Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 18, 1959 · Page 2
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 2

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 18, 1959
Page 2
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THE »Af LV NEWS FEBRUARY 18, 15)59 Veaf Dot-is E, Wilson News Women's Editor Puffing Sparkle In Eyes Depends 0 Simple Tricks Of Professional Models Founder's Day Program Presented By Mrs,! H. Trooter For Baker PTA 8. M. Baker Parent-Teacher Association held Us annual Founder's Day program on Thursday flt 2 p.m. in the school auditorium with Mrs. Warren Jackson, president, presiding. Report* were given by Mrs. Boyd Bennett, secretary, who also read the resignation of Mrs. Evan A. Jones as vice president. Mrs. D. L. Martindale gave the treasurer's report. Mrs. Lois Dittmeyer extended an Invitation to teachers and members to attend the Texas Teacher's Appreciation Dinner to be given on Mar. 4. Mrs. C. N. Gage was elected vice president to fill th« office vacancy of Mrs. Jones'. In the City Council report given by Mrs. Jean Bennett, it was announced that the Spring PTA district conference would be held in Robert E. Lee Junior High on April 21. Legislation report was given by Mrs, E. H. Haralson, who announced that, over 30 poll tax receipts were sold out of the Baker office. Following election. Miss Edna Daughlee. John Evans, and Mrs. D. L. Martindale were named to the nominating committee. MATURE PARENT By MRS. MURIEL LAWRENCE % ALtdA HARf is to apply hot and warm cloth*jlShes, and when dipped" in cologne, NBA Beauty Editor alternately for a few minutes. • ilhfey ate excellent for ^ , , When von pencil yffUr brows. .' make-up from the hairline The technique of applying: eye^,^ shor ' t upwftrd slrok ' es MevW ; For cveniflg wear> yo ,, rnrt be | make-up so that t adds beauty. |1SC vo(ir pci1ci i | n one long stroke, i sure your eye make-up will last not. harshness. Is difficult to mas-. for ,' t wi] , , ook , 00 artlficla , Above:for ho -, n . s lf y ' oll npplv the , lne wlth ler. But t can be made simpler „ h possibly can, follow an artist's No. 2 brush and .water- if you adapt some of he moth- the nfttu J 1Ine of the DEAR ABBY,. Senior Class Fetei Western Dinntf By Abigail Von Bur§n ods used by professional models. , proof magcara instead of an eye . I( ,, k s ioW-eved look. ! line pencil. With a little practice, * _ » , ., , ,. , it \\>\i ins*; n muw *c v eu luuiv. ' line UCIIA^II. 11 nr Never forget, though that cos- , ft - bv Extending it's easy to do. metic Wcks are fine or framing| ^^ on vour lids'beyond th *i To take off your eyeshadow the eyes but a aensible d,et^ ami \ Rl ,, ne on * nd turn | and mascara, use a cotton swab plenty o sleep are the only things' just „ „„•, ^ ^ , 0 >1M ,! dlp p ed ,„ c-leansinp rrcam. Let that will give them the essential | R b ^ eyeline b 0wever , for it'll* cream set a moment, and us- sparkle. Let's tarkle the toughest part of .black, the frame first: crow's feel and: If [ne eyeline has beeft.-applied! S.S 1 " - ""• "•"""" "••'laL^ss: .iri.i.' h ', =s ys* T^ ss. ™rrsiw; biBAR A§§fc: tne woman whoi ftfiJAR 80V: A "baby-iJWer" is on my parly line listens M on j simply a responsible person v all my calls. I was never so' mad;can look after youngsters and In all my life as this morning, I there's no reason why a boy can't A friend of mlns called and Asked'do It as well as a girl, Keep sitting and hatch a. little income. me If I had the address of a certain woman who belonged to our church group a few years ago and CONFIDENTIAL TO PHlLOSO moved to North Carolina. 