The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 25, 1971 · Page 6
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 6

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 25, 1971
Page 6
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FACTS Sports Editor Today's the day of the classics. Nebraska against Oklahoma and Texas A&M against Texas, The Gomhuskers and Sconces play,for the Big 8 championship, nation-wide prestige and a possible national championship. The Aggies and Longhorns play. . .well what more really needs to be said?. In the classic tradition, both Turkey Day games feature a matchup of a great offense going against a super defense. It would be hard to find anywhere two better defensive football teams than Nebraska and A&M while Oklahoma has perhaps the finest collegiate offense ever assembled this season and Texas is famous for its devastating Wishbone. Everything else beinc equal, the defense Vi- v '.e given th«- *»* ,, matchup $»*• ,.., which should o .sebraska a solid two or three touchdown favorite, .'except the game will be played in Norman. .Still the Cornhuskers just seem to have too much of everything for the Sooners to handle. ; In College Siation it will be a slightly different story. There everything else is not equal as the Aggies' have nothing that even slightly resembles an offense. A Southwest Conference head coach may have summed it all up last week when he told the Facts: "The game is strictly a tossup as far as 1 am concerned. The Aggies have a three-times better defense than Texas and Texas has a three-times better. offense A&M enters the game the Cinderella team of college football but that Is slightly misleading. The seniors and juniors on this season's Aggie squad are unquestionably the finest athletes on any team in ".o S\VC and they rate in the top two or three in the country in this respect. • At the same time they have been bogged down in dissension, rumors, injuries and fumbles. . .fumbles. . .fumbles. If the Aggies play sloppy offense today they will be murdered. If not than the defense is good enough to register the win. The key to the game, in ,other words, seems to rest with the Aggies. They have the belter athletes, the question is just how bad do they really want to win. The guess here is not enough. Make it Texas 24, Texas A&M 10 and Nebraska 38, Oklahoma 17. ByANDYDeSHAM Sport* SUlt It's thnt time of year ngaln. It Is time for dans B playoffs to begin. There arc a few new fnews In the bl-distric( level, but there arc also some faces of regular veterans In the lineup. Dnnbury and Chester are at It again, for (he second time In a row. The only difference is the location of the game. Instead of the Panthers hosting Chester on Arigleton's field, they have to travel to the outermost regions of East Texas, somewhere near the Big Thicket. Woodvllle Is the new site for the game. Woodvillo is east of Livingston on Highway 59. There Is no real problem In getting there. The biggest problem, according to Danbury's coach David Jennings will be the Yellow Jackets. , "We have a slight edge over them," reported Jennings, "but we will hare problems with them. It won't be any runaway like last year." The runaway Jennings spoke of Is a 44-12 rout the Panthers put on Chester last year in Anglcton. The halttlme score was 14-12 Danbury In that contest, showing evidence of an all-Danbury second half. The warfare this year between Danbury and Chester has taken on a different complexion. Between the two schools, a total of eight seniors have graduated. That isn't very many people to lose, if the losses are equally THE HRAZOSI'OHT FACTS, Freeport, Texm, SPORTS Thursday. November 25, 1971 distributed. No such luck. Oanbury lost six. while Chatter only lost two. To sum It up, both teams will be playing with almost the same team n last season. Both are also playoff vets, The key to the Yellow Jacket offense I* (ho WWiboiw-T. They make some good attempts at running the triple option. »an* the "Chester has a right halfback and an end who are »up|x*«<Uy (aster than anyone we have," said Jennings. "A pitch to that back on the option could be deadly, "They try to leave the paw wit of the triple option, up- parentty," Jennings continued "On the quick opener lh«y aie their big fullback. He is fast and he can really be (wish 1 ' The type of defense the Jackets run u a puttling we, It appears they can't make up their mind* which they like to run best, or they adjust to m««t the demand* sprilni out by the opposing offense. The latter b probably t)>« be»t evaluation Bowl berths at stake Aggies, Horns clash Oi*»ter run* every kind of cfcf«v*Jv« formation In the book. From the K to Ihf <4 with deep coroerbackn, t« Ihf M. U l» rumprcd, in Jennlngi put It, Ihul the VeHawjwkeU plan to nm the 4-1 with the rttmtlng llncbackeri. "If they itum all four |lwb«ckent." J*nnlnjt» (kxhiced, "they'll be u»ln« an right m»n llw, wtuslly. But cominiltlnB the linebacker* tike that leave* a hole In the defenM." ' The