The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 4, 1923 · Page 2
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 2

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 4, 1923
Page 2
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PAGE TWO. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS, WEDNESDAY, JULY 4, 1923 After a Strenuous Day good food will be 8tri >r>Klhening. Hero you will find n most complete assortment of Pure Wholesome Eatables. Order Early Lamb Chops Dressed Fries Choice Veal Beef Tongue Corn Beef to Cook Baked Haul Roast. Beef FRENZIED FINANCE IN STAGING FIGHT Heavyweight Bailie Today Has Been in Suspense Moot of Time for Month. Apricots Poaches Pears Watermelons Head Lcttaio Cucumbers New Peas Dents Radishes Wax tSeans Raspberries Cherries Plum.-, Cantaloupe Tomatoes Rhubarb Parsley Carrots Turnips Gr. Beans Phone 1500 "THE FEflKDELL STORE" 7 S. Main (Oy Til- A••'.«:{«•• 1;« toil Pv-h') Slirlby, Mont., .July •!. - Tlu> 3tick "IVmpsoy-Tom Cttiimntt hf av y weight cliampionsttip fii^hi, the dro:im of card playing Idlcr.-i in ihis "bovin town on a drt'ii'b cold nl^lit back in oarly Ki'Uvut'.vy, i'o!u<.'s Inn: tod:ty r n?U:r os\o nf lh" iilt::;t. milI 'C fi'Killf!;;I f^Mmo- tioii'; In tho liialory of tflovn fl Kill In p. Sh-i^y w;uf waiting for spring flint v-'nuM briiu: n«"*w d.riliiitf; in tho oil fi^Si'.s, wlii'ii \hvHO run 1 , phiyors thought it. wonM b" a <h*!ijilitfu! f*tunt tii bid for a worb.l'H i/hampionship •fifat. IVrbaps lii'-y rcnjt.'mlwtMl huw 1Yx Hickai-il put «old ;"iJdd, Ncv., on lU*> inup wiib \\\^ V<,',\\\\\ Nelson fig-ht. Th«n Came Offers. A win- w'u <4 (I b••; ia t \: 111 H! to Jaok K'-itrnf, inaiiH.'icr of in-* boavywolpht clmm j>lon. ofi'criii:.:' hixn $1M'O,00(I to mut-li iVmp^v ;V.'MU. ; L T^m Oihhons, Ji|]\'^, GiMsor.V liiaJir^fM* was "\vir'-d nn oHor of vvv the v Din Mnrirs sent jiroluibty rau^nd it nl' cau^t ic com- bur;iird uproariously Ft:Harv., nit-tu. Hh'-ti (u:d cnj«-> --(I irs jo Then :\i ,tnb. with an nyc tV <r bu.-d- TU'-ss s-'-urp :• vil file S lit*! byiti 'S hy an'•^v<M im: t!iat i n')'i*st *d. Sh<dl-> laiii'Jn'd aua;n. T >•.••".•. c ;i .hn' a. win: to K. ai n-- th ;M. a r.-rt.-.m real oblate o ;w ';-;;:o;*, in '.civstPi! in Sip''; by wouM barb th" fl'.-Jit to tin- oMi-nt of >•"('•. Tiiis v:i:i tin* 11 ;';-(. ;nry of tho J \0<\""f I' ii '-tby fviii\ tday ft •ir.k'-. bill oo-.: hi n't ttikn *•;.<•. Kvarn-i was wiretf that tho money was available. Legion Raited $100,000. A fow mornings later, Miko Colllna* a St. Paul promo tor and friend of Kearns, dropped off th« train armod with a -wins from Koarns to find out I? tho. offer wtia Koiious. 7joy J. Mob oinby, nfatn rornmaiid^r of I ho Aim-ii- ctiri i-'M;ioti, arrived tlio Hani6 day, called by thfi Toolo County pout, in ivnos-o name tho original offer hud boon made "\\"1HT(> wis the ?l00,'XfO?" askod Moluuilty. H wan not in eight. This wan tho first failure ilio fight encountered. But mass meetings were called In Croat Kalla and SJwiby, and in a few days tho ?100,<H)0*AVHH raided from -btifllnosa men, who book ring- ski*? t'.entH in lieu of their donations. In Chicago a little more than two months at-o, tho articles wero sl ^ie 'l, asEMiriNK tiie fight for Shelby. Tho fight.era camo into Montana, Iii'inpitey to establish his cainii in (treat Falls and Ctbbonn settling in Sholhy. Million Dollar Gate Was Expected. KiithqsiaJrjn -vvhfcJi predicted a million dollar gate poured out of Shelby. This went on until a Tew days before. Juno la, v;hen tlio sxH'ond $l(sO,v!00 of ]>emy»'oy'ri imrao was due. Previous to J» date the money was declared to be ready, yet on .luno If), there was hardly the price of a hair- out hi tho treasury. After two days conferences tho $100,000 was finally raised for Kearns and then cainc the .'