Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 10, 1930 · Page 14
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 14

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 10, 1930
Page 14
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DECATUR HERALD t-KlUAY EVENING, OCTOBER 10. 1930. ULCATUR H E R A L D e « WOMEN D. H. S. Students Give Community Chest Benefit ill Have Famous Drama, "Little Women," On Evening of Oct. 24 A ; R f ) [ j p ot Hlfth »«ht«1 iitudcntit Will tflvl- (I NlttftP VflltlOtl I'f the bfllowl nlti di'tinia, "t.lttlc Women." on Oi't, 21. roi the hrncflt or the community cl\f»t nohoult division MUtt Helen Uorham h dltt-cllnt: Ihe play. which will b« produced In the ntrlu )·«)) i IP (,fijitiimej* of (tie CMvtl war pfli loil, Tho (ItnniMtl/KlInn to be iiwl by th« Htudtnla IH tho naiiui uwed In New York ly Wllllfim A. Hmdy, with ht(J (laugh I er, A No* Drndy. ni "M*c". ' Thi play hn* hud nlher famous fie. tort In KH ctt« also. In the London product ton. tflven during tho war Katheilnn Cornell wan "Jn" L And In thf mpvlfp version OomiHl Nngel playnd "LfULrl«", Thf rnl for tho CMrnuir production Is hHnfc completed, Tlokitts nrn on Nalc now for no eonts each. nnd wilt pn on reservation soon In TALIK ffir Lambda Tan Delict Parties On Sunday Tjlrabd* Tau Dcltn national btisi!- noM sorority will huvd hrenkfimt Sunday mm-nlntr In tho Hotel Orlando cofffln nhop /or 10 stunts Thirty in all iirfl expeelTM! to ntteml. On Munclnv rtfiernoon Ihc fiomrltv Rlrln will (,'f* 1« Ulntimtntrlon, wheiv they will hd KHi" 1 ' 4 «' left of Mljtfl 0 Cnt l»on A/r,i. /JrtJl'J/ CiVM SccnmJ l.tinthton Mri, (ioortfo A llhiry, Ifitfi Wtwl Foreiit avenue, save the «p;ond of hoe hrMxe-luncheona ot the week Thurttlny In her home flvn tnblfi* of citrttM wrr« In llm afternoon play. Ml'*. It. J, Miiekdy won (he fliil prl/fi, Mrs. J, 15, Strobe.) itwond. and Mht Velma Pope thltri , Mrs. Rlmtr Iiyonn won 11 prlr.n for ulttlnir In u Iiifltv chair during the Iftut tublfl of fnrds Mm. Rurry'H flrnl Itmehedn WIIH m Tui'Hilay, Ct»mii ij CVufi Ajlnm Cantth /Ifim*! -/?)/(/([« A n n l h e r "( I h e Thtirsdav dinners nntl rnnlrnct Urldite lonrnn- inenlt plnmied for mwuhiw of rcen- t u r Country club wn» canceled Inot cventnK, he run tie so few members had p limn Ml to attend, Fnw Yoiitif Womtn io /Jrtm'i//c Patty Tonight Minx Cynthia Conklln. Ml 9) Huth Pownfill, Mind Nrtnoy Jonit Rrown and Mli* virftlnln Folrwth ure driving lo Ilimvllln Frldny lo he jrucsts in H xororlly t»nee thnt will bo given In n Pnnvlllo hntct, D. W. Club !ta* 21 ia 77mr,K/(i(/ /.imr/ieurt D. W. club mumbcm hud 2\ prni- ont for the I o'otook luncheon wrved to Holol Orlando Thtuaday. In th« nflprnooti brMf(* ptfty Mm, Onnn Stanley won th* first prb.c and Mrc M, A, Kurol the noconrt. Th*t hont- faitcii wcro Mr* T 1 . 0 Fcrftniion Mr»i. K, Fltnn. nnrt MrM, W, P. tnvtlaon. TIoctetiHt 1 * for tho next pni'ty wilt be Mm I. V nrlssnm. Mr*. O»otge Knan, ttml Mr*. John M. ttnyot, Ha}l-/ohtnon Wedding Invitations Arrive Invllfttlonn »re Iwlnc received In P«CfVtur (or the weddlnK of Miii« Virginia Hall and Wait or A. John ion, which will h» Nov. I In the Hnlvei- n f t y Chttroh of th* Dl«clpld« of Chi'tat on trm M«tiirday ot N*v, t, Mr. Johns tin (nriwrly lived in Deed tur. Thr coup I o will miiko i h r l r home In «9l(» Chnndon avenuu, Chl'nn«. after thplr mnrrlnsf, Mr». Pntil Tlachmun. Onkdnle boul- fvdrd, rctlirndd W*dn«(Hluv evrnlnK fcom Waterloo, la . wlwirp tlie paHfftl * week wllh h«r (nlhftr, Frank