Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on March 11, 1897 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 11, 1897
Page 8
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SfERLIHO, ILL,, MARCH 11, 1897. iH* date £> tfit. FtQttt of WAir namt »hot«i w?i«?» p«r'i«lxt$tt(pto« Jf tW« <lai* <* rxmta serfj»f<0»il ffcif.. The rats It flJM per " • ' JStJQGBTS OP HEWS. -3Ladie*' r kid dress shoes l§,c. Moo* i Closing sale. ° ; '*-1§AT« jMBeien that elegant line of Covert Coatings, ait An?. Frank's. —Thomaa Wlckens, of Tamplco, sold a wagon load of lire mutton to S. A. Behnaoeger yesterday. —Grist Wolf bought a bunch Of cattle to the city Tuesday, where he sold them to a local dealer. • —The Quarterly Conference of the First Methodist church will be held next Friday evening. All members of the church should be present. —The Board of Supervisors of Whiteside county will meet in Morrison next Tuesday. This will be the last meeting of. the present fiscal year. —84.00 shoes 82.00 and 81.60, to close balance of stock, John T. Mooney. —Eamsdall's brick yard will be put is full operation as soon as the weather permits. Mr. Bamsdall anticipated a brisk demand for the product of the • yard this season. , —On the ; twenty-second of the present month the Y. M. C. A. gymnasium- classes will have a contest.' The events will be three, the running high jump, a sixty- yard potato race and the rope skip. —Gentlemen's dress shoes 90c,at John T. Mooney's closing out sale. ^; • —Miss Alice Wilkinson received, a letter Wednesday from Mrs. Harry Simpson, of Madison, Wis., announcing the death of her little child. Mrs. Simpson is well known here and her many friends 'extend their sympathy to her in her bereavement. —The Susquehanna. bridegroom, who, with his better half, recently boarded a train at the station and in-. . fiisted on both riding on one ticket because they had "just been made one," was too much for the conductor and he •let 'em pass, says the Deposit Courier. —See those 83,75 trouserings, at Aug. Frank's. —The Inspection Board for the Daughters of the Globe, which was or~ ganized at;banquet Tuesday-night, is composed of the following: Mrs. Cass Davis, Supreme Judge; Mrs. W. P. Hallett, Judge; Mrs. G. B. Dillon, Pres- Ident; Mrs. Charles Davis, Vice President. —Randolph & Seaman purchased a car of fancy fat three-year-old steers from AnsonThummel Tuesday,'which . Mr. Randolph says were a little finer ' than anything that has been shipped from here for several years. The aver• age weight of the animals was 1,440 pounds,, —Inspect that magnificent line of Spring goodsfct Aug. Frank's.. —Sunday theatres in Belvidere must be stopped, so declared by a.n ordinance passed by the City Council Monday night. The next thing they did was to • _ refuse to pass an_ ordinance, prohibit-- ing the sale of cigarettes. In the minds of most people, the latter does ten tiro&9 more harm. ' • t. ..,.'. '-,,.• .•':..: • ..I''- .. ' ' . —The Central Examination of the town of Jordan will beheldat theTown Hall on Friday evening, March, 19. Prof. Harsh, of Sterling, will deliver the address. The Sterling High School Quartette will also be present, besides which a literary program will be rendered. All are invited to attend. —John Cushrriah. i has., received • a number of alligator teeth from his friend, Ben Eick, who is spending . much of his time this winter hunting ,theaaurlans in the Florida swamps,. One specimen ii nearly three inches long. The teeth all look as though . they ijire.builtfor business, being very Bharp. ••...;,;'••",•'••.'—The Central Examination of Palmyra township was held on Saturday last; at Sugar Grove school house. Five schools were 'represented and twenty pupils took the examination. 'Twelve of them pa«eed the .required average. From the seven from Prairievllle who took the examluBWon, four passed very etsditably^ Lelloy Powers won the elais hosiers of tb« township. —The State Senate Commute on reapportionment has agreed upon, a bill to re-apportion the State ootaide of Cook county into judicial eireaiti,--It is expected that the House. Committee will approve the bill and that it will foeeorae a law. Under the provisions of tfefi bill tbe Thirteenth District will of Mercer, Hock Island, ' and Whitejside counties. - iTr —The success of the Chicago-Herald Is pbeGameoaij even |ia this phenomenal Age. - It is not difficult to account for tale, because The Times-Herald is sa i4«fyi atwtp*»fflr la every eeuae of ppfil 