The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 4, 1914 · Page 2
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 2

Decatur, Illinois
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Saturday, July 4, 1914
Page 2
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Page Two T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Saturday Evening, July 4, 1914. Edward'* Meek's Pupil* on Program. by ln. J u l y 4-- The Riven women of l h » HreBbyterlan rhiirrii "n Thursdsy cvenlne was a pkneln* «nlTtalntn''nl n n r t the pvo- »rnm wn« c n r r l i M i n i t I n f u l l w i t h tho «»- f .pt!on of a vricil soln wlilch w:i» to have b«»-n g.vcn liv Mlsi Mary Hloc, w h i c - l i «·.-!·- o m . t l c l nil n ' - i o n n t of Mips I.'ln- l H n K in r i i ' r i i r i ' Tin- local ]»· - f.lf w e n - .i.«M!led hy -Mis-" H'' 11 !' f r o m i ' h . i m p a l k - n a ronlrr an.] !· Professor Cclwaia M»«k. of Deratur. PrnfuKir Mp"k has n rUss l-i v o n ] f r s i n i i i K n t h i s i ' t y K v r r v iiumlur w»« w o r t h y of B p r r l n l mention There w a s a f i l r 1 !z«''l '-rowil n n f ) n m o r r f j ihoji' m-ho -vere present f r o m "it '·' imvn wor- Mi n n d ilrs H n P i n k o , MIPS F l f f l c Hall and Mm Rice f r o m r.i- marso find Mis* KM n u r t j i t i f r o m NVwrnin. Ftr.IEFS Mr. and Mrn George J e f ( t t r » went hy .·jiltnmobllc to £adoru» K rid ay Mrs. Bert Oolrtman entertained the ladlm o( th F o r t n l E b l ' y cUlh at her -om« on W f s t H o i m h f n street on Frt- 1s,y a f t e r n o o n M i x . K n t « \ V n m s l f V M-.-nt to with r,\d.y .».moon . h e w n , .Pentl ^rl^'s.^^^ r M u r n . ,he w,rk end w i t h TM»tl". lowa w h e r e he h a d b e e n w o r k l : A r t h u r Lsnslev went to Louisville. I l l , o n Friday a f t e i n o o n t o spend t h e Tonrth Mrs. L K. Ir-A'ln entertained the la- .!!·! of t h e Fn'flsn M l j s ' i n a r y soclctv ff th« M e t h o d K t c h u r c h *t her home on Friday a f t e r n o o n . INSPECT I.inilT PLANT? A party of Tuscola citizens, including thft mayor and some of the aldermen went to Farmer C i t y and other points where them are municipally owned l i c h t i n g p l a n t s , on F r i d a y to i n v e s t i g a t e the f e a s i b i l i t y of Tuscola p u t t i n g up a p'.ant of that n a t u r e . The -lty a d m i n i s t r a t i o n and the C e n t r a l Illinois P u b l i c Service c o m p a n y have never been n M e to leach an agreement on the vile? for I ' S h t l n R since tha . o n t r a c t of the l i g h t i n g c o m p a n y was .Irrlarert void last September MOVE TO ST. LOUIS Mr* Alva .Tonrs had t h e i r 1-ousehnM ffoorU pa'kert and s h i p p e d to St. Louts on Thursrtav and t h e f a m i l y of Mr. Jon»» will m a k e t h r l r home in that city In the f u t u r e . Mr. .Tones has been t r u v e l l n i r for the Fo-d M o t o r Car company for tome t ' m e and Ft. Louis H . inuc." more c o n v t n i e n t t o his t e r r i t o r y i h in Titsroln. I A t t o r n e y Guv 17 J n n e « was .1 t u ? l - , · , . , ! v . - l t o r in i M I u l l l e F l l d l l l . j i;. o r c Stivers w a p a t t e n d i n g to i i-lr.e'. m a t t e - s In I5ro.idlnnds Fri- ! on In St. Mary's hoipital in Decatuf Is g e t t l n s along as well a« could be expected. Leo M a r t i n spent Monday f r l e n d u In Springfield. MISB Hither Wantworth of Randolph, X. !)., if moklnfr a visit with her (rlend, Hi a T M. Prltchett In this place. Ml!.!. MarJorU Elizabeth McOuire ol P f - a t m was the erucst ot Nlantlo f r i e n d s Tuesday. Mis'- M i i r g a r i i l t t e H t n e l ' r y of Decatur In m n f c l n s a v i s i t with her g r a n d p a r - ents. Mr. and M r a . John Hinenry ana f a m i l y In thli plni- e . Mm Thomas Knapp and -Mrs. Susan rinson were shopping in Decatur Wed- n e s d n \ . Mrs. C. A. Hamilton of Springfield i-pent the day Wedneeday with her ^ r t t r . Mrs. Horsy Cutslns and family h « r r . T. K. Porfln was a husineFs visitor [·] S p r i n g f i e l d Thursday. M ' K I X L E Y TO LECTURE. W i l l i a m B M c K l n l e y will deliver an i l l u s t r a t e d lecture on his travels to foreign parts in the M