The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 3, 1916 · Page 6
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 6

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Friday, November 3, 1916
Page 6
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TH* CMILLICOTHA OAJLJby CONSTITUTION FRIDAY, NOV. 3, 1916 COUNTY, MISSOURI, 7th, 1916 INDEPENDENT DRY TICKET For Presidential Electors At Large. At Large 1st District 2nd District 3rd District 4th District Eth District 6th District 7th District 8th District Oth District 10th District llth District 12th District 13th District 14th District 15th District 16th District jfor Scnitor in Congress for Missouri Tor G-oi ernor Tor Liirii tenant-Go's ernor Tor Stcretarj of St?te For State Auditor Tor State Treasurer For A.ttoine-5 General For Judge Supreme Court Dh. ision One For Tudg-e Supreme Court Dt\ Ision JN"o Ti\o (une"vpirecl term) Tor Judge of Kansas City Court of Appeals Tor Representative in Congress 2nd District For Judg'G of Circuit Com t SGth Judicial Clicuit I or Juclffi- Count} Court Eastern District For Judfft Countv Com t \Tcstoi n District For Prosecuting Attorne For SherilY S T BTj CKLET For Treasurer For Sur\ e^ or For Public Vdministrator For Coroner Constitutional Ballot Proposed Amendments to the Constitution of Missouri FIKST CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT. Giving the General Assembly optional power to make prot i-tionw for the grunting of penbltmt* io the aeber\Jng blmd Joint n n d concurrent re^otntlon submit ting to tiie qu ill tied \otets of ttiL Stute of Missouil in imenclment to tlie Const!tu tiou ibcieof couceiniutj pensioiib to the do serving blud* 'Be it -ssot^cd bv the Scnr'e the House of Refirescntati c* concurring tttt-tctn Th-it it the g r e n t r U f i u lion to be held on Tupstliv follow in,? the first Monday lu N o \ e m b c r 33 G t b c i o slnll be snl tnitted io fiie qi i iflctf \ot-ns cf Missouri for aiiop tiou 01 rejection the fc llov-mg constltJ nonil Tintodizieut, to TMt Tint «:ert ou 47 of irlfr-ic TV of the Con p h t u t i o n Lit, in on Jeil bv nil l l n j tlKielo the follow Inc* \iords Prcn ded f m t l er Hi i t notli i ^ in t h i s Constitution coi t ined sh-ill be f o n q rued -it pro! I Iti ig the sen cnl a^emhH J u m e r ) i n r t t ,, 01 a u t b n i l / int. the zi i itui^ of pensions to fhe de F M i n - b]i (I q imy be prcnided and itfc.i.1 i c 1 bj 1 n ' NO Proposed by Initiative Petition SECOND CONST! r To empower the i of "Missouri . lirinK \ ith power to loan morn.-. ^ei nriil 15 ( I c t t of tr ipfc on tL,rif I n r i l lands ami to is. MIS bunds nntJ IL.UM riznir fio nplJ-olJ-i.l'MOilL (,f One M j l l r n Do! nri (§1 000 ^00 JO) out of the bt ttc 1 ii-urj for thit purpose ana to CM i ipt t h e apttal ami loinK oE fi-iirl b u n t lro"i tuvntmn, a ail \ til'! itliiK n n \ It -,Mu*ij i h t r U u f o r e enacted lor -.uch purpose*- aiis^fKttr STVTI j \, Uf.^.