Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on March 11, 1897 · Page 9
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 9

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 11, 1897
Page 9
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HEAVY STORMS COMiNQ. SBXXXNT) 3P.A.RT 8T1RL1N0, ILLINOIS, MARCH 11, 1897, AD»IT*OHAI. HtfGGETS. —George W. Howe, County Olerk,ia- stied forty-five marriage 'licenses during the month of February, . —The last survivor of the Black . Hawk war, Philip Clark, died at his home in Clinton, 111., last week. * •*-Tha choir of the First Methodist church will meet for practice on Saturday evening at the home of Mies Elva Qftborn, . —Tbe country editor may not know 'it all, but he doesn't live long In a community without knowing a deuced eight more than he publishes. - , —A man from Harmon says that prdsperlty has struck his town. S ev- % eral cows have given birth, to twin calves since McKlnley's inauguration. —Collecting penholders Is a new fad. AFreeport accountant is said to have |., .w the finest assortment in the United |,',,Jn States. He Is going to have a place ^ made for them in a safety, vault. -*-The more enthusiastic cyclists are . 'already talking of plans for the coming season. It js expected that all the ., clubs of laat year will be reorganized . 'And that the number of riders will be !«. materially increased^ _ . _;_!_ -%A-town in Missouri has a-doctor named Coffin, an undertaker named Knell, and ,a 'druggist named Bury , The name of the town is not given. It is probably Munchausenberg or Mul hattonville, j ,—W-W. Davia wishes, to say tha the letters which 'will appear In the STANDARD for several days, were al • written, at the*places • where 'they are dated, but on account of slow mail fa cllltlea down' South, have evidently been lagging on the way. • —Sam Moore suffered the amputa tlon of his i) great toe recently, Dr Frank Anthony performing the opera tlon, The member has been giving Mr Moore a great deal of trouble for some . time, and the removal' was the only remedy.' He ia doing well.. , . ;' —The small boys' pockets bulge now a variety of "mibs;" '"commies' "glassies" "chinles" and various other varieties are' discussed, traded, won • and lost, in much the same manner as • the different lines of, merchandise are bandied by the grown up business men. '!••'''.''. ; •.-.'• ; . • •'': ' • • , —A "monkey wrench" is not so named because it is a handy thing tt monkey with, or for any kindred reason, "J^onkey" is not the name at all, , bat "Moncky." Charles Moncky, the inventor of it, sold his patent for $2,000, and Invested the money in a house in Wlliiamsbncg, Kings county, N. Y., i he now lives. r —Our imp, and he ia no slouch at figures, has been_.greatly_worried^ for some days in trying to solve the fol lowing, clipped from an exchange: "There sat down" to, a table recently, four mothers, two grandmas, one great- grandpa, two ancles, one great-uncle, two brothers, one sister, one niece, two great-nieces, 'one great nephew, one cousin,two second cousins and in all there were six grown people '( and four children." ( " »~-Dixon Sun: Twenty ladlea met this afternoon at 2 o'clock in the parlors : ot the new Masonic Temple and petitioned the State officers to institute an Eastern Star lodge in this city. Prof. "W. H. Williamson Is their patron. The Eastern Star Is the ladies' auxiliary of <the Masonic lodge and there has never •been one organized In.this city. There are several residents here, however, 900 belong to the order having joined lodges ia other towns. • —Thfl Chicago Times-Herald prints all the news and tella the truth about :lt, without padding or sensationalism to make it readable. Its already immense circulation is steadily Increasing those who believe that a newe- paper uhould keep within Its true province and be a newspaper, not a er." Careful au a newegatherer and forcible in ita treatment of all nation- ai queetlooa, The Timea-Herald 1 .baa • -woo its way to the front rank of jour- It ataada, Bolldas the look of " Gibraltar, for honest; government end JlpioAt corruptlou in high places and receive the support of every citizen, /: , . ,,'• , : •••". .. Tbe painters have finished decorat- :lag the front of Frank Brlgga' "Bicycle It la a very pretty and at- desigo, the flying wheel of the A. W. being Us moat attractive fea- Mr, Brlgf » has lately perfected holder