e t h o d i s t church . h e r e Tuesday evening, J u l y 7, at eight 1 o'clock. This Is a free lecture and ' every body la Invited to attontl. Misses ratiline Morris and Xellie W e i r of Pleasant Plains were the guests of Rev. and Mrs. E. K. Crews ht rs this week. The Themes ut the Methodist church Sumlay will be, morning, "The Souls Laboratory," evening, "A Fourth of July Sermon. " Ml»s Letta M. Joy of Loaml spent neveral days this week with Mr. and Mr». J. H, Cussins and family in this plaee. Charles Bruce was called to Springfield Wednesday by the death of his brother, Theodore Bruce. Mrs. Mary K n l E h t of Decatur was the cues! of her parents, Mr and Mrs. i l e o r e e Miller and family h e r o Tues- d Wednesday. ed from king since April. Mr«. Samuel Stout and Mrs. Ida Moore were Decatur visitors Wednesday. MT. ZION MAN'S FOOT CUT AT RACE TRACK Mt. Zion, July 4--1. C. Brltton Tburs. day afternoon, track, cut his while out to the foot badls*. few NAME OFFICERS FOR ATWOOD FESTIVAL Atwood, July 4. -- O f f i c e r s for the Fall Festival c o m m i t t e e were elected at a ·r.eetlngr of the stockholders held last week. They are Vinton Oarrett, Pres.; Walt Burger, v i c e pres ; C. D. Greve, sec.; J. A. Mathews, Treas. e c u t i v e c o m m i t t e e ron^ists The ex- of these stitches were taken and he i« now *ble to be around on crutches." BOYS BESTING GOOD. The two boy* who were injured Monday by the explosion of a toy cannon have been resting good the last two days. , PERSONALS. Mrs. John Carrogan of Decatur visited with ,T. B. Sootf* the-, first ct the week. Fern Scott returned home from a few days visit at Long Creek Wednesday Miss Leila Armstrong is spending t h i s week at Oreana with friends. Mrs. Hattie Wright of Decatur Is vleltlng her mother, Mrs. Peter Karch. .Mrs. Lydla May of Decatur IB visiting fiiontl." and relatives here. Mr.=. R. L. Wilson gave a little party for her daughter Lucille Friday night. . . 4 . . . MORRISONVILLE. Mr Bridget Rigby arrived from St. Lou, Tutday to vilt her daughter, Mr, Ed Klnf. Mr. J W. Campbell IB hofne from Utelifi«l ·where he has been In th« hospital. Mrs. John \\'ahl and ion, Eatahroolc, came rlnwn from Chicago Tqeiday to visit tKo Wahls an Mn John Morris and children, of HUlB- bopn. si-e here visiting Mr*. Thomaa Patton. Miss Enlull* McLean left Tuesday fjjr St. T-ouis whore flhe will taks a business course. Mr* J \V. Housh was here from Bsyrnond Tiuiflsn \ i b l t l n s her son. Howard Hough. Mr. and Mrs. John Leahy and daughter, of J M - F C \ \ H c arrived Tuesday to visit Mr. and M i « \Vflrren Christopher. Mrs o B Btcpu went to Palmer Tueiflay to vlPtt her sifter, Mra. Marlon Lamb. Mrt Mary Relnhard, ol Claficsdale, Mill., is tne gusf" of her daughter, Mrs. John Goe- be! H t v Lee KnoLtB anfl family, of Arnistrons, anrt F F Knotts. of Texas, are guests of Mr. and Mrs S. L Knotts. A S "Wyekolf. Mr«. C. A Wyckelf. Melba "Wyckotf and W. E. \Vyckoff left Tuesday on an nuto trip to Jeraeyvllle. Mrs- M a i v fct-ott and daughter, Miia Beis, nrrhnl TuesJ.iy night from CurtK N'eb . for a \is.t v,nh Mr and Mrs. Jnmes Bradiord. The MIsai Tarmt-r CU Miss Tessa Noonfin IB In St. Louis tlila week visiting frlonds The s l i t - i s N'lna Whemhoff and Agnes Morrison, of Dalton City, whe were visiting Mlsa E \ a Kinney. returned homo Tuesday James f t r a h l o w came up from Macoupm Tnrsdav tn visit his sister, Miss Cora. The Mieees Gertrude and I»eUa Day, who ware \ j s i t i n g their aunt, Miss Eliza. Flue returnrrt Tuesdav to thelf home in Medora. Ella and Mildred McComb, of are guests of Mrs. E. M. An- memhors: Henry CorcUs, C. J. Gross, | Miss Pitts accompanied thrjm as far as Ray- Thomas Greve. Charles McAHater and | m ^ l ^^\fl Hough "vfalted friends In I. C. Cai roll. The (late f u r the. festival ·· 111 bo Sept. 30 and Oct. 1 ana 2. ·yV. H. SHONKWILT3R WHDS. William Shonkwiler, an old resident .