--host of a final $100.beO looming to thr<-jUen uifrat-tei 1 . Kvarus lodd eui to the last, mlivule and after the 'fight -was calle<i off, and on again he consented to in-ike today's championship hattie possible by gambling 1 with the promoters for I'eiupsey'ii final ?lu0,- 0(H) payment of •wliieh kept the sport '.vorld in suapenfio f»r day;::. mil* rrnrllimtly nit taxlcal) ooMs in F.ii- roi'n nre by Persons linfllng machines trom V.w curb. 1n th« T'tikeA Statoa 9» |u r cent aru by toleplume. American Association. At. KanwiB City— It. H. K. Mllvi-aukoo 300 003 7 14 1 K».nsas Cliy . .200 (Xn! Tlx—1044 1 •nntterl'jo—Uivsret, Pott nnd 'Shinault; Sclnipp an*l 'MacOartv. At lxml»vllle— R,H. B. Indianapolis 001 10 0 002 —4 11 0 Louisville 000 300 000—3 7 2 lotteries —illurwoll and Krucgur; Tlncnp and Mover. At. ColtiiiilHi& R. It. E. Toledo ?20 010 030 0—3 12 a Cotanibna 502 001 000 15 2 H;*.ttt-rie.s \FinnerAn, Iti^ltont and Anderson; (Uoason. Snyder, Nortl'.rop, Weaver and Hartley. At. Minneapolis!— R. II. K. St. 'Paul 000 000 203 -5 10 0 Minneapolis 003 001 000—4 It) 2 lSatterl«»—Itolt. Rogero, Hall and Clonzales; Sehauer and flralwwaki. . Western Lengue. At WIcliH.i— n II E St. Joseidt 014 010 000— 6 11 0 Wlelilta 003 000 000— 3 12 4 natteries—IIaid and IHereo; Sellers, Muster and Me^lullen. Tulsa 121 200 200^- S 11 1 Okla.lionia City 000 000 000— 0 4 1 Batteries —Mrl.auslt3m and Crosby; Song-or and l.-uU. At tienvev— R H E Dcs MoitK-s 004 000 100%— 5 9 2 Denver 020 330 24x—14 18 0 Batteri.v.-.—Jones and 'WHeat; Hall and DionuMul. Sioux City-Omalia, -wet grounds. Philadelphia ... .100 000 010—2 8 0 Batteries—New Yorlt, Watson and (lowdy; Philadelphia, Behan and Wil- Bon. At Plttshurga— R H E St. I .ouls 000 E00 000—2 8 2 Pittsburgh .101 020 00x—4 13 1 Batteries—St. Loultt, Toney and McCurtly; PlUBbiirgh, Meadows and Smith. At, Chicago— It H H Cincinnati 100 320 000—0 11 1 Ohiv.ago 003 001 001—6 11 1 Battorlos—Cincinnati, Benton nnd WinEo; Chicago, Kaufman and O'Far- roll. Boston at Brooklyn, no game, wot grounds. National League. At Philadelphia— R H E New York 000 003 010—4 7 2 American League. At New York— R II B Wash. ...000 000 001 000 000—1 8 8 N. V. ...000 000 010 000 001—2 12 0 tiattoric*—Washington, Mogridgo awl Hon); New York, Bimh und Hoff- niatt. At Cleveland— It II B Detroit *000 000 2(10 4—12 18 0 Cleveland ....032 300 000 0— 8 12 1 Battorlea—Detroit, Pillptto, Olson, Wells, Francos, Holloway ami BftSfl- ler; Cleveland, Coveleskle, Bedgood and O'Neill. At St.. Lemls— R }I B Chleairo 011 000 002—1 .$. 0 St. I.ouls 000 000 021—3 11 1 Batteries—Chicago, Thurnton, T. lllankenshlp anrt Schalk; fit. Louis, Vanglldor, Pructt and Sevoreltl. Philadelphia at Boston, uo game, wet groundfl. Southern Association. "Now Orleans, 3; Atlanta, 0. Mobile, 4; Birmingham, 7. Memphis, 4; l.lttlo Rock, 8. Chattanooga, 15; Nushvllle, 8. Furnace Smoked— —And Gave Trouble Last Season— ThU is the time to have it overhauled and put in condition before the fall rush—We repair and re-build all makes— Estimates Furnished Free. HOSKINS & YOUNG Phone 3752 HARDWARE—TIN SHOP (Home of FRONT RANK Furnace) 2Z First West FEW FOLLOWERS OF FISTIC GAME EXPECT LIMIT FIGHT Western Asaociatlon. Joplin, 4; Spongioid, 3. Ard.;nore, 4; Knld, 3. "Ileuryctta, 1; Okmulgee, 0. Butterflies never stay night. alone. Bit ill!! liii: BLOUSES La'a* oro^p of 52.48 to $4.98 values. Murt nvjv? ', ' make root** for Incoming fnll s'.oc/,.