Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on November 19, 1938 · Page 3
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 3

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 19, 1938
Page 3
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Page 3 MELVIN JOHNSON, Inc., Publishers Saturday Morninff. November 19, 1938 THANKSGIVING · America discards her old customs but reveres the nation's richest tradition each November. Like the early Puritan (typified above) modern Americans still keep In spirit the Thanksgiving observance started by Pilgrim fathers and made official by President Abraham Lincoln. The occasion is still a time to count our blessings. Likewise, King Turkey still reigns rapreme on Thanksgiving day, a domesticated descendant of the wild turkey that offered a piece de resistance for the first Thanksgiving. And, pitying the less fortunate, we provide bounteous Thanksgiving dinners for them. But where the olden Thanksgiving was a strictly "home" observance featured by a huge dinner, modern celebrants have smaller appetites and wider interests. In 1938, Thanksgiving day football games are a major attraction. Some schools, like Pennsylvania and Cornell, have played their traditional Thanksgiving day game for years. THE OYSTER--THE TRUE SYMBOL OF GOOD EATING When Is The Best Time to Eat Oysters? Dr. Lewis Radcliffe, Director The Oyster Institute of North America, Washington, D. C. "We daily crys about the streets may Rear, According to the season of the year, Some Wcllfleet oysters call, others do cry, Fine Shellsca cockles, or white mub cles buy." In England each year there L; held the time-honored ceremonial of de daring open for the season the Colne Oyster Fishery, which, accoiding to ancient wording "Hath fiom time beyond which the memory of man tun neth not to the contrary" been with in the province of the Colchester Cor poration. Officials of Colchester and members of the Colne Fishery Board which manages the fis-hery, make a tour of the grounds followed fay quaint ceiemony which includes the reading of the nncient documents relating to the grant of the fisherj to the Corporation, the dispatch of a telegram to the King, intimating that according to ancient custom and charter of over 900 years, the fishery had been opened for the season and that the officials are drinking to the King's health. Thk is accomplished with gin to the accompaniment of the consumption of squares of ginger bread. Each year the group is addressed by some distinguished guest: La-st year's guest speaker, Sir Hiram Gregory, former Recorder of London, had this timely bit of advice to give: "Nowadays the world is bubbling and boiling and there seems no chance of settling down. What a pity it is that we cannot cultivate enough oysters to give our politicians throughout the world and get them into the state of mind that we are in at thu moment." As to the reason for a closed season on the English oyster, I think we may find the answer in its method of reproduction. While our eastern oyster discharges the sex elements into the surrounding waters, in the English oyster the young are retained in the chamber for a week or more, during which time they develop the rudiments of the fully formed s'hell, the tiny larvae passing through successive color changes from white to gray to blue-gray, slate and finally to purplish black. During the summer when the parent oysters are carrying from 500,000 to a million of the developing young it is understandable why they should not be so Jesirable for market. An to the reasons for the general lack of market demand for our American oysters, there appears to be variety of causes. First, it is probable that the only settlem brought over with them the customs that oysters should not be eaten during the R-less months. Furthermore an oyster full of spawn L- less attractive and after spawning is poor, not so palatable as a fat oyster, and finally it is only in recent years that we have had adequate cool storage facilities all along the line from packer to the consumer's modern refrigerator suitable for keeping the oysters in a perfectly fresh condition. Not only may our oysters be eaten with safety during the summer month,?, but there is actually a growing summer trade. There is also a considerable export trade to England for supplying their markets during the NOTICE! I We wish to announce telephone and delivery service. No order too small -- no favor too g r e a t for prompt and efficient attention--Call Denton 252. T. Allan Temple, Manager. In New York, as In otber large cities, llie dzy marks a start of the Christmas shopping season. One Munliattar. department store annually sponsor-, a p^ featuring bell- Still Coughing? No matter how many medicines you have tried for your common cough. chest cold, or bronchial Irritation, you may get relief now with Creomulslon. Serious trouble may be brewing and you cannot afford to take a