The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 28, 1859 · Page 3
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 28, 1859
Page 3
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BUSINESS DIRECTORY • The knowing Utt, D rBB*liieja Boose*, and Manafae- twrtaf «stahlisnments «rr among the bust ana tnott ' J, M, GROSSMAN, ARCHITECT * 8UPBRISTENDENT, OI»01»-KO. 10, YOOTJQ'8 SEW BLOCK. * Ka^ana SpecMcaUosnUor all kliuls ofBullsHnes TwrtUbed at shertnttloeanu on tht mort liberal terms. JeB ', vs. ^aar^Mf^am.' BIT.A. TI03ST El i&L& , fVonnty J AMprepared io iurnlshthe cttUens'of Milwaukee dally with • k r JPCBE COtTNTKir, OCIXK • romtteweUtoown Dairy of M. BABBKB, Bs,., at a fair price*nd In quantities *om apinttoapui- chton. Tnosewlshlng to be smppUed, can leaTe their orders wlft Messrs; Hunn * Crosby, opposite tha Wai- kerHowsa. * T.T.ABBOTI, tnyM TankeeWUItman. KU1UBK8 BOOKBINPEKH. .INSURANCE _COMPANTES. ff" Binders' Stock, MnUnf Ini and Hat Paper*. arwaiti0iihan4'ln!arit<i«antHles. ,-Ajnrwr. Aware In Uie neatest style. ' - * AMERICAN COR NET BAND! CATT. AtEX. SOOTT, I,£AOBU. J» NOW BEADY TO ytJKNIBH ANY -number oj Instruments, bom one to f twenty-two, for Sails, Parties, Parades, Excursions, ac M *c,j at reasonable rates. ' Apply or address Capt. Aurz. Sootror at Hempsted's Music more, 178, East Water st. «B«U MtJKRAY, PBIOR * OO-, Beaman's Mammoth House Furnishing Bloc*, ' H17BOH STREET, •AsnrrAonmus ov, jtn> OAixsas w nOVK8,TIN,A6AI.VANIZEDIRONKOOHNO, eatterand Conductor Pipe, Also, agents lor OolHns* celebrated Ventilators and Chimney Caps, Hot Air furnaces and Registers, Ventilators, 4c. - iar Orders thankfully nceived and prpmpUy atten- edto. my88 ISAAC K1NOSL.EV, GAS A: .STEA31 PIPE FITTEU, NO. £91 EAST WATER gTKEEt, WBOL1BAIHI iKD aCTAIL DCALla II 0«P ANP STEAM PIPjy, 6AB, BMAM ANP WATER OOOK8, • GLOBE AND OBKOK VALVES, GDAQK COOKS, *o., Always on hand, a larj^e assortment of « A 8 FJ X T t3 U i£ )S ' Work done In a workmanlike manner, at 'short notice and lowest prices. .; Je>-dly •J«* MIL,W r AUKKIS. RIT CARSQN1I AND KIT CARSON, f he N«ster*f the Rocky Moonl alas, Ifrbm facbi narrated t» himself. * Just received br majrlO - STRICKLAND * CO. - Rebback'a Lead Pencils, FOR SAL* BY TiflBKY ;•* OlLtJAVEH, BOOKSELLERS AN» STATIONERS, ] iei Katt VTater street, tliltrauiiet. W E bare jo«t received a (aU supply of these Celebrated .reaelli from tte mannfactcrv ofJ.J. . CB DW£IiUNS> Store or Merchandise Insured I iot, call Imoedla(ei> and get then lamred In the owing VKrst Chun," old established and prompt paying Companies: T JETltfA lMMJI.ATfC« COMPANY* ' ! Of Hartford, Connecticut, •- KFO RA TED IN 18 INOO , <jaih Capital and Sarplni, 1*. .«V>tt,Mo«. IIARTFOKD INSURANCE COMPANY ! Of. Hartford, Connecticut, 1 IN 0:0 B P O H AT S D ,:!» 1 8 10. Oaah Capital and'Surplin, .....»T98^t3 W ]UOIVE INSURANCE COMPANY, 1 l ' O!T New York City, ' Cash Capital aad Burplus, »1,077^M 40 IIOWAIH) INSUUANCE COMPANY, , Of New tort. 1 INCORPORATED IN 18S4V- Cash Capital and Surplus .. .1888^30 31 FHtENiXINSURANCE COMPANY, i •- Of Hartford, Connecticut* . .. fash Capital and Burplus a41°,OM 6< 4, AM AII FIRE INSURANCE CO., • Of New York, Ci u Capital and Surplus,. »2W,Oe9 33 .. Kehbach, la Begenibarg, Bavaria. — They .«; e carefully SMOrted.aifd each grade is dtsUnguishstl ly a popular brand. Particular attention 1> called ; to Uie "Opponl- tion PenoU," (round blade fill;) and to the "People 1 . Pencil," (round red gilt:) a'so to tke "Engineer's Pen • cli," (iiexagon^UL) All of » Wch will be found snperl- or to any other penc-1 la the market. Alwa>s on hand a complete assortment of b'.ack anil colored lead pencils of all the desirable grade*. A discount allowed to the Trade proportioned to extent of orders. api2» INSURANCE COMPANY, Of New fork. City, G4sh Capital and Surplus, ............. 1246,88* 68 CITY VIVO& INSURANCE COMPANY, Of Havtfoid, Consecttaut, Cash Capital and Surplus, ................ $508,231 48 1 liollcK business for the above named Oompaolss, entirely upon their own merits aod responsibility, so J refer tatheir prompt aod liberal aettlement of all Losses heretofore, at a guarantee for ttia fatnre. Policies Issued without delay. W. UENRV HOLLAND, Agent. JOH» HOLU.SII, Ass't. MorUiwestcor. Alain and B. I'. MABKTUII, Surveyor. Wisconsin kla., Ultwankee. •epii United Slates M. & F. ln».€o. N. -ILu GritlSWOX,l> * CO.. BKTAIL Daauas 11 LAWKS', GENTLKMEW'fi AN J CHILDREN'S MOOTS, SHOKS AND GAITERS, MASOK STBEET, Opposite the Walker House. *». W El N B KK N N E H , KiMCrAOTCEIB AKD DULCB I» HOOTS, SHOES AND OAITEHS, NO. 24 SPRING STREET, Oppoaite Aoaerican House Boot & Shoe Store, NO. 48 EAST WATEB STUEKX, JOHN PHEL.AN, KEIP8 always on hand good cuton made Boot< and Ehoea. All klndf of Ladlei' *nd Gent.emsn'f Boots and Bhoe* made to order In tbelatett style and warranted to gire eaturactioa. _ aprgS JOHN UK'JJS, WHOLESALE UK I'CifilST, NO. 88 EAST WATER STREET, Hai just received a foJI supply o Celebrated Union works Cylinder Olau, Manufactured at Clereland, New York. Tratupcr"d entirely by vetsel, ifccomej in perfect order, and enables me to tell at low rates. I have permanent arrangements