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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Saturday, May 28, 1859
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NEWS. 'ja-'i-filV.'-; ~i\-i •„',?, NTMttKR -2 •*+&&*•- r.»ijui«iboat itly l'«pet,DBbliibtd ererrmornlnft exceptUonaty " A c'Uy Paper, • ' TEEMS OF DAILY FAPIR. f«ily toper /for one yeij.pityiLble iniSntite...^^ TERMBOT Tli-WKKLT PAPEK. ~' ; • >"' rrl-Wtetly'Paperfor oneyear.payablelnmdrance TEEMBIFTHEWKEKITPAPEK. . Weekly Paper for one year, payable in advance., ^'itr' 1 equare, 1 d»J......|l,00 1 do. 2 days. 1,00 1 do. 6dave..... 8,00 1 do. Swerte.,.. 4,00 1 do. ' 8 vetkB.\«~ $jOO > «qoare, 1 month., .1 8,00 1 do. Smonthi.. 10,00 1 oo. SmonUii.. H&> 1 do. 4monUu.. 15JW 1 do. 6monthi.. 1«,(X 1 do. Bmontbi... 40,00 1 do. lyear.... 80,00 R ou n d« & JL an^don, ADVf KXISIHG AGENTS, I Afi Randolph Street, an avOiorittd lo rt- ceive Advertitemtnit for 1M»and, all tke Leading faptrt of the STorOaeest, and are the on-i and KZ- CLDBJVELT avihoritcd Agate iit the KorOswtelfor a of them. mar4 TOW!* AND OUT OF IT. X. K. POHEBOT, KDIIOB. Meteorological Record, for M»y, £T,'6S kept by 0. H. GARDINER * CO., Dragglate, 18 Spring street. , . S A. «. 48 OB tr.u. ftr.«. To find tbe Beat of war, set down in hornets nest. fine rosewood piano will be sold at Hood'e auction room: at constables sale this morning at 10 o'clock. f^" We do not remember of crediting articles, from the Ozankee Times, toother papers, or inserting them without proper credit g9T Some of oar exchanges think the pres ent war iu Europe will be a short one. There is no doubt that it wtil be a rummer-j one. TvsUrday it was cold enoogh to wear overcoats, woolen sacks, far gloves, orerghoos and shawls, end to drink raw whiskey. little steamboat has just been launched on Third Lake, Madison. It is designed as a pleasure institution. J. H. Wells, editor of the Juneaa County Argui was in town yesterday looking better than a man could be expected to, after having a long cotillion with the fever and agne. little girl, tbe daughter of Dr. Flaatt, of tbe town of West ford, TOs., aged between three and four years, died on the 12th inst., from the bite of a wood tick. C. H. McCormiok, of Chicago, gave the trustees of the 0. S. Presbyterian Theological Seminary $100,000 to locate the institution in that City. There will be a ohanoe for gome man to make money at a sheriff's sale of wines, liquore and cigars, at Williams & Rod way, 19 Wisconsin street, this morning. THB CADKT-S. Yesterday afternoon the 'Cadets wete ont for street drill parade and in- ipeotion, looking first rate. Scott's band furnished the martial for them. As OLD CASHIEE .—Tbe Cincinnati Gazette says that Isaac Trnmbnll, Esq., now in his 94th year, has been cashier of the Farmers' Bank of Delaware lor fifty-flat years. ACCIDENT.—John Fish, a pressman in the Chicago Timei office, had his hand so badly crashed in a press yesterday that its (imputation was necessary. ' Hood sells a large lot of clothing, Yankee notions and groceries j also a general assortment of f ami tare, this morning at 10 o'clock. RTAH A Oils —We nctice the Chicago papers speaking ol Ryan a great weather prophet. A wether prophet indeed I F-rst editing a papej-, then playing in a theatre, and now prophecying on the weather. Oh Sam I fortieth anniversary of Queen Vio- torts'i birth day IE rapidly approaching, and will be appropriately celebrated.— Exchange. She has had more birth dayt than thirty-nine, or we are mistaken 8IOKIF10ANT.—We not! ce that the Toronto Leader, which formerly published under its announcement of the theatrical play-bills the usual mottos/ "God save the Queen." and "Viva 1'Emperenr," now omits the compli- piiinent to tbe Emperor of the French. KARET—The London Illustrated 1 A r «to» says thatBarey has made Arrangements with the Horse Guards lo ttach the British cavalry, and will enter upon hie duties in June At last accounts Mr. Rarey was successfully exhibiting at St. Petersburg. 1>IMOOEATIC DlQKiXARIEB —Fitch, of the Herald, and Judge Walker, ol Manitswoo. called uu ui yeaterdny, just long enough to report themselves "sound on the goose," and started off on some expedition or other. "We'll smile," if they call on us again. fio * WAY GIELS.—Strawberries are selling in Cincinnati for five'tent* a quart! That's cheaper than kissing girls for fan, and if we oould get them here for lets than thirty or forty cents 'a quart, we should let the girls alone aud t&ke to strawberries altogether. • We learn that the Chicago Fire Brigade intend visiting Milwaukee in * body on the 20th of June. They are Just what Chicago as a city U not ashamed of, at hom^ or abroad, «ud will no doubt enjoy themselves as" wall here, as they could wish to, or we are mis' taken in "oar boys." BOTH PAKTISB.—The Madison Argut and Patriot are now engaged in saying rery pretty things of each other. We. are too much of a gentleman to doubt the aaiertions of either party. ..Each saye the other U guilty of the most dishonesty.. The way to settle it i to find put which one is awake jno*t ; hours ont of the twenty-four! i r,; .-. Dick Gove, of the Ozankee j?tin<i owns up to getting married becaose he was afraid to be alone. H« advises people if they can't get .- » ttonelo get' a brick—tAj thing; rather j than bealo:ieof a dark night. A «ton< and irtcit _ . ogcther would startleDict somewhat, we if imagine, even if he is nbw^Vo weU- ' (: -' - ,...ii".>\ ; i..i".