1 saldjpHER: The most rewarding use t had It on my Christmas card| 0 f life is to Spend it for Something' Canadian High School iiftiot :lass were feted at a banquet |!f«| in by As First Baptist Chutttj Jif & church recently. ' . the tables were lighted Mtfl] lamps centered wtlHl and spurs to carry o\i western theme. Napkins were fedl and blue bandana* and mmiatufi| cowbdys 1 stood by each place. Master of (feremohlel lof thl| evening was Sen MfttheM, fh« group singing was accompanist Sandra Waters, ftonny Cole, ind I list and would get It for her. f his i thai outlasts It. other woman who was listening In an t« e. of j until For a per , onal reply , wrlte lo - -• ----- , tl u ic c v cm ic imn ur,cit it J.JJ.MICU > nf. ! . ft* *t M dark circles. They can be tempo- jtoo heavily, and there is a touch' Next time there's a big party j nftv f. "' l °°' . " f ' rarily concealed by the careful ap-jtoo much 'eyeshadow, they can be:in the offing, try some of the pro-i w ° u!d , vou do ab0ul a plication of a good foundation 1 removed easily with a cotton swab, i fessional tricks in applying your| mne ' base. And a lighter shade of face' ' powder than you use on the rest 1 get a pencil, I'd like to ABBV , n cart w lhis paper En , If (Art *' ISJntit A hV\V ttfhfl t _i ^ _ - ^ ^ -..«» _ « J... _ .. i . i i .,__ ^ *' close a. self * addressed, stamped envelope • •-«• As a matter of fact, these little! eye make-up. You'll be pleased swabs have many cosmetic uses.'with the beauty you've achieved DEAR DUMB: If tJncle Sam Alaska Missions of your face, will further disguise They're handy when applying just by drawing the perfect frame lhe dark rings. A quick trick for making the' area around the eyes look fresh' medicated cream to facial blem- i for your eyes. Indonesia Banquet Highlight Of YWA Focus Week ! Women's Missionary Society Of First i Baptist Church Meet For Mission Study ever needs brass she could scrap »*> , «• \iiiti i herself and make a fortune. P. S.| / OD/CS rOf VV fY\U That's grounds for asking for an-1 ' other line. Barrett Baptist Women's M 1 s, ! sionary Society held a Royal Serv- DEAR ABBY' My sister, her,Ice Program, concerning Alaska, husband and their 17 • year - old j the 49th state, entitled "The Moun. " f!daughter came to stay win us for,' tftlns Break Forth Into Sln g'ng ithe week-end. We are not heavy I during a recent meeting, •drinkers, but we always have a- Mrs - Lee Hillon, in Introducing Momen's Missionary Society of of Mrs. Homer Taylor, north of jju\ e something in the house in the program, told of southern Bap- the First Baptist Church met in the city. The prayer calendar was | of f er jruests. My husband served ! tlsl wot ' k in Alaska. Interviews members' home for mission and read by Mrs. Floyd Barrett; Mrs. i high balls to the adults and opened (conducted by Mmes. Bob Powell Bible sltidy. JL. V. Hopp offered prayer. During I a bottle of pop for the 17-year-old ; and Jim Montgomery of four mis- WAOV . .,,,«„ np-r-pp,,, l(n e business meeting, plans were | daug . hter she poured )t down the l-iionaries, was the highlight of the ~ - 0 i „?. „ , , ,,u IT ;mftde tor the conirnunit y mis » ion sink" and fixed herself a Scot civ program. en's Ass'n Focus Week, members! Brid ff es Circle met with Mrs. •, pro j ects during the mon th, which nnd soda T aaid noth | nR but my; Mrs. Dick Miller, portrayed by of the First Baptist Church YWAJ' Jerr - v kunsford, 518 Ward with jt ncKlde£ , collection of toilet arti- i husband 'removed the glass fronv Mrs - James Bailiff, told of life met recently in the home of Mr. j'M™- Dorothy Mote leading the cles and used c .i o thlng for Indians | hc ,'. nand and said .. Not in THlS Mn Kotzbue > Alaska, which lies and Mrs. Owen.Johnson for a j°P enln £ prayer. Mrs. E. G. Albers, , n oklahorna and New Mexico; i house r, She ran S o b bine from thei above arctic clrcle '' Mr *' ° llver banquet. Having just completed | Conducted the business session., and ,. emcn1 bering shut-ins on Val- | room ' her mother after her and ; Marson, enacted by Mrs. Kenneth the mission book study of i ndo .; Bible study was presented