Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on November 19, 1938 · Page 2
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 2

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 19, 1938
Page 2
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The Maryland Merry-Go-Round By DREW PEARSON Governor-elect Herbert R O'Conor was asked whether he would distribute patronage through a Democratic machine in a Western Maryland county that bitterly fought his nomination. He refused a direct answer but his intention was plainly revealed in this statement: "Those people who went in the trenches for me are the ones I'm going out on the firing line for." Which presages the fading out of such onetime potent state figure*- as Brooke Lee in Montgomery, Dave Winebrenner in Frederick and Preston Lane in Washington, all of whom labored for Mayor Howard W. Jackson of Baltimore. Their places may be taken by a group of young politicos comparatively obscure. Bandwagon The way old-line Democratic wheel- horses have joined hands with tine liberal movement has been little ehort of sensational. They are in the thick of it in each of the 15 organizations so far set up, exceeding thc- fondest hopes of devout liberals. Without any real exertion, liberal Democratic clubs have been established in 11 counties--Montgomery, Prince Georges, Charles, Anne Arundel, Howard, Frederick, Queen Anne's, Worcester, Wicomico, Baltimore, Dorchester, and in the second third, fourth and fifth Baltimore districts. Allegany, Garrctt and Washington counties, where there is already a prevailing liberal sentiment, will hop on the bandwagon soon with an imposing list of bigwig politicos. Members of the liberal campaign committee estimate they will have working organizations covering the entire state by the New Year. The past few days has seen Comptroller-elect J. Millard Tawes of Som- troller-elect J. Minara lawe* uo. oum- --^ m b , a ~ k ^ wh;te i]lustra . erset County, and state senators- tiong by Haio u Brett . i t cos t s $1.50 elect, David J. Ward of Wicomico and ; s pu bluhed by Coward-McCann. County, and Louis Phipps of Anno There will be a special edition signed Arundel County, come out in the open by the author and the aitist which for the move to nominate a liberal.TMU * JJ^tSJS" ^ tion for years. He repeatedly gets 10- elected by thumping majorities with the minimum of effort. But this period of political conifer! is due for an abrupt change in 19-10. Lansdale G. Sasscer is reported to have an eye on the seat. In event Sasc=cer \\uuld have the blessings of Governor-elect O'Conor for it \v: Sasscer ination cinched O'Conoi's nom- swinging Piince Gcoigo County's seven convention votes to the O'Conor column. Another Piince Georgian, Kent R Mulliken, majotity leader of tin House of Delegate, , also would lik to occupy Gambrill's seat. Liberal Swing Thc recognized Democratic leadci of an important county was qucs tioncd recently by a party worker a- to his attitude toward the drive to nominate a liberal presidential candidate in 1940. "I fought the Administration b going down the line for thc nomination of Sen. Tydings," lw answered, "but it' c diffeient now; I'm going along on this 100 per cent." He went on to explain that the Democratic party had elected piesi- dents only when they were liberals and that it was to the inteerst of every Democrat to keep the party lib- eial, as it is now. B O O K S You May Enjoy By Graham Watson Joseph C. Lincoln's "Christmas Days", a "must" book for the holidays is a Cape Cod Christmas stoiy by the famous New England writer. An outstanding piece of bookmnking, with a double-page spread in full col- ' ' ' ' white illustra- Democrat for president in 1940. fine Christmas present. Among the dark horses for the cjiiut-iof »w» r ._-TM...-.. ... Among me UUFK nurses iuj me The verdict is transparent; word mon th., "The Wayfarer" by Shirley has seeped through political circle Seifert stands out. A novel that hpans - · · the greater part of the 19th century, as it traces the full life of John Cotter, from the time of his running away from home to become a sailoi in his grandfather's fleet out of New Bedford, to his death, as owner of a stock breeding farm in Missouri. The gold fever--the glamour of the Santa Fe Trail--the Civil War--all play a part in the building of this story. It is a novel which maj safely be that President Roosevelt is in sympathy with the move and will cooperate with it to the fullest extent. Magruder vs. Tydings For some weeks Hampton Magruder has been suffering from stomach ulcers, and confined to his be.1 on strict orders from fois doctor. The other day, Senator Tydings icQn peoplc arc antl bc ' The otner oay, oeniuur l y u m g a » u HUY.