that proraisea ' to be- r. It is aotexpea- up ft laiuiasma amount ol , is uuobtrudve can be used or —A woman always has one decided advantage over a men; her troubles may be great, but she can forget every one of them in reading a'good love story. —Sportsmen .are .already making ready for a campaign against the ducks. The signs of the times, so they say, indicate the opening of the duck shooting season; —A Kansas metnber of the Legislature proposes to «nacf~itBe7Ten""Com- maudments" as laws of the land. The only strange thing about that Is that it should occur in Kansas. —Erie is to have another wolf hunt on March 18. The round up 1 will take place two miles from town. It Is expected that the affair will be participated in by a large crowd. ^—Draw a diagram of nine squares. Take the first nine digits, placing one figure in each square so ^hat the sum total of the figures counted in any direction will be fifteen. Who can do it? —It is reported that Corbett and Fitzsimmons are studying new and effective blows. If they can study up one that, when delivered, will prove fatal to both, they will be regarded as public benefactors. AUNT ANN M'JIMSEY DEAD Is the way they-do i<rin~Ke- wanee. The Courier says: "Our esteemed fellow townsman, Mr. Frank Swan, was seen on'our streets, today wearing a silk hat bearing the inscription, Candidatb for, Mayor.'" ' '—According to the latest religious statistics, the Roman Catholic denoml- ation'^ is the (.largest church in the United States, ithe Methodist Is the second; the Baptist is making the most rapid increase and the Episcopalians come next. ^ —A pair of twin babies were born at Eleroy, Wls., a few days ago. " One of them is such e midget that an ordinary finger ring can be slipped over the band and up to the shoulder. Its bead Is two inches in; 'diameter. However, mighty oaks from little acorns grow. ; i-Jacob Hein, living in Hahnaman, hadhls leg broken-near- ankle~Thurs« day afternoon while leading a horse at his home near. Deer Grove. Dr. Smith was called and reduced the fracture. Mr. Heln has been particularly -unfprtunat^BS-tbis-is-tbe^thlrflritinw he has fractured the bones of this leg. —High water Is predicted In the Mis- slssippl when the spring thaw sets in. The snowball in the two Dakotas and Minnesota during the winter has been the heaviest recorded In a number .of years. The Ice on the Mississippi..^ very thick and floods may be looked for.. At least this is what river men claim. •The Hotel St, Kenneth, recently completed, will have its grand opening Wednesday,-March 17. The occasion will open with a ball and a banquet at the hotel. The new hostlery is perfect in every detail ;'it Is heated by furnaces and contains all the modern conveniences, including livery connections, etc. Erie Is to be congratulated upon possessing so magnificent a concern. •A patient In the State Insane Asylum at Morris Plains, N. T.,-found dead in his bed, was supposed to have died of heart trouble. At the autopsy six silver spoons, (a like number of fork handles, bits of glass and nearly a dozen of small pebbles were found in nisetoiuftch. Dr. Evans, Medical Director of the institutlon,admitted the truth of thlB^but refused to divulge the name of the patient. When the judicial reapportlonment. of the State came up at Springfield, the members of the House and Senate Committee differed on the number of pew districts. Representative Stoekopf, of Freeport, a aid if there was. to be an increase -to seventeen districts the twelfth district should be composed of Stepbenson, Jo Daviess, Carroll,Whiteside and Lee. They want us, mah horsey, jea, they do. .; —Fulton Journal: A party of aix men from Galena went down the river In a house boat last fall in hopes that the trip would benefit their health, A letter received from WJUlam;Dean, One of the men, by bis wife in BelJevue, etatea that one of the party died while In camp in Arkansas, one committed auiolde by banging bimeelf to a tree and another was taken to a hospital' in Memphis in a dying condition. , -^-Flock & Davu will put up a handsome silver trophy to be given to the person riding one of their wheels who makes the greatest mileage during the coming season. Tbe rider mgy use any wheel he desires so long as it ia purchased from Flock & Batla, or Only the pileage of |it« wlli ba eousiasi-ed la She PttBics Awftjr at the ttome ,of Mrs. M A. McManlgal. Aunt Ann