The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 4, 1914 · Page 4
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 4

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 4, 1914
Page 4
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Pasre Foot T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Saturday Evening, July 4,1914* THE DAILY REVIEW. PUBLISHED EVERT DAT. {(·tend at the Decttur. IWnol* FMtottlo. m»tt»r Off OF JUIY4 The Review Publishing Co. DBCATUR. ILUNOlt. OfflM ID R«»!ew Building. corn«r ol »Uln ud North itrwti. A4wtls!ng r»l»i tn*d« known an »ppU- ·lion at ihl» o!(lc«. TERMS OF GOB8CKIPTION. tut jrur'dn »dv»ac», tlz month* ln advance) ...···. nut* montiw (In aa»«nc«) r«r w«e« .1500 . ISO . LIB . 10 Thi Reilew floei not knowingly accept f*l9« or fraudulent advertising, or other ad wrtWni- of an objectionable nature Every .4v s "ll«ement In It. column, is printed » th (nil confidence In the character and rella DiUty Ot the «dM»rtl»er ana the truth of the °f»r?»entatlon maae Reafler, ot The Re' V n A ^ on Saturday ETenln* July *. 19M Subscribers leaving the cltj for the summer mav have The Review mailed to them dallv without additional charge Add'ess changed as often as ne.essarj. but both old ana new should be given Jfotlfl b phone or postal card THE REVIEW PLB CO FOUR MEXICAN SOCIETY BELLES. | TEN YEARS AGO ! TODAY IN DECATUR JIL1 4. 1904. I,, ie -Ward tr''ed~~to cut a cannon cracker n two w i t h an ax ana the d v n - amito e~pV"del tearing his clothing and lurnlng his face The property loUs'from the Wabash wreck at Lltchfleld was $80 000 The nay roll of the agents ond operators ana if the machinery department were lost Attorney W E~ Redmon and M C Griffin went to Mantl" to deliver ad- 'rcsses It wag a gala da~ for Decatur The Country club had the largest celebra- Uon The band supplied the music and the most popular piece was Meet Me in St Louis Honorable I A~ Buckingham, Honorable J M Gray and \Vilson M Bering left for St Louis to be present at the- Democratic naMonal convention In session there The Review made a new record for the number of papers printed and sold or delivered, the total being 16,574 and four editions were issued This was on account °f the wreck J. T. Whitley Tells of Former Patriotic Talks. ·How different It IB from a few sears ago" said Attorney James T Whitley this morning as he ordered breakfast with the courage of a man w h o had slept well and ate it with the zest of one whose digestion was unimpaired 'I used to lie awake all night on the night before the Fourth thinking of the speech I was going to make I remember staying up till 12 or 1 o clock at the St Mcholas hotel one night notwithstanding I had to leave on a very early train next morning It was no use to go to bed because I slmplj couldn t sleep with that speech on my mind AI-L WORN OUT "sext day after I had got rid of ttia' speech I felt like a ·net rag that had Just been put through the clothes tvringer I was all In and I sought a back corner of the platform May be I had to wait around till 9 or 10 o clock at right to get a train back home and when I got home I was completely worn out You see how fresh and vigorous I am this morning ·What makes the difference" Is it ·o much easier for ^ ou now to make t speoch" was asked him ARE J»O MORE ·I d o n t make the speech I don t know what has become of those Fourth of July speeches There used to be a half dozen of us Doting l a w v e r s in Decatur who were out on every Foaith of July making speeches Ti h\ we would have five o- six Invitations to speak that day and we could choose the one where we would be most ap predated and get the most pav W e are not called upon for those patriotic addresses any more or at least Daughters of Envoy Rebasa. --Copyright by Bain Newg Service Daughters of the Mexican em o and Conoendon Riba«a When TOT o ! brought llontc his four g r o w n daushte- Tleba«a at Niagara Falls From let t to right are Ruth, Isabel, Mercedes Rebasa came from Mexico to the Nla sara Falls mediation congress he I am i ot i nl so far is I know the others are not Pos=lbi patriotism has waned and It is also possible that the plices where w e used to speak ha\e got ne\t to a lot of better speakers