Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 22, 1941 · Page 7
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 7

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 22, 1941
Page 7
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October a. mi . STERLING.' ILLINOIS Page, Seven Obtaining Men for Service in Army htirowing Harder list of Registrants In Draft Board Files Almost Exhausted Legionnaire Signs Up 939 Within Two Years BI/OOMIN'OTON. It.T, — <AP> — \Vhv r;f' TTKike R'»v Simkms n re- Thi' :rnr ]<f Mtrned up 5>n5 rnrm- t«-i.-- of Mir American IjfRlon !*5-t \ ri| he broucht in 434 ni r n. lypimi r.ifinnl.' '-JM onlv two other rr.^n in tor Vr.'.vr! S'n'f. 1 ; ha\e h^ii'r rec- r.rr!> a--. :rf rr.h'T-i.ip r'-rrni'i r;- /,'f[:ibrr !•.;:> tninpnitrns n f » hf>h- tv. -A'.''!: HllV.k'.l].- 'II',' 1 llK.-.l l/'KKiJi ;«v'. -.1. :•-,;• r. i'•< i>t;r. :/(•:- t\ wr-"! Strikers Override Attempt to Reopen Detroit Steel Plant 'ConMn l -i' 1 d fmm pnc* on' . New York and in vonoii* HKin Strike Fnrl* Th? q'^-MOi! of don* to rVi;a::>. •-<-> InR .rVtT o: sivf::.-i;; . tTri'r'i T:.r !>: of thf local ciraf iv«!>rti :; tm- .v af- 1 tf,r thf fK'V of :hp yrar. Tnf board hfl* Rlrrsdv hxvr. cnir.e mr-r ;hr t)rffrrftH;<:; nur, -vim urrr fi«-frrrrd for rnrtlioai rrascr:^ a:ui ;>!ar«l in B-l. Ptr«ii£r!y. HP? a Kifn' ni;ii-.v sripcltf 1 '; !ia\ r brrp jm k- whn wrrr ;>i(k- i-.o^r trctl: •.<,<•!(- jr~<r\\n\ fiin'.\! to i-rt :n;<i thr 1 f lirui m'u; i>f thr inrmlxT^iuji rom- ' m: :< " OPM Aide Declares War Confrad Parley In Chicago Success 11)1 nirr. aro p »rr find trhO va-. i;i oitirr • rmy In Chua^o. I.iO (i!;i!'. b'.uui to bf rlo?rd within thr nr\: r>n to |PO d*y.« Thr list nf mm iindrr tiirn jurisdiction ha\r born exhausted The rrcorris will probably !jr tumrtl ovrr to adjoining draft boards and the work consolidated Only two means n:f apparent Iv •t hflixl. Oiie is to lower the draft to 18! 19 or 21) and call for a new Tfgl.nration. which would Rive ths bonrdJv several million more ITK- L"«tr«nts. The other Is to chance the exempiion laws so as to make it harder to obtain exempt ion nnd thus bring back onto the artne list thou- >B«nds of young men who have been deferred in the past. Under present rules it has been easy to obtain exemption. . There • re innumerable determents. A man engaged in a^Ricultural pursuit*, de- ense Industry and in many other lines of work hns but two prove his case in order to obtain deferment -Under thr cxiMitvg regulations. New Organization )May Be Organized In This Vicinity Over In Ohio an organization has been formed that should spread to »ther states, and no doubt will. In fact, there Is some discussion anent •tartlng a branch of the organization In this vicinity. It Is called the Society of Victors and is made up of those who have fought the Jtattle against tuberculosis and who. Having won it. want to help others In the midst of the fight. The organization works for added comfort and encouragement for those in the various sanitariums. It •Uo helps those who have come »ugh long sieges of tuberculosis ind who are now seeking, jobs.' CHICAGO -- <AP> - The midwest- em c'inleiencp of dcfeiue production had l>een under way for less thrm two hours lodny when W. Ho- ni'T H;u!r teuional coordinator of OPM-^ rini.-ion ol_ contnicl dl.-tribu- lion, pronounced it a sucre.-.s. 