The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 3, 1923 · Page 13
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 13

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 3, 1923
Page 13
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TUESDAY, JULY 3, 1923 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. PAGE THIRTEEN. FOR RENT—M18CHULANEOU3 1J FOR SAL6-7MI80ei,UANEOU8 (Cont'd! SECOND-HAND lUlFRiaEr.ATOnS of ail Hinds at bargains. Also used furniture, rei-alrlng and unholstnrlnff a siK-elalty. Hilysrd Furniture Co., BIO North Main, phone 169. 11 a-til BVSIN1SSU room for rent. 110 West First. Bultablo for automobile business, tire or battery or any kind of retail business. Inquire Superior Motors. 12 thfs 7-lat FOR KENT—Offlce room at 24 East First, Nelson building. M. Welch. 12S-26! TOTJNO business man wants modern room in good location, with convenient parage if poaslblo. Address H-68, earo News, 13 2-6 Hvery «ay you will find a bt| classified want ad list, and theao Uoms aro of absorbing Inti-rest. VEKY cte.slrnulo officii rooms. Curdy Insurance Agency. Bee Moll! ;-.3t VQn BITOT— Office rooms In McCurdy building;. 12 2-2St VOIX KENT—Oarage. C8 East Tenth. 12 ao-ut ROOM AND BOARD 14 118 PEH week and commission on dandy JlouS 'F 'iiotd article. Answer with address or plume numbeV. Address P-t!8, care News. 14 2-5 llOOM and board, per week. East :(i-T.l BOARD and room. SOG AVest aecond. 14 11-251 FOR SALE OH TRADE Is FOR BAl.M or t.riule--Farm seven mll"3 from HutrhitiHon; erop KTIH-M with fnrin; lota ot (wdt; wiU take YMC-I) of city pvoo erty and Rive lonjt time on l-alancc. Call 123 North Town street. Grandvb v.-.lfi 2-fO. FOR SAT.I-l or trade -Quarter of land in Major cminly. Oklahoma. Wi'efur Hutchinson property or umull tract; t'ld. Ituwe, 200 East Tiihxl. . M i-ll FOR SAI.K or triule Four rooms furniture. Will trade for Ford touring car. Call SSS8.I. IS 25-3 FOR HA I,).] or trade—1.1 -room, modern houKC close in. Deal with owner. 200 East Third. 15 2-4t FOR SALE OR RENT FOR MALE eleven -loon I'hoiir. owner. r rent. 9uly 1—Fivo ti residences, north p.ri t nr.t! 1 r: f m. n TO TRADE Aunt® SaHvaug© Parte Bulck !, Buiek 4, Dodge.', Dort, Saxon, Chevrolet 400, Overland, Auburn, Oakland and Pullman cars. BARNES AUTO SUI'PLY CO. 12-24 West Sherman St. Phono 1«32. 18 7-26t For your coffee. Host grades, fin* flavor, fresh ground. Mixed tea for ios. tea from all hlffh-grade tea*. "Parties wishing up to call on them each week, call or phono 189, 302 North Main street. Free delivery. 18 4-25t FOR SALE to ladles with small foot— Oood Oxfords *1.50 and Sl.SE pair. Comer Commerce Co., 17-19 North Walnut. - 18 29-4t . Mt», Ins. Kites, phono 3U8, Fourth. 817 Blast 18 r =«st - •' *- Cabbarfo and tonrrto plants. See Trauuo Seed House, South Hutchinson, phono 3S69U . 18 0-25t lor coos, stove,- healing stove, sad furnace, Yaggy Plantation. flrnplaos 1813-2SI J» IB. fesaiiJEHflS?' WIRING CO.NTT'.Acj'I OR AND RBl'AIR WORK, 627 East Seventh. Phone 3034 18 14-7:14 FOR SALE-Chnrrlos at t,elmlracli orch urd, one mile we:;t on Flttti Htreet, Vi mile north. Jlrlntt Imsketn. Tlu-ao cherries aro fine, largo Montmorency. IS 2'J-4t rOK »ALC— MISCELLANEOUS (Cont'd) MAGAZINE subscriptions. Mrs. Ina Kilos. 317 East Fourth. 18 l-til FOR BAT-Iv-DuflFloBB. Burrton, Kan. Haxen, 18 2B-6t FOR Bond homo made pics call 301LT. Mrs. Salmon. 18 7-25t FOR SALF,- -Orange Persian kitten. JlMi WeBt Sixth. 18 2-4t PERSIAN cuts and canary singers. Phone 1323W. lJI-Jt EXPERT piano Company. Jenkins Music 18 2-1" STETPSNS' St please. •• L.-US-ll NOTICE- • Photographs th»t .It l-Ht •MISCELLANEOUS; Retreading. Let us tnAto care of your tive trouWes. Vulcanizing. United Htates and Para Dell Tires. . Phone 307. 804 South Main. Hutchliiaom Kan^| HOTHCE • Gas burners raised and adjusted, savo 50% on your gss bill. Now is the time to got vour "furnace repaired. All work guaranteed. ' I'liune 404W. Mifrrla At Morgan, stove and furnace experts. 10 17-2St ' WK ~T =MT GLASSES THAT FIT L L» Stoim®, •1BV4 East Shcnimn; AUTOMOBILES (Cont'd) Stiouraig® BsiiKteiriiea TOrd, Jtuli'k, Chevrolet and other light cars, H2 each. Slifcr Motor Excliance. 22 30-7 1022 FORD roadster, serf-starter, do- mousUablo rims, lock wheel, irn-ort rubber; recently overhauled, nooa condition fl«B cash. Box 8-«S, News. 25 3-4 WANT TO SET,!, TOUR OAR? Then llBt it with us. We sell them; no storage. SUfers Motor Exchange. OP!* 1 - Slte Convention Hall. 22 12-2H PARTS I tear them tin and sell the parts; all makes, A. K. Johnson, 15 South "Washington. 