Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on February 17, 1941 · Page 33
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 33

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, February 17, 1941
Page 33
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Arizona Republic, Phoenix, Monday Morning, February 17, 1941 -O • 3-llU _ . . Arizona Keputmc, rnoemx, monaay morning, i-ebruary 17, 1941 ItwRIGHT STEWART-EVELYNODOMTROTH TOLD Paj« Five invention Scheduled " «,IFR. Feb. 16—The mid*M l^feacue convention for utfi r^, L ffvene in Chandler h » at 1:3 ° - m " Make This Gay Date-Time Dress Jean Benson, jesuw. jj, e Chandler Girls with Which member of ard, will ad•Mental Re- Youth Faces t Brownlee, an in- ^/^ef^Honcefano Itdl. "'.."Sken while touring i Islands. Other pro- will be B group of • - the mixed " lpf>! '««, Hi on «.ilC 1( in in- ffiients and refrcsh- - Bernice McDanicl. Jmctor of Chandler high Present the Senior Trio, ' Wilma Kerby teeri, in several w<> lawence Rogers in [ted jpresentatives are expected high schools: nix, Prescott, >\v. Flagstaff, kdale, Clifton Mo- \Vickenburg, Globe, h florence, Glendale Bucklin Gi&ert, Pi»a, ScoUsdale, Sd Park/and Casa Grande. Ah-ce Huflspeth, sponsor of ~er Girls League organ- supervising' convention ^ ^ uest Day [s Arranged __. B?4Vashington Woman's Club Fin. enSr Thursday al! the "«> tf aestW to all woman's L6—(AP i of the central district and to of:thei ite and district officers. The e in ot • under the direction of Mrs f. Knox, wU be held at the anise on Northern and KS from 2 to 5. o'clock. 26th . . this is the first Guest Day in te tod? downs me' he tanl ^ clubhouse, informal open feet dee • trill be held during the af ter- lile wid* with a short program of •tofollow the introduction of and supplement a hobby hatriotic motif will be used in corsages and tea table udents. Receiving will be . Greene tockett founder of tab, Mrs. G. M. Dean, presi- " Mrs. E. G. Fitzgerald, u, president. Mrs. L. L. tea hostess, has asked Mes-Bean, Fitzgerald-and Wil- iuHen to pour during the tea Frankly pretty . . . that's the theme song of Fashion 1941! Th rayon crepe dress of Kelly Green is young and romantic. It's designe by Marian Martin, whose patterns we present daily. Even though yo haven't taken a stitch before, the pattern with its concise sewin instructions and the modern sewing machine attachments will hel you turn out a good job. Because lingerie touches spell spring, froth of mint-white ruffling has been used around the square necklin and the bracelet-length sleeves. The waist-girdle gives a smooth handspan effect, accented by the front-pleated skirt. This pattern 9636, is available in sizes 11 to 17, 12 to 18. can Rait L4 death! g: crashe nber in i vhen thi lP)-Fif ling sur irliamen « » * unual Banquet Corps Set ir 'resultfc j. W. Owens Woman's Relief i hat not p will hold its annual banquet; :re in op m tomorrow at the Young! rn't Christian Association! sg, marking observance of the ' •"• •• • jmj jj n . S. B. Stevens is arranging ibles, decorations and favors, *d by Mesdames George Ca- BelbaWozney and Pearl Park- Address order to the Arizona Republic Fashion Department r) Enclosed is 15c for Style No. 9636. Size rj Enclosed is 15c for Style No. 9317. Size NAME (please print) • • Street and number • City and state • Norma Jane Davis Honored At Party .^.^-...--t GILBERT, Feb. 16—Mrs. J. todayfo wiving the guests will be Mes- Marvin Davis entertained a group inks an s Vetaa Custer A M Moon ! 0 f young people at valentine party member M.E. Hayes. A program be-|in her home yesterday in honor or ^ed by Mrs. C. L. Turner,! her daughter, Norma Jane. The nclude piano and vocal selec-i valentine motif was carried out in i by Herbert Custer- toast to' decorations and refreshments. The _. , «im,Mn;. Cahill; vocal num-(children enjoyed a valentine box ir^ETIJ oyMrs.G. aLohse- toast to'after an afternoon of play, and MrafeM woman under the) GuesU_attending wer^Lola^Nell ... tySaraMowitt. °t Yuma will be ™ncan woman under the Guests attending were Lola Nell tySB.O.W.Lemmon; and a 1 Barker, Larry Barker, Elaine Pine, I Ulk nv Kara "U/tii'U* M«H;« ! T^_:*L f...