tosell this brand of Glafti hereafter. myffl ____ JOBS R10K. ARMSTKONCi < I'AJIVTEHS, li ft A I N E US, OILDERS AXlt &IOK WRITERS, Chicago *<_„ between fnalu A M'ater. I^-H Particular attention p»ld to Kalaomuielag OrU- Ingt. _ _ myl8 Harper Brothers, (KtabUAed in 184S.) HODE1 .SIGN, SHIP, CAEK1AOE AND ORN AMENTA I P&lntera, Claxiera & I>a.pcr-IIau$rer», HOTATOR8 O» WOOD AND MARBLX, NO. 39 ONEIDA S T H E E T , A 1-XW DOORS EAST Of TBX XAMKJT1 BOVSK. jys ALLJBONE'S DICTIONARY V OP AUTHORS. A Critical JHeUonaty .ttf Xitglbh Literature anil £rUiAand American AvVws, Uving-and de- ctatiHl;jfirantkeX'arUel>tA'C9V»tstot/i» Middle of OK itincteei.tH Century. Containing Tktrty Thousand Biographies and literary Sbtioes; vUh Fort]/ 1 NDOPEN&ABLT ntcenary to all who Eeaii, all who Write, all Clergyman, all Poyalclans, all Lawyers, Scientific and Literary Men, Merchant! and Parmera, Manufacturer! U d Mechanic*. IT IS A HOUSEHOLD COMPAHIOH. FtTBNISHKD BT STRICKLAND & CO., BOOK ic STATIONER V JOBBERS, 185 East Water ttreet, JULWAUKEX, .................. ....W1SPOXSJN. [From Theophlui Partrni, L. L. D-, Profts-or of Law In Harrard Dnlveralty.l Oi»aair>o*, Jan. {,, 1859. Dill f IB :— I have had the first volume of year Inc- Uonary for some dayi. and have «at «6«! myself that yflar plan li excellen^ and tliat you have carrle<l It out wltn very great industry and with jjood judgment.— The tullnei, and accuracy of 1U information conocrnmi modern authors and thvlr worka, arc indeed remarkable. To anr one who desire the knowledge your b ok purports to give — and what educated man does noit— It must be of (Teat Interest aid value. •especlfully, Ac , TUEOPHlLCS PARKER. 8. AullD Allibon [Prom 8. 1 sens Prime, D. D., Editor H. Y. Observer.] New You, Feb. 3, ISM. :—The first volume of j-rur grrat Diction* ary of Authors, 1 have Derated with astonishment a d delight. It Is jost what! have long desired to have, and have sought for In vain. Thousand, of clergymen, students, and all literary and Uitelll. eo* snen.muM wish to have just this wort; and they will have it, when they learn f at U l§ In ih-world. It dts-rves the mosl cordial reception, and luuitlhal ibe auibor and Uie publishers will have Ihe largest reward for their enterprise aod labor. Yours truly, ft. IKEH.SIJB PRIUE. Clillds* Petirai.u. SURPLUS ...... ................... 29.6M 00 Office, anjtr Mitchell's Bank, corner of East Water and Michigan streets,'. '' ' nnuDoroaa : i. A. Uelfensteln, •.Sanderson, HOSTS KDcrland, 8. B, Daggetl, Samuel U&lr, G. D. Donsman, U. 1. Pilmi r, Edwin Townseud, Sulomou Adler. J. A. liEUENST KIM, f resident. U. D. DOD1MAM. Vioerseddenu ». T. PALMEB, Qecaral AcenL S. 0. WESt.Secretary. B. 8. DiOQErr, Treasurer. H- L. Plfciua, Attorney. marlo MIL.WAUKKK * 111 ir>HllRA\i K CO., OFFICE: In niichell UMilUtng, Idlcblsran. at. Mu-wioirs, Wisposais. CAPITAL, - - $200,000 Paid in, $IOO,OOO, DI BKOTO88 . U.L. I'iLsiia, 0. D. D»»tE, W.A.Pannn, C. TOWSBOD, S. &. Oosovaa, 9. Kaouaaosrr, J.ll. H«u,, ao, J HcMpBstT, JOSSTB r. HILL, J.8. Haaaie J. 11. Ooanas, JAB. Hraaai, Oa«s. ansazBO, U. Uosurrocx, Oao. Dras. I. TOWN8END, President. A. L. WALRATU, Secretary. H. L. PALSiaa, Attorney. sV tire aod Marine Klsks taken at current rates. IcM JONES & WH1TKHKAL) OeBer&l Land and loiarance AgenU If OTA HIES HI'KI.IC, &C., OFFICE, corner ol Reed and Oregon streela, Meyrose's Block, Kflli Ward. Will attend to the bnyinr and selling of Reel Estate, Insuring Ooods and Bnllding* In responsible Oompa- nlea, Attend to the Collection of Accounts, Making out of Deeds, Mortgages, Contracts, Leaam, Ac. All Collections made OB accounts placed in oar hand win be promptly paid over. a. c. sons jy3&. aoaaar wBrraviAB. TKA« A;\I» COFFEE*, W HOL.KSAL.K & KKTAIL. —AT— Robert wwiirne*'» CREAT WESTERN TEA STOBF, 174 EAST WATEE STREET, Retail prices from 10 to 26 per ft lower than any other store In the city. Coffee Roasted and Ground on th* premises by the most improved methods. Java 19c. Biolfic. fit. Domingo 13%. Remember the number 174 East Water St., teaman A B'lng'a Old Btore. jygl SCHNCBCKEi. & BRIJHOTTO, COMMISSION MKKCHANTS, Real Eitatt and Money Broken, NOTABH8 PDBLIO, MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN. OsTiaa—Ho. 4 Market Square, opposite the Ol* Post- Offioe. martT D. CORSON, ATTORNEY AT 1. A W BAB removed to '.Office, No. t>, Bank Building, corner of East Water and Michigan street, tlUtrankee. marflu-dSm CAPITA.LISTS T.1711J, find at my office a Register, open to taetr la- TT spection* of Bonds and Mortgages and other securities offsrei for sale. PcrsoM wishing to obtain Los>ns or having Bonds, Mortgages or other securittee for sale, may find It to tbeir Interest to file with ms their applications or statenunts. 0. 80HLET, ylB Opposiu Walker Bouse. .D.T. roar. *V Boarding Stable, Feat of Mourn ttuel, (on. the River.} lOLkWUD, Jan. S'.ISSS. MT Daaa 8l» : -With better knowl.dge of yoiu boot from repeated feasts upoc It, I am asbam d ie uavr written yon so comsooDplnce an acknnirledgmenl of 119 ftrat ree 1pt. Of all the st irehouse of Inieresllug and readable mattrrthe "Olcuoniu-y of AaUi«r>" see s t • Be the most captivating. The good taste, Industry, aud skill of arranfrement Ihereiu nanUesied .oi'ld n ol b« sa -passed, and It wll make ;or yoa a reputation vrrj enviable. 