But I am inc'inea to think that eloquence of the ofty kind which we used to p i o \ i d e is no longer considered necessary to a Fourth of July celebration They g?t along with entertainment of another kind It is too bad too I used at one place where I spoke be paid regularly $:o and expenses for my modest effort on Julv 4 and I needed the mo-iej It waa not only a fine thing for a sot,ng lawyer who needed the money, but It was tine forensic training" Pltr tb« Poor Zee Man. '1 was surprised to note the little consideration shown the Ice men by some women in the west part of the city." said a man Friday ' They don t seem to realize the amount of extra work they cause by not taking In their lc« cards after the Ice has been delivered I Bat on my front porch at noon ona of the hottest dais last week and saw six Ice wagons stop at as many nouses In my block The Ice man carried th» Ice back to the rear of the house and prett/ soon carried it back and threw it into the wagon 'The women at all six of those houseij had failed to take in their Ice card* the day before Of course when the Ice man sees the. card out with the number of pounds wanted Indicated on the card he naturally thinks that the card means Just what its presence there Intends It to mean, and he lugs back the Ice only to find the refrigerator full If I were the Ice man I might stand for being fooled that way twice, but that would be the limit After that they would have to atand out and hail me as I went by or they would get no Ice Wnen the man came to my house m wife gave him his dinner He was certainly hot tired and hungry ENTERTAIN FOR SON AND BRIDE Mr and Mrs A T Jones 811 North TVater street, save a 1 o clock dinner Thursday evening in honor of their son and wife Mr and Airs G Elton Jones Mr Jones was formerly connected with the Charlotte and he is st present with the Palais Roval in Richmond Ind The pair were married in Richmond Saturday June 2" Mrs Jones was formerly Miss Lena King of Riverside, Cal The dinner was elaborate Those present were Miss Lavlna Sch- wenllnger, Mrs Belle Seas George Weity, Miss Addle Jones Mr end Mrs J W Jones Miss Aleta Crane Vlrgus Jones Miss Theresa Kennedv Miss Mabelle Strongman, Harry Jones and Mr and Mrs G E Jones modores, WM In »«catur a short U«« Thursday nt«ht »nd Friflav moraine. leaving with the Commodore team foB Danville It WM thought »t first thaS Fraser would make Decatur headquarK ers for a. time, trave!ln« out of here to the various leagues around. However h«i told eversone good-bye when he left ana Intimated that he would not be back Fraser said that stirring up promletOB major league talent In minor leagues this season was a mighty hard Job. tha» he hadn t seen any player yet he wanted GIRLS GIVE PLAY FOR CAMPFIRE TALENT SHY IN MINOR LEAGUES Sari Scoot Chle Fr»«er on Vlilt to De- eatnr. Scout' Chic Fraser of the Pittsburgh Pirates former manager of the Com- "The Flret Amerf* F!««" «_ dnctfon Presented. Eight g'rls mostly member* of the Hospital Juniors, gave a play Friday night at the Shafer residence, «4l West Prairie to raise money to pay for their chaite" when they organize Into a campfire group this falL The campfire group will be called the Waeonia. campfire group and will be in charge of Miss Edith Durfee. The charter costs 15 A total of »6 wai cleared on the plav last night The play which was entitled "The First American Flag." was written by two of the girls, Annetta Wood and. Catharine Shellabarger, and wa» coached by Annetta Wood Catharine l» t w e l v e jears of age and Annetta !· thirteen and considering their ages th» play was exceedingly good The glrla had a large number of people out to see and hear the play. The production was given on the back lawn Tickets for It had been sold bv the girls before hand and some people paid at the door* CHARACTERS The characters were taken as fol« lows George Washington--Annetta. Wood. Martha Washington--Isabel Tluck Uexander Hamilton--Ruth Walter* Elizabeth Hamilton--Mildred BoruffV Thomas Jefferson--Catharine Shell** barger Mary Jefferson--Virginia Shafer James Madison--Maurlta Shafer ' Dolly Madison--Louise Denz ^ Betsy Ross--Catharine Shellabarger. After the show the girls sold lemon* ade and candy HISTORY OF CIVIL WAR DAY BY DAY Jt,LY 4 1864. Independence Dav was welcomed t h r o u g h o u t th« north with more than the u i al «-nthus T.