«. n — chivla^r Warm nn. insular meeting of the group Jfe held at 2:30 o'clock follow- , Nellie) Keith Sawyer, Shirley Harmon, guest Janice Small, Joe Hill McCIachy, Norma Jane Davis. Johnny Davis > Wan Hall. in the Veterans of ind -- , uss Bent-1 Anderson| igh a Will' rs. i^UHlia d0.1ic i-ft* r »-J» •* ....^ — V_ and Mesdames Earl Barker, John Sawyer, Leslie Small, Alfred Pine, Walter Harmon and J. H. McClatchy. Dainty Roses Bloom GILBERT SIE^HODIST The Junior League of the Meth- dist Church will meet at 4:15 'clock this afternoon at the hurch. Miss Lula May Appleby, irector, will be in charge, assisted y -Miss Marie Burton and Mrs. ionroe Blakely. GILBERT BELIEF The Relief Society of the Gilbert Latter Day Saints Church will hold n all-day work session and busi- less meeting in the church Monday. Irs. Jocosa Langford and Mrs. !thel Hancock will be in charge of the meeting. A potluck luncheon will be served at noon. A primary meeting for elementary children will be held at 4 'clock under the leadership of Mrs. Jenny Lamb. iGb ;# & Household Arts by Alice Brooks ittf U«J »* W" Phoenix public . „. ,'ashinclon street, open irom AriS^MulSJm 10th .venu,.and Van Buren jtreet. open 2 p. m. to 5 p. ro- «»»> except. Mond.y._ „_ am . f CMsUan j Irom S a. m. to lip charge 1 tandSul^ ikeoff o"! lay Thq runds o INS WUhW* ffl ISI flf Embroider These Exquisite Sheets And Pillow Cases PATTERN 6905 finding vogue in household linens—embroidered bed sets rvi£r cr ° BS Btitch on towels and scarf ends, too. Pattern 690p Pffllt <?? er P atte m of a motif 614 by 21 % inches and 2 motifs H^.? 01165 ; materials needed: instructions for edging; illustra teA u. 3!! I)Btt£rn » p "d 15c in coin to Arizona Republic. House ?*"*«)««.. Be sure to write plainly your name and address public Household ArU Department Phoenix, Arizona r Pattern No. 6905. Print) Church Groups D opular Pair Sets Nuptials For March Hearts and flowers prevailed at valentine tea given from 3 to 5 clock yesterday afternoon at En- anto Clubhouse by Mesdames R. I. Odom, Louis Barrett, Clayton otthaus and Dewitt Sanders, and lisses Edna Stockton, Mary Alli>n and Mabel Davis, hostesses. The party served as a means to nnounce to the many friends of liss Evelyn Odom, daughter of Mr. nd Mrs. R. M. Odom, and popular eacher- at Creighton Grammar chool, that on March 14 she would e wed to Seawright Stewart, son f Mr. and Mrs. Lemar C. Stewart nd senior student at the Arizona tate Teachers College at Tempe. Soft incidental music was played hroughout the tea hours by Miss Ooris Juhn Wickizer; Miss Mary ane Williams sang; and Miss Mayelle Irving played the marimba, 'he <nrls are students in Miss Odom's eighth grade class, at Jreighton Grammar School. A "Cupid Hits His Mark" theme «as cleverly carried out with the egendary figure of love decorating ne end of a long table. At the ther end was a target, in red and vhite, bearing many darts. As each uest was served she pulled an ar- ow from the bulls-eye, which re- •ealed the widely known couple's names and the nuptial date. A guest <ook was signed by those attending. Refreshments and tea table appointments reflected a dainty val- ntine motif, and the honored guest was dressed in a flowing gown of ed and white dotted swiss. Twenty-four yards of fine lace was et in panels from the shoulder and heart-shaped neckline and decorated the entire hemline. Her corsage was of red and white car nations. Miss Odom is a graduate of 'hoenix Union High School, Phoenix Junior College and the Arizona "itate Teachers College at Tempe ohe was a member of the Honor Joard and Eta Chi Epsilon home- naking sorority at Junior col- ege. At Tempe she was