by Mrs. | entinc . s Day . Mrs. Lida Ramsey | fn . v ' Dflcked and r i pa red out i n : Lister ' s P° ke of tne work they In observance of Young Worn- Mrs. Bill Popham, "Along the Ni- vajo frail" WM sung by kay Lansdown accompanied by'l Mrs. Popham. Quest speaker wa*[ Rev, faft Molloway of Amarilio, Special guests were Rev. and Mrs. Joe Vemon, pastor of th« I church; Messrs, and Mm«i. R. A.] Sumner, Preston Hutton, Woodl* Been* and John Cardinal. Advertltemtnt This Home Rteipt Takes Off Ugly fat Take off ugly fat safely, easily — without starvation diet at back-breaking exereiies, with this home recipe. Just ask any Texas druggist for 4 ounces of 4 liquid Barcentrate. Mix with 12 ounces of canned grapefruit juice. Take according to directions. That's all there is to it Mrs. Ray Buslard, 306W S.- Pecos. Midland, Texas, lost 21 pounds with this home recipe. nesia, the Indonesia 'theme was;Lunsford. Closing prayer waa of-, conc i UQ - eo - the book, "Into A New used in the decorations. Dressed! fered bv Ml ' 8 - Tedd y Knox - H World," with study of Thailand, in Indonesian costumes, the girls ', members, two visitors, and a new Mrg . A c Troop olfc ,. erl closing MRS. WARREN JACKSON .were seated on pillows around a ! rnember - Mrs ' ald Harrison, were praver Eight members were pres- they packed and cleared out in „,«,.,, half an hour, i say my husband ! B « d ° in f ' n ^ orl YuTk ° n Ba P tlst l was out of line as tong as S hej chm-ch : M ™- George Johnson, im-' was drinking in front of her par- [»™»»«f« «>y M«- Nell H en ry, Mrs. Karl Stephenson, program low table from which favored leader, introduced Mrs. J. H. Trot-^ donesian food . wfls served. Picter, past PTA president, as the ' lures were taken and a social hour followed. SYPERT CIRCLE Mrs. Walter Roush, .1009 jent and two visitors, Mmes. H. B. Taylor Jr. and Alvin Reeves. Huff i DORIS SMITH ents. Don't you agree? told of the fishing village of Ke-i nai, which is in southern Alaska; j Mrs. John Jeffcoat, played by| When he infant brother is fed,Afternoon's guest speaker. Mrs.j" 0 " 1 ' l «" uweu - Rd., was hostess to the Sypert jealous Nora gets as close to the Trotter gave a brief history of; Miss Nancy Stevenson read the.Circle on Wednesday morning for- a " harrowing sight as possible. jthe school's activities. She stated 'names of missionaries havingJBIble stvidy. Prayer by Mrs. Earl' s< Pressing against her mother's that in 1927 the school was built | birthdays and Miss Virginia Jon-! Barnetl opened the meeting. Mrs. shoulder, she watches, silent, and with only eight rooms. "In mno. I*" lp d in a special prayer. |Charles Bailey gave the secre- iB .. passionately, "I want a bottle, six more rooms were added andj Plans were made for attending tary's report. Each member par-! mo1o ^ too. Why can't I have a bottle, in 1951. it was completed as it!'he state YWA convention to be j ticipated in an offering: for the'™" 0 '" too?" stands today. In 1928, our present! nelf l >" Hardin Simmons Univer- jSyperts in Montana to aid with}"-' ' Disturbed by the intensity of PTA was organized with 4R mem- sit .v ''i Abilene and the YWA Con-'their work. Bible lesson, "immor-) W , HS Nora's feeling, her mother ' sayr hers. Today, it has grown to over/erence in Glorieta, N.M. in July, lality'of the Soul" .was given by; * s ' Henr y „„ „ .,„ „ , , . , DEAR VERY; Your husband, Mrs Mjke po ,. le whf) with her was very much IN line, but he husband) haa been a Natlve Bap .i Smith Circle met in the home of could have been much more d 'P' j list Mission in Fairbanks for three! Tei-' -., with opening prayer led . W. M. Hill. Mrs. 0. V. j conducted the . Bible lesson . G. C. Ruthe with lomatic and avoided a scene. DEAR ABBY: Please help me! make the mosl important decision u.;. ht |of my whole life. I hav^ a wonder- [years, told of their work among! the natives of this