-I ...·n... ··--j ---·· JmnnP^ in and insisted upon going recommended to both men and \vo- dropped in ana msibieu up«u B 'men ·""" *--r-- --- ·""- " ·"· seals, me puce ot tuc seals--only a up to Magruder's bedroom to see nim. | F ; ancig Lud i ow j n his Editor's lieve above all in piopeit.v light and [pcm , y apiece--makes it possible for The scene which followed was not c no j ce f or th e m0 nth has this to say freedom." ' one calculated to hasten the Internal O f jt : "I recommend it to jou cspc- · · »«»««!,. rniiiwtnrVi rficoverv. ciallv because you may possibly over- 1 every body to help. «!. - - -- -- * - - - -* At least, Jlsitthow Woll pave sonic « s ' 0 ]ct - H n (]() ()( . n . irt t Revenue Collector's recovery. cially because you may possibly over- very f i a n k all(] sound . ulvice that niay , ' '' Tydings did not mince words in look it a "Y^n ±^£on VoyoJd heI P somc of thc ° mc » l TM J ^ - ' h a d " telling him what he thought of his JJilother qualities in a novel-rendabil- tors of the Mexican Capital to realize j ' ' ^.^opposition during the primary cam- - ty _ We first mect J 0 h nny Cotter how much they.are out of slop \vith WHAT DO THE KAIL- paign, and indicated that lie would |W hen he is a boy on a New York the spirit of democracy that other I L nn » onmofiitno- mnro tn RUM when he fnrm. Tn fin grant disobedience to his Q,,,.ti,.,..^ T?nnnM;nc n,.,. , | have something more to say when he farm. In flagrant disobedience to his takes the floor of the Senate next father's command, he attempts to ride ·"»«= *»«· .....«----- --f ride ne carries a siiiieni;u aim an back to the Treasury Department, I through life. Because of it he runs though not by Magruder. He has been ' a way from home. And because of it, WAVES 'EM IN NEW RECIPES DEMONSTRATED At World's Poultry Congress Demonstrations and lectures on how to best use poultry products successfully in the diet will be stressed at Tlic World's Poultry Congress, Cleveland, July 28 to August 7, 1939. Although it may be news to some people, the egg is almost a perfect food. How to use it best \vill be cart- fully brought out. The proper preparation and serving of poultry meats of all hinds will be another feature of the Congress program. Everyone who attends will ha\c the opportunity to secure new recipes and will sec these recipes demonstrated. There will be soniethiiij for everyone at the Congress including the housewife. Live decoys arc pioh'ljitcd avail this season by federal loguliiuon. Duck shooters find that mall ud. black duck and othiu marsh O p.;cio-. are attracted by nio\ument. O,-di nary wooden deco\s me too st »lid. Wallace Ilatvcy, of "CousianMtu, Mich., has this animated dtcoy fools crafty flocks by standing up on its tail--when a coid is j.u'lcd from the Wind--and flapping- his wings, in tine duck fashion. named as "the laige corpoi.ui';in that voiacioublj exploit laboi." Ik denounced them as ''common Liieinkb." The questionable; iiieihodb of the Mexican government that r,uve been denounced by Seuetary of State Hull as confiscation and seizuic of American lands and piopertL's weie praised, in a subtle way. "Under lh regime of President Cai donas, we have teen with deep batiafattiou," said Mi. Lewis "the extraoidmnrj determination to place the niituul wealth of thL countiy in the seivice of the people of Mexico." The lefer- ence was plainly understood by the for tt.uning doctois and nuise in the i ence was piainiy understood uy tne for ti.uning doctois and nuisc in the i vast audience as referring to the i treatment and care of those exposed seizures of American oil properties, j to the disease or sufYeiing from it. With the echoes of the great inter-[The summer \voik at Miiacle House, national communistic gatheiing , till ( where chihhen who have been in ringing throughout Mexico, the news- ' contact with tuberculosis are. cared paper "Excelsior" asked: "Will not t or nnd buil t U p so that they can re- democracy in the long lun be a f a i l - l l l s t the disease is also made possible ure, economically, at least, as perhaps 'through the .sale of the seaU. in the United Statcb?" To this que- - "Undeilyinjr the whole plan of the- tion. Mr. Woll rcnlied: "Mv nmninn -- : _ ,.. j..i._. _..!,,..:.. .-.. n... tion, Mr. Woll replied: "My opinion is that democracy will have the best campaign a g n n s t tubeiculosis is the iil";i of pruvc'jition, of checking the r Iff II t.».l J J J «.