22 18-25t FOR RALE or trade—One Nash truck with stock and grain body; Kood mechanical condition. 1317 East Eighth. , 22 37-IOt FOR SALE—Ford touring car; good mechanical order, good rubber; 510U. Call 1670W or 201 East Seventeenth. 22 23-4t FOR SALE or trade—Ford truck. houso of Chilstjan church, ITtrtchlnsoll. Second South 22 3-0 SECOND-hand Kord parts Tor sale. Phone 2445. 618 South Main. C. C. Echel- bcrger. 22 27-6t rro TRADE— 1918 Dodge touring car for Ford touring car. 17 South Main. 22 3-1t over Gates. 19 20-251 FOR SALE, cheap—Extra guotl Axmln- ster rug 11x12, practically new. Would cnnelder buffet as part payment. f>03 North Monroe. JS 29-4t FOR BALK—Two small outbuildings, used siding doors, windows, some bath fixtures. United Preobyterlan church, phone 322&J. 18 2-4t A CAR for your summer trip at your own price. A sunimrr without an uuto- moblle is atrnost tucomplcte. Many bftr- gaina In this line can bo secured through News want ads. FOR RENT— lneetno' day. Phone 2048. cleaners, JK per 18 2-25t Ft)P. SALE—Little girls' 1-strap Slippers for 32.43 and t2.'J3. Comer Commerce Co., J7-19 North Walnut. 13 23-4t IFsDjrffim TIIIM Incm.' }iro]i"i'ly la pnyinfr nn 8% net Jiu-om^ un ?;tu,U0'), .-mil In woll locati'd, ulao kn';via(l In tin* Wat Misim-ai, city in KivusAP. Owntiv v;iahi*s K> oxtMiairS'i this jirr-prrty for a W^JI impruved fiiiin In central KanFns. KITSCi Ml'.UTHICUS I'liono f.LO. 1GNorth Main. ITS It Wrij-T* trtiitc good re till] UUMIUPS^ oil Tivo rowmi moil cm or win talcu I'UlVllnj; Bllo, slnt-U, fix.t urea about $2,000. Uvn V. I4un1n.»rn, 17 }i-4t TKAUl'i your vao;int lot or Kor.l rnv QT\ a fluruly nuith Hlcle cnUaj;u. Soo un iit t.itcc V. L-umljurii, realtor, phone 17Sr., 3 Nnrih Main. 17 -1-H HENO county '.and to trail.? lor ilutr.ltln- sor. proi'.-rty. Pliono IV 31-25t TOR 5ALE~MIEC£LLANEOU6 18 WhtMi jot: aro soriotiHly 111, Wlioirt do you iriHi'loyV \Y1K-II yyu nuc-d li-^al atW-'cr; you flcok llie Wat, When ymi. .wioh to niakv a BHI.I of jmssilily aM yim l.ave Airnct.1 H.H'1 ii.'iiiimulaUMl ot several yoara' html wmli, whom will you cmpluy to fluli H? tA t4 : tk-HUi;in v'.liu knows valiu- una in In i\ui Uusiiuwj). 1'))I-:LC 20S1 liutchlnHifii at 1,'avy'a i-xpniiKo. lia ti -1* 1 t'Oll SAMS- 'My homo in Nk*.k*M'Kon, two lotH, «lx -rootii hnuiij, watur, lifilUH, SJ'iu).;u fur two earn, !arc>»- Jots, fi/iu^d r:hl'.-kf?n light. Frank Itiu-hu, box :il'5, NicliMBi'ti, Kan. is 1:5-7:5 FOU KALr ^-l.aillos' blm:k khl Oxfonla, with inhltury ruhl)cr-tn]' In ^lf, tnr ti, $•••00, $;».50 tu Srl.r.0. part i.>aym»Mit Oown, halanco 60c '.VM'I;, (Jomor Commerco Co., 17-lLr Norlli AVulnut. IS 2$-it HoTil-L. In Ituhlor, Kan., for »al*. ^XUo only sntliif? placu in l (»wn; ROUII loinl- ness rouHon for BCIIIUK- Mrs. U. 11. Joima, Huhliir, Kan., or inquire 10U South Alain, Huu-hiiiyon. U C. MCE Qptan\<nrtBt.t E ,yeH tealeil—OlaMt-n fitted. lHVr NortJi Mulu, over Jcmea Stme Stor*. ^ '19 B-26t EAJrlN EXTHA SPENDING MONEY fiY BBLLINU THM NEWS AFTKR 4 P. AV- EACIf KVJilNJNG. 10o STARTS YO\J. AVl'LY TO Mil. ORAGO, NKW8 OFFICK 19 l&-2flt X>lnMU fr<nii fitnshinK plant tcrcemotcry. Savu li*« to ug.:iHy' and rc*ia\\crs' piofiiu. Wo Uundlo all stftndiml tfranltc and in.irMc. J. J I. Mini, "Tho Monument Man," Nlcltfraon, ICaji. 19 tua 24-7:28 DR. HUUi, a foot specialist l« with Dr. NJehola at Bust Second. Broken arclua- trt'fttud. aucccsafully. Phone 2013 for nppolr.imcnt. 1U H-25t FOR pumps, drivc-n wells, casing wells and Irrigation outfits and ya;il outrits, sec D. M. .Maym-a, 318 Ktt^t O, phone 32H. VJ 2f»-7:5 STOP! Thlnkl Why throw away your old (uraltute when we can make it good as n«w7 Hepairlntr and upliolaterinK A upe- clulty. Tupeetry ordered. Lduman Furniture Co., 608 North Main «t;eet, phono 61&/ FOR bargains In used cars. BO to Slifers Motor Exchangi), oppoaito Convention FOR HA1.K—Gamgn, 1011 South Main; alao truck bed. Ti. II. Jon«w. 22 i!S-l f1 t FOR SAI-T1 or tradu special, (food fihapo. -1919 Stutlcdiakdr 32 27-lOt FOR SAIjK---Aiito trailers. il5 South Walrut. J. U Wari, 22 2-25t News Over Southwestern Kansas YOUNG FOLKS TO C I Jfritdo ami son Prnnlc Mesuln of Klnff' •man hail «w IHHI ami oncralcil Hio two jhouaoa for U\o. i-..iat yo.-tr au<V giv-HU lYatt somo gcnxl ahows, Mr. I Callahan look personal charge of the Kiiows MoiKlay nioriitng. Week in Open Planned For All Junior Presbyterians of the District. POULTRY lillk fed, nicely droftstvO, Vhone us your ordnr. SffiSH C5H^ lPinodluflffie Co. 18 East Third, ahono 779. 