McJlmsey passed peace- fullyj away Tuesday morning at 9:40 at the home of Mrs. M. A. Me Mftnlgal. The funeral will be held a the residence of Mr. John Buyers 1202 West-Third street, at 2 o'clock /Thursday afternoon, the Bev. William Carter, of the Presbyterian church, of Delating, . Ann Catharine McJimeey was born at Harrisburg, Pa., March 12, 1817 Her parents were Joseph A. and Eliza Gait McJlmaey. They were, marrlet Sept. 13,1810, and for two years realdec In the city of Lancaster. Oct. 20,1812 they removed to HarriBburg. Mr, McJimsey held the office of clerk of the Senate of Pennsylvania for sev eral years and afterwards engaged in merchandising. His wife died of con sumption May 5,' 1818, at the age 01 twenty-six* She left him with three little girls: Mary, aged six; Eliza, aged three, and Ann, an infant of fourteen months. He died a few years later am the children were separated. Mary went to live with her father's JJBter,MrB.JamuelJ?attorBon t residing near Mt. 'Joy, Lancaster Co., Pa., am the two younger sisters to live with their mother's relatives ,ln Conlstoga galley In the same county. Mary became the wife of Samuel S Patterson, of Mt. Joy, after word a m dent of thls.oity for many years. Eliza married James A. Buyere, n brother of Mrs. Maria Gait, of this city. She sur Vlves her husband and lives ,at Honey Brook, Cheater county, Pa. A few years after Mary's marriage to Mr. Patterson, her sister Ann C. be came 'a member of her family. Mrs Patterson was of a delicate constltu tlon and died at the age of thirty-seven leaving five sons and two daughters To these children {Miss MeJlmsey was devotedly attached and gave them next to a mother's attention and care until they were grown to manhood anc womanhood. _. __. ^MrrPattersbnTwaei a^Jhristlan gentleman, given to hospitality and entertained many friends, /including ministers of the gospel; bis house ever being _OpenjtQ,a ,very Jarge -Circle. — ' ~ While this"arid the care of a large family made her life a very busy one yet ehe enjoyed all the privileges and comforts of a Christian home, and the society of congenial people of culture and refinement. During several years of her later life she preferred to live alone. Since she needed the- care of another, she has been In charge of Mrs. M. A. Manlgal with whom she had rooms, and whose klhd rnlnistratlons she had to the end of life. .'••-, Miss McJlmsey had been from girl hood a loyal member of the Presbyter- Ian church. For years she taught the little ones of the Sabbath 'School. She loved children, was a friend to the poor and, though entirely blind for rnontha, never murmured against the providence of God, but was thankful for what good of life she was permitted to enjoy. She hath dpne what she could, -.-.--'• ..•'• NEW RAILROAD THRO'STERLING Beported That One TV1U ba Built Within the Year. , . .., The'Inter Ocean of Tuesday morning contains a telegram from Springfield to the effect that the St. Louie, Pe,orla & Northern Railway Company has pup- chased one million dollars worth of rails at 018 a ton; that surveys will be commenced in a few days from Springfield to East Clinton, III., and that this line of 160 miles will be built this year. It Is to be hoped that this is reliable, For many years bur cltjzena have been desirous of a direct line to Peorla. The latter is a first class market for boge and corn and a line thereto will pass .through the poal regions, These advantages are now afforded to uome ex- tentbytheC.^B.&Qi The new : roa"d will necessarily traverse a new area. As both of oar present railroads would connect with the new roid, the latter would-be fidvantageous to the people of the entire county. TROOP WANTS A CHANGE. : The Duly Cavalry Company | n the TblrU Br*K«de Atfc* to be Ts«i»ierr«a. The soldier hoys of Company E will be Interested in the fact that Cavalry Trqop B, of Bloomlngton, the only cavalry troop in the Third Brigade, Illinois National Guard, has asked the authorities for trapefer to the Secood Brigade, Troop B ia the only cavalry or- gsateatiws eoen^ted with the Third fylgade. Company E of Stefliag is the of the Sixth refiwent would hate to |oa« 'JPbe a« b/§r of »itrr Says; n"« 'Will flmn of I Alxint rftarch S:>, St. Joseph,%lo., March 0.