affiliated with Lambda Kappa, social sorority and Kappa Delta Pi, national hon orary education association. Sinci graduation Miss Odom has taugh home economics at the Creighton Grammar School and number among her club affiliations Et: Chi Epsilon, of which she is socia chairman. Equally well.known is her fi ance, who was graduated from Phoenix Union High School an attended Phoenix Junior Colleg and Hendrix College at Conwaj Ark. He will be graduated from the Tempe college in June. He is a member of Sigma Tau Delta, honorary English fraternity. Guests were Misses Mary Allison, Frances Perry, Edna Stockton, Mary Arnold, Iris Swearingen. Elton Hines, Jayne Harris, Jerry Semolich, Dora Jean Coe, Meredith Young. Martha Lou Taylor, Pauline Weir, Elaine Smith, Leona Curry, Charlotte Baeur, Lucile Tomilson, Dorothy Newall, and Rose Mitchell. Misses Marie Barnett, Helen Hathaway, Oralie O'Haver, Dorothy McKay, Jean Garlington, Elsie Hawkins, Mary Matthews, Eleanor Lively, Martha Land, Alice Collins, Winona Marsh, Jerry Conger, Betty Orr, Dorothy Smith, Vernice Peterson. Lucille Bailey, and Maurine Roberts. Misses Esther Den Harlog, Marjorie Matthews, Neta Darg, Margaret Johnson, Mabel Davis, Jessie Rannells, Lola Ellsworth, Esther Brewer, Euclid Smith, Mary White, Evelyn Williams, Jean Dendinger, Ernestine Gaskell, Elizabeth Templin, Mayde Bird, Ellen Flanagan, Maggie Layton, Alice Morrison, and Marie Heaton. Mesdames Helen Ramsey, Iva Boerger, Marriott McMasters Engagement Told —Russell Photo BIISS EVELYN ODOM At a lovely tea held yesterday afternoon from S to 5 o'clock at the Encanto Clubhouse the betrothal ami approaching marriage ot Miss Evelyn Odom and Seawright Stewart was revealed. A clever "Cupid Hits His Mark" theme was utilized in appointments at the party, which was attended by 75 guests. lend ar Pueblo Grande ruini and the Jabor- Your Garden This Week EDITOR'S NOTE: Timely information pertaining to gardening in the Salt River valley and other similar climates are contained in articles written by Mrs. Peter Corpstein and published each Monday morning on the woman's page of the Arizona Republic. Mrs. Corpstein's wide knowledge of garden problems has proved invaluable to both the experienced as well as inexperienced horticulturist. Spring Snowflakes Just now the dainty snowflake, or leucojurn (lu-ko-jum), is taking its place in the early spring garden. It comes a little later than the galanthus, or snowdrop, and is sometimes confused with that shorter- stemmed, earlier bloomer because each is a white bell-shaped blossom with a tiny spot of green on the tip of each petal. There are several varieties of this hardy bulb flower, but the one best known in Arizona is leucojum vernum, whose drooping blossoms are a welcome sight in any spring garden. The flower stalk is a flat green tubular shoot about 12 or 14 inches high, much like a jonquil leaf. As it develops the upper endr fattens snd=beeomes lighter, in color, until it finally splits down one side, allowing the green-tipped six white petals to open, exposing the delicate cluster of yellow stamens of the topmost blossom. In a shaded location, the blossoms last longer, and the lower blossoms along the stem are slower to open. The number on the stem varies from two to three to a dozen. The blossom's lack of fragrance is disappointing. It is a flower so like the fragrant lily of the valley, but without fragrance of its own! The snowflake does not lend itself to a stiff row, but is more attractive grown in clusters or groups of a dozen scattered about under tall shrubbery, or nestling in a corner by the doorstep to be observed at close range. Plants should be allowed to remain undisturbed for several years, or until they become too thick for their own good. The bulb is rather large compared with the flower it produces and requires ample food and loamy soil to do its best. Watch The Leaves Farrington Alien Fain Frances Leila A light mulch of plant moss and well-decayed barnyard fertilizer ..iroKluK;* ,!,.