Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois on July 11, 1975 · Page 14
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Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois · Page 14

Freeport, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 11, 1975
Page 14
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Page 14 Freeoort (IIU Journal-Standard. Friday, July 11, 1975 Crossword By Eugene Skeffer ACROSS 1 Cushion 4 Conflicts 8 European artistic cult 12 City in Japan 13 English river 14 Wicked 15 Beam for supporting joists 17. High-pitched signal 18 Slices of beef 19 Blackbird 21 Animal doc 22 Kitchen utensil 26 Behind 29 Elfin 30 Lubricate 31 Fat pork 32 Little boy 33 Young hoodlum (slang) 34 Money of account 35 Excavate 36 Flocks 37 Automatic machine cannon 39 Indian unit of weight 40 Past 41 Actress de Havilland 45 Excited 48 Early religious knights 50 Smooth 51 One's abode 52 Tear 53 Dregs 54 Belgian river 55 Donkey DOWN 1 Places 2 Incite 3 Attica township 4 Invalid's aid 5 Stop (Naut.) 6 Decay 7 Moved stealthily 8 Opposite of credit 9 Salutation 10 Perish 11 Mountain 16 Covered Avg. solution time: 25 min. Answer to yesterday's puzzle. 20 Napoleonic marshal 23 Travel casually 24 Swedish Nightingale 25 Wapitis 26 In a lop-' sided state 27 Gambling game 28 Silk thread 29 To exhaust 32 European grass 33 Danger 35 Domesticated animal 36 Assistant 38 Guides 39 French river 42 Unit of linear measure 43 Feminine name 44 Snakes 45 Whole 46 "Turn to the right" 47 Single 49 Goddess of dawn IB 26 16 21 13 32 151 29 19 22 20 36 \1 ff 3C7 52 10 4T CRYPTOQUIP 7.11 AFOO DEFJ HPWDDB PWV H F Q- AEWWO PWZOOB JHFQ PZHFVOB? LUG ILLEGALLY Ann Landers . . . (© 1975 King Features Syndicate. Inc.) .. Today'sCryptoqulp clue :E equals H «^ Answers Your Questions ~'f fff t/'f THERE IS NO LANGUAGE BARRIER here as thousands of Vietnamese refugees react to the universal language of humor as clowns from the Rlngllng Bros, and Barnum & Batley Circus do their thing at tent city In Camp Pendleton, - _— - Calif., Thursday. The circus put on a special show for the camp as they worked their way to a Los Angeles opening. DPI Photo. ; :; Dear Ann Landers: About, three months ago my husband was killed In a terrible accident. The car went over a steep incline and caught fire. That was bad enough, but when the police came to my home to tell me what had happened, they informed me in the presence of my three children (ages 17. 15 Bridge By ALFRED SHCINWOID It's fun to redouble. You stare scornfully at the doubler, curling your upper lip like a pretzel, and you snap out your redouble like a whip. Then all you have to do is play the hand properly. South dealer Both sides vulnerable NORTH 4 Q1096 <? 4 0 8762 * 8642 WEST EAST * 87432 4 AKJ 9 10962 V A 0 1054 0 93 *7 *KQJ1Q953 SOUTH 4 5 V KQJ8753 0 AKQJ * A South West North East 2 Q? Pass 2 NT Double 3 0 Pass 4 0 Pass 4 <5 Pass Pass Double Redouble All Pass Opening lead -47. • South took the ace of clubs and returned the king of hearts. This was an unlucky play; there was no way for South to know that a low trump would force out the ace. East returned the king of clubs, and South fell from grace: South ruffed with a low trump, and his contract flew out of the window. West over-ruffed and led a spade to East. Thereupon East led another club through South, and the ten of hearts could not be shut out. The defenders got three trump tricks and a spade. Sporting Play It was sporting of South to ruff the second club, but it wasn't effective. The correct play is to discard the singleton spade. This gives up only the spade trick that must be lost in any case*. The discard picks up 1,430 points - the difference between making four spades redoubled and going down one trick. When South discards the spade, East wins and leads another club. South ruffs low, and West over-ruffs. But now West cannot give the lead to his partner, and there cannot be a second over- ruff. DAILY QUESTION Dealer bids a spade, your partner doubles, and the next player passes. You hold: S-87432; H-10962; D-105 4; C- 7. What do you say? Answer: Bid two hearts. Don't dream of passing with such weak spades. The weaker your hand, the more essential it is to resppnd to partner's takeout double. (A POCKET GUIDE TO BRIDGE written by Alfred Sheinwold is. available. Get your copy by sending 50 cents to The Freeport Journal-Standard ££• Box ""• Los Angeles. Calif.' 