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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 2

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 28, 1859
Page 2
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THE UsV*»w"^ltf *;*•< The tepnblioanBtaHhe west are very much perplewd ia trying to find out what It ia best todo>lth;thetw6 years amendttient which few Jntt been; adopted by thetr, brethren in Musaohosetu. Some bf them, like the Mil- wankee SnUtwf, which are not oreraorapn. lone In* regard to bearing &Ue testimony against'their neighbors, propose to swear the offirpring of their own loins on to the democratic p»rty. Bat the Germans, who are somewhat excited on the subject, refuse to believe thatlie, even to accommodaUi those who in- ranted U. They very reasonably ask, what is the republican party good for, If it cannot, in the State of Massachusetts, prevent the adop. Uon«f srioh a measure? If the repnblioans of Massachnsetts cannot defeat the amend- awnt ofiheir'oonstltiiUon,' which can only ; b* efleoted by'jpasiing it throngh two legislatures by a two-thirds-vote, and then being ratified by a noajorityiof thftpopnlarvote of thrStatej then they ast in what State can the republicans save the naturalized citizens from dlstran- : enisement? Nine-tenths of tbe member*, of the legisla- tnr»,andfimr-8fthsofUi«TOt«rsin the State, ) repabiteaiis, and if they'reallj desired to rvf» WM»*B »•<•«*» — ; --- " J\ IM»llrJ DUUWHliiU] or respectable additions, to ample onei - throngh the press, from the stump and at tl e polls, that we live in a country of equal right s and FqnaUaw*, where the,rights of the masB i of ftajwonUjare . terests protected. When these professions afc contrasted with the practices of our legislators an4 public men, what arantand solemn hnm- Hwg* do they appear, "guoh Is life." *Tbe late -Caihier of the Sefrien County JUok _ .familiar with th»t ityhj of cnrrencj. ana tterefofe >ipeab feelingly on the Subject. ' We can ezeiue fc • warmth. v ! , _ -,fr m _ jyCharles Sumner is rapidly improving i health. A letter received in Boston, from Rome, dated Ai'"ril 28, says: " I passed last evening at Mrs. Story's, the wife of the sculp 1 • tor, and there met the Motleys and Ctas. Sum- ner.Ths Senator looks decidedly better, and defeat that proeoriptive ineagure, they had three good opportunities—two In the legtola- tnre and one at the pollt—whieh they ahanie- follywigl*oted to improve, for that purpose. The record, however, shows that the republican governor recommended the measure, and that in both legislatures it received the entire republican vote, and not one democratic vote which does not sustain their charge that the democrats are responsible for its adoption. That is the way the Germans reason on the subject, and it is not; therefore, prudent for the republicans to rely wholly upon that point, and to ire find that they have devised several other expedients -which are altogether too transparent to deceive any one. It is asserted and re-asserted that South Carolina adopted a similar amendment three years ago, and that Massachusetts has simply followed her.examplf. ID fact, it is claimed that the Massachusetts two years amendment is copied from the amendment adopted by South Carolina. Wall, suppose it is 1 Does any one believe that Massachusetts was influenced in the least by that circumstance ? Is it probable that the republicans of Massachusetts cither knew or cared what South Carolina had done 1 We think that the people of South Carolina will entertain now, if they never have before, serious doubts in regard to both the justice and propriety of their own action. They will not consider themselves highly complimented by this Massachusetts endorsement of their policy in regard to naturalized citizens. The pretence, however, that South Carolina )e a democratic State, u the most absurd of all the canardt which they have bejn lindnstriously circulating since the adoption 6( -the "two year* amendment."— South Carolina is not a republican Stale, but It does not therefore follow that ii is a democratic State. Maryland is not a republican State, and cannot be, on account of the antislavery position of that party, nor U it a democratic State, although no one doubts that it would, like South Carolina, vote for & democratic candidate, as against a republican candidate 'for the Presidoncy. South Carolina, throngh her leading men, repudiates the idea of belonging to either of tii« political organizations of the present day. The German republicans ha?r suggested a way in which the republicans may -vinee their sincerity, if they are truly opposed u> the ac- lation of the republican crved, which they daily declare it to be. They (the German republicans) very correctly argue that if these Massachusetts republicans bare violated the creed, they are now without the pale of the republican church, and must be excluded from any farther participation in the deliberations of the party. Therefore, they demand of the republicans that they shall give evidence of their sincerity, by passing resolutions in every republican State convention against the action of Massachusetts, and if the republicans of any State omit to pass such resolutions, the delegates from thai State to the next national (7) convention shall be refused admittance.— Will they comply with the demand? The Sentinel says it is reasonable, and BO do some other Western republican papers. If they pe/use to do it, the German republicans will abandon them! We shall see. If they do, the end is not yet. considers himself DOW isj a fair way of err. fie thiakfl the treatment he has reoelred bat been njarrelotts"IB it* good effects, and is •finite satisfied to have gone throngh with It.'