-'ji At. AtjnMticv . Kich IB taieAti and to knowledge Jrut, ^-^ . ^4epthof nUirfby non««nrpm«ied, ,L i;'? Pindor'inall thy irord', by Truth exprtmied, ' - , IB broiight~you from (lie witoii t6 Aer*gouty hn land one d»7;-«'ahdlliopeyou will takeoaw *ndnotktiotkthetm«nuel »ll;.off thdr tip, per?. It U <o costive to divulge 1n the luxuri- tl»nt things of life, .that yon tnuat be careful;" ftiid «he gat down to examine the contents of her Bilk pursed -*•<••--•••••••••'••:••-•••,<•• • - . . TEESIBLK HAH. BTOBH IN VIEOIHIA — Last week a fearful storm of hail visited the country in the vicinity of Wheeling. Fruit trees were completely stripped of their foliage and smaller limbs, and the crop of apples, plums, cherries, eta., will be a total loss. Hail lay on the ground to the depth of four inches, for several miles. fgj^Ooe el the buildings of Fort Armstrong, on Bock Island,' was burned down • last Monday. It is supposed to have been Ret on fire by an incendiary. Last year one of the buildings was burned. Thus they go one by one, until no vestige of the old Fort, which witnessed so many of the early scenes of this country, Will remain except the old magazine. Sons or MALTA.—The La Cross? Democrat says that at a recent election of officers of the Order of the Sons of Malu, the follow- iug gentlemen were elected, not one of whom ranks less than the first among the most prom- Bent and Influential citizens of Milwaukee : G. Commander; Gen Kafna King , V. G. C , J. Jathrop ; G" Chancellor, Hans Crocker ; Secretary, J. B. Cross ; Treasurer, Alex. Mitchell; Conductor, H L Page , Master of the Horse, Geo. Walker. GOOD AB BIS WOED.—The young man who inng himself in the town of Dexter, this county, referred to in a late number of the Reporter, undertook the task of piloting a raft down Yellow river. When he started, he remarked that if he " couldn't run it without getting stuck, he would hang himself He did stick," when hs coolly walked to the woods and sought the rad of a suicide. NEW EKOJ.AKD MAHUFACTUKINO COMPA ST.—John Barns, one of the wide awake, act- ve, go ahead Yankees, is managing one of the largest chair and furniture establishments in the State, at Two Rivers, Manitowoo county. He is making and supplying to the trade, among other things, & rery superior article of cane >ottoms—we mean cane bottoms for chairs— hich he is able to sell ai lower figures than dealers oan generally bay at. Those wishing cane bottoms, and a first rate article, should send him an order. RICHMOND'S WIB LECTTJBE.—Owiup to the •vere storm of Thursday evening. Her. J. 0. Mcbmond postponed his lecture on the East era War, till this evening. His other lecture on this subject was good, and we expect this will be better. He .baa been on the ground, mixed with the people, talked, eat and trav- elled among them, and if he will confine himself to the subject will greatly benefit all fortu nate enough to hear him Without a doaht, le is butter posted, has a better knowledge of be country now in arms, and of the causes ending to the war, than any man in the United States. We make DO exceptions. As correspondent of the London Time*, he made itmself famous. THB SOVEREIGNS or EUBOPB-—Queen Vic to'ria was born in 1819, and was 40 years old be 24th of this month. She lm» been on the brone 22 years. Alexander II. of Russia, was jorn in 1818, and has been Emperor fire years, is Napoleon was bom in 1808, i» aged 51, and has been Emperor since Dec. 2. 1852. He was elected President in 1849. Francis Joseph, of Austria, was bom in 1830, and has teen Emperor since 1848 Victor Emannel,of Sardinia, was born In 1820, and ascended the throne in 1849. Frederick William IV, of rnseia, is 64 years old, became King in 1840, now insane, and the Kingdom is under a Regency. Isabella 11, of Spain, was born in 1830, and has been Queen since 1833. Pedro V, of Portugal, was born in 1837. and became ting in J853 George.Prince of Lippe Sohanm- burg, is the oldest sovereign in Europe, being XJITJ in 1784, and dating his accession from 1787.J MILWAUKEE Wednesday Evening To the Editor of the Neva : Being away from home I was unable to attend the meeting at St. Paul's Cburch this vening, but in my absence, my wife went and aeard a persecuted minister of Christ's Church abnsed by a select few, who made their appearance there as his friends, but if so why not stand by him, and hold up hit fainting hands and assist him to fight this mighty warfare which is caused by his sound doctrine. Are ie aristocracy alone to have a voice in this matter. May not the poor class speak their opinion also ? Are the pew holders the only men to be heard ? My idea is Mr. Richmond is the only man that really speaks the gospel truth in this city. Why then oppress a man of God for boldly declaring that pure doctrine, 'or the which he was thereunto ordained. If the rich o f onr city will oppose him, let the poor try and sustain him, and let him have freedom of speech and liberty of conscience. I remain yours, Ato., A HEAKEB or RICHMOND GBKEK BAT ITBMS —The Advocate says, crops in that vicinity look well and promise an abundant harvest. John B. A. Masse, Esq., of that city, has been appointed by the Belgian government, Consul at Green Bay. He is the only Belgian Consul in this State. Beaumont & Pelton are about putting up a four story brick hotel, 80 feet front on two streets, with all ti.e "modern improvements. The officers of the Gvrdon Of ant have explored and staked out the channel over the East end of Point Sanble bar, by which all light draft vessels oan come in and go out of this port avoiding the circuitous route by way of the Light Bouse, and save from two to three miles of -sailing. There are eight feet of water over the shoalest part,, and two stakes .have been placed, onevat each end of the shoal. They are about a half mile from the tree* on the end of Point Bauble. Vessels should pass outside, or to the westward, of them. TH"B'"-QHbwiHb" WHBAT CHOP' OF -WiscoK- giN.