^. Buy se.'ern! at tbi3 prico. Widest range of, styles, CM QO ce'ers and tins I iiiO BLOUSES Our $5.95 to $7.25 Blouses—Being exclusively designed, most every blouse Is s one-of-a-kind style; however early shoppers will find ample <PQ QO range for wide selection ^JvliwO The Upstairs Style Shop Across From Kress' STARTING TOMORROW MORNING AT 8.30 A. we will place on sale our entire stock of fine suits, coats, dresses, blouses, skirts, sweaters, hosiery, etc. The reductions will be such as you would expect to find six to eight weeks later in die Sumlmer season. * NOTE, TOO! That, whenever possible in quoting former prices on bargain lots we give both the previous highest and lowest selling prices—and NOT THE HIGHEST PRICE on some item that does not show a true average of the reductions allowed in this sale! RATINES f FINE IMP. GINGHAMS ORGANDIES VOILES (ALL REG. SIZE) LINENS RATINES DARK NORMANDY VOILES (SIZES 10 to 50) HJGH GRADE SILKS AND SPORTS MATERIALS (GOOO RANGE OF SIZES) Few •porsona appear to bo figuring on tho Dompsey-C!lbl:on« bout going the limit of fifteen rnantta. Tho gen-J eral opinion is that Denvpsey will win with a knockout In a few roundH. Most of thoHo who like tho chances of Gibbons also uro talking about a knock-out. It Is probable that Gibbons will box along tho lines ot Jim Corbet! w-hon th.o latter met Jim Jeffries for tho title at Coney Island. ' Oorbett lasted twenly.threo roumjfl. If it bad been a. twenty-round fight ho might have won the title on points, although he didn't land a real blow. Oorbett's snrprMnsly good showing created a tremendous nonsation nud niado him almost a.5 popular as If he had actually wet\ th" tit to. There la llttlo doubt that, fiibbons, too, will! try for nothing more (ban to last the' route unless lie finds Dem-psey unexpectedly easy. GlbbonB Can Gain Prestige. So far as is known Gibbons will get nothing out of tho bout except a chance to gain prestige. Ho probably does not expect to win the battle, but if ho could stick tho full fifteen rounds with Itempsey, It would bo a big feather In bis cap. He would be In ouch great demand Willi t.!i'> promoters that the price of h 'ia services would go away up. It is an extremely difficult matter to pin a knockout on o good defensive boxer who merely tries to go tins route. Only thoFo who havo ha-d actual ring experience can appreciate what Demrraey will bo up against It Gibbons elects to play it saf« from first to last. Earned Rep. on "Ice Wagons." DempfiOiy always baa freely admitted that ho has trouble with fast, clever men who can move around and get out of the way. He earned hifl great reputation beating up men who were too v bidky and alow to havo ti First time at this low price. 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Navy Twillcord Navv Twillcord COATS and Capes At Season's End Prices Size Were | Sale Price Number | Description , Were | Side Price 10 Capes Tan Vclour _> .„.«,.. $18 .95 $ 7.95 16 $29.85 $ 9.95 10 Capes IS 29.85 9.95 2 Coats 18 .00 7.95 36 29.S5 9.95 44 ' 29.85 0.95 1 Coat 22.50 7.95 3S 25.00 9.95 j ' 16 22.50 9.95 1 Coat 16.95 1S$ 16 25.Oil 9.95 18 25.00 9.85 1 Coat Red Chinchilla . 10.00 4.98 16 79.85 S9.85 18 49.85 29.85 ,1 Coat Tan (size 16) ,- 45.00 1945 16 49.85 29.85 Tan (size 16) ,- 16 49.85 29.85 1 Coat 10.00 4.98 16 39.85 19.85 16 39.85 19.85 2 Coats Comb Silk-Wool ..... 69.85 S4.75 16 69.85 39.85 18 79.85 39.85 1 „Capc. Gray Poiret 49,85 24.95 18 89.50 39.85 1 „Capc. Gray Poiret IS 75 .00 39.85 1 Cape Gray Twill Cord.—............. .1... . 35.00 27.50 16 - 49.85 29.85 1 Cape Gray Twill Cord.—............. .1... 16 49.S5 29.83 1 Cape Gray Twill Cord..... . 