• A Baltimore oonunereial house has jnst received $100 from'some conscience stricken unknown, who declares-that ne came dishonestly by it yeart ago. and feels better by refunding. A company of 30 of the pupils of tbe Blind Institution in, Philadelphia, are making the tour of the principal towns in pennsyltatrii 1 , for the purpose of exhibiting their proficiency tn study. The name of Mr. James C. Watson it aug* geated for the succession, to the astronomical post at the Ann'Arbor Otwrvatory, left vai cant by the withdrawal of Dr. Brunnow. , Vfm. 3. Walking, formerly associated editorially with Pred. Douglas in bte paper, and somewhat noted as a colored writer and lecturer, is under arrest at Boeheiter, N. Y., to an- Bwerto a charge of bastardy. i Senator Iverson, of Georgia, has accepted an invitation, from the democracy, to a public dinner to be given on Thursday, 14tb of July. The anniversary of the birthday of Stephen Qirard was publicly celebrated at Oirard College last week. Governor Footu has began to slump tbe state: of Mississippi in opposition to the re-opening of the African slave trade. The "Pure Man" OB the Ufiia of tbe Timea. The ubiquitous correspondent, who last fall wrote to the Chicago Herald, from New York, and dated his missive "Lafayette County'" is now, or has been quite recently, aa we Isam by tbe Sentinel of yesterday, at St. Parfl, Minnesota. We have read his communication carefully, and regret to observe that no ray of comfort has yet gleamed athwart that "pare mans" mind. Like the Knight of the sorrowful countenance, he appears to have been in quest of melancholy adventures. "There If no peace for the wicked," nor for the "pure nun'' either. Be opens and closes with lamentations over the degeneracy and corruption of Federal and State officials in Wisconsin and Minnesota, The Collector of this port is a gentleman for whom he pnght to entertain the most kindly feelings, AS it wag mainly throngh his agency that we acquird this important accession to our population. He wrote him, "Hnbbell and I are for you against the field." The Collector could not withstand the seductive letters of this modern , Chesterfield, and came on. Noonan loved him alone—others tried in vain to divert or divide his affections, aj he informed Mr. Cla- aon, but he stood firm and unmoved, 'Hubbell and I are for yon against the field," said be in one of his characteristic epistles. We were, therefore, wholly unprepared for the following complaint, which we would, even »ow, fain believe so have been penned "more taiowow than in anger," if the style would admit of any snob construction, but alal 1 it WffllK*. Under date of May <22d, 1859, he write*itthis(organ,;the Sentinel. i intod Mrjoeexoltementand «Ur here, amon« those wioltnow of: it, about the OoUectbrof carport*ii*ing the goods of theHnd«on'B»y Companion theur way to tbe possessions of thaaoiupany, in the north-west. *<>•» * * It is to be hoped that this movement oni the pact of our Collector, has not been stimulated »y» morbid desire to make a display of hew- 1/HeAgtA authority, or disposition to betray a degree of cutash*ipne8s that would hardly be " -"Bin a freshly chosen town constable. " J * oJ tha'Bfder WeUer, we 7 It is severe and" , In the last cWea where tbe CoTlectoris compared to •« a Jreshly " IF SlHHEKS EsilCl TBEI CONSENT THOU HOT."—The Fret Democrat, advises our frlentf Calkins of the Madison Arffui to divide tbe democratic party, bat we really hope that Calkins, won't doit; and weajre convinced that he won't, if he takes time to reflect upon the probable motives of those who are urging him to "Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war." Don't be hasty, Etias—consider what it has cost to boild up ihig great party and what might be the consequences, if you should suddenly break it into fragments. " Tlu> State Convention—TfceCorrnplionlau ^a" •witk tlao Central Committee. Such is the caption of an article in the Mad ison Argtu tt Democrat, of the 24th inst., and with this for its theme it indulges in tbe expression of its fears that tbe party is doomed to ' another humiliating, if not a 6n»l and hopeleas defeat." Ro sensible democrat, at all acquainted with tbe management of party matters in this Stale for the few last years, can be fooled by the hypocritical professions of hooesty pat forth by a certain no- fcrieof political backs, wire-workers and office- seekers, whose whole policy ii to ruin, if they cannot rule. They originated thu discussion which has (wen going on for some weeks in relation to the proper time for holding our nejt Stale convention, and thought they had struck the right vein in pretending that tUo farmers would be vastly inconvenienced by a snmmons to elect delegates in mid-summer, and in proclaiming an intense anxiety to protect the interests of that portion of the people. This ground of their antagonism to an early convention was soon taken away tbem by the concurrent testimony of tbe rural districts, that the holding of the contention In tbe middle of July would best accommodate the very ClaiS recardint Whoso n<ui<.»ni v r> <- and ircl- fare so much tender concern was manifested. All that remains for tbem tow is lo swear that those in favor of taking tbe field at an early day, are actuated by correct motives, are reckless of the interests of the party, meaning to do or try to do, just what they themselves have notoriously been laboring at for years, that is to disorganize and defeat the democracy if they are refused tbe privilege of leading and controlling it. We repeat that this Is just th« game they have regularly played for the last Biz years past, and tbe leading actors in it. uo matter how thoroughly they may think they have disguised themselves, are too well known and understood to deceive any man, woman or child, wbo ever saw them or heard of them They begin their attacks before * Convention by prof-aging great anxiety for the nomination of ' j.ure men"—meaning men of their own sweet-sceuted set—and when tho Convention has done what tbey expected it would do—has ignored their distinguished claims by selecting other candidates, they open in full cry, and try to get np People's tickets ; they shout "fraud and corruption/ 1 and work secretly with the opposition to insure the fulfilment of their own prognostications of defeat That is the game they are exercising themselves at now, and