996 tes achieved «a influ- toy tt* SewtaaJs, The - • • —William Boehm liss a fine display of electric lights and electrical fixtures at Mrs. Boehm's miilirrery store on East Third street. —Henry Worden, a farmer living near Eagle Point, died at his home Monday afternoon. The funeral will be held Wednesday morning at the Eagle Point church. —Young Tlce, the small boy of Polo, whoso roving disposition la not to be satisfied short or a journey to Florida, turned up In Amboy last week. He was sent home by the authorities, notwithstanding that the boy did not want to go, as he said he would only have that much father to go to reach the land of flowers; and his father did not want him, as he refused to pay for the telephone message or his return fare. He has given Sterling officials trouble on several occasions. PEBSONAIj MENTION. Miss May Cleveland, of Hume, is the .guest of Miss Ruth Caughey. W. A. Steven, ol Geneva, Neb,, is visiting with H. L. Chaplin and wife. John Collamer, of Maquoketa, la,, is visiting his daughter, Mrs. William Bryant. , William Wareheim, of Wilson's Mill, was in the city Tuesday attending to businesi. ' Mr. and Mrs. Peter Babcocky of Walnut, were in the city Tuesday visiting with friends. Mrs. C. E. Grove and^ two children, of Dixon,are visiting friends and relatives in Sterling. Mr. and Mrs. Washington Livingstone, of Jordan, are both confined to the house with the grip. —Joseph Pfundstine, of Jordan, was in the city .Friday and purchased the furniture for his new home. Miss Alice Johnson has returned from a visit of three weeks with her parents, who reside in Morrison. Mrs; Mary Quest, of Hazelhurst, who has been .dangerously ill with rheumatism for some time past, is recovering slowly. '',;<-• Howard.. Franklin, of Jordan, was down to the city,Tuesday looking up some details regarding bis building contracts. • ' William Seavey, of Prairieville, was in the city Monday, to consult a physician. He has been a sufferer with the grip all winter. . ' . Albert Fischer, of Frlend,*Neb., is the'guest of relatives and-friends-In- Sterling and vicinity. He arrived here Monday evening. . Marlon Green, of Sixth avenue, was down town Wednesday for first time in six weeks. His wife, who has been ill, is also about again. Benjamin Flttman arrived in the city .from Kansas Monday night, and this morning went out to Hopkins to visit his brother, David L. Pittman. John Deets had a narrow escape from a very sore foot yesterday. While chopping wood, the ax slipped and struck'bis foot, cutting through his shoe. A slight wound was inflicted. f . **.•••. * Mrs. George Baker, of Pennsylvania who has been visiting at Iveston, Iowa, for some time, has returned to Sterling and is visiting at the home of Mr. and MrsTJohri Grove. She expects to"start for her home in a few days! S. Mathews, of Round Groye,; who has been a student in the Business Col-' lege here during the winter,has returned to his home. He will work on his father's farm during the coming season and finish his course in the school next winter. J. K. Chester arrived home Saturday from a visit in the East, where he has been purchasing novelties in dry goods. Mr. Chester was in Washington on Inauguration Day and was fortunate in getting an excellent place where he could see the ceremony and hear the Inaugural address of President McEin- ley. Mr, Chester speaks in the highest terms o$ the manner of the ne^r executive, and the evidence he showed of feeling the weight of the great responsibilities he assumed when he took the oath of office before the vast audience of bio fellow citizens. BORN. LORAN—toMr. and Mrs. Michael Loran, of Stones, Tuesday, March 9, ' Letters remaining in the Poet Office at Sterling, 111., for the week ending Friday, March 12, 1897; , — __ ' ! ' Doty. Mrs. M. B. . • Jajnlsoii, Hn. K. Frank, Silsa Christie, (2)Stovar, Mlaij Mae, GEMTLEMEN. Castle, John H. MoCourt, Dan, Deeta, Arthur, Mannarlag, Chas. "W. CeJQou, Joseph, Ommen, Amoa, Frysinger, George. Bealy House Clerk, France. D. ' Trlggg.J, B. • • ^ Hownrd. L. A. WeTcb, Cwl 8. Hopklus, G. L. Whea calling for above letters please say "Advertised." JOHN B JOHNSOK, P, M. Notice is hereby gif en that a special sitting ol the Board ol Supervisors of WbltesWe eoautjr, JWUjaois, wip «oa- ot ssiti Bo^rd, ia oa T«**4»? the ,1^3,** I p. w. Taxes—March 2<Hh. All tsxes must be paid before March 20th, DANIEL HABMON, 83tf Collector. Dlssolntion. Notice is hereby given that the co partnership heretofore