Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on January 28, 1888 · Page 1
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 28, 1888
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LESS THAN ONE CENT A DA? j NEARLY TWO THOUSAND PAGES ► T^MspT* «Trr MoT Evening Gazette. VOLUM E 6. STERLING [LtlXOXS. SATURDAY, J ANUA11Y 28 1888 NUMBER 294 MOSES DILLOJh Ha* \wl racked a car of SPLINT COAL £2Just the thing to turn in YOUR CRATES TUB kind tfWNitHN. TKT IT. THE TRUNK LING MANAGER TALKS OF ' going to prof 77-FrelgHt s Fasieugpr No. M c™f|e nell for Kansas tity and m>m:r:r "'''a m m 41 -r renin— -1:^0 P.m. nnects with train*, east an* C. & N. W TiMfc T*BU CAR-LOADS AND LESS. petite. Ovoeere Hxppr^-At KM Reeding »trlk«-OL*atIy Dnl< dj-IThlto Ca. CfTY, Jl r>nrerP*»«..-tO:M iiuiui bi : Clliitom Fas*.... Pacific El 3:33 a. Denver.Fass—S :0s p. Trunk Lina r if the c< Passenger-.! :H m. t ount PAWBirna**. THE AttEEtCAH AAGAZ1NE Beautifully lllustratatf. 25c1s.,$3aYBir. I WIPORTAlMT. TEE AHEEICAN ttAGASIKS 00„\ 749 Broadway, Nsjw York/ aturalizatlon papers- vote In committee oq dsclaring Lowrey (Derrt.rn-ot elected was unanimous, and thai on White's ineligibility wan divided an party HUM. mis will require a neweiecuon in me district, which gave a Republican majority hut election of a little over 2,000 in a total iota of' nearly M.«U The Post-Worthlng- ton con teal front the Tenth Illinois (lis (riot was thon taken tip, bat no action taken. A Dry Hay In the House. WAamiraToiy Cm, Jan. 2n, — Tbe hot naased the "little" deficiency bill Friday. amended by the artiste. A bill was intro-daced providing for the appointment of a eommisilouor of forests, with four assistants, wbnsw duties it shall ba to classify tbe timber I JZ„ «r Tnad ■ lands, Wide what shall be loldand what of truaportlng- car- oad haVB general control of tbe same. The bill prohibits the cultlng of ti bar from public lands except In owe of far ers and miners. The private calendar oci pled the remainder ot the day, but wltht action the bouw adjourned until Monday, madu up forlosjeeoo local traluo ; v™. narlUIn Inft hnra Frtdev morninir for through their proflbi on, low-rate through i u^tlniore, where they will board the revo- roe. The present pinna of leas than car-lo* i tbe freight elaSsiOcartod ,' tinder stela law vru tu.iI/ more' *rton,-Lifore. the number of stations Into which It applied having increased from 000 10.000. ha save statist c* showing the diffdrctlt character of oar-load freight rates and loss than ear-load freight rates. and stated thnt under tbe former a guarantee ,ng the fail capacity o[ tbe car, while the miscellaneous traffic was uncertain and comparatively expensive. While atteen tons of freight could be Joodrxl In a ■ car; rU offered in car- loed qnnlKltl-*; onJyTrOtr Bfe anil a ban to lid actually be loaded In a single car. He n presented a carefully prepared esl freight and freight in Uisa than car-load quantities, which ■ be said showed that the former, leaving out of consideration tbe llinnal cent of handling at stations. He claimed that contrary to popular ballot tbe charge* on local trlflki were not too hlgb, but .Notice to Land Mers ! TITLES WARRANTED PERFECT, w owned by spoon While many of the liuida .are sold with MIU'ECT AU8tH/iOTS. intlCES FKOM SIX TO TKN DOLLARS PBR AOBJi. FARM WEST of EMPIRE ■BtarlFsgorH.. will u u ikon as part psy- "U"U IfAPi 1S» DrMCaiPTIOXM •Oan be had at tnyofflco, and cheap tickets to Delays arc l>aus;eronai on Those Knr- F. B. HUBBARD. iLjiud oOlce oDUDHlte Manoercbor Hall, Mtorllnac. Ills. KIRK'S WrifTtlCLobD FLOATING SOAP •THST CHIEF For the Bath, Toilet end Laundry. anew Whlta biicI Abaolutoly -Pure. «sna^T'oenVrfor*liippl( c£*e lu the. mme JWS. S. KIRK & CO., CHICAGO. .... FINK AND THE GROCERS. erlty. bTro- I of fact, I don't see anythlnj hlbition. It works well in Kansas, 'llie Prohililtlon people have tbe Prohibition law —that's « hat they wanted— and tbe whisky ! drinker* bave all the whutky.they want | Tnet* s^ems to be no reason for comr'alnt I there. Both sides ought to be perfectly sat- ,mi«Aiuu I Insjalls. >ew K|Mt|tll ln ih, Indiana TweKth. .Th« intm WABnmoTOS Citt. Jan. IS.