1 shall try to mate amends ID prim for rnr apparently Inappreciatlve first acknowledgmml of tb* With many sincere thanks for ihe prize 1 have I* the book, 1 remain, m> dear sir, Tuurs, fa thfuilv, N P WILLIS. 8. Austin Alilbone, Esq majlS NEW JT AND FIUK INMIIHANCT. T Ut undersigned Is prepared to take Marine Risks and fire Klsks on rrodoce In store. In the North Western Insurance Go., of Oswego, New York, at as low rates as by otter reliable Companies. The reputation of lliis well-known, tnng established Company entitles I Ito public confidence. HORATIO HILL, Agent, no«8 at office of U. • J. f. BUI. ~~BY STATE AUTHORITY." WISCONSIN OENKKA1, INSURANCE AGENCY t:tIAUTF.K OAti FIBF. I .VS. f(»., Hanlorrt, Ooon. CASH ASSETS ..... 1841 ,&&€ 9S NOBTtl A.fIEKICTA> t IMF IMS. i Hartford, Cono. CAflH AB8KT8 .................. »8M,860 0* MA Nil. »litr, Of OAiH CA^sJ ASSETS. Of Conway, Annt Judy's Tales. Parables from Nature. Motes 1 n the Bun Beam. Fanny, tht Flower Girl. Uncle jack the Paull Killer. maylS For sale br TEKKT 4 QLEAVKR, J«7 East Water it. NEW TKRK1 167 EAST BOOKS — AT— CLEAYKftM, WATEB STREET. E ARTH'S Trarels In Central Africa, 1 vol., abridged. Urinetton'sTrareb In Bonthtm Africa, 1 vol. Spsergeoos Bennoos, 6th series. Higher OhrWtian Life. mayld 8HIPPEKS OF f^AS supply thesnselves with Bills of Lading al Vy TKURY 4 OLK A T E B •*, «nay20 1CT East Water streoi. B O O K S . O UR stock Is the largest In the West. We sell every Book at the Publisher's price. We can (undfit M order any book which exists, either In the English or other languages. We receive new books as issued from the Press. jantt BTRIOKAUJD t OO. School Books. W E have ever; School Book in demand them u wholesale or retail. Jan20 STRICKLAND t OO. BIND UP YOUR MAGAZINES ! nTX are prepared In our Bindery to Bind Magaslnee, Tf Periodicals or ^anything else In the form of a Book, In neat and durable styles, at low rates. STsUOKLAND t OO. T HE subscribers have remavefl their stock from the stable formerly occupied by them, corner of Main and Huron streets, to the old establishment fool of Maaon street, thus consolidating the two astablish- tneBta, makbnr the largest and best appointed LiTery estabUshmeatln the West. We shall be glad to see our old friends and customers, and fed confident that we caa fornlsh them with M (t""' 1 ""^ "vlish a turnout as ajsy alicQar TirtaMlshmnBl in the city. Thankful for past patronage, we hope to meet a continuance of ParUoular attention given to rornlshlng carriages and heanes tor (uberata. myl» BQTUK A POST. OOOD OHANOE. HOUSE AKBt,O* FOB SALE CHEaP. ftp HE unierslKnea will sell hlf House and Lot, DOW L occupied as a Tavra by him, sttaated on Maia «<-, Eaaine, Wisconsin, near the Steamboat Landng and the E. * M. K. fi. Depot. The nonse Is located on the bat business place, and the House as well as the situation of Uie I>ot, would answer for any branch of business, especially for Wholesale Store, which branch ls already now projeetex)'at that viry locality. Those who like to make a good bargain, are reoiassted to apply at the undersigned. JOENBABTH. Racine, January 85.1S59. jang-dto sLnmber Teosela for Sale. Bchwner Fashion, 5U4 tans. SonoonerD.Hewhall.lMtsns. 1 Bcow Behooner Knjby, 1«8 tuns. ^ . The above vessels -will *e told at Tery low prices tor satisfactory security. -Good title. • "»" », ( 'W TATLOB. * JKWBTt, • '•-'.. -Buffalo, New 1 York. EnoTilreof B. B. Jos-ws, Mil aakee, Wlsoomrin. febKS GENTLEMEN'S PUKNISH'G. JflBXT DOOR TO A. B. VAN COST'S. FEUTHIHa required tor a Toll and -assorted stock for! ttrttfW WKrtes-Oeana BaOllJrng Btore 1s w **5S5^*irtore» ~ a* any-other route. Stereoscopic View*. f reclved a One lot of Sterescoplc Views arAractng news on&terestbtg localities In BWIVZERLAND, SPAIN, KGYPT, NUBIA, OBtXOX, \TURKSY, IRSLAJfD, <kC., <tC Also a large variety of new American Views. Hew and very aestrahle stvles of Stereoseapic lnstra« •aents. -• BTBIO1CLAKD * CO., Booksellers and (tatfemera, •1*> _ 134 East Water rtreet. SIXTH VOUJITIE WISCONSIN for sale at Iebl« KEPORTS STKIOKLAND sV 00, 134 East Water street. PIKE'S PEAK. a MEW MAP, showing the Rout* to the Gold sU- JC!L glons la Kansas, Just received by STRICKLAND * OO., feb» 131 East Water street THE NOTICE OF FISH, A PPOINTED by the Ooamon Council of the City of Milwaukee, In pursuance of An Act of the Legislature 1 , approved March 17,1869, hereby gives nolle* that be is DOW famished with the proper weights and brands for the due performance of the duties of 'his office. By the said "Act" it It made the -duti of all persons dealing in fish to give notice to the Inspector to have the same duly Jijpected and branded before packing. M'.Smith wBl fee: found at the' New Warehouse of Messrs. John Turlong'* Son, Sooth Water at., Walker's Point,- whetesJl notices are requested to be ten. Milwaukee, May 7,^85*. ., • maylO *~t •- JOBN JMITH.IospecOr. .M8. O.JKSBSg. L.A W , W»T«IIEIVt,'8 BANK Blfll> DITTO, Corner Eati Voter and MteUaan ttt^ MUuaukee, '• II A VIPUKIM FIRE INKI'RAKCC <•«»., Sprlngfielii, Mass. CA*H