„... ^^...^j, .." wlu hold sufficient moisture and food to bring up numerous blue-green Boerger, Marriott McMasters s t ran -shapert leaves in early December. The leaves are a beautiful Helen Rotthaus, Donald Titchenai,) ' b f th blossoms corne . They are of a soft, fresh texture Sanders - Bob Cal T du m e i J '!unlike other bulb leaves, and remain in good condition long after the flowers are gone. In midsummer they turn yellow, as do narcissus leaves, and finally brown and die. Do not cut them until they are completely matured, as they are forming next season's blossoms. During the dormant period the bulbs require little attention. It is well to mark the spot where they are, so they will not be cut by sharp implements during cultivation. They require some moisture during summer, and if the soil is kept loamy the flowers will be more numerous ° n C Snowflakes should be planted in September and October, at least six inches deep. They multiply rapidly and soon form a dainty ground cover underneath blooming shrubs, such as ornamental fruit trees, viburnums and buddleias. Another hardy bulb flower blooming with the snowflake is the white allium, or onion flower. There are many varieties of allium, but the large white is the most popular in Arizona, and blooms under he same conditions as the snowflake. tonroe atreet, open Young Worwn'a Chriiuan iw?*aM »" * 1 ™"* treet, open Jrom K Northeast branch WL *.,w*....~ ,.-— b-ary 1002 North Second street. 10 a. and 2 ~ — '" c " ™ Art C , . Friday; Saturdays and Sundays. [(111. & »• •"• "' " Heare Museum. to 5 vpd urosSt j»-j.j- *»»«*-•• *••«•*• % j • Jlre ,. daily ewept Saturday and Sunday iron. 9 a., m. to 4 r, rn^ ^^ ^^ to ' " " "" Jay Jron. 1 to 4 p. n <1 '6e«?r d "Bot«nl«.l n Garden, in, P.psjso iTpublic "OTly^on* sTndi's." TOI1AV Typographical Union dinner dance. B "•r-hf Ste*a°'Delta J1 'business meeting. S D. m.. home of Mrs. Cedl Newmark. 60 ^'It' pJuT? x'lUtfon young people's dance ^.F- sib^pfissfwiiys p b?b h °mu E hte P ri of the MUe. 715 Eaat Mor«- 'SL,t tr ^.'iew° * ; The" Story of Hi« Life p. »• j, r * Mrs. Lewis Neeb To Entertain Club TEMPE, Feb. ^6^-Mrs. Lewis' Neeb will be hostess to members of the Eastern Star Social Club in herTome at 204 East Sixth street y^-j^^sv^ fo r -$S&^J!*S£ Uon oi officers wiU be held. . Perry cnisum, l^eila AlerricK, Louise Barctt, Ralph Boyd, Clair Van Hoorebeke, Gertrude Kuntz, Arthur Cheffey, Truitt Henderson, Walter Nelson, Pat Westrope, and Hugh Masher. * * * Rainbows Hold Party TEMPE, Feb. 16—Rainbow Girls of the Rainbow Trail assembly entertained yesterday afternoon at a kid party in the Masonic Hall. The guests wore little-girl costumes and joined in group games. Hearts were used in decorating and featured the appointments at the refreshments table, which was beautifully arranged. Hostesses were Mrs. Vivian Jones, mother adviser, Virginia Kendall, worthy adviser, and past worthy advisers. Attending were Mrs. Jones, Miss Cendall, Penelope Peck, Katherine Row, Clydene'Saylor, Helen Stewart, Jean Stroud, Jean Thomas, Hary Louise White, Gertrude God- jold, Daunice Crozier, Jean Brown, lune Blades, Jeanette Walker, Uarjory Drew, Frances Parry, Ann ledden, Ruthie Jones, Vivian Hansen, Pauline McCaw, Joan Henness, Beatrice Potter, Clara Ellen Stover, Theo Scott, Jean Smith, Dorohy Gray, Mary Lou McBurney, Dorothy Hern, Mary Ann Bishop, Martha Ann Bishop, Vivian Stevenson, Elizabeth Bishop, Norma Jean Stevensen, Lucille Holdeman, Annie Marie Ballard, Alpha Jean Ashby, Jean Shaw, Harriet Gililland, Hazal Ballard, June Allen, Dorothy Adams, Mary Lee Enright, Shirley Judd, Wanda Ehrhardt, Martha Spain, Ellen Stover and Marjory Williams. Flora Peterson, Mildred Hunter Betty La Tourette, Dorothy Petersen, Dorothy Shipley, Betty Nye Ellen Crumbaker, Ruth Crumbaker, Elma Thude, Billie Hansen, Gene