-f this v i c i n i t y was married in Tennes- · ·'» the first of the week to Mrs. H u n t , v v h n Is a sis-tcr of r h a r t i s T t r r i l and '.ixril hero Tiiany years aso. This is the second ^ u i u t i r u i n m a t r i m o n y f o r b o t h and It is said t h e y were sweethearts before e i t h e r of them were married. T h e y will live on the groom's f a r m n o r t h w e s t of AtwooO. Mrs. MUton 'Wlldman and daughters, i:tr,el and Penrle of York, Xelx, Miss Zella Harrington of Holste, O., and Mrs. Lucile Leas of Vcedersburg. Ind I have been visiting relatives In and near Atwood the past week. RiMrond "\V(dneeflay. Mrs Harold Joy and children, of Chspin, ind Miss Louise Drake, of Oacatur, ar guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jairies Pope. Will Slnan left thla week for H few rronthe tour of Europe. En route to New York hi vjgited Niagara Falls and other p o i n t s o 'T\'rrrf. !T- expects to r p t u r n In ^eptemVier Miss E v e l y n Nit-hols, who was v i p i t l n f ? ne 1 ' r"t(r. M i . " * Owm Bump, returned to he o in Sehlbv r o u n t y Wednesday U P V and Mrc E P R n n k l n left this w«*k nn an a u t o trip to Macfarland. Wls , where Miss Hoke of S u l l i v a n is the guest of Mrs. M. F ^ t i i i c l e y l e r t here Fncl Mftemoon for Shelby vllle where B ·Mil *P*nd t h e wt»ek errt w i t h frleno-. Mra g ^ LewJa H. C. Jnf"! returner! on Thursday ; n. 1 ^ p ^ t r r n K i n - a s at thf 1 homes of j ' - flaughtor«-. He was accompanied to Tn c r o!fl b\ a ijr.inrt danirhter, . , i h e v vvili 1nin the Mlf.-es M i l d r e d and I.ol P.ankin Ml." Mildred Is taklne a post-grad u a t e course at the college there TV F Lanpen and Mr. and Mr» H. E Ponnelly w e r e tn Pprincfielrt Thur^dav Lnuls Johnson l e f t Thursday for a trip t b r o u p h O k l a h o m a . Ml=s Edit* rloyd and MI?^ Lucv Manning left Thi:i?dsy for a weeks' visit with frieraa in PprincfleUl Mr anrl 'is T^?n Christopher, of Chicago, J and Vcrnon H a l l , or Decntur, arrived Tlvurs- , day for a visit here w i t h friend"? Mrs H. C Grundy and children returned ThiiFs'd.iv tn their home in St. Louis after a visit here with Jlr and MT«. T G. Lentz Hiss Cells Ftvasbiuigh, of Tfltt. FAYETTE POLITICAL BEES A-BUZZING Bhobonler, July 4.--Among- the announcement! her* the -put 'couple days f e r - poIiMcal **««· include John C. Richardson who withdrew ai a candidate for coniron of the JJnd dlitrtet to run (or member of the atat* UKliU- ture and Attorney Arthur Bo» of thl« county both above now representing Democrat* In thli 40th tenatorlal district Walter Provin» pr«»en( Bepub- Ican member has entered the race for reelection. r. T. Miahale of Shelby county. W, H. Pee of Wlndsow are in the race for the Democratic nomination for the above placet. J. D. Mitchell of this place has also definitely decided to make the race tar sheriff ot county. Mra. SSora Thomaion who h.M been !n E f f i n g h a m for several days returned home Wednesday evening. . Minor operations were performed on Mrs. Charley Torbeck at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrg. Christ Torbeck by Dra, Dale and Dale of St. Paul and St. Peter and Dr. Grimes of this place. Mr«. Torbeok moved to Peorla about a year ago but on account of Illness returned here some time ago. She Is yet in a very serious condition with but little hopes of Improvement, Rev. I. O. Fllcfc who accompanied his wife and children as far as Centralla on Tuesday enroute to their old home at Brookport, I1U returned home Wednesday evening. The wife and babies expect to return In about ten days. $75 WAGES CUT DOWN TO $SO A MONTH Assumption Cltr Council Mnkes Several Cuts, Assumption, July 4.--At a meeting of the oity council held .Wednesday evening the salary of the day and night policeman was reduced from $75 per m o n t h to $60. Heretofore tho engineer of the f i r e department and the fire chief ha.vo each one received J5 per month and this was also cut off the pay roll. After this they will B«rve for nothing. The regular routine ef business and payment of bills took up the remainder of the evening. Lewis Kuhle and Charles Hlserman arrived home from Detroit. Wednesday evening having driven Mr. Kuhle's new automobile from that city, where It was purchased thlB waek, Mr. anS Mrs. William Care of Herrlck are here to attend the funeral of Charles Beanllen. An Immense crowd f r o m all the