chance with any remedy less potent than Creomulslon, which goes right to the seat of the trouble and aids nature to soothe and heal the Inflamed mucous membranes and, to loosen and expel germ-laden phlegm. Even If other remedies have failed, don't be discouraged, try Creomulslon. Your druggist Is authorized to refund your money if you are not thoroughly satisfied with the benefits obtained. Creomulslon Is one word, ask: for It olalnly, see that the name on the bottle Is Creomulslon, and you'll -get the genuine product and the relief you want. (Adv.) for your 0*"* calif (Th» tome low rates that apply «vcry evening cfttr 7 -- and all day Sunday) · h United SM« Onl» =oason they are "fat" or i idlest in summer months when their native oysters are unmarketable, and wilh the rapid increase in thu output of the quick product, packed \v -l L'n HIL- oyfeters are at their best and placed on the market as needed, the consumption of oysters during the R-le^-a months is expected to show considerable growth. Oyster sell best in cold weather ond in fact are Ubunlly "fattest" ami most highly flavored at this sua^on. When we speak of an oyster being "fat" we do not mean that the la* content is 'high but the supply ol' glycopen sometimes called animal starch, is high. Ojsters are noteworthy for their high gljcogen content, a substance resembling htnreh, but more readily and easily assimilated, and unlike i-taich, wholly (iigosUble, even when uncooked. Investigations indicate that the glycoKcn cont nl of our eastcin oyster is loweU in ea'-iy .summer in the spawning .seusjii win n tic protein content is higlie t and that the glycogcri content incieasi-s timing late summer and fall. This investigator also claims that the oysters arc at their best and have the finer-1 flavor when the glycoffen eon- tent is greater than 20 per cent of the diy \veight. Joe Juggernaut-or How NOT io Drive NEVER BOTHER TO SLOW DOWN FOR SCHOOL ZONES- YOU MAY LOSE A MINUTE OR.SO AND. AFTER ALL- THE KIDS CAN DODGE, CAN'T THEY? \ ..O- iiii-=~ --- ..}%"*'-- f.f«r : ·nyl.1 ^ T H E W R E C K - O H D In 1937, excessive spccJ accounlctl for onc-quarlLT of all motor accident*, onc-lliii'd of all dea!lis-a lolul of 223,000 dejd ami injured! Drive Mfi-l) .mil you can earn a »jfc tlrhrr reward of ]5 f /6 of jour liability [ireiniuni for a year wilbout accidents. Accidenls don'l happen--Oicy ore cniiscil. Suilijlio. courleii National Bureau Casually and Surtlf Undernnlers. found it advi uble to piocluim his piugiessive sentiments during the campaign. But the Republican press and paity leaders are equally edified at the of every anti-New Deal Summing up our needs for eating i Senator, although in the primal y con- ojsters, Dr. Rene Nool of Paris, snj s j tests hefoie election they weie hnil- "Thus the oyster is not rn-iely a , nig t! em us heioes for theii bturdy valuable food. It is a previou. r.K-d- independence. Moio lojiifally could Seine which should not remain known." A medical expert, after cau-ful study, has recognized the thcraputic impoitance of the oyster in the diet of the tuberculous, the convalescent, u i i - t h D t m o c t a U ; claim that, the anli- Senatois'went down to defeat because they opposed New Deal policies and nigue that if they had not gone off the icservation they \\ould have been rc-clccted. :he dyr.peptic, the poor in blood, and ;hose suffering in other ways. Aii to the best time to eat oysli-i ;, custom and science seem to be in ae- ; niaii cord that this is the season w it-n oysters are at their best. At thi.; Senator Lonegan of Connecticut, for example, was acclaimed by the Republicans as an outstanding states- fearlesi' public servant when the p i i m a i i e s were on. No\v his defeat is being welcomed as further evidence that the country is turning glycogcn and have the finest flavor. ,awny from the New Deal. The same might be said of eveiy Senator and Representative who fought the Roosc- DISPELLING THE FOG The result of the elections leaves the national situation pretty much a-, t was. More Republicans were elected to the House of Representatives than the Democrats expected but there remains in that branch of Conan impressive Democratic nia- 'ority. In the Senate the same effect )revails. So what? The minority party is in a spasm of enthusiasm because certain New }eal Senators were defeated. In fact, estimating their gains, the «nti- administration spokesmen are wiping out the distinction between New Deal and Old Deal Democrats. They point with overpowering pride to the election of Mr. Robert A. Taft to succeed Senator Bulkley of Ohio, even though VIr. Taft--despite his name and the deduction drawn from his success - For All Occasions be assured of the beauty that is naturally yours... avail yourself of our expert beauty service and lower prices PHONE 159 BEAUTY SHOPPE D E N T O N vc'lt policies, cither totally or occasionally, and who find; himself a Inmc duck today. Republican