—The wheat crop of Wisconsin for the present year, promlsea to be mneti ibelargest we have ever had. From reliable information from all parts of the State, and from personal obsetvalion, w« believe that 'at least forty per cent, mow ground has been sown to wheat in the State, since last harvest, than ever before, snd if the season-be even an ordinarily favorable one. the crop, will be more than doable that of last year. There is a greater breadth of winter than of spring wheat sown, corresponding to the sowing of last season, and in most parts of the State, owing to 'a favorable spring, the crop looks much better than usual, and farther advanced by from one to two weeks than it was last year. In many counties, last spring, the sowing was winter tilled or drowned oat by the cold spring rains, to a great extent Then, we noticed the fields in Dodge. Marquette, Green Lake, Waahington L Fond du Lac, Columbia, Jefferson, Calumet, Winnebago and other wheat growing counties, looked yellow and sickly. Now these and other counties show a different and better state of things, and, generally speaking, the fields look well seeded, and of the dark greeu so so indicative of good crops A much greater breujtu of land waij sown to both winter and spring this season than last. Many farmers who last year sowed fifty acres, liave this season sowed from one to t9o hundred, and In some instances we know of farms having from three to four hundred acres to wheat, and the prospects are now good for a fine crop The dry weather of the two weeks 'are harvest last year, damaged the yield Iroui a third to a half, and we believe that the same will not happen this summer especially as the crop will be ready for the reaper several days eariler than last Then, in many parts of Rock, Dodge, Wankesha, Fond dn Lac, Jcfierson, Green Lake, Calumet and Columbia oouuiits, more than in others, hundreds of acres gave a good yield of straw, but the berry did not fill. In many instances last bar- vest, in these counties, we saw whole tit-Ids where the yield would uot pay tbe expense of harvesting, and hogs were turned in to pick their living Iu other instances, tbe crop would Iw harvested, and when three-bed, proved to give in many cases bat Tom two to tivf bushels psr acre, while tbe average yield per acr* in tbe State did not exceed 8J bushels — lu Dodge and Green Lake, and in pans of Je f - ferson, Hock, and Fond du Lao counties, the field was tbe heaviest, and we think the grain the best. At all events, the best samples came from tbe above localities In Dodge, tbe field last year was over 12 bushels par acre In ibe se'tled counties, where last yrar Iheru was not enough raised for home consumption, there will be a surplus this The only fear is a scarcity of harvest hands. Last year, with be number ..'f acres then under wheat, there was a constant demand at high prices, while this season, with a much greater surface to harvest over, and Ibe loss our State has sustained from tbe Pike's Peak fever, harvest belp cannot b«- otherwise lhau Vr-ry scarce — Tbe loss of laborers, ae is usually the rase, ills upt'ii the farming, hard working community. Mauy and many a farmers son whose place cannot tie DlWi i y two ordinary hai.di*, and who last year gave Wisconsin their labor, are now either en route for Pike's Pi-nk, dead by tbe roadside, UI marring at their jour ney's end. Hundreds of able bodied laborers havf taken up their line of march westward, and their place must b« tilled hy others, less enterprising, and less skillful with harvesting mplements. If the growing rrop nils vrMl, and can lx- safely harvested, Wisconsin will be all nght and her people will have the m<'ana of clearing theroselvps Irooi debt, and bare a surplus over. Farmers will do well to looh out for belp, before harvest comes DISMISS RlCBMOSD FB.OM THE CffUBCH — We cannot belp thinking that Richmond shall dismiss himself from the care of the church over which be is rector. Me was hired to preach, but it was not stipulated that he should preach the truth'. Who wants a minister to point the way to Heaven? Who wants to hint a minister to preach religion? We never feel well when hearing a preacher rake up, from the sacred desk, all the sins we have commit, ted daring the week. It is not comfortable to have a man tell a> we are a sinner, and prove it I When we pay for preaching, we want the occupant of the pulpit to smooth over our transgressions—to oil us down—to quiet conscience—to flatter us a little—to say there are men in the world worse than onrself—to preach politics—to talk abont negroes—to tell us bow to make money—to be a sort of putty bead, with a face longer than a cow's narrative —to ask as what he shall preach about—to learn us bow to enobre Providence without bolding a tramp, when the ace and 1 both bowers are out against us—to lead ns to Heaven whether we wish to go or not, and to b«s everything to everybody. If Richmond insists upon preaching from the bible—insists upon telling the truth, and denouncing lying, cheating, gambling, swearing, stealing, adultery, meanness, sin in particular, and dishonesty of bean and actions in general, ont with him !" We all love to be cheated, bat not In that way 1 We love to buy oorn, and find it rotten—to bny wheat and find it half chaff—to bay clear stnfl and find a lot of calls—to buy a pair of woolen trowsers, and find them half ooiujn—to hire a minister to preach religion, and have him preach politics, bat cannot bear to come down with onr piece, to support a minister we have hired to preach, if he preaches truth — Such bam buggery won't go down at this late day! Let Richmond "right about face " and preach to tickle the ribs, instead of wakin/ up the heart to a sense of its wickedness, and we will then go in for bis support We make these suggestions, free gratis for nothing, and leave Richmond to do as h« chooses. TiWa OH TH« MIL. AND Miss, B,E. —The trail for Mlwankew left , Prairie .du Chita Triei day morning at 11 :25 a. m., arriving in Milwaukeevat !6:68l p. m., making the through trip of 105 miles' in 6 hours! and 48 minutes, including. 