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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 1

Decatur, Illinois
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Saturday, July 4, 1914
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SPACES THE DAUY TOUR Urn. Is 8AVKD wnra »*c employ u id on Th« Pa«* Back There to wark for you. , Thlrty-Slith YMF. DECATUR, ILLINOIS, SATURDAY EVENING, JULY 4, 1914. PRICE TWO CENTS. No. 185. Pound* Fiit on Table on Which Declarntion of Independence Wat Signed. In l h f· i i i !· U 11 · . ( \t\- '· , ' t l l l K t h « ! '*·· !wr't!l"n cf I n ' 1 I n , l t « p r l i i ' I p l n t )! w t l h l n ,, I II , . . f \ m i ill f n ' . . , ) , \ ( h i ' i il n IllIK II I,, l, !M H I. I i f "I f. r t l.f 1\ J,, 1 I I ' l . nl U 111 t l Ml" '.I , . . I M 'I ) , ! , · ll I I I I " ' ! ' - . 1 " I I M l " · " t»ll ,,.| . , . , , ,, ! . , M i l , I I ! « 1 . h i " i. M r MH..I' - n p 1 1 1 i»t t«rn I I M I -, I I l M . I , l - , I , , , , , - | .1 N I ' . l.ll.ll 1,1. , ,, i , i . , i , n , , , i ,,i I. .1, in n l i n. ·· , , 1 I , ,1, I I . 1 . I M l " ! ' · I l l t l ' r ., 1 1 , 1 ' , I ' , , ! ' t I" « I tl f» « l\ I h l ' " ' I ' l I I * "' ·''''« , i I I I M i l M I . - 1 1 I f ) H f l l h l l l U ,i i , I n i .1, i\ ' «»r pn I ! l u t , ,, · . i , . « \ l . i i l w h . i « r , ' i m i t i l - h , , I · I t l . l i t ^ T|H-\ B ' I' B t l M n ', ' \\ I I - I t l l l f f ' t l llll 1IK I li'-" h, ,1 ,,.· , ,|iini iin In "n: h ln"i n B . I . - ' .1 vlni-M I I .nil n l l » l l \ K l "I '" ' ' "'I" i n h I i I 1 · 111 li- " ' I I · · N M 1 , 1 U VI I ' 'S « P ' ' * · ' · 11,,, 1,1, 111,. I I II lllll 'I porntion tan by nil state*. I l l l n n l i - WM t h i r d In the Hut with corp o r n t l o n n 1nxc» a m o u n t i n g to M.2»t.- m9 ii8 nnrt I n d i v i d u a l Income aisem- nn-tlln N K K l - K K n t t t l f f $8,07(1.171.11. Three Known to be Dead-- Mqny Injured. S-. » S u l k J u l y -- A bomb of ter- i l f l p m * » r rxplnilptl either o n th* roof , i , M , . t i i . ( t r tin 1 u p p e r floors of H six ,.!,,, t i n hoiiKo I n H n r l n m toilay. u i . U . i l M t l i l i i l of I hi- b u i l d i n g . K i l l e d n t li-nM l h i i . f i p p r n n r i B a n d Injured oth- , r* ' n r of i h n ill-nil was A r t h u r CR- i »n n tn it-li i n UI n n d n lender of t h e In, l i i . | t | i l W o r k e r s of tlm World. The t » , , o t i i o r k n o w n r t t - n d were women. KXI'ITKD. · l l i r K T p l n p I n n W H S Bt first a t t r l b i i i t - i l t i i 0 \ i ! H i n l ! l n K I n f t noiirbv a u h w n y i M i i t i i l l i i n n t n l I n till e x c i t e m e n t n t I . n i l i i n i i l i u m i h r r u n u p s * of t h e t " i l l d l n - I ' M I t i t u 1 i ' * of t h * ilrad ran n" h l K h , . f t r t v I t i f p i - i ' t o r FlKnn. of t h * i m l l r e l i n e , H I ..· f i i i n l i u » l l b l « « . »»!d I h s ' '·"· I..-ml. « . ' « p o n r r f u l enougli t o wr»rk l l i r m i n i - n i l K h h o r h o o r t I f It hiil been I I , U S Ol'T Of HKH. I',"MIII^ net""* t b c street wt'Tf blown r t o t n t ' t . r i.i'dfi nnd w i n d o w ffln^a wap '.'Mlti-tril f"l M""k" i' n i !. t. Y. P. U. DELEGATES CELEBRATE FOURTH l · r' ! ! . « ' * ' . ! I It ·*· '' ' l f IT---* nt I t 1 1 ·( Colonel Withdraws from Staff of the Outlook, t k l u ! \ 4 «'nl. TtfodoT i s r t i K f i i 1 n n « n v I r - ' i i i t l r i K 1 i . i i j i l i m i t 1 .11 v^ r. in i* A l i ' i h* ·»« n. ·-« nf |h" m « K n - ·· 1 t h m t h n u K h IIP r c f i i d r d I 't nl 1i"ln "rt t h o mlnriPl to i ' i ! i | v, - r