The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 25, 1971 · Page 7
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 7

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 25, 1971
Page 7
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Bulldog eager* district contenders Sweeny in fhicfc of If HIE BRA'/OSPOHT FACTS, Freeport, Texan, Ttiur»day, November 25,1971, P«g« f U»l Friday nlghl. »((aln*l Kriend«woud, MarrU only iimslwwJ 12 prt,,u, He w«» i«W for Uw /ir»l »wlf, according to llmtlnRi "WilllBrn» U itKxrilng a HyANUVIlrttJIAM Spwl. KUll To find something lacking In the Sweeny Bulldog hatkHball program u a difficult taik .£ They ar« n vauMHx) club (rom player p*r«i«tn«l lo coaching. Iwllcr HOW," Mid Halting* .Hwwiy'n (i K IU«(ing» has Williams, too, was an all- txwn coaching Uatkcttall for diitricl umadman tail year, S3 ycarv Thirteen ol thaw He MWWJ 19 yrar* have t>MiU|*f>( with the Krltnid»wood Friday HulM«V,» Like all tlif llull<lii£v I In ht» t-artrt. (la»U"(C» ha» Mid, William* it a wian n tiutritt cHampiurohipi com|jc«tur lltrfr rrtfluita! Ilttr», AIM] lia» "TJits U OH- (irst tune lor f Ird thrrr trj(tt» (a lt>r «(atc Carl Allen luturt for u« o«t t/>e lifijli in as many i - i/(iM^xj!ivr vai'tity," coniututd l(ailut£i. was**i» "IH» tjl(U«l »*«rl would have In i")V> Kasimgi iw4 lu* lo l>* fu« movrt aiuj his tlakii it Atw.-ji !f4(n !u » V»(r »)>i>o|ing ability )(<r only t hi>(ii|iiufithip Ills talker xrwd 12 puinls Friday, but it mtitil »!ai»l» »t "d{ »iiu *«» tiw Mtx g^w- " a|(AI)»: 7.'I I'»:<-3 Ijftv Atari -*ii.> )«-raWtrJ ll'/r )ra! in r.*,a a!»l tW.f) A.'nJ »! llu» ntdgr «! »>i«(," tald Hiutirift* of Muck, "IllKht rwrtv he in Aborting Iwlier llwn Harris He nlm luii uirnc good moves lie hflixllw the tall real well " Dickie Stnilti was aim lo I* another ilarter for the '|)OK», bul he ha« l>een in Jhe hocpitsi arid will M« only limited ac tio» for a while. Smith u a gtxx) (will Handler and is I'MJRh wi delen**. "AnUiuny Ue«l will hrl|j us out a lot (Ills year," «.iiul Hatlin^t "He U bijj, a )fr.Kxl rebounder, and a Kuod defemlvr man " Thrre are three inort- player* on .Swrmy'* rumjed )uad 'Hit-; are Cokrr, Kltiyd Jammer. and J<x- I'antalcxMr llatUnft* lu»» predicted the Ira If i to U-st fur Ihe ducricl r<A*t:li <,l !!.i- Year J'u llr it an aiilull) )*tti» (Jot u tit Ikj! <~v.mli.;f!); iK Viking* ar>- itif cl«jur iti (lie dn'.fu ! ili Ix- luuf li-jihi m the mtddle o) il," lUslings added "Wharlon, Kdna, l>uHr». af>d us l.>uH(^ is Ih,.- fai uftU- ItwuKh Uu( an) U !hc low c*!i tx-4l Uic wtt guy ' hir (,-«•»! «,»r;'.U..UU -i (Urns it- 1 '. ' *.'! tl is «t>c tj 1|«- itiUsl «^fwl*ve ru.*» a full court »<»«r I* srxjurid OJT (jtcj,» null r^in I! k iillir "We'll . . „- . . Brazosport Bowling H M<iH Pharmacy • Footnotes I'f «•;>. HarTtt «< «* " 111 ».- fitwat t tt* hlr II Mlllls (MM ill S T I'll \ll\l M \ .'*» T bn >S j » Kf'p t*;f ' m'/ £rr ( f » j^ ,srfvr n v m I* f i> ' '^ i * ui a Mnd» »p>»x' I t* rcfrular pf r « •- rip! Jfi-ra ifrttif Jt ^J pfurt rail ?)' »r *t*il t-ur phafni4<\ MC offrr ^rtmt.1f% ami ttt i rit i msr To f»a<r<l hjnrti Jutinj a »r4! dtf t * )ot> i* jth lhof«ntfihl\ lir^t IKrn rub MI.IIT ciiti-ij;.s M,>.r -, «.: I K- it;, *(.;<• VTI1J tllKII Hct :. M\ » Hvjrlv 'S-.asti-^rir lutn-.i^r M«J !>U;'.tuk li^ri-.r HUIMV Mf.MT HtlfU-S U i j.':.«-r.r I'.* 1 ',,*'.,-* & t Vi JV 1'ir, iiiit,:rn !• ••;.--.£ iw, • OSTVIinU » K il^,!,^ : i |-,j. >,>>! ri ,.!a •.<-v;<-«: A-.U (jri.r arc !!«• I'm ]'...?.: IV ir«. -1 . ;'.,.>! >,.-(,-*» H*ff Jfi lirtiirfu l. <;» I*! if'i- '.'..'tr-, t V .:Sv. r. tr: lU(t-a:A (U>;..<!: BW g/V/s second in loop swimming Thr t"!