloroform him and put a of , l««»l*rT Tweaty Round". ' New Orleans. 1*.. July 4 -Alter a lapse of more than twenty ye»r., twen- tr-roun4 boxing contest, under the ·wplce* of the chartered clubs were legalized 1n Louisiana Friday when Oo»ernor Hall, »t Baton Rouge, signed · bill limiting glove conte»U to twenty rounds Instead of tea. PROGRESS OF PENNANT RACES THREE-I "IP" Davenport Pea: la :-pringfleld ... Deeatur LmbuQuc Q u l n r v DanMIle Bloonnngton . "Won. Lost. Pet. Win. . . 4 8 22 ,«SS .694 . . 4 1 26 5S6 .587 3(1 30 .545 ,55D S7 82 .536 .MS ii 38 .471 .480 80 39 .4,15 .451 26 4S .377 .394 25 44 .31)2 .380 Loaa. .667 .569 .5211 .521 '.423 .368 .302 Split I6S3 .544 .535 .471 .427 .380 .360 OAMES SUNDAY. Bloomlneton at Decatur Davenport t Springfield. Quincy at Peorla. Dubuque at Danvilie FRIDAY KBSCLTS. Eloomington, -12-S; Davenport, 1-3-2. Batteries--Bluejacket and Keupper; Wellt and O'Leaxy. Peoria. 7-11-8: Dubuque, e-8-t Batterlli --Seaman, Romine and Yelle; Delano. Flanagan and Sullivan Q^iicy, 4-S-2. Sprlnsdeia. 0-«-l Batteries-- l.-euer and Gray; Miller and Jacobs. IX THE MAJOR LEAGUES. Club-Philadelphia Dt-trolt Washington Boston Louis .. Chicago C!e\elant5 .. New York .. Club- New York Chicago St Louis ... O i n r i n n a t i ... Pittsburgh , Philadelphia Brooklvn ... Boston Pet. ,5»4 .569 .S36 .533 .52S .515 .353 .3M Pet .613 ..536 .560 .500 .492 .454 .468 .406 Pet. .584 .571 .566 521 .471 467 .426 .397 SATURDAY GAMES. National. Brooklyn at Boston. Philadelphia at New York. Chicago at Pittsburgh. Cincinnati at St. Louis. American. ' Boston at Washington Xo-.v York at Philadelphia Olevlanfl at Detroit St Louis at Chicago. Federal. Buffa o at Brooklyn. Baltimore at Plttsburg. Chicago at Indianapolis, St. Louis at Kansas City. MAJOR LEACCE RESULTS. American, Chicago 3-8-0; St Louis, 2-S-8 (13 Ini i i n p p j Batteries--Faber ana Schalk Jamei, Weilman, Baumgardner and Agnew and Washington, 12-13-2: Bopiton, 0-«-2. Batteries--W John»on, Harper and Alnimlth and Henry: A. Johnson. Cooper ana Cafly nna Thomas. Second same--Boston. s-6-7; Washington. 1-3-1 (10 Innings) Batterlea-- Wood ana Cady: Boehlins and Henry. Detroit. 8-12-1: Cleveland. 4-2-1. Batter- ies--Covalesklt and McKee; Collamor*. James. Morton and O'Neil. Philadelphia 2-1-0: New York. 0-S-S Batteries--Bender and Schsni: Warhop and Nu- numaker Second earn"--Philadelphia. 1-70 New Tork, n-3-2 Battf-rles--Shawkey and Lapp: Pleh, K e a t i n g and Sweeney National. Cincinnati. B-T-1: Et Leulf, 3-6-0 Balter- j r s Schneider. Ames ana Clark. Doak. Grl- nP pittsrrarsh"iM-0: Chicago. 1-4-2 Batteries--O'Toole and Coleman; Lavender and B Bronki a vn 6-9-1: Boston. 5-«-N Batteries --Aitc-hi=on. JUgan ana Mccarty, Strand, Crutcher. Cocreham and Whaling. Saw Tork, 6-10-O; Philadelphia, S-6-0 Batteries--Demaree and Mever» and McLean, Ooschger. Mattlson and Kllllisr Federal. Open dale for St.LoulB and Kantai City. Baltimore 7-13-0: Pittsburgh 0-11-* Bat- teries--Surgs and Runell; Kn«tier, Lejlalr and Berry Second game-Baltimore 9-171 Pittsburgh. 4-6-1. Batt«rie*-srnlth and jicMitach, Dlckson. Adams and Rohertt Chicaeo 3-12-1, Indianapolis, 2-7-0 Bat- tffies-- Langc and Wllion: Mullen and Rar- la Brooklvn. 0-13-0; Buffalo. Z-7-0 Batteries--Houck and TjiTid: Moore, Moran, Anderaon, Houser and Blair FIFTH DEFEAT FOR THE CUBS \t the H«n4" of Outlima Jn he Pier- tcronnd League. The Cubs received their fifth consecutive defeat at the hand* of the Outlaws in the Playground league, Friday. ; h.ver, the Cub twlrler, was at the nercy of, the Outlaw sluggers throughout the game The final count was 12-1 for the Outlaw*. The score: Outlaws 1 5 4 2 01--12 Cubs 0 0 1 0 0-- 1 Batteries--For Outlaws, Fow«r«, Finch; for Cubs, Shyer, Newton. STANDING. W. A! Outlaws Feds Cubs L 0 1 2 5 PC . I O C i ,76i .501' .00' STILL PITCHING GEEAT BALL. next Thursday, which Is to be booster day. The game will be played In Now- lln's pasture. The regular team from this place will be decided on nest Tuesday. A large crowd is expected as Thursday Is the weekly band concert night. The Maroa team expects to schedule a game for each Thursday afternoon and take a half holiday. ST. LOUIS~Nfr CHAMPION BEATEN St. Louis, Mo , July 4 --A Van Reppert and Roland Hoerr, both of St. Louis met on the Triple A Courts here today to battle for the Central States tennis championship. Later In the day Hoerr with Drummond Jones, who hold the doubles champslonship, were scheduled to defend the title against Van Reppert and O. C. Holthaus, Jones, for several years the local champion, eliminated himself from the charapslonshlp race yesterday by taking an overwhelming defeat from Hoerr, hie playints partner. The Central States tournament which will come to a close "with the championship and consolation matches today was participated In by about 60 players, many of them out of town men. 300 ATHLETES^ CONTEST AT DAYTON Dayton, O., July 4.