Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 10, 1930 · Page 16
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 16

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 10, 1930
Page 16
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UFCATUR HERALD FRIDAY, OCTOBER 10, 1930. DECAT'JR HERALD Burgess Pec'time Stories Bj THORNTON W, BUEQESS Why Some People Sleep All Winter P B'rtlK RAtJIill' rugiuuxl Ptleitly 1'orhy thu Pomiplno with u Ki'fltit tleul mo to i--rtp('t-t ih»n he had «v«r ro$t«i-(lod hltn borons, Vou «ee bo had explained lu IMer why It Is that most ot ltu b l i t l n miolt tlio Cutaway, mifiny Suuthluml for thu winter, nutkinK that IOIIK find dan^croiifi Journey twice u vom. nclni: down In tho (all nnil coming hack In tilt aprlnp Potor m-ver hail born utiln id new uny HI nwi- In It, but now th«t Prickly 1'urliy hnu cxiitnlnod It, It wa-i all v w r j Him pic uiKl telisuliablu Pi Ickly t'uikv wnxn't 111 mupkl aa lulu iKt-d "1'tnlKttis,' ttiouxht f t l i i . "tie run trll nn whv It in that no ninny o[ m ftlniKli tiliiAp All winter." ii In thnnki-cl Prickly Poiliy for what hi hful junl told him about the bltd*, ami then In MM mnit polite rnnniii-i he Miked "1« il f u i thu sumo luattoti 11 ml Juliiiuy Chuck Hnd Striped Jhl|i [nunk unit Hobby C'oon and Old M i Tumi unit C l i i i n d f d l h c t h'rOK dlccji n i l W l n t c l . ' ·l'i itnlnly," i«|ll«l Htlckly Coiltj "H nicy didn't slip(i they would Mint v to death "I don't *tu whv ' veiilli d 1'itci tdiiKini; HI iii/./,U-d iii he fi'U. "t don't sfl« whv he ·ihoiild m i i ( ' juvukf' unv juoiu (him iiHii-t'p "Huh!" ([runted 1'ili-ltly "Huh; Whiit dwi J o l t n n v t u t '· · vVhy i lovi i n m l KHIHJ anil ·" ' And otln-i um- ti uur-i L t i l t t K ' and cii'i'ii Ihltift; "Win 11! would hit Mud them in "Why, t l i r i t i i n c t i ' t tiny m m . jilkd t'ct.ii "but ' Hill you niantiji' i » miilte u 1 I Mild I m t k and l t o / e n bctni-t tiudn of bu-ihtiM whlcli von tin it Mint ovtm d i v KIJISM wl'i-ii JOH Hud nothln,. in tu-i " i n l c u u I'tlt'kly Curltj. ''ILIUI yni iltm't ttliv johnny U n i i l! i m i m r t 'l« SILIIIC thing, ("n't t t m t It " "1 don't aoo y«t why ho slt-epf) all winter," he ventuted rut her timidly. "Why doesn't ho keep awake Homo of the time, even It he doesn't eat? I don't nee why he nhoutd ntarvo awnlio uny morn thtin asleep." "Whon are you hungriest?" demanded Prickly Porky, "Whon T'vo been running about," replied Peter nioinptty, "Oh, you do Itnow that much 1 I'm I'oilU C h u c k 1 only (vnil "W«n, Johnny hua it d i i t i - i n n K i n d of ;UinnilC!l t l d l l l y i H I l - 1 riHlUlUlnl 1'ili-kly I'otlty. "11 i-i tniiili- ' i n Bi«i-n t i l i n g and i^rovii tiling diilv Evui If It wium't tie wuuld - u n i v c Can you liTiaglnc J o h n n y Chu^k vv'illi hh ahirt logi K n t t l n K iiriund Iti llu indw to liiih fin toinl.' i f i iiutai 1 vim (an't Vou know 111 well a* 1 do H i n t t vcn In miinininliu (irvri tlnti*^ i