4955 24.95 :!l!;iljI!lill!!JiJiilllM chance to escai>cvhin tremendous wallops. Battling Levinsky and Georges Carpentler wore, tho only high clans fast little men ho tackled. Levinsky was long past his prime, ho had been 111. Oarpeiitler was not a defensive boxer. In fact, tho Frenchman has not. the slightest, notion of defensive tactics. If Gibbons trios to tight back, Dempsey '3 task will ho easy and there will bo no exense for him if he falls to score a knockout. But if Tom taken it on tho run, it. ii» going to lie difficult, for lVsmpsey is supposed to bo Invincible and tho fana will not sparo him. That i» one of tho penalties for being overrated. Must Catch Tommy. With Gibbons strictly on the defensive, Domp:*}}' will have plenty to worry about. To avoid a panning ho will have to oatoh Gibbmiu and do it without burning up hia own strength. If Detup^oy should los *o. his head und ptart n wild swinging attack ho might fight himself Into u. sinlo of exhaustion. If he does not maintain a hot offnm-lvo, no will net havo mudh cliancFi to get anywhere. Wittier way, there I-j troubl'.'* in sight for Dempsey. Tho only thing that would tdmpljfy matters would be for Gibbous to become ao frightened that ho could not move, Fred Kulton did, or for hint to loise his.head ar.d exchange wallops. It is a sure thing that if Gibbons trloB to fight ho will be knocked out, but If he maintains the defensive, anything may happen. There Is not much chance of Gibbons trying to flRlrt back in the early rounds becaus-o Tom is -altogether too Cautious for that., in this ca«e tho fact that ho is by nature a. timid sort of fellow may bo more of an advantage than a handicap: There are plenty of fighters who would ho better betting propositions if they were not so reckless. OIL MAY SPOIL SPORT - OF THE DUCK HUNTERS .Buck hunters of Central Kansas are lamenting the tart that possibly within the next year or two their favorite hunting grounds, the Choycnno bottoms, as well an tie-; Salt Marshes, w-ill no longer provide that kind of sport ter them. For if stan meat's made by reliable oil men are true tho next year or two will see both tho bottoms and tho marsh ti an. '-.funned from duck •ponds to big oil fields. OH men are now at work blocking tip land in tho salt marshes fur the purpose of put• ting in one or mm j test oil wells, j Those men say there is no question, j but that part of the country. The j work of "putting down three Inch cas- 1 lng to shut out the water at the Sooy |. well In the Cheyenne bottoms was I completed last Saturday. It is said I aflother well will bo drilled about two I miles aouthwost of tho Sooy well in the near future. In the meantime tho duck hunters aro preparing for ono last grand hunt this fall, especially if the water la as plentiful then as tt is now. The screen divides the Europeans from the natives in Java, where 'he audience, views the pictures from both sides. 25c and 75$ Packages Everywhere lV/iy do fo many men uerer amount to anyihinyf Because thou do-not tftftifc. —Edisou. Music Is Essential EE E= =3 S3 ES vose Give Her the Marvelous New Style ll J"~$1000 Nqthing else you might select could add such charm to the home as a beautiful grand piano! Nothing else, we venture, could contribute in such measure to her enjoyment! And when you decide to give a baby grand piano, give this new Style "A" Vose—the instrument which has startled the world of music. All her life it will stand a daily reminder of your thoughtfulness and love. Gtodly 'Arranged <n?lENKINS' for Anything W $OM MUSIC CO. ™< ft. F. Hulland, Mgr., 122 N. Main St. Hutchinson,* Kas. Other To«« Onndt SSH5 to tlfiOO.

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