The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 3, 1916 · Page 4
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 4

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Friday, November 3, 1916
Page 4
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NO ,, 1916 TIGERS PLAY TEXAS TEAM TOMORROW SOM1 IIG GA~ML. SCIfl O L b r D 1 \S1 YSX \M SI \ t i n j uul Ao it \\cst Get! t t. D i m e X-, im J4 ittl 1 onit -- !-- uns ^i u ijj; in SI) ipc } O L U Optical Question JL -- MACDONA.LO FOE OVER 20 YEAES A KNOWN QUANTITY, in the successful coi reckon of DE FECTIVE VIIOF and Eye Strain Modern methods Re liable S e - v i c e Reasonable Price A.B.Mcdonal4 SllJ SQT, VRL. B VSi! Co iieli v b Caincgic i ech at ILhi I l l i v a r d \ b Cirt Bucl anil at PHIICL Rexall Stores Straw Vote \\ho Is, going to be elected--· Hu = neb or \ \ i l s o n ' That is the question The Rexall Straw \ote w i l l tell you How because it io Nation il in scope Jvo straw vote ^ver taken before vv as national in character V 0 one ever had the organi/ation to do it before How 'can the Rexall Company d 0 it' Because we lia^ve over S O 0 0 stores located m e v e r j state in the Un. ion in little towns and in cities of 6 000 000 See our windows for results Bu' letms coming daiVv This vote is taken in all -walks of life The popular v o t e in first bulletin is 180 000 votes and indicates that it is going to b« some race If vou want to be posted study the bulletins on the Rexall "windows Clark's Pharmacy "The Rexall Store ' Chillicothe, Mo. YOUR FRIENDS CAN BUY ANYHING YOU CAN GIVE THEM-EXCEPT YOUB PHOTOGRAPH Watlon Studio NORTH SIDE SQU. Over Sipple's. TOR QUALITY SERVICE, SEND US YOUR KODAK WORK. P t u ceton ton \lle vs Colgate at isew t^\ en Diitinoutli vs Syracuse vt Spi n 0 field Arm vs Nolle l^anie it Yv cat Pomi. JN \A\ vs \\asli ugtoii and Lee a 4 - Annipolie Pittsburg \ s Alleghenv it Pitt burg \inheist vs l i m i t } at Amberbt Colby vs Bate'- at Tl ate:v ille Connecticut 'Vggios vs \ev\ Hamp «hire at Ston; Gcoige Washington vs Tjrsinos ?t \V xbhiagton. Hiveilord vs Tranklm and Mir ,shall at Havenford Lehigh vs Iluhlenberg at South Bethlehem Penn State vs Geneva at Stat College Tutts vs Massachusetts \ggies at Medford "Maine vs Bovvdom at Or ono Pennsjlvania vs LaCas ette at Phil adelphia -\\ ishington and Jefferson vs Musn mgum at Wi«hmgton Pa West Virginia vs Gettysburg it Morglntow n WEST Michigan vs Washington at Ann irbor Nebraska v s Ames at Lincoln Chicago vs Purdue at Chicago Indiana vs Northwestern at Bloom hngton j Friends vs Haskell at Wichita i Ohio State \s Wisconsin at Col umbu.5 Denver vs Colorado Aggies at Den \e« Minnestota vs Illinois at Minneap olia "Missouri vs Texas at Columbia (By Hamilton ) ^sew York Ko\ 3 --Elmer Olip hant that enterprising voung man who is learning how to be a United States arms officer as a side line to lus tootball studies will be swathed in the calcium again tomorrow xfter noon when the Armv tank is turn ed loose against the roaring iresh ·westerners fiom Indiana Notre Dame The South Bend school is going all the -\v av to West Point to try to bat ter out another victoiy over the Army and the majontv oi cutics expect thev will do it Oliphant or no Oil phant Ill-it is the easts only big game All the lest o£ the important school= or this section will be taking on op ponents who should prove compara tivelv eisj Dartmouth alone has a hard ]0b on her hands and there 1= everything to indicate another dent will be p u t Jn Grten s chances when it is catapulted against the heavy Syr acuse footballists The game will be played at Springfield Princeton -will have Bucknell for practice Harvard will battle Virgmi i and Yale will tike on Colgate not a practice game bj anj mean; but one which should be vv on bv \ ale 'Cornell will get Carueigie Tech the team which was battered bv Yale Real Mince Pie TWICE AS GOOD AND HALF THE COST OF BULK MINCE MEAT REAPS GAIN BY EIGHT-HOUR LAW Prevented Tying Up of Crops Valued at $6 000,003,000. 