they are preparing to go through its different moves and stages precisely according to the precedents they have heretofore set. The only reason assigned for all this parade of solicitude about the action of the next convention—this agony of fear lest tbe party may be started on a march to sure defeat—is that the Central Committee have resolved to call the delegates together six weeks earlier than ever before. One would think these patterns of political purity would thank the committee for the change, inasmuch as the men gtig- matfced as reckless, incompetent, corrupt, of whom they profess so much fear, and for whom they affect to cherish such a high degree of virtuous abhorrence, have had very good luck in controlling most of the State conventions that have been thos far assembled. If there be any thing of consequence so far as controlling matters is the time for assembling, it would seem that tbe last week in August or the first in September would be thelnekiest season for the machinations of tbe class of men who are expected by these guileless patriots to govern the action of tbe Jnlj convention, and exhibit their villainy In again "contemptuously ignoring the honest men of the party." God help those "honest men." if they cannot find any more honest representatives of their wishes and fears, their hopes and anxieties, than snoh as are now bleating forth lamentations in their half. As to the election of delegates to the Charleston convention, the representatives of the democracy assembled at Madison, whether in Jnly, August, or September, will be, we believe, entirely competent to decide, an indeed it will be their duly to decide, in relation to that matter. It Is of no great consequence whether tbey shall elect, or shall commit that duty to the discretion of a convention to be held nexi winter. We are very confident they will recommend no absurdity as the election of national delegates by the district system.— Janettille Times. startle ft younger and unconscious generation. 8ujeJ»a,tragrfy,ha»K«enty occurred injths town of ^o"rth-A<iams, x i& this State, InfroWing several persons of,respectable position, including two physicians, a married man who his fled from! the State, and:- an imhappy young womant>ver~whoru the> grave hta mercifully closed. The circumstance of "death gives a certain seriousness and solemnity to any series *f transactions to whioh it forms a close ; but beyond this, nothing can-be imagined more repulsive and distasteful than the history and details of this wretched affair. - There an no gleams of tragic grandeur or fervid passion falling upon the dark ground of guilt and Weakness, and«ven In the debasement of humanity giving some hints and glimpses of its higher aspirations and capacities. It la a tls- tne of disgusting and degrading occurrences, which ao man of pure taate t and healthy moral sense can ever wish to know any thing about; and if perchance he had been compel' led, in the way of duty, 'to 'pollute his' mind with them, he would straightway desire to go through some sort of moral; quarantine, and lie fumigated and lustraied before mixing again with decent people. Saoh is not the view of the oas.) entertained by the Springfield Republican. That, paper, which we presume to have • pretty large circulation among the four western counties of the State, has been for some day* past polluting the imagination, and depraving Hbe moral sense of its readers,by the most minute details of this disgusting affair. ; Statements such as only belong to a medical journal,—confessions snob as a patient breathes only in the ear of hit phymoian,—facts such as when testified to in a court of justice produce • general hush in the room, and make every man avoid 1 his neighbor's eye and look down at bis shoes,—are spread out in the columns of that journal, commented upon in editorial type, and thus brought to the inevitable notice of. every man, woman and child, within its range of circulation, it cannot be that the farmers who dwell under t lie shading elms of the Connecticut, and among the green valleys and breeiy bill-sides of Berkshire, can wish to have tbe eyes of their wives and daughters offended by disclosures F j filthy and Abominable that if any one man 1. ad brought them to notice of any one woman, it would have been an outrage worthy of personal chastisement ; and if there had been so prurient and depraved a taste, (we beg panton for the supposition), no decent paper should have gratified it. It is a great mistake 10 imagine that any moral good is or can be trrampiitbvd by socUdisclosures. Familiarity with coarseness and grossness can come to no moral good; and in those professions that are obliged to meet with them in tl»e way of datv. it requires constant self-vigilance to escapf'tlieii injurious influence. If the public sentiment oT the western part of the State sustains su< h a coarse on the part of the Springfield SejmbUean, we v« onlv to say that our system <•! popular education is very far from being i he perfect thing it is sometimes represented to he. moral* in - Weatern HaMacbiuetta. We hazard nothing io sayfng that there is no community in the world in which the inar- riage tie Is moris respected than ia New Eng- and; no one iri,r*lilch the parity of woman is more carefully guarded; no ; bnein which the relations between the eexes »re oontrollea by a stricter public fcentlment.' -Batmen end women ,in New England are but mortal : and Bomehmes, under £he influence of temptation The CoBArmoc4 CrtaaUania. Prom (he DraDiford, O. W., In less than one month the unfortunate men, Over, Moore and Armstrong, will have suffered the extreme penalty of the law for the murder of a fallow lieing. In the mean- is the clergymen of all denominations hi town are unremitting in their la Lore to prepare them for the awful change, V'esterday, n company with James Weyms, Esq., we visited Armstrong In his cell, and funnd him jnsily engaged in writing out a history of lis life. He appeare I to be very chearfal, and said be was quite prepared to die ilia death