near bv towns attended the band concert Thursday evening the dance given at Columbia hall was also well attended. Marie Obrien the f i f t e e n year old d a u g h t e r of Mrs. Theresa Obrien Is in a d v i n g condition at this w r i t i n f f . Her uncle James Obrien of Springfield Is here to a t t e n d her bed side. John K u h l e and John Hinden were A s s u m p t i o n visitors Thursday. The Misses Mary and Rara N'orris visited at the home of William Shehan In M o r r l s o n v l l l e the f i r s t part of the week and also took In the chautaqua In session there. HARVEST HOME PICNIC AT HAMMOND Cull** (or TnestUr Make Arrangement*. Hammond, July 4.--A. meeting will be held at th« opera home Tu«iday evening July 7, »t I o'clock to make arrangement* and »PPolnt committee* for Hammond's Harvest Kerne plcnte. Mrs. Blbert Tempi* and »°ns, Glen and JloyS »re visiting her* with L. M. Temple and family- They expect to leave th« flrtt of nest w««k for their home In Stroud, Okla, Ray Chenoweth was a Villa Grove visitor T/hursday. ' ;. , t Miss Annas itsrfc w*Bt to Danville, Friday (or a vUlt wth. her parents. T. J. Kdir was tn Decatur on business Wednesday. Miss Dona Hook has.returned from a visit with friends in Taylor Springs. Kev. H. r. Day ha« been retained as pastor of the Baptist church for the snd ttli Epworth league and also preaching »ervic«i for th« evening will be held. Sunday evening they will b« Tula at the MethodIM church, Rev. Sohafer, pastor ol the Preiby- terlati church will preach at the evening at the r. u ve t Wednesaay evening an« also nodal siven by the Aid society The neit Sunday they will be held Presbyterian church. · Mr«. O. H. Draoer of thij city »nd her iliter in law. Mn William Banta of Ortunwced, Ina , left Thuredsy tor Llneoln, Nett., where they will vl«lt reiailves for a ew weeks. AT BLWIN RECITAL. A number ef Maeon peeple attend4 the rteltal given br. Mlu Olive ghaftr of tkls city at E'wl» the ice cream no of that city. Thoi« who atundea were Mr« O. A Cook. Mrs. Schifer, Mrs charle« Dun'kle, ln. Qiorge Jaoobi, Mrs. Arthur Wll«on Mls»M L«ur» Rubin, Sarah Griffith. Lennle Qehn, Msrl« Jacobi. Mary Cook. Cleo Oehm. Edna BublB, Nellie Patterson, Gladys McQee, Be«ile PucRett. Mewrs. ·W»s-n» Hoover. Carl Cook, Elmer Gehm, LawretlM Schaf«r, William Keller. , BJBTKDAT PARTT. gylvla Copsy wa« given a surnrlte by a number of her frl«nci Thuriday afternoon, July 2, the o*ca*lon balng in honor of her seventh blrthdav. Her friends presented her with a number of nice prssent* in remembrance of the 00- coming year. E. A. Weaver is here from Butte, Mont., to visit hi* parent*. W. H. Weaver and wife. Mil. V)da Lewi* of Michigan City, Ind.. is visiting here with her brother and wife, Dr. and Mrs. T. B. Lewis. Clarence Fullerton and family have moved from the Taylor property to O. H. Brown's property In the south part of town. Miss Delores Henry of Atwood, visited here several days! this week with relatives. Mr. and Mr*. E. B. Leavltt, Mrs. T. E. Btahl and W. H. Vancuren were Decatur visitor* Tuesday afternoon. Mr. Hawkins and family have mo ed here from Casner and occupy the J. U Taylor property, Mr, Hawkins recently succeeded H. McQueen as foreman on the C, H. D. section. Chester Lincoln visited friends at Bloomtngton oer Sunday. li. A. Wyeth of Tuscola spent Tuesday here with W. L, South and family. Ind., to spsnl Sur.dsj with hie father, Byro( Miss' Ruby Hill, ot Ch»mpal«n. w«»-thf, gusst of Miis clan. Burroufhs over SutuUy. Mr*. John Lester, who has been at the Bur* ham hospital at Champaign, -rsturnsd t4 hef home here, very much improved in health, Mrs. win Ch»rl« tnd children returned U«t week from · ton days' visit with the former'* pt-rsnts *t Mt. Bterllnf. Mrs. Anns. Kair.psher. of Green Valley, came Tuesday noon tor a few days' rule with her ntecs. Mr«. J. T. Turner, and fam* _,ra«r Batch and wife are htre from.Ofdsn* Ctah, for a slit »e«k»' visit with relatives. They will alto visit at Champaign before returning home. Mill Isabella Lolander. ef Normal, came Saturday for a few tfayl' visit with Mlsai Mellle John. P. O Sands suffered a fractured Hb iaat week, but !