—My las bulletin gave forecasts of the 8tQrm wave to crpss the continent from March ISth to 17th, and the next disturbance will reach the Pacific coast about the 18tfc, cross the west of Rockies country by close of 19th, great central valley 20t& to 22d, Eastern States 23d. Txie warm wave will crosr the wes of Rockies country about 18th, grea central valleys 20tb,Eastern States 22d Cool wove will cross the west of. Bock lea country about 21st, great centra Valleys 23d, Eastern States 25th. This disturbance will cause severe storms In many parts of the United States, and a cold wave causing bliz zards in the Horthwest will be a part o its closing effects. This will be the "equinoctial storm,' but it must not be supposed thatstorm always occur precisely at the" equinoxes Equinoctial storms may occur at anj time within ten days of the equinoxes the dates being determined by plane tary influences. The weekending March 12 will aver age colder than usual and rainfall for that period will be above normal This forecast, as well as many others In these bulletins, has special reference to the whole TJnlted States as an average Parties Interested In greater details should correspond with me.. February 24 brought a great event in my weather work. On that day I sue ceeded in reducing to arithmetical fig urea the laws'that govern the monthly averages of temperature and rainfall r Ches6 figures prove my long used the ory tc tublei be correct, and, by applying the _tbu_s obtained td the weather records^ They"prove cent,<orrect, there bcntg only four errors in the thirty months. • Theae four errors belong to the rever sal periods, which 1 have not yet been able to reduce to figurpe.afthpugh their causes are well understood. Rainfall and Lbinjicratuie Constitute nine-tenths, In Importance, of all Is In "meteorology, and at 'last, after years of toil, I have rc'iuutt-d these to figures that will always give reliable results. Hereafter, all my forecasts of rainfall and temperature will be based on these new tables and will be more reliable,than heretofore. About four months ago I succeeded in reducing to figures the short curves, that is the frequent changes that occur within the month, JNow. -I-have -the monthly averages in figures, and these two tables worked together .-will give ~wonderfal result The weather features next In importance Is the storm waves. £ forecast them now jjBmpirlcally. They, too, must be reduced to arithmetical tables. L teel"confldent~fHari""can accomplish this great work. Following this will, next In importance, be the cold waves and frosts. Then destructive storms, not including , the tornadoes. Sixth will be the tornado and bail storms and the last important feature will be the tropical hurricanes. • SISTER M. COLUMBA. History of.the Life of Miss Annie Ueck- man, Sister .M. .Columba is dead. She passed suddenly away at the convent of the Order of .St. Francis at Silver Lake, Wis M March 5.1897. Her illness, congestion of the brain, was of short duration, and though all possible things were done for her, riothing waa of avail. She, for the past five years, bad been teaching at Kaukauna, Wls., and it Is thought that her illness was caused by too close application to her labors. Miss AnnleHeckman was the daughter of Adam Heckman, of "this city. She was born in Fulton, this State, and would have been twenty-four years of age in April. In her early childhood she moved to this city with her parents and resided here until she went to the convent seven years Ago, Her educa^ tionwas received at Sacred Heait School, and she was. always known BB a close and extremely bright pupil, Tbe deceased leaves her father and four brothers and a sister to mourn her death. The brothers are Frank Heckman, A. L. Heckman, Noah Heckman, all of this city, and John Heckman, of Stones. The sister. Miss Louise Heckman, lives in Chicago. All were present at the funeral, having arrived home Monday evening. —— .Anne Heckman was of a sweet disposition and she made friends of all who knew her. To do an unkind act to her an fmposaibllityr She was a true friend, conscientious in her re IgioD, to^whtch ehe gave her life, and waaJbelofed by all who knew her, Her, Ife, though short, has been filled with many good works and she'leaves a vacancy that can never be filled. -Tne many friends of the bereaved family unite jn extending their hearfelt sympathy. —Joseph Kuanishu, a native of Perla, who jte now studying at'Augustaua College,- Hock Island, preparing for missionary work amocg his owo people will lecture J$ ihe Swedish Lutheran Marcb it ml ?JG p, HJ, 1 a« tteraaa will tell ef tfae Arwafwi IB Turkey, ttbt«t**ttaf Ms THE GREAT SOU! H -lAKACHH In 2 minutes. Stops , ,.