to rhich he was sentenced. For upwards of an jour he related tons the perpetration ofcrimes of Different kinds, of which be had been guilty during his life, for all of Which be expressed deep penitencu. He never was ongaged in murder, he said, till the one for whioh he was now sentenced to death. He appears to have >een a most expert house breaker, neither ocks, bolts or bars, forming any obstruction .o him. During his life, be (aid, he bad rob>d to the extent of $15,000, in money and ewnlry The largest haul made by bin wai from tbe purser's offi. e of the steamer Empire State, ying at the wharf at Buffalo, the sura stolen by him on that occasion being $2,810—the robbery was effecte.i t.y him dressing himself a female, and passing himself off as tbe wife of the cook of tUn II..HI. The clothes w«r« arnisbed him by a prostitute, In a house of It-fame at Buffal. t.. whom he gave $300 for the use of them, iio also related to as that on tbe 14th of April—the dar be was liberated .'rorn jail for sU-alinR, that Moore and Over told him how they had been unsuccessful in their attempts to throw the express train on the Great W estern Railway off the track OS tbe night of the 12th March. The place selected by tbem tor tbe accomplishment of Ibla'nena- ish crim« was the long bridge o'er :be (rrand river, between Paris and Harrisburgh, whitfto it was expected by them would have been broken through by tbe engine, by means of obstructions laid on the rails, and tbe entire train precipitated into the river. Thus a fine opportunity for plunder would have been prw- sented to tbem. We bad uo time to visit Moore and Over, with whom, at tbe time we left the cells, the Rev. George Young, Wesleyan Minister, was engaged 1n prayer. ELECTION FRAUDS CHARGED rjpos KEWAD- sec AKD BBOWK COUSTIES.—The Madison Journal of the 20th, under the title of "Democratic frauds," alleges that there was wholesale cheating in the returns of the Judicial election in E.ewaunee county, and particularizes the vote of Bed Biver,wbich was returned at 261 for Lynde, and none for Paige. Il says, loo, that the vote of Casco Is without doubt a fraud. It says the actual vote of Red River was only 126. Ed. Decker, tho clerk of tbe board of that county, is alluded to as the probable perpetrator of those "frauds." We are not familiar with the town of Casco, and cannot speak from personal knowledge, though we know it t be a populous town,and able to poll a much : .i^ur vote than it returned, which was only 103. We have been told it can poll two or tbrer hundred. We know there is over 300 voters PI Red Biver,and were disappointed on seeing ouiy 261 returned—as we were assured that they would all be out— there being an unusual interest In that election on account of local questions. The fact that all the votes were for Lynde ifl not surprising. Tbflre were no Paine votes on the ground, and if'there had been tbey would not have been voted. The people of Kewaunee county are at least as virtuous as the people of Dane county, and as little likely to perpetrate frauds. Ed. Decker wbo is pointed to as tbe perpetrator of election frauds, will be likely to die/..*<k J u:«~ n t t __ »L;_ *i__ *. t'o^ch afitd Saddlery ~«r BAKNESBKOTHEBS NO. ^ ALBANY! BL.OOK, Would lnrl«el«h« attention or thi trade to their iargt • itockof ~ | * rARE SADDLERY HAHDW -AND-] ' ! AGE TRiMMIJNOS .1-' OAR Baddies O Patent add Coamrled Leataei', Bnudeled Ootha, alt qotlltn., i »hlp., Bone Coven, S\j oeu, tc, Carriage Spring*, *xl«. «i»lle»hlelron,*o., t Bows, rellori, Bpokci^ . . . ^ _ SbVttt, Habe, **; Of the bert £i»tern timber 1 800 ^_ • ~— . . N., - • v-^vr w*B**w Jolt rtcelttd from one of the largeit Kajtern manu- fKkTlet, the kjoallty and «orkman»hJp anaurpalied, to which we wfldld Invite «peclal attention. •' phr 1 Oar 4wck throngtioat will b« found (complete aod offered at tbe loweit prices. : ! DABHE8 BKOTHBRi 1 , mayto I j Michigan at., opposite HewhaUjHonn. Steam to tbe Pr ncipal Towks IB EHQLANt) AHD SCOTLAND FOfi $30. lie powufal Iron Bte&mahlpa CIH OF UALTIMOBK, 01 IT OF WASHIHGTOK. | KANQAKOO, WUl iall from New fork for Cork dlreit and thence ; tourerpoil, ' The CITY O/SUNOaESTea anj VI60 will tall fr BELFAST and OOttK to New Tork once a Mouth. Bate of Pataace from N«w York To OorY.iLrrerpool and th6 principal towna In I8KJ.AJ4D, ENGLAND i«D SCOTLAND: Cabin, ---- 115. .................... Third ClaM... »80. ¥W Pawenfeera forwarded to Havre. Antwerp, Bremen and Hamburg for |?5 In Cabin, S35 Third Clan. TOPARI8(ln24houra from Liverpool,) Oi>bin |85, nurd Claai, »OS. Perioni *iihlns to rand tor Ihnlr friendi can obtain Oertlflcatei of pauace from OXl&K or II'.LJfABI in NKW ¥0a« for |31, from LITCKPOOL »4». for paai »xff apply to R. J. Oortla t Uo , 17T Ilroad- waj, N. V., John Q. Dale, IB Broadway, N. V., or lo ; «HOTHV I ARNST, •_ _ _ .i S Milwaukee, WUcooiln. H. • — P»i«n(era by tftla Line avol* the rl* and delay of calling at Halifax and St. Johns. . mayU rillLE.V* BOOTS. THK GKNUINK AKT1C1.K 1 MaNCFAGTUBED BT JOHN PHALEN, T HE only oAe auttiorii:d to maoufaetan the abva- named BopU, at 72. EAST WAT P. It STBKET. TbePbalen Boot Ii oat at tbe most unique anil e e- gaot coTtr.Ofti for the fcrt tint ba« erer been Invented. Thtyaf* mad« of 'he best of itook and most fiiiluhe woclunaoshlp,. and are warranted to cure Corbs, Bun- loot,Swelled Feet, Swelled . rad, Khumatiim, Oout, •c. Remember tbat fie SoltAgen for these lout Inreated BooU III tbll City, ii to be fouo.l ai 72 But Water it., where, also, may be found a general ujortmedt or JttMlTM A- SHOES, GA.ITElt<., &(,-., For Gentleman and Ladle* that 'here ia in this market' all mannfaetute*! under tbe tuperrtft'on of the ftnbscn- ber, [roa>23] JUUN PUALttN. 