new state. | SAVE PAMPA PRIDE STAMPS * Best For You! * Best For Your Community! Group prayer by Ten mem- hastily, "Oh. you don't want a not- 300 members." i Included in their Focus Week,Mrs. Floyd Yeager. Mrs. Betty tie like poor little Bryan. He just! Four past presidents were spe- activities, members attended White was welcomed as a Visitor. gets one because he' so weak he Hal guests, Mmes. Jim Goff, K. church tog-ether; participated in aJTen members were present. can't hold a glass for himself as M. Culberson, J. K. Beard and J. special stewardship program; you ran." G. Trotter. ; vriHde banquet decorations; visit- By thus belittling the importance- Mrs. Daughtee won the cake ed with prospective members; of the baby which causes Nora's baked by Mrs. J. L. Hampton. i presented special music for Jealousy, she is really trying to Mrs. E. V. Boston'? room was Wednesday night prayer meeting; belittle the importance of the jeal- announced the winner of the room took magazines and Valentine ousy. count. Tray cards to the hospital. I'm not scolding Nora's mother Refreshments were served, fol- The next meeting for the group for this attempt. Today, fewer mid lowing the program by Mmes. will be in the church parlor on fewer of us can tolerate intense Glen Dearborn, Roy L. Jones and Sunday afternoon Feb. 22 at 2:30. feeling* in other people. Recently, the father of a friend of mine died. She got the news as *he was leaving for work. At her usual coffee counter she found herself unable to eat her breakfast, and breaking into tears, told the waitress whv. j KATHRYN WHITE CIRCLE White Circle met in the home Dorcas Class Has Valentine Party ful boyfriend who has asked me marry him and my answer, would be YES excepting- that he has one bad trait. First let me tell you about his good points. He is tall, JAXIE SHORT | well-built, and ex-University foot- The Short Circle met with Mrs. Ibnll player. He has a degree in Warren Woodartl for mission study j Engneering and is an executive with Mrs. T. V. I^anfi opening the'in a construction company. He has meeting with prayer. Mrs. R. E.! a deep interest In home life and Arey conducted the business meet-its devout tn his religion. He is ing. Mrs. Ray Miller completed j kind, honest, sincere and does not the mission book study and di.s-ldrink or gamble. BUT, he brags, missed the group with prayer. Sixj DISTURBED members were present and one; DEAR DISTURBED: I think he visitor, Mrs. Lotetta Burns. D. P. Brown. SOCIAL CALENDAR WEDNESDAY Dorcas Sunday School Class of A special program on Mission Barrett Baptist Mission entertain-'p i i work in Alaska will be given un-'erj their husbands and guests re-iL fl H [Qf Q dor the direction of Lynn Stroble cently with a Valentine banquet in i and Mrs. Ode'l Giddeon. Mrs. E. Jthe church dining hall. Table sip i i .1 / i , C. Mackie will show colored slides were decorated with red rogesjrnf MflinPr C MPPl taken on a recent trip to Alaska, red and white candles, heart* nnd ! ' Ul l T lvMMUI O ' lvt»l : has something to brag about. Say •' ves! trip to Alaska, red and white candles, hearts and 1 2:00 -- Circle 4. First Presby- All girls, above the nge of six- cupids. terian. with Mrs. Clyde Fathcree. teen, are invited to attend. i Cecil Edwards was master of CANADIAN I Spl i — The Moth- DEAR ABBY: I am a boy of 14 and where I live there aren't any girl to do baby-sittng so all the j women call on me. When my, I f rends ask me where I have been ; i S ° me "'' " 1 te " * e ™ * »'** held in tnej-^Dy-sittmg", they say that's for . .„....--.... r ... ... R ..... ..._..... ^,, V »ju 4 y. nnu ufiuuici, visM.ui.