Hawaii. Mvo. W, J, Mi'HeniV, I lisa North Water utreet, entertained IUT oon- trwct hrlrtRO rlnl Tuesday, l-'lrst prlro wflnt to Mrs W. L, Onodwln and Kprond In Mm. Opnl Ciirnm. Th* cluh will meot In two wceku with MTU. ALL WOMAN'S CLUB MEMBERS INVITED THURSDAY BY CIVICS Clvlci (llvlxlon of the Woman's r l u b ill Inviting all niptnber* of otlw dlvlxlons Of 'ho olub lo the progrum nt f;30 nxt Thurndny morn Inf. Mr* ClHrmicc Jordan will g|v» A pupor on the penttlnK I«'Klslfttlv« lillt, "Worn* (in on Jurle«", and tlwr* will bo op«n d I itc lift* I on ot th* nttftiur* afterward. Thf re In to h» a brief biiRlneM sos- nlon, but no turrtnt pvant*, b«MUM ·f fh(* tmportHnro «f th* pftptr, MRS. W. FfBERCHER HOME FROM HOSPITAL Mr*. W. P Berehcr. who Kan In montur nnil Maron County h«a- pitnl alnoe July ai the result o( an ·tit a mobile accident, wn« tulten to h»r home In Went Mncon «tr«flt Prl- dny. She 1" much Improved, but Ja Mill unable to fnt about Dr. Ethelyn B. Dldtimpn Chiropractor--Spimologwl A» AdJVJtmenta Given tn YOTir Worn*. Th# Acrommodjt jm "t Which You Have Waited : Dial 2-244' IT In (lay* like Friday thst give ui n enur, cither a veiy early or a veiy lute otae, of Hprlng fovfi. We have all thi uign»-- u l e r i l f h * Mut- to huvi'l. a reluctance lo worh. 11 tfndeuuy lo jiokc n i u u n d und itwinlp an In- nbillty lo knp » wave lo our Imlr. And by the ivny, huve you tiled the new rnul-tnr product, that in * hvi'-mlmiU dry dhttin- |)o« foi tile hall and that leave* Ihe WHM In It, an well as It was horote? I I 1^ 11 liquid thai In pourad over the hitlr and then nibbed tjulukly d i y with u towel It In perfect for * ntiteU ihampoo before * pnity. for uae on th* pullmiin when traveling «i n- to arrive looklnj; fieah and pretty, o* for the woman making a lent; iiutnitioblle trip It tosvcsi the hatr soft and whin- Ing, Pretty anlftv H t "What," askt the Now Yorker dmartly, "Is Illinois! having out (here? A conftrtwionnl race or a beauty »how? With J Ham Lewis running asolnst two women. It looks to thia part of tho world Hltp a beauty show." We dropped In Thursday night tp hear Mr, Lewis apeak In the Y. annex. The windows were all ulosatt in tha building and the nlr was HO fearful that we banked out of the door altnoHl at) aoon ax we had shouldered our way In. Dodging around to the parking npace vn the south of the building, we found a place with both air and audibility Wo weio within 20 feet of the speaker and could oec eveiy (tea- turn of those slender, daft old bands, and almost could count the gray hairs among the red. Or rather, the red among the gray, BO changed IB he from the daya when we used to pans him on Fourteenth street In Washington tuj he made his way towaid Capitol Hill, and we swung along to the Red Cross building. We had seen him countless times, but had never heard his voice, [t is one of the most reasonably soft mat* volrex we ever heard. Even as he hurled defiance and snorted political snorts (it Ruth Hanna McCoimick, It did not overly much shock our Republican heart. He's a nice old lad, L. B. MRS. BACON GOES TO CERRO GORDO AND TO MOWEAQUA Mt;i (It'm^ij K, tinucn will go to Mov/i'iniua tin Sntuidny to sjifjik before the Woniun's chili there, nar aubji-ct will b« "What Glvot a Book Petmanont Value." The Invitation can 10 through Mrs. Kdnn Soiiars of TUETA GAMMA MOVES INTO NEW SORORITY HOUSE ON SATURDAY wei'lc MLS, Hncon will go to tioiilo on Thuisday, lo tepeat the Ibttn "Peer Gynt" p log rain. She will icfid the poem, with Miss Margaret McNubb nnd Mis Kortewt