l Tt In k ' - n c r n l U .MI p \ i r, |)iM Ml U n r m o \ i * l t , * · ,i l , r r l i - n u i n d l n K « nt *" t " nf h i * h " » l t l l , . | l i i I ' i»l ltOi'*to\ c l t b n h i ^ . n n « t I t ' l l xv i r h tin." M r , , ' 1 1 n i i .M h l n f i n n H f M r e 'm ' · M s ' - ' M » h # m i m n r T p m p n t i , , . . , , ! * · I m w t \ n J i n v r ln-en h a p - f i ] !ii» -·*,«* I* \\n* i* irrrftl Ctr- · ., i i i ' l i - r A f y l l M t n t i ' t i K n t hue · t t o t 1 f rtpw*prtp*rii to b* p n h M M ' ' » \ mm nt-nK. I'ntll t h i n IB . i i i i n n " ' *'*!! wu n n y more . i . I t r ** b"*«n on the s t a f f i i , i . · · i t m k H i n - r M n r o h . 1901, when I . '! T . U ( l i f e H i i ' l K C STKINC.ER VISITS EAST ST. LOUIS ILLINOIS IS IN THIRD On I * \ n 1 t i t k tin it I V t i n » 4 I * ntiln I'n* *tiii i Iff ·in« I ri «i*« \' · , t i 1 ' . w \ i M J'. , - . 1 1 - · | n I in nr t it r . ' · M t ' M . I t . I Inlii \ n i ni. V m t r l i i . .lulv 4 -- T h o , H , t . n * * ' t f c B i n n i r t l \ r r h d u k o i f l . i , r n n MI 1 n n - 1 M H ·' nsort, die I M f , t · f f lohr-ub'TK r r l \ t fl h n r f t to, j , \ ! \ \ . i ·' t n l M r "Ml Nf n» nth the , r t » i i i u » l w i t h B « l n i p l « - rr*»monv. ·j i , ' i , i i ] ]·! MI i · d l t ' H i rof»«»«(1 t b o r , T r x , , r t l »» I ' » n u l « i n t P - ' r h l a r n At t , \\ .1 i t l i « i 01'civ:*' r« M h t ii t h n rnrl r -,f |« t , IP v ;it fl\ '· n'i !m-k Thr r o f M i ·. u , i . l i n n i c i l U i t - b p l f t ' 'f| In t h r i, i , i , i y\r f t t r i l l n ' - n u t l o . wher« i t , '. u i ' l t u t n s n i M 1 ' i . i ' t T p «t t h r i,l,. . f i » (. r f l t r i f n l t ^ i r " * f"r noveral i , H « I « i t . r In t h » . n v . r n l M K t w o t r a i n s i · T n · ! f i HTM \ lr*nti.i u I ' l l m« i mht»rs «f I hi- l i u i " I I n l f . u i i t l v \ n . r Hi" l l n . i l r l t i i l l i « i * n f f i n « wero r n t t t f ! i h r n n H h 1 l n « n f n t n n v n t e r a n n \M'T- \ \ \ ( ' \ I n t l H ' i r f ' n s i r o « M n R plni*tr. QUARANTINE ALL OUTGOING VESSELS S. ^ i ii l i ' f i t ' N . Lit .Inh I--Federal d i i t b i T l i i r - ^ l i i ' l n v b»'Knn tlii* i-nforce- f i n n t '.f urn t - i n t I t i o ri'H'i l i i t l n n w nn o u t - m.ltip , « ^ I | N n " n p u t t n f t h p -Rm- p.-iik-n f n i Hi' 1 e r . i d l r . - i f I n n nf bubonic I'l'i^if Tin- f u n i i K n t l ' ^ n "f rvin-rr · r n i l n u n «? t h n v n r l o u s New n i l r u n * « h n f h ^ w i l l lie mfr-rt nt ner- \ l r - i - r s t i . i i n . r f n n T o o p M M I n I h r « r n d l - Clinton Resident* File Appeal from Board. Bprinsfl«M, July *.--Claiming that they are entitled to some reduction to mte because they own the telephones they use, elKhty customers of the Na- tional Telephone and Electric company of Clinton, represented by the mayor of Clinton, yesterd»v filed an appeal In the circuit court from the second decision of the state utilities commis- sion, granting: aji advance In rates. In pursuance of the provisions of the · tnte public utilities law, effective Jan. 1. 