13 37-2fit llINOliET Barred Rocks. Cocksrelg h?ad- ln« pens sired by crund champion at Chicago Coliseum. Egss, $6 for 15; fanr. flock, \:w 100. M\ llo«an ic«tod. C. A. Boyle, Burrton, Kan. L*3 3 28-10t 19 27-3Ut REMINGTON Sales and Sfirvlcc—*Rom- irigtun Typtiwiiter Co., 2-1 West Firs'., phone 402. B. A. Kintzc!, salesman. l3 4-25t FOR HALF.- Boys' long rants S-'J.DO up, part payment down, Twiiunca M)a week. YoutJis' long punts Suits $1 week. Comer Commerce Co. 17-1'J North Walnut. IS 20-4t FOR SAJJE— Willi feeder, running order. Ivan. :2 -Im--h ifuber separator and elevator, In A. F. liuntrager, liaven, is n-et I'OIt 8 A US binder. Aluo luwa, Klmer Station Seven-foot ffaiig plow. McCormlelc i:d Anna- phono 21- Par low. IS 27-15 FOR SAM3---f.ood feed ontH. tioreeiiinffu for rlitckons. black caln ii^cd. Muom Grain Co., pliui wheat 1111. JS 3-St Af tui'-li;i rv»: dated, luiu'he wlih any fi-[y close to ymi -.: talk to nv any pr Btoillny niy expen.- !. miles are now being MHICS are best. 1 work aiile auctioneer and HIM an .vmr plione. wlure ymi ean vithoiu coat.' Kefereiut', stoinor. Offleo phone &.') K. It. l 'ottL-r. IS 27- FOR H A l.K -Fi; RN ITU 1110 Ono solid walnut bedroom suite: lart;e vanity dreB«er, ehiffonetle, bow-end bed and bench; one ivory bedroom suite, sauio pieces as walnut, two non-tufted Seaty matlreartKH, V,4:rtroom ru^a. large mirruiM, bedroom rockers, fouc-pieco ilviuK room Bull e, two wlckur rockera ta.iestry up- boiaterinfi. one uuk library table, six dhi- inff ch:iha. ono whlto and nlckU; coai range, one kitchen cabinet, two electric tamps, one Ice ereani freezer, two electric fans, one roll-top desk, other articles, at a bargain. All used less .than ono year Battley kitiviiig city, 72i) We,st FouiLeenth •treet. • 18 26-lOt FOR SAMS—Furnlturb, ftovoe »nd rugs sold on eivsy payments. Mitchell Furniture Co., t~2 South Main Btreet, IS C7-*JQ>E F< 'I'l SA !.!•:• -Jj-citerlieads. ehveloiniS, wetl- dlMj* n-nnounceinenty, curds. Wi-llu Frinting Co., 24 West First. lSa-.t FOR HAM:—Chlldivn's j>lay 0\Turds for fcnd §1 .75 pair. Comer Commerce Cii., IMS North V.almit. 18 29 -4t \VK sell Storm King famous plastic roof oetnt r.t for leaky roofs. L. J. White Jjiimber Co., phono G5. IS S--'iJt FOR SAldO—One 4Vj-ton Fi«cher AJa- chiti" Worfta leu plant, inquire of A. A. Appijl, Busliton, Kan, 18 11 -7: Lt FOR SAUK— Indies' satin Biippers, patent Slippers, black kid Slippers, brown Slippers, for ?i.f>0 p_alr. $2 cash, balance 60c week. Comtr ConuuerVjo Co., 17-10 North Walnut. is i9-4t HI SIS BOTtTEK, M2LDS 0 AMB iSWElET CkllEAM OoUU^n Wist CitaiiH-ry, 14 tlu^L Fourth. .13 lLH«slLCai %°M<S ®r Vv-'K BA1,E—UO teet of pant-Is ot rioultry fi'iK.y; 17 Uiu'ri'J Itock chirlionH. unti oth.:r fenco. 1601 lil ;un l-Vurth. 1 ti :\o-n NOTH11C — I,«t(*:rl\&ijL<l3, tnveUipvu, dlnp HmiouncemontB, carcta- Pilnllnc Co., 24 West First. \v«d Wells 19 3--H EYESIC1HT; conserve It. Got tho /aot3 Rbout your eyes. Dr. Darlund, North Main. Ill 10-26t LAAVN mowera nhiirpeneri; callotl fur and de!lv«rcd. H Wist A, phono 17:17. N 10 0:16-20t J. H. SHOWERS, chiropodist, Phona 2025. :zi .Ess*. A. 19 2 -att WAiN'XKrv -Furnlturo tc repa: or upliolstor. Call HIS. , rcrinlsh 19 18-J0t FUK roul KHrhago~servlcc, pltono . Garbage Company, S910. Ssiiltary 19 J5-26C 3HOKT time loans on vacant lota, fhone BltSD evenings. "19 mwf ^-3t TlIGIirr^T prices paid tor men 's clothinc. l'hone 777. 19 2-25t WANTED—MIStJELUANBOUS 20 maclilnt) repair work; guar- hntefii; country or city; ex^inlnutlon free; repair all makes. Family mhnu- lacturinE hrmallteherB a specially. Ptmne iWJ. J. C. Lynch. 20 4-26t SEW1XO machine cloanins". overhaullnc;; work guaranteed. J* 1»". fianman, phone 2470. • 20 2-2U SDNFIXlWElt I'ROllUCE Wo call for poultry anywhore; pay market Price. Phone 26X2, 713 South Main. 20 2-251 _ I FOR SAT,].]- Heven hens, roontiu', tt'n chickens two months old, hen with eight nlilcks; all for J10. 1'liona 1120.1. 23 3u-4t TOR SA1,F0—Pure lircd laylnR Uutf Orpington hens and pi>lU>ta; also ISllfr J.c.ghoriis, Clio East (.'umphell. 2'i 2'j-;l FOR SALB-Thoroughbred I3a-red Hoc* W, (1 setting. Phoiia 304S, 413 Knot A. 23 7-24t ARE your chicks dying? tsave them vfllh "Dlsxho," Weesner's l»rug. 23 7~25t 26c. 303 23 20-tt YOTINU chickens five weeks old. East Second. Phono 894. FOR SALE--75 13. O. pullets 80<! each. 729 East K. BARRED Rock fries, 30c pound. Eighth, phone 1H4J. April halih, 23 30-4t 626 ICast 23 3-lt Dodpo City, July 3.