20 minutes at Maio Manie little, steamer vSAatoano City visited Green Bay from Oshkoslt on Monday evening, with two barges containing about 260,000 feet ofliimber, to be shipped to SanduBky, Ohio. Weleara that she will bring down about 600,000 feet : more, which is destined for the same place.- : One of the Late Winnebago schooners Iraleo engaged ifrthe same trade. IMPKQTXICEHTS.— There are many improvements going on in the city, in the way of side- jttpjkjt; bnl|dings r y &c. The changes which are, beine; made on . the lower end of Waahjngl toq JBtreet are partioularly noticeable. The present seMonlrill abontVuffl'fte to finish building over" the old grim ^'barnt district." Green it w^aseTen three ysarsmgq, and Green CORRECTION.—ID Dr Hatchard'e written speech, at St. Paul's Church, last Wednesday evening, instead of the Rector " is able to fight hit own battles," &o., it should be, as tbe Doctor read, wrote and sent it, '' and conquer too" —leaving out, dear Wiicontin and Newt, that dost important element, viz: victory, success, and the now accomplished result. Please supply this great omission. Also; correct this other error—" The pre- Itminary prayers-were dispensed with." Read, "Thepreliminary?prayers were held, and the Rector remained in his robes" of prayer, to fight and conquer a holy peace. EICHMONO,, Rector.. _ The postmasters in Sardinia are sup. plying horses and mules grata to the army.— ^Exchange. ''• j i >_; ' '. ," .•' ' ; ; i, If they can Afford; such liberality, we'd as soon send a letter b; Chicago as through Sar- ^ini^—nnless there was lots of money In it. Seven/new' buildings aw iAready under wfty,on the binrnt district. Of these,, six \ will b^ jpl Stone or 1 brick.'? .<Jt-<wUt'>Jta cheaper to build til of brick, if the means oan be ob for dinner, laud all other stops. The Jngi^tjen that accomplished this wonderful feat were Thoa. Qalei on the Western Division','and S. Pratt, on the Eastern. That prince of oondnc- tora, Col. DJan, Oliu.boBsed the job. NEW CpUHXBEMlT.—Keep your eyp out for erfeit $10 bill oh the Hadljpy Falls yoke, Majs. It is a perfect imi tation of tiie,genoine note. Tbe vignette, is mountain., ails, factory, and railroad can, with $10 on-each corner. In the word Massachusetts, atjtlie top of the bill, and In the engraver's name, the letters are irregular and defective. TUe paper is like the original, and Is very fair. ! a new conn Bank at Ho STABDINO nis Win—Peter Engleberger wns put under $1,000 bonds yesterday morning, in the Municipal Court, for stabbing his wifo with a butcher knife test the 3d ward. He out her a little below the heart, but lift* wound was not a serious one. lie was in liquor at the lime, was arrrsted by officer Just, and Is now in jail, charged with assault, with intent to kill bis wife. THAUB IB MISNKSOTA. — The MiuneapolisrJourrMi/ learns that a company of Virginia-. 8 ire now erecfing itorehooMs «t various points in the big woods, fitted up with the necessary apparatus for curing ginseng — They intend to go into the business ou an extensive plan, The Journal' t informant la ol the opinion that from fifty to sixty thousand pounds will' be gathered (his year, which will net thu diggers some sixteen thousand dollars. ITEMS FK'OM TUB KENOSHA TIMES —A few nights since Some villain or villains broke into the store of Curtis & Hannah", by prying open the back window, and stole some $300 worth of goods, consisting principally of Summer shawls, eilk mantillas and ribbons. E^^C. Mnntzenberger informs as that he caught a lar^e eel last week, In Pike Rirer, which weighed about three pounds. Thia is the first eel we ever heard of being caught In these waters! We took a trip last week Into the-western part of 'this county Vegetation of all kinds is coming forward at a rapid rate Fields of wheat and barley wear u dark green and healthy appearance, suoli as farmers love to see. All kinds of frnit are out In full blossom, an-I prom sea good urop The bouse, barn, and a stack of hay, on the "Turner Farm." a short distance north of this city,was entirely consumed on Sunday night last The house was unoccupied, and is supposed t" have been set on fire by some vagrant HBAVT ROBBERY AT THE RICHMUSD HOUSE —SPEEUY A-BRSST or THE OPKBATOB.—On Wednesday ulgUt th« room No. 80 nt thw Richmond House, oroupied 'by Mr. John Swainson of St. Paul, Minn , was entered and robbed of 8160 in money, and a valuable gnld watch, cb.ain.and seals. Mr. Swainson on discovering his loss yesterday morning took prompt measures, by the advice of mine hosip, Messrs. Taher & Hawk,and th-< case was given into the hands of the city di»tectivej V under City Marshal R^bm; and ulfio-rs Douglas snd Maoauley snceed-d in less than an hour after, or by half past eight o'clock, in raptnnmj the r man with bis property in his posse-siou" Thx fellow.]'* a well looking youup m«u, but evidently a profession*! tbi*>f, who registered name at the Richmond House as coming from Now York HB gives his nam- as C'liar leton Ward, from Cincinnati, and has. several alituti. Re was held u> bail y- by Justice Aiken in 81.000, and committed in d-fan't It wtii an affair eminently creditable to the iU-iocljvt! force of onr city — Chi. 7Vi6 TH« WOOL CLIP—The wool clip promise* o be larger this year than ev^r before Our Mr. Dean informs us that tU« prsr c*-nt. of loss in the county dtirina the last winter is i:ooip.i- rntively nothing, and the weight of the flevce will be larger by ten per i-ent than in ordinary seasons. Sheep washing, we notice. ha£ been Botng on for several davs, so that we may look for early fleeces soon. — Kalainm.,i) TrU- grapti. V ay £5. 