The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 3, 1914 · Page 12
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 12

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 3, 1914
Page 12
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Page Twelve T H E D E C A T U K R E V I E W Friday Evening, Tuly 3, 1914, Representatives Sent to Neighboring Counties. CONFER WITH DUNNE 7,000 People Expected to Make Trips. W. K. Whitfield and Supporters Also Busy. Committees w e r e sent to Dousl i« Champaign and Piatt countie Fridav to promote the Inteiests of I * Buck irghams a n d i d a c v for appointment as circuit nidge to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Judge TC' C lohns and thev w i l l have petitions in his f a v o r circulated among the mem bers of the bai In those counties SFNT TO GO'S FRNOR ·Notification of the action of the Ma ron Countv 7,ar as ociation in se'ect ing Mr Buckingham was sent to Governor Dunne Thu-sdav It was at first decided that a committee should i alt on the governor that dav b i t it w a s decided nter t h a t It w o u l d be bet ter to call him up bv telephone an 1 learn when it w o u l d be convenient fir Im to me^t the comn ittee CONFER MONP \1 This was done and he said he w o u l l e pleased to confer w i t h the commit tee Saturday forenoon and w o u l d nol take anv action in the matter unti intimated that on account of b i t i r ctav being the Fourth it w o u l l Per haps be better to postpone the confer ence until Monday mormncr The com mittee will there'o e ero to Sprlngfiell Monday mornieg TCTlITlItLD PL SI TC- K TChitfield and several of 1 is supporters went to Springfield Friday morning to call on Governo- Dunne- , ind urge the a p p o i n t m e n t of Mr TChHfield i There are t w e n t v six Democratic! members of the Macon Countv Far as I cclatlon and fourteen o' these ar- aong the suppoite-s of Mr Buck ingham There ire seventv two mem ten of the bar in this countv but all I except t w e n t y six ire Repub lean Vest of the R»pablica.n- are a!=o fo- Mr Buckingham as indicated at th ar me-ettng Thursday mori insr Railroad officials in Decatur have made arrangements to accommodate at least 7 0 0 0 people in the record holilas iiish w h i c h commenced on -·team lines Friday afternoon and w h i c h 1= expected to continue through the dav Saturday Side tracks near I local stations are packed w i t h extra passenger cais to be used In all out- .omg trains and manv of these cars A. of C. Officials Meet O. to O. Officials. NEW ROAD IS BEST Not Enough Allowed by U. S., Alleged Reason. Macon County to be Asked to Improve. ,omg trains ana manv 01 e.."== "··· H · Gebhart chairman of the V? v e i e added to t r a n s Friday m o i n i n g sociation of Commerce good roads com i take care of the early m o v e m e n t -- - 1 passengers M V N 1 GO IN ALTOS H e estimate of t r a f f i c officers does the big excels t i a v e l on which is expected to be h e a v i e s t in vears as there are few include t h e I T S th .. Jl eatur families who are not plan- r i g to take excursions Into the count i y Hiring the dav \ big automobile e\odus is also ex peeted if Saturday is fine as the roads j e in good condition and the w eathei "avoiablp to c o u n t i v expeditions and I icnics PIT TO LIMIT I h i o u g h n u t the state railroads have een put to their limit to care for the I I e i v y travel In Chicago approximate Iv 1 600 extra passenger cais have been ithered to care or the -00 000 people w h o w i l l he cairied out of the citv I IT the dav s outmg The Chicago , \ o i t h w e s t e i n will run seventeen spe I cial tiains into Michigan and TC iscon in t e n i t o r i e 1 I mittee and John B y r n e se^ietary, met Sank imon countv o f f l c e i s of the Ocean to Octein h i g h w a v at the Sangamon counn line Fridas moinmg and be bides examining the w o r k that lias been d e l e on the big h i g h w a y In east t i n *-ai gamon c o u n t v , d scubsed planfa b e t w e e n the A gleat deal for imp o v i u g the road countj line and Decatur of w o r k 1 is been done in eastein