—Tho Vrnsliy- teTlim young pcoi>l« will havo u oiunp Lhn»e mrK'.s east and ten milcn n<B.'tli of Doiigu <;*lty on tho -letinoru roail. it vrlU 'bo for Prt\3bytorian young pwvpflti •In oUicr coiiRrogiUlons braliloa thnt of Uio loLiU cliuroh And froo transiKHla- itKin to •(•hi* camp win 'bo «t(vr«d to all wlio <.tmio by roll. Tho <"unip will •bo liclld frtmi July lS bo 22. llie opening oveiilng u tent mnoHnB will 'bo hold 'by tho women ot tho Prosbytorial. Tti«clay at tho oarly 'mornine; .sorv^lco tho L.nkin sbcloty will [ bo In chargo with 6iioakor3 during tho day to bo 1. A. Hurnberd, Dr. It. II. Hliiilo, l>r. M. J. Ciwker and Kov. .T. 8. Cunningham, Wodueadjrt^' .tiho Pratt ipocioty will bo 1n ohai'Ko timd tho Hankers will be I\lr. Hunilionl, Kov. D. H. Mo«S«r, Dr. Crockor tuul Hov. D. <!, SnUtih. Thura- day. Una'don Ulty young ipwplo ivlll bo in <'.har£o and tho spoakorB 'will Include Mr. Humbord, Dr. Crockor, Rev. Gharltw S. Calk'iiu) and Rov. Cnlvin Knliiiit. On Friday Kov. Ucortro P. MoDouftall -will havo tho spucktl aftor- noon fiorvice iuid on Saturday Kov. Frank A. JoluiiiOn will bo Uiu ad- dlWonW spealtcr. Sunday •will ho a. bi-g dny, »tarthig In with a ft-unriso in-.iyoir 7iiootinK and cU>Mln(r n'full diy v.-1'Ui tap* at 9:30. Monduy t.ho t^tnp ivlll ho brokon up. Kov. Coiyi-go IS; Mi'.l>oiigaH, of l'Vxlge Oily, la vroslilent of tho camp auoocla- tion and Mrs. Charles S. Calk I us will a<"-t ns matron. Tho ^irl» aHked to ivcar niitldiori and dark skirts and on Sunday tho nanm atUro or eport <Iri.««t'il. Do'eval.c.s vrljl n<it bo allowed tu leave [|ho Biountl except "by pwnila- wiou of tho stipervisors. LARNED SHOWS GREAT INTEREST IN TENNIS City Tournament Planned to Determine Entries in District Event at St. John. TREES PLANTED HALF CENTURY AGO ON JOB Newtcn Resident Remembers the Expenditure of 15 Cents and Labor of Planting. Newlnn, July 3.— Kan^is in Haiti to liuvo row troos mid tlui wtjatftni cis;i- iral part of th« ffalo «spi»t*uilly rani'M lu for a i;rcal. tlmil ot ctinitnlsu^ratiou from UXM p*vjpio of tho ^rf^.tt? fra**. !Uit. t;v>;ry oiv'n in a whili* a ^tary 1^ tobl or (r(MjH nuarin-^ liio lialf coatury mark whK:h I ft jnttjro.stlnj;. Two 11 i-oU tn.'.OH arc. In tho yawl of Mrs. li ;ik '!i FJ, Tfi-ry. Tln\v ato nmb b' IT y tri.'o A r -lnittoii In 1« 1 ') b y two .vm.)'. beys, now It now i\ its At.toru''j \V. K. Von iter lU-Men ot* thW city awl <:iiariio Von tier Htsiilon nf Crowley, thuy Itavo v;lMist.oi-»cl die ICans.v.t ' La., VICTIM OF HARVEST ACCIDENT BADLY HURT FOR SAIJK—Bnby chickenn, IB contu each. Phone 1S605. 23 6:ll-»ut FOR SAl ^E—Eggs tor hatching. Phono 1B0B. 23 2-101 FOR SALtl—CITY PROPERTY 84 FOR SALTS HTDB PA UK COJ1NER One of tho boat vacanT f--otnora In tho City at a .real bargain, from owner. Call phone 2&U or address bo:t 3^0, ulty. 24 1S-1UI ?100 DOWN to good runty will mak« tho first i-iiynu.nt on a dundy fum- room Jiouac, northra&t part., luilaiicf- oasy »K)nthly paynitmtt*, po^aussiou August 1. lien V. Lumburn, realtor, .ihono 17S5, '6 North Main. 24 !J-4t FOH BALE by owner—Nmv suburban homo, eight rooms, eloeplnK porch. WouUl conskU;r city propnty or furni huid. Turnia can be nri'ftm,vd. D. C. Mitchell, 723 Went Fourteenth. 24 20-I0t TWO strictly modern isix-rnom bunya- IOWB, woll locaUd and good turniu; prlc«d riKh-t.; for hftrh-chiHH re^idoncoa. Hoo Ben V. I^imborn, r«altur, phono 1785, S North Alain. v.j ^„ l WANT121J— Thirty of forty milk cows. Phono 360. pigs: SIX-room fairly new bungalow, nlco finish, threo bedrooms, ga.n, lights. City ton 1 water, buthroom, r.i^u busciucnt, garuKo. ' This la a bargain, $2,100, Hutchlnuuh WANTED TO BUY 21 MILK ffid white Wytuiilottoa; broilers and I'rlttS, alivo or dii'iisod, Phona 1U5UW, Fiftoenth and Plum. " 18 a -Ut ltKOlSTKUKl) Jtiraoy cattle; entire hord fur aa1e; bout blood UneH. Olen Krldor, Nowtoti, Kan. 18 13-7:lo KINK lurire Kludiohta. liauur, Flftvonth Mrs. W. l.i. Stoln- arid plum, phoiib IS 2 -ut 26 FKKT Kit lav.'u tul.\>*«r hoae Ukft new; liU gullona daclc ted ijaint, cheap. Call "" ' 18 2'J-it FOH SALE—Quai-i.CM-auwtid oak tMilffo- robti; alao crocheted bcdaprcail. Phono 304GW. IS 20-4t bxlZ KUti, floral pu 18 30-4t FOR SAX.i5—Tomato pmnln, rt'd and yol- ^,low p'mms. 319 Nortii Woodard. •18 14-?.Dt Ftlrd'a Ar! LVaft roofljuf, niacin to apply over u!d wnud shinKiya. iteuutifut. durabl-j and i nt-pruof. Ut T AItANTKi:D Sold by Phone 0u. 101 West .Sht-rman. IS 30-26t FUR BALI-: — Snda fountain; whlt« marbh* lS-i'>oi bar with marble (-tidH, 12 pumps, liuuId carbonln PoerU'-«H inako, two yt*:utf old, In Al condition, now ear- honator, chahH, tables. Oomph?to outfit nt a bi«: burffain. Ray L. l^uitiHlend. .1 mart ion City, Kan. 18 «ud ao -4t A, SpsoaiB IBairlSDnis. 