'IT TAKES NIOQKHS ''' — We w*ro witness of a ludicrous scene, corner of 5th and Bluff streets, yestarday. A negro girl a«ed about a loien years, barearmed and headed, black as a brace of co^l heavers, came along, leading a conple of little while girls. A precocious (•pecimen of young America stood on the corner, near a barrel of rain water, and as the trio passed him, he, with all that innocent love of fun which so highly distinguishes our exemplary Jovenlle population, dipped a long, dirty rag in the barrel and slapped it across the face of ooe of the white girls. " Look heah f Wot you doin, you mean dirtv feller ?" and the colored lady's eyes flashed like a couple of illuminated saucers. "Shut up, yon darn niggsr, or 111 slap vou' ' was the deliant answer. " You jesgo for to dat ar, if you dare I" eai'( the infantine Kuardinu. Slap I came the wet cloth across the girl's face, giving ft an appearance very like R beefsteak rolled In mud. Digging a fist in each eye to op^n a passage, the next moment Darkey pounced; upon thn grinning juvenile and with the strength of « young giantess, inverted him, tookliiin by the heels, and in spite of his kicks and struggles, plunged him headforemost into the ratn barrel I Dipping him a few times as We have seen oor grandmother dip candles, bhe lifted him out, dripping like a spaniel, with bis hair forming a sharp pointed cone on the top of his head, and his general appearance resembling strongly that of a spiritless, ba|f drowned rat. Dropping him, »Lie strutted 00, with the jubilant, remark to her portege*: [ " It takes Diggers to fix deiu ar :»assy white fellows I" ! Shu was about right. There is an old gentleman living in this town, hi liis 90th year wbo was a soldier under Napoleon Bonaparte. He talks very good English, and is smart and active.- He was in several battles, and carries (be marks of two or three Wounds on bis person— FoxLaJce Gazette. : «.*!» I10OFUA.NU. WHICH I] tbs grea< e*l r While the one ha* explored the a most luicceHlble mountain region* of South America, and added largely to our geographical knowledge, the ofierihas gt'en bis attention to the mitigation of human inffering, and ui- his Invention of the famous German Blttera, known In tbe country as "/foo/- laiufi SUUrt, 1 ' has conferred an Invaluable boon upon mankind. Dyspepsia, Llvtr Complaint and Nervous Debility »r> speedily and permanently cured by this remedy. ?or sale by drugglsti and dealers In medicine* t very where, at 16 cents peK bottle. mayia-dawftm i wourns 1 1 A great many learned treatises hare been written, explaining! the origin of, and daulfylng the worau generated In tht human system. Scarcely any topic of medical «denc«'haiellect«d more acuto observation and profooded ruejjrcb ; and yet physicians are very much divided in'bplnipn on the subject. It mo«t be admitted, however, that,^ afttr all, a mod« of expelling these worms, and purifying the body from their presence, Is of more value (ban tbe wlieit disquisitions k> to the origin. The expelling agent hju (t- length been found — Dr. ITLant'l \Virmifttye, prepared by riemlug Br;s. Is the much sought after iptciflc, and has already super leded all oinerjworm medicines, It? efflcacy,>elag nnl vertally acknowledged by medical practitioners. Porchiier*' 'will be cirefj'l to a>k for BE. OKLEBRATtD VKBMli'DOE, manufactur- , ed by rLEMlNp BEOS, of FltUtaajreh, ft. All other Verml(0ie» la,«omi)arl»ou are »orthleu. J)r. .M'Line's genuine .Vermifuge, «lso bis celebrkted Uver Pilli, can now'be : *a<J it aJ^reapectaWe larui itorei. ' Mmt fftitulnt v>Wiapt Oie liynaturt o/ ' ''' '-•'•' «r iVfJKSITCRE A, i'Htfod'ii lluitlon.R^oms, Ho^, Bprlngsk . will be . , . , »i>to ori Saturday morojliiK, i *y 29, »t 16 o'cloclt, confuting- of ft gtneraJ ailortment : of hotuehold Far nltorcvQook - - - ' Omrpeti, 4o. CMtu ' ;NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. SAJLl: OF ROSEWOOD FJAWOi •VT/ILL be sold nt Hurt's Auction Rooms, No. 4, W Spring st., oh Saturday morning, May 24th, at 14 o'clock, 1 tx octavo Rosewood Piano. Terms cash. ' mljSS • J. HOOD. Auctioneer. ~ BIJTTER. I WODLt) callthd alt«LHonof FamiUea lo rnyielec- Uons of OH0101S BUT'i'EK. l fcui daily r«c«.T'ng by Express, choice lota of BuU*r fcoro the best Da'rlei ID the State, which far quality lOtlfltror is aocurpaiaed. Prices aJw*j» Co correspond with l*« *«market Tales/* and quality warranted. Otdera lolielted and tent to all p»rta of the city free. ; JOHN W. LEDlTiBD, .. Grocer a r d W Ine Dealer, imay24 161 fi*st Water itreet. CITY ADVTSRTISEMEWTS. CtTT OOMPrROI.l I*'9 OmoB, I COSTIUCT DEpAanicsT, May 19, '59. f S -E*LED proposalii will bo received at this oflice, until Mo'ilay, May 30th, lust, at :l o'clock - «, for making aucti jilter ifona and rep^'rs In th* F'i:ice B'atlon and Mt.n.cipal Court Ho'm* aa requiru I in ihe plans and ipeclDcations, nrhlch may be seea snd ernm* Ined at the office of Mlgitt A chroliltner, when- such Information as J? Ired may be obttlneil may20-dtut E. L'U. QARDINl' E, Comptr»li.r St. Louis sugar (/nr«>d I AM contlantlj receiving a supply of these celebrated Hams, tbe b.»st In tbe Dnlted tftatea. Thole » ho lu've good things in mj line rould do well to caJl and examine my ttock. JOHN W LEDTABO, Grocer aod Wine Dealer, 161 Eut W ater street. , Contract Dtpartinent, May 87, 18M. [ £ tiuard of Councilors l>y resolution of Ma; Iff, 1SS9, concurred In by lh« Board" of Aldprmen, »l.y 2o, UOfi, hat ing adoplrd th^ recommendation of the Street Commiasloners or the 7th Want, It Is or Jered : That the allry running through block 7", in il>« 7 h , \Vard. b« paved. Owbera and a^enu u( proj/t:rty on said alley are hereby not ned to m«ke neid impr^remtint vtthtn lea -lats from tbe publlcatkiu of this notice or the Htrret Com* mlzsioner oflt«7th Ward all! cause thr same to be . >lone and cha.rge-1 to the tespeclive lota accurdiDti to , law. E. L'U. QABDINKBjj;..mpt^oll*r. OlTT COXFTBILIU'S OfTICE, I , Contract Department, Milwaukee, Uay 28, Itt9. 