— The etec Albert Fink, of tbe . Hons commituw. if the house Friday decided Friday, on tbe sub- 1 to declare vacant ;iibe. »nbi of the Twelfth the New York and Indlar.n dlstrlcty occopied by Whit* (Repub-ratos of freight fur I Ucan), who they say is tnelMlbia bflCiasa of THE GRIP LOST ITS GRIP. • CARS ON A CABLE ROAD WRECK THEMSELVES, «T. Paul, Jon. Sil-AtorViblo nooldBnt oc curred on the cable car line In this city Frl- irternonn about '* o'clock, which result-one Tatality and seriously Injured sew persons. The cable line has been in also compared tbe olassiQcntion with the classification prevailing over railroadsiu Germany. The Herman securing uniformity and"slmpllclty"bT rates. ■ Their closslOcttlou wee based entirely upon-car-load1 and . leas than car-load quejitltlos. | All artlclos transported ln less than car-load ■, quantities were charged alike, regardless ol tbe character and value of the) nrtlciea They! charged as much to transport ItW pounds of | sugar ns to transport 100 pounds of silk, but altneror td WashingtOTi on . 'iuesday next. Mr. L»riui« oontinuse to improve In health. ■' Wisaitfoton- City, Jaa 28,— The senate i tiom»a Faornary liL'ari:i< on Mr. lurplos title The Jnry Tikee the Coy Case. IsnimiMMl Ind. Jan. Sin — Tbe Bneechl uriuey transported Incar-l^df could be .hipped at ^ „u7t "tok"'!^ a rata irom one-uait to sour umss as iqw aa -» r , -, ... , , _., . . tbey could t* transported In email lota, while «"™»; J"^a * Jto 'm; thediacrlminatlon this country bitween , u?™*° ^^L' TJ^et -toad lots and less, than car-load lota was only about 40 per cent STATESMEN ON THE READING STRIKE, charge House Committee Tackles the Question with Indifferent Buocee*. WasmilOTOir CrrT. Jan. 381— There was a lively discusBiou by the commerce eommiu ta« Friday morning before tbe disposition of the resolution to Investigate tbe Hooding strike woe made. On motion of Ray nor a was ordrtori to d« tanen at ii:ou. vrnen hour was reached Clardy. who had re linquished the ohalr temporarily, moved to report sue rcsuiuuvu wj wjhuwubb. a decidedly against Cor aid Bem- hatnar. Ha alluded to the attacks made upon 1 tbe Ccmmlttoa of One Hundred, and said i the committee was legal and praiseworthy ' and Its action entirely within the scone ot the law, which he quoted. The jury stand seven Republicans to flvo Democrats, and tbe general Impression is that there will be another disagreement At tbe hour 10 p. m. nothing had been heard from tue jury. • Rale DtraLiW. Jan. 2h,— Patrick O'Brieo. W fnr Mrnnirhnn. and Thomas Brat*. the table. This ! nraaulaiit of tha Balllnasloe branch of the report settlug forth that tbe committee bad eeu Instructed to perform duties, which de volved on the inter-stato commerce ooramiB- i. although there was do allegation that tb* aggrieved parties had -unsuccessfully applied to that commission', also that ln the opinion of the committee, : u tbe Inter-state tha matter, the oomtolttoe should not' havA tbe duty Imposed upon it. Toil resolution . as aeieama uy a vmn oi v se ar —— ■■ .— ■ Tarsnev moved to rooort tbe Reading res'. olutlon fetvorahlj. Davfa oflared aanbrtl-tote requesting the Inter-atata commeroe commiuion to investigate t*o circumstances connected ..witb „t^,.«trl>«j,OD..thsiR»«diii([ rajlrqed, to report their oonoluslons to con-grass,' a'ud teexoreias tbalr powers, Itnsoes- the state*, ine suostitnte was lose oy a ns Dunham Anally offered the following i "That the resolution be reported to the house vtth airecomuuiuAMoii.UuLt. Uw whole subject be referred to the inter-state commerce commission." This was adopted by a vote ot Btoft.. ... .. . . NEW INDUSTRY AT THE CAPITAL, Athlon* on Saturday last, charged with having made all Incendiary speeoh on New ' year's day, and Byrne was taken into custody at Balllnasloe to refuse to'pny rent. John Hayden, editor tancsd to three months' Imprisonment publishing1 seditious articles in his pft| All three gentlemen appealed. Perkins Is "Oat" S4.00 on tbe Deal. New York. Jan, So.