7,;tr»jo cabinet Blao phonograph -vvlth rucorilH, J15. J. \V. JENKINS SONS MUSIC CO. 16 2!>-4t SAI.K—Mfli'H ffODd ShoeB for *4, 84.60, 11.36, »6.!.0, (ii.60, »li.7B In $7.76. Mo.n'fl Oxfortla r<y* Jfi.50, ?B-7fi, ?y.6U. Mon'a work Bliot 'B $2.60, 12.08 ami 13.SO. Coiner Coiiinuuco Co., 17-lfl North W(U- init. '• 18 23-41. FOH 8A1,1 ; 1 --Ono Harrlaburff Kltming WeStliJEiiuityo ouslno KmninttDr, Slzo 10x10 liK'h xuitoralor 8B KW I)C 330 voH». feiiKllif ntitila ^nmo repair, giiityrator tfooil condltlun. If interested, call 740 tor fur- thor inftiinuitiorl." 18 29-3t BAl.K—Tructor plow and farming outfit, cheap. Will also rent farm, lm- PC It proved, to tarty liuylng tools. Writs Chas. E. Monroe, ^12 South Grand Av.i., Lyons, Kan. 18 2S-!t FOR BALE—Ono JC-80 'V\vln City tractor In good condition. On? new Jlathlehom truck; one isocond-hanA BotlUohem truck, noarly new. At bargain prices. Chan. H. Bacnzer, Sterling, Kansas. IS s 28-3t ! FOH SALE—Ladles' bio,ok .. kid. 1 -strap Comtort BUPV*r8 tor »3.»» *,nn 13.SO. •C«ii>«i' Commereo Co., 17-16 North ; tv 'iOnut, ' ::•.!:!•<. , ., : Ul«-4t K(>l.'- SALK—-'Slur Iirand' Shoes fur men, women and ohildren, part payment down, balauv.o boc v,'t-ok. 'Kiar HruniV Shoes are bettor. Comer Commm-iv tlo.. 17-19 North Walnut. 18 2'1-lt FOR SJM.M--'IVuni of dapple grey marer. five yeara old, weiviUt 3,'iu0. I'hone 4R:i. IS eod j-t FOU SALE—HtiKcs, hoe. pitchforks, shovel, acythe, v.lieeltxnTow. Call 8:tl. -IS 21,-41 WANT1JU—Old (also tooth. Wo pay high aB ?10 for full aeta. boesn't matter if broken. Western Metal Company, llloom- lnston, 111. 21 2-7 WANTED to buy— Second-hand furniture sad rugs; highest prices. Johnson Furnlturo Co., 113 South Main." %\ 1-iH Inv. Co. \ 24 30-41 TWO lota and five-room cottage. South Main, good business location, J3.500, liberal terms. BROWN BHOS., Realtors, 16H North Main, phone 2a44. 24 27-4t WANT1GD—A chain broom corn seeder and baler. S. A. Threlkeld, NlckerKon, Kan. 31 s 30-7:21 HIGHEST plees paid for men's cant-off clothing and shoes. Phon* 115SJ. 21 2-26t WANTED--Mulberries. W. It. YerkeH, 720 Kant Stxtfe 21 2-lt WANTl-TO —<'i£it] used household ftlrni- luro. Phono 1340. 21 2-0t WANTED -Uood aued turc. rhone 1211'. Iiouaehold furnl- 21 25-lit IlIGUKST prices paid for men 's clothlnff. Phonu n 1-25: WANTEU- Fourlh. -yecond-hand Ford. 716 East 21 2(J-6t Full SALE—drain bed for Ford truck, price «3I>. I'hone l'JSl.I, 318 West First: 13 3-0 FOR SAl.F—Klcctvlc rang.; with broiivr oven and tlndiiK device. Call 2224. 18 3-4t FOH SALE, cheap—Ono Minute wnuhias machine, food condition. Call G52VV. IS 3-3t CALL 4I0SW for ull kinds of cakes, plcnta Imtches ana refreahments ordera. 18 18-7:11 FOR BALH—Coleman gaaollno price ?10. C24 South I J ltim. FOR gALE—Jcrsey milk cow, pries tW, ^ mile eaat reCunuatory barn. 18 «-4t TEAM of natrea for aale, weliflit 2,100; or .trade for Fordaon. Piione 24F2. 18 3-7 FOR SALK—Pair dump boards, 1001 South Main, phono 717. FOJt BALK—Fine Ivory reed baby buggy almost new. Fhono 4110W. 18 2-4t VOIV i$ALE—Brass beA and Bpringa; large lajnp with shade. Phone 273J. 18 2S-4t FIVE Fsklmo Hpltv; puppies for aoch. 1107 Bast Fourth. sale, IS 2-4t 1TOS BAL13—Nearly now cash retflate^. Slifer'MotOr Exchange. 18 30-7 FOH BALE—Beets for canning. Falrvlew Gardens. Phone 38BSn, .. IS 21-10t tfOl^SALE^Large "ii 'l «7 ~«d baby : 1>WIW- Fh »a« MS}. .. : H .fMfc A.UTOMOBIUEB A,oaft@iM©lb^l<B IPfflnaufBiBg EXTRA SPECIAL Painting prlcoa for June: Dodge tourlnn S30.00 Ford lourlhffa $17.50 AU other caii in proportion. Beat of workmapjalp and materials. ©„ HSa &d® PaokllSiBgC©. Phone 1181. 221-7:1 S23 South Alain Strut I Panyurd piston *i:igy are (fuarHHteod to •top oil pumping, hold compression, bettei than reifrindiiiK; i«ae than half the coat. Let MO nho\v you. Harry llafer Auto Service, IK. Eaat Second, phono 741. S2 18-851 AUF.NCV Let me order you cenulne Maxwoll and Chalmers vasla. Call at 22 Ela*t A fo.- domoneUatlon. niLISY MO Ton CO. Phone 26U3. t3St8-25t Roal estate, rentala, luaii«, Insurance. Over Central Stato bank, phone 8484. 24 cod 4:14-fi0t Little Jlitor, July 8.— Chttrlea F. Thorn p«on of flalt, who wan brought hero Sutunhiy folio-wing an Occident in hnn 'CBt tlM, shows little improvement. Ho was run over and received a brokon arm and nix broken riba wln -n tbrj horses T .vH:h vhlch he "was work- ins in tho field with a header "became frightened and Btnrted to run. Ho was brought to tho hospital hero for treatment. I,anic »l, July 3.