„ invaluable In female tfotmies. For umwiiru us« vents lock-jaw Irom wounds. QUICK CURB FOR ftADfCALLY CATARRH! ItdearstheheadoffottlttmeoBBi h'ealatfes lores and ulcers of the heed and ihrosf,; sweetens the breath, and perfectly restores the Senses of the taste, smell and. hearing. Stops headache and dropping into the throat. Also destroys the germ which causes HAY FEVER, laklne a perfect care in a few days. Never fails 1 No fatal case of LA GRIPPB ever knows where Brazilian'Balm was faithfully used. It destroys the grippe £erm andquicklyrenioves IN FA LLIB LE in ASTHMA, CROUP, BROW- aniis,Pt,lttTJRiSY. PNEUMONIA, DYsrr.T%iA",~~ RHEUMATISM, TYPJIOID and 8c.\n«cr 'F4VER, MBASI.E3, and any disearxi -where there is Inflammation, I'evcrorCojiccslioit. Greatest relief in Consumption ever discovered. * Cures a Fresh Cold "T™" ~"~«~"" "•"""" "**" *^ " * ^f^\^m • ^^ ^^1W in OT10 QIV7* In the bead and relieves deafncsk An an injection use linnlsCuts. Sorcgnnd IJnrnslike msfl'i, I'r&. AND PILES. „ ". .• Its Healing Power is Almost Miraculous. The Bast Fatnliy Medicine .,. *.*,««! fid Cent Bottle contains 100 Doses, or. Two Weeks Treatment for Catek «7.OQ BOTTLB EQUALS THREE BOo. BOTTLES. HOME TESTIMONIALS: . ''Brazilian Balm cured, me of inveterate catarrh which I had for over 20 yeai*. It is the most wonderful tnumph of medical science."— Gen./. Parke Postles "X croup, Cold and the worst fortn of gnpp we have found Brazifiau Balm invaluable."' r/ w f.-. W.S.Boothe,D. D., Pastor Del Avc. Bap. Ch. "Mrs. Lore has used the Brazilian Balm and thinks it did her much good."— Hon. Chas, B. Lore Chief fits k ottle of B jjj Balm ^ a fricnd of m{ne p ' f h - fever."—"J%oft "I was very deaf for 10 years from catarrh. Brazilian Balm applied m tuy ears everv, day soon restored my hearing."— Mrs.JohnScotten Chester . „ 'It ia the best thing for dyspepsia I ever sawtned."-; -JudgeEdward Woollen*. "I was worn almost to the grave with a racking cough that all the remedies and the doctors failed to relieve. It waa cured with one bottle of Brazilian Balm. It shaS *?M?J=aP5!or^hTO^ crippled up with rheumatism, could not get my hand to my head. I took ten TO. cent bottles of Brazilian Balm in six months. . Am now entirely cared and as aim- bk as I was nt forty.»-^«w« Burnett, aged 84. A lady, in Cincinnati was po afflicted with asthma that dunng the winter for seventeen years she waa unable to sleep lying down, was entirely and permanently cured with Brazilian Balm. SOLD BY ALL DBUQQISTS D 17 Tfff>VOnir 0 on i j- 'i, -''. < AND DEALERS. ' B, F, JJiCKSON & CO., Indianapolis. Infl. PL,EUIlfSYQtrickl,Y CUBED. I have suffered the most excruciating pains in the side. The Doctor said it was Pleurisy. The Brazilian Balm gave tne almost instant relief when everything else failed.aud permanently cured me. I took it and had some warmed and rubbed on strong. ,, MRS.. ELIZABB^H PARCEW, Marcus Hook, Pa, Consumption Cured. IBROUGHt'BACk^ROM THE GRAVE. Last November Mr. Joseph James, tiainter, of 325 W. Pearl St., Indianapolis, Ind., was at death's door with quick The fnt undertaker, !'••';... Who plants by th;: acre. Poor victims of cough and cold. Is sighing and cryiug, For we've all stopped dyin Since Brazilian Balm was sold. And for those who desire Not just yet to got higher It, Is worth its weight in gold. ' his lungs a mass of ulceration; his death was hourly awaited by his doctor and family. He was kept in a constant stupor with opium. A friend, thinking to relieve his terrible cough, gave him a^ bottle" of BraziliaTr^Balni. .Seeingpits- wonderful effect, the doctor advised its continued use. Mr. James soon after dismissed his doctor, and depended on the Balm alone. His recovery was rapid and complete, and in February he returned to work. His lungs are sound, and his weight greater than at any time in his life. His recovery is regarded as almost a miracle. • COMMA BACILLUS. In consumption beware of cough mixtures and prescriptions that contain x>pium. 'Opium; paralizes . the nerves, and gives the comma bacillus a good chance to , destroy the lungs. It is always fatal. Brazilian Balm does not contain a trace of any opiate, but stimulates the nerves with new life and power; destroys the microbe, and restores all that is left of the diseased lungs to a sound and healthy state which no other remedy has ever been known to accomplish. .',..'