thing for the Pwtlher* to rimtmtwr In IhW game l» lomwhlng they learned Friday nlg»il aplwl Wnlllf. They mu*t put cveo'thiim back In order and play wm« re»J football. To tew now would defeat the purpo** of wmnlng the dittrict title Wh«i l»w.'P»nMwr* win Uiv • diitrkl. they don't itop KverytliinK after lh»l. to coin »trite eiprewten, 1» e*ir» Iro»tlins on tte cake, "We don't want to taw now." «kl Jonningi. "Voti can't »fo on after a tow at ihi* paint. There U only on« t¥ng w« pUn on duintf W«> plan to win. tw matter what, "I tliuik if the U>y» play the wme taliber of game tint Uwy played aK»iiiM Wallw," Jenrinp w«nt on, "II *<«W b« Iwrd tot anyww t» be«t u»," Uanbury will tw guing »ftw a K«w4 w«w«ttvc trttiofwl Urrth *iih a 7-3 fr^ular MWMMI i*a«6nf- Che«<<fr o*t»» * »o I rtturd It »lll iWmUrly I* Icttgittf to o« tho f'airth*r» than UM ,«e»tMW, K«cton« Ilk* having le iravrt, wi **i«ht advance to U»K about, Utllr lhin«» Dial odd uj> "til m»V«- it a Ku«l KSIIW Tb«« i» oi* thitig evrr>otv* kno** for f«utn A few* toft* u z}tr tnd of »htr Iwr Hunter's Bag COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (AP) — Gene Stalling* and Darrell Hoyal agree that the trimmings will be almost as spicy as the main course for the traditional Turkey Day clash betweenTexas AiM and the University of Texas Thursday. The annual grudge match between the two Southwest Conference rivals has bwn a one-sided affair In recent years with the Ullle more at stake than another victory for the Longhorm. But each leant has been promised a bowl invitation with victory In Thursday's 1:30 nm. kickoff here at Kyle Held. Texas will go to the Cotton Bowl as the Southern Conference champion if it »im. An Aggie victory wtiuld give A4M five straight victories, a 6-5 record and an invitation ol UV Liberty thro) in Memphis Dec. 20. "Net that dther team twctfa any added incentive," Stalinist w Id Wrdnt«Ja> "twt lh«« t»»<« t» at»t> It* fi»i»iUIlt,v (ur u% to pky in HIT Kw> . for »*• p*»i (b* wte Ihtt , »t Uw th* th4n«« for the Co(i«» bet n mm StWWS o< «k« taj&Ut*! hate feet-til ffvtn ail «m IbrSutc Kronrth thmnuut a( Acglctofl alt but «k»*d dVwun Ihf «le*r lo TOTAL AUTOMATIC COLOR TV Your choice of A. Early American-model 7324. B. Contemporary—modal 7322, C. Mediterranean styling- model 7326. All on concealed swivel casters .. .all truly beautiful on or off) B ONLY S498.50 Kick that bothersome Color TV tuning habit with one of these beautiful BIG-SCREEN CONSOLES Enjoy 23" diagonal measure pictures with the wonderful convenience of Magnavox Total Automatic Color... TAG ... the complete system that automatically keeps pictures sharp and flesh tones natural. No more jumping up to adjust controls, no more green or purple faces—not when you switch channels, not when the scene changes. You'll get a perfectly- tuned picture with the right CQ\ots-intlant/y and eutomaticeJ/y-on every channel, every time. And, th'e Bonded Circuitry Magna-Power Chassis has 3 I-F. Stages, Keyed AGC and predominately solid-state components for optimum performance and superior reception. ANGLETON 849-4511 FRiEPORT 233-4«81 LAKE JACKSON 297-2416 Th« tbr L MM tint it* flnt four anii thru joo<iif4 to >u utk *ir«f tor K)f* Ktdd, t» «apciet<0 IB SKV tf tlw Aajw» can «io U twm lout htmim t*» llsi* lr<Mc «mt Oat* oi Wvr f<w» tlirtf Jnacn The wtjr mar *fw mi*»«} ftrtsteg our *at *iw». r.» M«U«i «*| Urr> rt|8)« |*»«rt «nj 4 >i» {watt tvsra *t »J*x?*lfi< jl a Itir fwtoj txtl As thr MM> jti.**, «w rfc trs* A! Ox <V«* t an tuak, it • Orrt present th« "Itut I (Jar cur 'I think Ui* r.u»ui iSUlCTr tn «» the (Urgrtt it) S%'" Jr.tJ you haic an Krt'Ji ui ft*. 4 en (fee Star King h*« So ! the |U;1 (hit vMy but t}»4S . he a.-*} to be art any all tcojmmt;* Irani bwl hr't K>)« thitt admire- - (d Ih4! Uwr.nic *h> «ufct,r<l much o< tfur year Iqf *urbrr K«Ww f'hitltp*, wouid »«art at quarterback. Stalling.* wtd Uv«r AftBk* h*d tvcn abhr to turn OVu around JtotW tfcr Uwfftj tWK* KICW mm wp ( itiikr pro*init thai «vrrr tin't o «tr«»r w» l*» ti» • We our- wid "I Rrlj Uic halt an (he «/up an] ruro h> nur eight >«rd tux I our cvnicr what happened <ind tvr (rM me it '*ai A perf«:i trap "I aj*cd the quarterback •*h.n hJpjxTiriJ tad he «'.d Iw >j)i the ball Well. I rtuy mx l«a Phi HeU Kappa tiut I lino-* had lo go I > < I fwaA,w> of .Sfljgktcti lorA orwr oi (Jw- f s(ir« oi! if* »hr« thf « f ^r Jo grt h** Ut-1 •^ !h»! he fw«iM stli <5 fiftr. O.AM-J t.rj^trij *e A titft u\ j»»t5t hwi Utrr 0»f frn! r,t |Jw M-jfUsR l Wr«J {foPi KtmU*- tMvjrf t Jji«nrr of U h»« !«*'« )h<- u>n o< th Marvin o< J<wvn (>?«•*. miM<-<i hif tV«r b«! dew Hr»4to(( on »fHjnttn|lrip»hcnhi» fwrf lo ruih to thr rx^piljtl 4 rooplf o< »erfc.i raftKf thin JT.d hr K»i) A nm> , JQ( the tikt.aftnn<n(m«»vi* nl t^UAtMrf il.^> „«... ^ 1 you'll find those visions of Don't let the memory of this Christmas become a blur. Give a personal gift of silver or gold- for him or her. 107 NORTH PARKING PUCE DOWNTOWN LAKE JACKSON

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