734] MIKHIta-, SAI STATE QF WISCONSIN, | Circuit Court, ^Milwaukee County, t Michael Hill and 1 William Tnnbridge, againij Thomai a. Rnddli J 1 *i virtue of ind poraoant to a ju lament rrniiered In laid Court, In the ^tx>ve ent.tled action. daUii 19,1839, I shall expoge for tale and at Public Auction, at the Potl-OHice, in the City of Milwaukee, on M*lnrday ||>« »tti dar of July, ISSD, at the hour of j r. • , of that day, purttiaot to Chapter IK of the Revised Statute!, entitle.! "Of the Li»n of Mechanics andiOthrn." a'l the righl, title an t interest the defendant 'had tn and lo tht? follovintf detcnbtd premHeJOC th» 19th day of arrll. or at anjt lltn« there «««,T.aT ••Tbat part at the north east quarter of lection No 8t, In toornihlp No. T, nngp ?1 ea«t, lying north and rait of the Menomonee Hirer, in .he City and County of MUm-.u.<e, State of Wu- con<lo. * ud claimed by the defendant ligreth er whh a certain soap and ranrlle firtory, ait- Dated Sheriff's Offic*. Milwiukte, May 24, IgSf. D. 00*901, I A JHNUWO8TUT, Pl'ffl Att'j ( Sh'ff Mil. Co \\H. M .'chan'f 9 L'en LA WY BiiS. & Jt -OOUNSEL,L.OK. AT LAW, WA8SAC ST., NEW YORK. CHANDLER & HICKGOX, Attorney a &Ounsellors at I»aw NO. 9 KmEELAND BLOCK, MILWAOKKS. IJBKBTouiroua, [>prlSJ una mcscox. t. CXO8S. I. B^ CROSS * PA (IB ISM, ATTORNEYS & COUNSELLORS AT LAW. No. IO, Albany UutldliiK, Ml LW ADKEE. ......... >pl .......... WISCONSIN. PCCKUAIU & ATTORNEYS & COUKSELLORS AT LAW, •Areodt folding, 173 Eiiitt Water a., 1/ilwuutet. Q. W. PEBKBAV, formerly 1 EjtClHlKS A COLT,Alb«ny, I New York. . { 7. BLOODOOOO U O. 8. Court OominUjlone. anil Com- mlnloner for ie»er»l itates. novl»-<i6m BLOODOOOO. B.L.P1LHXI ........ ; .............. J08H01 ETT««I. k*Al MKH & STAKK, Attorneys & Counsellors at Law. ff Office, No. 2, Mitchell's New Rank BmhUDR.cor- Ot-r i.f Michigan anil-Rait Water itreeU, MiKrankee. lanSO QILVtBT L. PAXZ ....................... J. W. 7AJ MTKBS FAttK A VAN MYERS, Attorneys and Counsellors at Law. STXfSJfS POINT, . . WISCOXSJX, . Will practice In tbe rartoDB Oonrta or the Serenlh jQili- clal Circnil of Wtieoiulc, and will (aithfnll; iu*r,.l l<, ell buslneu Intniiled to as, remittances promivtly mat.e. Land Warrant* tocntetl in ^elecieti Un-U fi i ^hoie at a dlitance. A SoTTlFTXa, Banlcert, Mttv i. R. SllilPBTIIJ, bq., Mriwioilit- Lrmu. A Run, MiUiakee. A BOOTH, " A BAlutoa, Chicago. Hon. J CiTO», Ottawa, III. SPECIAL NOTICES HATHAWAY & BELDEN, BANKING, Laud and Collection Ollict- mhl» WISCONSIN TBE GttKiT EX&LISU KEMUY* SIR JAMES CLARKE'S Celebrated Female Pilis. Prepared frixrn a prescription of Sir ./. Clakt, Jf. D., Physician Extraordinary to th« (futen. Thfa InTalnable medicine la anflfllln« to the cure of «n those painful tod dangerous Jtieasen u> *hicb ibe fu- toale conatitatiou s suh.eot Ii ouHlttraitr* ail <•«.<*»• and remorei *\U objtruciiun*, »ocl t ipeeJy cure raaj be relied on. it U pecolferly tailed. Ik will, la A short Utn«-, t>nug L t> tbe monthly period with regularity Each bottle, price One Dollar, bears Uie Govcrnu^-i fitifflp a( Great Britain, U> prevent coanlQTfeita. ' 1Ti4MPUlgnhottid not 6« fa£<m by fwnaU* 'tv*i.,,j Lht FIRST TBR&X MONTHS of /Vetfnamry. .19 tA«y l an tvra to bring un jr r i4c<irri^i^« 1 btU ai tny otAar f Jwi4 they art tfijt. In all cues ol NerryOB •rrd Spinal Affection, P»i n ID I the Back and LlinbB, yatiiruu on slight axertioo. Hr\ipi- , UttoD of the Ucart, tiy.terica, and VVhitci, iheau Pilla will effect a carte wLen til uther meana have faUed, *nd although a powerful remedy, do oot contain iron» caJn- msl, antimony, or an/ thinK imrtfui u, the cnnstitotion. 9v\\ directions tn the pamphlet uroun 1 each ^ackait** which ahoald be carefully prviervt.t -^ole A pent for tlir United ritat. a and Camilla, JOB M')HKS, (Lat,: I r iuid» n 4 O. R. chMUr. N Y » • t>o«tle, eintainmB <»f QRKEN A BUTTi>N 0. HARHiNuTop. bo. -\vuurn * -u *• J. u.ALi'urr ^_-'[ HATS AND CAP? H A^l ^"" ( A P s STRAW "GOOD TK.N PFH lE.Hr. IUWKU Than can h«* ANt. OTHER VI KRI iVI o 1 HOUSE KRIpHANT.« wh., 'le,lr. •„ Me of goodi), ir^ ren|,..,- mv itock hefore bujint;. \* I •Ill cnorlnce them that 1 ,ni — CENT lower than »ny ,'h,-r city. Uy jnoda WTt' pur'-hnm IN TIIK W K>T 3TKAW UOOD8 My iasortm- l.r- .K BONN I-.K tJON NKK B( >N N KK BON N KK I>< r IK' 1 >» t (-. K H. I '< r I- I; r-.l X rl-.K I .1- 1 M I M i I I \ 1 l I V I H \ 1 HA 1 I I A I H \ 1 \ H \ 1 P A r i, M «. XJ KKCH A.NTH KU"\I JL 17; 2V < ;«|>« A ««11 ,m> »n.l it |>oni Uiorized Aff^nt, w\\\ ln«u pilla, by return mail for *aJe by A I W t 1 i > | t -, \ i , tl,,. VKKY IIKHT - r " K ; RETAIL CrOOlJ^ r .u*- • . •'! s M ,rv : . . . _ . , . , Ii. 'ill K < > . . r' HOTEJLS, &C. JNO. A. SAVAfJK, -Hi., attornev and Counsellor at Law NOS. V a ID, PHOENIX UUILDlNn, UltWAtTKEE, WISCONSIN FiOommtasloner for H. T., Peno., Ohio, Indiana, III and Iowa. United Staif* and Oirtruil Cvurt C(rm-*nisit('*t*r. )eS I> O U DRON, ue wan emtab U I S HO U S E. uv Tiomtix roi is, DRON, ueur fcasi W»i e r sLrv^i F!.e L..UIS HDU.^ lu 1*43, and baa b«en cootinned by the lame proprietor, who take* this occasion to return acknowledgment U> bin [r^nd^ and ih>- punlu- for many yt>ari prut, *nd tonclt4 fur so QEO. A. BTA1EWB1THER . . J. 0. PTiJtCW Ki TH B ^El* LAW FliiTI. George A. Starkweather (laiv u( O.' -('-rsLiTrn N V. h»s thli day entered into [iartct»rahi;. *:'fi r..» ».r John C. Starkweather. Tbvy will irict Oourt nf the U. B. »od ID l ihts 8tat«. J. 0. 8- Is Commissioner of l l eedi for *ll the !*t»!«s Office—hi State bank Building, Kaat W%u:r >u their contiauancf <if ti.eir kind coatajns many roum.i, writ furnished with ftnvtra and f fort. There ar-r »omf fau' houat DOW vtraat, thai i.nti i so<">n. Th« U.m« for FURNITURE WAKt. 'IiMif (" uri ill?"- '.'. \ ATM \\ SSJiSi K i A bINF.T t 1,1/1 A:U M \ .N I r- ').» in,! : l prscti. . • hf »»-vpr»l C ATTORNEY AND OOCNt«EL1.0a AT LAW. — Empire Bluck, Ml W,i,-r .1 J. V. V. PL ITTO. Attorney & Counsellor at La v?. Office In Mtu-hdl'ii Bank H'. .1; .4 Yankee, Wwconsin. HOOK K.Kit SPANlil N ALBANY RESTAURANT r U I > r I - H \ r K (IT .HYATT HOCSK. N" s , M j%n 1 ,11 4, '•UU.-* SPLENDID HOTEL ha* r t .