— Anbury PdrWna Che Worth Uaroltna oounty commissioner woo thonahl he. ortBla buy $4,000 in good money goscby* rnstrr of ,' w^i'om be made tin purchase,' asked the court RrlJay to give blm back bis suiin whlnh wu JXaknn from tbe confidence man at tha time ot the arrest Justice Wetde told Perl-ltss he had no standing court at all Hebad tried to procure cou terfeit money witb'whloh lo cheat his neighbor!. The justlceV'sfould not help blm get hie money. Perkins* cdhnsel soys he will try TO gat toe money uy repwyjn prucesMiaga. -8ehJ«j' ' Tur CltHctton in Jpemand— A THIS is the top of the gen., uine "Pearl Top" Lamp Chimney, all others similar are imitations. T, . .v exact label on . each one of the \Pearl ; T op J Chimevs.; /' en. * ij._l_. ine aeaier may say. ana think he has as hut he has not. ; ' insist upon the exact label and top. GEO. A. MACBETH & CO Pittsburgh, Pa. good, i WVERTlSEfiS p:r;^r; IwTrssdo. . A veil ImptoTed farm In Whit«*lde Co, ol 1*0 »cxb« to trade tot JHti>.~ Qr stuhna Uadt. Strike quick If you watt*, it Udwlrabl*. ft P. ft. S?sUJJtD, . WA8mri3T0M Cut, Jan. 28.— Washington seems to be fostering a new Industry, whioh at the prison V rate promises; to aasunla starting . proportions. It U that of gravi-'" robbery, During '. the ■ lost lortolgBt a number of graves bave been tampered with, and in several 1_ 14-lustanCH boilles removed." Investigations which have followed have invariably re-salted In tracing ,tba .ranjaina, todlssjeotlisg tebtes. | The: la*»» bf this c««r»6tar is that nf the wife at a. BeJUmox* cU Qliio railroad engineer, who caused an Inveslifatlon to ba made, and while It was In progress the body WSJ Mmterred. '■<•"■ 11 ■> ' ' : • ; 1 ' j The anxious husband insisted noon having tb* grave opened, and when &k was dona, to his horror, discovered that ixi tbe bast* of reUiterniept ^hn body bad bean buried in the broken casket, and WMeatiraly nude-r* the . rtaari-ectidnlite.." Tbe) Interior s of the casket was soiled wren . dbb, out toe ixxiy was ' retnrned to it witbaat «f en a sheet wrapped about it Tbe cnaketehattared aqd battered as it was,- was then lowered into \ the grave, and the damp, soft earth thrown It was found • that Uw earth had found its way through-tbe broken casket, a»4 the body was stained with mud. I ! -The remains have been placed in the 1 tempor.irily, to await decent burlaL . time there U much excitement and indignation among those most directly interested. The Central Paolflo Bui tway. I WAJUnntotoN ClTT, afan. £8.— Befur* tb* bouse : Paciilo rollWaye, oommlttea Friday a A. Brotlurtoa, a director of ' the Central Paoino, deolaiad thai It was '. ImpoSilbte tor the Pacific roUwayato m**i th*x»qujr*m*qt« of the Tbormwi act, The net earnings lot tha CtantraJ r>ctflsrhs.. yeej-wyre hut *1,»80,-U0u,"(iud they ' srerV not htely ^to be mcreaaed for years... He wanted the road*. 10 bav* eighty years fo, pay tb^r due* to the goy»rn- years. If p«ro.«t-!ttb.:. »epb^'nsn, 5 pta-.ssjpt,. eaub yt*f ihsrteftar, :iat>rfff .-«| b* asdnaaA toe per cent, lira racino-reirwagrs uumiwi sdoosn' prupoaal cr OuibwalUT*. bill wool vie* out tlw stock boldsrs, b* sail To Be a. Scoundrel. Nsnr-Y_oaK, Jan.' 84— An order for tbe arrest ol JoUoe Weidner,'*-' brokar, has been Issued sM pWoed In Ww. hands of tineherlff. Tbe ontjtr »> granted^ atuit brnttfiht by £ll*a rorret againsi, rreiaaer iot mo nra.