ban gimon countv and it has been abojt the most effective earth road w o r k t h a t Ins, Leen seen in this part of the count] v The hope now Is to get some of the sime iund of w o i k done on the loads between the c o u n t v line and De i t u i w he e it is needed Ihe = i n e a m o n county mi_n met w e i e ^ T 1 ulleuwt-ider v i c e piesident of Lanesv ille t o w n s h i p and I. E B u d ind \A ·- B id officers of the astocia lion foi Michanicet ilg townships IMPKOVi.Mk.M"-' M \Dt l i e l i r ^ t t h i n g w a s an inspection the nni io\ ements tint have been ade m J inesulle and Mtehanlcsl urfe h i p s I h e i c a l s h a v e 1 ecn giaderl and veltd II e w o i k is i l i m a b l e No i t i c i d in t us bcctio i ib as w e l l raded and lev tied It is s a d thit The proposition to h a v e the Illi nois Traction System carry the I. nit ed States mails lias fallen through at least for the present c ome of the officials worked hard to sec-uie the establishment of this service but they were han licapped by the iron-clad rules of the department which fix the a n o u n t of compensation that can be paid a cairier In this ii stance the traction o f f i · I l l s find that the depai tment s fig ires are i n s u f f i c i e n t to j u s t i f y the . . . i ment and expenses i n v o l v e d fl re» d l f f e r e i t propositions w e r e tried but in none _could an agreement be ieached There is great i egret that t i e prop option fell through as it would h a v e m ant a good deal to the cities along t r e route Plan to Spend Fourth Railroad City. n \ l « I T THE V voiding to w o r d received f i o m - nngfield t w o candidates fo- the l i t e TC C Johns position on the bun h the Sixth judic al cirnl t filed thei plications w i t h Governor i. r !i nn 1-ridav Ti ej wcr^ TC K TC hit leld of Decitir ind I J «vveenev of linton ' Mr TChitfed w a « i nmp i ied b M-ite Senate- Shaw State Se-atoi Meeker of C n i r i a i e n T F Drew lohn P Pogie l a i 1 VI e lepp R L i 4 v Tohn tvons Cl ester 4 Smith t Robert I H u n t Mr Sweene., w a s r m p i n i e d 1" Geor- r- M a r v e l in i t ~tone of C l i n t n i G o v e r n o r D inne t o l i v a p p o i n t i 'm r stat e emtoi 1 i ink TC Bin i n of C a i h m i l l e to 'ill the vacanc m the « e v e n t h district caused bj th .1 ath of Judge Ro er- B =hirley The a-ove-no- stated that a successor to udee Johns would not be nimed un ' Mondav at the earl est Women in Nine-hole Bogey Match. Pei-u Ind w i l l be the Mecca t o w a r d \ h ch TC abash men w i l l turn their nces for the 1 o u i t h of J ilv if the en ius asm w n i e h has been w o r k e d up m ei the Decati r R i l r o a d e r s a n ! the, Peru G i e v s baseball game to be h e l l tl ere ^aturclav holds N e a i l v SCO e m p l o y e s of the new lo c m o t i v e shops aie p l a n n i n g to go to the Hoo-iei c t t v w i t h the bill team 1 T V me De at r at 0 30 Fridav e v e n i r g and spei 1 ng the entire day t h e r e and i at least -10 n n c m p l o v e d in tl e TC abas! l o u n a h o u s e and machine shops w i l l w e l l the holidav crowd from D e c a t u r 1^ BIG E \ E N T Tl o cclebr t i o n in Perl Saturday is e v p e e t e d to be the biggest e v e n t w h i c h t h a t city has arranged in manv vears Th dav is to be a gala dav t h r o u g h o u t the itv and * e festiv ites w i l l start in o e a i l v morning In the afteinoon the ill gome w i l l he staged in w h i c h D eatur team is the m u n attraction onsiderable r i v a l r y has been createe ailroad circles o v e r the abilities of l i e two teams and the Commercia 1 cai-ue champs are j o u r n e v i n g east u a r d all primed for one of the tough st f i g h t in their earner In the e v e n i n g t h e i e w i l l be a prize fight and a smal" f o r t u n e w i l l be s altered to the heaven! In f i r o w o i V s The ball club managemen in Peru is makinf arrangements to ac commodate over " 000 people at th De atur game RETLRV IN MORNING All the TC abash men with the excep tion of those whose homes are in P=r or Fort TCayne expect to r turn to De eatur on No 3 at 4 45 Sundav