i v c i y front hist lioiittt-. nnil lh n t h c i o l'i alwnya jilenl.v nt td'"(l il(;tit t loi« (it hand In ttluirr you liui-u ti. (lo n tut of ttlivi-liiiK hi K t t cmiUKh lu mil. don't you'.'" AK'ilu Pctnr niddcl "And »i(fnitinii» It H pit'lt.v din- KtiKusM. In n't I t ? " I 1 piler nodded tmco inoro. "How far do you think Johnny Ufiuott would K»-t hu(ol(i ( i t i L i i n y l''(it or Bdildv Fos ot- Old Man Cojuto 01 Koushleu tlio Hnwk would hnii- h i m " nuked 1'rkltly TorKy "t luuln't Ihoiijiht of that," coiifi-s i dd I J {iter "{)[ colliMi you liiidnt.' i H c i l c d t'rlckly PnrKy. "Vou a i c 'ono ot ttiowo jioiiiile who want olhcu to tlu your thinking for you. That's thu trouble with you, t'ater. If yon did 1 ti l l t t l u real t h i n k i n g you w n u l i t n t unk BO n)iny foolish citientlona." Vcif t\ lonK time t-'utnr Nitld notliliiK tin wmi Htltl puMli'tl admit lotui'thlti); itiul ho wan tryliin to think It out [or hlnnelf. Hut nt lant he KHVO it up. "Hull!" j; j-ii [it I'd I'rU-klv I'uiky, "Huh! doci, jiihnin Churk ciit'" 1 Illnd tn hi'UI it, il'plled Hi It l;l\ I ' o t k y "Well. II Johnny C'hvx It wa» nwulcc l i e f c o n l t t lie moving around HOIIIP niul thill would na^ up I hi' food H t o i t ' d niuli'i t l i u t Hkln of hl» In th? Tonn ( i t t i l l When he Ix uHlcep he ddein'l Utif much. It i» food I h n l (,1V(M von .i(ten);Hi UP run u i D u n d , mill I he tiiiire you i un ahoiit the more you nnwl -cut So Old Mother Nnturc just putt ,lihnnv and tome of the otlii-14 to tfh'i'ji while food ts not to ho luu), JUKI n.t soon nt t h r r e In food :ihe wult^ t h e m Now drj you tindi i t t n n d h h h ' Yi ·', t h u n h ( « , ' tfjilicil t j tiei, 'I t l i l n l c t do. They i-iin't fly away South Ulcu HKI bluli, [ind HO they sleep. .Just the same ft sterna voiy Hileel'to me [ u n t i U l n ' l \vint lo ffloep n i l w l n t i ' i ' DISTRICT MEETING OF R. N, A. WILL BE man IM VAWDALIA V A N U A M A -'iln ttoyul Nei(,'h- 1)01 a mi; planning u big meeting [or nnxt Mondny oftrrnoon ftnd evening In the Odd Fellows hdll. Mhii Ernd Biii-tlifl. supreme rocorclcr, of Rook liltnd, will bi- present us wilt Mrs EVIL O'Donnoll, district deputy, of tiliwrenepvlllc All ot tho enmps In thu Burroundlng tnwns hnvci been In- vlled to iittend thu meetlnc. MlHN Baith^l will ftlvc Insuucllon con own \HK the Innunuve lates nnl on nthrr thlnjt* In eonni-ellon with dm lot lee '['he afternoon fcaslon Is lo open at 'J o'clock At the night tnccllng Iticri' wilt bu a clusa adoption of 30 nu-nibors. Mrs O'Donnell hns b*cn In Vandnlln for tho last two wecke f:ottln(t thu ealss to(,-ethor A rttlnbow cumpulgn is lie Ing fra- tureit hero nt thin time and at the uvunltiK ineotltiK thovo In to he a hcautlCul d i l l ) of 14 IKUo Ktrla dtcss- i-d In tho rftlnbow colors to Inttoduec thv honor guest, Mta Bnrthcl 7odfly J s Cfoss H^ord Puzz/e Crcntotl By J R White 12 13 ·45 ·49 S3 2 "Z E£ 40 16 36 "BO 35 n SO 29 ·39 ie "36 SI 3 10 | 25 ·43 26 