· V I. J l ljuil, Ml l.JJl:l,nlJl£ LIU results in the long lun. It is my jj scnso at its souicc, of discoveiing country where the highest wages are it , proK( , ncc w h M i th- possibility of paid, wheie tne -tandaul of living is cmc 01 C011] pi ulo c o n t ,ol is greatest. highest and where inequality of class- YOU w i l l bo hclpinp to accomplish es is less appaicnt. The Noi'h Amci- thcso thillRS whcn you invcst in thc iTheBov.'!! Have to Find a New Wailing Wall! e By Tatburl things whcn you invest in the j seals. The pi ice of the seals--only i Southern Republics are anxiou, to HO VDS REALLY WANT? a e r s c o m , ; mprove upon j n Latin-Americiin T h c lailroad associ ition appealed I i an unbroken colt ana is tnrown ana * . · i i n n · ^ i · i winter. j I badlv- injured. Because of that wild countries. ___ ___ ,to all the powers of Government, in- Note-- The incident was reported j r i H n J i , p carries a stiffened arm all * ' "~ .c'uding thc Ptesiclent, to foice a cut ITEM NUMBER 1, IMPORTANT j o f 15 per cent in w.-igcs at thc very time that the Adiiiiiiistiation was [ Thanksgiving Daj, as usu:il will bending its enemies in support of un ' maik the opening of the nation-widu entiiely contiadic'oiy measure--the too sick to go out and probably would years later, he foundTM a horse breed- not have reported it anyway. The ing farm that ,s to become a family Treasury is making plans to defend any attack which Tydings upon Magruder. A record shows that most efficient collector, of Internal we, ffi s^a.^j"Xou^thej though thc Ma.yland Revenue in the country. Civil War _ But j 0 h nn y is always a; Association. The sale will continue un- of their wag--cut plan. No one leall.,"^ Tawes In 1942 wayfarer, a man who follows a 'til the close of the Christmas season.' expected a railroad .strike at a n y , Add to the list of possible guber- i dream. He works and fights ami his Urging prompt and gcneious buj- time. natorial candidates for 1942 the "-"l^f J^^^" 1 ^ I d^m" *»* of «» littlc «^*»» D »- K - H ' ! The 1BawBy ^ dntion ha ' talkct ' J. Millard Tawes H(J endurcs privation and deri ion ~---Tr^s--*.T* w j vC'i BOC-MOO S. COUNTRY' TO i DOCS . . . Ducctor of the State Depait- down on great loans to the l i n c s of Comptroller-elect J. Millard Tawes 57 endures privation and deri ion R«fcy, Di.cctor of the State Depait- down on great loans to ne iines-- of Criafield. His name has been band-jfor a vision of a green land where he mcnt of Health said: "Put tubcicu-."but w i t h a smile , accoiding to the ied about by politicos following the will recreate the flashing soiicl beau- losis sealb as 'Item Number I, Impor- daily pies?. The gestures 01 dcspan I . . . . . . . . A «... nF 4-Vm nr»lf *hnf thrmvf Viim Innrr u t , _ i At.- i- i _*· /^u.,:. i«-.«,- fnllr»\\inrr tlr« i-nnfiit nf Hl4i Pi r s i - ' handcome majority he rolled up at the polls on November 8. Incidentally, Tawes was the man of the hour at Crisfield when tihe President and his party docked there on Labor Day. He arranged for a splendid reception and headed the receiving line of town bigwigs, filling in amply for the G. O. P. mayor, who went fishing. ty of the colt that threw him, long · tnnt . j . at years ago - -;--.-----t.». t l a, --- head of your Chmtmas following the rcpoit of the Piesi- And at last this dream shoppjng libt Buy cruly an( i 0 f tL . n _ dent's committee did not have any ^'i nlcasant suontanciU i n ' and then buy sonic more. You can of being genuine. Eviy- "The Wayfarer", a wholesome hove gieat satisfaction in thc invest- one is interested in the welfiuc ol straightforward strength, or pei-haps ment because cverj seal you buy t 1 "- 1 uuliondi,, bctuuse trey ni" so unit is Johnny's clean, engaging will- helpl3 p , 0 vide ammunition for the POI taut a ijait of the countrj, it elf. fulness that makes the book a joy fi , t agamst tn j s disease that nits I r tllc uilioad attitude was not M _, AMERICAN Stage Fright n LEADERS IN MH\ILU Davey Lewis will be in the news The economic and social conditions Wlt " lts again after his House term expires j o f Mexican labor are being studied i^ rou P' "' f f , . . . . ·« * . . A r _ T l flTTI 1 January first. There is no doubt that the New Deal will find a place for tlhe talents of the Maryland statesman. But there is nothing lavish or incautious about the New Deal largess, and other Marylanders, who worked for the nomination of Lewfe, are beginning to wonder when the plums will fall. The trouble is that the appointment arm of the New Deal is suffering from stage fright. There is considerable fear that lame-duck appointments will be picked by thc press and publicized for a fare-you-well. this disease that nits hardest at young 1 people and sit rider ones in the piime of life. It is significant that special emphiibib i lai'l | in thc design for this yea ,., s , ca , ._ ' If thc uilioad attitude was not M 1 the clfoi t=5 to have them nioic chances to Micto of a fimil\ piotection of the I o n i c j fiom tuberculosis. "Every pait of the Scute, and ivciy ore group--young or old--b'-ncfil by thc American Federation of Labor. Matthew Woll, Vice-President of the Federation, was quoted in the - - - - . . ( , Mexico City "Excelsior", of October fr °TM th , c «« c of th ? I, lie s-al . . omo 21, as -aying that he was in Mexico,of he 'caP'tal' deiiv«l_ f,,,, y.