ASSETS CASH ArtSltTS SVIHK Or Philadelphi $2t4.ZS9 T8 J. \\. Crain, Agent, OsTlCIC, WO. », MARTIN BLOCK, DP BTAIK8, arZi) _ Milwaukee, Wisconsin. MILLINERY OOODS. IN LIQUIDATION in Dry Cino«>t TUAl IMMENSE STOCK Of ooci Ef nl Water Street, MOST BE CLOSED OUT BY THte -80- (treal BargaiBN na} be aprl7-dtf JOSF.PH CAHY, Assignee. REMOVAL INCREASE OF BUSINESS. L ADIES— yoor attention Is DOW called to the best stock of BONNETU, RIRBONS AKD FLOWERS, Ever brought to Milwaukee, to he fennd st BLAN CHARD'S, HLOCK, ITlAIHi ST. aprZl HE DOUBI.K THREAD SEWING MAOP1NF8. That took the riKsr 1'itEHiuai & DIPLOMA, tor ramiljr use, at the Wisconsin State Fair, October 8, are for sale at the *e wring Machine Emporium YOUNG'S JBLOOK. ootlt IsAAO A. HANCE & CO. tnriTED STATES MARSHAL'S SAI.R The Fanners Loan A Trust Com 1 pany, | vs. The Milwaukee ft Superior Rill road Company, , Clty of Milwaukee, John Blewart . Jorunn O. A. AUerdlng, Christian Hahm and Gottfried Wootacb. I In the D. a Dls- Itrlct Oonrt for the f Dlstrlcl of Wisconsin. t In Equity. I Jame. «wnin MAG IE & SWAIN, -JWltli rtmalBaitteoia stand where he will be pleas- el ttT welcome thejpatrons of the ettabllsliment. — -12-dtf - • - OHARLES QUENTIN & CO. ES OTJBBtm t 00^ eorner of East Water s^as«re4l^lUhranke« wiseposta, lare for saleKeatKstat»,''lnthe<3lty of Milwaukee,In large or small parcels. BuDdUif loU lrj«very Ward oft* tilt;, of aUslsesaod*rleesrfoi"l)Oilne«s orresldenc and •on easy ierjnf. 'Atso.'imall Vanoi;of from 6 to 20 aerXMtt tbf-vltf, tot gardtnlnr pnrposes.^ Also, several tkoaaan^r of ifcfes or the best farming lands In .Wisconsin.^ Viaawae* to »nlt any demand. Wi»»cou*jlH State Telegraph. all Lines Ertst. XnHtWiicpnslB.'BtaUane. run from Mflwaulcee to . JL laOrosstu Wad do tto *na Waapun, on-EaHroad torile«.'*Atorror4imwankeetoJaae.Tffle, Madison, WatertowB and Prairie da Chlen-^auttoos Atalllm- t OHe«. hoars frosa >A."nTie * r.u. ---- ' y I N pursuance and by virtue of a decree made bv the District Oourt of the Unlled (tates, for the District of Wisconsin, on the plueteeoth day of March, 1851, In the above entl led cause, I shall sell at Public Auction, on Taesday, 2nd dty of August, 189>l at 8 o'clock In the afternoon, from the steps of the Custom House, in the Oitif of Ullwauiet, all and singular, the mortgaged premises mentioned ID the bill of complaint ID said cause, and described as: "All the folrowlng, preseat and inifatun to be acquired, real aid personal property and real estate ol tfcesaid dafehdant, the Milwaukee aoii Superior .Eallroad Company, f at Is to say, all of the Cr« division of lhe£aUroad_ofa»ldEallr»arJ Com. pany defendant,- from the City of Milwaukee, to the Olty of Green Bay In said State of Wisconsin, a distance of one hundred and twenty miles, Including the righto} way, and land occupied by said ilnl division of said raad, (subject to the right, tiuo or claim, which the •said IdefendanU ,8tewar^ Allerdlng, Hahm and Woolsch, or either of them, may have had at the time of making saM decree, to land upon which ssJil Railroad Ocmpaay bM -located Its way, aad for which no compensation has been made to thim,} together with the superstrocture and track thereon, and all falls and other materials wed ihereoo, bridges, vlsducts, col- veru, fences, eqaipments, necessary depot grounds and bloiatokt thereon, belonging u> the said.Rallroad Oom- f any, and all rolling stock, engines, tenders; cars, tools,materlals,msxhtBeTy, 6»tarts, and all other. per•anal woperly appertalulBg to said first 'division of said road, and all rights thereto, and InteresU to be ac- qolredlbysald detewlant, the Milwaukee-aid Superior KanroidOoapany,, together with the name aad fitoe- ttons appertaining to the said flrtt division of said road, -»J"oIia,j-ent»jw5jpebine to be" had or l«VI«d there- iron, * nd all corporate"- and~btnef 'ftanchljel/rlghti and pr vilijges of [the said Hallroad Company ID i)r to or eoniiernlnk tnefianie.**' -' ; ' 3 • ~'~~- ~"< ; <- : ' " RAILROADS. HEW AHD FAVOBITfi alTWIUTHB EAST HOUTE MORTH-WEST, ft DETROIT & MILWAUKEE R (No* opened to Lake Michigan.) {AMD l Sal/I LovPrunrt firtt-Clatt Steamert'^ ''City of Clejraland," & "Clevelaid," (Thoroughly refitted for this route.) j O N AND AFTER MONDAY, April 11, lUs),! Passenger Trainsfwlll run as follows: \ WEST: j Bight Mixed. Aecosa. Express r. •. t. m. la.«. »SO 430 !lO A.M. a. •. r. is, (r. 7:00 1:80 4*3 j 8:00 9OO 6:84 7:80 10:50 7:40 l *• *' St. Johns, arrive, j 12:10 H:8i Sop. firtdga, a p. •Detroit, depart.', fentonrllle, arrlTe] •Oswego" arrive.. 1 Mall. r. H. :i- M 12:16 Grand kaplda, arrl •itrand Haven, air. Milwaukee, arrive, i 8:06 4:40 A. si. i 8:60 T. H, 18:16 •KerreshraenU. OOI1NO KAB'i 1 BUwaukee, depart ! •Grand Ha>en, depl Grand Rapids, arr. St. Johns, arrive. Owosso, arrive. .. Peotonville, arrive •Detroit, anlvc... ; 7:00 »:40 r. M. Bus. Bridge, arrive 1 »:64 (tall tzpr-i r. ». 8:00 i. •. 4.-00 6:20 7:38 998 j r. M. 18:16 r. M. allied. r. H. 2:16 6:80 a.*. 4:00 Nlghtfj Klpr'i 12:00 r. M. ,8: 10:30 i. if 1:00 2:00 r. «. 4:60 •Refreshments—Ho(«l In Depot at Oraad UavenJ Boat will leave Milwaukee on Saturdays at 8 r. M.