m o i n i n g Thev expect to return weighed dow bv trophies and t h e w o r l l l v sustemnc of Peru fans The women s nine hole hanelicap bog n match Is being played at the Coun t r y club this afternoon and ttrcre will · two cups given avvas One will be given for match plav and tne other for medal plav Dr TA i 1 Barnes and J F loke a-i-e p u t t i n g I P the cups The women wr-o are taking part are Mrs \\ T Glads Mrs Hcnrv D Spencer Miss leannette Rogeis Mr" C Martin TVood Mrs J stone Mrs Robert P ^ all Mrs J M \ len Miss \ a l e l t e LeForgee Mrs Al 1 crta Barn = Peill an 1 Miss Emma Ew ing oceis Mrs ^ viartin vvooo -·- cUctt ,h. Misses Black ^^^^.^rr^ LARGE CROWD AT BAND CONCERT More Beiae»«« Will lie Rc.rl«Ml for ext Thnrsrtnj- 'Nlnht. There was a large crowd at the con ert given bv the Goodman nand in entral park Thursdav night The pro -ram of req iest numbers was de ridedlv pleising and Profe sor Rob rt TC alter will h a v e other request programs dur'nec the series There were so manv requests that all could not be included in Thursday n i g h t s program and sotre rf them w i l l prohablv be glv en at the force' t n e x t Thursdav night ·u the Transfer hnu^e OBSERVE FOURTH IN NEARBY TOWN nine Mound, Weldon, Shelbys Hie aft Other Places Several little towns neai Decatur wi i elebrate the Fo t r t h tomoirow BIu Mound is planning its biggest ce'ebra tion in hlstor/ There will be musn bov and men Weldon has hired the- Maro band and w i l l put on an all d a y pro gram Shelbyville will have one of the big gest celebrations of any of the town a long list of prlz»s for every thin from the ugliest man to the couple tha comes th furthest being Included I tl e list Mt Pulaskl will do the lisua things d u r i n g the day and will hav fireworks and a prize fight at night De^atur as usual is having no gamzecl celebration There will b spasmodic efforts on the part of sma boys to shoot off firecrackers in c b s e r v a n c e of a day thev know not th meaning ot but as far as honoring th real meaning of the dav is concerne there will "he the u s u a l v a c u u m loca Iv BOX OF RUBBISH CATCHES FIRE \ box of rubbish b mi g at the rear of the Crystal pi t ire show on North stnte street brought the entire fire de partment to the scene d u r i n g the noon hour Friday The fire was extinguished hv the chemical w i t h o u t damaee It is t h o u g h t that the Mnze origin; ted In a lighted clear or c eirel t h r o w n Into th* wooden box MARRIED PERRT-DVMON* Harriet E Damon'and Salathlel Pe rv were mairled at 2 o clock Thursda afternoon at the First Baptist churc Rev T F Mills the pastor, offlciatin I The couple will make their home Kentucky Both h a v e been living in De eatur for some time The groom has been working with his brother S F Pern In the cement business Met at Station Large Crowd of Friends. BALL PLAYERS THERE Services at St. Jol Church in Morning. is enjoying good health for a man of his age TO CHICAGO Miss June Marie Hill will leave for Chicago Saturday -where she will spend a few days with a friend Miss Grln- nell CHERRY TREE ACCIDENT Louie Skugina 1814 East Clay stree' fell out of a cherry tree Thursday afternoon breaking two ribs, spraining his wiist and otherwise bruising himself He will be confined to the hcfuse 'for some time GILSON HERB Edward S Gllson of Paducah Ky arrived in Decatur Thursday evening and will spend a few davs at the S A E f i a t e r n i t y house 185 North Fairview avenue Gilson is a former stu- I dent of the J M L and is now a trav- 4,eling salesman for a southern firm The Wabash station was thronged Filday morning with the host ot personal friends t rother lodge members forme 7 * business associates and ac- ciuamtances of \ irg H Sanders w h o s e ) bodv a r r i v e d from A l b u q u e r q u e on TC a iash tiain No 4 from St Louis at 11 0 TCILL RECOVER Charles A TCeknman the v o u n g man whose leg was crushed under a Amount Received by Decatur People. MUCH ON I. C. LINE Bootlegging Campaign Cut Down Amount. Although John. Barleycorn and his trusted lieutenants h a v e become warvr and c i i c u m