Praise Turns Sour Incidentally, I wonder how these gentlemen icganl the Republican udulation they accepted with so much gusto a few weeks ago, wnen thpy compare it with the ferocity with which they were treated in the election. They were men of magnificent , patiiolism and independence the House of Representatives, us theii own candidate, and now the New Deal James II. Fay JJOLS Lo Coup less in Mr. O'Connor's stead and thine will be a dilfei-jnt Rule.s Committee Chairman. While I am wondering, It-'t me muse over the question of how man of their new memben-' the Republican minorilj in the House would be willing to luule for the i L - t u n L i u n of A l l . O'Conni i :tl UIL- huuil »f the Committee on Kules? Actually, the New Deal was not thu dominating factor in most oi' the clec- j i i o n , though we tiled to make il so. Eilhei the Republic :in candidates court jrml by pretending tint they, ! too, were for most of the New Otal policies, or some local political i itu- alioii eclipsed wh;\t t-hould have bee i the determining element in the e l t t - tion. This was particuhnly tiue in Pennsylvania. In Ohio the lesult was due to the circumstances that Ohio had an unsatisfactory and unpopular State administration, and the :-ins of an individual were, as usual, visited on his party. New Dealers Win in Big Way In no State was the New Deal so completely the issue as in New York, when they sought and obtained Democratic nominations; they were unfit and inferior when they were opposed by Republican candidate;:. In only a single instance was the minoiity prirty consistent in its, approval of anti-administration candidates. They did take John O'Connor, Chairman of the Rules Committee of Bulova Watches Just received a large selection of Hnlina Hatches with latest styles at popular prices. I will he glad to show them to jou. Gustav Good Watchmaker Jeweler Stationery -:- Gifts Denton, Md. To and from the Heart of BALTIMORE Schedule in .ff«cl May 27, 1938 (Eaittn Standard Timi) LEAVE L O V E POINT . (B. A I. R. R. PIER) DAILY ·*. Sun. DAILY DAILY liOO a. m. 9i33 a. m. 6:00 p. m. LEAVE BALTIMORE (PIER 5, LIGHT STREET) DAILY DA11Y DAILY M. Sal. 7iOO o. m. 3iOO p. m. 9.00 p. m. PaMMig*r, Aulomabtlti and Truck! Handled on All Trip. PASSENGERS! ONE . ROUND TRIP JLC- ONE DAY OOC EXCURSION C INCLUDING d DRIVER to *6 A U T O TRUCKS SHOITENS THE WAY BETWEEN kMTIMOKE k THE EASTERN SHORE BALTIMORE EASTERN R.R. RADIO SERVICE At Minimum Cost . . . BY CERTIFIED EXPERTS IN DENTON EVERY MONDAY DON'T WAIT - CALL US TODAY! L. M. R O Y E R Cordova, Md. 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Wagnor u:i' tin- !;i In u l a i U ' l e . t - i inii t Molt ti li')» vi 't :iiid Ins do V.I' l l i i V job, but \.o u'.'i'i of llit- i'i- ^'uiii'-L 1 ' i c n d . i i . lic' , Xul olii^ ll.ltk 01! h ; j o]J V, n iiini :i u,\- Ii ague S nuloi -- Coimic. Miiiin Jim Mead - of i'(ina] l o v a l t j to tin. pio- j i i L N i v ji iiicipk's nl l ) i ' i i o f i M t y , as I lie stic'("-Mr lo tin- late Senator Copi kind, who \\.is .1 ^ l i m i n g li^ht. among the anli-Ni'\\ Dealcih. Oji tin- whole, Demon.!!-/ i as not fai i d Ij.idh in the elci tiori. Wo have lusl a niimlii * f C mgu 1 MIIL-II, ..s Wdi i n e v i t a b l e aftci ihu-e periods of i n o e a - i . We lost a (io\i) n o i s h i p hi'ie and ( h e n , hut w g:ii:id two -ill Mai laud 'iii'l C a l i f o r n i a so v u still have about t h i e e out of foul .Stale a i l m i n i i t i ition . Tile LouiHiy tit large, theiefoie, iii r !'ii! I"'., It. lUi il to 'its confidence ill t h e JI'IK » clt p o l i c u s , i'M(l the fijjlit loi t e he 1 lei m-'iit ')( AniLiiLMn con- d i t ons goi s iif, r ht along. Incidentally, the stock maikct opened , | I O H K the him m u g after election da\ . Now comes I he time when the people , u e ( i i l i t l f l to a icspite f i d i n politics, and aiming the things lioin \ \ h i c h a v..',itioii i- 'ue ih tiiis of letters. So, is I I h a i i k the. pa])eis that h.ive on'-nod their col- ' i n i i i s In ni\ i i t U ' i ] i i itlon of ;oliti- ( al dcveloj'iiK i i t s , and i i T n ' s the hope that m i i a d e i , havo not been unduly lioii'J, I iiiu (.uiiLe the It m- n o i a i y i iisp'ji'hion ol tru t'.ijf Di ,- pellatii/n. -- 1\ C l i a . l i - Alicliclson, Dil e i t c i of Puhlifity Di moeiatic National IT TO PLAY ^ U in the Motion PW«« rvirilcina School. \ ra "© // **. aa r-: ·fr'fii**;-ir····;· · . . , Good Food For Sound Thinkers Tuie p l a y e r is not asking God for love, it in l o i ' n i n f r to love, and to include all mankind in one affection. --Mary B.ikcr Eddy. GOOD NEWS! The New 100 Watt Mazda Lamp Gives Times as much light as a 15 watt Mazda Lamp yet uses only Times As Much Electricity Reddy Kilowatt (Your Electrical Servant) The story of "Star in My Kitchen" wouldn't ring true if flour of uncertain quality were used in the baking scenes. 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