— for Saturday Nljbt'l Kxpress passengers weiu bnt4 A. -. train wilt nut leaye on Sundays. 'Trains leave t»rm)nl dally, Sundays eiceptad THSTKLEORAPa LINK M uow open for Posuo-Bo- irscatu COHMECTIONS. AT OETHOIT-OBKAT WfaTKRN BalLWAT r all points East—M10H1UAN OINTKAa, and MIGB10AN BODTUERN RAILROADS, and OLIVE- LAND Line of Steamers. AT UK AND, HAVEN—HI* -HURON" Steamer for CHICAGO, AC., *c. AT miLwVAUKEE—With the MISSISSIPPI, LA OROB8B, OHICAOO, WATKRTOWN and HORIZON RAILBOADS, for all Important points West am) fortbweit, and on Mississippi River, and vlthflteamen 'or Pens on Lake Michigan. Passcogen for Qr«ai Western Railway go on toe Rill- way Fum 8raaataA, at D. « M. R. Dock, leaving Dock at 8:00 a at , l;lx> r si., and 7-30 r. •. NIGHT TRA.IN8 on the O. W. R. have SLEEPING CARD attached. : PARCELS (eft at any of the TICKET OVTICEB are forwarded by PiBatsos* Taarsu IT Vast Monka- a Rtns. The Company's Tlme-Tabte, can be had at any ofthe Stations. ; W. K. m IK. OenM Sop't. W B mii» A forau), Ticket Agent, MO Bast Water si Wy. QaiatK, Prsljhl Agent at Comoany's Dock. H. 0. WlLtos, General Western Agent D. A M. R. Office.) April. 18S»' spriS HAILROAD- after Mondjay, April 4th, and anul ranter uo- _ lice a Passenger! Tram will leave Milwaukee from tie depot,tool of Secdnd street, for Pewaot ee, Hanlaad Pine Lake, Ocoaomuwoc, Wain-town, Lowell, and 0«l- umbus at 4.20 p. m.,arri*iaffin MilwauKeeal '1.83 a. m Passengers arrlvtait al Milwaukee by the Milwaukee: A Chicago U. K., La Citosse t U>l R. tt., and till. * Ulu. H. R., or by Boat, can proceed to the above places. Oonnections are made at Wateflown with stages for Late Hills, Jefferson,!Walerloo,Uaochrts/ille, ten Pra>* rte, Cottage Grove fcnd Madison. Also at Columbus for Lodl, Merlmar, AUego, Pall Rive-, Lead's Oncners, llamden, LowvUle, Otkora, York, Arllofrton, Bristol ItDJ lor all points to the West and North West. Passengers arriving ai the Junction from the above places make ecDDecUons h the Milwaukee * Mlnis- aippl I. R., (or Jadesvllle, itadlsuo and Pralne du Ohien and at MUwaultee, with roads to the South, Weal and North. : aprB 6. .«. MEBJULL, SupertnteodenU SUMMKJt RAILROADS fcTRANSPOR'N U. R. MUN1>AY;, DEO. Irabu will ran as follows, rut :••••' j i = UOIMQ WBflTj-: . Leave Itacloe for Davis— Freight * Ace., Leave Racine for Belolt— Paaseager, ' i '+< 6CIHOBA8r. . Leave Beloll for Baclne— Passenger, 1868, • 8 A S r. M. I:<jO a. • Leave Davis tor Racine— freight A Ace., 6:30 a. K -Passengers by taking the 7 in. train on the Lake Shore Eillroad at Milwaukee, - cAnneet al Kaeloe with train to Davis; arriving at UavU it 8:30 r. «. Stag leaves Davis fur Freeport oo arrival of train. 9:8o A n. trafn'from Davis eaanects at Baclne with afternoou trains on. the Lake Shore Kailread Worth aod South. ff Trelght forwarded with dispatch. decS BOBtBT UARK18, Superintendent. PitUborgii, fort Wayne & Chicago RAIL ROAD. riUllS new and direct Roue tow open to N«w t JL Uoston, Pittsburgh,-Philadelphia, Baltimore am Washington city, Cleveland; •Dunkirk, Buffalo, Niagara falls,and alleastern cities. Cincinnati, Columbus, Day ton, Springfield, Urbana, ZaceaviltevStenbenville, Kdw ark and Wheeling, and all interior towns'of Ohio, Peno lylvanla, Virginia, Uaryland, New Jersey, Ac. JHakiDH one <;ruud Uubrokcu It. K. Liar inwau caiOAOo AJID THS usi. fAit£ Ad LOW AH A^/t OTUSk UUCTS. fcsw* Those desiring to gtt by this RoOte will be par ticniar ami enquire for Tickets via furl Wayne, thereby avoiding the annoyance of rechecklng their Baggage. TRA1MS LXA VK D&rvT US VAX BCKSX DAJL 1, AXtoLLO WS: ».HJ* r. Mr—Night txpress, dally, Saturdays exceptcd. fi.1)0 A- n.—Morning Mall anil Kxprert, daily, Sunday. enceptea. With but one change of cars to ftusburgh. OBXOSJWO BAQUAOa THkooaa Co Pittsburgh, Ftiilaaalphla, Baltimore aad Ne* York connecting directly wllh trains on the great Pennsylvania Central Railroad, to all eastern cities. Also, wtth Cleveland A Columbus Railroad to Cleveland, Dunkirk, Buffalo, Niagara Falls via New Vovk Central anil Hew Fork A Erie Railroads to New York and Boston. Persons going east will and this ronte by far the BOSI desirable, both from the advantage m polat of distance, variety and beausty of the country through which the roads pass, as well at* the less frequent changes of cars and the annoyance of re-checkros; baggage required b* Other routes. facilities for the tracunonaUoa of freight and Live Block by this rpnte are unsurpassed. Kate, as low as any other route, and with equal dlspatctj. Tickets for sale at alii be principal ticket offices in West, and at Comaajiy'i Office, No. tto Dearborn street, opposite Trtunont House, Chicago, aad at the otuce the I ake Shore Railroad, Milwaukee, by A. U Lelan.l JNQ. J. UoUaTON. General freight Agent. Pittsburgh, Pa. D. W. BOSH, General Western Ageo.1,Chicago. Chicago, Marih 6, I6£9 mar6 Hilwaukeo <k Chicago K. K. lo«Ji/. BB^V^bKSPESafB J-OOi7. UMMKH AltKANOKMKN'l 1 . (ircat United Slates Hail and Eiprei* Route. T HE on^y reliable aod tu. Boon ro TUS EAST, SOCTB and Nurra-Wcar, and the only Lloe making sure connections. Baggage checked through tu prLnci(«aJ >olnts. Oa and a/ter At»HI I, , leave Depot, co/ti«r of HortUa aad Barclay vta , aa follows L O A . iTI. —Kxraead PA.