-ery of lira, WO, "shioh. the woman allege) Weidnar amilssd to his - own OS* while pre tending to have Invested it la stock* lot her aeooant The phUDtuX «• a Frsoch woman, K> years of ag», who was the last owner of the ameV on West Thlrtyifirst street. _'. ...Taaraula SaU Cheap In MIsseu Mini. Ho.. Jan. 2a— C. C. Bradley wi arrested on Friday of last weok and'tried for vagrancy before Squire Cochran. The charge was sustained, and Bradley was sold as a vagrant. He was sold for a term of six months, bringing SS cents, William Mo-Ctanahan being lha purchaser. Tola is the second instance Of the kind that evsj place about thirty -Ave years ago, and the He Beuwa far CoascUlnt lu. KassaJ. Wa»uls*ro« Crrr^ Jan. »-ft«oa*» Jn- galls, relsrrutg (a m» dhm io pro ennw Hi< leiore Mss utsarws t»*i tw**» * **. mK i£r tSswa » sjeaj «f a ahsAiavt ComDleted the Base Ball . PrrrsBBBO, Jon. 'iS. —The sohedulo ndttee of tha National base ball Isagu eluded work Thursday and left for their borons. Nutoiog could be learned as to how. tbe schedule had been mode up, and nothing It Is known, however, that each club will tJav ISA game*, and that the season wl Reorganising the Fool. KiW Yokk. Jan. 23.— Though the Fil irance Tarjff association has been disband ed, another effort to maintain raws is being th* hoard of underwriters to take stem ward the reorganisation of tbe pool The e*rmac-Aiu*rlc*ii, Liverpool and London and Globe and other* ot tha largest compa nies are act!** in me movomsni !*. Titonte te Amerleaa T^i?moif Jan.. Ol — Frbfoasor HwkomeHa ltotursj baioie th« Royal iustitution Tbuxs- aay was especially itiiar« to bucau** of it* devotion to Amerlc which tint speakur piid high Lribi lea was so rapidly assumiag lh« nations In art and all other talMsr* of lsoior that bw pl<w* a* toe Wior ot tha tare was already beyond dbput*. gjjcmviixa, 0., Jan. So. ~W. P. Brown, •aaanU :ua**gw of th» Brown Mae uf arUir- hur eooji-ear^ dief) at i<ls bonw ?r '*.> . teg ,1/ hKu-t diiwa** 15* tta* Widely kaosra throughout la* cwuiry *» we m» . badhig to his atomaob. Blnce thfn it I been Impnsiihln to gi»* him any nonrlih- ment eioept hy injecting it In llqold form. his weight has now been reduced to Silly-Eve pound*. When he rouse* from tb* istantly appeals plteously for food. It t* ays, every effort to remove tb* ob-w'hloli <!iuts out fowl trom lilsstom- provlng lu'.ila tnrtor and Brakomaa Killed. BbflTOT. Jan. 8S.— A north Adem* dl*- patchsnys: Putsrtigor train No. 67, do* aS North Adams at Vl-M Thursday night, ran freight .No. 07 at Cole's switch, near larn'toTtn, early Friday morning, kill - Cudmore, condoolor of the freight, and irle* wncelock, a wateman. irat yoig- nd JaniM lamb, brakemen, were In- fobt of tha hill was a very sharp curve, and most intelligent accounts of the accident It lost The grin slipped on tha c tbe cars came down the htll at a tremendous rate of speed At tb* curve oh train from the track, and the cars rolled ar. shattering every window in tbe" passenger coach, but not materially damaging tho grip car. An immense crowd ol people quickly -congregated, and messages ■hile wllllne hands carried tba Injured into adjoining houses. The passenger was filled with people, many standing atale*. Tha car was closed, and wl Us occupant* were thrown ab great confusion. When tho grip at last broke loose the car stopped, doors woi ooen. and the noonle dragged out m. Ij. Dttunuors, assurtans treasurer oi ma Northwestern. Fuel company, occupied a •oat ID tfie minno or the car una was anven through a window and crushed ban' coaob. His skull was fractured an: fared internal injuries from which ed soon after reaching his resit married and a highly respected cltlton. One of the sauuest cases was tnet or ixrui Robert, a boy IS years or age. When to oar went Dver he fell in such a way that hi hand was completely severed from his art! and the limb was torn loose at the sbouMoi Ha also suffered internal injuries, and phytl- hava but little bop* ot m* recovery. boy was a nepnew or i-uiei < Police Clark, and hi* parents are i present In California. Mrs. Charles Steele, prominent society lady, suffered iuternaJ in-Jnrlee, and may not survive them. Hiss Tborson, of Milwaukeo, and Mrs. Siemens, ber obaperone, visiting tne oorni on the train and were sevorelv cut face, bnt are not dangerously Injured, miss wedired there bv tba body of a heavy She was severely brotaed about