The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 4, 1966 · Page 15
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 15

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 4, 1966
Page 15
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Friday, March 4, 1966 IS usiness Need Perking Up? Use Classified To Tell & Sell 51. Cars Wanted CASH FOR YOUR CAR THAO FELTON FORO A 1 USEO CAR LOT NO I 3iJ5 H»> 1*5 ' pn. CASH <=OR YOU* CAK SEE "HONEST JIM- Jim Carter Motor Co. «4 w. TMKK 52. Trucks 54. Automobiles 54. Automobiles 54. Automobiles |66j5MC Truck $1,795 w •«?* tast r*ofi wiiea* or* »AYTOWN MOTORS •«* *r. Trim !-ORO STiTIONWAGON. IMS — SS! "Bertem'S SeM U»d Con" : -nirxje*'. s:a.'*oorg trcresr^iic*-. 4 nfrw in IT /^L 1 i i •«;» siotwsii r.r«. rasa. !»««•. S325 SUCK Turner Chevrolet esn or t-coe. SIS St.. SS-CS?. :-5 g. Texas '64 Chevrolef irnpala 54. Automobiles ! 54. Automobiles 54. Automobiles Classified Duplay FORO. t«J 53. Work Cars Peer - eoor ?eacn, o*r • .. _ . rw«. rode, neeter. ; rta^ Or» owner. Sl,g»S. 566-glA. : — G-SCXM? SO* 449aer, oatfl- '64 Cataiina $ WE NEED CARS TOP POO-PAmOR CLEAN j LOTS OF WORK CARS j WE CARRY OOR OWN NOTES 1 Peily Motor Company ec. csarx win rodia. teeter, rras«J55rtsioi5- Air co&ejrioa. sie«r«s? CK; srAes. Nice Quality Motors PORD.1W7 — STSJ, $2! 95 Qualify Motors Orvol Dunttsm M* E. Tfxof i 54. Automobiles : GRIFFIN ENTERPRISE !. on Willizna 700 E. TtX£5 52. Trucks [AUSTIN HEALY. 1M1 — Merk II JJOO '-!«-. orionci owner. li, CJionnti.iew, GL 2-B;?. raw ^<-M, U?t 2200 N. Me:.-!. Ac-sis Fran O'Sriens Gro- CHEVROLET PICKUP. »»SI — KolMon. { •£ Travis. ! 8U1CK. t»il _ Suetr. foor-Coo.-, SKOC i *>"GnsporloJfCn. SiftS, DODGS PICKUP. 1»57 — Goeii cm<lili«i, rori.-o. rtecter, ooofl T'fei, V^; c****" 7 P-"i I SUICK. l»5» — Super, oil p«*tr. cir. 4- MO5TANG. 1»4S — Hsrtfloc, wtttc, jrterior. 2S9 c-j. «., j-stseec. gc<xs c: rrfCT, 22-Si:! cfsr £3C- MUSTANG. ifi5 — wn.fe MI; rerijr. 39 C--- ir:.. torto.-f -ir. •:l!3 Market '62 Cadillac «riti> cii ! j CHEVROLET. l»iS—Imaclo Sport Caepe. ; S3X! *° r 'c f 3^ ecastv a «._,.,-,„.. „_ _ ~T ITT MANY OTHER CARS TO CHOOSE FROM M6aCEO=S BENZ — £S SWKI, *.M5 BOY WITH COMi=lDSMCE S35C. Sei: v trofie. Classified Display ! CHEVROLET, 19« — * j tires, .".ew Q*«*ra;3r cr^j j <K»o. &«s,- o/xi uenc!sre !»3fk cor. SSC. SSi~)c77- : M£RCt3RY, t»8 — 4-Docr. . Gooe OLOsMosa SHOP THESE BIG VALUES '54 Bodge Coronet 440 V-S. 2-dcor har-itco. Shiny oriai «5J iv^ry finisn. rarfuo. neater, po**' *r stec^ir^a and braWe». Toraae- and a r^a ! ere a m p u f f , $1795 *S4 Ford Fairlone 500 Randrwagon Bea^itiiiii *h:ny fnctailic bronze *i«i*?'. rai-». heater, Cruisomatic. pownt*- »tc-winc. acwer brake*, fac- tix-y air. ne-» car tradts-in. cfsan at $1788 '63 Dodge Dart GT aeautifu! ca!ar $1277 '63 Rambler American $944 •* * * ;.. '61. Chevrolet Impaia Convertible V-3. : s »: Sijt fiiuh. raiic. h«3i- en;'rss. Eitri c!tjn nc«. car tradc- $944 '60 Chevrolet Impaia V-S * Oco*" E^darr. Sfi;ny c^gth $655 '60 Oldsmobile Dynamic '88' sedan. 3!' ny !o er fakes. factory air, $866 * * * '60 Dodge Phoenix V-3 -4-3&OJ- narfi:op. O^isma! car trade$699 '60 Chrysler Crown Imperial $1199 * * "Where Customer* Become Friends" DODGE) 2800 Market M3-7473 | CHEVROLET, ]»SJ _ BeiAir. • .vtcier, 2 new :i'«. .