existing under the name and style of Meyers & Esble- msn, has been this day dissolved by mutual consent. J> K. Esblemaa SB- sumes all debts and obligations of the said firm and all the accounts outstanding in favor of said Qrm must be paid to mm at one*?. Dated this 10th day of March, 1807. ' -". V ; J. M. METERS. •• ,' J. K. ESHLEMAN. Something to Eat. Did yon ever try the Merchants Cafe ? Everything flint-class. Low prices. Good grub and courteous treatment Try it. 0. S. VANDsMARK. A. K. Wick Sells best Third Vein Coal $3.00 . " " Ind. Block Coal 84.00 " " HardCoat 87.BO „ " Lumber $7.00 ty M. and upwards Buys hay by wagon load or car load. " Ear Corn at all times. » " all kinds of Grain at highest value. " . Buy* Clover and Timothy Seed. Transacts all of the above business at Round Grove, 111. . STATE OF ILLINOIS, I „ In Circuit Court, WJIITESIDE COUNT?, ) 8S February Tcrm,l897. Whiteside County Building and Loan Association. ; . . •. vs. Hohert S.tlowan, Ella M. Cowan, John F. Hecker, Edward A. Smith and Harry W. Smith, partners under the flrtn name of Leandmr Bmlth &Son; Thomas A. Hard in. Qulntln A. Ward and JohnH. Ilungate. parinora under the firm name ol T. A. Hardln & Co.; F. M. Thomas, - Administrator of Samuel Currle, deceased; Gooreo A, Whltcomh, Executor of • -the laat will and testament of Julia Currle, deceased. • • . In Chancery -Foreclosure. Public notice Is herobv given that pursuant to a decree ot the Circuit Court ot snld County entered In said cause on the 16th day of February. 1897, the undersigned, Master In Chancery of gald court, will, on Friday, the Second day of April, 1807, at the hour of 1 o'clock of Bald the front door of the Court House, In the City ot Morrison, in said county, otter for sale and sell to the highest bidder, for cash In hand, the following described premises, to wit: Lots numbers ten (10) and eleven (11), block eleven (11), range three (S), In the City of Fulton, County of AVliItcslde, and State of Illinois, or so much thereof as shall be necessary to make the amount of money found due by said decree. • • Morrlson.-'Ill., March 10,1807. ; FKAKK D. RAMSAY, IfltSw • Master In Chanccty. ANNOUNCEMENTS. COLLECTOR.— I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the oflice of Collector for the Township of Sterling, at the comlngelectlon. and I desire your support, • • • ' < . , BKHNARD STETJCKMAN. . TOWN COLLKCTOB.— J hereby. announce myself as a candidate for the office ol Collector for the Township of Storting, at the coming election, and solicit your support. : • ISAAC CABOLUS. - TOWN CoLLKCToa.— I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the office of Collector for the Township of Sterling, at the coming spring election, and solicit your support : • H. H. HIQBY, TOWN COLLECTOR.— I wish to announce that I am a candidate for election to the office ot Collector for Sterling Township, at the approaching Spring election, and respectfully solicit yonr support. I earnestly hope that you will use your Influence In my. behalf with your neighbors and friends. Any favors extended In this way will be fully appreciated by • i. Wii. H. HOWAKD. TOWN COLLECTOR.— I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the office of Collector for the Township of Sterling, at the coming election, and solicit your support • . • i . . O'HAIB. ; Tows' COLLECTOR,— I hereby announce my"self as a candidate for the office of Collector for the Township of Sterling, at the coming sprlmg election, and cordially ask your support • . :••'•• EKUBEN HIGH. COMMISSIONER OF HIGHWAYS.— I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the office of Commissioner of Highways for th.e Township of Sterling at the coming election, and I solicit the support of the voters. ••-...••• ' :••• .1 : ' •••MATOT8EI, W. JONKH.. . .— Iherebyan- nounce myself as candidate at the spring election for the office of Commissioner of Highways for tae Township ot Sterling, -and respectfully solicit your support, : DAVID B. BUTT, • ;COMMISSIONEK OF HiaHWAYS.-I hereby announce myaeU as a candidate lor i lio office ot Commissioner ot Highways for the Township of Sterling, at the coming election, and ask the support of the voters. ,. FBANK 8. BUESSLEK. TOWNSHIP ASSESBOB.—I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the office ot Assessor for the Township of Sterling, at the approaching election, and solicit the support of the voters ol the township. . . . . J. A. MOBOAN. TOWNSHIP AssEssoB,—J hereby announce myself as a candidate for the office ot Assessor fov the Township of Sterling, at the coming election, and respectfully ask the support of the voters of the township. : F. F. KLOSTEBMANN. , POLICE MAGISTBATE.