1914, which piohlblts discrim- i n a t o r y Imposition of u n e q u a l tariffs for substantially the same service. President B. F. Wasson of the company filed a petition with the commls- nlon on March 31, 1914. He Bet f o r t h the fact that all subscribers were pay- Inft a m u c h higher rate t h a n the eighty persons who own their own phones, and declared that the discount allowed would have many times paid for the e q u i p m e n t . There was no opposition presented and the commission authorized the advance so that the telephone owners would pay at the same rate as the patrons who use rented phones. On April 20 the mas or filed a motion for a rehearing which was granted, b u t the second order was the same ns the first, the commission declaring t h a t the advance was in strict accord w i t h t h e terms of the u t i l i t i e s law The rates were declare,! to be changed »n a* to do a w a v with the existing d i s c r i m i n a t i o n and the case has been Appealed to tho Sangamon county cir- c u i t court . 16,000 FIRES IN STATE IN YEAR St r.oul-. ,T\ilv 4--In an a g g r e g a t e of a l m m t I f i n n o f i r p s t h r o u g h o u t I l l i n o i s I n M v i - i i t . t h i r t y Tprt.on! lost t h o l r lives H n p p r * n n p w i r e I n l n r e d anil property m i r t h more t h a n J7,000,(100 w»s do- Such Is the gist of B t a t i a t l c K comp l c t f d bv tiimon K«-llprmnr7, .tr., of Eil- w a n l H v l l l e . 111., for the Illinois S t a t e Fireman's association. K e l l e r m a n referred to the "ninth- room" growth of p u b l l r and p r i v a t e gnrngcs nnd the Increased use of gas- o l i n e and a u t o m o b i l e s as one of the c h i e f causes of the Increase In the n u m b e r of fires. A c c o r d i n g to his comp i l a t i o n , there were 35,819 fires in Illinois rlnring 1013, an increase of 325 ovrr the preceding- year. The I n s u r - ance companies paid, fire claim 1 ! In the slate t o t a l i n g I7.3SO.S80 15. which was $1.544.54! "ifi more t h a n In 1912. D u r i n g the year the cities of I l l i n o i s s p r n t J4.171.P82 for the m a i n t e n a n c e of flri. d e p a r t m e n t s Of this amount. Chi- I'.'IKO ipent $3.221,687 which was half a m i l l i o n dollars lese than 1912. Fire i p H r t m e n t s about the state answered 4 , S i s false alarms of which 4,651 were in Cl THE PIRATES In Morning Game--Boston Beats Washington -Giants Win. AMERICAN 1.BAGTJE. MOKNINO GAMB6. St. Louis 000 120 Chicago 300 110 Ijevereni, Baumgardner and Agnew, Scott. Russell, Benz and Mayer. Score: R. H. E. New York 010 010 041--7 10 0 Philadelphia 101 100 101--5 9 2 Keating, Cole and Sweeney; Wyckoff, Plank, Bressler and Ijapp. Cleveland 031 411 Detroit 3 0 0 0 4 0 Gregg. Mitchell and O'Neill, Carisch; Dubuc, Hall and Stanage. Score: S. H. E. Boston 000 100 000--1 5 1 Washington 000 000 000--0 8 1 Collins and Carrigan; Engel and Henry. NATIONAL LEAGUE. MORNING GAMES. Score: K. H E. Chicago 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 -- 1 6 0 Pittsburgh 000 000 000--0 5 1 Vaughn and Bresnahan: Adams and Gibson. Philadelphia 100 000 OSO--4 B 2 New Tork 300 110 00«--6 15 2 Rixey and Killlfer; Tesreau. Marqua rd and Meyers. Brooklyn 002 2{IO 010 Boston 001 100 003 Batteries--Brown, Ragon and Fis- c h e r ; James and Whaling, Gotvdy. FEDERAL LEAGUE. MORNING GAMES. Score- R. H. E. Baltimore 000 000 010--1 8 0 P i t t s b u r g h 301 001 00«--5 8 0 'Wilhelm, Conley and Jacklitsch, B f u g p r and Berry, j Score: R. H. E B u f f a l o 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 -- 1 6 2 Brooklyn 101 001 03*--6 11 2 Moore and Blair, Flnneran and Owens. I T . S. M l ! ! ' SOLI* TO ( i I ? K E C K . 