s p e c t m their defensive op etations ii Decatur authorities here* 06 an vvno^e leg was crusnea u u u ^ i ^ otations n uecaeur a u m u i i t n anaalla t r a i n Thursday morning w ill ! state that en estimate of 300 cases get w e ] I unleo «. complications deve 1 - I beer a dav would not be far astrav n Sur g eons amputated the left limb connection w i t h the amount bei g MRS. I!. F. M ILL THE I Member of St. Patrick's Church Succumbs. en the l a m us Douglas c o u u t \ roads e nut as good This is plain e n t h jad it m i s t he i m e m b e i e d not a raveled or haid load Iherc. a i e t w o t,ood tiacks si le ly de no c i o w n in the centei ai 1 im le eiitel es on each s de T i c load is s smooth and hard it, a floor There room u i o u g i ioi two v e h i c l e s ai 1 ome to s p a i e for i assing bIGNS .. e i e l i road cross ng is the sign f the Ocean to Octan hig w av a w h i t e th a d o u b e he ided airow in lack besides these m i r k c i s t h e i e a at each t i l l in the Oce in to Oce in fchwav si e ii", 1 i u t two bv t h i e e feet i sj^e on he lee po ts w i t h "on e such e t t e i i n g as this ' O can to Ocean Ilgl w iv t i n r i g h t thiee mile c L awir s p i i n ^ t eld I esi le 1 - the w o r d s 1 ere is the w h i t e disc w th the d o u l l e ointed a n o w T ese = gn boards eo t l o u t $1 each GPADINt, Ihe g^admt, was done bv L E btol i of L a n e s \ l l l t w i t h a traction engine nd gradei \ f t e r getting the road "laded a n d the. ditches cut he kei t l a v e l n f i u p a i d d o u n t h e load w t h he w i d e wheels, r f the tr ictc r in the o d d w a v s u n t i l the ro id w is -n. smooth nd hard and eoncr tc ron 1 It was eady fo use v v h e i l e qu t w i t l o u t a lelge or 1 )osp d i r t in the nil 1 lie of the oad This i o i 1 w ork Is done at a cost f al out 1 0 a m i l e mrt the t o w n h i s 3aid all of it AbK. Mie,ON COLNT1 TO ACT The \Iaeon counU men alter tneir o n f e i e n c e w i t h the bangamon men de .ided to act on the suggestion made iy the feangamon c o u n t y men that the oad into Decati r sho i!d be rrndt, as good as the one in the oth r co n t v The f i i s t step w i l l t e to i n t e r v i e w tne ommissioners of N i a n t l c H i r i l s t o w n and Decatui t o w n s l ips and see if thov vi 111 not at once begin t i e w o i k of i m p r o v i n g the Ocean to Ocean hltrh n iv in the vve^t pait of Macon counts The suggcsti n w i l l be made that Mr fctokci 01 some one v ho yvill U"e h s methods be engaged to w o r k the roads in this count west of the gravel and p e i h a j s to i m p i o v e the g r a v e l roa 1 as well . of Decatui t o w n s h i p the gravel part of the roadway is m extiemelv bad shape f u l l of chuck holes and with m a n j bumps In some places some work has 1 een done that leaves the road in a dangerous condition Some of the roadvvav through w h a t is k n o w n in t h a t section as the Long Point slough is in 1 ad condition I ut p u t t i n g it in condition bv the method' of Mi Stoker v v o u l l not be a gleat lob Mis Minnie McEvov w i f e of Richard 1 M c E v o v lloft N o r t h Railroad avenue died at II o clock Frldav fore- i oon at '-t M a i y s hospital K he had been ill for ovei three w e e k s Her ondition seemed to i m p i o v e until \ \ e l n c - i d u v w h e r she g i e n =uddenlv w o i s e \s a last resort an operation w s her p e r f o i m e e l but it could not HLRL 1?1IRT\ She was fortv seven vears old c \ is he n in M o r r i s o n v i l l e but I l i v e d in Do atur for t h n t v v e i - s i i o i e a n i was w e l l k i o w n h e i e S h e was, a member of fat Patrick s Catl olic churcl and h i d a host of f i i e n d = brie s s u r v i v e d b j hei l u band and four h i M l e n R c h i r d M c F v o v Jr Rov Me i \ o v M i s T C a l t e i Belinke a n d Mi= Lillian M r v o v all of Decatui Mie also I a.ves the following bro h - ar I sistei*- James H Hall E m o i v I 11 Daniel Hall Mr^ K a t h a i m e Da Mis C h i r l c s John 1 - M i s Bert Mo an am 1 Mrs \nA\ Lore! R chard Mr\ o v I r is v i s i t i n g In ^rlrona