'The number of manufacturers standing in line to get. in. their evident determination to sit do'Mi and get to work as soon as pAsMbe. demonstrate that we have reaily bevun to tackle the problem of distributing defense work." he said. While it \<-a-s uxi early to estimate the amount, of sub-contracting that would be accomplished at the meeting. Hart?, expressed the opinion thnf. siihstflntial orders would find their way to the small manufacturers, for whose, special benefit the conference was called. "Those who fall to obtain subcontract, 1 ; immediately will at least get a wood, education on what the uovcrnment Is buying and what is required to make this material," Hartz said. Both the army ordnance depart mem and the quartermaster corps had .exhibits at the Stevens hotel, nnd many of the prime contractors brought samples of the material they were making. The "little fellows" were privileged to examine mortars, fuses, bombs and other products being turned out for the military forces and to discuss with experts the possibility of putting their facilities into defense production. Hartz estimated that 5.000 contractors, sub-contractors, production men, purchasing agents, engineers, government officials and military officers would attend the three day clinic. Fofher Posses Away At Davenport, Iowa L. H. Dtederichsen. father of Mrs. E. Dftlldorf of Sterling, passed •way Saturday morning at his home In Davenport. Funeral rites were held at Runge's funeral home there .Tuesday afternoon at 1 o'clock, wtlh .Interment In the Palrmount ceme- fry. Rev. M. Oetrendaner, pastor 'of the St. Mark's Lutheran church, officiated. Dr. and Mrs, DaLldorf were called to his bedsire Friday afternoon, When he took a turn for the worse. Dalldorf returned home Tues- evenlng, while Mrs. Dalldorf and daughter Janna are remaining with , her mother until this weekend. Besides Mrs. Dalldorf and his widow, he Is survived by two sons. Dr. D. C. Diederichsen of Kansas City, lo., and Lawrence of Albany, Ind., another daughter, Mrs. Lawrence Laverenz of Davenport. Puts Bird Population Of U. S. at 5 3 /4 Billion NEW YORK— (AP) —How many birds are there in the United States? Roger Tory Peterson, educational director of the National Audubon society, spent five years studying bird census data trying to find the answer. His conclusion, given to the Audubon society's 37th annual convention: The American bid population is approximately 5,750,000.000. Atlantic ferry pilots have recently been hired for $1.500 a month with bonuses of $2,500 for 10 round trips and $5.000 for 25 fround trips. Itchy Pimples Kill Romance Many shattered romances may be traced directly to scratching of skin blemishes, why tolerate Itching of pimples, eczema, angry red blotches and other irritations, when you can get quiclrrellef from soothing Peterson's Ointment? 35c all druggists. Money refunded if one application! does not delight you. Peterson's! Ointment also soothe* irritated and' tired feet and cracks between toes. ftl'.o in «ern« in CnliforniR .Jer 1 -'". . nr.d rl.'.ev, tirre Onr P",ia(:' hundred tn r ml 1 <-|t nf • \\r CIO l'1'..ierl Mm* 1 Woikers <\*~ ^^(', la/! nieht rn (jo hai k to work «• the Slri'>-Sh'-fT;e'd Ster! A' Iror: '"ir,- pany ! f.-. nr.d B b'. -p: rx: ;: ' plnnl Bl BuniiUKhnin. ai:;ir>';i.!'. trim.'- nf the .sett lenient weie no: mi- medlatelv annouiued Previou. 1 - re- povt.s said the dispute revoked or. (lie UMW's demand for » rinsed Miop roiWrart. A shortace of ir.riu. < -i::n! cfis produced bv the by-profp.H t plant liad fort ed moie than 40 inri'i.s- trinl plhtit.s in BirminRham to c -Itv-e A strike of 20. (KX) Alabama <oni miner. 1 -, members of a dlfTcirm d:\i- .Mon of the CIO-UMW. remained in, e fleet despite the Slrf-s-PhefTirlri settlement. The .shaft.s \\herf thev ' dug normally Mipplv moM o' the fuel for Birmingham's steel nni's A spokesman for the mlnei* declared there had been "an unreasonable. and unjtistinable delay' 1 in ne- . gotlation.s for a new contract, in ( whtth the union want.-; to embody aj pay Increase of 40 cent.s a day. paid vacations, and changes in the method of computing tonnage loss due to washing operations. Tlie basic wage | now Is So 50 for a sev-rn-hour day in ] the Alabama mines. . | i £arth Shocks Jar i Los Angeles County 1 LOS A NO FT. RP—'AP>— A «ifrr«n» fir- if .'nineori'* uprf violent Iv rtvkinE ' vr>nr .Mrai6li!-i' k w<1 rhsir .«»•«>-! f'f\ I/">s Ansr' 1 !'* m\;ntv riti' 1 ."; i* 1 ' MS-HI Only .Mich* dnmaRf w».« r*- fiom Mi" ci'v nail in HTrn 1 ^*. .