* io auc LC Propose 1 br lo.. 1 - cr*- by F n i U n t l v e Fetltioui, u n d e r ibi. l a i t i i t i r c incl Reier cauuin 1 i u i , ] M o n s of *bc C o n s C l L u t l ID, e m p o v \ 0 i i ] ^ fie C.aiici il As-.ipL\b] to en net a bpec U i in l e ^ t i u g a L U I J 01 ition to be k n o « u i-, t'n. "M ^^oui f 1 te Luid B i n k w i t h pcme a to i I !i/t n I liLiuidi/t. ttiim crecli s to T p p i p t i t c s t i t L m o u L j s as « luin in Tif' ili_ n f me! c\crn[ninj, from state coi i \ i cl m u l p il 1 1\(.-3 all of tbe issct-. of s ud b n L iNo dc e Cure bonds i-.sue 1 b j it -nd p i o w d m g r ioi tbe v i l i d i t i u ^ of n 13 liw piactcd by Uie Gen cral Asso o l h Jii ir.ord i n e litre" itb Be i at cti.d by the pe o/ Ic of tic State of Missouri that tie Con* it ition be so ruatdt-d CJ to pro iJe as fol'ozts Sect 011 1 Th" Ocnonl As^^mbly is here by empowered to cu let T ^i cc il l i u to cieate 1 c o r i o - - ! ion to lio 1. no \ n ng tbo \Ii!»sjun fc-L^Lt, I, ml Bml -nlth pn^ LF to nnkb loins 011 not s ^o L rr T i)j d( Ltls of trjb*- nr mo t s lir- 1 ? i p _ c u l t u t I I inds and to i's^uL d c j rt te bo ids T J ust tbe b t m e T\itb ill s u i t Die n id imidt, i t i l p o n t r s And to einct ot 1 ei ^pe \\\ ldi\s nt tbt s nir- st 1 ^ ion 01 at ot ^L scfebions of tl o C e ii-1 i ISM u_b\v to n nei d and im p i o \ e tbe *j\l (.t o- t u j pi oniisbiona O L c i t i t * c i ^ o- d t t tb t in Su.1 2 i b C ciioi it i~.c nl l\ K hero- b\ n tl ; ri c 1 1 o t n j n ^ ^ i c i t i nut i 1 ^ or 1 \ s u [ ) p t t . n ti ^ a i 1 m o it of tbe m n o s i l I M t 1 e i^ti ^ ibe sum oi one i II n d H b as a \ \ o i L l j t , c i p i t i l fur s i i c j i n t i ion fe-ec 10 i J c L U C 1 \»P7zir ly 's lierebv t i i o-i c 1 i 1 m o^ei d to ea let i l i u t j \ v, X,\L. n t i ^ Ci o i st IP count" IK 1 1 i f 1 C L i_ t t t e ^-ctb ot ·t U ^1 N - S J i v, e T i 1 j n ^ a u d J l l GC oen jii, DO i(Ji i -;uc I I \ if Section !- Vn 1 \ ] t e ifoic pmttetl bv 1 o O n-t"l A.-- · ' i i l ' r in H L 5 l u t e v U I c ni i ns in '-i mns- _ n,i j liLtonf ·- 11 b^ t nl \ lid I L L ti nd I'ter tlie ^C!L ti n LII it. C NO Proposed by IrAiat /e P m n n i i u ta t ic -,}\ii or ili*,p sns " 1 1 o tbe an 1 1 " o K. i sr Kino ^ in ti 6latt ot "Viissou-i cxte t w lit, !n i M ru- 7iicHf»l !'K t«if pr ^irlljiu,, « p mltv for t u ^t(.!nt on t ' u i t o i 5 nl ic m S m , all p i u l s d (ht, C o - i t ut on ^ . i t u t t s n l Mu- Pio;o=-Pfl a m c n r ' ^ r n t to tbe Con=( I t n t l o a of 2 L i - 5 6 i ) U t lo 1 _ *i b-i ittt i ru UIL f i l l Totcrb (.1 ho SL e jf A b o u i t [ L tlieU app^o^ i l oi. i ejection at tU iej,n1ar KCII ei il elc_ IOLI tu 1 e Lcld on the s t v e i i i b d iv of N o i e u i l i i A D 1 U\. p i o l i l b t 113 tbe mauiU icttuc of tbe i n t i o i u c ^ i o n mt md the t-n ut, cv-b l u ^ i n ^ h u t c u n g sclhu^ oi disposing ut intuxic lin g l i q u n s in tbe SC tt. of "U ssoiin c cj t \iiie for s ci i m u i t n l piuoosL prcscubhig i pci iltj for the vli 1 t'o- tb icof ii cl l e p c n l i u e ill iJtirta O f t l l L ^ t l t t , COLIS t u t l O L l S t U J l l l d M u u l L i[i U L u ^ s :n n u i J a L b tln.rev\itli Be it encctct bj ths people of *]n. Sta*c of Hit iiotin Section 1 Prom find after July Qrst 101"" uo Intoxjc (.1"^ hrjuoi or 1 1 quo is e v t c p t %\ le 1 ^-nci i m e n t i l puipo^es sbnll L iii u uf c t i cd iu 01 i n t t o IIKL 1 into the fat te of Mibso in un icr n \ oiBtLnse i:\crj i (. 