—TeimU has boon i very ponuhi-r la LflnuM tho pnst'twof years, ami tills syrinj? thoro has Iwnp. ! inoi'o Intwrest in the than ever j be .ro r<>. A largo jwi-m-ber of •h.Kh ftnhool ; folks, boys and girla havo b;oonie un- j thusiasth; play.'-i 'M, and until school ! closed liu- hlu;!\ SR*.1WH>1 <"ouriH wore run on nchedulo honi-3 to nc <:ointnuHl :ito storms, uliailod their rurnor and are Ilia number who wnnt 'Ml >to rV'>'. \! anion g tlu* titurdient tluUiera of Tlio .iicrcaaod Interest ha .-i oaiiin'd ; that imrt of town, AKoruey Von rier Heklen e:»n oa-dly n -i-rill the. plaiitin .i; of trees. Ho mid hi.*] In-other hud V-> cents ht»twe-'t\ them and they R.-IVO tlio hn:n fur t.Jt-.; jiuir of jnutherries i.o uht ninii who wu'A RfdUTiir tret:-, nbout town. At that time, tin* t . iU _;t p iu t. uf town waii al- mof.l. svit.!)ont any :diud<\ liavdnir iul- vaneed -hut liulo from th'» barren, oralrlvi ol' whiili it w;id a part, only a few.. yeara bol'oro. It Keein:i hut fitting that the treoa, aitlioitKh on prop- t'\:\O t idioiiUl re Mr. Von ; eourtu !o he Hlted up lido ] florin i; and cow ttolh the ht^h school I ontJiUKia u, tH nvid their e'-dorrf uro |day- Ing the j:aino finlto regularly. *;o !h* f ;;') folkw Jinmn for the vacjition are IUNO : in tlio i-'/ine-'s, Tloire am 1 'our or five | etturtii In uue ov*-ry »!ay, and tho Metn- \ viiV.-A t -onrt l-'J Hjcht'vA :Tor pitO'lng af .ter j dark. ' JJeeauw of Mio larr.e inte-rr^t hi fon- ' nls, it U tpropoyed to hold a Lamed | city tonrnanieut, probably tLirhit;' July, ; with the final* to be played otf about j erty beh>n.j.',iii^ to yomeon. tho last of tho A hnrrii.-U sum- - r-uiuv- wharlo Hie yard wl •mary of tounia players* In-dleates that dw Uelden resides, -109 K ;u ?f Ninth, a Held of lUiirty or anoro entries may ; MIH . Von iter He'lden refern to tho bo aoo.urort for tho mon 'w singles j treed a» "Will" and "Oiai 'lki." tournament. l J r(dj;thly the woiiien and Ktrl.s will filf ;o want a imu'e In tl.c tonmanient, rtor .sih'ly some .ulxod duitld'e m.itelifM may be - WOK.I.MI out. Th=irtydwo entries -wouhl :n;i.U-^ a- nice -t -'ontoHt, and It «oone> that number ean eally be secured, Holding tho tournament in .Inly, R would IKI pot*- olO'Io to complete lh*i fiiu«l:H In time for thr wimiurB ,;o outer ilw HevGiith IMntric-t Tenuis Tonrirament at BL John. whi:.'h hi usually ie-id about, tho middle of Augi:.-d. So vent] of The eol- 3e,-;o boyrt aro planning on entering the St. John lonrnmnont. MOTHER CAT PEDDLES HER NUMEROUS PROGENY When New Family Arrives She; Gets Busy and Distributes Kittens to Neighbors. PRATT THEATERS SOLD. Two Kingman Men Soil Elite and Cory to Follow Townsmen. Pratt, Ran., July 3.—The 101 ito and Cozy theatres wore eold 'Saturday to J. BL Callahan of (SUnjpnum. S. F. WALL, PAPER, PA1NT1NQ, ETC. (Con.) FOU first-class imper haniting and p^per, reaaonable prices, call J. A. Llater, pVionft :vmj, 1018 Kast Clovnnth. SB 2-2it WALL paper, Be per aouoie roll or bolt ancl up; 25u peKjSolt for hanging. Phan* 1253.T. 26 7-^6t WAJ-L paper, Be pei oouhlw roll or bolt and up; 25c per bolt for hanging, phunu 1S&3J. PAPER hangjng and painting. Let us •how you iruw Bamploa. Call 2194W. TABBY HAS RUDE SHOCK COMING IN THE FUTURE HuKotOfii, July 8. —fioo, Iledgon, d fanner living four mil on south- eat* t of Ilugoton, buy quite a euri- otdty at hi« homo now but ho can not toll ho-w lontf It will last. A mother cat enlarged hor family in the barn on hla farm •with Borne Uittcna, Uireo ot which aio Htill alive. Then Mr. Hedges ran rteroao a 7ie .-t nf poh 't'tits, and he took tho youtii^tei'tj and turned them over to thr moth"r cat. T)o;>- Heeni to he ri ^htTit liomo and are gruvving nicely ho report;!. Ho ia wcKuleriirg what will happen when the polo eats and the Kittens (p?t largo cnmit'li to become tjorajipy. MAKES SHORT WORK OF HARVEST WITH COMBINE- Kinsley, July 3.—They tell a a.v.iy of a mother cat living-in thiw town which precludes the neeenidty of tho family owning her uf getting rid ot Un> Hiirplus KiiteiiH. Aa «tioti OR her kitten.s aro old enough to fight the battle of Win aloito thin mother eat tela busy and hv^tas peddling tho kiltem) one at. a tlmn out to the various homou In the ii'd^bljor- liood. Tho mother cat Heomingiy :<t.iy:-j around to BOO thy kind, of cato the kiUnns receive after which .she plodn hor weary way homeward and reneWM hor task of [dactutV the rest o-f her family in homes until they are all ilU- pOHod of. This haa tuliou place isevefal tint's the past two y '-ar .i until the nei,;hhorhood has he come ^o familiar with fhis cc.ouiiiiKly fn;;c !iioiiH idan of BUpldyliiK i.he need.