-Ui»t*B«—arriving »*i Ch,- cagn al i.lo p. •. III 5 P. M. —EXPRESS PAKS««QKB—arrlrtng at Chicago at 6:16p. M , aod Luati UK cUue conrircuon* with Evening Trains Iva^l and eouih West, and with th« a*ctn« an<i fitiasiuippi Ba^roa^, at H&cln juocUoD, for Ueioit aad uther itatlom OD that Line Freight Tram leave* at *):ttu A. m., arrives 5 00 p •. Krelglii forwarded *tih dr»patch, aod ai low rat<r«. Pu«enger Traloi leave Chicago f- r *lilwaa.tec aad e North Writ at 9:00 A M., and ft: 15 p •., arriving icreat 12.-5U p. *. and 12:15 .. •. JNO T. MOOD1T, M»atrf Tr«n«ix>rtaUoQ •.AKKANOKMKN L. "sssMOQ J^^R OPylCE OP THi i Milwaukee, April 16, 1369 t Rates of Freight Eoduced Again by ]%«•«* 1 orla Ac Krir Kailroad ~4NI>— iVortlieru Trau^portaliou <Jo.N E X P li K S S |TNTlLtur\lMT et) Al Itir lit Cluu Hoc. th* Ulh rill u« AS follow Irom Nrw Yn \mT Itfl) Its, JeJ Claw 4.*>c. —VIA- M1CH10AN — AND- 6. Western (Canada) Railway. rilRAINX leave the 0 real C«sllraJ bepol, foot of Lake M. street Chleafo, as follows : 4:OO A. HI. — DKBTOIT ACCOMMODATION, days eicepted), arrlii: at betroil 6.0U r «. T.O» A. M •ZOO A. Detroit r Buffalo r- Turk f. T|. Tl tXPRSSS. (gundays Arrive at lodlanapollsja^S) H.y Ciacinoaii ».8» r. m. 1| -- LIUHTNlNli tXPIts>«, V 3onday. r« frfiaa,) arrive) at Detroit i:uu r. «., aospffaslqn lirldffe or Buffalo 4:01 A. • ; AJbanjr 3:>s) p. M , New Yuri HX) r. * ,:Bo«u. n 11 r. •. •J.-NILIE- AOtOslilODABlON, elcept Sunday. el:OO f. T|.— NB* TO UK AND BOSTON (exceptBatutday.; Arrive 7 16 *. tf ; Haspeoaloo bridge o 4^0 f. m.; Albany 4.1)0 A. «., M 10-00 .*. M-, Boston i.O'J r. H. _OINCI^»A'n AND PRE&8. (Kicept Saturday.) Arrive at Ciucituau l»:lrti i. a , LoonvUls 4.-00 r. H. One train on Sunday al &:UO r. a. The 8:00 A. M. and 8:W) r. m. tralni connect at Paris with the Buffalo ft Lake Uoroo ssallwsiy. for Buffalo and all points e'-si; al, Toronto with Grand Trunk Railway, to Klngsua, OgnenaburR, Montreal, Qoeb?c and ail points ID Canada fctasi, Nor^aem Vermont, Ne^ Hampshire aod Maine,. Cf~ Baggage chee»J through. Through tickets foi salt at the |>nnn|>al Rallroao offices In the West» and at the gineraJ office, corner Lake A Dearborn streets, ooposlte the Tremont House, Chicago, and al the Depot, foot of Lake street. R. H. R10K, Sup't. H. J. 8>au>rsja. 6eri. Pan. A*-t- aprlS Detroit 4.; Mil. Railway. TUB Bteamer CleveloDsi will take _ her place In line of the Detroit 1 Mllwsg- kee Hallway, on Monday, the 14th March. Pass-ngers wishing through tickets can be supplied oo and after Monday next, at 230 fast Water street, or at the office on the dock of the Detroit A illlwauke Railway Co.— Due notice of the time of departure will b« given. This will make the shortest, cheapest aad quickest route to all points East. mars' SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. RAIL ROAIX . ___ . ; ___ THK J^HOKTKST AND ,TIOST EXPEDITIOHM I1OIITK! j TO Landing, La Uro»»e, Winona, Bead's Landing, Bed Wing, PKEscorr, ST, AND BT. ANTHONY. Change of Time, Monttay, April 4, 1859. TIIAIN I.EAVKN mil.WAEKEE 11KX) A. SL, Arriving si Janes vl! e 2 30 f. M. -, Uadlsoo 3:35 p. M.; Prairie da Chiea oVOO P. M. Oaoneotln* with the Prairie dn Ohlen and 81. Paul Packets, which leave Prairie da Ohlen on Uie arrival of the 8:00 P. M. Train. 80 TRAIN sbcUvCS niLWAVKCE 0.-05 P. M., Arriving st kanvesvllle 8:» P. U. ; Madison . _ IfcOO P. M, r ff Fan to all points on the Mississippi River as low as anv other Kootel i WILLIAM JKRVI9, apie : Qea'lBaperintendent. LA CROSSE AND MILWAUKEE liAIlu HOAJE). 1859. 1859. SPUING (UtEAT . _ STATES M All, AEJCPBsSS!? AND OffLY t ILL RAIL \AOUTS., Aptll 2MV-' • TO L-A On the Ul'PEB On and after Mondky Two Ihroogli i LKAVK i FROM DEPOT »OOT OF flHl citossja RIVER, xprew Traini DaUy, ig FOLLOWS: '3:45 A. Itl. and t«:4.S P. Jfl. '" TralnT»>rl(veat-MHwilukeeati 9:3O A. ' IVi.i IA1S U i JS&O! KM- Closexfonotctlofls are made at LaCrpsse. Twice dnily eacli way wllh Ihe Mtu- •nesota Pjicket.tjonipany's Neiv aud Spltttaidtiiilttid States Mail I,iuc j - of Steas«eri jo^r-from St. Pkal I '.*• '. _ ... . •ill,save 100 houn. t)n«B| (romjCnicago or "or es In distance and; Milwaukee to ;La route. " - '. ..-,] •Mondays ezeepteo. MUwaokiw, April Duaoe «u»t., rd ,., hnlp 'l Btr^t, b, u-4. AK I. lu J H. inti r .! at l, K" bruijw*/ Irnm Pltr •>, t York. CRAW7O8D. Vock a Kne N V Ku F URNITURE _H_A _L E S . O^3tKTG- ^>T7T A.T OOST. NOTES, FLERZHEIM & CO., arrangements, their whole ,titnck Is .>irpr>-i] ai FURNITURE! BVB8 0»»ltP.BD IM THIS CITY AT GREAT SACRIFICES, POH THK NEXT SIXTY DAYS. THli VKHk IK III AW A^D WUST BE .MILD! 218 and 220 East Water Street, W IN< MISCELLANEOUS. KEi>ni;Au. DR. B. \\ r-OR.MKRLT OPCLUVELANU, O . rnpectrully Inrnrms ihe tlic cllizeng .,f HUwvik^v Ulai. hnv1nK lorar^T in iM, plm-e, nl^ni^ prnctu".o|{ his pru- DRY GOODS, &C I «*.!<». \ F U I •«.><) SPRING AND SUMMER DRY GOODS! public tin th.- ,-„ l t),| t .n.:e .»/ , he rrfer* lo lh« follt uUeiueo, »rh«j have . . I air HV.II.rjuJ RJH 1m f s profeaslDnalty in thf rour^c of irn y*>a.r*. We fct;l joatlfle<) tn Baying that h.j prartlcn i.v ,u mr lo Iht- »rt-Deral run of Veterinary Pracl'Mrjeeri. John C. a<t, Uur r ADK««. Win. Jim, PTVtT A CM OT. JL.. 17-H \%att-rM. 1 7 •< Judge BUhop, Kelly. And- c wi, v a*i«a, KACI.IsI. Kelt,-, W 1 Qa.nv, WhIU t X,w,l, VSIIBBKri (IF THH 1 K. t'urti- alias U«rcf,,,,l. ^~ Offl.