· now Benin* llenr very weH.. O 15 Duell and family raotored to Peori» Thursday morning to visit Kelson Duell and wife. Mrs W. F. Albrecht had the misfortune to break her arm while learning to skat* »t the roller skatlnt rink Thursday. Miss Ellen fandwell left Wednesday fe* Chicago, where she will enter a, bolpl study for a trained nuri« day f ltal a :..i U u. The little folkl spent a very enjoyable afternoon in playing games on the lawn, after which refreshments were served. Those present were. Leathf White, oayriel Burton. Esther Merrls, Elizabeth White, Wilraa Watklns. Helen Gardner. Agnes Watkine, Mlldied Eoolen, Jcue Walker, Mona and Sylvia Corny. Florence and Buth Payne, Mabel Hutchlns, Bud Payne. Mri. Oscar Cony, Mrs. Paynt, and Mrs. Tanks. There were a numljsr of the members ef the K. of P. lodge ol thli city who attended the Institution of a new Knight of Pvtblea I "dee which was held In Tower Kill Tuesday evening. Those who attended were .Messrs. Elmo Giles, J,ynn Taylor, Karl Hoover, Frank Bhlnard, William Schyler. John Comlthwalte. O. B. Daggett. George Gardner. Ernest Daigett. William Patterson, H. k Woodcock and Ed Carr. Miss Lillle Draper left Thuriday for lav- Ington, where she will visit her sister, Mrs. Willis Shlrey and family for several days. Grandpa HInton li very ill at the home of 1V - his son' Aaron HInton In this city and owing to his advanced age hit recovery le a t Mr t f and Mrs. Jam«« Oeddes were Decatur * 0r .nTMMr S . da Theod0» Wctjj. left Thursday for Carmine. 111., where they will spend saveral oavs %!sltlng relatives. Misses Cleo Gehm and Nellie Patterson at- miBBoe ~.,-~ _ s r --.._^.,^ Tuesday nd Mrs. P. M. Lynch, of" Decatur, was the guest of her mother, Mra. Ann McGinn!*, several days the last of the week. Mrs. A C. Smith and two children visited a few days last week with Mr. and Mrs. Tom Cannon at Villa Grove. Mrs P. G Sands was verv sick several days the last of the week, but is now much MM. B Hayes and sitter. Miss Battle Smith, were guests of friend! in Uecatur a inert time last week. ' · t - k ·I .« K a t h i r H o ^ ' e t t ! » r of M - i r h j t t a n , ' t n M i f S Mdrv ll,ii: anil Mr? Emma I-cck ·v-^nt to Kokomo. Ind., Friday mornin? lor a visit with t h e i r sister, Mrs. Brian. The K n i g h t s ot Pythias and their IsAies observed t h r regular weekly op- »n ho-ise at their hall on Thursday evenlns- F. H. Jones s,nd wife accompanied ny Miss Cynthia Frahm left here Friday afternoon In Mr. Jones' automobile 'or a trip to Mr. Jones' f a r m near Sa!."bury. Mo. They expect to rearh. t h e i r ] i = t l n . i t i o n by Saturday evening. K. P Morse and Georgs C. Schmitt wer« Atwood visitors on Friday a f t e r noon. Jeff Baldwin was a Friday visitor in Derfttjir. Herman Welsener accompanied, hy his sister A m e l l d and Miss Amelia. Rahn went to Normal, 111., on Friday where they will spend thn week end. Joseph Lewis is in Sagmaw, Mich., on business. Mr, and Mrs. Elmer Timmons are ueMs of relatives In Grand Blanc. Mich. James W. Atwell of Chicago has been e guest of his sisters, Mrs. W. J. i£T£r? and Mrs. G. M. Moore t h i s week. Fred Latch, of Xew Boston, Tex , in he guest of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Latch. TVI11 Bercher of C h a m p a i g n visited hs mother and brother here Thursday. Mrs. W. J. "Wiley was a Tuscola vis- tor Thursday afternoon. Miss Eva Lane went to W i n d s o r Tuesday to visit relatives for a week. Mrs. A. T. Steven? and c h i l d r e n went Os^eola, la., Tuesday to visit her aister. Miss Myrtle E r h a r t went to Tuscola Friday to visit Mrs. Lester Smith for a ew days. Mrs. O. L. Storey and d a u g h t e r , Mar- ;aret. will go to Southsolon, O., S u n d a y o visit the former's daughter, Mrs. Simon Bennett. ITEMS OF INTEREST FROM NIANTIC .Vlar.uc. July 4.