1 S EALED propotftla will b« re eiveU at thia office ua- I Id Jhur»d->, June*, 1S5W, at IO A. * , for repair, lag aluiae nutter* ID front of Inti and constructing aod repairing itoa.- gailere on croislnffi. Bid* mu .t itate price per square y«rH for i lit log op *o r-l»ytng with oh) miterJai, price for furnljMog i ew alone u t.en at-^- easary, aod pr1c« 'ur conl rue ting new ^unt-rs, (uru *!.lag all mftteria-a may2^-dtt t L'U. GARDINER, Comp'.rorer G:tl A t At (I ION SAI F OK CVotAtn</, Yankee yvtiuttt and Grocerua, ' A ^ Uooil'l AactioQ UuouiA, No. 4 dprto^ «trce , -n A. Satuniajr morning. May 2Sih »t 10 oMock, 1 w.'l i c«il at nocuoa m p«*neri] *«ort.m«ot af Gl^ihiti^, I Itee N^tloDi a.n-1 Ororert^, coniutmff ID par; -' 1<JU • hf tiMla neat Whiteflsh an 1 Trout; a nf bt> i M*pic ; rrup; 10chests aaiortcd Ta>", Cheese, Ac. AUo * 6ne ' Termj cash »;> Jel Very DIB '/7 J UOUl), Auclu.(. re r. , |j«><«t or S3 CiTT CoMFTBo'.l.*aN OrriUK, i ' OoDtrict Depjirttnenl, Slay 2J, W59. ( T HIS foUowlnn descrlbeil Inn In the Slh Ward or the City of Milwaukee, by resolu luo of tho Common i Council, adopted ids »th ,lay of May, 1SS9, it-re declared public nuUances by re»on a< Jta^nant »attr j andfllth thereoo. vlj : Lot 4, block 1» lot 5, bl...-k 19: Int 6, block 10; lot 10. Work 27; lots 1, S, I'J, IS. U, 15. I 16, 11 and 10, bl ck 3); lots S, 7 4 »•,,! » block 45- N , H *! 8 X 2, ID, II, «, U. 14. block is! lr,ts ». 5'. 6, | block *4, lots 1 '2, 8, 4, i. U, T, u aod 9. blook 27 lnt , ' 10,11 md 13, blork IS; N X 1. H X S, lot 8 * .nil D, i block 108; W X of 8, W H of g ^ 9 .nd 9, hl.icli S\ I toU 4 aod 5, block tfy lot 3, block • 3- lot 1'J blot-U **' Ir.t S. b:ock II. lot 1, bl ok I. Milwaukee Proper 'i, block I, Iot3 1 2 an < 4, block * tut ,% «n.| iV ' U .ck 5; lots « J ir.,| 14, block 3 Walkrra Point. i Lots 4, & and 8. b ock 94; lot lu. Hue* «!; DIUC« »•>, < iU of W 121)or N H of 11 »Dd K ?(1 nt W 120 .,! 11 imi 12; tot 11, block 11; io lu hlofk U, lot I, biouK Ii; lot3, block II owners and ig.rnt* of ADO»- .lescrihed t rnp^rty »r^ hereby notln^d t < atat.^ tald ' ji^ance wit'un twenty- one day* Trom t v .e publication ol th't n"tln. itherwlsM the St:ect Commi««ioner9 »< the itth W«r<l. wul cai 4e the same to be dnne lod i*h»r^eil tn ift« rv^p^ctlvu 'otj according to law. ai»j'- > 4-d6t K. L'H GaR^INICii. (....npi, .,lrr CITY ADVERTISEMENTS T HE rolltxtliiK .Un« r In.- i .>i 4 n ; -he KTfh W-ir-\ ut tt-e city »f .UllwAiih' - i»y rt.>4.,lui inn >( iht* Cum nion i oiino'l. *.t-t.i^l M» public nuinantr.) fjy r..»*., thereon, aD'l <&hJ nma:u>.- in within 1" lay* from tn viz- Lnt 4, l)|o-lc i, N s .*•« T ' S ^. *» H; rot 1 b)n«:k TO; litl i. »»I.,,:K I .,( t t.l,,OK 4; lot 10, bl. uk 4; i ,t ] '. -»...- \ ,, t ' , , M ! » i N - t block IS; S ! «| I, t.i.i. ii ]-i ,.,•. -I ',I,M-« ', ,r ' - t ,,.^ -, lf>t ii, b unit 10 Ownern in. I ,1^-111, . . , v .. i,., ..... i ,, .,.-••-/ »r- flerehy nntltlfrt '.i *huiu -tJiiil rtni-t*n,-'-i »MN - t r»^ t*m« Da-nt-d »b<»v.-, .if thf .-ii '',, .un,.,, .,,.. --» .r », i( .i .t/, Want will ,'iunf ch*- <ani.- <» ti,. |, M( t ,,t trie •:*-') •.. thu resi ectiv- luM, ,,:r-r hni; ' . t .* t ^ OK Ul^i \N< K. Th^ C'.II.III.MI C , ,i <l .f '..- • . ^i Mii^f.H^- I .1 .lam u lo I.» . S 'Ev.1I..N 1. ••• ar.i.u ./l i,l l^-. ..,i..- - »--. »»\v.»nj . "u^ u! i ,- i>-h 'r-ri, -fi II,••*.•• ., ' bi.C»>rn tb' r -xtr..,n> •linith.-fi >n I \..riher-i .nnlti .. tho City .,.' M,f w ,,„,... .,,.1 , ,,,..,.,,.i, ,i ,.. t .,„•/, ,, -is i. rn.. u,: ,>•,„„, . ,,, ,,, i,,,,,,, .. ,,. ,, , Ap[>iy'"'ri- >-.VII^, .' . V'.-EH ' ,r,. .1 ...... ., , •rl »f lan.l fr'.riti'i^ ,r ,i)ut-...j ,,, tt- .,,^,-H' r •• . r Hay in the P.r« M Iwautrff. 1 he Common *J< rdahi *« follows mArket t\a>l jr Cuy >r Mu » 1. Hluck aumbviel un* rtua<-tre.J nuU fj ty-iU (.Hfl, 1 , oojr ownad by thu Uttjr of Uilwau firul mcfi part 1 * of th« following nvtaed itre«t», tn The aortb half of Ogdea street, Chi* tfa,it Ii )( .if ^ W»t. r, and th»? Wtst tiilf - f iir^^r, n t,.. «^t<J numt>rred one humlrc'l inj rnrc> •> t, » n lying »nil bdox » iu»i>* t .n Ihe 7 ! .rt\ W»f1 •* \h* C Milwaukee. .A hcrtiVy mvle and ^jr-clnr-'J • , '>- \ ^. t j^hnJ lor Uif *tlc ,' !(»-»<!» jf ^*v ^ec. 2. The .AlJ^rm-n »nd Couuc.Pur. >l ;t,,- and -eventh Wardrt, jr » uit, i"i y -jf :/ietii fr uu tr Wnvrd, »'r> h-r^by autBtir'i.fil tn rt-tnov- '.n^ .*!» v » cow o »o«-d i, w «i!.i *3rii«i, fr iirih.- -'iriier ,r ni- i-oa Market )l •-«•*•*, t , t»Jo.;,t Qiim'>^r*-.l f,- un-l ncd forty si i , lu Ujf Firit W^r , ^,0,1 pi;n,« u'i« i thereon fur u.<f, rtiui the iai i < aJt- , •» htr-.i^ le t/t, ari-l tn » ie, a ' 'l'.y tl«r -*caie S«*i', A N.J p-TSOU jf J.fT'.fl.i *t.*t> 'If *i . A --. [-ermltl--il to upo<»<f for *\jc any >•< i,t r lu \ -la >; in ihr F r^l yr ^eTt-Dth WarJ^, ^i ifi* City .( M-i >s > •• vr'Choat h»T ntjaurh hay w*; 1 ^^^ 4 . »< hrT^inifl-r rth ,, (1 mli ^KALK. - r .; .^-.-t . * i , • >^ I \ U -.|ll-.,l i I :!••• . • . * -I < I-;, ,l, t .,.•: •;!,. '.. < ..-. .. ,i -. I • • • W ,r l . .1 •-;. • • ,• >i..,. !H»yi7 li>t K i. ri . \ it i' I N ." t(, . .... i . LANDS AND WATEK POWERS. I 49O «O<> ^IS53-x (lioii'c !''.irtnitij ,»i i Km* 1 Laud*. I > '.'