--Ideal weather conditions today Insjrsd a fast meet, when more than 300 athletes from a dozen states contested for the prizes offered by the Amateur Athletic union and the Ohio State championship In a series of events held under the direction of the Dayton Bicycle club. It was estimated that 50.000 people would witness the meet. Christy Mathewson. Here Is still another pose of the great Christy Mathewson, who is picked each year by some fans to be a down and outer, but who Is Ftili in the race, In fact considerably In the race so tar. Poor old Matty, w h o m some say is down and out, whom otheie sav has n o t h i n g but a glove and a prayer, Is able to hold the top place in the ranks of the N a t i o n a l league pitch»rs .=o far this season, having won thirteen and lost b u t three games. eame lirR^ly and relies nn placing the ball to his opponent's hark hand. (JULY TOURNAMENT. The July drav, ings will be made week after next for tho f i n a l touiney of the series. John Childs. w l i r was the winner of th» first tournament, will not take part In the July tournament as he leaves soon for California. He was absent from Decatur a part of the time during the J u n e tourney and was not entered. Both Win Semi-finals in Net Tourney. G-. Edw*rd Odor and W. Curtis Bushcr will fight out the flnil m n t r h In the June T. M. C. A. tennis t o u r n a m e n t Cor the right to place the second n a m e on the silver cup, offered to the man who wins two tournaments out of three. Busher and Odor got into *iio f i n a l s Friday when each won his spml f i n a l s match. They will play the finals eomo day n«ict week. Odor defeated Dr. W. B Ad.irrm Friday alter three hard sets. B u r l i e r defeated W»nd In straight sets, 6-2, i-4 Odor won, 5-7; 6-2 and 7-5 BEST MATCH OF TOURNEY. The Adams-Odor match was the best seen so far on the local courts. Both plaved practically the same kind of a game, defensive throughout, Like the TJ. S. policy In Mexican affairs, It was a gAme of "Watchful waiting." each playlngr safe and waiting for the other fellow to mako the bobhles. Odor had the most stamina and won on his re- sftrve strength. Adams put up his best game of the season and promises to be hard opponent in later matches this season. SMASHING SAME The Busher-Wand match was of a different nature, both men smashing the call at every opportunity. Bustier ·was better aW« to handle the hard ones than Wand. He played in his best form and th« Issue was rarely In doubt TWO STTliES REPRESENTED. The finals should be an Interesting match a* the principals will put up two widely different styles. Busher depend* on a fast shoot for his serve, and plays a hard smashing: game, much of it at ttie net..J?dor. £lay_s a back court Railroaders Still Lead in Commercial League. The Decatur Bridge -ompany defeated the Waha'h team Friday evening, 7 to 2 A f t e r scoring two counters in the f i r s t i n n i n g , the Wa- t'lsh failed to connect for another score. The gamr wap f e a t u r e d by poor pitching and f i e M i n e on the part of the TTabash nine The s-ore; R H. E. Dei-atur Bridge 2 4 " n i--7 5 4 Wabash 2 0 n 0 0--2 3 3 Batteries--For Decatur Bridge, Rutherford. TVatkins: JOT Wabash, 1- ffvei, Bclinski, League STANDING W L Pet. Railroaders ~ 0 1.000 I T. P "· 2 .714 Dtcatur Bridge 6 ; .714 \Vabash * 3 .^71 C o f f i n Co 4 3 .571 Leader - s ,28« Muellers 1 8 .146 Wabash Clerkp 0 7 .000 MAROA TO PLAY ARGENTA NINE Maroa, July 4--The Maroa, Commercial ball club has scheduled a game with, the Argents Independenta tor- MAROA REBEKAHS INSTALL OFFICERS Maroa, July 4.