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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 1

Pampa, Texas
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Wednesday, February 18, 1959
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the pampa laihj VOL 56— NO, 268 Serving the Top o' texos 51 Years (8 PAGES TODAY) PAMPA, TEXAS, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 1959 Sfk nay! M Sunday Ine Crime Quartet Captured TURK PREMIER HURT Informal Cyprus Talks Resuming GETTING THE WORD Jack D. Listen of Amarillo, center, shows some wage charts to Lavceta Vance and Tom Pace at the conclusion of a Career Day session in Pampa High School. Li$- fon is manager of KGNC-TV, FM and radio. (Daily News Photo) tty tIAROLt) UL'ARD t'nlfwl Privt* International LONDON runt — talks resumed on an basiR today pending the PHS Students Get Inside cmv Careers School Body Hears Talks By Experts In All Fields After hearing nn address by ers. lawyer; Buster Higdon of Cel- Melvin T. Munn public relations a ne?e, Perry Franklin of Culber- direetor of Blue Cros-Bluo Shield, son C | 1evro ] clj Bill Hawkins, ra- Dallas, Pampa High Sclmol .stud-; ^ ^ ^ technician; Rev. Rich- the cafet^in. After Munn'. Clayton Hu.s.ed. o, field S fns p . p, P*«' T .tu-ipntrrt in an evnluntion penod. . photographer . Dr. R.M Hampton Career Day was *pon,orcd by »nd Dr. J. * osier Mde,. the local AHvusa Club, Jnyrees. | Ralph Prock of Cabot, Bill Hens- anil Chamber of Commerce. Exc- lee, Texas Ranger; Bob Banks of pei-ts from Amarillo unit other Celanese. Bob Amlis, randier. cities joined ram pa speakers for'Krances Braswell of Cabot Shops, the loundtnble discussions. Gay Furwell of Celsnese. Travis Clas.moom doors were placarded \vitli the names of careers, fiom ai'c-ounting to writing. Car<v.:r Day .speakers were: Pi ice Dosier, accounting: Wnld- on Moore. architect; Marpuret \vestern Bell Telej C'nchrun of KLM. Kli/.aheth Brown Louise Taylor of Cabot; Raymond of TWA, Vera KCIT of Bnuiii'f, M. I'aikor, welder; and K. Roy Smith Krvin Thompson of Amarillo Air' o f the Daily News. Force Rase, K. M. Parker of Me- Coimick Advertising Company, Amarillo; Aubrey Steele, of Security Federal, Jnckie Tynes of Bob- Etie Beauty Salon. Jirnrnie Jones ol Modern Beauty Shop. Paul Brawn, bookkeeper; U R. Minadeo of Cabot, Dr. Haiboid L, Cox, E. C. Juenger of, Tom Brooks of Brooks Electric, of Turkish Premier Adnan Men- 1 deres from injuries receiver! in AJ plane crash that took at least 12 The Cyprus ; and possibly 15 lives Tuesday. j Informal j Cypnis O ov. Sir Hugh Foot j recovery | meets with Cypriot religious lead-j ----- — — i,, r Archbishop Makarios, who was • . reported hnlKing. this morning;, j British Foreign Office spokesmen said the foreign ministers of Britain. Greece and Turkey might hold an informal meeting: later today. The Turkish Cypriot delegation 'announced that it had rejected 1 Makario.«' demand for a revision jof the Turkish-flreek agreement. jit said there could be no renego- jtiation of the proposal because it i already was a compromise on the ' Greek and Turkish Cypriot views. Formal talks were postponed j Tuesday night after Menderes j was injured on the plane trip to Britain from Turkey. , Miikxrin* flukes DrmnniN A Turkish embassy official said Melvin T Munn of Dallas was: today that police still were trying; the Career Dav speaker today at '" ™nrirm Ihe exnrt number of rr-a? ss^r B rS'Sia 1 " s- -.£.."£: 'o -, ^^^ 2in" m=,^ "™ = « ..... ^ leader of the CTris "Sermon on the Mount." Turkish Cyprio, delation. M ,rt H s recorded voice describes only objection* by Makano, were Home, the^ra^parent man, ,n '-din, up the Dallas Health Museum Munn Opens Career Clinic ..