-n ,n- «as a friend and observer." The re- vestment in the seal, IE us,-,l to the suits of his investigation, he told the chest climes he d m the counl.os un- newspaper, would be given out fiom der the joint direction o£ the State the national headquarters of the Fed- Department of H e a t h an, the Ma-y- 1 .1 *«.] T 1 . . Knwrtu I r»ril C? A , cf\ftl*1.TlttC S.I lin k eration in Wa'hington. land Tuberculosis A sociaiions. Sine' anon in v»a.'niiiBiu". . .. The reporters wanted Mr. Woll's , the paitnciship was stinted fifU-.-n - (he e . , opinions about those strange doc- years ago, over 50,000 pPihOHS- trines of communism and socialism women and childien-hsivp ^«1 that are dominating labor-unioni-m benefit of chest examinations by phv- uoiicizeo. lor u iu«-jr«u-wcu. beyond the Rio Grande. "If I believed sieians with special cxptiiancc in t h s Witness the aftermath of Virginia's l i n either of those doctrines I cei tain- .field, and of advice and oth' . c.iia in .·_u4.u r,.-.4._-,i. ,,.;».«,,,, ,«Uo ra P»T,_ j wou i,j not be Vice-President of the sanntnna or in their wn horn ^. American Federation of Labor," was I "Some of thc moncv derived f i o m r. Woll's answer. I the sale of thc ChiMnir.s scnN i, A month before John L. Lewis had used for the puic-isc of p n t h i b l been in Mexico City attending the X-iny outfit,- and othoi rquipmen' Latin-American Workers' Congics-, that enable-? the doctors t detect t h j ( telling the misguided Mexicans that pivsoncc of the disn.-ise bpfoic mo-, "workers throughout the world ai- parable damage has been done. Son ways have the same foes," whom he of it is usnd for educational p Eighth District primary, where Representative Howard W. Smith, Tory Democrat, walloped the liberal challenger, William E. Dodd, Jr. Young Dodd, who is picparing himself for a second encounter in 1940, has been angling for a Federal job for the past two months. He wanted an executive post with WPA in Washington, but was put off repeatedly. When finally he was put on the rolls, he was shunted to a remote corner of the establishment, and questions from thc outside about Dbdd's . connection were answered with evasion or denial. With winds blowing' a threat of investigation of politics in WPA, the time-honorc'l party practice of rewarding the lanr.- ducks has been relegated to thc back shed. Richard Strong of Warrenton was definitely promised a job. His wife was one of the most active Dodd campaigners. Strong is ctill on the wait- Ing list. Alonzo Smith, who directed Dodd's campaign publicity, has landed a job with the BAE in Agriculture, but it was a job he had staked out before becoming associated with Dodd and cannot be considered a reward. Fact i», he got the job with the help of endorsement from Senator Byrd. Laurel's Laurels Steven Gambrill of Laurel is one Howe member who has had an easy life as the lives of legislators go. He hKn't had serious opposition in either the primary or general clcc- RICHER MACARONI-AND-CHEESE /// Qmfausf irated cheese--in each Kraft Dinner package. Easy directions on package tell you how to make fluffy-tender macaroni drenched with rich cheese good. . in 9 mimftont Digestible as milk itself! --this cheese food that children love · Hidden in Velveeta'a deliciously mild American cheese flavor are wonderful food values, richly concentrated! Protein, to build sound muscles. The precious milk minerals, calcium and phosphorus, needed for sound teeth and bones. Essential Vitamin A. And Velveeta is digestible as milk itself. Serve it regularly in sandwiches . , . spread on crackers... in cooked dishes. 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'For Reliable Borrowers The one thing we axe most anxious to do is to place our unemployed funds in good safe hands where the money will yield "a return" to all parties and then be sure to return to us. We are always ready to lend under these conditions. 1 he Peoples Bank of Denton, Maryland THEY WOULD READ YOUR AD TOO, IF IT APPEARED HERE . F W S F A P F R !

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