tha limbs and body, T. f. Ueysfcj superintendent, of Relinks nrlnlimr establishment had his There wen others who were badly out about the race by broken ela™, and ware seriously bruised, a* follow*: T. Htnlnitra. rlnht hand cut and arm bruised: Andrew Neison, badly nut on the left tide of tha head and bands burned; Conductor North, head injured and face badly out ana bruised; Mr. Brown, ot usvib as Drown,rigni S head out; A Birtr&m, cigar mannfso-r. hand cut and sknll suDPOSed to be f feo- torod; Henry ft. Hniith, bead cut; Edith Cat-ton, residing at COS Dayton avenue, bead and brnlsed; Mr. Smith and Tii* •ons, : ot Pollock * Donaldson-flmttfc in hadlv burnsd by . tl ■tnvn. and his two sons are sllebUv Injured. hlr. Yallop, ot laiiop « uegroot,' »"guuy injured. The wreck happened near Bevea Corners, a business locality, and hundreds of nnnnhi wefo. Immediately on the ground. crowding around wounded people whose enrleks ana groans nneu tne air. The accident was caused by the grip being onabl* to grsap the cable, wblob was coated with frost and ice. no oiame is aicoooea emnlnvn* of tha road, who dU all r power to *top the terrible speed of tb* to vlnsr to force a snow-blow through a unit near Moreoutu rriaay, dIow was ' broken to piece* and the engl derailed; When the Canadian PadSo ok- reached Uw w«c« it sioppeo so suaaen- • throwi ed. The posaeng Msredlth. Several ot them froze tbeir hands and feet while going through the aeep own Bodily Off a Train. Has*., Jan. 23. -Herbert Boas, son of X F. Ross, ot Newbury-' port, and a student at Comer1* CommsrcuU collect Breton, was blown from a Boston llatn* railroad train at the Salem end Buverlv bridro at a:43 o'clock Friday mc that the base of his skull is fractured. HI* recovery isdouotruL - Nineteen Men Drowned. LlKBox, Jaa Ha.— The Frenoh marchant um« Sue* was run into oft lb* mouth of the Tagus by a German aieacuer and want down m a tew minute* aiier vu Nineteen of the officer* and drowned. The remainlug twelvt cued by the other steamer and landed tbUport . ' Carried e Naked taof. WruutflBAnM, Pa., Jon. 28. - Friday afternoon a ilcwo men war* wonting in abandoned gangway In the Nottingham mine, at Flymouth, when the ga* wo* rjoded by a naked lamp in the hands of or Lha man. David Reese. Jr.. was lost ly killed and UuUhew* Davis, John ItcAl-wall and Bisubeu Ward were loudly burued. Thrse othor msn w»r* lariouoiy mjureu. . •lowly RsudihO, F*., Jan. a -Jacob Holian-bergw. a youag man 19 year* of age, about two months ojro wall* working faozulrv in PbUadaJuala wai talijr*4 by «api(»)Ou of molMO iroo. ' Tba explosion kU.rfd os« hutn «Btl oqaanary ot son nu SiVS Sew lof* KoKSttrhorgw's uuuth tfeysNd dow* Ma (Wttat, ckalag up l*» ana— What the Letter DIs- aoded. FlIILAOKLMtl in. 21— The revenue re-Academy of Muslo Fri- ig was called to ovdor by William M. Bmgerty, who then namsd Wilson Welsh, of this city, as chairman, who made an address in whioh, speaking In president of the United Bialee he sold that "in the exercise of bis performance oi ma duty he baa called the attention or congress and o< the people of tbe whole country to the importance or this subjeofc. Ton may object, if you please, to tha method he baa adopted ih doing this; you may call into gument* or his ' deductions, but no fair man will, I think, question hi* earnert- concludan that will be for tho best lnter- ot thowholo country. It should oa borne in mind, that the president in bis message does dot's not advocoW free trade or the [ abolition of the tarilT as a whole, He says 1 revenue* of the government are In exoe*B its reatilremonta, and the eurplua ln the treasury bos become a menace to tba best in- ireoma the difficulty! In .other words, j do, let us reason together, and In tha ex- ! :bo of our beat ju ' gm-.