ACROSS 1 A itanee s\t] 4 Awn g Joltn 1? ^l,in^oac coin l'i Medloy U Knftllsh title ot nobility 17 Charpittcrlsllo of n i; A uoiiitiii ti^Klleont in ilrsw or liouao- hi'TltiK HI ,\n r\fiit'ilon U Mala* T'O Mown fij Snmmt; nyllobl( 63 TI*I« ot Iho fntntly ol Aitcli-nt Knmnn ont tliit the nt- lo p S Kcntnor from ^vaMl»l^)Ft(ln 9 IJMp^st fsmnle It A ij cnpitnl of A it DOWN I Cum pun Ions ; cm toit of nrt 1C ul ill ion IT The «llmt»f n Of ^ ·uetl td Fun ton 31 I'rofciiinl Si M.isiulinc iinniD M Irlitli 3t To b« ttrottiiy S.'t A iviwn' HiH'IO (6 liiMI' till' UlllltC *ltl to olhoit )T Indefinite Mrtlcto as Kronch eotn 19 A strltiuod tnttrtinitnt lo provioui Pu»t* while 4; iiticitiei'(J'» 10 mvtf mouth [p] I t Sun *~* H A kind of chcei* £0 Type IN ensure s 23 Ml Ulster Ins to a we II to 15 Tho Iwinlnp tower oC -in Tho hctb dill II Olii'a namo -S A. Knieous element Si Epoch ;nt A hf-ron DO N«ll\r of Scotland 3G Otiiun of htring 41 Kilglu IH DroudfMl J l Ptlly m(iri'«t 1$ Mliiomi aiirlnf is Vnriilsli ingrodltnt 47 And not 61 NCK.ilH-i reply HIGH LIGHTS OF HISTORY No. 17 George Rogers Clark-- A Great ' Disappointment By J. Carroll Mansfield KCepyright, 1930, byj, C»rro,l . ~i~. fr SUFtEI? 3RIEF 5TDR5 AT PlTTSBURS ANi foRT FlNCA$TLE(WHeEUW)TOTAKE OM POWDER AMP SUPPUK^CLARKS expEpmoN i»e6CENW'iHe OHIO TO iH6 MOUTH OP THE KBNTUCkY,\WHe«eTHEVOUMQeOH- MAWOER CONFtWEWTLVEXPECTEtHI5 inTLC FORCE- OF 150 MEN WOULp BE INCOEAJB^ Qy 4COMPARES (iOOHEK)llHt£Q 11A40R SMITH. a n ^^^v^^^H^^^u^ffly^^^P^ o HIS ISMAV, CLARK WASUOINO ATTH RCHpEZVOUS BY OMLV A SCORE Of ftlFLCMEN uNp«R ONE CAPTAIN ILIARP-. pwirc HIS B«T BWORTS,SMITH HAE» BEKH UMABLE TO RAISE HIS ^UOTA OP VOIUHT6EQ6, THIS LEFT CLARK, WITH iCSSTHAM H ALP OP THE MEM MB HAP BEUEVEfr MECCSgAW BOO. HIS P*PtHt VBHTUBB. /JfjANV ANOTHW MAM WOULP- HAVfr Tt*qNEtBACK.BuTMOTCLARk, "Iw*ft AMAIP TWB P»M*AO)WTMlWr WOULfr MOV£ MTAL TO OtJft SCWEMe/'He *AI iATeP/OUT IT MA« MC AS PeSWAATG AS Z MAS MC PITCMtp A ftSW»Fiet CAM?, AHO QttftAN TO HAKE FINAL PfteP*R*TlOHi SOftMiS Juf (K»IJB1MRUS1 tMTO THE eWBMykcojMTIftv, -, JANE ARDEN The Plot Thickens By Monte Barrett and Frank Ellis 'YOU'RE APHAIO OPI9HAM SHADE-J SUT(HA.VS PLENTY OP MONEY- /lOONT KNOW ONCE YOU HELPED ME PET OUT Qpj{ WHO HE IS 1 , DO ' HERS, I'D PROTECT YOU i;-fv J jf ^YOU? ;i c^, £33. THESE HSAe ONLY KNOW HI M AS A SlQ RACK6T6Eft- ,AN ONOERWORU 9OS- NSNT THAT WHAT Hg IS f» fHE'ff WHATEV6R HE ) WANTS' TO BS *8UT' k HE'S MORC THAN JL MOST POWEKPUL «Bt (NTMC WAS RUN OUT Of EUROPE PO* PUT NOW HS* PLANNING AN THIgTIMB HC'U. WIN-THEN HE^LL gEA QjCTATOB A REVOLUTION IN ANDfPtA? ' \ TMt9 GAS BUGGIES Good News and Bad By Frank Beck SPECIAL D E L I V E R Y LETTER FOR YOUR . HUSBAND MA'AM' TH6 NATIONALLY S, PROMINENT FINANCIER WHO ADVERTISED J FOR A MAN TO ON SOM6 CONFIDENTIAL' MISSION ? FOR YOU-. I THINK IT'S A RKPUY PROM THAT AD YOU ANSWERED DEAR SIR. YO ^APPLICATION FOR THt POSITION AS CONFIDENTIAL EMISSARY HAS MET *VITM APPROVAL. CAN YOU COME TO TMB