• A Remarkable Cure. Mr. Alexander Moore, a reliable business man, of 1230 S. 13th St., Philadelphia, Pa., says: "I contracted a violent cold which settled all over me. The pain in my chest and side was excruciating. The doctor gave me medicine and mistered my side, but I only grew worse. Then-you gave me a bottle of Brazilian Balm. I had little or no faith in it, but decided to. try it. I took 3 or 4 good doses before bed time, and rubbed it well over my blistered side. That night I slept like a top— my first good rest for over a week — and awoke in the morning cured. Brazilian Balm is simply invaluable." \ Pneumonia Cured. Mrs. A. J. Lawrence, of Beaver, Pa., lays: 4( Brazilian Balm brought me out of a severe attack' of pneumonia in Bplendid ehape. Itiaa wonderful remedy for coughs and lung troubles. Also, or outward use, for Jiurns, cold-sores, md, chapped hands and face, it cures il» A • M «»JM. • TA 1_ J^.-__«__*•_ f . • , ike family. « , c. It. te invaluable In the 1 • Saves Doctor's Bills. Families in the country should always ceep Brazilian Balm on hand. It is tne doctor in the house, always ready and reliable. For colds, coughs, croupjj catarrh, asthma, pleurisy, rheumatism, constipation, female troubles, and all cinds of fevers it acts like uiagic, and avea many a doctor's bill and many & oiig sickness. Cured in On© Right, Charles If. Counelle, Es»q., leading awyer oFYork, P«,, says: *'Your B*a- iliau BaJm cured wzoi on^oi th« worst olds I eyer <ts|jerjetee*J, ia oae ifafak it tb« greatest aeui Had Catarrh 36 Years. Josiah Bacon, conductor on the P. W. &B. R.R.,says. "I had suffered with', catarrh for 36 years. and regarded my , ' case as hopeless. One day I,.saw,the , testimonial of Geo. H. He'arn in a Brazilian Balm circular.. Hearn was the engineer on'my train and I'knew his case was desperate.^ I talked with Heaxn ,,» and his-cureTgave-me-bope;—I-began— the use of the Balm at once. There waa not much change for the first two months • , but then I began to improve and in six * months, to my inexpressible satisfaction, • I was entirely cured." '. . ' ; A Blessing For the Ladies. Thousands of, ladies are using Brazil- Ian Balm. For soreness, pain, bearing down and many kinds of trouble, it acts like a charm. A 50 center dollar bottle often does more good in one week than any other remedy does in months. It goes right to the, spot, removing-all inflammation. Mrs. Geo. W. Roberts, of Wilmington, Del., says, "A strong solution of Brazilian Balm and'warm water used as an injection has done me more good than all the remedies and prescriptions I ever tried." Grippe Cured. "Last winter I had a bad cojd and severe cough. I was lame in every joint • and muscle. '**I was sick and felt as though I was .coming down wittf typhoid fever, Jt was no doubt'a bad case of grippe.. Mr. E. P. Budge gave me a bottle of Brazilian Balm, saying he Vas' sure it would help me. The relief waa almost instantaneous. - It quickly- stopped my cough and took the grippe- with all the pains and soreness out of my system. I gave the balance of the 50-cent bottle to Mrs. Bishop Wiley for her daughter. It proved go beneficial she says she never intends to be without' it "—Edwin Fitz Jones, Cincinnati.Obio. Catarrh, Hay Fever. * Kill the Catarrh microbe and you cure Catarrh, These parasite? iiest deep fa . CATARRH the tissues and folds of f -^4b& tfa e .olfactory membraue, *•>*[. and are difficult to reach and kill; but Brazilian Balm will utterly' destroy __ them if used persistently MICROBE, as directed. It also destroys the Hay Fever germ In s few days. Use full strength, or nearly ep, for Hay Fever. Cure permanent. Asthma Can Be Cured. J. R. Niblo, ex-school superintendent of Rochester, Pa., says; "I.liave beej| a great sufferer from asthma for years, but I have had a splendid winter, owing to the surprising efficacy of Brazuiaa Balm.*' :A lady in Cincinnati, who bM suffered with asthma for 17 years, could not lie down; was perfectly cured Brazilian Balm, Why Sniffer with Chas. Brooaie, 8^) South Secocad St., Philadelphia, says: "It took oaJy tw» months for Brazilian Balm to care xoe ol dyspepsia with which I aufiwea over 3^ years. Now I have ao pain or cough, aad ea» eat aay!hi»g, ' Balsa beats the world,"

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