-i, ann me joj-; following dinner, a qll with paper napkins, she said. — German, Adult Eciaca- lowing members, Nancy Bailey, composed of Mmes. Bob "Don't cry, don't cry. We all have tion Class, Lovett Memorial Li- Kay Ingram, Virginia and Nancy <Lonnie Powell, L. M. Si to go sometime, don't we?" So my brnry. Jones. Jon and Sara Naylor, Clo and Edna Murray, accon , .J^ J"" The young woman was as ter- 331 Christine. ' Members attending the banquet ceremonies!'Tnvoca'uon waVglven 1 "^ T^"* W " ;"""-, 1 ," ./"-'girls. Do you think I should quit rifled by her grief as Nora's moth- 2:00 „ Cin:le .,_ Fil ,, t p ,. e , by . were Ann Bybee Kathy Hodges.ibv Bill Monroe Training Union iWCTu building recently with Mrs.,*" ^ > n ° u ullnK ' oncv bu T •r is of the child's jealousy. terian, with Mrs. \V. S. Dixon, 809 new members; Mrs. Bus Benton director ; John Jones presiding. '•' b ' '• Frantically plyin K my firend N, Gray. and Jennifer, visUois; and the fol- •• Foilowine dinner a quartet The devotional was given by Mme'n. Bob Powell, ! Rev ' Burr Morrla - P flMor of thp Scribner '^ rst P'^sbyterian Church. , , _ Murray, accompanied' 1 uMr »- Morri » Bennett, program j friend had to run into the street g : oo Women of the Moose, Ann Johnson. Lynn Stroble, Nancy'by Mrs Jerry Simpson at the pj., chairman, was in charge of the! with her upsetting emotion. Moose Home. Stevenson, Mrs. Odell Giddeon, jano, entertained with a selection m '°K ram which was R canuta - <iM^l\f..— /~\. .._ M t_t_ i . .'* f~! Anna! • D Vi\r n\ Act '' \,T n rvi V\a t*n rtf '" ? BOY SITTER NOTICE BIG SPRING SILK AND WOOL BLENDS $5.95 Now 100% wools cr PAMPA FABRIC MART 216 N. Cuylcr MO 4-7909 S THURSDAY Mrs. Owen Johnson. Book Reviewed For Woman's Club CANADIAN i Spl i -- The Cnna- iliHii Womnn's Club met in Uie We are terrified by children's expressions of anger, jealousy and Injury because like Nora, we 9:30 -- Circle 2, Harrah Meth- learned early that these feelings in odist WSCS, Fellowship Hall. us were disapproved. When we J :is - Busy Bee Home Dem- kicked and yelled in anger, the onstration Club with Mrs. Dale grownups said, "Is that a nice Burch. 501 Horn. way to carry on?" 2:f)0 - - P k obert K. Lee Junior When a little sister's birthday High School PTA, school .uirlitor- glories made us jealous, they said. nun. "You should be happy (hat Gninil- 2:30 .Senior Ciii/ni.s ('filer, ma sent Babsy a new coal." Lovett Memorial Llbr.try. home of Mrs. W. II. Hnxt rerenl- If we fell and cut our knee, they 7.:<» Circle 1. ihntnh Mr.tho- 'y with Mts. RPH F././ell as co- said, "Big boys don't cry over dial WSCS. Fellowship Hull. hostess. •very little scratch." As a result, many about with u» unshead unvoiced cries. So when our child explod passionate feeling, like Nora's 8:00 St. Margaret Guild, I'pfordlng secretary; Mrs. Ben mother and the waitress in the Parish Hall. /(> ll, corresponding secretary; roffe* bar, we hasten to belittle FRIDAY AIlS ' H H ' • star ' <s - treasui-er. its importance. We have to do ' ILA1 A review of the book this. 7:;!0 . f'f'O'P^ t'wW Women's "Hallowed Ground" by Bruce Cath> , ' M j SR of songs I ^ enes ' s Rhymes." Members ofj 1 Rev. Luther Berrv, Lefors First tlle J unior and Primary depart-; IBaptist Church minister, was the' ments of the Presbyterian Church; jguest speaker. H. R. Jennings, j Sunday School took part in the (Sunday School superintendent, I Cantata. I igave the benediction. Hostesses for the meeting were Attending the dinner were Rev. Mme «- Morris Bennett, chairman; and Mrs. Luther Berry, Rev. and K - H. Snydar, Ben Beard, W. S. Mrs. Lee Hillon: Messrs, a n d Newe " anfl Oliver Waters. Mme>. Walter Wooley. Mike Por-i H(>li( , T||ft NfiWH ( . |llHMf|l . d AlK ler, VS. L. VanderburK, H. H. Jen-j nings. Bill Monroe, Cecil KdwunlH.i Clyde Apple, Orville Keame.s, O. | T. Gist, Bob Powell, I^nnie Pow lay, Willie Alexander, and neth Lister. K e n- It wt don't minimize the feeling clllh ' Ci| . v cluh Room. {nn was quickly, our own angers, jealousies 8:00 Order of the Eastern and hurts might become real u , SUl - Masonic Temple. U«. Those unshead tears might h ^' the _ ir way wuh j lg - WS Guild Meete HI* LAND WASHATERIA 2000 N. Hobirt MO 9-9083 f open 31 Hours Daily Wash 20c Dr.V 10c for 10 minute* CANADIAN i Spl l The Wes- Attending were Mmr-s. C'. W. Allen, Morris Kennett. J. S. Cleveland, Erbin Crowell, Bob Dillman, It. M. Hobdy. G. F. Hofivcr. Wm. M Karr. J. B. Lindley. H H. Marks, R. N. Matthews. E. H Monis. Burr Morris. James Price, George Earl Tubb. Charles V'i?nal, MARTIN.TURNER INSURANCE Fire, Auto, Comprehensive Liability and Bonds. 