5 u \\h selU e c'i m^e^ ^hes, b I t t t i s O l l ) * - p O b O S Oi I i t j V (. I t u i e T l i q u o t of i n \ 1 ud l t u j peiscn in tbe st ite of Mls^oni i OL i '10 ii-ii iu n Lui f OL i itro duccs 11 to 01 (.tun tb t: i n r r x l u c e into ibe S t i t c of Mi 1 - -n i ) O\K in^ J u j u o r of \i \ 1 mil ci. pt i\ i t a -5 U O I L - ud for the pujjiosife i f o i L s u l ^b Jl be ^ t i l t - v of « u l s i U m c n i n l n[»ou _OIIML ion ^b ill be I uuisht-d l \ ' fine oC not If s tli u tbiee liuucUL I ilollirs n m u i e tb m ji » t h o u s mcl d 5ll i i b or b nn iibonmpnt in tbe c o u n t v J ni not les? tfi i a six tuoiitus nor more tlnn t« tl^o mor tbs 0" by both buch f l u e a i d Inapiisonment All p i r t i oC tbe State Constitution and la\\ of tbe State md inun leipihtiea tbere- In confiif ting w xtb tbe pio^ ibiuiis of tbla section tre he oi v ron"il"d NO STVTE OP MISSOURI ( -{ ss County of Li-vingston / I 3?iLd H Harris Clerk of the County Court of Living-Eton Counts State of Missouri c o hereby certify that the foregoing- forms of ballots art, in com pliance TV i t h the requirements of Section j S O l and o971 Revised Statutes of 1009 as a m e n d e d b the la^s of 191d Pag^c 327 to 339 In T e s t i m o n y Whereof I ha^ o h c i c u n t o s^t my h a n d and affixed the seal of th C o u n t j C o u i t of Li\in?rston C o u n t j State of Missouii Zone at mj office in the Cit-v of C h i l H c o t h e tl is the 2 H h da of October 191S FRED H IIA.RRIS *«E \ T _____ C l f i k of the County Com u FRANK B NORMAN SAM M JARVIS Norman Jarvis HOMK EMBALMERS and FUNERAL DIRECTORS Day Phone 417 Night Phones 153 - 569 MiflT BilUeBuike AT THE MAJESTIC TONIGHT LIVE STOCK MARKET. Kansas, Cit Nov 3 --Cattle re eeipts 1500 market steady SteeiE 1:5 75 to til cows and heifers $4 70 to $0 25, stocheis and leeders $5 50 to ?S 00 calves f 6 50 to HO 50 Hogs 7,000, market lOc lon'ei Bulk of sales $9 oO to $9 95 heav S9 90 to $10 05, medium $J 70 to $ 1 0 00, light ?0 40 to f1 S5 Sheep 2 000 market strong to lOc higher Limbs $10 10 t o f l l 10 ev. e= S G 7 5 to ? 7 5 0 stoclceis and feedeib $5 50 to f 9 S5 VcoJuco Hi *i Kct Furnished by Henderson Son Produce Co , 801 .Locust street Chillicothe Mo Hens 14 cts , spungs 16 cts uocl b_ uucks 9c geese be, eggs 2Sc butte: iat 3 i ool, Furs sis 21% aleis in Hides, la liecswa\ and S lit Ciued Hides flat Pail Cinecl Hides ^ O ' a " i c o n Hides 19 ^ L u l l s and Glues at value Deacons, f l 56 t o $2 00 --kunks 25c to 50c Llorse Hides No 1 tull mane a n d tai ^ 6 5 0 iloise Hides . 3 00 I'ony Hides 3 O i iNo 1 Tallow Si So 2 Tallow . 7i THE PIOSTBB PRODUCE OF OHILMCOTHE. SWIFT COMPANY ALWAYS PAY HIGHEST PRICES TOR PRODUCE ArxD CREAM Tomoiiow'** Mai Kct HENS 13 % I S P R I N C S 35V. rox s TURKE1S IS Dijx r r r s urcsc r r p 6 P S BUTTER 26 ] / 2 E G G S 28 CREMM 34 Wenzel's for Silk Hose 25c THIS--V3VB r n D CENTS' DON T "V1ISS THIS Cut out th s slip, enclose five cents to Poley Co , 2835 Sheffield Chicago 111 anting your name and address clear!