Holdeman, Clyda Jean Saylor Margaret Fox, Helen Fox, Jode Hudson, Arvilla Roe, Sara Lee Carr Etoile Godbold, Jean Erickson Marie Jepson, Marjory Cockran Janet Hoyle, Nadine Strunk, Marilyn Miller, Marion McTavish, Jean Dammon and Barbara Jones. Nadine Bishop, Lea Jo Carr, Martha Dumas, Mary Elizabeth Fram Frances Gray, Barbara Hunter Beverley Hunter, Mary Jean Irvine Joella Jahn, Eloise James, Mary Louise Jones, Virginia Kendall Frances Martin, Norma Jean Me Kinney, Gertrude Meyers, Ruby Louise Ostrander and Mary Louise Pointer, Appreciation Program Set The Phoenix Union High School SvmDhonv Orchestra, under the direction of Prof. A. R. Etzweiler, will be featured on the program at the meeting of the fine.arts department of the Phoenix Woman's Club in the clubhouse at 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. Professor Etzweiler will discuss the development of the symphony. The group of 46 local artists then win play the following selections: Overture "Semiramide, by_ Gio- ncchino Rossini; intermezzo Caval- leria Rtisticana," by Pietro Mas- caEni- the "Sextet from Lucia," from Gaetano Donizetti's opera; and "Southern March," by Russelr s last of the music appreciation programs to be given by the fine arts department. Junior Woman's Club To Fete Husbands CHANDLER, Feb. IB-Chandler Junior Woman's Club members wl entertain their husbands and escorts Monday evening at the clubhouse with an old-fashioned games party Montana Folk Visit Arlington Friends ARLINGTON, Feb. 16—Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Slater of Lewistown, rfont., were guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Helms the past two weeks. Mrs. Slater is Mrs. Helms' sister. They plan to go to California next week before returning home. Brion, and Carl hostesses. A valentine motif will 3e used in games and decorations. Colds, Headaches THEKMASK Siler will be chairman and Mesdames Barney Appleby, Robert :1 Merideth will be NOW Vndtr-arm Cream Deodorant safely Stops Perspiration 1. Does not tot dresses, does not irritate skin. 2. Nowaitingtodry.Canbeused right after shaving. 3. Instantly stops perspiration for 1 to 3 days. Removes odor from perspiration. 4. Apure,white,gteaseless,stain. less vanishing cream. 8. Arrid has been awarded the ApprovalSeal of the American Institute of Laundering for being harmless to fabrics. 25 MILLION jars of Arrid Jiavebeensold. Try ajartodayJ ARRID -.i A«»n»lor«i.lllBgtoll««I<»* 9£*i»r («l»oIn 10< taA*9f j»r»)_ KORRICKS 1 FABRIC NEWS—THIRD FLOOR" B. Butterlck 1138 50* "Yes, I made it myself!" Custom - made! Expensive words sometimes . . . thrifty ones if they say you've cut and stitched a new costume for yourself! Here are fiv= new fabrics destined to maka fashion news .... and patterns suitable to each. Fabrics sections abound in new ideas inviting you to plan your "custom - made" spring wardrob.f at once . . .. to have twice ' a$ many' clothes! Come seel A. New! Big, bold Hawiiaq prints for dinner pajamas, formals. For those subdeb full skirts! Washable rayon crepes In dusty rose, aqua, warpath red, natural, copen, "KOOLANA", washable rayon faille yd. Butterick 1454 B. Joysee prints very like fine rayon Jersey. Washable, pastel prints, dots, bright stripes, florals. yd-59c "JACITA", washable spun rayon stripe. yd. D. C. Miami prints advertised in Vogue, m favorite in readymade casual clothes. Florals, stripes, dots, in a full array of spring colors. Washable. yd. 89e D. "Faconne" sheer really a "shadow" sheer. Important for afternoon wear. Has lovely self patterns. White, copen, aqua, rose, navy, black, beige. yd. 1.19 E. Hand-screened rayon jersey prints doubly clear and lovely thanks to hand-screening. Cool, easy to pack. Colorful florals and conservative patterns. White, copen, green, red. yd. 1.49 Fabrics S«tlon§, Thlii Floor R Vogue S911 75* Washington at First

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