CITY IMMEDIATELY FOR A PERSONAL INTERVIEW. INQUIRE FOR MR. SMITH IN SUITE BB. PALACE HOTEl MOOR AY 1 . THf JOB l$ MINE - - - . TOOTS AND CASPER The Rough Rider By Jimmy Murphy QUICXTOOT5! PONT STAND OUT HERE ON THE LAWN 1 . OF THE HOURS'. HURRY! FRUK ? RUN FOR TtKJR LIFE! · PUCK WTO THE .1 MENRBST pts; TM^«, t mo, )Cirnt_FtTliiiiL_Syn^i{itt. Int. Oinl Briliin JUJH H OF T'OUB l HUBBYlHURRV! ^ I PEA? W LIFE ANB UMB BY 6ETTIN6 ' OFF OF THV£ COLONEL HOOFSB BQU6HT AN AirroMODiLB. MB 3 BRINGING UP FATHER Letting Her Down a Few Notches THERE HE » MOW- ME TH1KJK5 I'LL CO OMTHE 1 " TOO SA.D- I THOOCiHT DlMTV WOULD BE ONi THE » JL6T WDOMO OUT* THAT O1K1TY HOO*t J THft J IT WOM'T ee NEC- V/HEM FOONlOOUT i PROBATION OFFICER ADDRESSES VANDALIA GROUPS VANDA1JA ~ Mrs Geoiffe os Pttlmor atatfi iirobntlon offloer of the lit putt men I of public welfare, WUH tho (,'ucat spanker at a public meeting under the auspices ot the Piiyctte County Federation of Women's cluba In the High suhoo! gym- nn.illm on Monday evening, Special invitations had been (intended to the ChnmbiM o( Comnifioe, the taonrG of supervlsor«, court ofdcors and civk L! by Mi 9. Charles Rmn- mel pieildiMit ot tho Vandalla tliib. Mrs. Paliiwi. who lu condu«lln« an mluunllniial canipdlgn throiiyhout the stHlc fur t h e nioie txtonslve use of probation s]iok« on "Probation--The Flist Lln« of Defense", and urjfctl h*t hearcis to I n t o i i n theniaelves about |)iobn(ion nnd w h a t it cnii do In w n i l n i e fit!alnsit c t l n u t u i l n HIK! Lh( roiluctlon *if tl"llnt|uuncy atuor i v ^hll. "lllmuia ta now . probation law," said Mrs, Palmer, "which allows county Judgot lo determine whether they will or wilt not administer p t p b a t i u n ant allows county btiurds to tloeldc whether Or not thoy will make ncce»- aary appropriation. 1 !," 'I appreciate the financial i-ondl- tion ox Is ting in many of our roun- " · · · today and kuow the dlfflctlltidB o of you aiu having in meeting your Bxpen»e»." Mi'B Palmwr oon- ttniied. "On tho other hnnd each one of you tfixpny!ia H linvlng to bnur hla uhar* In meeting the tremendously inctnaalns unit o( Rilnic borne oy lh« atate yovoinmenL If each county would meet Its share of lhl» responsibility, taking '.arc of Its own behuvllur problems tunone the children before they become loo serious, giving thfjii H chance 10 is- tonti tiut'jic aendlnH them lo jjeiial Inatltulioni. you cuiiicl jj^ t* lonjf way 'in nMtpdng the cost ol crime." The cubl at ptubdtlon, aciordin:: u Mia Pulnier, ftvera«c» about »SO pcrlwhlrh ID belnjt sponsored by ihi- petion pfit year, while It coat* Illi-|Vand«lia Womnn'n club and direct- nols $800 fiof year to take cure o( cd by Bev. Paul H Bolmtn. nuidt ench off omit i in ltn penal anil correction (i) inntitutfonH While Illlnoltt, without Mtiilc-wide iirubatlnn, Rocs on building moil- cells to cura for Its prisoners which It ta reoeivlnc ttt tht tatr of three a day, bulldt u woman's i oformntory, spends millions ol