'I Iii- M ' « n l » i l i i | i | whirl) rnnsrmn linpc a u t h o r i z e d snld to Qrcepc Is «. b a t t l e - ·hip or 13 "no ton. fli«p!ic»mi-til nnrt in, ono horrtpowrr. She carries twenty ftmt Kh. I. a (ltorehli ol the Idulio. Their keel* w e r e laid In 1904. lEWSPAPERflRCHIVE®--- AMERICAN ASSOCIATION. MORNING- GAMES. M i l w a u k e e 021 01 Kansas City 000 00 Hovlik and Hughes; Morgan and Moore. fccore: R. H. E. Louisville 004 OHO 000--4 5 1 Cleveland 012 000 05«--8 14 2 Score: R.H. B St Paul 0 0 0 0 0 0 120--3 5 1 M i n n e a p o l i s 000 000 002--2 4 1 Gardner and Glenn; Patterson and Rondeau, Homer Baker Runs Half Mile in 1:54 2-5. I« Recommendation of Western Educator. St Paul, Minn., July 4--Discussion of problems c o n f r o n t i n g the school sup e r i n t e n d e n t and of conditions pre- v a i l i n g In rural school districts mark- i'd the openlnff session today of the f l f t v second a n n u a l c o n v e n t i o n of the N a t i o n a l Educational association. ABOLISH DISTRICT STRTF.M. A b o l i t i o n of the district svstem and t h r I n t r o d u c t i o n of the county u n i t of a d m i n i s t r a t i o n , elective to give place to the appointive s u p e r i n t e n d e n t and special normal school courses to ade- q u a t e l y prepare teachers for rural positions were advocated by A r t h u r H fhnmberlaln. of S n n Frlnclsco. and wrre declared to *e essential to the Improvement of r u r a l scliools. Finnish Worker Then Shot by His Victim. is Butte, M o n t , J u l y 4--Louis P. Dun- ran, mayor of Butte. was stabbed three times late yesterday. He shot h l w dssalfnnt, Eric Lnntela, a Finnish minor, in the abdomen. Both men probably will recover. ^ The affray took place in Mr. Duncan's office, w h i t h e r Lantela went to enter protest ag-alnst the presence in Butte of Frank AHonen of Negraunee, Mich., correspondent for a Finnish newspaper of Hancock, Mich. This paper has sided with officials of the Western Federation of Miners as against a faction of Butte miners' local No. 1, which recently broke awav and formed a new organization, and the mayor was asked yesterday to order Altonen out of towr London. July 4.--Stamford Bridge . i t h l e t l c field was the scene today of the contests for Biitish championships In track and field e\onts. About a dozen American athletes were entered, ed. The championships comprised 19 events. The entries totaled about 240. GREAT HALF MILE. Homer Baker, of the New Tork A t h l e t i c club carried off the half mile championship In the splendid time of 1:542-5. A. G. Hill, Polytechnic Harriers, was second and R. E. Atkinson, Cambridge university, third Baker also placed third on the quarter mile. APPLEGARTH WINS. . W. R. Applegarth, pnivtechnic Harriers, tho holder, defended his title to tile 100 yards dash, -winning In 10 seconds flat English Tennis Champion Loses to Australian. Wimbledon, Eng., Jul 4 --Norman E Brookes, of Australia, won the all- comers lawn tennis singles championship today, wresting the title from Anthony F. Wilding, of .New Zealand, tho holder, in three straight sets, «-4, 6-4, 7-6. MRS. CHAMBERS RETAINS TITLE. Mrs R. Lambert Chambers once more won the ladle"' singles lawn championship today by b e a t i n g Mrs. Lar- rombe, the challenger. 7-5, 6-4. WESTINGHOUSE STRIKE TO CONTINUE Pittsburgh, Pa.. July 4--The strike In tht ·R-estinghouFe factories Is to continue If the strikers abide by the result of yesterday's balloting. About 4.000 men and women of the 10,000 who are out cast their ballots and leaders said today that S5 per cent voted to reject tht settlement proposed by the management. Race for $25,000 Prize Sioux City, la. at Sioux City, la,. July 4.