Wi- kolt an plantain, and Mu. Gladys Klnncy Poitor a» sololat. Wine of the Orelg numbers will b« unU Mrs Poi Let \n to !lns " sous " This jiroEram wus f l t » t given be- foip tho Ihieo Decntur P. E, O chttp- t(!in when the lust one was organized. and la^t year It wan L ope a tod for 8htikHp( i (ii'u division's progiain tot llw s ( 'f |t ' t 'rtl Woman's elub, HOME BUREAU'S ' FOOD SHOP AGAIN TO SERVE SUPPER The Home Bureau Food Shop, in the northwest corner of , Lincoln Square, wilt again nerve aupper on Saturday nlcM. La*t wrek so nmny attended that numbers had to be turned away, Thf) menu thin woek wilt Include hot Mn-ults. nnd In addition to the KUIipcr there will be supplies foi sale for Himdav dinners, such as 'cake, drwnotl eh le ken a, etc, JOHNS HILfj. H,"S." POSTPONES OCT. 17 BENEFTT AFFAIR Johuti It 111 Junior High achool, which wust to have luid a pay aTTnlt on Oct, IT, him yoMponed It Indefinitely, nceordlns to announcpmcnt tuitrin Friday. Tho pxcnitlv" eominltlee will meet Tufudny at- 3 30 in the achool. 4 Grace Methodist Church Launches Finance Drive A rnnr u n t rat nd financial drive to clour Simdny evening, was ttiunchfd Thuritlny rv'enlng by niembet» of Oraer Methodist thurch. Morn ttwn 100 men mwl w o m e n intended the membnrjihlp rnlly dlnnur. served by the western elide, of llif lAcUet' aid Report of the dilve will bo made In the Suntlny ovnnhif," church service. J, M. Allen prvHldoil In the mooting Thuiwlnv, and short lalk.i were Klvrn hy I I S, Gebbutt, ,T, S. McClel- Ituut, Mnt. Rollln F. Pea«, Mrs Mldei, nnd A. R. Bartram, of the flnnncp committee Rev W, A!, Brjgg», who rnrently c*mr from Aurora to lio pnitor of Ornce Mfilltodlsl church, oulllncd the 1 church prograni for the vear. T HffiTA GAMMA aororlty ia mov inn lo a new chapter house In IM8 West Wood street on Satur day, ftom the location In 1400 Won Main street that the.chapter h«» had for aeverol yeare. The new houae « one formerly occupied by O, E Statoa, and Is smdllcr than the Wea Main street building, which wan thi largest Greek letter house on the campus. Young women of the alumnae club will have their October meeting Sat Krdoy afternoon In the new home and after u bualneus session will as slut the active chapter girls In ai ranging the fuinlshings. Minn nlnckburn Fount Theto Gamma gave thn weekly tea for almost 200 Millikln students nnd faculty members Ttunaday. Miss Honnlo Blackburn, faculty advisor poured, and the nine pledges «orved Fink roses In a green bowl and pink inpota In green holders were on the serving; table. Pink and green col nra were carried out In the mints iiindwlchefl and cukes. Miss Mujoile Durham, piealdent. und Miss Janice Hoover, social chair man, received the guests. Favol eards given In the tea were hant made. Each card had a silhouette picture on it. Pi Kappa Sigma, educational fra tcrnlty, whleh was scheduled to give the ton thi a week, will entertain later in the fall. TWQ FROM HERE TO WOMAN'S CLUB MEET Mi 3. Inez J. Bender and Mr«, Eol- lln B. Fenn*. city and county pi dcnta ot the Woman's club, will go to Danville today to attend the re gtoiml conference for clubs of dli trlob IB and 19. The complete program woa published In The Herald on Sunday, Mi's. Pease has called a meeting of the prestdonU of all Macon county clubs for next Tuesday at 2'3( o'clock In her home . The group will deride thu date and place for the r»ll meeting ot ths county federation, Sunnyside Women Cancel Bridge For Next Thursday SunnyslUe Golf club women'* bridge aiioctatlon has