^jgttMs I FIDEL READS OATH Cuban rebel leader Fidel Castro reads his oath of office after being sworn in as Prime Minister of Cuba at the Presidential Palace in Havana. Castro was sworn in by acting- President Manuel Urrutia, left. Twenty-four hours later Castro's enemy, Maj. Jesus Sosa Blanco was executed. Cuba Executes No. 1 Criminal By FKA.VCIS I'nlted I're*s I.. McCAKTHY International HAVANA M'PJi--Maj. Jesus Sr,*a. Blanco. Cuba's twice-convict- biirml" ed "war criminal No. 1." was sentenced to death sev ago. was shot a few minutes later. A five-major "revolutinnaiy tri- headed bv Maj. ramilo Pair Held For Cracking Sales Here Ry KICK PKZMRTfc Daily News Managing Edltof Four persons—two men and two women—are in Gray Couniy jail today, charged with hurglary and heing accomplices fo burglary. Apprehension of three of the four, came late Monday evening, but was kept under cover by Sheriff Rufe Jordan and members of his department, pending the capture of the fourth party involved in two recent burglaries here. Arrested late Monday were Warren Ellis, 36, of Vernon, and two women companions, Ulcta Cockrell and Jean Rasco. Both gave ages of 32 and both are of Pampa. The fourth member of the "crime quartet," Keith Duree, 128, walked into Gray County ! Sheriff's office about. 11 a.m. | Tuesday and gave himself up, ; after "hiding out' 1 for some 118 hours. ' Dtiree is a brother to the Rasco girl who was appre- i hended by Sheriff Jordan, ! Texas Ranger Bill Henslee, 311 ^ deputies Buck Haggard, Shirley Nichols and Jimmy Bowers. The track-down of tj-, 0 three ended a 48-hoUf manhunt: by the five law en- His present offu os n I, de he v,ce pres.dency of Chld.en lu and fha '™"" shl P of . Community executed early today by a fii ing the or- 31ELVIN T. MUNN . . career day speaker MAN SHOOTS SELF IN HEAD Buienu, Dallas and the Kducation Committee of the Beautify Greater Dallas Association. From 1934 to 1936. Munn was director of religious education in the Long-viexv First Methodist Church. In 1936 he entered the Transit Department of the Republic National Bank in Dallas and in 1945 became a special events announcer for radio station KRLD and KRLD-TV. In 1!>51 he took his present, position with Blue Cross-Blue Shield. He was educated in Texas Public Schools, graduating from Mer- jten.i High School in 1951. Munn is active in the White Rock Methodist Church. In the past, he has held offices In the Iviwanis Club, Dallas Chamber of Commerce, (it-enter Dallas Council of Churches and other civic, religious organizations. squad m which he pave der (or his own death, give Turkish Cypriote . smaller ^ ^^ a m f ^ representation on the Gi-cek-Twik. H UI ,'oundm K Ha- durin? the regime of ish parliament proposed for the "^ ^^ Fm , rw , pl , son . , a(| ,,. Ful|?en Ho Batista. ''KullhTsnid that if Makarios ^>"" from the scene said he would withdraw his ^niands, ^ced the finng brave > there would be nothing to prevent "I ^rgive you. and hope jou : final agreement before British' «"*"e me. -he said in a . ea,. P ime Minister Humid M.rmlU.n ^ady voice and H moment late, leaves for Moscow Saturday. -"P""" ^ last wnrd Suffering From Shock ; "Fire!" The resumption of infoimal The regular commander of the •' talks pave weight to British hopes firing squad administered the coup lhat a "broad formula" of agree- de grace, finnp a I.V.-aliher hul- rnent on an independent Cyprus let into Sosa's head to make cer- \vould be reached by the end of tain he was dead, the week. Ari<>! Lima, a former poh.-eman Cienfuegos, the army's chief of f'orcemeiit officers who hardly staff. Tup.Hd.iy night rejected So- had a moments sleep since «a's appeal from his second con- Monday morning was virtion o f ,rime. a against Cubans discovered an attempted bur- the regime of ousted die- - R'fX ™£ cracking of (WO sales at Pampa Lumber Company had occurred sometime between midnight. Sunday and 3 a.m. Monday. Dtiree, out on $12.000 bond Two File Far Pests On City Commission The other majors sitting with Cienfuegos on the case were .Juan Almeida. Victor Bordon. Rene de los Santos and Kduardo Sardinas. . , from Hutohinson County :~HH£= »*ray3 ss lorte.i iensons of health. HIS two counts of burglary: the place was taken by Julio Morales rai'l.V Monday morning Panv Casteiion. a civilian attorney. pa Lumber Company attemp- n took the five majois J'"- at - n tod -"aff-crackinR and the minutes to agiee on a verdict, successful safe-cracking a Morales wound up his final argu- \\-cek earlier of the Pampa nient at io:ns pin and at 10.2.'