--The mothers' clirt will give an entertainment anS ice ··ream eoHal on the Methodist church l a w n . S a t u r d a y eienins, July 11. The proceeds will he used for a piano. Misses Helen and Myra Chills have returned to t h e i r home in Palmyra a f t e r spending several days with thelt fri»nd. Miss Esther Wren In this lace Mrs. L. O. Hawk and daughter, Mtss r--arl McElrny, spent Friday and Saturday with Mrs. Hawk's sister, Mrs. J. N Vanoa in SprinBfitld and Mrs. E. H Gardener In Girard, Emmett Waddell Is slowly recovering from injuries received In a. runaway accident some time ago. Mrp. Pearl Bla.ckf.ord and son, Henn of Mt. Pulaskl were guests of Mr. am Mrs. Henry Shrader here Saturday and Sunday. Arthur Martin has gone to Wisconsin to work this summer. Mrs. Thomaa Reeves and children o llllopolis spent the day Monday with the former's mother, Mrs. Francli Oukly In this place. Mrs. Samuel Dotson went to Blue Mound Monday to make a visit with her sister, Miss Cora Luper. She wil also visit her sitter. Mrs. Charles Whit tlngton and family at Roby before re turning home. Miss Ethel Clllett of Decatur apen Monday evening with Mr. and Mrs John Griffin here. Mrs. Wlneburnei of Randolph, eb spent several days this week with Mrs T. M. Prltchett and Mrs. Edsar Park her*. Mr. and Mri. Horsey Cnsslns an children. Noil and Mary Virginia, at tended the wedding of Mrs. Cussln' brother, Roy Noel and Miss,Mabel Dfx Faith in Warrensbursr Tuesday. Mrs. Fred Boll and daughter, France were shopping in Decatur Tuesday. Mm. W. J. Johnston returned horn Monday from Warrensburg where sh made a wesk's visit with relatives am friends. Carl Jett of Decatur spent Monday evening In Nlantlc. Mr. and Mrs. Enoch Martin gpent th day Saturday in Klncald. Mra. Virginia Koe! of Illlopolla. epen Wednesday with her daughter, Mrs Roma Cuwins and children. John Henley, Jr., who was operate DECATUR PASTOR TO PREACH AT FORSYTH Forsyth, July 4 --Hev. Donald Barnhart ot Decatur will have chargfe o! tne asrvlces hefe Sunday, July 8, at _,,, ....- . .._ - h f r e ' t h e Methodist cHurch. Rev. A. B. Carl- taneh 15 ' 1 ' vl " tmg Mr ' "" l M "- P * Ul Stras "|berg, (he pastor. Is still In Tower Hill ccnductins revival meetings. Mrs. B. Harmon visited her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Barlow of Emery on Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Malone entertained relatives from Arkansas Wednesday and Thursdaj-. Sam Hlplnson of Chicago Is visiting his aunt, Mrs. John Anfiemon »nd f a m i l y . -*ALLENVILLE. Lloyd Lilly TVAI In Sullivan Monday. The many friends of John Christy ga\ e hn a dtnnor Sunday in honor -of his sK' seventh birthday. David Stewart, Jr.. returned tq h!a home at Sullivan Monday after a visit with his uncle Da\l5 Stewart. Sr. H. V. Glfford of Sullivan was a business Liter of here Monday. Hay Spaush wag In Sullivan Monday. Mrs T G. Drake returned home Tuesday from a visit with her sister. Miss Iva Xichols of Marshall Mn. Samuel Watjcn and daughter, Marlon have returned to their home at Mollne, after vlilt with relatives here. Clyde Winchester was In Sullivan Tuesday Ray Miaenhelmer visited at Bethany the 9t of thf wnek MACON. Tha memfcew of the Foreign Missionary BoeUty ot the Uathodiet church held th«1r regular nrntln* -WadneEday afternoon, July 5, at the home of Mrs. Robert Hlght JCr», A Anderion had charge of the leaion, which *»· very interesting, and Mrs Griffith ha4 charge of the devotionals. Thers wer« thirteen members present. Mri. Robert Hlffht yave suveral select Ions on the Vic- troJft, which the Iadle» appreciated very Miss Ruth Beschle IB visltinp relative! In Oconee this week. Mr. and Mn. William Penny, who llv» one mil* west of town, entertained a tew of their friends at dinner Thureday. July 8, th* occasion being In honor of their fortieth wedding annlverBary. During tho afternoon le« cream and cake were served Mri, W. Gardner wa« a Decatur visitor Wed need ay William iSlanchard. of Decatur, transacted holiness in Macon Thursday. Mr infl Mrs. Oscar Bromley were Decatur vlsltori Wednesday Two of the little children of Mr. and Mrs. Barger are very 111. Mr* Sam Marrla wan shopping In Decatur Wednesday Mabel and Eva Adams, of Decatur, are the guests of Aaron Mltchener and family a few days thfs week. Mrs iloma waj ahopplni In Dectur Wed- Hobert Patterson of Deeatur was the guest of ht* tather In thi* city Thursday MI«Hes Emma, and Mary Bnren we'-e the guests of William Schyler and family west of