- of I ho community with rat chafers they iuok upon I*, at* a umttcr of fact that tlo -y will hove a new eat. in the home oveiy so ofteu. HIS ANCESTRAL HOME WAS BUILT IN 1640 MESSENGER SERVICE HASTY MefiKt-iiger, phonu 533. IdpQl oIosB»»ger, phone 295 i. FOR SALE or trade— Hutchhidun r«al- donce, eleven rooms, on Wt-st Twelfth, nU-lctly modern, up-to-date, will trade for •mailer residence Address V. 3. HO3.H, 018 Eaat Eighth ttre*st, Lamed, KAII. 24 H-'iJt DO YOU WISH TO HELL7 List your property with u«. CAREY REAL ESTATE INV. CO. 413 N. Main, Phono 972. 24 2l-25t FOR SALE--Large five -room, atricily mocl«rn bungalow alnitMjt nuw ( tPAil>lo built, M.000; will tr/,do fur small r;u)..urlian property. Phptu> 1.T0C. oO-it FINANCIAL on otty hpmea; long terms on monthly payment plan. Farm loans. THE KINKEL AGENCY PhoDo 205t>. State IExcnautfi: Bank HVlR. ^ -L-2H MONEY to loan; small amounts, Welfaro Loan Co., ift^A North Main. 23 2ti-7:6 FARM loaiiB, 5% intcrejit \o\v cononla- • lon. Ne-wlln-Mannlnff Loan Co.. llw Noth Main. - J 'j 2-25t FARM and city lyano, lowest rau-a and cominlsfiion; (vriOa or call for tuil details. J. N. JJalloy & Son. 21* 2-26t M ON ICY to loan on farm and city property: - aak McNughtonI 29 2-2&t FOR BALE—Modern six-room houso with SfaroKe and other imiiruvenumis. Inquire at 616 East til*th. 21 27-Cot FOH SALE, voi-y chvup—nulldlnK s iCast Thirteenth; a ual bargain. Klnkirt Agency. ! J 2 -Zt BELL your hou»». Yon will find buyer by phoning £278 after S:30 any ford- noon. 24 iwi: FOR HALE- irood buy. Thirty lotH for cash; fl Jilncoln S .Davis. Id4 2-3t FOR SALE—Five-room bunaaJow nnd vacant lot. Phone liP&7- 24 23-25t FOn^BALE—REAL ESTATE ... A Cair (or your surumer vacation? Flna just tho csr you aro lo'jklne for througli tho ww \t ads In The Nws. II you can't Una It there, a little &a win Una It far you. Call nombor S, News olasoirluil drpiut- TWO-ton Intemutiuniil truck <or aa .lo or ti'uilo; good condition, good rubl>«j\\hiis cab, wlinluhluld, hand hoist dunin body, haul eraln or anything, ruady to uo. Win make BUO .1 price for quick sale. 810 15aut Blxth, phono 33S9J. 22 ao -7:S FOIl SALE- Ford t-uahlons uiul >;ood second-hand Ford top. Hut.i:!iii.t,i.n Auto Top Factory, phono 2«36, 8S5 South Main. 22 Zu-4i JlUdaon, *1V. Hast . Mm •FOIl SAIiB—Sevon-iiassengur will taKa i\»rd Lu o*i came. Eourtt. '. . WE HAVE ANYTHING TO OKFKK TOU IN WJE8TBI4N KANSAS THAT YOU MAY BJB LOOKING FOR. ANYTHING! from 80 ACRES to l.QOi) At'IltiS. Vt TOU ARK ON *arc MARKHT FOH WESTERN i,ANIl, ADHRUlSa K-61. CAKE NBWS AND LET US TEI.I, YOU WHAT WE HAVK. .. IS ;S-9 FOR SALE- 100-acro, Wfcll Improvnd farm In Howard county, Kan., fivo Ullles to town, price 10,(100. For further information, wrllo or seo owner, Jacob Thlmm, Pliiius, Kun. 25 S-lit MON13T to loan UcNa£:htoul on real ostau; —ins 2S 3-3 (1 WAUL PAPER. PAINTINQ, HTC. U KliT.lAuCl!: l ^pvrTi^^'uT^sT 'TesJSMaXio price. Varmlfiaton residence phone 49F8. At office gatuxday and Monday. Phono 2617. Jas. White, 21% East Shtf. man. *• 29 23-KB!. Wai IPaposir cleaning wanted. Call Z44W or Vharmaoy 84', VfurU ffuaranUod. tiAl5?R Jiansthtf; pittnttEg. Harry F> . ; -CUBV wfeoust. mtw* . w .,.jwai-at 0uvall 16 8-7 :3 CITY lonn». Newlln-Mannlnt: Loun Co., 11^ North Mali-. 23 2-25t L03T, STRAYED Oh STOLEN 30 Pratt, Ivan.,, July 8 .---Obar .le9 M. Harper, r/nvmineut farmer U:H 1 «:ounty comjiil.'i?lun( i r <>r -thl.'i county. Is uHlng' a largo California thro.-ilic-r on iilti whout CIDP thW y;ir. Tlio Jimolilm: <rutri a s-waih n.Viout 40 4t?ot wide and lio. has -bo«n (pitting ubout**?5 acrotj « day with th»- j rnonator mafllituo. Mv. Hnrpor reports tliat, h\ii whont Is Hvoraslnif uljont 'l<) -buwholB lo tho ucrv. Ho bo- llovf>d fhut tho. imicmlno lm la uwlng will Bocjm IKICUUIO universal lit Pratt county. BABY'S NARROW ESCAPE. , p Greensbviru lnfant'3 Head* Caught in Washing Machine. GrecnKhurg, July J. --What iniftht havo proved a torrthlo acoldont oc- ciir*.?l at tho hot,>o of H. H- Schmidt when ont'. hia twin bubh-u got Ha lurad raii^ht lu tlio cr<.tch ol tho buiceM innlor tho wishing mutlilno anil chokcil U« hrotuh off . It wan thought to bo tloatl Jor a w.iilo hut. ivfter working'a wiiilo wit.n It. tirnathliiff wiifl rwiuuioU and tho baby in now all right. CJ«rih-n City, Jjily 3.