12cto 15c "Like Mother Used to Make'* NONE SUCH MINCE MEAT MERROJL-SOULE CO , Sjncau, N. ?. When You Have Saved $50 the question aiises "How shall I invest if" Theie is no bette' way than m a Cer tiftcatc oi Deposit in The Cit i?ens National Bank of Chil hcothe, whose resouices of $850,000 00 a;ive \ou assur ance oi absolute salety Our Certifcates of Deposit are is sued in sums of $50 and upwards They bear interest at the rate of 3 L er cent and are renewable at the end of six or twelve months If vou want security for your sav Ings and absence of all expanse OT ·worry incident to mortgages bonds stocks etc GET A CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT In this strong bank The certificates are readily negotl able and as collateral security are unexcelled For those aho have saved some ninne *uid desire a regular in come free from the annoyance and worrj of other forms of invest ment we strongly recommend our Certificate of Deposit The Citizens National Bank Member Federal Reserve Bank TJ S DEPOSITARY 1W is VSD i n r cr\ CS T DON T MISS THIS C it out th b s i n cnclo»o live centb to 1 ole t| Co 2 8 3 D Sheilicld Vv e Ch cvgo 111 w i i t i u g voui name a i d iddi ""-s c-loiiU \ou w 11 i ° c e n e m return a t u x l packige combining: 1 olev , iloncj nd 1 11 Con pound ior coushb colds and cioup Tolej Kid IILV Pills ind 1 olev Cathaitic Tib lets Sold eveiv w h e e ; usb Health Into Your Hair Brush your hair Q verj day \vith, a good bru^h Tins dairv jperaticn will straighten our hair and iirvigrate j o u r scalp Our line of Hair Brushes * large Come in and select one which, will best meet j o u r re quir enients lou U find it c pleasure to use the right k nd jf a brush and will also be re ·worded with more luxuriant bair and -a healthy scalp Prices from Ryburn's Pharm. N W COR SQUARE Telephone One One BY FRANK G. ODELL VEGCI/IBLE»MWtRAL MCDBdNCS If you we e as care'ul of the medicines you take vthcn sick as -you aie anxious about the d seasc it is taLen for --a wonderful difference in your future health would result In a vegetable product like S S S there is no violent after ef- fect--a» js found in mineral medicines-- but a natural an ef- --lent means of reaching the blood an 1 punf, ng it, so that it may pe form its functions readily neiMmiisr- an) mineral Is a violsnt material to cast Into jour isllcala Interior Demand genuine S S S at your druggist, it is pure- 1 vegetable and the StantLud J3 ood Ktmedy Swilt Ssec!lilc Co. Atlanta, Ga. j THE MINI Itf THF souacr 01 VIOU-NT WIN! .JAL W5UGS. Ed tor Nebraska Farm Magazine Hie JSrw lo 1 Sun quotes James Wilson (f lo\\i\ I jrmei becretuv of A O I culu i e- is s om e tJi U tlic lairaeib ·u t i hit h u iLbl b\ llic Adimon I i _ h t 1 n L i \ \\ Inch bcoyped the tin L HCI L 1 tcnc xl r u l i o vd fatrike ALC* rdin 0 to J.hc bun Mi \\ ilson s lO lite f n n c r h i s no el n bt hour day S h o u l d tint i uml f i of houi s become j,t i LI U in iM occup itjon^ including i lie t u m the pi iccb of lood \\ould lite slill highci Ll in those cuiitrt T ht logic o the venoi ible ex Sec u lii j is b td Lhc f Timer is not «oi i"\mg i b j u t the 1 ifeh pi ice of food lip inisLS h s o\\ n £ood Qe grows io 0 foi sale TLhat s his busmes If is the ex Sccrctaij s 13 s--the eight houi day \ \ i l l increase the cost 1 of lood--the farmei has everything to gam And Uncle Jim has overlooked the f ct tint the farm* is of the United Stiteslnd