dollar? for the care of its Incrpaxlng criminal population. Massachusetts with compulBory probation tor 38 years In not only not spending oiw! cent for new colls but Is actually abandoning some ah? ban lhf speaker pointed out. Following Mr.i. Palmer'-i aildrcss. txtnmjmrantoui talk* advocating Juvenile probation were made by Attorney John J Brown, a former Fny- cttc county judge; K. K Crawford superintendent ot the city schools; Floyd Baitcrday, iiaahler of th« Fiiimei-s MeiuhanU bank; Mis W P Welkot wellaie chahmun of tint VandaltH Woman's club; Jo-ji-ph C. 'Buitt.chl. loiniL-t ninyoi ot the city Di L. S McKown, pastor of Ihr McthmlNt v h u i o h and Mrs Robert Hunt of Rsmscy I'hi Vandalla Conitnunity chorui ItB flint public appnarnncc in tbc Monday night mi'dlng. Thnre »rt mor» than 70 mixed vole en in the organization. HARRISTCWN GARDEN CLUB HOLDS MEETING CISCO FAMILY MOVES TO COLORADO CISCO-- K. L, RUN* and ftmlly left Monday morning for Colorvdo, thoy will muhti th«lr hcnM, »« uh«n ovfr the ly nwn^d hy Mr, Men, L. B. KlDller I* a pntltnt In si, Mary'* hotpllnl, whrr* nht I* re- Th* Wonmn'ii club mtt on HARRI8TOWN.-Th« Qftrdrn club net with MM, Myrtle llu mil ton on Monday afternoon, "The Care ofi| n th* home of Mm, Ralph R«hn«' Houan PlanUi," WM ihc itubj»c( of i-Mrpt«r with Mrs. F. J. McInWwh nod tnlk by Mine Bertha finer. The next Mm, Clifford W«ddl» muting will br with Mrs, John hn.t...» u Smith a(Hd c On on Oct. 20. Thtrc wllH b« tr that time. :«r^r««. **. SOY BEAN THRESHING ome Eyman'» Sunday whool clusr rtlM with Mra Chnrlcv Anh to «fw, , Mrs, Sam ChapmanN Suntla) school cla*H met for an ull-dfty sew- Ins wllh Mrs. H u t t y Morgan, About 20 were prftiwnt for !!ie pnl lurk dltv no i Rev. Mr. Miller A lite Chrlalln . church leu VIM on Kruluv by tuto lot Waahmsion, U. c. Vo atUntl un In larnattonat convention 18 DELAYED BY RAIN MT AUBURN-A InrRo numb«r o,' iht- furm?r» hnv« tin engaged In thn-uhing soy hunit (hn l»tt wuck. A number of combines mv In uit( hut on iim iiinjoriiy t fai-Dis ihr crop hn-i been cut and shocked, Tito bflani) «r« of ijood nudity and com*- !leld4 iite tor-orlcif lu b-- yl«ld ing 23 bushel* to tht yrc, Ftrnu on whtch ihi* yltld In «port*d »'« Krunk Long, W. C, Armiirow M " Melll* Parish, »nd H«rry TAnhtml^ Tucidty'* r*Jn htlttd b»»n tliifi'*' 1 ' Ing for » f« dayt. Ortint MID Gather* Strawbtmet In Oct OREANA--LM luftdait. )|vli * r.orth ol Orcnn* h«* B«n torn hi* . H* vatbcr*d «, l*f(t shorten he- Mr*. ID, A. P»yn*, Mr* J. ·; \vcll«r, Mr*, !-. I. Klrby, Ml» Klrby. KIM Chftrl«» »·»««' Mr*. Roy Crt*kmor w*r« in It-ftt tr«k «n iht Pr»lrl« Womfth'K tour. ADDMMKlTBOTAHV VANDALIA.--City R«p**loW of aclwoln ITtnk E Criwfcw the principal ·pwkfli' »t tn» ·"·»".·* of tht V«ndttll» Roury '.-In lh« DtlcknMhtt hot*l.,Mr. ford K*v» »rt mwr*»tlnf "School Actlvtlleit." Al ·tott'.- - , fhtKliam and B*iml« Ka1«m ot Cti trail*, *«!'« out 4f t»w U» Tuiidky r

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