-r h;i;-'Ti'i nf f ;r •:, L<. <!," ? ,r<; !<-*<M ?:m: Kr! b-. a r«vk!nc rf-.*:r mrv'.on, wnr >.' at HI '3 nrlrvV ;q.*t nicht. h;i' w«v o-.' : " :•!.;;: sr^r:' fn f» ,-'•<• r.;^!- A iii.'.fl f'vi.-hr«"K f.''i;o',\rr) at 2 33 * m itxifr, . j«f Mftvoir. 17S mtl*.« w^- Winter Stalemate Loom* in Russia, Says War Expert 'Continued from PRR*» on?* tnntonrpd Infu.r.iry and aviation into :hr R.« SA nit which developed Into hand-to-hand flghtinR. Thp nrw.s Agency said Marshal Spniroi) Timo«henko.<; rpd troop-*; fell back to nen- llne.s only where the Germans were able to concentrate numerical superiority. Thp depth of the withdrawn! WM not disclosed. Naiin Silent on Mmrow i that RtiAKlKn re"-^t*nre «•*.« «srTfn- Inf *t«idily northwe«-t f»f Mowow, in fh* Kalinin factor «r<1 th«t vio- ler.t re<i armv ro'iiv: -s't,i/«'. h*d 5mt.«hfd bark R {iermnn ^f.rrrpt to rro"^ a rivir thTP. IHtler' 1 * hish comma:*;' if.e i\n det^ilA of the n.verter! r, f ^ »n\« ;into the Don't.r rl'. fr Hp.'ir Advirr.i rear hire If .->"•••. -^!^ rr*sd.^ rm the Mo«.ro-' fr^r.' •"r» > H*M*"< sinirv*; in;pn-.'fl^ ' NV frthr|r.';.<. Oer. F' 1 ' 1 ' 1 '' •. on central fror.* -:—•••- ••. r r r repotted ma^-'inc nntr ; »•< rrr-<-> of mfsntn' nrrfl tank* s- S:v^>:>k arsr 1 Rcv-lRvl for ft riim.v.:f ;ri">-.'»! J".^- ^s.uit on Mo-r-ow !/>!•.•'••>:•. :r.:! "••'.'. '• ^ T p^ 11.^ > n i (\ T h c 1 ,v ' a *•' •'.•<": :' ' ome.'.. would rr-Mil; .n * •••-•••,•• \ n times «.«. hlorx-ir s.t *::•• n far ; rhronirlerl in tlT- war. Duck Hunting Prospects j Dimmed by Weather ! \'RBANA. ILL 'AT n<;rk 'hunters who nrre oir. si! <is - . «nr! couldn't bug Die limn "f nv^rp' , eo\i<! waterfowl liad an olfic:?! ox'. cu-'p today. The IHin'>is :;a;.;:al history survey said tlir f;r«.' nrvrfc O f tl-.r , hunting W?BSOII wn.'. un.'-aiu'-l^rtfiiy ' and blamed warm weatiiT mid hiKh i water In the Ilhniop river T*!!e\ ! I Frank C. Belirow ir as«i.*:an'. I (rame technician stationed at Ha| vana. reported that no apprmable j nunjbcrx of ducks arrl\fHl from thp north. Sevflra! species ha\-e mwd sn-nth. discouraRed by higli water that cov- s«id. and ssjKr!*^^ \".'\V. BB HI BBBH fli *S 8!RH ^M^ M HMH J8 vt ^jf" HBM9 i»MMJUffP*ia^ll-iUIMUI»^lll.lliJ«I.ILIJl«IJIL«MUllllll.lUHMIll.MIJ,lM .II1H.IM UI^II.IU .••I1IJII I II Weaver Motor Sales 6-8 West 5th Street Phone 12 TO SEE-AND DRIVE (XPM TRGE8 COOPERATION WASHINGTON — <AP> — The office of production management j called, today for uninterrupted de- j fenne production and declared In a formal statement of labor policy that "the Interruption of work by striken'-or slow-downs Is the greatest help the aggressors can get." Officials said the statement was the one forecast by President Roosevelt last Friday when he said the OPM would soon have something to s»y *bout- defense strikes. Drafted by the OPM council, composed of Director General William 3. Knudscn. Associate Director Sid- nev Hillman, Secretary of War Stimson and Secretary of Navy Knox. the announcement merely reiterated and emphasized President Roosevelt's nutement to the A. F. L. convention at Seattle urging mediation of labor disputes. "The defense program. 1 * the statement said, "which Is growing larger every day, depends for Itn success on the patriotic support of labor and management. Uninterrupted production ,is the pressing need. The interruption of work by strikes or slow-downs Is the greatest help the aggressors can get in these days wh«n material on the battlefield is everything." tloixs before. Moscow, declared that axis, troops driving Into the Donets river Industrial ba.Mii In the Ukraine had scored further advances. last Bellrow'K report in brief Mallards art scattered and about ojie don said red army troops, had stopped the German thrust toward Ros- tov, gateway to the Caucasian oil fields, after evacuating Tanganrog, 30 miles to the -aest. A Ru.