~e* 1»SJ — Good tires. 5V». '61 Chevrolet Scor JjspcJs. s«ter^ cecocsctic, aeer*^, l»** cslitcge, silver susl iTe irtreriatr s:*^ reel =ice err. ciir 6or try it — ixnr. PLYMOOTH JMi — tOoor. r«a*. iMet-i VOLXSWACEM BUS _ RaSfc fctrt»r. RED MGA XOA9STER. )«» — K«I w. CJ«QO. C2S ossii or ?ro3e. See 01 2D6 i to* eoiseoae. oertea- 13.150. Pnoaf SE2-; c-»iOTiot<. cSeon. "-*** O"ve- }S2S< o«- SSt«147. | Prxsne S66-XS4 «««• S:«J BwW. RAMBLfR STAT1OMWACON. )M« . Oftay $1995 DON DITTMAN «vn la £. Texas -HUA*»LE EMPLOYECS- STUDE3AK£R LARK, J«» _ Feur-O&w. slanders s. Cell SS2-6JSI. | -St CHEVROLET IMTALA — 4-Dow s*. j ' icor. SSJS. 366-733!. JCcJv KjfsMe E=3Ctev«s OBJ riserice new -1 i end M« can at the HUMSLE EA»}l«8 CHfcVROtST IMPALA AND I«l) PLOYEEi CREDIT UKiO-S. J£» Uasr- jeORVASR — Win s«a tor rtcaoncCH* o*-.*« S;r*«_ Sorto-" -. atone. SO473B. PtanJ WEEKEND SPECIAL '65 Riviera $3795 '61 Rambler [CHEVROLET IMPALA, IMS — •'ia-a!Jo. v»-r.i!e. v-s. s:anacr«. rc«:o. ,-wc:-, ; cf, exce;ier.t Tnctor. huryiiy- car, S695 ccsr». -. PONTtAC CATALINA. i«i — 4 aoor, l,y.! olot. air end aewer. Sl.'as. Neaf Dickens Mofor Co. -Wbere Q«o*iry £i AJ«i?ys Coetiiittra" w;n 3 taar will s»i** on?pl« raocn Jc*" ev«r>- ea» so K>J» yecrs VKCSSB. B'9 ivs- 9=?9e rock is red cocvejetaat and IT'S exxa. exn-o ssce. $845 Busby Buiclc W=*re Custocners Sen<£ Their Friw^s CHEVROLET. 1«1—Small VS. sJitt sJart. ""5- Ceil 533-ic^y* (^f.^*- 4 p —,_ VOLKSWAGEK, tHG — Seiie! Slcoc. rn- " Classified Display Classified Display . x-5 engine, racio, n^cTef, iTcnoorc tra^i-- misiion. Sl.-ys. 5&33S1. : CORVAIR, l»4S — Full, ifenpped. oir corsci-T!orve<!, rc<e uc 3cy?r>e^:s of S33^s ^ moriTnly. MUST Sfri!. LeOvLl: far P«JC* : Cora. srr-JSs. : re««>. heot- CHEVROLET. 17*2 — e. v-3. 5:.*. K«rt , Dcact^ccily^nev* Tt!--5. S?9S. STRif>^lSG "" •. 715 E. Kw-rri'e. — Aawraetic, reoctrs. S63 CHEVROLET SISCAYNE, 1»« — <-Sow, i cvlimier. rcd;c. ."^ecter. s:an<3crd. cir concirtotwc*. fr.ysf sei! or foo*, rr«Ae ci- trr. 504 S<ctt AVF. '64 Chevrolet Impaia ; One of :be Saeu £=rs wfv* noe ia c long June. J« 6te« finisa urirs tor- rec*iw- rttf ijstirior. FuB power eowis- : proccafy !« sole Tomorrow. ; Dan Hutchins Motor Co. Kiwry 1*4 st Tfxsi 5£2-TiS£ Classified Display CHEVROLET LMPALA, 1558 — fxOcr. oir, o cviinfier. sNt artcr < o.rrt. 53^-7?<3. CHEVROLET STAT1ONWAGOM. . . A-l AUTO SALSS. 715 N. Main •fii-2715. Hi^-.'.nrtcs. CHEVROLET. 1?41 — V3 «»r( caus«, rec. raaio. neoter, s?tsrMicrd s.'-Jfr t5-';^inc ; . See to co&"ee:«e. SSOO. AfTsr 5, S«* or 2!!= Jor« Re. CHEVROLET. )?W — Irasote t-Oxsr narmoD. S6iJ. Coil 5£J-22» a,- s« ct SK Gceen Sr. DRAFTED, MUST -Monzs. ^xcffile tO:IS. 533-5775. cooCiScn, coii for FORD, l?iC — Gs.'cxie. «:cei!«n! ficr., cir eor!tl:!ion«L SiJOO rmies, FORD GALAXIE OT, ]«2 — Ajr cao- . , misvon. Good CflrwZiricn. 523-^317, citer 5 a.m.. Soe-7572. Classified Display MADE EASY AS C WE STOCK MORE THAN 25 COLORS I ~\\e Give Big- Bonus Stamps I Denman Paint & Hdw, 116 E. Texas 582-5711 GOOD BUYS OF THE WEEK C. H. MILLER HOMES t". S. GOVERNMENT AC- QORED PROPERTY, FKA and VA homes now available through our office. Also several very nice tomes with all modern features, and good ioans available. ACREAGE 63 ACRES in Chambers County near Old River. Good terms to strong buyer. 