town Wednesday. John Beschler visited relatives In Decatur Wednesday. W»yne Armstrong of Klantic li visiting: relatives In and near Macon airs Leola Richard entertained at the Eastern fitar home Tuesday Worthy Grand Matron Mrs Mary Ke'limrton alsn Mri. Hattio Shaw, Mra G. E ChAmberlain, Mrs Lucfle Lorlng Evans, Mrs. Fiaher and Mrs. Qivere all member* of the Deratur chapter. UNION MEETIXG. During the months of July and August T'nlon n 1 eatings_of __t_h" phrtptlSTi_ Endgavnr' jsuch. __. Miss Mabel Butlor wtnt to Decatur Fn- a jl'i-= Althen Shalte wont to Vandalla Frtdas' D v l f i t frjenti5 Dr. anil Mrs O G. Grundy went to Latham Friday to v!«ft Mr and Mrs. Henry Maus and -- X 'vi'lHcln 1 ' i«s Aqnp-; Thornton of St LnuK arrived Fiiday a»d IE the guest of Will Mone- Mr" K. R LindBt-v nnd childrpn I f f t Frt- lay for a um wltn her mother. Mrs. Kinga- irv of Oln»y Mm ,1 H Shrout wi« · TJaeatur viiltor r $lrs C A Fit! wnt to Greenville Friday for a visit u l t h relftttvet Mr. anrt Mr« T P Pearson and daughter. I.nma E'.izibeth, spent Saturday in Decatur wth frlendo. ILLIOPOLIS. Mrs K f t t h e r l n e Rentschler Dnrfas Kmbrol'lory and as hostess to DomPBtic Gel- «nce club in her home on Wednesday after- six members wera present Mrs J D ShouKe "vaa hostess to the Mls- onary sncieiv F r i d a y afternoon in her home. Mrp Wllcoxson wat lender of the m c e t l n r . The hostess waB assisted by Mrs. Klmrison and Mrs. Knox (n serving refresh- Haggard Women "DON'T LOOK OLD BEFORE YOUR TiME," . . . - Mi tended the concert In MOWMQ.UI, Otto ., game In Pana Tuesday Mrs. Metcalf was shoppinj T1 Kar? 5 Hoover and William Patterson were In Decatur Thuriday ivening to attend the iSitalUtion of the officers o! tha K. oj P. 10 lfr%na Mrs. William Warren »ert Decatur % Mrs rS Johnson Is serlouely 111 at' her home ^Mra'rfd'sFra Gilbert Colfman moved their household goods to Decatur Thuriday. Miss Addl» Fry was a Decatur viiltor Thursday. were Decotur vUiton Thursday. These who attended-the concert In Blue Mound Thursday evening were MlsJe. Marcaret and Helen Murray, Adelaide and Daisy tphans. Clara Overlin. Mr. and Mrs. James Geddl«. Mr and Mrs. A. Moran, Charles Walsh, Calvin Bafford. Henry Phillips. Max Wise, and Carl Cook MIES Grace Burt of Elwln spent * I 1 davs with Miss Ethel Patterson west °M"S M P Burt and daughter Dorothy and ton Luther of Eluln were the gwsts of Tom Wise and family east of town a few aa M?»« th F*loren e ce .Tostes, Marie McGuire and Fdyth Burt of Elwln spent a few days this week the suest of Mils Ethel Patterson west ° MI°« n Fri-da Jostes of Elwln was the guest of her sister. Mrs. Bdsar Bogfs east of this city a few days lust week. Carroll Miller and Van Marrl« of were the guest of Mr. an4 Mrs. Tom Wise Sunday. TOLONO. iln Emma Gll'more and granddaughter, Verna ire here from Chicago for a thr«e months' visit with Mrs. Mary Jordan and family. Miss Bernlce McNsir want «o Mattoon Tuesday morning to spend the remainder ol the week w i t h her father, H. P. McNalr, and wife. CASTOR IA For Xnfuitt ud Childini* Till Kind You Have Always Beugtt Bean th. Signature of I A Hint lor In a little book designed (or expectant mothers rnora complete instruction la given In the usa of "Mother's Friend." Thin is an external'embrocation.applied to the abdominal ipuacles fpr the purpose of reducing the strain on ligaments, cords and tendons. In thus lirlnjlng relief and avoiding pain great good 19 accomplished. It serves to ease the mind. Indirectly has a most beneficial effect upon the nervous system and thousands of women have delightedly told how they were free of nausea, had no morning sicltneM and went through the ordeal with most remarkable success. "Mother's Friend" has been growing In popular favor for more than forty years. In almost every community are grandmothers who used it themselves, their daughters have used It and they certainly must know what a blessing it la when they recommend it so warmly. Strictly an external application It has no other effect than to ease tha muscles, cords, tendons and ligaments Involved hence Is perfectly safe to us* by all women. It Is used very «ucce»efuUjr to prevent caking of breast*. "Mother's Friend" fa prepared to th» laboratory of Bradfleld Regulator Co., ·i« T-mar Hid-. Atlanta Gl · TERRE HAUTE MAN BURIED AT ARTHUR j Arthur, July i.