--The Rebekah lodge held Us Installation of officers Tuesday night. The members of the I. O. O F, lodge surprised the Rebekahs by serving ice cream, cake and lemonade. Mrs. P. O. Mlnson of Cerro Gordo was a visiting member. INSTALLATION. Noble grand--Mrs. Frank Beckhart. Vice noble grand--Miss Nina Daggett. Warden--Mrs Mattle Houston, Conductor--Miss Marie Barger. Chaplain -- Mrs. Lawrence Stonebraker. Inside guard--Miss Cora Clark. Outer guard--Miss Grace Clark. Recording secretary -- Mrs. VIcia Owens. Appointed officers were: Right support to noble grad--Mrs. .T P. Kelley. Left support to noble grand -- Mrs. Nettle Daggett. Right support to vice grand--Mr». Daisy Barger. Left suppoit to vice grand ·-- Mrs. George Graeff. BIG BAND CONCERT. Neighboring towns were well represented at the band concert Thursday evening. This was the last evening for the free "movies" to be given on the street by the proprietors of the theater, Mr. Reese P P. Bllhorn is expected here soon to assist Rev. J N. McDonald, pastor of the Presbyterian church, with an evangelistic meeting. NO PREACHING SERVICES. There will be no preaching services at the Methodist church Sunday as the pastor, Rev. S. N. Wakefleld, has I cepted an Invitation to Stewardson, 111., 'The Koad of Good Service.' All train* lt«v« terminal, corner Wood and ffaur itrMta (Sbbject (o chance wUhont notice.) West Bound. 5-20....a.m. ·11:10....a.m. I* S:M...,p.m. 4 : 1J ",a.m- 13:01....p-m. «:10....p.m. 8:00....a.m. * l:25....p.m. 1 7:231...p-m. a9-10....a.m- · 8:33....urn. B:tS....p.m. 10-W..M.31. 4:00....p.m. I 11:15....p.m. · Limited x Parlor car. f a t Canneeu at eprlDcflald wltb mrlor cat lor Bt £ou£r t" Umltt4 for Snrlntfl.ld onir 8t i/onla ileeoer l«a»e. STirlnrttoid ai 2:23 a-m. Open lor occupancy at 9:00 p.m- East Bound. 5:00....a. fl:80....a. 1.06....a. 8:90....a.m. Limited. xParlor ear. ·10:39x...a.m. I 4.30....p.u ·, I l:48x...B.n · S:BO....n.m. I «:«....p.m 1:10....p.m. I 11:10....p.m North Bound. S :».... 1:5.... . . 9:10....a-m. 8:30....p.m- ·10:10....a,m. |« 4:W....p.m. «:»....p.m. . . . . . 7:10....p. ra. I B. ttATU to deliver an address on Saturday. He will spend Sunday with his parents at Lakewood. Rev. H. G. Hurrell will take as the subject of his sermon at the Christian church Sunday morning, "A Progressive Ideal for Our Church" and the evening, The Nemesis of Civilization." Mrs. John 1u Stoutenborough and daughter, Miss Helen, have returned home from a visit at Houston, Tex. Mrs. W. H. Graham of Plttsburg, Penn., and Mrs. Charles H. Makam of Steubenvillc, O., have returned to their homes after passing a week here with their cousin, Mrs. J. B. Norrla. Christian Raw from near Warrensburg was a Maroa visitor Friday. Travis Redman has returned home from Holsteln, la., where he has been to vlst ha son Travis, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. G. "W. Woye of Pomona, Ca.1, were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. II. D. Brown Thursday. Mrs Martha Barracks and children of Derninp, N. M., who have been here visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Sterling, have gone to Lebanon and Franklin, Ind , for a few weeks' visit before their return hoA- Mrs. Alice Wilson and daughter, Maude arrived Sunday from Rogers, Ark., for a seven weeks' visit with the former's father, J. P. Kelley, and other relatives. Miss Cecil Shaw has the mumps. Frank Coulter of new Berlin Is here spending the week with hli son, A. A. Coulter. Bernard Keatts of thla city has b«en employed by Mr«. George Mueller «f Decatur as chauffeur. Mrs. P. O. Mlnson of Cerro Gotdo ha« been In Maroa this week on buil- ness. Mrs. S. R Montgomery of Dee«tur passed Thursday In thl« vicinity. Miss Marie Brown Is In L«roy vlsltteg relatives. Rev. and Mrs. E. W. Sears returned Thursday to their home In Palestine. 111., after being here with friends s*hce Sunday. Roger Phlmm of Springfield, Mo., has been here visiting his uncle, C. F. Crum and family. Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Keatts and children, Sollle. Wayne and lie Ora, left Thursday In their automobile for Fowler, Ind., to pass the Fourth with relatives. CRAZY WOMAN HAD TWO REVOLVERS London, July 4--The woman who was arrested late lait night at the gates of Buckingham palace, whera she demanded entrance and insisted on Bee- Ing King George, was identified today as an Australian who was suffering hallucinations. She carried two revolvers in her pocket* at the time of her arrest. What ever the price you choose to pay for a Shirt, get it here. Notice the real smart style in Maienthal Shirts. 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