--Sioux City today was the magnet for thousands ·who came to see the 300 mile automobile race lor a 125.006 purse. FAMOUS DRIVERS. Twenty drivers, many of them of International fame, were ready to start with the explosion of a bomb dropped from a circling biplane at 11 o'clock this morning. The drivers Include Oldfield, Burman, Anderson, Grant, Mulford, Bndlcott and 'vTlehart. At the track all was In readiness early for the start of the grind. Cars were declared to be in perfect shape. Pilots were confident and unalarmed Plans for policing the grounds and controlling the crowd haibeen worked out completely. "* FASTEST DIRT TRACK. Since yesterday noon a huge ten ton steam roller has been ironing out the track with the result that when the cars start on the long race they will be traveling on a perfect speedway--a track said to be faster by far than any dirt track ever traveled over by a racing machine. NO AMERICANS EXTEHED Lyons, France. July 4.--Thirty-seven racing automobiles, representing Italy, England, Belgium, France and Germany, started today in the race for the g-and prize of the Automobile club of France over a course of 467.1 miles, There were no American entries Their absence is a t t r i b u t e d here to their recent defeat at Indianapolis by the French competitors. HARVARD CREW WINS BRITISH TROPHY Henley-on-Thanies, Julv 4.--The fourth and last day of the Royal regatta attracted a large attendance. In the final heat of the grand challenge cup, fwo American eights, the Union Boat club of Boston, and the Harvard unl- versitv second crew met for the possession of the valued trophy. The Harvard second eight captured the grand challenge cup by beating the Union Boat club of Boston in the final heat. Harvard crossed the finish line a length and a quarter ahead in 7 minutes and 20 seconds. It wa B s. mag- n i f i c e n t race throughout. INDIANA ELECTION HEADS INDICTED Fifteen Indiana Democrats and Hoo«- cm Accused of l^rand. Indianapolis. Ind., July 4.--Fifteen Democratic and Progressive election officials who served on election boards in three precincts at the county primaries May 5 were indicted yesterday by the Marion countv grand jury on charges of conspiracy to commit fel- cnies by destroying Democratic tally sheets, by entering on Democratic tally sheets votes which wore not legally voted and by recording names of persons who did not vote. Each board was indicted jointly In one indictment, thfro being three indictments of our counts each returned against the f i f t e e n officials. HAROLD T. LEYSER LEAVES HOSPITAL Took ntchlorlde of Mercury: Wa« Din. conrnKOcl O\cr Poor I)n»lnc»B. According to Chicago papers. Harold T. Leyser, who disappeared from his residence at 722 Waveland avenue and attemcted to commit suicide Thursdav afternoon by taking bichloride of mercury, was discouraged over lack of business. He Is at the head of the Leyser construction company and failed to get any contracts for his firm. IS RECOVERING. Lejsei was recovering at St Luke's hospital Friday nlglit and was expected to return to his home today. Leyeer was formerly in Decattir and married a Decatur girl. His wife is not in Chicago with him. O. W. Rosenthal of 815 Sheridan road. Leyser's uncle, paid the attempt at suicide was the act ot an Impatient youth. Leyfler, whose disappearance Wednesday had been repotted to the police, hart spent the night walking about the city. BORCHERS IS BACK HOME Says He Will Declare Intentions Before Going Back to Washington. Congressman C. M. Borchers of this district arrived home in Decatur Friday night to spend the Fourth with his family. He will be here for several days before returning to Washington. "I have not decided yet whether I will be a candidate for re-election or not," said Mr. Borchers, "but I will probably make an announcement in a few days, before I go back anyway." The general impression, as n week aeo. is t h a t he w i l l he a candidate. GRACE METHODIST WOMEN TO MEET Members of th» Ladles' Aid society of the Grace Methodist church Friday afternoon made arrangements to meet in Fall-view park/for the next regular meeting. At that time each division will be expected to have some sort of entertainment for the other divisions. More than So was received at the meeting yesterday. TITLE ON FOUL Championship's Tilt Staged in Australia. Sydney, N. S. W,. July 4.