---.T«'1/;« P, W. Conyorn has tlio plctnro oT hia itnrim- tral hmiio In England which ho pohitrt to with uui'-'h prlilo but. whl«-li ho wouldn 't yive up his AmorU'uii ciilzMn- alilp to occupy. Tho Inm.'fo In In t^ondon, HnKlanf.1 ami wad crectod In 10>10 and la lUill lu a K «od atato ot prfsprvation. l.nrd Conyora, (ho head of tho •FnmHy w'Mit to KriKland. with "William thy Coivpi'T- or. In, 1070, and for 400 yearn tho family worts promlnont iif lOnKlinh. urfnlrs. Tho roat of arnm of tho family atlll adorns tho front of a ohuivh which watt eroded in 1:178- A history i )t tho family ia holng wilt'...'n and, it has boon easy to trace tho family to tho tlruo ij, ostablirdiod Unolf in JOiix- land. Conyr 'H Ant 'Tlcanl ^rn niovonts htm tuolutf any rvind^n title, but ho la tho iMpial ill any lord that over trod th< j null of ICntflund or any ulh^r couti- trv, but natiiru.lly ho fcoln proud ot hit* family ooiuior.licm^ VA'LUAiJUi pogaeaslons etiHiiy and quickly rciuintfd to lont-ra. Lout and fouml column la j.iout ufrictent moOluii. for rettii n of lo«t property. Vim New* lout and found noluran. 3TRAYKO--Jlrlndlo cow, with f lvliitf jtilik; bunch off tho tall. LOST Call 1&3'tt Bliofor, TUurhduy hallfer, j-'hono 80 2-It FOUND OR TAKEN UP FO U Nt> —Pair tort ol ae shol 1 eltxx a k a. Owner call 17 Iflaat Fiftacntli and p»y tor ad. Si 30-it , BUSINESS PROPERTY 33 SltnTilii^TrST ^oTi^^ amnio rci aP amT ~Umg term leaaea; —aak McKavhtun; Ftrat National building. 33 2-S5t BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY 32 B8g| '©pporftooimfifty Would you like to have the opportunity of establishing, a busings that uay« you excuiiH profitsWo havo an opportunity for the right party to establish & uood, paying business in a growbuj town; excellent opportunity for a huatior; rnuat have small capital and bu a real business man. For lull partloulara, addroba J -80. care News. 82 27-5 FINISH NEW SCHOOL. Building to be Turned Over to Hugoton Board by Last of Week. IIiiKOLijn. July 3.---Tho now Huiro- ton high school will l>n oomnlotod by tho last of Uile week and will bo, (.urnod ovoi' to tho board ot fducauou by t'ho ooni rat .r .or';, (lork and Knrrior, It Js « fine looiiln^ btiildin,': and will bo an lucinUvo to muko tho children stay longer In ychtiot. A Quiet Fourth at Home, '"" Mcpherson, .July S.-'McPh -.irHon i* expected to fu>ond a quitst Kourth of July this yoar. Wiiilo of oourno Voun;; America oan bo expetirful to create plenty of noise, thcro will be nothing the T ,vay ot a 'program hold hero, and many people aro planning on attending tho colobratlonu iu neighboring cities, while many othorg •will bo attracted to stroama T /lth rod and lines and "well filled ltuich. 'hm- kets. A LAW ENFORCEMENT CAMPAIGN IN PAWNEE I .linii'!, July :!.- ciuniiai^n will liu county < III Juiy ft tliruiinh tlio <-.hur (;!i A law onforeom' 1 )!! Ii'jltl In J'awnon '.)^1 will bo put, on ot tlio , - ounty. (1® HS^scImaiM© This property rents for fHOper rnonth net, which iy jj^ uti InvaetEnunx, sund Is well located In a J6 l> 0d live town. Owiitsr will cf)ii..UUr n wi)U irnpr^viiti rarm. P1.EAHI0 WHITE UBWIAT YOU HAVB ANlJ WB THY TO ASSIST Ytjtf IN DISPOSIKO OB" YOUR PttOrKUTI TO AOVANTAOE. KINO BUOTHKKR ot •Mi Soma oil tlio iitniiiynst i » : ':t of tfio H'uto sudi Honntop (^.'tpiii.!-. At- t'.ii'ii^y (lenoful Orlfrith, ^furni.;!- I.iov- ornor Stubba, Judges MUI'HII.IH ami Tlui 'ltiiio of tlie «U6r «ina court, and Doctors CraMia aud Buk^r oil atnfo A.ati-Ba!ooit "Tjtiaffuo arn ai*ioin| tho proai>o::tlve spoaltors. TlH 'tio will not lifcoly all il)o hora IJUC Rovoi-al ol thoin will anil all will ba nion of Hint, fitfttulitig. Thero. '.vill pVobubly 1« thrtio or four tcarna of two ni.-'.ii crtch antl ua etfort will bo inatlo by arrant- big moniliitf, afternoon anil oviiiihui upiMJlntmont.* to retiah ov(;ry <-luirt;i) In tbo county tliat will taM.n litem. NEEDLE IN LEG; CANT EXPLAIN ITS PRESENCE VnM. K«n.. July S.-JMra. KJtrior IjOOg ot ucir thin olty Wt ht.-r nkinn on frtiiitothtrifj n*:-Hr I." 1 !' KU'-.A and ui>on lnve.itlg&tloi: roiitsil rhv »t :d Klokid by Horses. Qcncsfto, July 3.—Joo <llcaf,^n noar thla placo -v.'lio rucelvoil a ib gnah on tho rigfTit BMO <>i tho .'u When his horses becumo MgliU-nwl by!"t a nco.1.o vrotruilln;; fr ontiBslij.1 harncsH lu eotllnu e)an«\U t-^W'-A *omo i-tion m nlcrlv. Tho toaru ho wan worklou lu ' nee-llo from hor flf -.t. tho field -with, got their brUlon tw; 'eH tow it cww thi-i<•;•!•. tened togotUer «nV In tr>,UiS to ro-'any wiMsatluis ot pu.:, „;/ loaso thorn Mr. Strung yna Idckod In , to &ar U «>1>. toe forehead. If yon «-"t stuck 01 tluublo on. tl);.U ju.-t .-jll I 'hono h 'ivft t ,- ,f^or r|',j to:iM riv, .' '•X lU'K ^no- 3-11 V n>\w "v .pi!;-.- > Or, ill North Maiii.

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