- e0 rl y -1,4, A prfttors—(Jeo^xil M*: Ma Oman reLlrmr. Messrs fH>Yl) KUCre^ilmK him IQ :id uaiia< I^jf SiHaarv V \re b«-th well mown ihrou< western country aj gvnilrmen of eiptrriein;*' keepuiK, *n.i no .ih^t -i>isarance> 19 Hyatt Uouar w U h«r<;!vri*T l>« c<iQ'l' erv.n^ the [jaUuoatji: -jf uie pubnr. UKOCEKJES, PKUVIsiuN.S 4 h«*a|> I ami I > *, i . ( rr ^-saary '.hat -he \V t 1 II h 1 M.nn . tf-^ New • 278] NJM Mil> (^ MALE. BTATE 0» WISOOSSIN, I Circuit Court, MUvaukee Uo. ( Booert Uameyand John DeBo>, againit Dennli Nugent and Jamea Nngett. Execution. B Trlrtne of an execotlr.r. iuu««J from lai I Co«tl, tx> tbe aixiTe /entitled a< t. n t to me directed and de- Urercd apaUitt the gt-aAt, > i.»ttel» and ml estate or Dennli Nujrrnt tJid Jamu Nuicent, I bare iciln! ind taken Uie following deacribed rral estate a< Uie pro, rr- \j of the defendant* or either of them, to vu : (••Lot number, four (4), block one hundred ana tMrtj-four (184)In the Pint WarJ of tt,e Oltj of Milwaukee, Count/ of Mllvaaker, State of vhlch the laid defendant* or either of them hail In and to taid premises at the dale of thr uling of a certain warrant of attachment heretofore toned In tb4 action, to wit: Oa the Sth dar o I June, 1858.'? Which properly, aa afore»»ld, t »IU erpote for •ale and tell at Public Auction, at the Conn Haute, .n the Oltj of Milwaukee, on Saturday, the Sotti Amy of September, lS5S,atlbe hnor of »r.».. of that day to aatisfy said ezecntion and co«u. Dated SaerlU's, Office, .Milwaukee, Auffnjt 9, iJSS BCTLS*, BOTTUOI * OomiLL, I HKRJJAN L. PAGE, Pl'ffl Att'yi. f .sh'ff. Mil. Oo. Wta. an|10-dU««» JST" The abovelalf Is herebjr postponed to Batardaj, October 2S, 1558, at tfee tame plane and hour al above tuined. D«ted Sheriff'( OfSf e, UllTankee, Aoimt 25,1653. HBRMAM L. PA.QE, Sh'fJ. Mil. Co., Wla. m abora falep farther postponed to Batartlar, the 80th day of florember, 1SS&, at the same plave and botirft* above n4med. Dated Sheriff'* Office, Milwaukee, Oct. 23,185S. HERMAN L. PAGE, i QCta4-««r Sh'ff. Mil. Co., Wta. Vf~ The aboT» sale Ii further postponed to Saturday fab. 19, 1869, it the same place and boar as al njjned. D»t»- -IB 'a Office, Milwaukee, NOT. SO, 1SSS. HERMAN U PAGE, shir. ktii. Co., wis . The abote aale Is still further uoitponed t Saturday, Angus! 20, 1KS9, at the same p'ace and hnu u above named. UKBMAN L.PAGK, febZO-lawtt Late gh'ff. Mil. Co.. Wls. j*etv n. a. irnuci B JOB* w c««y At Ionic > • Utlic.: .n Vo, LOOK HEiit, t I N I N O iL I ) I S A I, O N !: •i. i j i 1 id < uuit»ollor« > '« B.-.rk, C..rntr U*m « consln llr^ci, [ ih»- pi*c* l.i procure i' «• <m:ill «um of 'Ut ipitr^l witri Ihe choicest vliui*lf Ut MTKUN VM> <;.4 ' n-od »ub*iMi,nnt , and in- t^Di^a la if ih« »ea»tjn \ N I V I I I IUt>;>l'—l With I I'll A 'I A 1.1C Tr»v will Q n> [..'.n th- .-«,t %n<t c Mil'.'I:! I"- 1 <..••* r>i^ H»r t Misslsatpp' Kofel tf in pn>cuf v tli«ir •y C CCNNI^HH.1«. iTr>pr'et.,r- M1SC Ki.l .A.N I Chase i Bradiry. <.. * 111 n o .\ D «*, LK r-ttoHUlKTOH * M A.N L' f A' TC SKH 0 f ft S£ OHIO CATAWBA BRANDY, u A n, V "' " wja. ir : / vL I / 1-rciM'h S5i.iiMt> I'Al' AN1> K u .s u 1*1 \» % MILWACKKE, . \.i I I I . 1 N .^ ». u s ru t 11. «j|ilitn.:i»l evidence .if Lh« >u.' Itjil ty •..> m»ilr tly 12Jf \\ i 1 1 in m« Auction and l.tNU <i. i a 1C od n n v 5 Commission Merchants, •f »Nf> MilNKY B! r i «»t « \ •» i > K r, Hi Faml. W ILL f\vv oarticalar attention tu the sale ture, l>ry Goods ftn-l ererj de«crij.U'JO <»f Sl*r CbaDdtxe, &t their ^&].- n> m ^r Mi EI.y ^Art ,f If.c Clt) Or County T^F* Lilteral a vancei iaa m ' ilKTStr.e-nii, %n j i-r 'rfn- returns made. N. B.—bo$ds. Notes and Mortgage! negotiate!. Jan 19 Mil.\\AHKKK HAZAAK.. C, DbLOnME& OUENTIN NEXT DOOR TO MBSWKS. RAADFORU BBO'K, iSncy Go<-ds, Toyl, Willow Wire sjjd Ysnke- Nouoo Alto, fSr l ro' t«ry Ooo<is an<! Zephyr Worsted. C»tAWte» Brinily ant inly --^ ^-'Tleil Br-inJies, .n gorily MI ln-^l UfVtllij in-Wl T V ,,1 \tJl < > <1 ny iNe •»*ri(r)c»i«5B -if .ur m«i ..uniry , irnl thr- .ntr idurtmn uf an %rtic!r &.* iu »U|^ rscr^lr Ui*- saia ami use nf './ 3ae3 *JJ i^'* ifnoU ']a*J)t)«3 ,'laimi^I for ihtt Oeat tjtl lii4Ut>n, *n<l is of perfect purity *a«l «op«riQr , anil * *oven.ra anil iur* rvmetly fur Uyit>^vjni», ncy . Cramp, Colic, Languor. Lo » Spirit*, 'tencr r V > t A'." u . i i .i 'i rot > u < .) 1 » '1 I'HOH > ( ». K I \ r . r- i t-.l \ 1 I NO li. FAMILY SHOULD BE WITH-KT Retail Price, ftl,£.i Per Hottle. " R^commeoJed by th« phyilrlana i.n.1 iruif IT. II I .> « K B 4631 SMKBIFfS SALE. STATE 0V VnSOONSlN, i OlrcnU Ooort, Milwaukee County. ( Joseph R. Treat, against Jama W. Stearni, Benjamin F. Stiles, The Preddtnt o the Farmen 4 Millers' Bank, Dextar B. Brit ton, E W. Wheelock, Horace H. Freeman afiS Elliabeth, hi •rife and Caleb B. P.itterson. oreclosure. • I* «& indirect unudt npbn thenaUotud admin iftrtion, Whibh a friend ahonld not hare atthtetiMe But we no» tome th«.L«nient«tions of Jo.Uh - »«aiirt«rjjfl[«ttentfon <»f tbe people of lS* tein P er *°'ent. ^ey slide torn tue and fall into iin. Occasionally a dr> mestio tragedy iappena ; aometimes in & oily or large town, andeometimea in one *of ihoae rani villages which Mem th« eiolm^se abode of innocence ar/d peaca Sonfe ats&Kk rere- Utfon is madet some dark path of- seoFet sin is illuminated With a sodden flaah of notoriety some life, TeneSred with decency and respect*- tflity, is found to hare a oantral core ^de* grading profligaej. Sometimes such thin« get Into the newspapers, but not-always-— though more frequently now than formerly; wm8thnestbe/.are made the subject of ecol^s- ^J*SZ^%&$!