} You will leceive in retuin a trial package containing Folej s Honey and Tar Compound for coughs, colds and croup Foley Kid ney Pills and ro'ey Cathartic Trh lots Sold e^ven r \\here Wenzel's Corset Sale Plentj ol Apples At Mathews' orchard, 5 1-2 mile= norths est of Oh-illicofhe Handpicked no rot no worms No 1 at 75c No 2 at 40c 97-6t C N Mathews R«ad the Constitution Want ads for Nation's Toilers. Wliit the laboici Oidn't s,ce under ^e Republican legmie was that High Turlff does not re 0 uljte wages but makes it possible for the manufacturer to ^o regulate prices that he can control 1 iboi Ihe fatmer with his characteristic self reliance and natur allj Independent ^piiit, asked no fa~\ ois All he w mted was an equal ch inre vtUh othei business men "\\il son ^i%\ the farmeis interests in a big w av Ihc Kural Ciedits Act alone, of moic thin i do/en big things this Denaocrnlic Congrc s* did for igricul tnie g u e gie tier (hiect bcnenls to the f u i n c i s t h i n any legi^lition en a r t e d ^mce the c i o i l i o p of the Depiit nicnL oi V-,'tfcuiUiic a ^cnei llioiV igo There came a t'^ie when the laborer saw that his labor was a commodity, a thing to be bought and sold, or re strained or enjoined by the unwar ranted issuance of injunction writs in Federal courts^ he saw that he did not have the right--guaranteed him by our constitution--of voluntary as sociation for his own protection and w e l f a i e in short heNsaw that he was a wage slave 1 He sn\ tint ho w is up i ^ i i n s t C i p i t i l -- o i f r i m / d md en trciuhed behind the P o \ \ L i t u l Pull of thi, 1 o h l i c i l 1-to-SLS ot UK 1 e p u h l i c i n Hull J i n i i H L Girt-' a n d O i - i m / w l C i p i f i i fmvht t i piL~\cnl t i e o i ^ i n i /ition of I, iboi ' Whir ilni Liboi demimlT Met eh this Liboi be made p v r t of the l l l l l O I l l l C t l U l l t l K t l l l t lib p a t l l O t l M T l be conceded, i'iid that its knouledc;c of its o w n needs 'n e it piiiunount oice in lejrislalKin direcH\ ind pe culuirlj ilTectmg its o\\u rights, And N h it h is been the spmt of this Deniociatic Vdnnm«trition ' Let Sam uel Gompors 1'iesident of the 4meri cm Fedti.ition of L ibor tell 'In mj e\peiience \\ith United States Congiesses during tv*o scoie A e a i s I have not «een im thing like the hn^ spiiit tow nil 1 ihoi to\\ lid the lights uid w o l f u e of ill th' people p e M i d n v ill the In UK bos ol the Witeou Vdnimisti ition aius fun d i m e n t i l i i f - h t s p u n h i s guided the Wilson Vdnilni 1 -!! ition to \\ise md iitThteous Jafiot (e^isl ilion ' In the age long h.tiu 0 -;lo between C ipit il \\lilth h i s alw \Vfe had p(i mission to ( ombine and Laboi \\lnch « is ilenu il the ii^rht to combine the ^.icitest step to\\aid the tull end in chisemont of 1 ibor \\ is lecoinmended by a Deniociatic PicMdeut ind put into lav. bj a Dcmocl itic Congiess-- the nnti Injunction Amendment to the Clajton Law / Tarmers and Laboiets of \meiiea-- biggest of all Big Inteiests--the crest of the crisis has come Tou--the big element in our national life and the real makers of