0 IK/JO.) CopyriKhl 1975, Los Angelet Times Now You Know By United Press International Rattlesnakes feed at intervals of about 10 days. TV Highlights Complete area television listings are carried In the "tv talk" supplement of the Sat- "rtay Sunrise edition of The Freeport Jour- Bat-standard. Today's Highlights 7 p.m.- Channels 2, 3, 4, and 23^ CBS Friday Night at the Movies. "Around the World in 80 Days," the Jules Vern classic, stars David Nlven and Shirley JtfacLaine. 7:30 p.m.-Channels 6, 7, 15 and 17- Rockford Files. Joseph Gotten guest stars as a tycoon who hires Rockford to investigate his prospective son-in- law, which results in Jim's being harassed by federal agents and the underworld. sasa and 12) that their father was not alone. With him was an 18-year-old girl who worked in the same office. I waas not aware that he was seeing anyone, and I still have no proof that he was unfaithful. The accident occurred at 5 p.m. and he usually came home about 6:45. Many friends haye asked me questions about '"'the young woman." I don't know what to say to them. Their inquiries are very painful since I know what they are thinking. Losing a wonderful mate after 20 years of marriage w,as a cruel blow, but the added grief because of the circumstances makes the sorrow almost unbearable. How do I explain the young girl to my children and to friends and relatives? -HEARTSICK AND ALONE Dear Friend: Thousands of married men give office colleagues a lift to and from work every day. Why do you feel this act of friendship needs defending? Those who question you about the young passenger are not friends. They are insensitive clods and gossip-mongers. I would not dignify their inquiries by offering any information. As for your children - the simple explanation that Dad was giving the girl a ride home from the office should be sufficient. • •*'••* * Dear. Ann Landers: I am a girl 14 who does babysitting. I have been warned against telling strangers who telephone that the family is not at home. What should I say if the person calling says he is a relative? Several girls who babysit would like an answer to this question also. Thanks loads. -NEED TO KNOW Dear Need: Never take a chance. Say to whomever calls: "I'm sorry but Mr. or Mrs. So-And-So is busy and unable to come to the .phone. PJease leaye your name and number and I will ask him (or her) to return your call." • . •;•• •***.. Dear Ann Landers: As an officer in the United States Air Force stationed in South Dakota I had to write this letter or stay up all night thinking about it. I am burned up at the guy who wrote, '?After 21 years of child support payments plus a lot of love, worry and heartache, I found out through a blood test that the child by my first wife is not mine." ' . , The guy was so furious he wrote to ask if he should sue his ex-wife for deceit and fraud. Then his present wife complained that she had to fit "that kid" into her life, often putting her own daughter second. Those two creeps need to be told that being parents is something more than having sex. Too bad they're so ignorant. They've missed it all. Wake 'em up, will ya? ,/ . -T'D OFF Dear T'd: It would take more than "waking up." They'd have'to be com- pletely.recycled. When they ask for my advice?HJl-giverit: Until then,: you've done pretty well on your own. Oh Offer To Menominees SHAWANO, Wis. (UPI). - The Alexian Brothers novitiate may be in for another takeover by militant Indians. After a 34-day takeover of their Roman Catholic novitiate earlier this year, the Brothers agreed to deed the novitiate to the Menominee Tribe for a health center. But Thursday they reneged on their promise, and touched off a response by militants. "If they want to play it this way, well, then we'll go to war," said Melvin Chevalier, Jr., a leader of the Men- Socialists ominee Warrior