-nt, and lha true plrit of patriotism, endeavor to reach a con* hout Inflicting injury upon tha manufac turing or business Interests of ' the country. That I conceive to be the spirit ot the president's message, and that I insist Is the highest and best type ot statesmanship." U. r. lireckenrldga, ot iLeuiuciry, ioi-1 In a similar strain, and his fervid elo^-™ was cheered lo the echo. Mr. Brook- enrldgo is a splendid type of tha finished southern orator, and be pree'euted the cause he represent* in ita most captivating light A tiotablu feature of tho moating wa» the op- groeted every reference to. iland. This was perhaps mosl noticeable wbon Mr. Breckenrldge spoke In >rmi of the courage or the man I he presidency In hi* grasp, dared uty even at tha cost o? losing it, mra shouted - wild aoalause, and throughout the evening let no opportunity pass of expressing Its admiration Of the ohief executive, and approval nf the views e»> pri-esed in Die annual mossoge. In thu course of his remarks Mr. Brecken- ridge said: "With uplifted hands to-night I protest against tna laea mat mi* » a paternal government. [Cheers.] It 1* our ,nt, *uu]dct to our oruera, tne uaua. iu h we put our money' to be usod for our purposes, and evaa this is only temporary. ,11 uoeper loan mat ims aay *i,-has gone into the treasury, another tl,00a,0u0 to-morrow, and so continuing day after day, wrung by some form ot taxation from tbe people who bear it, and tbot under the oretense that it is protecting aud American inanuiaot- :ina was then ax- by the adoption of a resolution, de claring that tax reduction Ii a necewlly, that it is demanded by tho boat conservative opinion of tb* country, and therefore that the existing duties upon raw ma'erials which are to lie used In manufacture* should be re- oved and thnt tb* duties npoo the articles led. or consumed by 1 tboee whn ar* least able to bear tha burden of taxation should be riducffd.'' Hjil Fiank Hurd, ol Ohio, then addressed the aasamblaga In the course of Li* speech h»«ald: "In Ohio, where 1 live by careful Inquiry I have been enabled to ascertain ! lhat six out of every ten manufacmrera who ! have been succ-wrful bars become so through : the operation of tbe patent law. What interest have they in the tariff! They have a monoply In the manufacture of the prodnol they make under the law ot the Cnltsd State*. Tariff cannot help them any further than It may Increase the pries ot tha ertlelflwi tbey bave to modlty. Eliminate, secondly, those who hove natural advantages, those who are close to a stream, who posses* peculiar clrcnm-Itancea and quslidcatlon*, close to (as ln Toledo, where I live, where tbey have natural fan.) The tariff Is no use to them. Itlsonly % burden. And It leaves, then, a small class, coriipnratiToIr, who receive advantages from the tanft law alone," Ex-Attorney General Cossidy made the closing address, which was listened to attentively, after which the secretary read telegrams and letter* from prominent men throu shout the oounlry Indorsing tb* object ! of the mooting. Among tbe most prominent of these gentlemen were Jobn G. Carlisl*, W. L. Scolt, Hugh McCullogh, Speaker (pro tempore) S. a Cox, Secretary Charlsa H. Folrchild. David A Wells. Of Norwich, Conn. ; Jackson S. Scull*, of New York, and Two for a Cent And U'e bent ever made, Cheap Oi'OUfth, !Urf!y, and so good tbit thoa*. whd haye use-cf lh?ni woti'f ftsve anyolhers, What are they ? AbVlo-pfin-roj Pills. What sre they for? For diiordercdStom.ieh Sf Uver,\^.gKi~ lon,Oyspepsli,Constipa!ion,N^M» orfieneral Debility, Hnadache, Liwti* tude, Diseases of Woman. They'll take awiy that tired feeling, givo new life and strength. Small and pleasant to take, yet wonderfully fiffeetivs. Prepared from th* fbrmulk of «n eminent ptiyeteiin, Nettly pat up in_ botlle*, and sold by ail druggists. THE ATHLOPHOR08 CO. 112 Wall St., Hew Vorh. issIms awarlngt&MBrjua>a> JAMES MEAW8* . S3 SHOE. iVti.-.. >0 ^e 1 C.W g for 'Wherever there Is a Oroblem tlament to-nlerht we are confronted with this system of taxation, aud we oanuot ibo>b a step for fear we will hurt »me Amsrloan manufacture. There is on the north of us a kindred people speaking the same language *n, a mighty territory, blessed by iUh indescribable beauty and fer tility, a cotonnlnus line ot railway. 