--Marlon Palmer, ag-ed seventy-Six, "dlefl at his home In Terre Haute on July 1, and wag buried here Friday. Mr. Palmor'B death was due to apoplexy. H« formerly lived In Arthur, but moved to Terre Haute twenty-four years ago. He leaves rm son, William, and one daughter, Mrs. Hattie Reed, both res- Mabel Spanjler and children, of St | tgents yf Terre Haute. are visiting the former's parents. Mr. | Mr Loui nd Mis. Alva Jeffords. Miss Paloma Baldridge has returned home atter a. threg weeHa' visit with friends in Rushvllle, III. ,lohn Mimes and daughter. Mies Prances. are visiting Mias Beralco MunCA In Normal for B. few flays Miss Munco IB attending summer school there. Mils Gretchen Slm« ha* returned home, aticr a tivo weeks' visit with her sister, M«. W D Jfotlend and family in Auburn. · Mrs. O H Pake snd daughters are »lslt- 1ns in Sp'rinefleid for a few days. TVilhur cantratl. of Indiana, la visiting hli parents. Mr and Mrs. L. O. Canlrall, for » few days. Mrs. Roy Stlckel. ot Decatur. tl passing a tew days with her mother, Mrs. Harry Blair Mrs. John Shellar «md eon, Oeerge, ara pnsstns the week In Sprlrtsfleld with relatives Mrs. Kate Minfeln, ot Chlcaeo, is visiting rci.-itl'-es in Illiopolls this week. Rev. J. D Sbouse w«* a vlnltor In Warrensburg Wednesday. The weekly band concert was held en Frid a y nicht. instead of Saturday evening. Positive Relief from the suffering caused by disordered conditions of ths organs of digestion and elimination-from indigestion and biliousness-always secured by the_ safe. certain and gentle action of Beecham's Pills h bout, U*. Ml. Moving and Hauling Trunks--Boxes--Furniture Good Service, Low Prices, Mbving Vans and Storage Davis Livery Co. 128 FRANKLIN ST. We Haul Freight Why flo 10 many men and women looS old and haggard when they have barely reached the prime of life--when they should look their best? The answer la most cases Is--Nervous Debility. You CANNOT look and feel right -when the nerves are starving--when you lack nerve strength. Wade's GOU3EN NERVIXH promptly restores the strength and energy and builds up the entire system as nothing else wilt It Is DIFFERENT from any other tonic. Contains no alcohol, morphine or any other narcotic, ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTE. H your druggist will not jtet It for you. It will tie mailed on reclpt of II by a em Medl- eln» Co., St. Louis, Mo. It soothes and quiets the unstrung nerves and BUILDS UP the systsm In a remarkable way. For nervous debility. Insomnia, weak heart and any run-down condition it Is positively unequaled. Wade's GOLDEN NEBV1KS IB «o!4 *nl recommended by The Decatur Drug Co.. Decatur. 111. SPECIAL FOR 30 DAYS STENOGRAPHERS should take ear* of their eyes because their livelihood depends upon their bains able 1.0 use their eyea steadily. Eminent authorities agree that «V« strain In the root of many nervous trouble*. Proper ilasnts will (top headache* and pTeVentTuture trouble. We are thomufhljr equipped to «amin« your «y«s and grind proper glasses. Twenty y*ar* experience In thl* kind of work. just Opposite Millikin Bank. 1Q7 N. Water St. Have you tried without success to get a plate to stay in position? These plates cannot drop out, but stick tight to place. Can bite anything with them 4-OE 30 DAYS AT HALF PEICE Our Prices Gold Crowns, extra heavy .$4.00 Plates o: ^....... .$5.00 and up Painless Extraction .- BE · · -25c MASON DENTISTS Phone 616. Cor. Main and Water. FARMERS MERCHANTS STATE BANK PAY On Savings Accounts. Call and Get a Savings Buik. Under Superrialon of State Govenunmt. 151 E. Prairie St. United Doctors HAVE INSTITUTES IN MANY CITIES Decatar Institute, 217 N. Water Have cured more deep-Mated Chronic Distuu of vht Nervea, Blood. Skin, Kidneys, Liver, Stomach and Bowb than any medical institute in the United State*, a* af f idaTitk and testimonials from cured patients will prove. iN£WSPAP£r NEWSPAPER!

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