. Coca Cola safe after it had p.m. the decision was announced, been battered open ten days So*a who was convicted for the ago. Two bonds, totalling first time '" 'he "Roman circus 8,1,000 (83,000 on each atmosphere" of the Sports palace charge) have been set for Dudley Steele of Cabot. Wayland Merriinan, civil engineer, One Lunsford of Celanese, J. R. Me- Crery of Cabot, Warren Fatherce. petroleum engineer; J. Liston of KGNC, Clyde Carruth, farmer: S. V. Whitehorn, Rorper forester; J. C. Hopkins of Robert Jane Fletcher, Panhandle home maker; C.eorge Weatherly, Am arillo interior decorator; Bill Wat Miss LeBlanc WUI Serve As Colleen Hostess home be an- Red Premier Makes Threat ifrom a .32 caliber revolver. He ihad apparently been despondent iover recent surgery and failing ! health. i r;a»o had been living at the of Mr. and Mrs. "Krcncliie" LeBlanc of Lela, She is a senior and a member of the Irish L.'u-isics Ba.skcthal! Team. .She has been a cheerleader, freshman class princess and an attendant t-i '-h* to-* 1 .- ' senior SHAMROCK 'Spli An armed couj/if vanished into thin air Tue«lay with $70 from a service station "till. Laier a 1953 Dodge wa» found abandoned east of Groom, At 2:45 pm Tuesday, a cou- plu drove in t" 'he Count v Mile Stati.ui Ihiee uiilrs e.i^l i'f Me Irf-iin A <•> H \ljee. tli«- OVMUM-, fillc.l Ui* car while Uie ww«i- an went Inside. AccoiOmg to Bybcc the woman boii|rhl a purs* and w»a \ retired oil field worker, Earl kel - Carmichael funeral n'oage, 63, shot himself through; whore arrangements will the. head Tuesday morning about j nount-ed. 10 a.m. | He is survived hy five datigh- Hi.s body, slumped In a chair, lers, Mrs. Ruth SUlmiker of w-is discovered late in the after- i Pampa, Mrs. Maggie R"*" <">', inowers noon at the home of his daughter, j Ventura, Calif. Mrs. Betty Trnshi MOSCOW (UPIi - Soviet Pre- lomp-'Mra. Frank Stalnaker, at 329 Jean O f El Paso. Mrs. Hattie Musgrave m ier Nikita S. Khnrshchev, in a 0 ' st. i°f i'am pa and Miss Barbara Mage ..speech released today, wamed Dcntitv SlK-rilf Buck Haggard of Pampa; one stepson. Ray Fos- that Hny Western attempt to use this moVmn, repo.ted Mr. Gage ler of Pampa; three sons, Karl of folve ,o break through lo BeHin ended his life with a single, bullet Pampa, Bobby of Amarillo. and by , anrti «a or air would be met ' -- Kenneth of Pampa; two brothers w ,u, force. Bill of Burkburnett and Mitchell of He said in a speech al T'lla Sacramento, Calif ; three sisters, Tuesday night that Soviet tioopa Mrs. Virgil Smith and Mrs. Sarah were not stationed in Kast i«Vr- Smith, both of McAllister. Okla . many just lo play games, and an unidentified cister of Head- The Western powers, in notes stone. Okla.; 20 grandchildren, and'delivered Monday, rejected Soviet proposals lo end the occupation of Berlin. The United Stales. Britain and France also reiterated then determination to "uphold by all appropriate means" their rights of access to West Berlin. \V»'*t AwHlU Heol.V The Soviet government has not yet replied to the Big Thre* W.