and he time of the f u n e r a l w i l l not be ided on till he rfad been heard from ILlfML CIS FUNERALS. Among the. many who watted for the a r r i v a l of the train was the entire Decatur Three I baseball club vvhtose members left Friday morning for a :eries in Danville TEN AUTOS The big tanned men were among the first to offer i ea» sympathy to the funeral party There were ten automobiles also w a i t i n g to carry members of the party to the home of friends here At least sixty people were pres mt at the station w h e n the train pull ed In and the did all in the'r power to lighten the sadne=s of the horn" con ing TO MCT.NB HOME The bodv was met by the Monson TC ilcox ambulance and taken at once to the home of Mr and Mis Ed McCune 620 TCest N o i t n street where it w i l l remain u n t i l the f u n e r a l Saturday morning Mrs Sanders her sister from D e n v e r and Mr Sanders mother wiH also remain at the McCune home" Friends mas call at the house between the hours of 4 and 1 Friday e v e n i n g and between " 30 and 9 Saturday morn SERVICES AT ST JOHN S Reciuiem funeral s e i v i c e s will be held at St John s Episcopal church bv Dr George P Hobter of Franklin Tenn at 9 30 Saturday mo-nlng Members of the Decatur Elks lodge w i l l attend In a bodv The i n t e r m e n t w i l l be in Greenw ood TLARNhl M^T: COME \1 Teainev of Chicago president of the Thre" I leagi-e mav be one cf t o-e who w i l l attend the funeral Tc irnev w ^ r e d H o w a i d P Hinthoin todav asking the time of the services Plavers on mad* up a. su be used in pin chasing a floral offering I h e bascl all association will also pur chase f l o w e « at the knee He stood the operation w e l l and was resting easy Friday J \\ LEU* BACK Rev J W L,ear returned Wednes ay from c eattle 'U ash where he at terded the International convention of the Church of the Brethren ICE CRE4.M SLPPER True Rebckah lodge No "67 w i l l hold an ice cream supper J u l y 15 at the residence n' Mack Davis lilt North TC ater street LUC1\N 'FGA.R HEPE Mi and Mr= Luclan Segar and daughter Dorothy arrived in the city today to v i s i t for a couple of w e e k b w i t h Mr s e g- ar s parents Mr and Mrs H D Segar 1060 TC'est TC ood s* r eet Mr Segar is at present advertising manager for Loheck Bros one of the largest department stores in the south It is located in Nashville T e n n , where the Segars live TC" H STARR BETTER ,A H Starr Is still resting easily and has experienced no change In condition Natural sleep is, proving a great factor in the fight he is making and each dav gives the family more hope for his recovery the Decatur bill club stantial puise w h i c h will Scraps of News. Frank H \LTO TFIP TC hitmer and famllv w i l l State's Attorney After Missing Witness. On motion of States Attornev Deck n J u s t i c e t G G i l e s court F r i d a j af . e r n o o n the citv and state eases igainst Gene K n o w l e s and George Francis on Inrges of ill gfll sale of liquoi in antl =aloo i l e i r t o i were c i n t m u e d foi ten r l a v s u n t i l Mondiv Jl Iv 13 The itv (111 state had b i t one w i t oss in the case Paul C Hais the an w h i swore to the w a r r a n t s and -iimed he pot t h e liquor at Francis place AFTER VAITNF-^ Our w i t n e s s has left town accord ng to s h e r i f f s officci s s a i l Deck and w e are told t h a t he w i s paid $1 to get out n e a vso Intend to i n v e s tlgate this and if it he true I m going tc send some one getting 1 im i to the penitential! DEATHS. TC ILLI AM T D4A The funeral of TillIIam J Day w ifld at 2 o clock T h u r s d a y afternoon t the United Brethren c h u r c h in Oak' PV The sei vices weie conducted 1 ^ j'fv E P Spurlock and were und»i the auspices of the K n i g h t s 9f Pythias The music was f u r n i s h e d ly a quarte :omposed of Mrs Ira Wheelei Mrs Edgar Hoots D A Merrls and Claude McClure Miss Fay Pobst was the ac compamst The flowers w e i e in charge of M sses Anna Mckev O l i v e Nickev Doiis So l a n and Mina TC heeler The pallbear ers we'e B F Huff A C Doyle S L Landis Charles Chambers John Mlllei and Harrv