not less than SG 000 000 000 ·worth of products, pi icticaily icady to send to m u l et when the stiike eivsib \\as imminent at the Gist of September The threatened strike would have paralyzed the farmer's market and stopped the wage of the worker in every industry Jnc ilcul ible losbes running Into h ind reds of million** were averted \ \ h i n the siril e RUS prevented Wooflrow Wilson did It Tarja Jim was Secretarv of \gri cultuie through four Republican \d ininKtr^tlons--sixteen y e n s .These n ei e sixteen ye irs of monopolistic control of the f a r m e r s market Dur Ing this period these gieat combina tions \\hich have stood between the producer ant! the consumer reached the zenith of their pouer Greed and extortion ran not Dining this period the farmers of the conntrj complained continually of capitalistic extortion They held con ventlons throughout the great grain and live stock b«lt to voice their protest They sent deputations of able men to Washington Thej sent their appeals for justice to the Secretary of Agriculture and waited at the door of the White House during the admin Istrations of McKlnley Roosevelt and Tuft. They asked for bread and re- ceiv ed stones of indifference They demanded justice and recei ved ptati tildes about prosperity content nient ' and 'making two blades of gr iss grow where one grew before" Then came another \\ilson--Wood row Vt ilson Tilings began to change D a \ i d F Houston was «iade Sectetnry of \griculture For the first time In the hibtory"'of the Government the bubiness problems of the farmer re ceived the attentions of his Go\ern ment The Office of M trkets and tlie Bureiu of Rin \\ Org mi?aUon were created to help hi in break the strm^le- hold of entienclied monopolj The epoch m i k i n g Rur il Credits Law was parsed by Wood tow V\ ilson and a Deroocintic Congiesb The power of the usurer and extoitiouer was broken when tint -Vet \vis «Ign d Ilie farmei h i s a good memory lie does not foiget his life long battle \\ith entrenched privilege--organized and grown puise pioud during forty j ears of Republic in indifference and rnisrxrte He wiH not forget that it was WOODROW WILSON the People's President who saved his market fiom 1 mln on Sept 2 1010 The special I pleadings of Republican defenders of gperlfil privilege and monopoly will find the farmers rendy on Nov 7 Better Quality-Larger Quan To a greater degree than you have ever before experienced will the daily brushing of your teeth become a a pleasure if you use thjs truly delicious and refreshing antiseptic dentifrice. It will give you a new meaning of the word "quality" as applied to tooth paste both as regards its cleansing and whitening properties and the delightfully refreshed condition which it imparts to the mouth. Arrests decay, mates the gums firm and healthy, neutralizes acidity and keeps the teeth clean, white and beautiful. Get this larger tube of better tooth paste today and ' g iv e your mouth a glad surprise. Your money baclx if you £a °o R.ICE ALLEN Proprietors "The San-Tox Drug Store" Phone 5~2 708 Washington St IFE'S a game, and we are all players m it, to paraphrase Sh_!:pspeare * And the best two card* in any hand ar» ilhi«trated above--first, the PAY ENVELOPE, «econd, the BANK BOOK Without the pay envelope there can be no bank book Wn'iout the bark book the pay envelope is, robbeu of its FULL VALUE The BANS BOOK i* the LOGICAL, SENSIBLE SUPPLEMENT of the PAY ENVELOPE DO YOU HOLD THESE WINNING CARDS? FARMERS MERCK BANK Chris Boehner, Pres. J. D. Brookshier, Cashier CHILLICOTHE. MISSOURI ' -- i DR J M McKIM DEMIST CHILLICOTHE MISSOURI r l O R H H E l A SPLCI\LTY 4 O4 1-2 \\ nMlilnKtoa «t e so» -- PHO'NCs -- Renlflence T3I ice Phone Residence