*ZJ*£&. *$* himself on this question, or we do Dot know the man. He la a straight.forward, in- lelligent, honorable gentleman,and would not, for the wealth of the State, commit any such act as is charged upon him. The Journal winds up its article with this paragraph : " We presume that an Investigation would show equally gross faults in Brown county — Tho sudden and unprecedented increase of voters in those regions is highly suspicions and it will tie well to keep a sharp look-out up. on them hereafter." It has been fashionable among tho republican presses lately, immediately upon hearing the returns from northern oonntiej, to allude to the "suspicions increase of voters" ha this quarter. We have not replied to the ionendo before, because it did not really have an air of earnestness about it; "but there is a studied implication. • Some of the Milwaukee aud Madison editors have been unable tot a year or two past to see anything tnnch beyond their own noses. They bate forgotten that Wisconsin extends beyond thi Four Lakes, or the brickyards on the Menomonee. Pwrhaps our friend Gen. Kin.,who does try to keep np with the tfanea, may concede that it takes inthe Plank Bo^d Brewery But beyond those places they are accustomed to regard it as one howling wilderness. There are ports north of thoseplaees, and steamboats land at them. Emigrants do come into Brown, Kewannee, and other counties hereaway, and do, in course of time, become voters. We beg our Madison and Milwaukee friends to be persuaded of those things. We beg of tbem, loo, to mend their manners in speaking of us. It is no light thing to say glibly that there are probably election frauds in Brown county. Evwjbody knows that snoh an insinuation is false; andabe has t&> much j*S{icct for her own dignity to invite investigation. She, does not, however, shun it Neither will .gewaouae.—gwtn Bay Adt I S virtue of ana parauant to a judgment rendered In •aft Court, Id the above entitled action, dated March fi, 1W9, I ihall expose for sale and sell at pub lie auction, at thd Post-office on Use corner of Wltcon sinani Milwaukee atreeta, to the eltj of Milwaukee, on Saturday, the ITth day of September 1659, at the hour; of 1 r. M. of that day, the following described mortgaged premlsea, or ao much thereo as ma/ be necessary to raise the amount of said judg ment. Interest and cost*;" together with expenses 0 sale, to wit: ; "Tb* south vet* quarter of < eetion number fifteen [15], In township number seven [T], north wife; said pretalsei belo; situate In tte County of 'Milwa.okee'and State of Wisconsin." Dated Sheriff's Office, Mllwantee, March 10,1SS8 I, BFAiamama, I A. J. LANGW O«THV, Prffs AlTy. f Bb'fl. MU. Co, Wls. raarl»-lam6m-lastlaw6w , I f Judgment of Foreclosure and Sale _ . PXATJEVOF WISCONSIN, I WrctaUCoort, Milwaukee Oonnt,, f «*»*eW.eee)aiam,l Judgment of forecloann and ' SHERIFF'S MALt. MATE OF WISCONSIN, Circuit Oonrt, Milwaukee Co. Ham Beery Jorgena, 1 against • . V Daniel E. Ootcon.) J I K virtue of and pursuaot to K jadgmtnt m Bald Oonrt, la the above entitled action, dated November 10,185T, I shall exppie for lale and iell at Pnbllc Auction, at the Court Bonae, in the City of Milwaukee, on Saturday, tlie lid day at July, 1859, at the boor of 1 r. st, of thai day, the following described mortgaged premlsts, to #11: "AU that cerlalt pi ce or parcel of land, situate, Ivlsg and belbg In the County of Milwaukee' and BUte of Wisconsin, and belag • part of the north weat qaanerof section 17, In township 7, north of range 23 east, an j being the K. X of those certain 25 acres, coov«7ed to John Adam Mueller and Mkrla,hl»wlfe,and Frederick Mneller and Ohajlotte Wllhelmtne, hK wife, by James i U. tt.gers and wife, \>j warranty de d, dated) March U, 18M, and recorded In the Office of Register or , eeds of HllwanHee County, In Vol. B. of Deeds, pages 76 and 17; bounded on the north and 4ooth by the repetitive north and south lines of laid- north west quarter of said •ectlon 17, on Ihe cut by the west line of 85 acres, being alio put of laid north are<t quarter, let off In a tegular form, from the east part of said qdarter section, and on tbe weft bTcert&ln norh and ionth line to be drawn throngh the oc itre of laid i»acres, being by eUtaate 12 60-100 acre*, be the fame more or leai." Dated (Tierlff '• Office, Milwaukee, April 84, I860.' BorjiftPam,! j A, J. LANUWORTHV^ mayij-lawtw \ . LAUHV, Bh'ff. MU. Co., Wit. raUelthe amount doe to the < * ogeth * r '" plaintiff for ' land, known and de- block one aunrard, »——-—— --^ *rftr~*+mv »s*,»js>|^ WA I* 11 * *" Wlwaokee. County of MilwanJ Wlttoaita'i ^^^ I ai lot nnmber eleren ; {U), ln.block one r .A and «lz (1M), lo IbVleTentbTrart, (tarniwiyflwBMtVaHy oTthMrtdtJttyof Uff will ., . - - —,—.—at rendered lo . tneahove entitled action. I ihall eat- for «ale and sell at Public Auction" at the Court .>. Aj n ^ h S'"*' r o**fll»»nkee, onHatorday* tbe ZBtli. day ol nay-* 186g, at the boor of S «hatd»y,-U» following deVcrlbed mortgaged premjies, or to much thereof«» m»r be neoenarr to r«.lfl*l»>ta •*•!*••••• 4«> *M *\,A *tlAl*.*tJr *__ ^._,__. .*. CIRODIT COURT, 1 Hllwantwe Coabty. f . Bamuel 8, D»ggett, FlalntlB, against • Henry Miller, Juliana Miller, hliwlfe, NanlreStrue- bm,orNa»al!»Btrtnlenj,Ephraini H. HoweJi, D. D. Wllilanuon, Jr.j Treasurer, Jacob 8choenb-'lj, Michael Bower. John Blakely, William BlakeJv Henry MaUlafB, frederiek Althof, Herman Bi^ 5 brali Althof, fJharle« Althof, Jolrn^H. John 9. A. KernTbefendanti ' SS5i?** P'*"*««5»lni to thea*oTe oajud dttendinU ^rOparwhmby^n.m<med and repaired to anlwer X the cpmnialntftotbi»actton, which Ii flle^the omce of the Clerk or tbe Clrcalt Court, for HDwaakea County, and toierre a copy of your aniwer t» «ald complatotjm n». kt our office,InMllchdl'i Build ag r eorneri); MlBnlgaaknd ? ait Water ilreett, to the pity -jf mhraokee. v witt|n twenty daw^ after tie leririce hereof, excluilre of the dry of inch service: and If you tallto"«ni*er the fomplalnt ai aforetald, (he. ed In i ~x_ i < BIIL }. I •$£. f ly to the^Jourt for the relief d alnt.'-''''.^^!' •" -'^-;-: ' - I:-;,--'--.-, Wltneur Honi AKTHUB MdABTHtTB, .. . of tald { Circuit Oonrv a< HUwaakte, J Mb, da> of April, 18M. ! - "". r* Wltneaaf the seal of laid Court. • ••'• '• L ""flHBVr KMNAS', mail i. Stial, patoUff'i Attorney, "-•- f. /. H'aa *TH . . . . . ... art IOB WALL PAPER J. J. >!