^ i N ^ i, > N i •», ^ Lai,.!. :....- -'.rtr i i ' > I: ^ A . >»n.-r, or Ir-vrr ,( any whl-i« l.ji.lcri »lth ),.iy. . P.r»t 4U'!.<-.-Trr:l6 W,, t.. -if A .-MALL b.,,, » y r an <>i.i, in^ur iwlmunn^ tin v with rr<l Doing . plRjd c»tton his hat v»Mi Fuauil la tr e r. Ill c ,1.1,,. « irrrat ..or oo h. a black i-l^c^ ja jit , b*i af..-.tsd . rfie'-lock ''e.ifr. ,t-I 'u tti:i ur I j i2.- • ^ 4 [>u 'til- -.iv I II f P I N 1 I . -.ri- "- ... it ,'• i A Uec V .rfi-n-.K »ny !<.*.! .r ,.--.!, ,.' •, i y I .r ule W UHO th- nun S •>(" 'h«- I'.fSt ir Ht-v-nUi \V *r';a 4 P D«U"RV. tt,. 4341 SIIKUH-T'^ STATK OP WISCO>.-»1N, )lrcait Court, MU» ».alirt; t>j«i, pa* ' loha Jennicgt ai.-l i loseph Carney J I N rlrtue <j( tvnd purtaa-ul iu * Jail^tnnit r Bald court Ui ti.e above rnllUc<i action. d -jly, 186i*, I « bull ei[x>ae Tor *aie and i uctioo, at the l*o jjl-' »ai -<•.». i f :«r c irnf r of nd Milwaukee itrefti, in t'ir City 'jf >f i! ^ t n rd n ) , I b e 2 n il t) M y o f , the hour of t f. M of i..*i day, the f i crlbed morlK*.(r<l prt,.!-.-*, ur *o touch ther fiecc&a&ry to ral*e Uit- »mouut of i&tti ju> real and cost*, logrlhtr wuh tbv rl^rii* iuk J crc>J to l J&nu t public co n»io tre, a uly, I'he .U upuu * 1 1 1 Lit f Hi, *, \ir • h U i h- c'lt.t I -\ o ru :<-. \ -; ;tir *utu , *-. v - •. -. ,i I » •- jhlD^ eacfi ..»4.d Tf *»y. .r :,r*-/'iiji.,, -i -i r »rticlr, !"f wr.tcfi » j«rtifK*L^ is -r .jui r -.j . •-,.%! . r L.'if [i -r+n rj [ . wti. -01 '.fl • ;• 't ... 1 1^ « 1-t v - rt- i ><•«.: .4 Ariy p>-r»on -ir pft s:i ti • •« 'i j 11, * y i • • . •* L e LJif iirtjvidioaa of this <.ru;na. ••£. */i» i '.jr;.- i \ • I ^»» • - >ach off-nee D"t Irss tiian flv- nor iimr- :t,*t, t^ , i ... \f', I iSt'lef * itfi ll. CdaUuf pri'-'-Ti: <• a- ?rc. ~i Ii U f ie'cby ma<l- t'.- .hjt, > • ', C', -( .-, TIJ!,. « ao-1 *iis 1 •. an J '.h- »(••-• -l-ni .1 : ..- , , .t pil C -u.-t. at! reof >t»fti.r may Dt, in- n- •>-< tr.f r nfj., # ic,jmf uiucn ,f 4 ., ij- ri L.^. •• •• - •>•• jL n «*-<1 , ** ii »ny cnannfr .• , od ••• * * ' r, '.i- ^^Kd>^^^ . rMnV il , , "Al that pifC* ur i>*ri.?l »>f lan-l, «!t;i .*,* Couniy ol MiJwaukrf aa-i Sin t ^' Wisj •inow.i an«i Jtrscrib^.l u [t^« »-^' r.alf • tc. (6 1, twenl y - o J»II- n-^rth westerly of th- t-t,trf f'lint Koad c-TiiA.Kiinir tf.rf*- »':.1^t '"• a tr.ore ar !••**, con I A- oiatf «-r r. i y «> t »ini \f> acres more o • Ir • •> *UJ .-lief ff 'a (Jtflcc, NJ . .» * u k -. 'I t- '.-",< Tlbi, Br T-l I A C.'TTBIIJ.. i * J l.AM.W Pl'ffi Ati'j ». t ." .'J M , ».• NOTH;K. N »; 11 ^ X t» ricrrbv ,{i TCD l.'i'i'. ' f • '• i.i.«,i. - • -j, ., * ',1..' t.i ••kJ. L*i>a, Jr»>*, ouioi nu«*^s, k<- i * ... fr. l.j - .' •• -I aller ;.1c dr-. Uj f J-:..- r r\i • n it.) • - -i.| • \ t»- s- A n •;. *i - i.-(•-'• . .1 . rtrr-i [.r j..- rt * L- ,-n .-• i ,-i-i i.uuiO*T - r «•!• r. * : • A , AMUSEMENT u 11 n f: >• .! « \ > - 11 f i -i I i .\ i l: A .\ "i .' I \ ; i , \ H C IS AIU,I> ii. xchaug* 1 and >|n-ri< 'plJlt hlth-si r.-.-. pa i !.. ill . A vrr Ccin an : «u :.. \J I ma*^ I. » in/ r, -Jp.* ,e »ji K » . . tn:| fTrl'J.ITr SuMN" •. I iru " •- • * • tf m-T-^ >n a.1 v ant *ir* nr^rturr oi~i.-ur'4. i -> . , Will bti 'unintiir<l Bl my (li-re. KO. o2 \» l-< O.\M > VI U i I I . Ondrr thp B«r'*'.t Church, ticA/ly • pv».>-t> N OTl^K l> beret.)- ^S ^ti. :.'. , '.. '•> . - t .k , t L cagu Kai^roa-l C.m, |.f . -i •! . * » i. / >.- t . L . . - f W. s D- U,r I A •«.' .M . i^i^-!, 4D': . . '• ,--.,i . . i j^ 16th . *o• l.'H «» i KIM ,S ? K TJ »> I N ». 'i J . V »• \» t u i l > i v. » . I l > i J > A MM > ' i \ l I li.- U.i*r 1 - r.Min.-M- r*. Stt^ 1 1, >3i ti L . U. ' ho.n J jl A .liTUir. <i di-p li :,, . ,r»* .*.- i; i t- i.'.-: < • * i, • i \ i-.K N( >T1(. H -It A f Uiur » ihe C.-nntv .'f ^1. »tic may br prr- M Iwaukt-r, Mai 1 AH K i.. i .*•.(,• i-*, I' e.l I., i • » . 1 ,1 11 ". 1 .uu u.- l - -, • r»nr i rt ,r : .< • ., i ' . ,: VI [/ Ipt l' ret- C">Di'i. (.• • [i n t- « \ »rn r.*- «a;.1 . a'. I H ( vk ^ by B »l-l Rsilron-l l' ini(>anj H3'iaj.;tr».-cl.- «.imf, s -. 1 I ' , Auctionesr. an4 osmjr or said lAnUs t>r t\ I t' abaTe thi;t>er«liu aud aiiva[tia^-i «M t, ,u^ti *nrr ir o( U.c R.i..roiil, '-.r »hf-h »u.l Iaoil8 are talcifi, p-inu ant to the prorislonj <if tlir Act of the Let'i»tatur« in oupiratiDg IM'I Rallroa.t » ompany, n. th? i-vpra ac S arce .latr.ry tfi-rrtu. an i tw the laws f.».J 3 tat»Ald lanils are in «^.J C>unly anj Je^.-rlt.ed t, follow., A itr'p uf Ian.I eleren hui<uru'l gilts') fc^i l<>r>^ aO'l one hundred »nd thirt. ii30)fe«l In wl.lth. .-..rituniDg tl.rt* and twenty-«i»-ht one hundredth* v 32Slof an acre, being tbe land occ;rpird by -hr loc»t^.i and rr>,,- itmcted lln« of th« Milwaukee and Chicago RA Iroail Company, across the follow.a* tl«icnb« l t.- n-t-i, aime- Tbat part of sections nine t.9) and ten 110), IQ t.iwn ltx(6), norhof rang? twenty-two (22) caat, beginning at ti.* Intersection of tbriectlnn line between said ii*c- ions 9 and 10 with tfia ahora of Lake silchi^aci, .heace south forty-two decrees eaft (9. 42 ° C.) with the score of sa d lake sixteen and twenty hundredth^ ^14.20) chains; thencelouth suty-two degrees west (S 63= W.) forty-two ind tbree-t-nths (42 8) chain* to the eajl and It quarter section line In section c.lne (9 , tnence we^t OQ saM quarter section line six and eighty-flv c i ae tundretilhi (6 8£) chains to the south east corner of a tract of twenty-sertn and seTegly-seven one hnn- Iredths (27 77) acre* as conveyed by B. t>uag!ass to James William*, thence north aKng t^.e ea«t 4|J? ut tiald tract nfLc-en \.