-vMan announcement said the Germnns had lost more than 5.000 men under tank-led red army attacks southwest of Moscow—presumably, In the Maloyaroslavets seftor, where nazY spearheads have been reported within 50 miles of the JCremlm. Soviet reports aLv> told of re newed German attempts to advance east froin Orel, with heavy fighting raging along t^ie Orel-Mtensk high i to the mouth of Sangamon river. j Bald pates generally distributed, as j abundant as at any tune for three seasons. Blue-winged teal, ordinary rare, are astonishingly abundant. Diving duclw continued to arrive I but not In large numbers * * * * * * * * * * * C H Ht w S In E R A iHlT4ntRBOl.T for hcauty . . . frankly patterned after Chrysler's masterpiece of aerodynamic design. The Chrysler Thunderbolt—"The Car of the Future!" More powerful ... a new Spitfire engine! More efficient . . . extensive use of Amola steel, Oilite metals and Chrysler's wear-resisting Supcrfinish! "Built for the Duration" . . , Chrysler's peak of engine efficiency! This new engine with Chrysler's superlatively successful Fluid Drive and Vaca- matic transmission now gets more power per gallon . . . fuel conservation to meet the demand of the times! Now Try fluid Driving Don't wonder about this greatest of all Chryslers! Come in—sec it—drive it! It's the most exciting car we have ever offered. \Ve it ant you to drive it! We horie you'll talk about it! Because we know you'll say — It'i a thunderbolt! * * * * * * * * The Belgian Congo, Africa, more than 80 times as large Belgium, ita mother country*. is Oct f Mt relief in $ hourt the way count ICM thmiMddtdo—with CLEAR-AGAIN Tablets... or your money back I Scientific formula,developed by doctor*.clears your head, relieve* "itufled-up" feeling Imtt JBLJk* Onty 25c at your drug»i»t'». CLEAR-AGAIN HEAD COLD TABLET! CRAFTSMANSHIP MAKES A DIFFERENCE IN OLD FURNITURE T»ur jab b (• plck_thejc*k»r Mhrmr *nd fabrie y«B want your •et rt-aph»l*t«r*<l tw^mr J«b t» Ho pr*»*nt you with • comfortable ••fa or chair thai ktoka r*wl a» new. Trained rxperU will do the work to your aatlafaetlon *t litlle eoat. • Renewed the Factory Way at PHONE 879 320 E. Third Whan it got you harnitgot automobile? present your H 1942. ERE •tsnds >n •ufomobile - tkt •utomobiie, w« believe, of . it te/Ia n t teIay claim on your attention P Wen. avion* other things : A valvf'in-head fttgiitt - the »ame t>pe of engine u*ed in every modern •irplane. FIKK8ALL comfiretttoit — specially contoured Domite pistons that wring more good out of every drop of gas. Compound Carburetion^ - a c«n- % tAT»Jl»bJe at ilight e«ra co»t on Buirk Srcrui. B»odfl*, ttandird on »!1 othrr Sf rifs. •tant check and JottUf check on gas usage to aee that you igct both power and range from the fqel you buy. There are longer-wanting bearings, stouter connecting rods, broad rim wheels that steady ttta ride and de liver top tire mileage. There's a <orque*tube drive such as you find in America's fastest fighting plajies, and soft, gentle alUcoil springs that never need any mother* ing care. There are ruggedness, dependability, frugal use of gas and oil, and as for /iff and action and ability - why not see for yourself? In short -go try out this Buick and see why it is the automobile of 1942 — and your smartest buy considering the, times. M- »•* AU mil rot YOU IN '4t STIAMMT-SMHT VMVI-IN.MIAB SIMM * COMKMMO CAaSUet * ON..CUSMONSB CSANKWAfT Ptt* ANO it STuasMns CONNKIWM BOM * SIVON oABan* MMSHS * FUUY AiuutTAau rotr * soer sv BfTTfR BUYBUICK II t -. t K A TWIN GITY MOTOR CORP. III-iM Ucwt Si> Ctorlia*. Day Coat Sale! THURSDAY - FRIDAY - SATURDAY SCOOP! For Sports, Dress, Casual- Reversibles, and Zip-In Linings! Our entire stock of Coils is placed OR site to-nuke room for holiday merchandise— at fir below replacement prices today. Fur Trimmed SPORT COATS One of a. style and size. Racoon and Wolf trimmed. Plaids and Tweeds. $32 values, $19.95 values, Pur Fabric COATS Sizes 12 to . '44. 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