cancelled lt« luncheon and alternocn card play for noxt week, because of the general fhib party the evening of the reg- ulur meeting day, A large attend once I* expected for Iht dinner- bridge next Thursday, which will to the first party lor men and women tor a few months. Five table* played after the luneb con yesterday. Mrs. Lloyd H. Dodd won first prlz* and Mrs, Hat-ley H. (Jrntrory second. Hostesses were Mrs. R, J, Dunntnff, Mm, J, C. Cal houn and Mrs, A. F. SchlltK CLOSING OUT Drapery Stock Everything Must Go AT COST AND LESS Nothing reserved--enrtnIn and li a|ici y mo- tfrltt!, overdrnpw, ready-made curlatna, rods and poles at cost nnd IPHB, We nn closing out om- drapery department ti niRke more room for Cumlturo dltplays CQNVENIEN1 TERMS Weilepp Stuckey N. Main at Prairie Community Chest Gets $75 from Woman s Cluh Members in October Meet* ing Give $10 to Humane Society JNISCATUR Woman's c ]ub voted lu " give ^!T5 to the Community Cheat, in Us October meeting Thurit day alter noon, fhe 50 women piufl- on I R! HO gftv* tlO to the Humane society, A letter front the utale (ederation lUBine the Decutur club membera to gtl out a vote lor the Nov. t election, wnj) read The letter urged a favorable vote for women on Jut ing, and an unfavorable vote on the three claudee to the referendum on prohibition, pertaining to repeal ot the 1811) amendment, t h n Volstead act, and the stitte laws through which both ai« enforced. Tickets lor the afternoon benolit bridge party to be given by the genera] club on Oct IB, wore distributed. It wiui announced that two prlzTM will be awarded for hl^h scores in auction, oontiact bridge, and BOO. Other prizes to bo donated by club members, will bo awai'dcd for other BOoi't'M. Tublea Bre bulng sold for jjvivate parties, w tot single playcrn. Mrs. E. L. I^andon In goneral chstr- man Eauh division hun b«en alloled T3 tlckcti lo sell. Mnt. M*ehun tipoku Mian M u t y English of tho Latin department or Oecatur High school, invited club mombora to wee the motion pic two made by Atlsntu, Ga., High achool filclu The film ia called "Six Boolie of the Acneid." Admission la free, but must be by ticket aecured front the High school office The picture will be shown next Thursday. Mi-B, Isabella Machnn, proffEHos ol Greek and Latin at Mllllkin, spoke about the ivrftlngjt of Vergil, ana what other authoru have said about bin poetry, ah* read severs! of Vei 1 - gll'» poemo. The program comment- mo rated tho 3,000th annlvvraary of Vergil's birth. Mre, J. R. RUHBoll and tt.rn, EU)« Porterflold poured in the lea glvei 1 after the meeting, Sliarh(np*ui'ii division tnemborH were hoNtatwn. Kappa Delta Phi Gives Benefit Party Ktt|ja Delta Phi aororlly wilt irive » benefit card paily neKt Thuradey evening In tho KnlfthU or Coluinbu* halt Bridjfe, 500 und pltiouhk will b« played. A bonun of 100 l» oftorel for all rendy to piny- promptly it E o'clock, Railway Association to Have Dance Tonight Members of Local M!, Rnflwuy Em ployes Benefit eumodaliort will twit tonight In their hall, Eldorado and Jnjiper jili'Ci-tB for a nhort Miutlon to be followed by nd« dunce, There wilt b* prineti for NE WMAN'S Saturday! Knit Suits Smart) New 3-Piece Models %Now they- ·· \ v wear them everywhere 135 North W«t«r SlreM You'll see these Knit Suits on the street, at the theater, bridge parties, on the golf links. They're so practical, so good looking, ao comfort- ible . . . And it's eminently g o o d form to wear them on all these occasions. B l a c k s , Browns, Navy and other new F a l l shades. , . . Surprisingly low in price for Saturday , . . $ 1 0 ! 