3,000 long; and now, in wasningwn, in thB Osliary question between ns and (he** bona of our bone, blood of our blood, and flesh of our fl-.-eh; and y»t tbe American con- pay a oencs upon an the water between ui ist punish these miser- abl* Canadians by Imposing a largerburden "You are business men. Thi* 1* a great buslneea oorporation— this United Btates of America— and it has a great business aspect. That is our bueinesHnooma «* oaa tain amount ot debt wa could i«iy oft nald it off and we d< posited over 100,01 by taxation deposited in the national ! W* bought tb* bond*, so far as »• but at a nremlum. and still tbe money is coming in— oomlng in from you aud other "From 1818 to ltlfit there) was a harmonious development of all lha Interests of America. Tbey bad a mighty *tart and grew marvel-oualv. and aioce than the world bos never it our manufacturing Ii itlooal and healthy development. Tear by year there came to our shores labor-are who found' profitable labor and homo-st&ad* hi the- northwest beerlnning new homes, putting upon too** ouumionea prai- in suddenly ; great expendi- tnade; great sum* of money had to b* robed. A reversal of tbe system was ujougm to necessary. *u* counuy continued to develop Thsnd God, congress bod not the power to make tbe fertile soil bar ren or tb* Heubrn / ssm nndar an teliraav nor to lake from tb* intel ligent homes th* power of Intelligent labor; ana *o, is sj-ita or mis syneia, toe so. oontlnued to shine, the rain to fall, th* to be reaped, immigration to com* lot midst, aud the country continued to grOt ricn, out it grow tunes which wen law of labor and Was an unequal distribution ot tbe burdSue ol taxation. Th*y fvli uu equally. Hera end U»ra peopl* were aorlabed. It was dta- coald be used :or private »ods and pereooal ;aiaa Ao.1 every provanoji GALLANTLY REPUL8EO. Drllllaot Attack on tbe 8s. Panl lee Fataee —The Fire KJng'a Harrow Jtaoape. Bt Paox, Minn., Jan 23,— Scarcely had the shades of Friday night fallen on Bt Panl when the Ice King's palace shone tn more re-eplundent beauty than It had ever presented. as u •parsuog in orapuauo uu.n« w w Fire King who was making preparations to itlfully Illuminated and th* mild evening bad enticed over 100,000 people Outdoor to witness the first storming. Promptly at 8: o'clock tbe ■ Fire King mar- Rice pork, and commenced' hi* march toward the palace grounds His torrid majesty rode in an Illuminated chariot drawn by six horses, blanketed In *c*ri*t, preceded Dy a line ot uniiormeo looogganers, me procession being over a mile In length. The i movea inrougn tne principal the strains of martial rausio from dosan bends, and toe tobogganers ln their ari-colarod uniforms, all bearing flaring torobes, mndo as weird and grotesque looking a picture a* one can 'imagine. drew up in front of tha main en trance to the castle. A formal demand for lurrender v, as made and refused. Tbe firing withiu a minute afterward tbe palace was wreathed in a sbeBt of flimee. Fur nearly one hour the Fire King's legion* kept up an luces* ant fire from rocket* and Roman can dles. The artillery of tbe los King balcbed from tower ana turret . uamD alter ooojn In quick succession shot hlgb in air and bunting filled the beovens with golden spray. Never ws» a loVBlier pyrotochnlo display seen on earth. Th* beautiful blending and harmonising of colors was a no ioeable feature. At one time a simulated firing a presented a seen* of unparalleled grandeur, Sheet* of ' flame shot out from tinted with a rod dare, cava the most re al ls tio picture of a. burning castle. Tb* Ice Kini's soldier* were seen harrying to and fro along the castl* walls In a eoeoessful endeavor to control tbe flro. The palace was saved, but th*Ioe King'* Sag, which floated rrom tn* aome, was aesixojea m tarn conflagration. ' At iu;it> tne nre souoaea a renroat, and bis tobogganer* began to fall back. En