Society, which took over the novitiate New Year's Eve. The Warrior Society planned meetings to discuss the development. Chevalier said he believed they would decide to occupy the novitiate pending future negotiations with the Alexians. In a 'statement, Brother Florian Eberle, provincial of:the order, said the Alexians were dissolving the agreement because some tribal members feared renovation and maintenance costs would be overwhelming. Eberle cited a study by the State of Wisconsin which indicated conversion of the novitiate to a health care facility Withdraw Coalition" LISBON (UPI) - The Socialist party} has withdrawn from Portugal's coalj-; tion government and vowed to struggle against the creation of a Communist dictatorship in the country. Socialist leader Mario Scares, <a minister without portfolio in the cabinetf announced the pullout Thursday night V\- at a rally of 5^000 cheering followers. V; K "We will never accept a dictatorship because we never accepted it in the . past," Scares said. Party officials said the move was prompted by the government's deci- ,j, . sion to turn the Socialistrleaning newspaper Republica over to Communist printers. ' .•••-, would be impossible because of high., costs: , V" It was estimated maintenance of the, facility would cost the tribe $40,000 a •year. Eberle said the Alexians would offer' to proyide health care facilltiesjjto the tribe in lieu of turning over the 262-•> acre complex. , r , "We're hoping the Warriors or any-> one else who might be-thinkirig of similar actions will carefully read the , statement from Brother ' Flbrian '•and realize that we really are doing more- good by not turning over the facility, than we would be if we turned it over,',! ; . Brother Maurice Wilson said. He said' no extra precautions were being taken ». to avoid another takeover. . Eberle said the order felt it had met .$0$ mdral and legal obligations of the' agreement. He said it was impossible to-deed the property to .the tribe "at;, vtyjis time for a variety of reasons," and-Wilson said the statement {left the door:: open for future proposals; about the-^ building. / • v- *; 'iiie Menominee Restoration Cpm<- : mittee, the official tribal leadership,, haclno. statem.enV,. although-j£U.spokes- > man'^said^sorne" ? Indian/ leaders ex-, pected the'announcement!; ; . MERCURY Ballroom Ph. 232-5901 No Dance This Week SATURDAY! July 12 Free Admission Wed. and Thurs. Nights This Weekend At J.D.'s "SPANK" Starting I Wednesday! "NEON CAF You must be 18 and show I.D. Monroe, Wise. ONE MILE WEST ON RT. 20-FREEPORT-PHONE 233-9444 Live Entertainment - Wed., Fri., & Sat "Where The Fun Is" Variety Group Fri. 1 Sat Featuring the Inn's famous- LOUISIANA SHRIMP Every Friday Evening —FRIDAY NIGHT SPECIAL— CATFISH , $ 3 25 Purchase Your Illinois State Lottery Tickets In The Cocktail Lounge. Monday Through Thursday Special LIVER AND ONIONS...., Delicious, fresh Louisiana shrimp boiled in spice water — whole 'and in the shell. A seafood delicacy for your dining enjoyment. For Reservations Phono 608-325-9138 Live Entertainment Tues.-Thurs. 8 to 12 Fri.-Sat. 9 to 1 HARRY SHORT Guitar Vocalist wiss Colonu Inn On The Square Monroe, Wisconsin ^ OPEN SUNDAYS 11 A.M. to 1O P.M. Join Us This Sunday — You'll Be Glad You Did! You'll Be The Master! At Our Ever Pleasing ... SALAD BAR Sunday Thru Thursday fo FutettI Cocktails and Dinners Our customers hove a right to expect the best in food and beverages and that's just what we strive to offer. Whether it's a dinner for one or a company dinner, we hope' you'll find dining here dependably enjoy-1 able. OUR FRIDAY SPECIAL Golden Fried Fish Dinners NO RESERVATIONS ON FRIDAYS ,_WiSi«tflW^W^#»S$«*^ phone BAVARIAN RESTAURANT 232-0252 340 N. Park Blvd., Fre*port, III. Now. Featuring . . . "Danny Hickman" in the. lounge 4:30 p.m. to / p,.m. 1 Tues. thru Fri. Also: Thursday 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. OPEN MONDAY Through SATURDAY 5KX) P.M. to 1:0^5 A.M. SERVING FOOD 5:30 P.M. to 11 :OO P.M., MON. Thru SAT. l ESQUIRE 5 Mi. West On U.S. 20? Phone 333-1107

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