\$) chains to the iouth west corner or and owned by l)and McDougtl; thence tiortn sixty- two (C2) degrees east thlrty-«eTen and forty-are one tdredtlxa (ST^i) chain t to th- eajt cnrner Mf said McDou all's land; thence south icre. if three (73) .Inks to the ple;ce of betrtnning. Al*o the followmx piece or parcel of land cc.mmencin^ at a po.nt sti hun- itred ftmt sixty (<%0) f«?t-we4t of the north ea»l corner , (vthe sooth ea»t quarter of secCiqu nine (9), in town six (6), north of range twenty-two v t-l east; funnrra; thence south one hundred and e l ghty (ISO} feel, thence in a north westerly direction two hundred and fifteen (2lS) feet, to the north line of said quarter section, ihence eighty (50) feel ea»t to point . f Oeinnninj?, cnn- ' ilng fifteen one hundredth* (16 1<*0) of an acre of nd. MlLW ACTKIff Jl CB:C 10U R U.BOI D <}v*FA*V. oy U. B. UALL, President To 8iMOsa. K. WOBTHIBOTOS and otheis, owners of land r.lrr-d l ) h- it-.' p..^i W ->u a I K 4 A 19 .if I 4u \ ^ 5 V, I ' 1 I . H. K - ,, , , ; -,., N-* .,, .. ^- . S K N A i-' r' 057] SMKHIFI'S SALE. [>e>n,-a K OF WISCONSIN, l Olrau.t COQit. Milwaukee County, t Hagh Watsoo, agvnjt Richard O. Sumaer, Mitchell dtevei, 'ihom** L.jae*a, Globe Bank, Louis J. Claude, Auigal Hall TI ompson and Daniel Weil*, Jr. i N Tirtue of aod pursumt to a judirment rendered in laid Court, in fie above entitled action, dated tbe twelfth tlay ot M«y, IbCU, 1 shall expose for sale and sell at public auction, at the Pon-Omc*-, In the Git; of Milwaukee, 01 Katurdur> ti>e 3d day ol September, 1459, at th* hour of 2 r. M. of that day, the fallowing described mortgaged premises or flo mush thereof aa may be necessary to raiso the amount of said Judgment, Interest and costs, togethe- wttb.tbo expenses ol sale, to wll: " Ml that certain piece- or lot of land situated la Uie County of Milwaukee and State of Wlnc.yi- •in, and known and described as fallows, to wit The north one-half of the middle- one-third of quarter block No. Qfty-elKbt In t-e ea*t half of south vest quarter of section No. twenty one (21), In the first Ward of the City of UUwau- kee. In said County and State." Dated Sheriff's t fflce, Milwaukee, May 24, 1S59 "-- 1 - iSTaaC, I A. J. LAM WyRTHf, N iu, front I Ii d 'JU of N 4U ••> » ft N 11 front X v!l . N .i".) jf 3 du N ?0 o f d 40 . Pl'fls Atl'yi. lT. MU. Co , 04] SALE. [New Olrcull Court, Milwaukee County. I James 3. Brown, against £rnat F. Uenberg, Joslah du Nooaaa, Peter Me Nab and AAdreai Keye. Foreclosure. I N Tlrtue of and pursuant to a Judgment rendered la laid Court, in the abore entitled action, dated January 13,1S5S, 1 shall expose far sale and sell at public auction, at the Post Office In tbe city of Milwaukee, on Saturday* ttoe 2d Aa -f °* Ja «T'» 18i ». »' the boar of 3 r. H. of that day, tbe following described mortgaged premUrt, or so much thereof u ma; be ne- ctsjary to ralae the amount of said judgment. Interest and cosU, together with the ejtpensea of sale, to wit : " All that part of tbe veil half of tbe- south- 'eft quarter of lection number nine (.9), (n township seren (T), of range twenty-two (22), bounded aa follows, to wit: commencing at the; ' south-west corner of said west half of the south'- west quarter of section nlnetfk runntogthenea east on the loath line thereof ten (10) chains; thence north ten (10) chains; thence weet ten " : (10) cbaini to the west line or the said quarter ! ii etlon, and thence sooth" ten (10) chains to the place of beginning, containing t«n (10) acres, - isbjecl, howerer, to ono half the width of a .- road, on the south and weitbonndarleathereof, laid road bdns/ one chain IQ width." Dated Snerlff'i office, MlHriokee, April 1,1859. -'- f, 1 ^.J.LANQWQBTUYv '. f BneruYMll. Co., WU. N H E 80 .if 8 -& VT 80 of E 60 of S NSof 5X of E SO N S of K S N •}<> at KM 8 il). If of N «J of L *u tt 2U of £90 860 N H Middle S K « of t )t W 1« ofB H G a Mid 11* » X. " la i .V m!>u- J.'.< • i "I'll ii- '''" - ••' •'•• . •' i ^ i •- • V -r-al ci Ml. • I -".. '• «U ' » " 'l-' r »l J * " t. W 80 of K So of W 90 ESOof Wl» B SO of W 160 E DO of * ISO E BO Of W 21U B K ot W H W X W X E40 E20 W 18 K40WM B4V 11 * 1'J 11 A \i U A II n i 1-1 4 4 4 • 10 11 Ui 1* 1 1 ** 1 • 'J 1*1 1 12 3 1 « 8 * 114 U 11*12 8 26 8 4 0 10 19 t 1 13 • 40 u Oownen, oocnpanu antl aganU of the aboTe uoorlb- ed property artbrrebynotlBed to abate sUd noliano * within thirty dajt frooi date, or tho gUcet Commla- itonen of the said Third Ward will cause said nuisance* to te abated and charged to tbe respective loti. Pic \ic , Jt Plra>ur«- H IS 0< K U \ \ »» L1 \ F. . 1 (• > • .\ i .N n'. i -> .-i i-. - \ .N 11 n \ i ix 1 >>,>r,Kr- » .M .. ••, l_.; :!,. ,. r ,...„, ,1^, ,„. ,,rp „ .1 . ,, ,„. ,.. .. , ,,. .. t r •-• f.rt...... u. ..- . ., |... I • . 1. .1 »•, •: .•>. ' [' t) ll .1 14 A V I 1 t it !.• I,A .VI H t. K I i. l .N a »i |'.H .•l.r-l^.l. r..r ll. ..11.11- .1 >l. .',.. IDA , , ^ t »ui». 'll* Ou»U(iut-r •. \ M...S t '\ M)II in l ri »V »l inn N S. '.'•" u,-r ,1 IVi-^t W:iiiT iind I'l vti'ni rii Sir<-i-l», , JlBo» tilM \le.1-ir. Uiim.oU « Br-o.l., S1AI.ED IN (> iUO!Ui'ilL AHuttTKdT Mjrljs; iii.l ibo LcMV'li-'T rB.-:.M.< N. B.—>T.,ud i'»ll»rM, iii'i '""' r •'"" '"'^ •" |U .ntitles f ll w .nil ilvrnx' "'"' " "' '''' r " ly '""*' t.> buy of a». Wo will -«il «" l "-*' "***"'' '"''* "*' , handsome pront oy «i..-..t "".^\l '" L '.j\IBB«TnN W HOl.t- SAl.Jr. PAPEB WAREHOUSE! >rtl, Blackuiarr dk 4 «>., (urn a. HAN KvMiL) Jt Co.. ................... UJfJU. H AVE onenc.! »t5 Albany BlocS. ttiohlgan rtroot. opj poglte-Newball House, » IIH^O «oct of Boot ytua, Conor, Coloral au<i Bmeloa» Paper*. ^^ /Im^Ltdg»r Pap«rt r flat Capt, folio fait, Lttttr and Svte Papers, Which will Da said rery law. Constant additions wil oa ma.!. ia Hi- jtoci to muet the want* of the. Wado. , Of Printer) -vnd others ara invited to call and examine our stuck and prton. »prl»

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