O Folrath all members of the Knights ot Pvthlas The inter ment was in the Cross cemetety MRS MABEL BITTERICK The funeral of Mrs Mabel Bittenck wife of John Bltterick will be he d at 11 o clock S indav morning at the Boiling Springs church The Interment will be in the Boiling Springs ceme tery ON \ rri Ona Fiy died Thursdiv e v e n i n g at St M i r v s hospital He had been 111 for nine months w i t h t Aei ulosis He T as t w e n t v tl ree v e a r o i l He had been in t h e hospital e v e r since list Oc tobei His onlv s u r v i v i n g relatives are three c i i s l n s C I I ichtenberger J D Licl fnherger snd M|s s FiizRbeth Frv all of Dpcatur The 1 ody was re moved to the Faw=on n n d e i t a k l n g es t a h l l s h m e n t and prepared for buriil The f i n e r a l w i l l be held at 10 o clock s n d a v m o r n n s at Dawson s chapel The interment w i l l be in the Brush college cemetcrv ra leave tonigl t in t h e n automobile for Peona w h e i e thej w i l l v is t filends, over Sunday TO SMITH S MILL. M- and M i s Harrv F D i v a l l an 1 l i t t l e daughter Constance 11"6 East TCalnut st ec' and Miss Pox e s e grl't 21 6 N o r t h TCoodford w i l l l e a v e to n i g h t for ^ m i t h s Mill w h e r e thev w ' l l np for a week or ten d a v « Th»v w i l l spend their time in fishing nnd i oitine PETITIONS CIPCLLVTED Petitions are being circulated among Decatur friends of George L Tipton of Glrard to secure his candidacy for the nomination of clerk of the appellate court of the third district The primaries will be held on Sept 9 brought into the cits One De"at ir e x p i e ^ b conpany alone is handling an. a v e i a g e . o' o cases a dav, all of wh a arc. g n = into private homes in tha city The express business has about an e v e n break w i t h the freight importation MLCH ON I C LINL One large source of beer supply ii the Illinois Central line w h i c h each, dav brings in large quantities of tim amber liquid from Peoria and Mt Pulaski as well as from Milwaukee and othe- shipping points 1 C officials iefu=e to make public an estimate on the amo mt of the shipments It is a'»- paren t at th dav s budget pouring into the local freight house is a. lai5O one h o w p v e i LITTLE OVER TC AB^SH Littl* or no be^r shipments are being r e c e i v e d bv the local TC abash freight office no moie than ten ca"eb of fancv beer h a v i n g be=n recelv e 1 since the drouth set in The \andaiio. shipments are not large but the I 1. S freight shipments u i e s^ia to makn up a goodly part of the present locaj business bince the campaign of bootlegger extermination set in some weeks ago th consignments of liquor has been Jt d o w n more than o5 per cent, and th? present importations aie for the mo c part consigned to private hoires CENTRAL CHURCH COMMITTEE HEADS MAN}. \ -nan that w e n t to Oreana Thurs- J..V afteinoon and came back a different road counted seven threshing ma- cl ines at w o r k GIBbOX COMES J A Gibson of New lork is expected to a i r i v e in De-atur Fridav e v e n i n g for a v i s i t of a w e e k or t w o w i t h friends J H MEICiLF BETIER De atut fi lends of J H Me'calf fo'-- mer school teacher h i v e rece ved word from lum at St Louis that he Is con- sldeiablv i m p i o v e d He has been se- -louslv ill w i t h heart disease and kid rev trouble LONG ALTO TRIP i\ F Calhonn and nephew TC E TCcidlein of Geneseo 111 le f t this m o i n i ic for an a itomobile trip Thev first go Into H c n i v countv at Genesej for Mrs Calhoun who is v M t l i g t h e i e a i d then on up to spint Lake la and Minnesota month Thev w i l l be gone about a ILLS Dr Oscai Tarnell made a business t ip to Danv lie Thursdav to attend the meeting of the TC abash Life Insur ance companv of vjhich he is a mem I er of the hoard of dire-tors PATRIOTIC SERVICE b Patriotic exercises w i l l be held tin Sundav school services of the First Baptist chuich on nex-t Sundav m o i n i n g Patriotic songs will be sung and patiiotlc addressis deliveied T h e r e w i l l be special mi si- LOT =OLD \T \LTTION Lot 11 block 5, L i b a n Place was sold at auction bv