—I hereby announce myself as a candidate for re election to the office of Police Magistrate to. the City of Sterling, tor thfl anguine &rm. V ' . TV : J, M. GoiyrMAK. \ . the ensuing 1 , Special Assessments. - All special assessments for sidewalks, curbs, the third installment of West Broadway sewer, and the fifth Installment of paving, are DOW due. Please pay eanie before .April \, 1897, and save extra interest and coeta. •' ' r '••• JOHN G. WETZEL, 8018 r City Collector. : All. worsted trousers, made to order in any style, for #3.75 CASH; this offer is good for ten days only. , , ATJO. FBANK, .., , 80t6 ' TheArtietioTftUor.: A Change ! Having taken personal charge of the lumbeip yai-d, your smallest wants shall be earfully looked after, Prices oa lumber are low at present. Bring in y<mr bills IOJT esti- J0HNPECK, 1 Imuig-tirattoii Cloth. We »r*'r««dy to take your order for a salt madta from the mme material 89 that whfcft Will be worn by Major William McKinley on the occasion of his inauguration, March 4. 73tf McCALUSTEK & SHART, Shapes ' In Spring Hats fere now In. Stylish ftud correct. ?8t8 , W. C. KJER & 8os. Removed* I hare tooted my tailor shop to the rddms oyef Eihleroan 1 * grocery, sad invite all of my former pattona and their friends to call. . 75tlS ,. JOHN BOSSOH. The Last Call. All personal taxes must be paid on or before March 10. Office open every night thla week nntil 9 o'clock. JNotlce. Mazson & Johnson are now prepared to famish their Customers with Wall Paper, from the cheapest to the finest wall hangings, at very low prices. Drop us a card at our ehpp, under Michel's .shoe store. 78tl2 ACADEMY OF MUSIC TWO NldHTS I Friday, Saturday, fflarcli]2&13 Matinee Saturday at 2 P. M. 15, 26, 36t.—No Higher, The Best Show Ever Offered . In (Sterling for 'Ihe "Morie/r The International DEVILLE COMPANY. And The Wonderful Moving Picture Machine This Splendid Company Embraces the Following: G us Bruno, __ The famous Dialect Comedian, Banks Winters, ," The wonderful Tenor. BiHy Link, In Black Face Monologue. TheRandals, The Wonders, Grotesque Dan'. cers and Contortionists. TheCraysonSisters • Pleasing Singers and Dancers. CKoud and Kershaw . Irish Character Comedians. CHIISE jflniE mm, , In Burlesque Legerdemain, , Willette^qhaiter9, ' The delightful OperaticVpcalist Gale and Trumbull, .Refined Society Sketch Artists, 9fi ''V\p-- .^u.Oub • - Li '" : Get your Seats in advance at Hendricks 1 Drug Store. A DOLLAR Show for 1 6, 25, 36c WOODLAWN FARCE AND DEBATE, Academy of Music, The Faroe will not be a Debate and the Debate will nqt be a Farce. Good Program Between Acts. ; The Academy will not hold, all of our friends, go come early and aee the first .. _ are 'opeai&g'iit) th0 Carpet Seasoig with a larger and better selected stoolf than eve^r .before- We will be pleased to show yoii our lame line of Axminst&f Q-oblins, Axminster Moqttettes, Smith's Moquettes, HoyalWeltons^VelTetsBodj Brussels and Tapestries. • k All these Goods with or without Border. - "We are Sole Agent of the well known Tremont Super Extras; The superior quality of wool used inJl these Carpets makes these goods stand'| on par with Lowels'to-day- . r;t All fool Ingrain Carpets Iroi4Sc np, Smyrna and Jttoquette-Rtigs j iii aU sizes. The demand for Mattings is^ growing stronger every season and this *V time we have selected our immense stock with greatest care. In buying direot ; ^ from importers, we do not hesitate say that bur Prices are the lowest. Estimates given on application free 5 ^ of charge. " Give us a Call! / < -., iy , •"?¥ • '••, n oy the Winter . . **- • *' .,;.'.... •'•...•' .• •-* ?••'.'. ( : , j- ! . •. • l , t ^ .'while it is here but take care ot yourself. If you oatch'i the slightest coldj buy a bottle of our Cough Syrup, an|[ you will be a-elieved almost at once. This Cough Sy •of ours is one. of .those remediesi of which you c,an be , solutely sure. It has been sold over our counters lon'sp enough for us' to know that its effect is always quick;^ harmless and sure. ; ' : A. R. HENORICKS, Opposite Gait House. * . and .Qait&Go, Remember we are headquarters for Good Groceries, Fruits, Vegetables Also for Fresh Baltimore Bulk Oysters, SolM Meats, only age, per guart.

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