223 ACRES Crosby and Barbers H:!I Road. Good Terras with long pay out. LOTS Several good residential and commercial lots now available with good terms. COMMERCIAL 14 OFFICE SPACE BCILD- ING. cer.tral heat and air conditioned with adjacent parking space -- now -3-1 the market, with good terms. CARTER H. MILLER And Associates, Realtors 203 Highway Blvd. 583-7S4S if? A VOTE "FOR 1 LEE COLLEGE BONDS is A VOTE FOR THE PROGRESS OF YOUR COMMUNITY A Friend Of The Baytown Schools Dan Saved CHEAP1ES AS IS SPECIALS THIS WEEKEND ONLY 1959 Ford Foirleme 500 LMC-tSS: chae arrd wnite. V-3, $222 19SI FALCON radio, ft eater, car. $222 I960 Chevrolet Bel Air L.DS-.13?: *-d9oc. B-S. be.'sc. p=«»$333 2959 CHEVROLET VXL-57S: Mi« Slue 2-door. six cyfi-.c!-r. rscio. h»3t=s-. s«.at = = •-•*.»•*. Gi>*d ^amt ana tirtt. $466 1961 COMET Nt.3-55: ix cvlJnd $^99 1961 Oldsmobile $777 BUCK TURNER'S USED CAR HEADQUARTERS Teiss 3S2-S2CT WAIT! ... ONE MORE WEEK THEN GO PLYMOUTH *66 DIRECT FACTORY DISCOUNTS Beginning Next Week DURING OUR ST Anniversary Event REGISTER NOW FOR Free Barracuda Model Raceway GIVEN EVERY SATURDAY D. M. Austin 5905 BAYWAY LAST WEEK'S WINNER Shields Motor Co., Inc. Your ChrysJer-PIymaafh-Veiiarsf Bsaler 2912 Market 582-8196 PAGE DITTMAN MOTORS 909 N. Alexander Dr.-Hwy. 146 582-9212 1965 POHT1AC CATALiNA 2 Door Hardtop, Cameo Ivory with Red Vinyl interior. Loaded with air and power. 1966 Pontiac Trade In ... $2,895,00 1964 CHEVROLET IMPALA 4 Door Hardtop, beiire with matching b^ige interior. Loaded with air and power, new premium tires. $1,995.00 1964 BUICK WILDCAT 4 Door Sedan, beige with matching- beige interior, loaded with stir and power. Clean East Texas Car. $2,295.00 1963 PONTIAC CATALIHA 4 Door Sedan, reef turquoS-^ with matching turquoiw interior, loaded with air and power. CIran one owner car. $1,895.00 1963 CHEVROLET IMPALA SS Artie white with turquoise interior. This car has it all — AIR-POWER-BUCKET SEATS-CONSOLE. $1,895.00 1963 CORVAIR MONZA Turquoise with turquoise interior, radio, heater, bucket seats, 4 speed transmission, new tires. $1,095.00 "It Makes A Difference Where You Buy. Let Us Prove It." Hoyt Page Fred Diffman, Ir. Classified Display Classified Display Classified Display Baytown's Oldest Dealer - Newest Location or shin« oar covered terrace is skylighted for your daytime shopping' ... shadow-tree aeon Sighting for yoar efeniny shopping. J-B's MARCH REDUCED PRICE BONANZA 'S3 CHEVROLET IMP ALA 4-door sedan. V-S. automatic, air conditioned, power. West Texas Car. •62 CHEVROLETS — One Impaia and one Bel Air 4-door sedan, V-8*s with power and air- Compare anywhere- '63 FORDS — Two Galaxie 506 4-door sedans, one automatic, one stick, air conditioiied. power. Look! '61 CHE%"BOLET S-PasseBger Stau'onvrason; V-8. autotnatic, power steering and brakes, electric rear window. 'S3 CHEVROLET 6-Passenser. 4-door, one local owner. 