*m while th« armies nclor I^° and G r a n t faced each other t Fetcr^burs During: the week just pas*»rt union arms hifl succeeded In calning marked idvantages aid the cordon w is "lowly drawing tiRhte'- ibnut thf s u f f e r i n g confederacy Kene- ^w Mountain had been taken and the ·my w-is ooen to =ipirman for a con i nuance of h l = irresistible a d v i n c e to tha south Advantaee^ had been gain ed on the «ea and the main army was in a position to make its ow-n terms General Grant rid succeeded In ob tilnlng a masterly position He w a s ·Oowlv b. Calving the -pirl' of the ccn'-r f the ronffderacv Richmond bv hii s ic'-i-Fsfi 1 blockading op»-ations But ' m n l l n n m t s of food roilld reach the southern rapital hecru*« of the clo«e puard !«pt on all roid« b j the union -irmv r r n n t wai resting hie forces nnd rei-riiitme before Petersburg where lio p r e v e n t e d cneral Lee from sending jlil tc ,meri! Tohnson who needed i i r f o n - f i n t « =orel% while op»ratins Between hirt be"n ] 000 and S 000 union men =t In --hprmans operations FACTS ABOUT LIBRARY CLOSING Op»» It «n » on OrdltmrT Doy«--Clown n SO on Hot D«T j Tbf DecTMir p ihlic library never off" on T h u r « d i v afternoon" or cve- ilng« and w i l l contini p to remain open during the summer This third mnounccinent is Hi"' sh' to h» neces- nf m m Dicatur readers who during t ' « pait two wcekn have kept phones t fi*» librarv r l n c i n g constantly -with (lie question of Thursday closing The 1'btarj will be open fron 9 to 9 as i*ual c v e r v Thursday ov nor \n£ther misunderstanding has arls "n over th- hot w o - u r e r evening clos. itTc rul« w h i c h w o i ntrlv adopted The l l b r a n w i l l c'p'fl at r VI onlv on even ns» d u r i n g this summer when the jirat is L X L O s g u e During cool weather it w i l l remain opnn to tha usual 1 our at right RUPERT NEILY TO GIVE RECITALS lu Form of LesAonH in Art of Singing --Open In Public. Rupert Nelly w i l l give a recital In the Kaeuper rec tal hall on Thursday, luJy 9, at 3 ."0 p m Following the precedent set last \ra.r. It Is the Intention of Mr Neilv to give two recitals n the form of l»ssons, in the art of " i r g l n p open to the public Mr Kelly will demonstrate points In the teaching- of the art of singing, part rulirly relating to the fundamentals of the art which show the form and stvle of the singer the psychology relating to the direction ot the tone and matetial used to bring the art of tone production over to song SF4PFR1 An extra pair of Pants will Double the life of your SUIT- An extra pair of pa its will double the life of your suit and now when you can obtain a pair of pants free it really means that you are getting the service of two suits for the price of one. A $5.00 PAIR OF PANTS MEN! t Having arranged with the mills for a special price concession on a hundred patterns we will offer beginning Monday, July 6th, your choice of any pattern in our stock, a suit of clothes and an extra pair of pants, made to your individual measure for the regular price of a suit, which is $16. We will not restrict your choice to one pattern, Taut you may pick out a pattern for a suit and a different one for the extra pair of pants. This is the most liberal offer ever made by any one in Decatur and if you want in on this proposition, come early as a hundred suits will not last long at this pi ice. "A Thousand Styles, a Single Price" NO MORE NO LESS Here's what you get--a Suit that would cost you $25 to $30 in ready-made clothes and an extra pair of Pants--saving from $15 to $19. The Sixteen Dollar Tailors 118 N. WATER ST. Jp - HOUUHAN, Mgr. 3 Doors North of Millikin Bank. Tailor Made Clothes fit better and wear better than ready made Clothes In having us make your clothes to your individual measure you run no risk in not getting a perfect fit, and a garment that sets perfectly will wear longer than one that don't, as there is no "pulling" or "wrinkling" in places that get the hardest wear. Try one of our $16 Suits and you'll always be a customer here.

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