<<;K\Tifl A CO., 21 \> J-.4 O.VHl* STUEET, nrronms, WBOLX&IU AJTO MJKTAJI. DULCU 11 Paper Hangings, Window Shades, &c. Competent workmen s^ut uj ail p*ru of the City &nJ In all >i« feb2S . t-immuucls fias appointed J P tt i ILJLiY. N, 4 Eut W iUrr street, sole sirentj for th« ritai« of Wig. c: ri tin, where <J«aJers anil customers Till plvase for- I w«r\l ttietr orders. ity -railing on th< agents, the public will receive asam- pie irrmLojooaly ajy '9 BIEXRY OTILLEK'* I LAOEK BEEK SALOON, .AND B I L L I A H I> K O O VI, l.iO Eaat Water Slrtet. A VAJUETY of Dishes prepared at til hours, Mr Lonches or Suppen, consisting of MKAT8, SARUlNKa, PICKLED flSH, ' J, H, CORDES& CO Wholesale HUSIN I Groce Ooonuy for DecomUnp and Paper branches, &I] work warr*nt«J. ANGUS SMITH & CO., Storage, Foruarding& Commission M KUCHA NTS. Proprietors of the j ELEVATOR Ai the termlcoj of the Milwaukee A Miastsaippi and the MlJyaakee, Watertoini A lUrnboo Valley Railroad*. fjP^ Liberal aj)T«Dce> tnade on property in store, or TOT fthipmentto K 13 tern Markets. oci23 dir Lrai n. PF1KTEK A: CO. Manufacturer!'and Defers ID ttlicr, I'liiaintTS, Hldo*, Ar. .' • U9 Ealt WaUr street, Milwaukee, W'i ' Ouh paid for Hides, Pelts, Wool. *c »aa 1.', John Alarquis, A.rchiteci, JUNKAU LJLOCK, U prepared t furnish plans for all kinds of bail.linn at the shortest notice. REFERENCES : J. 8; BaUIS.I JOH.1 II. Uniir.. Lm3DU UaoTBia, W. Trwiira, 8. rrtui, 0. E. DixrotTB, PAXTWTB A Pimum, Lonia B. Mid, 0. Joais. febSO A. II. LORD & CO'S., MARBLE WORKS, Comtr Spring and Third itreeti, M1LWADKEE .......................... WISCONSIN. finnE snhacrlbers execute all kinds of Marble Work M. for Ball. lings, Tiling far Floors and every description of ( We have ID our wareroonu^ M. \KBL.E MANTL.K.S Of every description constantly on baod, at prices uglnx from tit and upwards. MONUMENTS AND 8TATUAHY of all kmd* executed at thi shortest notice. Co. febfr-dVy A. H. LORD t , MUSIC&. Rntertaloment erery Saturday evening. mltttAcce free. ROOFING, HARDWARE, &C. II . ,?I E \ C L, E A H O .> ! HION Ob THK BIG KED KETTLE ! DEALERS IN Stoves Sheet Iron. Tin, Hardware. —AND— AOIiia111 UAL IHPLEUENTS, W OULD respectfally Inform their friends and the j public generally, that they have opened s Store al 2O6 WEST WATER STREET *O« For the tale of the above named articles, togeth« with i SPADES, SHOVELS, RAKES, HOKS, And Agricultural Implements generally, as well ss aU sorta of I SHEET IRON A.\D TI»EHS' WORK, etc. etc, etc, Stovea put up to order. t^T~ Roofing. , REPAIRING of all klada, and every ion of work m our line punctually attended to. I tf Orden left will be attended to without delay. ' augli) SJIAOLI t SON. i - r \ S-»r ..r-, K K IN I) AUr-.N i>i: r it 01 1 H Pair C 'ream \ L ///• ' HAVK A I On U)« r t, AND C II \ 10p,UU »1 1* A i •U»K T A > K I II V A ^ K >. 1 \ 1 •il t» l.A \ h.l -r. '.jilv-s »n EAGLE STEAM FOUNORV, — ta«>— MACHINE WOKKM TI'HTON A" SKHCUHIB, Proprietor*. No*. 2O6,**JS, 3OO, 302 rtud 3U4 \\' y. H 'I W A T K K S T K K K '1 Two blocks below the La Crosie B. K. t KA IS I .N.-, , J- )tl.N '-V' ;.Kl) Y .' \V n^ tu.l !'..•» .til £*3l V ilt-r llr-^L, "tl n iiuisii I.A r VKI » rva M h, t K S t; H A L M iNC( \CTL11ED ^iur»»»w '"r I i ' I•. M ANU « lu BTEAH KMULNC8, MILLS, UNI 8BAJT1NQ, MILL QEAlUNe, lor iAle by reol!) Grocer »n»l Wiuc C1OKH, Chiu l>vlter IhAn naif CLIFFORD'S DAGCEUHEAJV R. GREAT AND FINE ART IGALLEKY, 171 Eatt Water Street. H AVING sccared the assistance of the eldest and roost ezpertance-i operator In the Wen. H. Hawkens,) (whose skill in his department It well known to many of the clUXeu of Milwaukee,) I am now prepared to offer to the pabllc every desirable style of Pictures' Enown : to the community at lower rated and executed n a better manner than can be done. In any other establishment In the West. CLIFFORD'S DAGtJERaEAN GALLERT, 1T1 Eaat Water street, formerly known u Sseiey's Uoqms. mar!9 CALL AND SEE —THE— LATEST STYLES —AT— ISITTON'S! if DISSOLtUTION. aynn eo-partperjhip heretofore existing under -the L flrm and ityle of A. H. Lord A Co., Ii th j day dii- olted_by mutual conient. The builnetf will be lettled y E.Ii.:Ooweo. aOlwaokee,M»y », iss». A:B.JLOBJ>, E.L.GOWBN. HLS DRIVING UACniNfit, BHLDOB, RAILSOAD and iJTEAJrlBOAT O-VflTlNGS, IRON COLDMN8, for Buildings, and evary variety of Job Work, In the ! belt manner, anil on the ctoit liberal terms. j The attention of Mill-owners and owners of Water- Power, u particularly called to the | "TUTTLK WATKK At betas by tar the moat powerful, durable and economical * heel ever Invented—not liable to get out of order, not affected by Icsi or backwater, and using less wat«r In proportion to the power produced than any ether Wheel In the market. A descriptive tnreular for warded upon application, free of charge. N - KWBl'KG. N T , XX febI9 ITALIAN UACCAtlONI, K SALMON. LEUY \Ki>'« COME AND A RRIVAL of an enttrely new and splendid Stock of Preach, Kngllsh and American JEWELRY 1 Of Latest Styles, at A. II. VAN COTT'S, Cor. Sa*t Water and Wiscanttn Struti. Having lately disposed of moat of my former stock, exercised myself in searching at the for all the eastern Market. I¥ew Styles au<I Pattern*, Which ha»e been Imported and manufactured since the law p«nlc, 1 luwe also purchased a large itock ol Ladie*' and Gentlemen '• Watches, Wltb. movementa acknowledged u the most superior by tht Amtrlcan public. nov so ttREAT the best assortment of the unest \Tatciio, Silver Ware, Jewelry and FANCY GOODS Erar brought to MUwaakee. Jolt the thing tor Boll day preient*. Jut received Terr cheap-Tor cash. •: . , . MAT80N * LOOMI3, ileclj 201 gaat Water street, Mllw^qkee, Wli. rOfPlBE Mills Extra Family /lour al: JCltu (apr?) on hand. "8. W A-N 1 t.l >. / \NS cue jf Vreirh Smoku.1 .-1, preas co-viay. ((eh IS I VKN1SON HAMS. ^OUE choice Venison dams *t O mar-iT dL'N S t JRO3B > SMUKKl) SALMON C HOICK Smoked Salmon tt __ marfT UI;NN i <;KU»IIV MAFLfc SYKl.i 1 . t?l\ 9ALLON3 Maple 3yr U1 i, v)V/ wheat mar 31 t Cakes, •holt;:. • HI MM t uuo.-tm - .•NEW f. K. HOI. tvsc.s K KOE1VKD by Ur«t Doat fri>m BuJalo, it aprT HUNN t CHOSUV-t ,O. JAVA O F superior nuallly, * ItiUa the b«t in ihe ouy .. «PrT ____ HLNN4 CROSHY'S KAMU.Y hLCJbK. N BW Tork Mills Flour, constantly on ha-. ,1, u °"rM __ UUMN t OUuSBV'S --SMOKKiJ ptHOICK Smolcea *-> "a* 121 HUNN 4 CROStlV r uction In can and :>ou ~l frullj, this l»y UUN.N .4 S.rir\ FRKSH COCOA NUT3 jtut r W\J\J aprt8 UON

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