^t- The *rn notes which suggested a Rig Russia a Four foreign minister* conference to discuss the problem of Germany. Khrushchev's speech at Tula, 105 miles south of Moscow, uas reported by the official Soviet news agency Tass. Khrushchev warned that if anyone ojifiM»d fire over Beilin: "This will mean the beginning of war.'' He tailed for agieeinerit on a peace treaty with Germany and again reiterated lhat all nations were open to "great dostiuction" from niodein weapons A»ks Peace Treaty "We understand Two men have filed f o r city commissioner posts with City Secretary Kd Vicars. They are John M. Tiu- by, a druggist for Wil-on D'IUR. and H C. Hall, manager of the Alamo Hotel. Trilby. Iflfift N. Wells, told the Daily NPWS this mom- ing he is holding hack an announcement of his aims until March 1 He is a candidate for commissioner of Ward 1 The incumbent of Ward 1 is Ed Myall. Hall, who filed Friday, resides in Ward 3. Ward 3 incumbent is P. K Parsley. In recent weeks the f n ii r incumbent commis- *ioners. Myatt. Paisley. Bob Olsen. i Want l>, and Jack Vaughn. iWanl 2> have each hesitated to announce for re- elec! ion. Miiyoi Lynn Bovd. "Iso "P for re-eiectioi), likewise has not yet filed fur a new term. date f<>! filing is March ',. The elrti-tion will be held April 7. Stadium, was found fruilly Tuesday' for a second time of "mur- dei. incendiarism, looting, robbery and props i ly damage" in a military courtroom here. SO WHY EVEN SELL THEM? SANTA BARBARA. Crtlif il'Pli -Several local news stand opeia- tors hH\'e had ra.'ks built Dial ii-de all but the titles on "giihe" magazines. The operators «;ud the 'a-'tion was necessary he.',iu.-c <>f many . ompi.lmts received .ibou: the ••disgraceful" pictures on the mag- a/.ine covers. gunshot wounds. . , o see he ,. fatilol «W she left home (or work one great-grandchild. U.S. Sends Russia Bill For Airplane Rampaging Wabash Washes Out 35 Lush Farm Acres Bv H \VMOM) R. COI-TKY Tf** Inteniatinnal H )U* bill} i*t ' ( ; V-e • • •"" ' U ('I PtJ i ' head ' WASHINGTON (I'PI United Stales will send he n°hl side hill of about three million dollars above t h e f»r 'he Air Force transport plane in his right destroyed in Soviet Armenia last The Ijodv was taken to the Duen- ARMED COUPLE ROBS STATION NEAR McLEAN transierring th her old puise j^un. The pair the rash content* from ien she p'il'ed a ook $65-70 from tlie !H,iii wore an ovticoal gloves. His hat wa.-* pulled down over his eyes. ••They were no amateurs." said Bybee. By bee thought, the car was a 1950 Plymouth but said that he could have been mistaken. The abandoned Dodge wa.-. ti.-ued to an Ain:»nil» de.itri I'.vb.-eS l,i..U..-i -iji'l !lu! H .-iiinii.ti «. ar liad br-fii ul the .-Million two days before. He auimiseU lha! the pair was "(•a.-ing the joint." Ti;e lobbery is heing inve*ii- gatej by the Wheeler Couniy Sheriffs Do|>8'-!nu-nl and the High'vVHv Pa'.!.'•; Shes iff Bus Dornmn said that the couple must have taken a- dirt road and w«U ko*w ttowr country. But these officials conceded .chances of collecting were virtually nil. j Since World War II. damage cl.ums totalling nearly right million dollais have been filed with Russia for five American planes .shut down by Soviet fighters. Russi;i has puid only »721.Ut" - half of OIK? claim. of the flix>dwalcrs fl^d boat. Annv durk. fr>.i|, lugging whatever e'lUipmenl ar.d possessions tlioy r.'Uifl All 50 residents "f the nearby Pamna Firemen Battled Pour Blazes Tuesday Pampa firemen Tuesday hauled fiiin flies, thi- most serious a >'»i fire al :tir> N Baer The « ar a 1951 Buick owned bv Kmmett The United Stales took two of ..„,_ . „._ the claims to the World Court but "We understand this well and on the Illinois side wa» Russia refused to aubmit to the therefore we say: Let u» *ign a severe. court's jurisdiction. peace treaty," Khru»hchev said. [ A 200-foot hole torn in th« levee i A claim for the transport plane, Khrushchev »aid that "some near Kussellville sent tons of wa- win. h this country .-li.'irges wusl«-adei» of the Westein powers u-r »u. g m S over a quarte. of a •ih.,1 down by fiKhler^. say that even if the « ; -S S K nul«r of « ounlry.Mde witum a 10 ha-,.. I ben, "liguicJ \el Pie Simula hajul over to b.' Gel'- mmu'e period. 'nio.i.-Mi.d.i ,>i a.-ir.