135 North Water Strwt Exdtaio* Decatur Agents for Lar.e Bryant Slenderizing A par el SATURDAY! Exceptional Sale of Those New "Highbrow" Hats $ Every on« tayt "Parts" and and every one would be $7.50 or $10 if not tpecially purchased Antelopei Suedea Vii-avii Soteilt Fur Felt* Velvet. Yovi would ba sallflfted, we do believe, If you were paying $760 or $10 for them. You can see for yourself the refrenhlns new styles. But you hnve tn "feel" the hats t» get any Weoa of their exquisite texture. Every new shape and every new color Is bete. Snrctal Selections In · Youthful Large JOSEPHINE SLATTERY Millinery Department clever cuaiunHiH, Thorn who do not care to Unc« may pity c«rdi. The nnuucliLlion mtntftmmi unnouncen thai beginning wlih the NnvMnher meeting there will l» InmiKtnntM) n nerl«» of oard pHflloK, with MOI-M main la In nd for · three morttha p*. Hod utter which prison will be the hitfh MAWtUBHADH O O S T U M E 8 MAHKS AM) ttAKK'UI'S ft Etifek ItlftlM «?· 1000 NEW FALL HATS Offered in a One Day Gigantic Sale jg $5 TO $7.50 HATS SATURDAY ONLY Sca»on'» Newest Smuftetl Stvte* for Mi** and Matron in the Newett Colors 500 HATS Many Have t Sold Up to $3.95 * NOW 1.88 Every Smart Felt and Vt)v«t--Every Wanted Style and Color ,. Come Saturday--Share in the Greatest Millinery Values Ever Offered Bertha Hat Shop 157 North Water St. Beginning T o d a y - - For Two Weeks Only Special Exhibition and Sale of ORIENTAL RUGS Arranged Through the Cooperation of · A. Sleymcn Co., Inc. New York A. Sltymati Co, Inc. n the (urgent importer of Oriental iugt in America. Their rcpi-CHuntittivei choote and buy *t first h«nd (or c««K, iKe v«iy fin- eit rug* in each rug weaving district mid ohip ihem direct to SleymanV 'Itiftt'n why Sleynian rugs excel m quality, in beauty of design nnd rid) DOM of coloi. And, of count, by eliminating the iniddleman'i profit, Sleyman's pricet are Always rxecplinnalty modern le, Collection Ever Shown in Dec«tur And the finett B* well BB ihe very hi let t for il con* taint ninny recent arrival* in wonderful new P«riian and Chinese ruRit--th« very latevt pa I tern* and rich new color*. Benutiful "»ilky" Kashniti, Saruk*, Lilahan*, MahnN and Araki, Sparta*, etc.---each one the remit of many year* of patient arti*try on the part of skilled worker* of the far-off land*. All size* from ihe very *mal1 to the large*t room lite, You are cordially invited to come and *ee them. Mr. C, W, Nateef i» in charge and will gladly lell you about any rug in the collection. You tave car* fare, freight and have the added advantage of «*· ing any rug in your own home before making final decision* by nuking selection* here now, REPAIR WORK BY AN EXPERT KEKEISEN, INC. 217 North Main St. Give the * Respor £01 Ut Son Help Slrect, N. Help Ml^; ILICA ib" tn nM 'iM^r th(tn t bnhy. ·"I [ not the mother I" h f (,er'niH» "f HIP 1 ,, r i-he 1)0" ulmw both hci » (inl willow Ity h HCtlorw. We hn (.Inn*! a HilmtrHtl for the mother ·» numaBW her ·' rticn lii'itully, t ntliilthood ami h' We nt't" ill tun (M']f of the ni'Hl ohlM «·' tlte r h t l ' n ,((Mlen, but ihf Of nisnnjtldK il rhlM'tt hnnds urn fi)'»l "f 'he wav «;ix it^ Th" wife mot Mend fi[ Ink I UK (lirti fhi' tn.iv pi' (ilirfl *hi »Hy enfh I'lfi'i fins)ou hflp mother HERALD 2035 brondcl i Mr., In I'nlorfxil i n Mav be obt" 34, 40. 42. 41 HI y ii ril B of :«. (or »rHKVo"sT, SKKll FOR ., ANI *«tA.n«r VSPAPERI SPAI»FRI

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