--Jimmy Clabby of Hammond, Ind., tonlsht won a foul from Eddie McQoorty of Oshkosh, WlB., the title of world's middleweight champion. The foul occurred In the eighth round. The battle was hard fought from the beginning. FURIOUS FIGHT. Clabby's work was regarded ir the crowd as a remarkable exhibition. Both men fought furiously and ml*ed It up continuously. McGoorty could accomplish little, however, against his adversary's superior skill. He tried repeatedly left hand hooks, but each time was blocked. He wac desperate when he committed the foul. Much Interest was shown In the fight and a great crowd attended. The contest was scheduled to go twenty rounds. LAST FIGHT AT NEW ORLEANS. New Orleans, La., July 4.--Probably the last fight here under the state law which limits boxing matches to ten rounds, Is staged for tonight between Johnny Dundee of New York and Joe Mandot of New Orleans, lightweights. The entire membership of the general assembly, which recently enacted a law permitting twenty-round bouts In Louisiana, was sent complimentary tickets to the event by the promoters. Li FSST Record of 54.54 Miles May Be Broken Today. Peorla, July 4.--Interest In the last day's events of the seventh annual regatta of the Mississippi %'alley Power Boat association centered today In the time trials and in the Webb champion- shin free for all events. The sensational work of the Kitty Hawk VI. which yesterday smashed all records for motor boat time by making the mile at the rate of 54.54 miles an hour, is expected to be eclipsed todar- With the America of Chicago, and the Baby Speed Demon of Algonac, Mich., in the same event with the Kitty Hawk VI, the most thrilling event of the -week's program is predicted. The owners of the Baby Speed Demon expect to lower the record set yesterday by the Tlnken boat of Canton, Ohio. Sixteen boats are entered In the Webb championship free for all race, five Illinois cities being represented among the entries Second heats in classes B. C and E are also to be run. This morning the annual meeting of the regatta association was scheduled. REELECTED ADMIRAL. Charles P. Hanloy of Muscatlne, la, ·was reelected admiral. The choice of a city for the 1915 regatta was delegated to the racing committee. President Wilson Demands Resignation of U. S. Envoy to Greece and Montenegro. Philadelphia, July 4--President W11. son has requested the resignation of George Fred Williams, American min- ister to Greece and Montenegro u 4 result of Mr. Williams' public «mt»- ments regarding the tltuitlon hi Al- bania. This became known following the president's arrlral here tod«y. Mr, Williams' own reports oo hte statements were takes up at the cab- inet meeting yesterdar »fid afterward Mr. Wilson decided their effect was such that it would be Improper for Mr. William* longer to represent the United States in the Balkan*. It has been understood Mr. Williams. of his own accord, has forwarded hl« resignation, but so far a* could be learned here, It has not been received by the president. BRIEF BtTT ATTRACTIVE. Washington, July 4 -- Th4 terra of George Fred Williams