our prosperltj--jou aie to decide we to continue a Gemoci icy or a*~e A\e to go back to the Good Old Pi HI* of a specious adminis tration «fcich noulc? buj jour -iote by damning the man who has given jou ·what you asked for--and gave It to you because it was ught and piopei and just' Make no mistake The issue of this campaign is as plain as the nose on your face It is: Big Interests vs. the biggest Intet^ ests. Invisible Government vs True Democracy. Big Words vs. Deeds. Promises vs Accomplishments. t t Hughes vs. 1 ! ! Wilson I I THE lajse chaige of the Republican orators and newspapers that the educational institutions of the state have been starved during the past two vears is shown by a statement issued by the Democratic State Committee today The statement shows that during the past four years the Democrats have evpendcd for the Ury. lersity the sum of $2,764,678 69 m .comparison to f 1,505,712 26 which ' i\ as expended by the Republicans [from 1905-08 A COMP VRATIVE statement of t h amount of money appiopnated In the state for good road purposes b-v Democratic and Republic in «tate a l ministrations the "Major administra tion has gnen ( ?715 000 moi e foi ro ids in f» o years th m ·« as gi\ en b\ the Republicans in the four j ea-the were in powei The statemen shows the Demociats ha% e e\pended foi this purpose in the ^ears l O l o i 16 the sum ot S.855 000 ivhile the Republicans f i om 1907 to 1912 e\ ponded onlj $140 000 T ORMER COKGRESSAIAX Jos cph r Beit=ch of Ohio todai in nounced the tiansfei o£ his support J ' o m Chailes E Hughes to Piasi ddit W oodrow -i\ ilson Hughes fail- uie to make a dignified campaign an 1 siv -what lie stands for is one of the | pi "eipal reasons for the change He flso com nends the beneficial legis ,1-ition passed by the Wilson admin f iacion ""\Ian\ Republicans are joining me in a change ot sentiment regarding the presidential campaign ' sas Mr Bcrtsch TO A\ ho ^ie *''lu^t RcwlA to Drop" \\ hen ou aie just read^ f o drop ' en ou feel o ^ eak that o u can j h i r d l j dra^ -\ouiselt about--and be- I cause j o u lia\e not slept \\ell ~vou I get u]3 as tned out ne\t nioming i^ j M hen 3 ou M ent to bed -\ o i need help You can get it jubt as "Mis "\lax\vell did She sajs -I keep house lor m-v little family of three, and became completely run ciow n I uas we t ftc neivous and coald not sleep, finally I was unable t o do mj house-work A friend asked me to try Vinol I did so and improved rapidlj It toned up my system I regained my stiength am. no longer nervous, sleep %vell and do all my housework " Mrs J C Mavwell Montgomery, Ala There is no secret about Vinol It o^es its success to beef uid cod liver peptones iron and manganese pep tonate« and gl cerophosphates the oldest and most famous bodv-build'n,; and stiength.creating tonics So many letters like the above an» continually coming to our attention that we freely offer to return the inonej paid for Vinol in everv case ·where It fails to give satisfaction Clark's Phirman Chilhcothe Mo Also at the leading drug stores m all Missouri towns- LWSPAPLRl

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