S lerif · Nicholson Fridav afternoon to an execution in f a v o r of H G T e r h u n e asrunst Rov Querrj and otheis for $"N "4 and costs The lot was sold to George VanCleve and A 1 summers for $ i 4 - 4 4 being the full amount of the debt interest and cost Chairmen o' committees were named, bv the president at the mee'ing o' the C "W B M of the Central Church of C irist Thui^day afternoon Tuey a e as follows I iterature--Mrs G W Parrish Membeiship--Mrs A P Cobb ^ociil--Miss Ida Bains Program--Mrs Sue Odor M ssion study--Mrs Hall lotirig peoples w o i k -- M r s Q ^ Clark btrangers--Mrs TT H Cannon R e p o i t from the iistrict convention at S i l l i v a n WCCK before last was mado bv M r = Odor Mrs Clark and Mrs Ter- rs Miss Ida Barns was leader of th» lesson w h i c h was, on Our TS ork m N o r t h e i n Can Ida P i a v e s were made bv Mesaimes Eberly Teir., and Cannon Mrs Ar-ington gave i paper on ·'ttoik A m o n g the Indians and Mrs. Cobb sioke of the life of the Indiai 3 in different locihties and al o of t lo men and mi lions m o v e m e n t MrF ·-canlan told of the neee"s of the w o i k among the I n l n n « Mi's Cleo Cannon =anc: a solo HORSE REMOVED X Officer D u f f e v ordered a horse will i sore shoulder to be removed from ser v i c e in the Powers excavation place this moinmg- This is t h e first time s ,,ce the citv dismissed the h u m a n e officer that a city policeman has acted in the capacity as a h u m a n e officer Everv policeman has that privilege ENGLISH LUTHERAN B \ VLTOS Arrangements have been made at the Country club to take caie of automobiles which will be there on the Fourth In the past there has been some stealing f i o m autos and o w n e r s h a v e been asked to bunch their machines In and aro ind the garage and there will be at j f i v e persons there to w a t c h them RAFESNIDER IS NEW CUSTODIAN DR REED TO SPbAK Dr Honce Reed w i l l preach in Central park Saturday evening at 7 o clock His subject will be The Mission of the Church Ol/TING RFviSRSIDb PUT UP EIGHT NEW MAIL BOXES Old One« Bein plmed In *be Resi- MEETINGS. \ ^ n t n _ roriiT N '"ourt "if H n r n r a f * o clock in n i l n r i h Mftln and ^ H rw"lxflr^ Vo 1 -Mr-Mine f o n l q h t ocl'vk In th? Mn*onlc temple MRS 4LICE CURTIS The f u n e r a l of Mrs Mice Curtis w i f e of Fred Curtis w i l l be held at S o clock tomjrrow morning at the family residence in the 1^00 block TC est ·Wood, street The body w i l l be tak en to Moweaeiua at S 18 for interment DEEDS RECORDED. o S Connard to B J Gray lots 18 to 20 Hock 2 Pythian Home addition $1 T W BrandenburE to Julia C Godwin ait 41 feet af lots 6 to 8 block 10 South add! f P Irving to to Michael O I/aughlln lot 1 North Side addition 82500 E P Irving to J W Brandenburg lot 12 North Side addition $2000 T A Powers to Wllhelm Skusa lot 157 Powers eighth addition S450 FAREWELpARTY FOR A. DROEGEMUELLER The male church gave Droegemueller Droegemueller will leave in a few days for his vacation at his hone in Nebraska and at other places He will return to Decatur in the fall choir of St Johannes a farewell party for A. Thursday night Mr One« Being plmed dence nlstrl Emploses of the local postofflce An enjoyable outing in R i v e r s i d e was held bv the Brotherhood of the German Methodist church Thuisdav evening T w e i t of the men spent the eve ling at the river h a v i n g a wiener roast there Some games were P a v e d by the younger membe r s ON COMMITTEES Max Krausa and Fred Sabiowskl re signed their places on tre house com mittee of the young peoples society of St Johannes German Lutheran church Thursda-v night and Fred Gal started out Thursday placing up new | mall bo-ses around the c tv has so fa received f-ight large new ones and t w e n t y fo ir small ones The laige ones are being placed in the business district There are aoout three rnorp of these s e t to come m a k ing eleven In all Those removed from the business district w h i c h are larger than those in the residen e district will be mov cd out I n t o the other old ones outer edges of cases the n residence dis ri-t and w i l l