at minister to Greece and Montenegro has been brief but has attracted much attention. A few weeks ago President Wilson, Secretary Bryan and other officials were amazed by a published report that Mr. Williams had circularized the powers offering his services as mediator In the Albanian crisis. Will Attempt Duluth to Chicago Flight. Duluth, Minn., July 4 -- A n attempt to fly from Duluth to Chicago, by way of Sault Ste. Marie in one day. will be made soon by Aviator Roger Jannus, according to an announcement here today. Jannus u»es a powerful hy- droaeroplane and has made a careful study of atmospheric conditions In the r.elghWsrhood of the Great Lakes No date for the attempted flight, which would establish, an American record, has been set. Because He Criticized the U. S. Foreign Policy. Assured of Fair Trial by Mexican Rebels. Washington, July 4--Assurance has been given to the British embassy here that George St. Claire Douglas, the English consul condemned to death as a spy by Constitutionalists, will have a fair trial. United States Consul Hmm left Durango at the order of the itate department for Zacatecaa, where Douar- la» Is confined, to nee his inflaenoe in securing the Englishman'! release. URBANA MAN IS FREED OF MURDER Jurj- Decide* O. P. SalUru DM !T*t Mnrter William Larry. Urbana, July 4--Oliver P. Ballivao. charged with the murder of William I/arry. a wealthr bachelor, WM acquitted by the Jnry yeeterday after an all night deliberation. Larry's body wa* found In a ·eeltid- ed spot southeast of Urbana an Oct. 18. He had been dead about fifteen hovn. Three bullet wounds were In hi* b*ad and there were evidences that b« had been robbed. The revolver from which the ehots were fired was found tinder the body. Sullivan wa supposed to have repaid the day before 11,200, which he had borrowed from Larry. He was arrested when he was Identified by Walter Kruz, a gunsmith, ap the man who had purchased a gun from him four days previously. Sullivan proved an alibi, the defense winning the point of mistaken Identity on the part of the gunsmith. The case developed the general impression t h a t Larry committed suicide. DENY ALLEGED WILSON-MORGAN TALK Philadelphia, July 4.--Newspaper reports that President Wilson and J. P. Morgan discussed Mexico and the payment of debts due American bankers out of customs receipts at Vera Cruz d u r i n g the conference Thursday, wpre denied emphatically by member of the president's party. Philadelphia, Pa.. July I.--Brigadier General R. K. Evan=. former commander of the department of the East, will be privately reprimanded *y the presl-^ dent, In consequence of a speech at a recent banquet in New York, In which j General Evans Is said to have made in- j discreet references to the foreign policy of the United States. General Evans sent Secretary Garrison a statement of his speech in which he said he had been misquoted, and gave his own version of his remarks. While this version Is said to have partly satisfied the president, It is understood he decided a reprimand should be given General Evan's. THE WEATHER. Chicago. July I---Following a r e the weather indications until 7 p.m. Sunday: I n»e«tl«tl iMuwltite sfcowem; local Stmday fair} ·# Important chaa !· temperature* LOCAL OBSERVATION*. Folowing: !a th» range of temperature ftf rpcorded by Professor J. H. Coonradt, Unite* States weather obcerver: 7 a. m. Saturday '" Xoon Saturday *}T Hlgh*t Prirlay f» Lowest Saturday W Sun rises (Standard time) *-3* Sun eet4 (Standard time) ..**««» « :Z * .'SPAPERf

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