Phone _ !W3 1539.J : Dr. J. E. Callazvay ECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO "lE^TMENT OP DISEASES OF ERVOTTS SYSTEM, DIGESTIVE ORGANS LL OHRONTC AILMENTS and Diseases of EYE EAR NOSE AND THROAT "are Ttoiirs--8 t o It *O a m 1 to, 5 SO p m Ice Snd Floor Peoples Trn«t Oo. Building Plentv 4t Mathevvs northwest of picked no rot or orchard 5 1 2 mile Ghillicothe Hand no worms No 1 at 1OO THE HUTU OTjT OP HER B \CK Mis Anna Bjrd Tuscumbia Via wutes I vv is do\vii w i t h mj bid so I could not stand up more thas hall the time Tolcj K dnev Pill tool 1,11 oi the hui t ou ITU^u m Lie P U T , bw alien xnkles bad ache s»tift 301 its ind l?ep dis,t n b nig- bl idder ilments d cate disoi cleir-d k i d n e v s nd bl rtdei t oublo i Sold PV ei v w hci e nilDI IPATC UUrLllAlt No 2 at 40c ?7 6t C N Mithews nauses sweet the bowels regular NO DOUBT ABOUT THIS Folev Cathartic Tablets- are 3ust a plain honest old fashioned p-hysic The} act promptly and effectively on the bowels "without pain griping OT Thev keep the stomach j liver active an/^ the| Thev banish hilioti ness sick headache* sour stomach indigestion Sold everywhere Xotice to Hunters Having leased the Gold Jones lanj iouth of the Dawn ballast pit hunt ers are herebv notified tha* we w i l not tolerate trespassing (Signed) Sportbmen Gun Club Try a Constitution Want Afl \ \ a i t tl eu divs Tvhen i C an m a k e n in one if- « ^ h j p i t\\o p or ts -\\ hen o u C an b u I i o m the iactoij" 7 Send the broken gla=s i g u a r a n t e e an exact duplicate \\Uhout voui piescriptton Frames repaired ilo OWE MILLION KINDS UTM ol'eTS^mu 0 lion kinds of lenses from tile rough glass Come and see UAII nnilCDC Pack all the broken parts mfllL UflUCnO ln a strong box I return glasses same d a y b parcel post C O D Lowest possible charges 6. W. PALM SPECIALIST I N O P T O M E T H Y 818 Webster St Chillicothe Mo Phones QHtr* 90S Residence 14501V i ^ a very Tuesday Dr. 'L G. P n e H s THH OSTEOPATH OFFICE Ii GU3i\ BLDO JSiil St.iinv ay noi th ol 1 ecpei Ho i CIHJ MCOTH^ M ~ r»HONFS Rc^dence 20S Oflce t t l 'Calls ans-nered promptly da-v or n V O l E R J s HUNK II {MLH Jj Rooseielt IH Hit hud 1 ")? wp'rit of £. Nit Re pi ) lie-tin ( ini| »it,ii X He i* t l i - bubstaiict, -- Uugrlics Jf la I he M( nth u, V \ u kn w what Roonevelt Btnnde * ii r--affdatli n jingoism He I HN l t lured openb hi* resrel thai I h t w rountr.y did not yet Into the Enropenn \\iir D* j u \%an( Roosevelt Kiid t!iih en »nl Vt nr ' Or du jou \\i\ni more P«**,« and ProBperlty under Wilson** B\BY KAI ^\ ^ rlOOPT^o OOTJIQH Mrs Sam C Small Clavfon N M writes My grandson had whoop "· cou""h when h 11 was fhiee months oJd We u^ed Foley a Honi^v and T r ind I b teve ! f ^-^v^d hi«! life H r r w hif and fat Fole «* 1-1« ^ n d Tai is \ hue th ncc to havp ho i e for ^vhoopi^g' cou-^h ) C"~u ^s co'd So^d every °rp Farmograplis Nuggets of Wisdom and. Advice Gathered from tke Agricultural Press D COBTjRN COMPIL-ri BY F. D COBURN of Kansas of Alfalfa S v i n e HuHbanclry The Book o S ne in Amc ka and for twent Oi3d yea i of tht Kansw.!. Department of Agricultur Sometking Ne\v in Farm Books ·WRITE FOR OUR PROPOSITION THE ST. JOSEPH NEWS-PRESS CIBCULATION DEPARTMENT F( lend Sulbs oxl H E L P I N G H U N G R Y HOGS llimk that i hoff likes dii t So does a baby like candy, and a boy mince pie, but Bawlins sa^ s too much i? not a;ood for them It is a mistake to think that 1111 d mixed with a host's feed is good for him A concrete ni boaid feeding floor will pay for itself in feed saved ird double in hoc: health T f ou want the riefht material ETNG UP R A W L I N S AT THE ^ A T T N D R H S - T U R N E R LBH. CO PH NE

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