couraged by their victory ,tha Ice King's troops mod* a rally from tbe palace and captured the Fire King'* chariot, th* Fir* King himself making bis escape on the back ot a mooes. The Fire King returned to bis camp at Rica park, where he will await the arrival of reinforcomeute from the south and will renew tba assault next Toursday tvsn- J. R.BELL & SON Will sell them to you if job wui give thesa Stehajnoe, a* yell a* nKE CLpTHlKO. The James Means Shoe Or a* Hue and • >> • ■■ i ■ KCJEGAT9T OLOTHHTG as tbey do T^E CHICAGO AKD Wtwlt RAIUW RAILWAY. ILLIKDIS, IOWA, WISCONSIN, MICIDGAB, , wmik DAKOTA, NEBRASKA AUD WYOMING. It* THAIS KFUV1CK te earetvillr arrangrd lo ni«;t rt-qutrenients of local travel, as wel< as la furnish the moei attrscllve Boute* or through travel between important TRADE CENTRES, .1* KOriFMKSnr *r »my mm4 i Vmi> lor Cars, Dining and Palace Bleeping Oars If ITM HOAD-BKD 1st perfection *t 1 Will Frehahly Acquit Cora. SrHWOFSLD.Mo., Jan, 28.— It Is the general )lolon that whan tba lawyer* get through. aud Cora l*o'» esse Is given lo the Jury that body will promptly aoquit her. Bpeeahes were made, Friday by Bridges for th* prosecution, and Ratbbprn and Howell for the da-tense. During th* en tire day tbe courtroom was crowded vlth spectators to ita n'moe»oa,).MMiy. airs. Rmma Mollov ap peared for the first dnring th* trial, having bean, kept out r the rule as a witness for th* state, but called. una. mollo t lied information cheerfully furnished by 13. Rogers, Agent, BTKBLMU, H.WMTHAX, H.O wICKJLsK. Vlce-Prcs. a Uea. Mangr. TrafCe ttoaager. I. F. 1IU0I. 9**'l Fawusr. Apii. . CONSTIPATION 18 called the "Father or Dl(*»s#s,» became there Is no medium through which disease ao iouh gases in tbe retention of docajeal and caused by a Torpid i Iver, not enough bile being Lot* of Appetita* Siok jHeadaofte, Bad Breath, ste. Thetrea»Ttentof Constipation doe* not con- olm -muit uoteDly uct as a purgailve, but PC a greater costlveiirss. . To sreure a regular tlugthe tysiem. inderhllt Railway*. Buffalo, N. T,, Jan. Ba-^An Important meeting of tha representative* oftbaVan-darbllt mum of railways we* held at th* Hotel Niagara Friday. It wa* definitely decided to orgault) th* Paolflo coast agenda* agency for tbe "Pacific coast,.' with bead, quarters In Son Francisco. W. R Baldwin, late general agent of tb* Pullman company, ocepted tb* joint agency ana wui sw charm at once. . The roads include tt* Miohlgnn Central, th* Lake Shore, th* Indianapolis 4c St! Louis or Be* Hue, th» Hew York Central **Dd tho Boston St Albany. . Bemarkabla Deatracllon of Costly Flotnrea. Loiidoii, Jan. 1^8.— A vau contsdnlng *?a0,r OW worth of picture* belonging to, Baron Rothschild was being driven through (be ■treat* Friday afternoon when the v*hic)a was discovered to be on Are. Tb* dritcr Jumped from bi* seat ' and called for osalst-anos, but Ufore 4 stream could ba pouted upon toe burning wagoa the are had ob-tained aufflslent bead way to make Its estlo-gulahmeut linposalble, and ih* vehiol* and it* content* were destroyed. Go* of th* cloture* was valued at £10,000. IndUna ski Idler*' Koaaineat. iHniASXPOLm lnd.. Joh. BeV— The last bar- b>lature orpt'opriawd «*x),000 wil* whic* to this cilv and aondnla.: a gwulttkatoo of »e- psryaiuo. Friday th* design subiaistaai by Brooo ScBinintaof Berlin, va* acoeptea. veryib ng .1st-, c •• to try [t I 0r« took w neglaaaful »ud al!t«-r»iird» n iiu *d the dose > a teaspooufui, as p-r illrBcllons, «Ji« each imU. I mat U imd (1..:.^ n-.e Munich gwat jotl t-oaliowdK until I tuoklwutwtit** >I!w» aen I have uut eipcrl-mrd any diBrultj, t eep It m my house ki-.d w mid not be without It, uiuaveuouBHtorlt, It haying cured me."— tiro, V. bins. Asst. Clerk »u**rluir Court, Btbb Os. ieorgls, ■ Taire only the G«nnts.«3^ Which has on the Wrapper the rod <~~ n*^ ana signature o* . .. jt. u-vevLw* *fc 00. LADIES! Do.Tesir (r*rriDTjtog,.w. tlnas*,wlf«i PEERLESS OYEtf -/•.:■-A

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