6 Cj'linder, autoaistic, perfect through-out. '62 MERCCRT MOTTERET 4-Ooor sedan, one owner, V-f, automatic. Extra nice family car. '62 CORVATR MOXZA I-door r radio, heater. Xew white tires aud 4-speed tfsLosoussioa. '39 FORDS — 4 to choose from. S and 4-Doors, V-S*s, some with air. Overloaded, . . mu_st go. MANY OTHERS COME LOOK A>T> YOU WILL BUY '62 Oldsmobile SS 4-DOOR SEDANS One white, one bronze, air and power. TiVO TO CHOOSE FROM MARCH SPECIAL Pontiac 2-Dcor. Runs gx>od. Pontinc 4~T>o3r. dean car . Ford Stationw-agon. Ford 2-Door. 6 cylinder, automatic '57 1 57 Pontiac 4-Door. V-S and Air. Studebaker 4-Door, V-S, autotnatic Cadillac 4-Door, new tires, air J ~ WE BUY . .. SELL ... TRADE . . . AND RNANCE C o. Small Enough To Know You WE CARBY OUB OWN NOTES — or — Large Enough To Serve You BANK FINANCING ARRANGED 2012 Alexander Dr. (Hwy. 146} Ph. 583-1110—Soytown Discover The move-ahead world for'66! JLU^\lJlXA«.« more Discover the pride that comes with Mercury ownership , .. styiing inside and out, luxury features, and dollar for doiiar vaiue that puts this fine motor car a big Step ahead of the pack! Move up ... move ahead . . . with Mercury. I I PERFORMANCE^ P.rfonn.«e Isl Why «.«. for tetf-JtoS^^™?**' "* a ' IKOV « •cur/s 428 V-8 (7-liter :a! frartsmission. what reaf Hove you driven o — 4{&ICWU/ lately Take a discovery drive at: BAYSHORE MOTORS, INC. 2113 Market LINCOLN - MERCURY Boytown 582-8261 YOU1L FIND m BEST DGAL IN TOWN? AT EITHER OF THE OSO) CAR LOTS On The Highway See B. T. (Tex) punlap or Ron Parish ABOUT THESE LISTINGS 2401 HVYY 146 582-8406 *S4 Ford Galaxie 5QG Fordor, zadio. beater, $4 AQE aatoooatic, vinyl trim IT 70 'S4 Econoiiae Pickup Only ............... '64 Ford XL Convertible Radio, heater, atiio- niatic transmissioa '64 Ford Fcdrlone 500 Stotionwogoii Cnstoro fordor, radio, heater, automatic, small V-S, air conditioned, luggage rack. S 1595 'S3 Econoline Von Only '54 Ford Galaxie irdor itardtop, $ power and air '64 Ford Frarione Six cylinder, automatic, ardio, beater, air 695 '85 Ford Galaxie 5QQ Kordor. white with red interior, radio, heater, Crnisoma.- tic, factorr air conditioned. StUl in warranty i DOWffTOWN A-T LOT 603 W. TEXAS '65 Musteng Tudor hardtop, radio, heater, standard trans mission, V-8 65 Ford Goloxie 500 Tudor hardtop, radio, heater, Cruisomatic, power and factory air. 15,000 actual miles — '63 Ford Galaxie 500 Fastbcck Radio, heater, Croisomatie. air and ^/{QC power IT/3 '63 Ford Fcrirlcme Fordor, V-S, acrtomatic, radio, heater, JKWET and air. B«autilul car II '62 Ford Galaxie 500 fordor, radio, heater, automatic, power steering and factory air. BSack with red interior. Immaculate S11 Qj" conditjon. 1 I/O '57 Chrysler 4-Door, radio, heater, automatic, power S 30C and air 373 '65 Ford Custom 500 Fordor. six cylinder, automatic transmission, low mflesg? '63 Pontiac Grand Prix Radio, heater, f« WQ£ automatic, power - - I / 73 '64 Ford Custom 500 Fordor, Burgundy finish, radio, heater, automatic transmission, power and air '63 Chevrolet Bel Air t-Door. radio, Jsester, acto- »*iatjc transrt^ision 5 air conditioned '64 Falcon Tudor, six cylinder- StiJ! in warranty.... '59 Ford Country Squire Stationwgn. Radio, heater, automatic, air conditioned '65 S I395 S II95 SEE 1595 JIM LAMINACK or A, S. CLOVER 582-2626 Sine* 1934

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