<•->r Crrrji, Tr»a» Cit> camr m third Hra»o»fx*t » girU Mrlitta SniUrr. Ann Mf Ithrjir'n Karv»Sc Krtth .iml Tlirrr** < rmlr> liann! n their l^%i time in tin* 2£w rrU> ^ilh • t# ? to Ijikr MV()nd in tfu! r^rnt for itrajf«*»<«xi In the Sw >ard (rw>t>lr Mil>nn J • 'don '/ buy a color TV until you see a demonstration ,lnsta-Matic COLOR TUNING * MOTOROLA "works in u drawer .' color TV Quasarir .;. u one BUTTON DOES ITL * jfi AuUXi>«UC«ll» I • tin »cii»«W» lh« «ulom«|lc ftmi pt it o.< M,<»,. JMkWfl XXUX! in !f«- X>.> \ ;inl mcillr) S'*il;cf »a» rlockiM .11 r* S m I l>c W yard frnV,\lr iur mn(! in her In**! (imr So dale (i* the Huorcitr tar.krr* \r, the di\ii\|i event l<uw Mile* »t-n third T)urv) pUre in !)«• Iti 1 >ani bulterlly »n>! lo Koi'.ti aial ik>mirutc<l trie HH /rntljle with ! 01 0 In tlw 3itl %ani (rwsislc u.n third in imc Krith (urtvixl in (KT U^i lime *ith I HI Uvr pUcv in the K« >ard Uark 4tri4i- rvt-nl Mi'Hhcjrn and HcM-rl) llurn* lix4 ihinl and (ourlh |il.irr». rp»piv livcly. in the 100 >ard stroke t>ra<o»wuud grabtn-d Ihini m Ihc 400 yard (rrotylv relay uilh Tissa Mogfprd, Ann Smith. Jordan, and Burns doing tho work Frcthman Barbara Null broke two mare Braio&port !>chool record*, and helped in another record breaker to spur the Shippcltc swimmers lo Uic district consolation title Null teamed with Becky Brock. Dolores Brunimeti, and Cindy Edwards to win the 200 yard medley relay in the consolation bracket Null also broke school records in (he 300 individual medley, and tho 3UU yard frcvstyle Brock took fourth m the so yard freestyle, while Kami Cleland. Jerrie Whitehead, Amy Blackmar, and Edwards stole sixth place in the finals in Uw iOO yard freestyle relay. real g<*x) luck with the tone ngfllrutt Krlcndswood, "We lookcti tx-tter than 1 figured we would Friday night," hi; continued. "We were lortunol« to win thli early in the year. 1 wa* real ple«wid wilJi ih«? way we played, eonfiiderihK the iwuiunt of prattKM? we've had " Willi only nmi- varttly and [)oM>il)ly un Itn- way, HaiidnK* i» Kirivincwl Dat hi* team h»s mori.- depth than that uf last year'* ll'f has said iht-y are (h,m 1.1*1 ufawn to "Tin-re l» a ri-al K(xxJ at- uludc herir." finUhcd H;t»liti(i5 "IK- got Mirnt good IIKA/OSI'OKT KI.KCTKD PKRMANENT FOOTBALL CAITAINS RKCKNTLY s^it arr Sam Uavld. fHcklt May»e and Handy Strickland OPEN TIL 8 PM MONDAY THRU SATURDAY w>y/sys.<sw&&&?&&x&ff:<WK'di \ lA/fll I 'Q AFTER THANKSGIVING VIMLL O SALE SAVE AT THE FIRE SALE STORE CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS & GIFT WRAP ORNAMENTS-ICICLES RIBBONS-STOCKINGS-ANGEL HAIR- TREE TOPS Jj TO OFF RETAIL PRICE LADIES HOT PANTS SETS 100% ACETATE BELTED STYLING MOST SIZES x $K99 5 FRI. & SAT. SPECIAL LADIES PANTY HOSE • FIRST QUALITY • ONE SIZE STRETCH • 100% NYLON 57* V / PAIR LADIES BRA SUPS SIZES 34 to 38 ASSORTED COLORS 97 LADIES SWEATER VEST ALL SIZES & COLORS 100% ORLON I ! SKIRT & SWEATER SETS SI/.K * lo IS .M.XCIII.VE WASH M IIA M I.H'T tiliul I- | \|i|f> KNIT DRESSES;"',.,i;J22 00 ,. $ 44 00 Ml SHAMPOO SSnh llrrt Itfg tl W 19 nil M. Ktsc, TERIYAKI SAUCE 25 I \MlluN HIM, GIFT WRAP I oil jiiil I K •>.( ) i 39 I'lUTumius n i SUPPOSITORIES Hrljiv »hnrik hrnii>ii>r(ii<t< Rrj; II fi VK of :» $133 1 HALF SLIPS IUO Prrcrnl \\lon In Assorted C'olor> Siies S-M-t. 77' M.I. Tll\NSI»TUH CAR RADIOS Uilh Itrj; $ 24 SI I'KHSKAI LETTUCE SAVER Krj; 39 <t CALKING COMPOUND lib I (Ii Tube Hrj; lii 17 S<IY\Txl ut MMtl.MHX CANDY BARS Urn. luc 5 TURKISH TAFFY CANDY Hfg. Sc Hsr 6 III' ELECTRIC PERCOLATOR 5344 lirf. IT.ja DRAPERY FABRIC \alut-> lo J2.98 Yd. 3 v.»s $ 1 (M KU,< ^ I KIM and BKAN'DY Kl.AVOHKt) FRUIT CAKES 3 l.b. 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