-^. KirDjS . H A. ,4c. .«>. M. L. WrirfM, M L. U K wU. Kesaer. NUVV recelvID* nlie i!d dUttilti, i>r (j.xxln The Latest Novelties 4 l,*rr rit/t .a. I'M K L V K', K.-i r \ Bl I I ALO, KI,A>1> >n tu t <tnl ^ I Chicago Line ot Screw Steamers. I O N Loe oi*£ of LaK of thin Lme wi.l j^ui ..u ago, icTrn flrsl Cl *--»•* A 1 NavirfiUi,.,! «,OOU> K>llfIlN<- THI-X. | KK I V I VUHK CK^^K^L K a..4u'«iUi. TttAL Ll.Sh U."LA.\AL BOAT-. ;itfTe,an(t witri th..- CLkVftL.* fVasMngtuD . U twaun-r, ftaciiji- keg«n. Thia LIII^ » u.iw ^rrruarr-l : • 3 1 N. ind p bany , Ctcciyi^ [,,r pr ,| Wf,tern an.l B«»»t< • Uie tra»- D k rcai.}jr a, in.. Vh Uhiti- n .ID<I W . L.. n*: -.1 il i Linen IN I I lr L. r t a b I r r •. ltB*iurtut b: a! Qcvt rithlD lhv •.LDOUIll r 1, it any !<., With U.e CLOTH DEPARTMENT • l i. ,B. II w»y. M U *» •ay. Dili) •V 1 Hoop ro<«-.e A: fil W E, ll.c undfi «ljrrn-'J, >.»v •[..• t^-..-n »ppoi:.le.t »»•• ni fur tlie coUt-cUoa a a 4 i«ti*^ry «( frtifchi. t^.r LU, coaij)»nj, tn?g to inform xerch»mu tod other * lh AI *i office (Ka. s Wlicuaim itrrct.) ^pencU no th* lit .j April, where or-l*n ctva b« left, »od wiUrecelv* prorop atieotloa. uar kutbarU«d collectors vill receipt KU-.. ivt the warehouses of nhippirri Iti/urmskiioQ resp<-i-i. n Prrlrfbl uaoipotlatioD on ihu ^n« can »«rhs'l bj- *^, p icatlun kl If,,, ..riv* o/ lir A FftEW, Au«-n- 1L^;,NDR11. 1 Cu. Milwaukee. Mirth ftu. I 5S9 »p r ] FAHK RKIHJCKO BT THK a»ilr«»:i(l. l>* a , Ml* i .,» - - I li I^s. A , DETROIT Raitnaj & MILWAUKEE Meaiut>oa( Liu«* ! OUR JOBBING DEPARTMENT UttY GOODS AMD YANKEE NOTION -> NEW YORK & ERIE RAILROAD ril -I .H.HKit I'l.J- \s| H I . A } • l VII I M. H < \\ IE P>rr New Vu ther oouce. aprlil N«« VorK by t be |7.tM> until lu J H CRAWFORD, NOTK:K. OFFICK Of BISHOP a CO., MOROAHKaa, i l> P Mtaaio. or MIL. A CHICAGO R. B-, J. Milwaukfe, April i, 156». ^ O N a.od a/ter April l»lh, 1559, and antll farther notice, no urrioD IA author^ced to make purchases, or c< ntracl for materials for the Milwaukee and Chicago Railroad without A wruten order from the undorslffD- ed. Bills will be paid monthly sntl acmuirs will Dot be continued with arjjr concern thai ueglerts to render monthly bills. C. B. HALL, Hen'I Agt. Mortgagees, aprlfl J.T. MOODY, Uaster of Transportation 1859. THE \OKTHRKi\ COMPANY TRANSPORTATION Will, during tha present Season, run their well known and popular Line of First Class Screw Steamers, Regularly, between OOUKNSBIJKGH & OSWKUO, AND TUP I PPEH LAKES! Forming a Semi-Weekly line Between Ogdeosburgti »oJ Oswego, and Chicago, Milwaukee ami Intermediate I orta, connecting at Ogdeosborgh with the OQDEN8BOBQH 4 VERMONT OtNTRAL RAILROAD ROOT8, Between Ogdensburgh, Borllngton, Oorjedrd, Manchester, Nashua, Lawrence, Lowell, Worcester aod Boston, and at Oswego with lh« Hew Oswego Line of Thirty first Olau Oanal Boats on the Enlarged Caoal, between Osjwetrsj^Tror, jAlb&ssr * New Tork, ^Oonneetlng also at Dunkirk with NEW YORK AND ERIE RAILROAD, And forming a Trl-Weekly Railroad Line between Dunkirk. Milwaukee & Chicago. ff Property forwarded by this Line will be subject to bat One Transhipment. |3«T~ MerchaooMst marked "N. T. CO. EX. PKENS," will be forwarded from New York by an Rtprut fYoight Train oewr tAt t/ttc fort 4 Eri» HaUroad, And promptly forwarded from Dunkirk.) APPL^ TO J. Mriss, Agent N. T. Co., in Broadway, New Tork J. L. Wiax», Agent N T. Co., B Co-ntles Slip, New Tork. CoaB. 8. Tirrii, corner 6th and Ohesnat st., Phtia. BOTET iGuwroaD, Oswego N. T. 8. D. GALDWKLL, Agent, Dunkirk, H. T. CBIHBULU, Osuwroao *0o , Uleveland, 0. Jews Hocns-Q, Agrnt N. T. Co., M State «., Boston. A-ODSSniK.Ageot V. 0. Line, 108 Stalest., Boston. J. W. Canada, Agent, Boose's Point. N. Y. Oao. Pum, Agent, Ogdeashnrgh. N. r. L. J. DI6BY, Milwaukee, Wls., office UOrosse t M R. R. Depot. «»-«--. Wisconsin. Office near M. A u. R. R. Depot. R. B.— Shippers are requested to see one of the above Agentj before, making contracts, as they are prepared to offsr very low rates, and their connscilona with the Ogdensbnrgh and Oswego .routes, and especially with the JUwYork* Erie Railroad RlTe Uwm unsurpassed facUitles forjiheap and speedy transportation. marKUdta-lsjtwlaw Notice to Contractors). CJ BALED prooosals will be received until noon of the (S 34lh Imt., for the grading, bridging aod track-laying- required to complete the Baclne and Mississippi Railroad from Us present terminus at Davis Station, to Jreeftort. '• Contractors sriH iie required tft commence the work OB the 1st of Jone/aoil com lete the same on or before the 1st of September aexi. Information concerning tha aooont and character of the work to a* done, may be obtained by appilcitlon to •KOBKKT aABRU,8nperiatende«t, at Hacine, Propoeslswill be addressed to O» uaderslgoeeVAt- torneys lor the Mortgagesaof said toad, at »Vce, Wls. •" » i <;j, O-A-THOMSaN, T.B.BLAOK8TONE, Baclne, May 18,18». mayjil-dat Attorney!. NOTICE. rilHBEK hundred aod twenty-two thousand dollars of J. tne flrsttnortgsgo bonds of th«miwao»ee4Saperl- or Railroad Ub., will be said at auction oil Batur Jay, e^th of May Instant, at MX'•»., at UM Chambar JSO. L.DOIU ..»IMO»LirVJ. ^ , 1>OKAN <6 L.KVY, Attorney and Counsellors t Law, Ofet~Kmp<rt 'Block, Ml S<ut WatertL, MHWAiDjUie,...:..,..tmaj!i8l.........WlBCOSaiN DBLB ME88 BXtT,In f tore, for tal*^ LATTOM * PL4KINTOH. H..1. 