-, plane I^H S its cMeiwivc many her tigltls UMSUIJS M'""' rf wmUr wheat wne ,ie«'i.At-,l u. nicuUona equipment, oil K mally ueaties signed by Briluin, Uie field* midc. a., iiuu i, M., Hue..- co«t about VJ45UIWO. United State*. Fiance and Hie (,-et of water. ,.,-r ,r^:;;;:;; r;:i. d ;; !i!''/«.r,rs s s b :r. K....^.^^,,^ 1 - 1 i, 1 ,':," 1 ,,:;;,,,",';':!',, '„, ,»•„ -p.«».-»- «•« •*••-•• r,,r^ TS i".:,™^ ^ i :",;",±t'«" < i i ', i r.";,,,:"" ....»»»<,«...«."..«. ™™«* •>»• - T ™* »"• uini ,. h.. no nlormuu* on Ui. ( *»it. ». t»>. «. l*».« «"*•• ."fj^ r '.'^"^ oiber 11. »*^ *'• ^ P.VSSKMA'U.UK. Ill • UPH The mavern-k Wabash River cracked through lesees in Indiana and Illinois, routing about 6or. persona «nd WHshmg out about 3r> square miles of run valley farmland. K) OIK! wise residents of farms and small communities m !he path of the cascading waier fled quickly and safely to highsr ground. The Wabdish, on its worst ruin- page m nearly half a ei-mmy lore through weakened levees Tuesday at Oaktown. Ind . «n,i two miles Teskell was heavily damaged south of Russellville The break when gas on the engine hlo.-k tlav- the most ed up Firemen were called at Firemen were 6:!,*> p ni At 10 ;10 am a pile .slight die ui the PI tantl ei^nt Hides \xc.--I Kil finen ha id tile lire tt .IB s llol.i tt (leailjv iii'.lilijil I'-I'll Ai lo '2'i a in. limbt'i.H anil bewail to bum at the and Meidl yni'd. MS > R' Tne fire was blamed on a u.^eij in i ultir.g pipe. In the aftcrr\"in. at I 12 grass near the hr.rue of Bill ertson. 8>tS F. •but of sulphur •dlip s t-ink n!' r'ani|i.t viilagp of \\>.-'p»U fled, with sioie owners and !a\ern keepeis as p.m. h of then slock with them MS they . oiild •AS '. ::* liver nad l«'«uu i •.-.-edir,'; ; and levc'cs we it- o.pcv led to l.o'd However, the i cl,'iule.s.s poiindiiis tit tin- hi^ti waH-r weakriied and f,naii\ piuu-r.vij tiiuiu};!-, 'in- .-ni'h- vu ii-.(iini>ls alon}; the sinned WA- bay::. K\oilus Ontcih 1' S Sn between Ru.sscllville and V'::i' -ennes. I rid . wns the mam cs >"<pv rtail- and i' w-.i« jammed Tui'.'.liiy by famirrs w>th tf'ain wagons. lr«''o).i and trucks haul<;•£ goods lo safety Cattle ' ars 1'iuir. toe Vir,i cnno.s ,«io. kyards joi;ied the rush, moving livestock lo safety. Slate poli.-eman •i.-nd the tiaffu- .! of the lelu; Dtiree. Ellis has been charged only with one count of burglary, l ho Coca Cola safe-cracking. His bond has boon set at 83,000. The two women's bonds were set at 82,000 apiece. The "crime quartt't" is expected 10 he held in Gray Couniy jail until early March when'the Grand Jury is due to meet here. Duree has only been out ol prison about 18 months, after serving a five-year sentence in the Chino, Calif., Penitentiary for forgery. Kllis has previous assault and swindling with worthless check counls against him. "\Vr- haven't goi anything on , the two girls yet," Sheriff Jordan said this morning. They are both charged as accessories in the Monday Pampa Lumber Co. job. The three Monday night arrests were made at a small house- on RipK-y Street, Jordan reported. "There was a lot of grilling and growling, but no violence when we made our arrests," Sheriff Jordan related this morning "It was ft wonderful piece of work and there was some fine research work behind (lie scenes before we could corner them," Jordan added. • THE GRASS IS AlWAYS • VVliy Uiat Claude Rollins ,4> O'deliV d» •*•* l;tiew wlul s.eU p m . Ron- aught 11 j LI In do "We f.<-\ n :..>..lifal iicie c\«iy Sev.-i» " Holl.ns *.»i-:l' Tliese j».-«{jie ill twv.- S-.IIH> place to &° In its six-day :>'we>j> thioujin !i,-.iinem In.i'iiiut. the flc.mled nv- ?r iiM.s killed tnree pei,v:>i:S, forced 2.iiOrt families to evacuate anfl CM used damage* esLimaied a-l & i<e I,., all the rreniii." to UrUtSJjM Joe MU- >l«ry aboul Jir» ^luu lor ra»piwrry l Miller, part «»'«*r al »aia he i»liert}«-rt tor >«>•>. •'La lact, I wrote lelliw* h*i w»," vvouW 1 ' h*>r *

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