bp moved to the the city In some boxes replace broken ka and Charles Hill we-e named m ,,, their places It was decided to hold The office a ] ] O t h p r , CP cream BOclal Ju i v 28 AT LLTZ HOME Standard Bearers of the First Methodist church met Thursday afternoon _t the home of Miss tloise Lutz In tl e'r regular monthly meeting Readings were g i v e n by Svbil Gebhart Helen \aughan and Alfa Davis The g rls decided to hold a picnic on next ednesdav in Faries park ones that ire out of service Th cal office has requests for f i f t v in dif ferent neighborhoods i n d being unable to supplj all are just placing them at places as thev go along where thev stem most necessary Charged \» Ith Dlstnrlilnar Fence Mr* Ida lobski was arrested Fridav morning on complaint of Henrietta Shlezler who charged her with dis turbing the peace. Dr from WAS AN LSHER and Mr« Zinc Sanders returned Chicago TC ednesdav e v e n i n g where they attended the wedding of a classmate of Dr Sanders from Elizabeth 111 Dr Sanders was an usher at the ceremony FATHER IS SS John TC Hill of Robinson 111 father of Attorney D D Hill of Decatur Is v i s i t i n g his son and f a m l l v at their home 12s8 North Chur h street John Hill la over ushtv-e'sht years old and Former Farleo Park Mpn Named at FluhlDK Club Mr Rafesnlder formerlv custodian at Faries park is the new custodian at the park of the Decatur Fishn g club assuming his duties Jub 1 H p succeeds Roy Gambrel who goes to Harristown to engaee In business Mr Rafesnlder has a w i f e and two snns The boys will start a r e f i e s h m e i t stand at the park this summer George Po»t and family h i v e moved into their cottage at the park Comptroller McNahh and w i f e en tertalned Auditor s E Sims at their cottage Tuesday night and the Mi?=es Fdna and Ada Lindsav TC edne'-flai Miss Ge-trude \dams is home f n m Chicago for the summer and is w i t h her parents Mr and Mrs TC E Adims at the club park Frank T Dudley is entertaining his brother and the latter s wife and daughter till after the Fourth LET CONTRACT FOR HEATING PLANT M. »eld and Davr«on PlumhlnR Company Get Job. The building committee of the board of supervisors met at the court house Friday afternoon ana let the contract for the new heitmg plant w h i c h Is to be Installed in the basement of the court house The Daw son P'umbing companv w i l l put in the boiler and connections for Jl 644, and B M Neeld Eet« the con tract for the other work for $1 5"5 Ihe heating plant complete will cost about $700 less than was thought it would co«t to have it put in ELECTION HELD Haas amefi Superintendent ot *und»v School. New o f ' i e e i s for the coming -vear e r p e'ected bv the Sunday scho*i o* the English L i t h e r a n church at tin anni al picnic held in Falrvtew parl. Thursdav fternoon and evening Thev are as f o l l o w s superintendent--F \ Haa c Secretaiv--Miss Edna Rieuie Assistant--Miss Me ia Stabler T reasurer---Miss Lillian Post More thin 2-0 people v ere present foi tl e picnic =upper was served il 6 ·?(! 4. b"ll ein e and tennis fur ni=hM a m u s e m e n t for the boys A. Johnson Chased from the Mound -- Today's Games. I E t G i . E Chicago . 0 1 0 Pittsburgh 0 « 1 Batteries -- Lavender and Bresnahan. OTooie and Coleman « Brooklvn 2 1 Boston · 2 0 Batteries -- Aitchison and McCarty , Strand and TC haling Philaddelphia 0 " New York 1 0 Batteries -- Oeschser and Ktlltfei , Demaree and Meyers FEDCR^l, LEAGtF. Baltimore 0 3 3 0 0 0 0 1 Pittsburgh 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Batteries -- s u ggs and Rus^e'l Knel zer and Berry AMERICAN FIRST GAME Score R H H New lork 010 000 000 -- 0 5 t Philadelphia 000 200 00*-- 2 4 0 Batteries -- Warhop and Vunamaker, Bender and Schang "3ECOVD GAME New York 9 Philadelphia 9 Batteries -- Pleh and S*veeney Shaw- kev and Lapp FIRST GAME BORN. To Mr s-nd Mrs George O Brien 1070 Eldorado atre-t, July 2, t ion. Score Boston ·Washington Batte'i»s--\ Cady Thomas smith R H F 000 000 000-- 0 t 1 102 204 03*--12 II 2 Johnson Cooper and W Johnson and Atn-

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