1 . .. * ,<J,T, K I < r -j «.-t. < MIN.1T>K K HI > | ).VI I - Hour.* o! L«av<- \Ii,»ei<,< l*\v< OranJ Arrive Ht t-rr.ii Leave tjrmj , Leave (iranj 1 Arrive at Mn« Th«rt> is » n. 1 I M \ s« l ] In K A Train**. and 111 ion Mr* t UP fk.. ~ —in the tiaiiway !'-;>nt at irrsrut t'artiei t«lcs.r,ii.{ i.t spi-n>l * f or on tW &r» t h which >* .a-t insiiiiitioas, will be Carried >n v can be had on appflcation to th* j&~ TlcfceLtcan be fia.l at Du •*r» onboard Meainera ao«t W K. UUIlt, General 3upfriDt«nd^nt, apr&t-dlm [>etn>il. J-AK1, Oh Dl SOUTH WELL,,] Jo.n.-r aud K GRAHAM. DWELLING HOUSES, i VV A K E H O l J S t: S . & c . • i » K W ! ers, that they itill conlmu* 1 to Itr-t-p the 'arif^st and b«t •Piect**<I Stock of Qoods in ihrtr line 1.1 t> r foocd In Ut« Slate, aad will coatiuet Lheir tjastioes^, »a heretofort-, with the Inteouoa of jfivim; .atHfnetlon.— To aJ maay new customers ts may feel iDcllnt*d lo .rlvV tu > call, we would iay ape <>f *>ur flrra resides m New York, *od, we have facllltlet for the purchase an.l man- afactur« of goods that can out be eic-lled. *e art- it all times rtid^ to take advanta^r O f kiuten, Uarkeu, and feAve been enabled to reduce the price *>( many klnda of foods, woicti w« «*iail eoatiuue tu sell at the loweit. prices In WtrsUfr* V rketa. We are constaotly receivmif idditloos ui (»uc stock, and trill keep It no complete u to be able at til tiroes to Oil orders fur any kind of fladdlerV, Carriatf* Tnra men' or Trunk Makm' Mtock, nod will do so m » m»o- Qer to (rtve iattafacttou la rrflpeot to quality ami prices We also keep an Jiworirueoi of B*3Ut Stuil, Pole*, dhaJla, •felsoefl, JpokeJ, Uub,-*, Ac., Ac., *nd have coustaatly OD h «nd, cr will m».i« to order, any kind if Cn<trh, Oar Wa^ron or Team Harnesa. Call anil a^e for younelvoa. Q O K E M O V A L W B A Y I, E Y lla* removed to his old itaod, W0.| 180 FAST UATKR k STRKET» t ({Jtfpo*iU J. .V. it<rn«j*^«.'* Z?ry G<xnt«&*tre t ) And having made such additions to hit faellltlt-s fur enccuHa^ f 1 N K U' C) H T K A ITS! AJ U> «nab e him to say to ihe public wlUi cooddeacc that hs \s DOW prepared i,^ furnish them with every Je ilrable ityle of Picture knuwu to Uia cammunliy, aod at each Astounding Low Prices &j to defy competition , for example, Cts. Dagncrrotypes lor Fill. I. «1ZF, PIIWTOCiJiAPllN For only tl.lXI the Brit one, and SOc for the Dupllcites itlEI-Al.NEOTVI'KS, A HI BROOK A PUS AI d In fact every other k style of Picture, at oorres- ,pon<llng low prices. Colored In either Oil or Water Colors, anil finished in the highest style of the Art.J THE STEEtOTVPE, A new anil popular style of Picture, Uolorad In Oil, which far excels la ACCUISCT, Baldness and Beauty of finish, any other Picture ever offered to the Public.— ^hese Pictures have only to be seeo to be admlrid. ' A)|-vrbo aredeslrons of savlog money ar* respectfully sotleltetl to call and examine Specimens at the Old Stand, fio. 186 Bust Water strut, MUwavttt, WiKontin. marl3-d8m _ W. F. BAYLBY, Ai Doctor C. Lander, H AVING located himself In Milwaukee! offers his services to the pnbllo. Dr. L. has. served In the British Army for fifteen years, to India, Bunnah and In tie Crimea. • : •• .-s J..-••-•• •;<,•*,.-•. Bargkal cans_prompUy attended. Office corner Huron and Van Buren it l. JAFpNIOA, 80 tuns for sale by -J,.---. • ***o«Bt.vf»jfigo'fii. either W., 0 J , r Brluk, lo ml%tlie lime., he S, thoroughly ,e4 will enoDIr lii UsT" Jotil-mi mhlo lU mb-r «n.l , HIM ]>l< M.4NLK.4UTVI4I.NO T i Hat.s, AT Taps and WUuLfciSALE Mraw (,ood«., A .N Li I'. A M 1 W JlILWiClfEK, A 1 b. K 1 K rt I si h. ATLANTIC CABLE FALL U NCL^ BKN -ipio ihe times, will, Han ..( U'Oraay, Uary t C., I1.4TH 1 I KUAY .East augl* IV Al -AT- . i a t e r ( i I e o M i r r r l . U. THKOOI- W. B. (nrcffory dt Co., COMMISSION MERCHANTS ^10. t\)H Ul-.ST WATEJ* OTHGIVT. Personal irtentlon given lo Conainmuuma at fiom anj all kinds .if Produce. ie. 11 PATKN 1' «Va» Lamp. flllliS publio la now farore.1 with the BK8T. dA*E8T X and most KCOWMIIUAL UUdT over produced. «f)ual If uot superior tu ihtl bejit Coal tinny, ft IH aUaptatl tu Churches,. Uotuls, Stores, {tuaUing Ro<>inn, Private Dwellings, Railroad Uars, *o., AD. .1 irmi »ni prove imuperlorlty over all Portajla Lights ngw m use. 11 l« uqllke all other Lamps, belnfc eauiiy oiananed brilliant, economical, (r«i from smoka or jmdl »n.l wnat la more, entirely iare from all danger O f », D i,, sloo. Apply at JOHN GOODMAN'S <to Wsconsia street, to — 8. Vf. fARNUM, 11903 *« e °« '0' 'he State of Wisconsin J o it a t b a M C r o u v h American Uou»« •"»« Wood Coffins, 10. Burial Gases. The office of ihe Forest flome Oemetery Uomnanv is M my pl.c«, where Thave the plaU of th. ground, J mil* piaco to buj eroc.rtei ! S ai *•-, • a TON food

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