107 N. Frost — Ph. 4-8428 Pictures Framed 411 Style* of Molding . , leyan Servirc Guild of the First ,, ohn WaIt<M . s olivei . Waters H 55. . Methwlist CliuiTh mcl in the \viihui-. J. I. yokley, A. S lack- Church recently with Mrs. Vera gon c H ^ ns ^ vni and Miss Moiehparl, j.rrsident, presiding. Dajs childers. The devotional was given by Mra. Wilbur KiHebrew and Mrs. LA- \/ i i /— • W. A. Merrell talked on • Prayer 'M I SS KeUnler UIV6S Groups.'- Mrs. Rhea Wilson spoke . . on "Islam, a Religion of Suhmis- WaysidetteS T OpJC sion." and Mrs. .James Price re; viewed th* book "Tlu; Middle' Waysidettes 1H Club of Gray i fjast " roiinly met Monday afternoon in "MI-B. Coy Holman wa'- itostes.-- " le hon>e of Mrs Na( ' 8 Baggdr- ito Mrs W. A. Merrell. sjuest " lan wlth Miss '>°selle. Bagger- i Mrs. James Price, co-o, Unaf., " al1 - P''«ident of the club, pre|and members Mmes. A. S. Jack ldl "g- (son, Grace Spiller Rhea Wilson Mlss Alb >' Ann Kuehler, assist Wilbur Killebrew, E. E. Campbell ;anl Hotne Demonstration agent. JJ. A. in lorn, jack Parsons. Virgin- P^*"'" 1 *' 1 a demonstration on "col: ia Wliipple, Bill Xenor, anu Vei'a, Morehead. Koe or aa<l health and For Plumbing Service For Htoting Strvict For Air Conditioning Servic For Shift Metal Work {§ S ill Qu«r»»teed Work tod 34 hour Service T«rmi MALCOLM HINKLE, Ine. R«JJ**4 WO 4 74;'i Al good grooming." It was annuiiiice<j that the next meeting will be on Mar. 6. Kcfiv.viuifiUs \vi-ie served during the Sui-ial Iwur. v.'cie Alii-* U'llJs, itetiff and Coffee \\as a medicine and used It as such, long before It used HH a bdverage. PAMPA PEOPLE Coffee u)ake» 4 tasty beveruje uioniitig, nuuii or ui^bl. H'hea yuii need medicine for any ailment — duu't Uept-iiU uu coffee. a*:*: 4 fjiv»u 'IAN'. I'W I'rvuipl, t'.lli<-leui fre»crlp »er vice, bring Uieiu lu . .. B&B Pharmacy Frescriptiou BalUrd at PH. MO 5-5788 Wake up ran n to go ^ OF ONE YEAR'S •• v IAUNDRY ~ without nagging backache Now! You can get the fast relief you need from nagging back-ache, headache and muscular aches and puins that often cauve ro!lcss nighti nnd miserable tired-inn 1'celings. ^Vhen tlicie discom- foits touie on with orci-cArriiun w nucs.1 and ituiu-you wanl relief — wnnl ii fast! A nut he i disturbanv;e may be mild bladder im'lalion folluwing wrung loud and diint — olien celling up a icsUew uiKoiiiCoiuble feeling. iJajll'i IMlj rtu;L lust in 3 icpalalc w«>>: 1 t>» tpccJy pain relieving aaiun heuvja^ljei, Inusuulof d^he* «n4 piiUU, 2. b> iuo'niug effect un bloJJer uritii- liou. 3. by uiifd diweiw- wttou lending lu increase uiitpm of llic 13 aiilei u? tidiiey tubes. l"ii|oy * good night's sleep and the same happy relict millions h,m for over 60 year*. New. large si/e saves money. Get Dosn'i Fills today! Doan's put down that TON WAP!!! Imagine! ! Two tons of wet clothes a year -» I never thought of it that way before, but it's right. That's the average weight of a year's wash carried out to the clothesline. It just makes me tired thinking about it. Thank goodness, there's an easier way! ! An electric clothes dryer ends lugging that two ton load once and for all. What better buy could any woman make? What better buy could any husband make? $M >/>» tbdric (hlhtt drytr th«t your hn for you. Slop ttrrying thott Jfi/oy«tt 4pp//«/ic«

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